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How To: Install Homebrew Apps on the Palm Pre 462

by The Keith Newman Mon, 19 Oct 2009 8:54 am EDT

This guide is out of date! You'll be redirected to our updated Homebrew App Installation Guide in a few seconds!

If you see this message for longer than five seconds, click here to go to the updated guide.

Now that our Homebrew App Gallery is live, we've been flooded with requests about how to get them installed.  It's easier than you might think, but we still have to mention that this stuff is still in Beta and so it might not be for everybody.  If that doesn't scare you off, here's your how-to!

These instructions will apply to using a Windows (PC) machine, this will also work on a Mac since the program you need will be using is a Java program (check the webOS Quick Install Thread for more info, Mac users). You will only need the computer for the first step; from there you will be using the Pre to get your applications onto the device.

Note for European / GSM Pre owners: At the present time, your ROM version is well behind the US version, so the instructions below may not work. See the note on step 2.

Step 1: Check your Java

Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed onto your PC. By going to the Java Verification Page, you can test your system. If you aren't up to date, download the latest version available and then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: WebOS Quick Install

You need to download the WebOS Quick Install program by Jason Robitaille. This thread has the complete information for the application if you run into a problem with your system and installing it. After the WebOS Quick Install jar has downloaded, open it up and you'll be prompted:

Note for European users: You will need to use webOS Doctor for your version of the Pre, downloaded manually. More information here.

Let it do its magic by clicking “Yes.” When you are done downloading (it could take a bit of time depending on your connection), you will see a question window pop up after download, set it to USB device - at which point you'll see the main window for WebOS Quick install

Step 3: Developer Mode

Now we work on your Pre, we need to put your device into developer mode. In card view (either no cards open or where you can see multiple cards at once), start typing “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart” exactly as shown in quotes (no spaces and no quotes). Your developer mode enabler will slide up into view. Tap on the icon and you will see you can enable developer mode now (this lets your put programs on). You will be prompted to restart the Pre. That's ok to do, but go grab yourself a soda or something, the Pre isn't known for quick reboots.

Step 4: Download and install!

An ipk is just the name of the type of file used by the Pre. Nothing magical about it, so don't worry if you've never heard of one before. The app we recommend you download first is fileCoaster by PreGame. Remember where your browser saved this ipk file.

Now plug your Pre into the computer via USB.  Important: select "Just Charge" on your Pre.  Back to the desktop, grab that file you just downloaded and drag it into the WebOS Quick Install Box:

Click on the Install! Button, and you now have your first Homebrew application on your Pre. From there, some people will turn off developer mode (repeat the same steps to enable as before and just disable the second time).

Some people leave Dev mode on all the time, but technically it's a security risk.

Step 5: Time to install directly from your Pre!

Now it's time to open up your fileCoaster application, because you can now browse the PreCentral Homebrew App Gallery directly through this application by choosing the first option (Homebrew List). You will be able to see screen shots of the applications and even download them directly to your phone with a simple click.


At this time, you cannot read the descriptions of the application (but it is being worked on). In the meantime, the complete mobile directory does have information.

Go to on the Pre, here you can view the entire directory, view screen shots, icons, version, release date and even get a URL that is fileCoaster friendly (in the 'File URL Downlaod' Mode).

Step 6: Enjoy

That's it, folks, that's how to get Homebrew apps onto your Pre from our Gallery.  We have more improvements on the way, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, don't forget that this stuff is in Beta and meant for testing.  Whenever any Homebrew app is lucky enough to get in the official App Catalog, it will cease to be available here. 




AWESOME. this is going to make it so much easier. im good with computers and technology but im not a programmer so i have trouble reading and understanding code. the instructions previous to this were straight forward but if i made a mistake then uhh idk i would be in trouble.

Do you know what we really need? A touch keyboard I think that'llsolve all my problems!

you need to go buy an iphone then

just go to the go to to downdload in there you can find a windows to mac convertion download it should work it did for mine

could u help me find the windows to mac convertion..... im also having a problem doing an install


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Virtual Keyboard is up and ready.


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I have a mac and am unable to get the installer to load. Any ideas? PLEASE help!

We are going to need a little more information than that.

Please check out this thread first:

I've done this successfully from both Mac and PC and the directions for step 1 are identical.

FYI: I had an older MacMini (32 bit only) with 10.5.7 and Java SE 5. WebOS Quick Installer would not run and Java SE 6 is not avalible for 64 bit. Went to my newer iMac (64 bit) with 10.5.7 and downloaded and installed Java SE 6 for Mac. WebOS Quick Instaler and WebOS Doctor installed as advertized. Subsequently Filecoater install to Pre in Developer mode worked great. Might be your issue.

I had the same issue, when it says just charge, what worked for me is when it tells you to plug in your phone, dont select anything, and the download went smooth after that.

my cousin had same problem make sure to have the the correct Java version defaulted then install.

I had the same problem, so I found a friend with a pc and it worked just fine.

i also have a mac and cant get Quick install to install... Did u find a way to doit?

I did the step by step process. Turn on dev mode and downloaded the WebOS quick install. Once I get to the part of installing file coaster its says my Pre is not connected. I did connect it and selected "JUST CHARGE"

can anyone help me out?

I am having the same problem at the WebOS Quick Install screen with the device connected via USB and 'Just Charge' clicked when I click 'Install' I get the following error message:

No Device Found

Any help or ideas?

I had that problem also, all i did was restart my computer and everything worked!

Am having the same issue, keeps giving me the error: No Device Found message, tried restarting the computer and still the same thing. Was thinking it could be one of my USB drives but all other hardware works in them. The Pre and its cable are both brand new...any ideas at this point would be REALLY appreciated!

Ok i got it working. What I did was opened up the WebOSQuickInstall and selected file from the top. From there I selected options and i REinstalled Novacom. AWESOME! I really appreciated this tutorial people. It was GREAT and simple to follow. THANK YOU!

Thank you for posting this information! You saved me as I was about to give up on trying to install my first homebrew app. Thanks.

I was having the same problem after the latest update. I tried this and I'm good to go! Thanks!!

Thanks for the info! I had to reinstall that nova program too. Once that finished I was good to go.

Wow, shortly before giving I read your comment and it worked - Thanks! Europeans will have to copy the content of "C:\Programme\PreBrew" to "C:\Program Files\PreBrew" to make the download work

Thank you so much for that. I just had to replace my pre and the first time I got filecoaster a co-worker had to install it for me. I was getting really frustrated, but this worked perfectly. Wish I had known this the first time around.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wasn't getting so upset because I really wanted to try these apps. You saved the day! Thanks for your post.

Genius! Thanks man, that was better than Advil for my headache.

THanks for the info - good catch - this worked for me as well

Restart the computer to make sure that the new JAVA is installed. If it still does not work, thne you need to make sure that you typed upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbestart and turn the DEV Mode to ON

I was able to get the installer going two days ago, but now just get the No Device Detected message. I've tried rebooting the computer, rebooting the Pre, and reinstalling Novacom. I've tired various connection options: selecting USB Drive sync, selecting Just Charge, and not selecting any connection option at all. I've tried using the DevMode Launcher that I was able to install last time, and I've tried just typing the code. I've reset the Dev Mode (turning Dev Mode off and then back on with the included device resets). WebOSQuickInstall and webOSDoctor are installed on my root drive. I have the latest version of Java installed. Nothing seems to work. Would appreciate any help.

I am experiencing the same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions that can assist our problem?

Did it all, installed properly, but I still get the ERROR; NO DEVICE FOUND...

this is not a complete tutorial you need to in stall novacomd

Same here. Read threads. Can not fix this my self as well ?

You dont have devoloper mode turned on

I need to install novacom on my laptop so i can use the myTether app that I already installed onto the Pre.

Can anyone help me out with finding Novacom? I found it 2 days ago here and installed it on the PC now i'm having trouble finding it.

how can i get the on keyboard try and cant it it to work

ok say you don't have a pc is there any way you can dl apps str8 to ur pre?

im on the last step and it keeps saying no device found why is that??? please help

This is a great how to tutorial! I had all this on back in the day, but this step by step process should make people a little less hesitant, it isn't that bad! And its worth it too with all the apps people have been developing! good work

VERY GOOD documentation here. I do documentation here at work and know that sometimes it is hard to remember all the small steps we take for granted. You did a great job at explaining everything.

Times are exciting!

I did the MY TETHER application..and is working like charm so far...I have to say the connection is as fast as my dsl if not better....ok .maybe I am just too still have to root your pre tho..filecoaster can't do it for you..but trust me guys..its easy to do..if I can do it..then anyone here can do it..just follow the instructions at the MY TETHER official forum. Thanks.

The tether app you speak of gives me a bad vibe. First, it is not open source, you have to pay to try it (no trial period), and they refer to the payment as a 'donation'.

Lets all work for an open source community driven tether application for the Pre!!

What is this payment you speak of? I've not paid for anything.

I haven't checked in the last few days, but there was a free version of My Tether. It doesn't have all the features of the "devoloper build" that you get access to with a $10 "donation", but it does work.

If you have the means to create your own tethering app, please do, and definitely share it with everyone for free, with source code. However, if a developer wants to charge a fair amount for his efforts, he should be allowed to do so. No one is required to "donate".

I totally agree! Anyone should be able to charge for their work no question!!

However, I also agree that an open source tether application would be better in the long run and likely product MORE true donations for the developer(s) in the long run as people derive more and more value from it.

In fact, I would be more than willing to donate at least $40 for a quality open source tether application that has strong community backing.

I'm looking for projects...

great tutorial, and i love how filecoaster now works with the app gallery!

I'm still having issues opening the WebOS quick install. I am running OSX10.5.8 and have the latest Flash installed.

Google Reader's mobile site is quite competent. It's not an app, but it works great for me.

EDIT: Sorry, meant for the below post. Fat fingers.

We need an RSS reader

Who needs an App Catalog, anyway?

I am amazed at the talent level being displayed by the Homebrew community.

Wow, I just logged to post the exact same feature upgrade request!

I hate that I have to keep going back to 'List Apps' to see the version to double check if I need to upgrade and app or not.

Remember, with Palm's App store, we will be getting our updates via the 'Update' option that was built into the Pre.

So we do need something like that for the Homebrew stuff. I personally love and use Filecoaster which is simply great!



What would make this perfect (Filecoaster) would be if it gave you the current version of your installed apps in a column next to the list of apps so you could easily see which of yours are outdated. That, or a "updates available" list...

Ohhh nooooo ... this makes it much too easy to load up my Pre with all kinds of games ....

Thank you BRIAN !!

Way too complicated. Find a way to simplify and we'll see.

Sorry, won't get much simpler until the apps you want to appear in the App Catalog. You either do this or wait. Your choice.

I was shocked by how easy it was. Have been putting it off because of the I am so thankful for all of the great work in making it so easy. Thanks a bunch.

I have trouble copying the link's from the homebrew gallery. The option to copy the link is always grayed out.... It worked one time for me and now no luck... any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

The easiest way is to highlight text then put and hold one finger on the gesture area until the center light illuminates then press c to copy and v to paste (make sure your finger stays on the gesture area).

Filecoaster also allows you to shake the Pre to paste into the file location. And shake again to delete.

sweet this is great info... thanks!!

I saw your tease that this tutorial was in the works yesterday but decided to try it on my own given the info that was available in the HB forum. Flawless installation process. I've been enjoying some of the homebrew since noon yesterday. WOW. I know these apps are just a hint of what is to come and for that I am very excited. This device, with these types of apps installed on it, will change lives. Nice work gang. The apps are great, the delivery system is great, the communication channels between user and developer are great. I'm impressed with the talent around here!

Is it messed up that one of the reasons I'm hesitant about installing new apps/features is because I know it will just drain my already fast draining battery?

You could always turn your Pre into the size of a mouse:

I got a good chuckle out of how big it makes the Pre.

This is Awesome!!!!! Now if someone could please develop a app that saves you tube videos directly to the pre that would be rad!!!

he can be taught ladies and gentlemen!!! this was just what we needed a step action drill. already got filecoaster and dksaber loaded. of course a lightsaber app would be first. thanks.

I would of thought the first app downloaded would be a fart app :)

BTW LOVE the step by step tutorial. I know it was something very much needed!

Great tutorial. A novice Pre user myself, I was always hesitant to try this but it was ery easy and I'm glad I did it. Thanks!!!

I don't yet have a Pre. Where can I see a list of applications that Palm officially makes available to owners, and where can I see a list for Homebrew?

I went ahead with installing last night, actually...funny this shows up today. I gotta say, I was nervous, but it was SO easy. Now i'm enjoying a new random wallpaper every so often thanks to the great homebrewers out there. Never had so much fun with a phone!!

Just finally got to try this. Mostly great instructions.

Two small issues:

1. While installing WebOs Quick Install , it also asks to install Novcomd? I guess this is some type of conduit app, I went ahead and let it go. The instructions never mention/alert us to that. Not a biggie, just worth a mention.

2. After all was done, I had the PRE in Dev Mode, and USB/Charge Only, but when trying to install File Coaster got a Device Not Found error. I had to ReBoot my PC and I dont think that was mentioned.

Other that that, THANKS for a nice easy way to get these really awesome Homebrews on the PRE!

Im off to make a donation :) I BELIEVE in supporting those who tirelesly DO this stuff, so the rest of us can benefit!


Novacom installs automatically when you plug your Pre in for the first time. Nothing you actually have to do.

Incorrect. WebOSQuickInstall silently installs Novacom for all but Windows 7 and Linux. For those 2 OSes, special installation is needed (but it's all relatively simple). When you plugin your Pre for the first time, chances are that's your computer's installed novacom drivers simply recognizing your Pre and finalizing hardware recognition.

Long story short, just follow WebOS Quick Install's directions and everything will go smoothly :)

I had lots of problems with that part and finally ended up installing the SDK to get Novacom on my Vista machine. Now everything is ok except I can't get Filecoaster on my Pre.

I have Windows 7, and have installed WebOSQuickInstall on my computer. I downloaded it ran it, it asked me to download WebOSDr or however it is spelled and I did twice because I uninstalled. I have a pixi ot a pixi plus. I have tried plugging in as USB and just charge, but I get an error 1: no device found and when I click okay I get error : no device found. My pixie of plugged-in I have placed MP3s on it by using Windows media player to sync. I have even put the ipk files on to my phone, but nothing. I tried everything in the tutorial. I have re-boot my computer when I typed upupdowndown etc. I turned on developer mode in the proper order, but still the same error.

Good tutorial. Thanks for the info!

Not sure where to add this suggestion, but is there anyway to change what happens when I sort by last updated? I think it would be better for the last updated to go to most recently updated first. Right now it goes to oldest first, then newest hitting it again.

I think it makes more sense to sort by most recently updated first, so we can all see what applications we use that have been updated today.

I even use Filecoaster to update Filecoaster.


In the screenshot for this article the battery icon is instead a number (100), which I presume represents the battery life in a percentage rather than by the standard icon.

Anybody know how to do this? Is this a homebrew app I'm overlooking? A standard feature that I can't seem to find? Somebody enlighten me please!

Not an app or system setting. I've been known to tinker with my device and this was a quilt patch I applied from the fine folks over at webos-internals.

You guys Rock! Great directions!

I agreee with Pianomann, I too am amazed at the talent level being displayed by the Homebrew community

Thank you for this great and simple tutorial. I've been sweating over this install for two days, but am ready to rock.

This is great. I'm not a techy and I was able to follow the instructions successfully. I've already downloaded several apps. Thanks


Have restarted everything, unconnected reconnected... On Mac OS X 10.5 now.

did you ever get this problem resolved.. i am also having the same issue with my mac..


Please note - the link in Step 4 to Filecoaster is broken - should be

Using FileCoaster I've been able to download quite a few homebrew apps. But on a couple (Dev Launcher and 15 Puzzle) I consistently get "Install Error" ... weird... anyone else see this or have a solution?

Okay, make that EVERY application I download with FileCoaster. Hmmm.......


Same thing happening to me. I installed a few homebrew apps a couple weeks ago just fine. I try again now on the Pre using FileCoaster and every one I try I just get message: Install Error. I've reset my Pre twice.

Edit: Did a little more research, found I just had too many apps installed. I uninstalled a few and back in business. Although, I do think the Pre should have a higher install limit.

i am receiving;

Error 1: Connection refused

Error: no device found

can anyone explain?

(i'm on a mac by the way)

same problem on a pc

trying to download "WebOS Quick Install", but every time I hit "Download Now" it gives me an error message and tells me it cannot display page. I have the latest version of Java and have restarted my computer several times. Running on Vista...any suggestions?

Try right-click "Save as.." and name it WebOSQuickInstall.jar and make sure the file size is like 700-755kb or so

tried to right click and "Save Target As", but it tells me it can't connect to the server. Not sure what the deal is...but it's not working!

how do you download the WebOS??

You guys are making it very difficult....

Difficult for me to resist installing these homebrew apps I think I'm gonna have to give this a try....

This is totally awesome. I used File coaster to update File coaster.. I am gettin all the latest versions of my d/l'd apps. Quick easy. Can't ask for more.. I am a patient man. And this makes things so easy. I am in love with the phone. I love all you developers.

I have a few friends that have Iphones. They are so jealous that I am able to do as much as I do with my phone. Being it is new to the market. It took Iphone how many generations to catch up to the instinct. And the Pre is about to blow that away in just a few months.

When video recording and increased IM support comes out. I see all the iphone users really getting jealous.

Keep up the work... You guys are family. And I will always support you guys and your apps.


i too am getting the no device problem
i am running windows 7x64 rc 2100
i have followed the directions for use of orca edited files as per instructions for users of windows7
i have tried moving from dev mode to reg mode on the phone a couple different times to make sure that wasnt the issue
i restarted pc after novacom install not sure what my issue is any help would be greatly appreciated
i have other installs of vista and xp on other drives but i would really like to make this work with windows7 as that is what i am using most right now

a full system description follows:

System Information report written at: 08/28/09 18:27:15
System Name: WINDOWS-7
[System Summary]

Item Value
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Version 6.1.7100 Build 7100
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name WINDOWS-7
System Manufacturer EVGA__
System Model nForce 750i SLI
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7200 @ 2.53GHz, 2533 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 8/12/2008
SMBIOS Version 2.5
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume3
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7100.0"
User Name Windows-7\Lee Burgos
Time Zone Pacific Daylight Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 4.00 GB
Available Physical Memory 2.52 GB
Total Virtual Memory 8.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 6.27 GB
Page File Space 4.00 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

I was getting the device not found error. I restarted my pc and disabled and then re-enabled the developer mode. I have Windows Vista, service pack 2.


i followed the instructions exactly as explained. I am running Windows 7 RC 7100 64bit. Any ideas????I am dying to run some homebrew apps already! Please help!


I have the same problem.

My Windows XP insists on recognizing my Pre as a USB Storage Device, even though I select "Just Charge" when I plug it into the computer. Could this have something to do with it? I have installed NovacomInstaller and everything.

Please Help!

i tried to download the webos. the link never starts the download. even when i hit the try again button. ne ideas?

Now if you can get it to work on Mac OX 10.4, that would be nice. So I don't have to shell out a couple hundred bucks for 10.6 when it comes out. 10.4 works good for me.


me too...

Mine keeps trying to install Linux Novacom driver info. I also keep getting the ERROR 1: CONNECTION REFUSED & ERROR: NO DEVICE FOUND

I got that message too, but my files installed perfectly. Make sure the Palm Novacom is up and running. Click on "Start" then "Run"... type in services.msc ... find Palm Novacom and make sure it's not stopped.

... That's how it worked for me, anyway.

That was it for me....good work. I routinely disable services and this one was disabled.

It says status "stopped", but how do I start it again?

Some ppl suggest a reboot after novacom driver installation

i tryed the start, run, services and i looked and there is no novacom anywhere and i am getting the error "novacom linux" when i plug in my pre. so its trying to look for the driver. can anyone help me on this?

i'm also getting the same error messages as the people above me... whats going on?

I keep getting the same error message. i did everything rite and even restarded my computer but still get the message...

I have Homebrewed my Pre and I am in love all over again! :)

This is great! Thanks for making it so easy for us non-technical folks.

Wow, that was really simple! Thank you for the step by step walkthrough.

Ok. Been trying this for an hour. I m running this on a Mac. Ive downloaded the Quick Install & it does prompt me for the webdoc but it wont download it. I downloaded it separately but the Quick Install doesnt recognize it. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

This is the easiest method to date and i really couldn't imagine anything easier besides apps showing up in the app catalog...just give it a try!

For everyone getting the "ERROR 1: CONNECTION REFUSED & ERROR: NO DEVICE FOUND" try this:

worked for me.

I have tried & it still isnt working. Could just be my computer. Anyone else with a Mac who could get it to work?

I am trying to install the first app the instructions tell me to install can anyone do i know if its installing or not or if its installed?

Thank you very much for your tireless is greatly appreciated

just finished installing coaster on my Pre. AWESOME now I can start really getting a taste of what the Pre can do. Thanks to Pregame and everyone else working hard on these apps and install processes. You are all great!

Had to do a lot of the extra stuff to get it to work on my Vista before I could get it to connect to my palm but got it and it's fun! Thanks to all!

what extra stuff did you do? still can't get mine to work. Still says it "can't find the device"

When using File Coaster, does one still have to be in Dev Mode? or can you exit out of Dev Mode and still have the app download and install correctly?

DUDES U ROCK!!!!!!!!

This was my first time doing anything like this and it worked out GREAT!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!

the download mirror isn't letting me download the .jar file. can someone email it to if you can. Thanks! can wait to homebrew my PRE!!!

forge the last post i just posted!! i got it!!!

I have successfully installed and run WebOS Quick Install and connected to my Pre in developer mode and I have downloaded the fileCoaster ipk but when I try to add the ipk to the installer it says "the system cannot find the path specified".

edit: never mind I just re-downloaded WebOS Quick Install and put it on the desktop and it worked fine

How do you get it to work if you can't run Java SE 6 because you don't have an Intel processor?



alright all you do is open APPLICATIONS and go to JAVA PREFRENCES. then DRAG 'Java SE 6' to the top of the list for BOTH LISTS. After you are done close out this application.

Go back and run the .JAR file again and it works!!!!

TY! This did the trick for me!

wow thank you so much i was so frustrated

it doesnt work with my macbook! i tried downloading the WebOs quick install but it doesnt work! someone help! D:

@ Jmoney21j............ I bow at your feet!!!! I finally got this working! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

It works fine for me on all of my macs and i've been using it since it was released

Great simple instructions, I have read the other threads and have been confused. I followed these instructions and everything worked on the first try. Thank you again!

Mine was able to install homebrew apps and everything. But now it won't install at all! I keep getting the error messages. Also every time I hook it up to my Mac it says device not connected.

I am unable to connect with my Palm when trying to intall the filecoaster. Any ideas? Thanks.

Do you have to get out of developer mode at any point? Like after you download apps, and do you have to be in developers mode when you want to download new apps?

I'm a Mac user and J2SE 6 is not available for 32-bit Intel-based there another way to run the the WebOS installer or get homebrew apps on to my Pre?

I'm having a slight problem. I've been downloading apps using the PC for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying the apps. Tonight I loaded FileCoaster, but when I try to download apps directly to the phone I get an error message: Installation Failed: Not Enough Install Space. Is there a limit to the number of apps one can install? If not, can you give me some hints on how to free up enought space so that additional apps can be installed? Device Info tells me that there are 6.5 GB available. Thanks!

I am having the same problem. I have plenty space on the device and even when I console in df -ah there is still enough space on the mounts points. The first app that did this was the Black Weather but other that are smaller, carpenters level, are failing as well.

This info was posted by PreGame in his 7/25/09 post, which includes release info for fileCoaster 1.1.1:

"You will now be told when applications cannot be installed due to lack of space (Palm only allows 60 non palm apps to be installed in /var, installing outside of /var could cause the applications to not work properly."

Guess we have to pick our 60 favorites and say goodbye to the rest until someone comes up with a solution. So many great apps to check out! So little space...

Thank you for clarification. Hope the limited can be changed from a number of apps to an actual space limit. fileCoaster is a great app.

Wow thats a pretty ridiculous limitation. Of course I realize that 60 additional apps on just THREE launcher pages is quite a lot of apps, but its my choice, is it not?

And of course, thanks to the Add Launcher Pages patch, I can add as many pages as I need for all those extra apps. So now I'm just annoyed that I can't install more.

Stuck with the ERROR: No Device Found error. Running Windows 7 64-bit, reinstalled Novacom 64-bit using the help link. Rebooted phone from dev mode back to regular, back to dev mode. Same problem.

Well, this is pointless. Tried every suggestion here and the forum. Started over from scratch, "novacom linux" just sits in ?? in device manager and lives happily ever the fuck after... This is so frustrating