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How to uninstall Android from your TouchPad 21

by Ryan St. Andrie Fri, 13 Apr 2012 11:13 pm EDT

How to Uninstall Android from your TouchPad

Last week we showed you how to install CyanogenMod 9 Android on your TouchPad. So maybe you've made that half-jump, or maybe you're sitting on the fence, but you want to know how to undo it. You don't like Android, or you don't like the space it takes up. That's cool, we get it. So, just as we put up that guide in the spirit of letting you do what you want to do with your TouchPad, we're going to keep helping you out and show you how to eradicate Android from your device.


If you're reading this guide, chances are you've already looked at what you'll need to install Android 4.0 through the CyanogenMod 9 project. The good news here is that the uninstall process works in a similar manner using almost the same toolset. There's just one extra thing that you'll need to download, and it's the ACME Uninstaller.

Once the file is downloaded you will need to unzip it to the proper location much like you did with the ACME Installer when you installed CM9. This can be accomplished by taking the ACME Uninstaller file and unzipping it (if zipped) to where Novacom is installed. Windows users can expect to find Novacom under C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc or C:\Program Files\HP webOS. Mac users can get to where they need to go by opening Finer's Go menu, selecting Go To Folder… and entering /opt/nova/bin. Once you're in the appropriate folder you should see files/folders named nocavom and novacomd (and possibly others). Copy the unzipped ACMEUninstaller file into this folder.


With the ACME Uninstaller in place, all that is left to do is wipe Android from your TouchPad. This process is almost identical to the same way you installed Android on your device, so this should all seem very familiar. The first step is to put your TouchPad into Recovery Mode. To do this, shut down the TouchPad (hold down the power button and select Shut Down) and restart it while holding down the power and volume up buttons until the USB symbol appears on the TouchPad's screen. Plug your USB cable into the TouchPad and your computer. If your computer needs to install the proper drivers, it'll say so (it shouldn't take much longer than a minute or two to install the drivers).

Now it's time to jump into Command Prompt or Terminal on your computer.

Mac: Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Once the Terminal window is open, type (without quotes) "cd /opt/nova/bin" and hit enter.

A new line will appear with "bin" inserted between your computer name and username. Type (sans quotes) "./novacom boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller" and hit enter.

PC: Open Command Prompt by going to the Start Menu and typing "cmd" into the search box. Once the Command Prompt window is open, type (without quotes) "cd c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc" (substitute Palm, Inc for HP webOS if necessary) and hit enter.

A new line will appear with c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc and a blinking cursor. Type (sans quotes) "novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller" and hit enter.

Everybody: Shortly after completing the uninstall command in terminal you will see the double penguin and a lot of lines of code racing across your TouchPad screen. As soon as that finishes your device should reboot to the familiar old HP logo that we have grown so accustomed to.

And done.

Where there were two there now is one. ACME Uninstaller has rid TouchPad of all remnants of Android and nobody is to know the wiser. If you want to be doubly sure that there is nothing left on your TouchPad you can feel free to run the webOS Doctor on your device but that should be unnecessary.

Source: RootzWiki


FYI the ACME Uninstaller (as well as the ACME Installer) file I've downloaded has been a .bin file and has not needed to be unzipped.

I was kind of looking for something like this before I installed Android so thank you for this article Ryan.

why the hell would you want to run POS Android to begin with? Android is a piece of crap. I have tried it and it takes 5 to 6 steps to do anything as opposed to 2 to 3 for webOS. ANDROID SUCKS!!!!

nice, I installed android and it is garbage ,no camera, no mic ,flash had problems and even the widgets (witch I thought I would like) were way too small for a tablet. The only things I liked were the live wallpaper and the games. Thanks for the how to uninstall

If you want decent apps then Webos has a long way to go. Android apps are plentiful and some are superb. Even gives you decent sound settings by default which Webos doesn't without Homebrew. Webos keyboard is better, camera is a waste of time anyway as Webos video calling isn't Skype. I certainly couldn't get an Android ICS tablet for the price I paid for my Touchpad and I love the option to boot to ICS or Webos. I am using ICS more than Webos at present mainly for my Android apps.

actually webos video calling is skype. And the sound with ics installed was horrible (lots of clicking and popping if you use the eq or bass boost) also the wifi gets screwed up if you reboot the tablet. A fully functioning ics would give webos a run for the money but a buggy alpha doesn't even come close

I love webos and would love to see as many apps as ICS has but unfortunately, that is not the case. this is why I installed ICS. I like the fact that I have both systems which I could use by just booting into the desired mode. Since I've had the tablet, I haven't had the necessity to use the camera nor the microphone. The camera's resolution is horrible and I don't see many instances for which I would use the mic.This build seems to be quite stable. I haven't encounter any major problems. Since I am new at this, at first I thought there was no flash with the browser until I installed gapp. I installed the flash and 2 browsers, Dolphin HD for tablets and Maxthon. These work very well. I also like the fact that I can now access all my Barnes ands Noble magazine subscriptions instead of just having Zinio and the Kindle app is fully functional as opposed to the webos' app. As of now, I don't have many reasons to boot into webos. It's a shame because I really like it but sadly, I don't see much hope for it. Some ppl are resistant to change but once you give it a try, you may feel differently about ICS. I don't do the nightly builds because what I have now works fine and don't want to mess it up at least, not until another more stable build is available and of course, step by step instructions on how to upgrade. Thanks Webos Nation and Cyanogenmod.

My thoughts exactly!!

Having access to ICS makes my 32GB TP more functional by an order of magnitude. It's not so much the games that I enjoy in ICS (nice fringe benefit, though!) but it's the actual productivity apps that make Android worth the trouble - namely, the updated Adobe Acrobat app. For my job, I need to be able to fill out PDF forms... the new Reader app does this, as well as comments, digital ink, and signatures! Plus, I've got access to Documents to Go, Kingsoft Office (amazing free office app), ThinkFree Office, and others.

Unlike my coworkers, I can switch OS's to suit my needs - Kindle and Skype work great in webOS, and I can reboot to use Acrobat Reader and Kingsoft Office in Android.

Not to sound pessimistic, but after Dots and Lines announcement of discontinuing their Graphite app, I fear that other dev's are jumping ship too... but having Android around until Open webOS comes out, I won't have to worry about my TP collecting dust.

Excellent. Thanks for completing the circle.

Why not just run WebOS doctor from the start right away? It completely removes everything? You don't really need to run the un-installer at all.

*Staff Note: Do Not do the above as it can cause bricking issues


Doctor will detect the changed file systems and not know how to handle it, resulting in a brick.

I know your trying to help, but serious do some research before mouthing off next time.

I've run WebOS Doctor at least 4 times now to remove Cyanogenmod without any problems. It restores the Touchpad to it's factory state.

How will it brick the touchpad in any way? WebOS doctor completely overwrites any changed file systems, and it's nearly foolproof.

EDIT: Apparently the reason it does not "brick" is because the Cyanogenmod9 install partitioned the files. So when you run WebOS doctor, it only looks at the Touchpad partitions and treats Cyanogenmod as an install but never really removes it.

Meaning, everytime I have run WebOS Doctor, it allows me to boot WebOS only but apparently I still had Cyanogenmod installed. I just ran the uninstaller after reading the above post and I got about 2+ gig's back.

So yes, disregard my advice, and run the uninstaller first and then run WebOS Doctor to be sure.

Additionally, believe me, Cyanogenmod is nothing spectacular. I don't get why people are so gung-ho to install it? WebOS as an operating system is better in nearly every way. The only negative is the lack of apps. Otherwise, clean UI, less clutter, easy swiping, multi-cards etc.

I think a lot of it has to do with word-of-mouth and what the "tech blogs" say. Ice-Cream Sandwich is on less than 3% of all Android devices officially as well.

Why would you want to remove it?

100% better than webOS...

Just another comment about Apps. Android has always (since 2.1 at least) had its Apps in aplhabetical order which is great for finding waht you want, and reorders them whenever I download another one. I love Webos but its App handling isn't good. Whenever I install another app it gets put at the bottom of the list with no way I can find to re-order it either in Webos settings or in Preware. This should be a basic setting and it is certainly annoying.

Thank you, Ryan.
I've got a Galaxy Nexus on Sprint and no longer feel the need to have any Android version on my Touchpad. Thankfully, I remembered this article on WebOS Nation and it was just as helpful as I hoped.

the path for the Uninstaller Download has changed maybe. I found it by searching for ACME on Rootzwiki. Don´t know how to post it properly.

Will doing this remove webOS apps?

After writting the command, "novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller"
it says failed to connect to server

I have reinstalled novacom.exe thrice and restarted pc and tP both. No solution. please help.

Can anyone point me to the file location please? There is an error looking for the uninstaller

You can find ACMEUninstaller at: