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How To: Install Homebrew Apps on the Palm Pre 462

by The Keith Newman Mon, 19 Oct 2009 8:54 am EDT

This guide is out of date! You'll be redirected to our updated Homebrew App Installation Guide in a few seconds!

If you see this message for longer than five seconds, click here to go to the updated guide.

Now that our Homebrew App Gallery is live, we've been flooded with requests about how to get them installed.  It's easier than you might think, but we still have to mention that this stuff is still in Beta and so it might not be for everybody.  If that doesn't scare you off, here's your how-to!

These instructions will apply to using a Windows (PC) machine, this will also work on a Mac since the program you need will be using is a Java program (check the webOS Quick Install Thread for more info, Mac users). You will only need the computer for the first step; from there you will be using the Pre to get your applications onto the device.

Note for European / GSM Pre owners: At the present time, your ROM version is well behind the US version, so the instructions below may not work. See the note on step 2.

Step 1: Check your Java

Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed onto your PC. By going to the Java Verification Page, you can test your system. If you aren't up to date, download the latest version available and then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: WebOS Quick Install

You need to download the WebOS Quick Install program by Jason Robitaille. This thread has the complete information for the application if you run into a problem with your system and installing it. After the WebOS Quick Install jar has downloaded, open it up and you'll be prompted:

Note for European users: You will need to use webOS Doctor for your version of the Pre, downloaded manually. More information here.

Let it do its magic by clicking “Yes.” When you are done downloading (it could take a bit of time depending on your connection), you will see a question window pop up after download, set it to USB device - at which point you'll see the main window for WebOS Quick install

Step 3: Developer Mode

Now we work on your Pre, we need to put your device into developer mode. In card view (either no cards open or where you can see multiple cards at once), start typing “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart” exactly as shown in quotes (no spaces and no quotes). Your developer mode enabler will slide up into view. Tap on the icon and you will see you can enable developer mode now (this lets your put programs on). You will be prompted to restart the Pre. That's ok to do, but go grab yourself a soda or something, the Pre isn't known for quick reboots.

Step 4: Download and install!

An ipk is just the name of the type of file used by the Pre. Nothing magical about it, so don't worry if you've never heard of one before. The app we recommend you download first is fileCoaster by PreGame. Remember where your browser saved this ipk file.

Now plug your Pre into the computer via USB.  Important: select "Just Charge" on your Pre.  Back to the desktop, grab that file you just downloaded and drag it into the WebOS Quick Install Box:

Click on the Install! Button, and you now have your first Homebrew application on your Pre. From there, some people will turn off developer mode (repeat the same steps to enable as before and just disable the second time).

Some people leave Dev mode on all the time, but technically it's a security risk.

Step 5: Time to install directly from your Pre!

Now it's time to open up your fileCoaster application, because you can now browse the PreCentral Homebrew App Gallery directly through this application by choosing the first option (Homebrew List). You will be able to see screen shots of the applications and even download them directly to your phone with a simple click.


At this time, you cannot read the descriptions of the application (but it is being worked on). In the meantime, the complete mobile directory does have information.

Go to on the Pre, here you can view the entire directory, view screen shots, icons, version, release date and even get a URL that is fileCoaster friendly (in the 'File URL Downlaod' Mode).

Step 6: Enjoy

That's it, folks, that's how to get Homebrew apps onto your Pre from our Gallery.  We have more improvements on the way, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, don't forget that this stuff is in Beta and meant for testing.  Whenever any Homebrew app is lucky enough to get in the official App Catalog, it will cease to be available here. 




Seriously. Frustrated. Still. Getting. Can't. Find. Device.

Two different computers. Two attempts at install. Many passes through the Novacom install. WTF?!?!

I'm ready to move to an iPhone. Yes. It's that bad.

connection removed. No device found.?
having trouble getting the computer to recognize my pre....

I am having the same problem.....when I hooked up the USB, it shows My Computer as F: drive....
I was able to sync the Treo ringtones....
But when I try to get filecoaster into the pre (following the directions) my computer says Device not found....

After lack of sleep for 2 nights I have found a fix for the no device found error! Please pass thris around as it is a pain in the neck for allot of people.

You need to ensure port 1 of your pre is NOT in DIAG mode. You can check this by
#*usbpass# of the numbers #*8727277#


This takes you to usb pass through config. First you need your pass through code and there is a keygen on the web for that. You basically put your serial in and the keygen gives you your code.

Enter the code and your in the config area.
Now just ensure your usb port 1 is set to None, NOT 'DIAG'

Thats it! your welcome!

Okay, this is retarded. I got it working by installing the 32 bit of Novacom for Windows 7 64 BIT. Idk wtf or htf that worked but oh well.

when i installed and my phone reset, i lost all my pictures! can i get them back..... that sucks if i cant! the computer is still not recognizing my effing phone!

I'm having nothing but isuses with this whole thing. I keep getting the error 1: connection refused : connect error no device found, what is up with that? I thought this was supposed to be easy then I see someone else saying I have to downloand something else? can someone please help me. I'm running on Vista if that will help also.

Geez! Me too! I've done everything others have done to fix this, but no avail for me... ugh!

Finally got it in & workin' Thanks 4 the walk through...!!!

This is really frustrating me. Everyone can do it easily, why cant I?! well, i go trhough all the steps, and finally when I click install on the program... nothing happens. Its not on my Pre, and i cant do anything past that point. What am i doing wrong???

Wow, thank you. I have read about this for weeks and finally found the time to do this. worked without any problems. I am going to start installing apps now. thank again.

Great once you get it to work...which took some doing but now its wonderful.

1 quick question. Do I have to leave developer mode on to install apps from filecoaster?

How do you remove a homebrew app?

Using WebOS Quick Install. Tools-->Device Management. Then select the apps you would like to uninstall. BAM!

i'm getting the same error message that everyone else is getting {error no device found} and I've followed all of the steps. Would really like to have an easy fix because I'm frustrated

once installed. if you turn off dev mode can you still access homebrew?

Hadn't bothered to check out this page before but here's the link to page where I found the fix to the "device not found" error:

I too am using Win 7 64 bit and followed the directions to modify the NovacommInstaller_x64.msi. Once installed the device is recognized properly as the msi installs a working driver. I uploaded the modified file (about 5.5 MB) using senduit ( and anyone that wants it can get at (it'll be up for a week):

This the resulting .msi file following the instructions given by Jason Robitaille's directions, for which he credits CodeUtopia ( I hope it's not a problem to post this file link but thought it would save everyone the hassle of having to modify it yourselves. Once you run this fixed Novacomm Installer, the Pre gets properly recognized by WebOS Quick Installer. Remember to choose "Just Charge" when installing this way. Hope that helps and sorry I didn't notice earlier... I know how frustrating it can all be. Enjoy!

@mrnn306 & @kmfast: You can use homebrew apps and install through filecoaster after turning off dev mode. You'll have to restart dev mode to install ipk's through WebOS Quick Installer again, as in the case when installing a new version of filecoaster or to install apps like Twee which would not install through filecoaster. DevMode Launcher makes that easier to do than having to punch in the Konami code. :D

It looks as if everything is working ... but after I click INSTALL and it goes through the install process, I can't find anything was actually installed on the Pre. Am I missing something?

This worked out great, I am not the best on computers and I still managed to download it and get the apps on my phone THANK YOU makes the PRE so much better. I had a question after the first initial down load with file coaster when there are more apps put on this site do i need to down load anything from the site again or will they go directly to my Pre through the file coaster?

Thanks again.....

lots of problems still cant get it to work, seems like vista maybe the problem. someone help me out, cant get the developer to email me back.

I am going to enjoy messing around with these. I had some ideas for some apps and maybe this is where I could test them to see where they are good and bad. Good work guys!

it keeps telling me it refuses connect and that there is no connection found... I cant seem to figure it out....

ive been up since 1 in the morning doing this and now its 730..... please help me figure this out

it refuses to connect and there is no connection....

ahh now it searching for the device but it wont do anything when i try to close out of it it wont so than i use task manager and it says it wont close becuase its waiting for a response what can i do cause i want the apps.. plz help i cant sleep and i been up all night trying to figure it out..

LOVEEEE it!!! Tried it last night. It took me a while, but no problems at all so far!!! Thanks!!!

Hi Guys, Everything works great up to the Install on teh WebOS Quick Install. then....nothing!!!!! What am i doing wrong? Any help greatly appreciated.

Web OS Quick Install is a piece of crap; it deosn't work.

Why does "No Device Found" keep appearing???

There was an earlier post asking this same question, but I have not found an answer in the thread. How can you uninstall or remove a homebrew app that you previously installed? Thanks.

Device info (3rd Launcher page)--> More info (scroll up) --> Software (button at top). Click the downloaded app you want to remove and click delete.

Great tutorial! Just finished the install as we speak. Thanks again!

everytime i click install, it searches for the device, and pops up that it cant be found, did i do something wrong?

is it Vista? I still can't get my laptop to find the device. I am certainly far from tech savvy but apparently I need to be.

yes im trying it on vista and not getting anything

nvm i got it to work, had to put as USB device on the phone and worked -_-

I cant believe how easy this was. thanks

I downloaded WebOS Quick Install and filecoaster. My phone is plugged in and I drug the app to the install...but when i click on install...nothing happens...what am i doing wrong?

I have everything downloaded per directions, but when I go to install from Quick Install it says "no device" now what?

take it out of developer mode mine worked fine

this is probably a dumb question, but if I install homebrew apps on my pre, does that in any way void the warranty on it? Just wondering.

Great tutorial. The only problem I'm having now is that I've downloaded a bunch of apps and it's saying "install failed: Not enough install space". However I have over half my memory space available. Any ideas on why it's doing this? Shouldn't I be able to download until my overall memory is essentially full?

Somewhat answered my own question..apparently it's not a size deal, but a number of apps on the phone type deal, because when i deleted a small 20 kb app and then tried to install a 557 kb app, it worked. Must be a limit of 40 or 50 apps...

Ok need help. I've downloded the webosquick install jar, it promted me for webdoc I clicked yes and the download started but when it finished the question box never popped up. I'm running xp on a laptop, I have the latest java. What could the problem be?

I have the same problem... Waited 1 hour for webosdoc to download and when the download finished-nothing happened...
Same as above, XP,Laptop,most current Java--ideas please?


I too had the "Device not found" error. On XP, what you need to do is wait for the "Your device is ready for use" message from Windows. Windows took about 5 minutes to install the Novcom drivers! The first time I connected my Pre in Dev mode, windows got an error installing the Novcom drivers and I had to reboot. But, after the "Your device is installed and ready for use" message, it was a piece of cake.

So, be patient and wait for the windows message.

hey im really new to this tech stuff.... so i just have to follow these directions and i will have access to the apps ?? i need help

hey i got the same error did you fix the fail install. need a fix for this error.

I dont know if i am doing something wrong.. I already install homebrew application Gallery on my Palm ,but now I can only able to download 7 or 8 software and when i trying to install more than that received an error about
'Install failed:Not Enough Install Space' :

do you need to install the webosdoctor to get homebrew apps on the phone?

So, i have to install webosdoctor too on my phone.. Actually i only install homebrew application

I'm trying to figure out if I have to install the webosdoctor because I followed the directions from the post and it will not work on my phone.

My laptop running OS X is only 32-bit (Atom processor), I guess I can't install Java 1.6.0 since it only supports 64-bit Intel.

Edit: nevermind, SoyLatte.

I'm in the same boat. I've been trying to find a way around this for 3 days. Were you able to get around issue? Like you, my Mac will not upgrade to Java 6.
Please advise. Thanks.

Finally it works!!! my computer couldn't find my Pre when connected. This works great... after all the madness of getting it to work.

Wow, I did it! Finally had some time today to devote to it, but it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it might.

Newbie question: What is the value of a typical donation? I'd love to support the developers but have no idea what's standard.


the link to fileCoaster has a typo, heres a working link

Everything worked great for me... Now how do you remove an unwanted app?

i want so know the same

to know....sorry pre jumped to a new level of greatness with the filecoaster app. Thanks...

I tried to install and Quick Install just gives the error "No Device Found" even though I plugged it in USB and selected "Just charge" I know my machine is recognizing the pre as it beeps. I did put it in Developer Mode I am running Vista sp1 32bit..and webos doctor is in the same directory

I've downloaded WEBOS QI, rebooted, but also get a problem: Error 1: connection refused. Then: Error: no Device found. I have a usb connection green check showing it sees the palm device at the usb. Help?

Thank you,

I really like prepod. I might not have to carry my ipod touch everywhere now. I mostly use it for podcasts. Now I can stream the podcasts.... cool.

yes it's the same

I have gotten to The Dev Mode and once I switch the ON and OFF to ON, it asks me to

"RESET THE DEVICE? Your device needs to rest for this action to take effect".

The options are:

Is that the same as restart or not? I don't want to mess up me Pre. Can you please help?

I have downloaded the Quick Install Jar and found the new link for the file coaster, but, when I try to download the file coaster it cant find a program to open the .ipk file. Can anyone tell me what to do next?

Never mind my last post. I figured it out and I have my file coaster on my pre, but, after I turned off developer mode I was prompted to restart my phone and I did just like before. Instead of rebooting and coming back up as before my phone shut off and would not come back on. I had to remove the battery to get my phone to turn back on. When it came on I checked and the app was still there. Can anyone tell me why this happened? My phone was still plugged in to my computer when I restarted it, could this be the problem?

I download everything and get the app into the webos quick install but when i click install it does nothing. It doesn't give me any error, it just doesn't do anything. How can I get the app installed?


Oh wow, I'm not even close to being a techie and I got this. Thanks! You're making me like my Pre more with additional apps. :)

Unfortunatey unlike everyone else's comments i'm having trouble on both my pc's connecting my Pre to the Quick Install Program and Web OS Doctor too. Everytime i get to the point of pluggin in my pre it says
[ ERROR: No device detected. ]

Someone please give me some advice.

i had the same problem, so you can try by letting your computer "search" for drivers, and if that does not work and you are using vista, under the menu bar, in the search area type in "update drivers" while the phone is plugged in via usb. the drivers should update them selfs and work. if that does not work, then go into the os doctor program/web installer and go to files, options, and click on fix/re(install) and that shoudl also work

I have WINDOWS XP Media Center and I've tried all the suggestions posted looking for Update drivers and trying to reinstall and to setup so that the mobile device is started. I've even REINSTALLED MY WINDOWS XP Media Center. The WebOS Quick Installer STILL SAYS [NO DEVICE DETECTED]so I hit [OK] then [ERROR: NO DEVICE DETECTED] shows. And if I just hit install it says [ERROR 1: CONNECTION REFUSED: CONNECT]... Seems like this all is a bunch of crap. If anyone knows if this thing really works or how to connect this problem...I would be shocked.

i appreciate the effort of those who are putting this together, but either the instructions are very bad (not detailed enough and written for someone technical), or they just don't work....very frustrating that palm just doesn't get some better apps for their store....maybe an iphone would have been better.

this is awesome, thanks develpoers!

While Im DL n the app,
I was wondering when all the apps we need will be out?
Let's see how many I can think of in time..

1.) Video camera apps?
2.) Flash Light App?
3.) Finger Paint? (utilize touch fun)
4.) Multi Card games

Like: PM Blackjack (*paypal /payment/donate/gam.ble
Just add funds and play)
The winner get Full Pot... * huge following *

HIGH Stakes Poker (same as above)

any others?

Well they need to play other Palm pre users..

5.) Pinball game
6.) Rip and Save streaming audio as ringer app
7.) Palm Chat ( link all palm users to one chat server.

From 6 main windows the palm user can instantly connect with other subscribe via zip code..)

8.) Link Palm pre Address book to GPS when we arrive at new locations.
It can ask us if we wish to save in contacts..

9.) Well It's done, now I'm off to test...
Have a good one.

A lot of the homebrew apps r not working on my pre! Pleaae help!!!

Have downloaded around 35 homebrew apps, and am now getting an error on download that memory is full download fail. Have 6.7 G available on phone, any ideas?

ok after i download the WebOs Doctor, the window just disappears and i cant open the file. How can i open it?

Don't worry. Another app is about to be released that doesn't have the max number of apps you can install hard coded and then obfuscated in the code.

IPKs are just zip files and unzip is in /usr/bin.

The /var partition is 248M. Plenty of room for apps. 60 is a ridiculous and condescending limitation.

First off the apps are great i have several off them. how show will there be an app that let's see other video fomats, i'm tired of just having you tube to watch videos and attachments when someone sends me a an attachment i can't open it. can someone make an app so kinoma or any type of media can be used.


I need help with step 4 it keeps telling me i have a connection error. after i click on install. I'm doing all this on a mac and i im putting the phone on "just charge". please help

nobody answered my question earlier... does homebrew void any warranties on the phone. an answer would be greatly appreciated.

No the homebrew will not void your warranty (to my knowledge).

(Disregard This) Does anyone know where else I can download WebOS Quick Install, the link is not working on File front.

You guys Rock!!!!

I'm having problems not seeing the file in the WebOS screen - screen shot under Step 4. Any suggestions?

This is my issue, I'm running OS X -- 32-bit , I can't install Java 1.6.0 since it only supports 64-bit Intel.
Is there an alternative I'm missing?

Please advise, I've been at this for 3 days and my right eye is burning red from all the after hours glow from my lap top. lol.


I'm in the same boat and there doesn't seem to be a fix.

Ok. Thanks for the confirmation. Should you find something out, please send me a message and I will do the same for you.

Please help. I'm at it again and I'm getting no where. I think I've read every thread on here and my right eye is burning....

Thanks for the walk through, the link for Filecoaster above didn't work for me, but I found it via google search. Works like a charm.

set up for me quite easily, chick chock as we say! Not one single problem and now I actually have access to some APPS!!! I may actually NOT use my iPhone for fun anymore!

ok so i followed the directions exactly...and everything was goin smoothly...but when tha webOS quick install was being install my external harddrive got disconnected...and it ended the i plugged it back in and and it gave a warning that program may not run there any way 2 fix this?? =[

tha webOS quick installer opens up but nothin happens.... :(

ne1 out there??

never mind it works now..thanks 4 tha speedy response every1...thank guudness i can read...=]

What is the actual link for the webos install? I keep clicking on it and it keeps taking me to the information page with nothing to install. I can't even get past the first step...any help would be appreciated.

Where are the homebrews icons on my pre. I down loaded 3 programs and can't find a one.

Thanks for developing a great application for a great phone and making the installation of Palm Pre apps an incredibly easy task.

Bruce Barnes
Chicago IL

hi guys im having trouble i followed the steps exact but when i press install my pre does nothing to show i downloaded filecoaster what can i do

I want to upgrade to the newly released version of QuickInstall. I downloaded the newest.jar yesterday but can't find the folder to put it in. Where is it? When I go to the Intall Forum I get into a loop when I click the WebOS QuickInstall link.

Your filecoaster link is broken!

Can someone please help me. I have tried everything and it still tells me there is an "error: no usb device detected" or something like that when I try to install the app from webos quick install. I have tried restarting my computer, I have tried re-installing novacom, I have gone into the services and made sure palmnovacom was started, does anyone else have any ideas? I would really like to use this and I'm so close, I can't stand it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Does it matter if the memory card is installed or not?

Would it matter if the memory card is installed or not when entering into developer mode? Any help would be appreciated, I'm new to this site. Thanks.

I cannot open the QuickInstall file after download. A box comes up saying that Windows cannot open the file, and that I need to
select a program to run to open it. Help?

My computer savvy is very limited. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am good with computer, and followed every step exactly, but when i click install nothing happens??? Filecoaster is not there...suggestions??

This might help anyone that have issues with THE PRE BEING FOUND ( device not found )
Make sure you connect your phone to a USB that is directly connected to your computer. I have a Mac and I was using the port from my keyboard after spending some times on it, I found out that I should connect my Pre to a directly connected USB.

Please let me know if this fixed anyones problem.


Hello I need some help I am receiving;

Error 1: Connection refused

Error: no device found

can anyone explain?
I check everything, restarted the computer, updated java, the phone in in dev mode, on charge only ,selected usb in the quick install for some reason its not connecting to the phone
even tryed to reinstall quick install im using Vista
thank you

This looks sweet! Is this what is considered "rooting" the phone? Also, does doing this void any warranty? (will I have a problem if I need to take the phone into Sprint) and can it be reversed (or erased) once I do this to my Pre? Thanks!

Thanks you guys!!! Just downloaded FileCoaster!
Important note: If you're receiving an error message about not being able to connect to your pre, just go to Options (in WebOs Quick Install), and reinstall novacom. Then restart your computer and all should be well. Cheers.

it worked!!!!

i was having the connection refused problem.... tried many solutions.

what fixed it for me:

i UNINSTALLED the previously successful install of novacom, followed instructions to install novacom here:

with pre attached via usb... turned on dev mode (upupdowndown,etc), then launched webosquickinstall.

FINALLY after 2 days of screwing around... it worked!


BTW... i am on vista 32bit.


I am having the same problem, with only 33 apps downloaded. Disappointing, no doubt!! Someone please help! All theses great apps and I can't even download all that I want!! =[

my filecoaster doesnt work anymore does anyone know whats the problem updating it????????? i ahve 1.11 so far so i dont no can someone please help me the circle thing keeps on spinning but the apps dont pop up =[

nvm it works now =]

Thanks for the instruction. I was able to do the installations with only a few hiccups.

I just downloaded everything for the first time. Filecoaster the whole nine and it popped up perfectly. It took a matter of 5 mins or less. Keep up the good work. I'm donating as soon as payday comes around.

i am doing this with a mac how do i get the file coaster on the phone

thanks so much man this really made my day thanks u so much

PLEASE let me know when this is good to go for Windows 7. the instructions to get novacomm working were just too complicated. if someone has a youtube video or a "...for dummies" type instructions list please let me know.

Issue ---> WebOS Quick Install - does not recognize my pre as hooked up. Windows 7 recognizes it, without driver error. Originally there was driver error. not anymore.

I am also having issues with windows 7. i wanted to remove my patches to install webOS 1.3.1, frustrated, i ended up doctoring and losing everything. I am no expert and i have tried following directions ...

... installed the 32-bit novacom drivers. i just havn't had success. Windows 7 and homebrew app/patches/themes don't mix. :(

Thanks in advance if you understand the issue(s)

Thanks so much...installed without a hitch!

okay...finally..I got it working....
two things that I did that could help yall with the device not found message....
1. make sure you restart your phone after you put it in the development mode....I completely forgot to do it..hence, nothing was happening...
2. when your phone asks you if you want it to charge, or sync or use as usb device...choose heard right...I didn't choose anything and I FINALLY got the filecoaster to work...
hope that helps...

Hi all,

Thank you for all the info here. For those trying this, please note that you must put the phone into developer mode BEFORE running WEBOSDoctor. This was not too clear when i read the instructions.

Thanks again for all the support!!


Can I download it directly to myphone? Thanks!

Y E S ! ! ! ! ! ! IT WORKED ! ! ! ! IT F I N A L L Y WORKED!!!!!!!!! HOOOORAY!!!!! FINALLY......................I've been trying so hard to get this to work and now i got it. I kept getting that error sh**. Hopefully they dont take it away soon because i just got it.

So if I go through the process of installing WebOS / Filecoaster, will I have any difficulties when the next "Official Web OS" update happens?


I'm using windows xp pro. When I try to install the file coaster app to the pre, I get an error can't find device. Do I need the novacomm driver loaded. Where can I find the driver if needed? Please help...

I spent two hours on this last night, and nothing but frustration. Like many of you, I got the "connect error"; "no device found" over and over again. I read all the posts with "solutions" (there were many different "solutions") and tried everything mentioned but no luck. Got up this morning and started from scratch (again) and BOOM fileCoaster loaded. I did nothing different from the night before, but suddenly there it was!
This leads me to believe that getting this to work is like a game of chance at the county fair. A geek can shoot the basketball through the hoop on his first try, while the stud athlete may take 30 tries to make one basket.
So, for those of you who are still baffled by this...keep trying, and eventually it will work, and you won't know why.

It does not work right. I will wait until the Apps catalog updates again.

can anyone send me the damn quick install update. i can not download the link from the page. pissing me off thanks.

Here's a possible solution to those people having trouble installing apps and getting error codes (such as err22): Do not change the file name for any of the apps you download; just save them as-is.

I'm somewhat neurotic and I tend to rename everything I download, so I was pulling out my hair trying to figure out why I couldn't install. Turns out the answer was so simple.

I'm on Windows 7, by the way. Don't know if that makes a difference.

I tried to bring up the developers page on my pre and won't allow me to put " instead it puts the o on. what am I doing wrong?

ok I'm pretty sure this has really screwed things up. my computer no longer recongizes my palm pre. i constantly get the
"Error 1: Connection refused

Error: no device found"

please help

make sure you have the NOVACOM drivers installed. in the webos quick install program, click on FILE, then OPTIONS, then click on ATTEMPT NOVACOM (RE)INSTALLATION.

people resetting their comp, and other possible solutions, probably just triggered the search and or install of the novacom driver. so there ya go.

HELP! I tried this last a month ago, I kind of forgot about homebrew for a while but when I tried it again today, same result...

1) I have the newest version of flash.
2) I have downloaded the *.jar file for Quick Install
3) I open the file, I select "Yes" when prompted to download WebOS Doctor.
4) I select Sprint network, press continue.
5) I receive error message:


I have tried many times, restarting my machine and whatnot. I have also tried downloading the Doctor manually, but there are about 15 error messages during the unzip and I am unable to find a *.jar file in the whole folder to copy to the Quick Install folder, as the developer instructs. Help me, where do I go from here? I am running Vista 64. Thanks!

ive been tring to install the WebOS Quick Install jar with no luck. the computer keeps telling me

The 2nd step wont install into my computer... It reads a error... Java??? I checked to make sure I have the latest version. Someone help

I have a Mac and am running OS X 10.6 (in other words, Snow Leopard) and am trying to get Quick Install to work. Every time it loads it says that I need to download WebOS Doctor, but each time I say "yes", it brings up an error message and the program shuts down. I did download the .jar file (it is a folder with several .class files inside) separately and put it in the same folder as Quick Install, as several other forums have suggested doing. Still I am bombarded with failure and ruination...ideas?

Wow! I just finished the install. I changed the ringer for my text alerts and everything appears to be working fine! Thanks for the help!

why is DEV mode a security risk?

I have Preware installed on my phone as well as multiple homebrew apps. First off, I LOVE the deication of the programmers! But what happens when offical palm updates come availible? Will I have to delete all my downloaded homebrews and turn developer mode off?

I have been trying to install WebOsQuickInstall to my Windows Vista PC and, when I try to install it and it asks me to download and install WebOsDoctor, I select "yes" to download it and then select the "sprint" option however, after that, I get the error message that the file location for WebOsDoctor is not valid and I am not able to proceed with the install of WebOsDoctor. I have also tried manually downloading WebOsDoctor and putting it into the same directory as WebOsQuickInstall however, when I attempt to install WebOsQuickInstall, it still wants me to download WebOsDoctor again in order to proceed. I have confirmed that I have the correct version of Java running and have rebooted my PC. What elso can I try? Thanks.