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by Adam Marks Sun, 01 Apr 2012 10:14 am EDT

Power ButtonOne of the most important features of any webOS device is the ability to turn it on to access your data. Regardless if you are running the original Pre Minus, an unreleased AT&T Pre3 or the TouchPad (including an impossible-to-find TouchPad Go prototype), without powering on your device you will not be able to see your email, browse the web, or look up any of your contacts. While some devices have some specific additional ways to power on your device, one thing is common for all of them: the power button. Typically located on the top-right of the device as long the home button in on the bottom of the device, you just need to press the power button once (and be sure to let go quickly and not hold it down for too long). This will bring up the standard lock screen  where you just need to "Drag up to unlock" the padlock image on the bottom of the screen to access the device.  Note that if you have a PIN or password set, you may then need to enter that at this point as well

If you have a slider Phone (Pre, Pre+, Pre2, Pre3, Veer), sliding open the phone to access the keyboard will automatically bypass the need to both press the power button and slide the padlock up to unlock.  This is a nice shortcut to quickly access your device that is sadly not available on the Pixi or Pixi+ due to the lack of a slide-out keyboard.  If you have a TouchPad or TouchPad Go, pressing the physical home button also acts the same as the Power button and will bring you to the "Drag up to unlock" screen.

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Great tip for April Fools!!

Thank You
All these months since August I couldnt turn on my new firesale Touchpad.

"located on the top-left" ... nice


happens to be, the button on the Pixi is on the top left

oops...  ;-)   i need to take a refresher course on my left vs right! 

You know, article doesn't specify whether the screen is facing toward you or away from you, so "Top Left" would still be correct depending upon the orientation.


OMG! So THAT'S what that button is for! I've just been using my webOS devices as very shiny paperweights. Nothing was blowing off of my desk...


(very nice, "enlightening" article)

I'm still confused! How do I turn on my WebOS device?!
Sent from my HP Touchpad

one of the greatest articles of all time

Could we get an article how to type on webOS devices next?

The things you write about when nothing else comes to mind...

To type on a WebOS device, simply place the device under your typewriter (being careful to cover the screen with a cloth or similar device to prevent scratching) and type away!

Problem solved!

Wow, thanks so much for the tip. Having a touchpad and a pre3 just sit there for so long was killing me.

Now that I've got them both turned on, how about some advice on how to access the sliding keyboard on the pre3? Fortunately, I found the sliding keyboard on the touchpad and, I must say, it really is as smooth as butter.

Adam already has a tip for that, in fact he published that one a year ago today.. think of the odds! ;)

my apologies for the double posting.

FINALLY!!! I was using the touchpad as a nice cutting board, but now I can use this WebOs everyone was talking about!

I got lucky and figured out how to turn on my device long before reading this tip. What I would love is a tip on how to turn it OFF. So far, I've been just letting the battery run dead. Someone told me that I could just pull out the battery but I don't like hacking my hardware. Also, I've noticed that since I figured out how to power on the device, I have significantly less battery life than before. :-(

Yeah! How do you turn it off? I also need to know where to plug in the charger and the headphones.

Gosh, with so many other buttons it's hard to find. Thanks. I'm thinking of applying stick-on labels with the "circle w/ inside line" power symbol on my devices before I forget where to put them.

I thought that the way to turn on my device was to gentle stroke and manipulate the raised bit.

LOL love the comments

I can turn on my Pre- without using the power button at all!

With the battery pulled out, I just plug in the micro-USB and viola!..., the screen automatically lights up with a big and bold question mark!

..., almost like it's glaring at me saying, "..., WTF, bro?"

Kinda sad, I can't even use my Pre- with the USB cord by itself after its battery is long dead. Luckily, Radio Shack still has green Enercell 1000mAh batteries for $12 bucks if I'm ever in a desperate bind.

webOS 4vr!

Another great tip Adam. Now that my device is 'On,' I was pleasantly surprised to find that the screen seems to sense my TOUCH!!! Is this happening for anybody else?

On my Pre Minus, at least, you can also turn it on by plugging in headphones.

Unfortunately my power button stopped working a few months ago, so I had to turn it on by opening the keyboard all the time, and download an app so I could turn it off.

At first I was like WTF, then I was like...

Yeah, me too! I thought "WTF...why the face?"

The sad part is that this article was written three months ago and Derek caught it just before it was published in order to hold it for today. :-P

Watch out Apple...

Gee, the thing produces pictures? How common! And I thought I'd invested in the black pebble sculpture as a valuable work of art...

Limited edition, too. Oh my.

Damn ! I wish you didn't mention April fools, I really thought I was missing out on significant featutre that I was unaware of.

Just because it was April Fools day doesn't mean that the article isn't significant, isn't real. I mean, I have a sister-in-law who has a birthday on April 1...that doesn't make her insignificant or 'un-real' or imaginary...or does it? turns on?!?!

wait wait wait.....if my pre came with a battery I might consider using this button....maybe someday

in my defense I look cool carrying it

What is this "turn on" thing you speak of? Pretty soon you'll tell me that my iphone isn't invisible. I chortle at your attempts to trick me.

Your iPhone is in fact not invisible.

You"re absolutely right. I guess that genius I paid the invisible Benjamins to, wasn't so smart after all.

" If your button is on the left... you're holding it wrong."
"Yes that works for antennas too."

Holding the webOS device correctly...that is an article for NEXT April 1st...

Minor technical error: turning on would be from the entire hardware in the off mode, not just the screen. This is just turning the screen on. If you want to turn on a shut-down webOS device, hold the power button until you have no feeling left in your finger.

We call that negative haptic feedback.

Did the author expected this barrage of comments, or pehaps even more? I really hope no outsiders get to know about this. Imagine the rest of the world cracking up laughing like "those hopeless chaps! They talk about their power button!".


I showed this to Alec Baldwin on a flight yesterday, but he said "Don't bother me, I'm playing WWF..."

Funny thing was, he was playing the game with the pilot. Now I'm starting to understand what they mean by 'The ground crew is checking out an indicator light...shouldn't take more than a 5 letter word that starts with...I mean 5 minutes."

Thanks for the April post. So many times these articles are too technical for me, but finally we have a writer who understands a beginner like me. You've broken this into easy to manage steps, and I thank you. But you left out one part that messes up the rest of the directions: How do I determine the "front" ?

2 Years of using my Pixi and I never knew how to turn it on!! i just waited for someone to call me.

This article describes how to turn on the screen, not how to turn on the device. With my preference of efficiency (i.e. lazy) I skipped right to the second part of the tip and tried to turn on my Pre3 using the slider - to no avail. After using the slider I could no longer find the 'power button' you are referring to.

On the verge of returning it I put the thing on the touchstone and .... IT TURNED ON! I now finally know what the touchstone is for. Thanks for leading me to this new insight in modern day technology.

double post.