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How to Use Preware for Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes 132

by milominderbinde Sat, 29 May 2010 10:30 pm EDT
Preware Main Screen for webOS Palm Pre and Pixi
Preware Main Screen

Preware is a free Homebrew Installer from WebOS Internals for your Palm Pre or Pixi. Preware lets you download Homebrew Apps, patches, themes, plus official Palm Apps directly to your phone. Once Preware is installed you do not need to be connected to a computer because Preware does it's magic "Over The Air."

Preware offers content from PreCentral, PreThemer, WebOS-Internals, and now the Palm Catalog as well. In a few minutes you will have access to thousands of Applications, Patches, and Themes right from your phone!


The first step is to join the 370,000 PreCentral members in on the fun. The usual warnings apply. These apps, patches, themes, and even Preware itself are not "official" Palm apps and are under development - use with care. Only the Palm apps are official. If you have problems, see the Help section below. These instructions will use WebOS Quick Install by Jason Robitaille to install Preware.*

Install WebOS Quick Install on your PC using the Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes guide. As you get to the "Homebrew Apps" section click the Preware Guide link to come back here.

Install Preware. Connect the USB cable to your PC, Mac, or Linux computer and select "Just Charge" when the phone prompts you. Then open WebOS Quick Install on your computer. Click the third button down on the right (highlighted in yellow below).

WebOS Quick Install
WebOS Quick Install

At the top of the next screen click the drop down arrow, select WebOS-Internals Feed (all), check Preware (highlighted in yellow below), click Download (highlighted in green), and then click Close (highlighted in light blue). Package Service Manger is now included in Preware.

Download Preware and Package Manager Service
Download Preware

Back at the main screen click Install. Once it has completed installation, restart your phone by pressing these buttons at the same time: Orange-Sym-R.

That's it. You have Preware installed! If you ever want to remove Preware, click Tools, Device Manager, check Preware, click Uninstall.

Start Preware. On your Palm Pre or Pixi, tap the Launcher and then the Preware icon. Preware will sort though over two thousand apps, patches, and themes, so it may take 60 seconds or longer to load. Preware is much faster on a WiFi connection.

Preware Default Menu for webOS Palm Pre and Pixi

Notice that Package Updates shows that one update is available. (A "package" is a download that Preware unwraps and installs for you.)

Let's setup Preware to show Available Applications, Themes, and Patches on the main menu.

Preware Menu Setup Preware. Click the Preware button at the top-left and tap Preferences. Set Update to Every Launch and set everything to YES, except for Show Other Types which is NO.

Homebrew Applications

Homebrew Apps are applications in the final stages of development. Hundreds of free titles cover everything from games to utilities. Let's start by installing Luna Manager that lets you do a quick "Luna Restart." Luna is the webOS user interface and must be restarted after patches are installed or removed. A Luna Restart does not erase anything.

Preware Available Applications for webOS Palm Pre and Pixi

To download Luna Manager, at the main menu tap Available Applications then System Utilities. On the next screen, go down to Luna Manager (highlighted in yellow below).

Select Luna Manager

Tap Luna Manager to learn more and see screen shots. Tap Install then OK as prompted.

Preware Luna Manager Information

You just installed Luna Manager! You can Launch Luna Manager now. This is also where you would go to Remove Luna Manager.

Launch-Remove Buttons

Swipe back to see the System Utilities again. Luna Manager now has a green ball showing that it is installed. (If Luna Manager has disappeared, see Setup Preware above.)

The green ball means Luna Manager is installed

That's all there is to it! To remove a Homebrew App, just remove it as you would any app by pressing the orange key and tapping the app icon at the same time. Then tap Delete.

You might want to try a few more popular Homebrew Apps like Music Player (Remix), Battery Saver, BreakOut, Preopoly, Daily Comics, or the Bible. Don't miss the LED Torch that turns your camera strobe into a bright flashlight! To find a title, tap List of Everything on the main menu and then start typing the title. When you are ready, let's try some patches...


Patches let you make your Pre or Pixi work the way you want. You can add features from dozens of developers for free. The best part is that they are as easy to install as a Homebrew App. Dozens of patches are featured in the articles There's a Patch for That (Part 1), Part 2, and Part 3 plus here is a list of patches. Note that the feature you want may just be undocumented.

Time to patch things up! At the Preware main menu tap Available Patches.

Available Patches for webOS Palm Pre and Pixi

Let's start with a messaging patch. Tap Messaging and scroll down the list.

Messaging Patches

Some patches on this phone have green balls on the icons to show that they are up-to-date. Compose to Email and Enable Personal Avatar have blue balls showing that an update is available. Let's tap Enable Landscape Messaging to see the information screen. Tap Install and then OK as prompted.

Enable Landscape Messaging Patch

You just installed a patch! Your email now works in landscape mode! Swipe back to the Messaging patch menu and Enable Landscape Messaging now has a green ball showing that it is installed. (If Enable Landscape Messaging has disappeared, see Setup Preware above.)

Try some of the other patches such as Timestamps, the Virtual Keyboard, or the Battery Percentage and Date in the Top Bar shown shown in these examples. Try the 4x4 v3 Launcher patch for 16 icons instead of 9! The Auto-Popup Launcher patch makes your Launcher popup like a homepage when you turn on your phone.

If you want to remove a patch just come back and tap Remove. You can also remove all of your patches at once by using the Emergency Patch Recovery but more on that in a minute.

After installing or removing patches, you will need to restart you phone. A quick way is to use the Luna Manager app we installed above and tap Restart Luna. Whle a patch or theme is being installed or removed, consider not using the phone, messaging, or email, and turn off all apps.


Themes let you customize your screens and icons for your favorite teams, games, or other interests. To pick a free theme, tap Available Themes from the Preware main menu.

Preware Available Themes for webOS Palm Pre and Pixi

Let's try the iPhone-Black-Launcher theme. (In a moment, you can remove it again.) It's background blends perfectly with your phone. The icons are so clear that you may need to turn down the brightness. So tap Available Themes then All and start typing "iPhone-Black" and tap on iPhone-Black-Launcher.

iPhone Black Launcher Theme Information

Check out the screenshots and tap Install if you like it, then tap OK twice. If you want to go all-out with the iPhone look, try the iPhone theme. Plus you have a thousand other themes to pick from! Whle a patch or theme is being installed or removed, consider not using the phone, messaging, or email, and turn off all apps.

Before you install a new theme, you must go to the current theme and tap Remove to go back to Palm's original theme.

Preware Search

While Preware does not offer the webOS "Type to Search" feature in the main menu like the Palm Catalog, Preware does offer a List of Everything that really is a list of everything. The secret is to start typing in the List of Everything and "Type to Search" will work there. So, say you want to remove all of your patches at once. That is what the Emergency Patch Recovery (EPR) does! (Don't let the name scare you.)

At the main menu, tap List of Everything and start typing "Emergency". By the time you type "emerg" you will have found it! Don't install EPR unless you actually want to remove all patches.

Preware Search for Emergency Patch Recovery

Customizing Preware

You can customize how Preware works by changing the preferences and managing the feeds (sources) Preware uses. For instance, with so much content, Preware can now take over 70 seconds to load even on a fast WiFi connection. If you do not want to see themes and Palm apps, Preware will load faster.

Preware Menu  Click the Preware menu at the top-left then Manage Feeds. Set PreCentral-themes and Prethemer to OFF. You can also turn off the various Palm feeds. Swipe back then tap the Preware menu again then Preferences and make sure that Show Other Types is OFF. Swipe back to the main menu and tap the Preware menu again then Update Feeds to see how fast Preware will load now. If you want to see the themes or Palm apps again, just tap Manage Feeds and turn them back on.

Removing Apps, Patches, and Themes

You have seen that to remove a Homebrew App just remove it as you would any app by pressing the orange key and tapping the app icon at the same time. To remove a Patch or Theme you installed with Preware, you just go back to it in Preware and tap Remove. As a rule, if you installed a theme with WebOS Quick Install, remove it with WebOS Quick Install.You can also remove all patches at once or even completely restore your phone back to the original factory settings.

Remove all Patches and Themes - With WebOS Quick Install:

  1. Remove themes. Click ToolsThemer Revert to Default
  2. Remove all patches. Click ToolsTweaksRun EPRLuna Restart

Remove all Patches and Themes - With Preware:

  1. Remove themes. Tap Installed Packages Theme → Tap your theme → Remove → OK OK
  2. Remove all patches. Tap List of Everything then type "emergency" and tap Emergency Patch RecoveryInstall

Stuck Patches - To force the removal of all patches and themes, use the WebOS Repair Utility on your computer and click Options then Override Compatibility. You can also restore factory settings by using the WebOS Doctor to remove all personal data.

webOS Updates - Before you update to a new webOS, first remove any theme and then any patches you might have installed. Homebrew Apps, including Preware, do not need to be removed before a webOS update.

The Road Ahead

Preware is part of a family of open source products from WebOS Internals and has been upgraded dozens of times since it was released in August of 2009. The Preware Feature Roadmap details a list of enhancements under development.

Getting Help

You can get help in the Preware thread, Patch Forum, or Themes Forum. You might also want to try the WebOS Quick Install method.

When you post at PreCentral, please explain the problem and what you have done. Please take a screen shot to show your screen by pressing and holding the Orange - Sym - P keys at the same time, especially if there is an IPKG Log. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and select USB Drive. Your Pre or Pixi will appear to your computer like a USB drive. Click on it's /screencaptures subdirectory to see your screen shot. For your post on PreCentral, click Manage Attachments to add the screen shot.

* Note: If you already use Javascript, Novacom, DotNet, and webOS Doctor, you can also use the Preware Installer instructions. If you don't know what all of that means just use instructions above.

Craig Lincoln, aka Milominderbinder, is a moderator on the PreCentral forums and the developer of the Palm Pre Tips and Tricks.

PS - Please post requests for installation help in the Preware or webOS Quick Install forums. Special thanks to rwhitby, oil, dBsooner, destinal, PuffTheMagic, rboatright, tharris, Zuchmir2, emoney_33, Jason Robitaille, bpdamas, cas_esq, Colonel Angus, Irish, etnpnys, jimhuff, maxima2k53, MortiseMaker, pixielee, rlanza1054, Shadavis08, SirWill, smkcpa, stubbs, Templarian, west3man and so many others for your continued user support.


Wow guys, you are the best, every day i like more my palm :)

For some reason, I have 0.9.12 and when I run PreWare it does not update to the version shown in the pictures here

Sorry about that. 0.9.13 is in testing and should be out soon...

- Craig

I've been a Preware user for a while now and I just realized that I never installed Luna Manager. What exactly does Luna Manager do and why do I need it? Thanks!

Luna Manager is a app that lets you quick restart your pre, like after you've just installed a couple of new patches and you want to restart you pre, the quick restart only restarts the Luna part of the pre. Then there's a Java restart which will restart your java.

Personally I've only played with the java, and never actually had to use it because most of the apps that require a java restart usually initialize it on their own. But i do use the Luna Restart button all the time. I love this app! It saves you from having to go through the long process of actually restarting your phone.

Its for a quicker means of restarting your webos device. It can restart Luna or Java. Oftenly this app is used in conjunction with preware since it provides a quick means of rebooting the device after installing a patch or if the device starts to act funky.

I included the link to Luna Manager for more on the options it gives you and how it works.

Luna Manager lets you do a quick "Luna Restart." A Luna Restart takes a fraction of the time that a normal restart takes. After installing or removing a patch you need to do a Luna Restart in order for the change to be seen.

At some point we may see Preware offer to do the restarts for you after you are done installing patches. Here is the Preware Roadmap

- Craig

this was very HELPFUL!!!! but i also have the old version of preware 9.12 how do i update it?

ya, i just installed preware on 2 new pres. and they both installed 9.12
it the 9.13 some kind of pixi verison

"Install Preware and the Package Manager Service it needs at the same time. Connect your Pre or Pixi to your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with the USB cable"

Quick question.. When connected to my PC, should I select Media Sync, USB Mode, or Just Charge?

I know, it's a noob question. Thanks in advance.

Just charge

hey im having a problem with preware. when i try to open it it went weird on me. whats the problem. the problem started after i updated to 1.3.5

Great question. I expanded that sentence in the article to say:

"Connect the USB cable to your PC, Mac, or Linux computer and select "Just Charge" when the phone prompts you."

It is the newbie questions that we need because it is the newbies we are trying to help!

- Craig

Mine also says 9.12 How should we go about fixing it to 9.13?

I added this in the article when you install Preware:

(Note: As of 12/17/09, the current version of Preware is 0.9.12.)

- Craig

Do I have to switch on developer-mode to use Preware? Thanks!

Just follow the Setup section in the article above. Once Preware is installed you can turn Developer Mode off.

- Craig

This is a great program. I sent a donation a while back to help keep this program going. Thanks for keeping it updated.

ok....I installed everything and love all the apps, patches, etc. I have noticed, however, that my phone is just really slow now...doing anything...takes seconds to register's driving me nuts. Anybody else experience this? I'm not the most tech savvy guy when it comes to phones..I would imagine I installed everything properly as I am able to download things...any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


sorry I'll go to the preware thread.....

I am so stupid....I added a link to my GPS in the drop down where it shows battery life percentage....GPS was ON!!! No wonder it was slow and sucking the battery life! ok...feel free to delete my nonsense...

Can someone clarify something for me - exactly what kinds of risks am I taking by installing Preware and downloading unofficial apps and patches? Viruses? I know nothing about this sort of thing but the Precorder and virtual keyboard look sooooooo tempting. My friend has an iphone and he says I'm better off waiting for official add ons, that I risk 'bricking' my phone.

Noel28, iphone users don't have the luxury of the Doctor. With the webos doctor, you can be confident that your Pre won't become a brick. All of the advanced homebrew packages found in trusted feeds in Preware are very safe, and we take security very seriously.

Jump in, you'll be glad you did!

Is there a quick way to reinstall ALL our patches after the webOS update?

I have TRANSLATED Preware Installer 0.9.5 and WebOS Quick Install in FRENCH and now I need to test them.
I will send these translation to the Preware and WebOS Quick Install developper teams in the next weeks.
I will test these webos applications on the Palm Pr

Yannick, please send this as private messages to the different developers in the forums. This article explains how to use the current Preware in English. - Craig

Again, please post requests for help or questions in the forums:


WebOS Quick Install

- Craig

does anyone know how i cna get web os to read my palm pre once i open web os installer it takes forever to read it!

yes once web os is open plug in phone and tap just charge

the troubleshooting is there. chances are you just have to do the upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart code to enable publisher mode or whatev cuz I think its automatically set to "off". Just turn it on and reset.

While on WebOS Quick Install I hit the down arrow to select Package Manager Service and PreWare and I'm getting a message of ERROR: No device detected can anyone help?

9.12 for me as well. Running 1.31 on my Pre and have uninstalled and re-installed MANY times now.

I'm having a prob with preware i have followed every instruction to the t...when i tap the preware icon the downloading feed info comes on, and it reads onfeeds error-typerrror:cannot call method'split' of undefiend.(this is with preware9.12 ).I have tried downloading it many times and diffrent ways, i dont know what to do anymore please help!note! i have used web0s quick installand still not working please HELP!

webos doctor i chose sprint and im at plug phone into computer and the next button remains dim what do i have to do what do i press just charge media sync or usb drive

oh ya its on the pixi

ok so I really want the landscape email and messaging but you need to root in order to install it on the pre right? I have no clue what rooting is or how to do it haha.

I thought I could get landscape as easy as I can get the virtual keyboard and other patches by just clicking install from preware and restarting and wooo there it is.

is there any other way to get landscape for email or messaging? Or can someone help me find a way to install it. I use preware and filecoaster and I got the basic patches that I wanted from preware. But I would like to utilize the virtual keyboard more if only I could use it in landscape for messaging and email. Its so much better.

thanks in advance for any help or feedback.

I have a question about themes. I first added the indianapolis colts theme which worked fine, then I added another theme with worked ok. But now I have removed both themes but the indianapolis theme is still there. Then I added the iphone theme and it was like a combination of the iphone and indianapolis colts theme. Now I have gone to the WebOS quick install and went to tools->Themer-> and restored default(which is verified in "current theme-default") but the indianapolis colts theme is still in effect. in the preware app it says I have no installed themes. Help??

hmmm. is the package manager supposed to disappear after your first use of preware and then a phone restart. If not should i re-install it? or is it there, and there's a problem with my launcher hud?

oooh. Does it unzip into preware? and also btw, my package updates icon has 2 available, thats not bad is it :o?

i cant download either Preware or Package. it shows that is installing but i dont see it in my pre. some help please

I'm not sure what went wrong but whenever i try to connect my device to the quick installer it says error device not found whats wrong?

Thank you so much! I appreciate it! I tried just adding a layer of red to the original files and then just selecting the actual Accredited High School | Adison High School image but it didn't do it as well as I would have liked, I found the files for the old Red & Black Theme, so I used them with mine and now its a much higher quality looking theme. Thanks again. I appreciate it! Ged Test Online | High school diploma | homeschool online

Thank you let me try it out and i get back with you, on how much that it is

Do I need to uninstall preware before I do one of palm over the air updates. I know I need to take off the themes and patches but what about preware it self?

Dear editor, I noticed an error in your guide. During the section of the first patch install, the description is for the install of "enable landscape messaging" patch. However, the first statement after the install says "You just installed a patch! Your email now works in landscape mode!" It should say your 'messaging' now works in landscape mode, not email. This could cause confusion for novice users. Just pointing that out.

So since the current version installed is 9.12, we won't be able to see games like DOOM, QUAKE, etc in Preware? B/C I do not see those game in Preware on my Pre.

Everytime i follow the instructions it doesnt install the package manager, it only installs the preware and when i launch the preware it says, "Error, did you forget to install the package manager. I reset it and everything and on the launcher preware is the only thing that comes up. I had developer mode on do i have to turn it off? Someone please help me filecoaster sucks lol.

im having the same problem been trying to fix it for two days now

Wow...I finally loaded Preware onto my phone and my phone is now PIMPED out. Thanks to all the DEVS for making a Great phone into a work of art.

Whenever I try to download a Patch an IPKG log error shows up....Why?

omg you guys are AMAZING! Everything was sooooo easy! I did the whole thing while eating my bbq chicken. Trying to make things work with Mac OS X Tiger was not an option for me so I put my macbook aside and grabbed the Vista PC. (I appreciate Windows in moments like these) This site is even more awesome now that I've joined and am taking advantage of all it has to offer.
My phone is becoming more and more the phone I have always wanted!

yes! got the luna app & the countdownclock! so glad there's a devout, hardcore community!

a thousand thanks!!

I made the great mistake of installing the last update without removing my patches or running EPR. (I'm a noob) now when I try to install patches I keep getting error see ipkg log. HELP! getting ready to throw it through the window.....

Hi, I lost everything I had on my pre, and don't have access to the internet on my lap top right now, is there any other way to get my preware app on my handset again?

Does anyone know why it would say package manager not installed? When it is as well as preware, i installed them both at the same time restarted my phone and tried to reopen it again same mess. Help please

I installed the pre ware app but when I go to Luna Manager and tap install nothing happens. When I tried to install anything nothing happens. Any help please?

It works on my Palm Pixi really nice

I cant get my theme back to default. I downloaded a couple of themes and they all mixed together. I deleted them one by one, but the dallas one wont go away...HELP!

I also can't get my default theme back did u find a solution? If so please let me know because I keep trying but it says I don't have a theme installed but I do and when I try to install a new one it says I must erase the current one. I would really appreciate your help!

When I click on the blue arrow to bring up my Repository Viewer my list never loads...what am I doing wrong? I want to pimp my pre out too!!

new update, has Preware been updated yet? idk, not working on my end!

Hi, when i click install, nothing happens, what am i missing?

Preware was working well until I received an update to my pre plus from palm. Now the patches are gone and I can't load preware. Any thoughts about how to get it working again??

ok i download the program to my pre but when i press install it dosnt work why

im getting an error that says "failure during 'getConfigs' operation". and i dot have any feeds or anything to download.
its version9.30

what can i do to be able to use Preware?!

Got this working on the Pixi, Good to go
Janene Dalton


i keep getting the eror "failure during 'getConfigs' operation".

what do i do???

cant quite get it =( it says "java.long.nullpoinerexceptionundefined.... what dose this mean\\\ what do i do????

when i launch preware i get fatal ipkg config failure undefined any help out thier?

I get the same message when trying to install patches. Did you ever get an answer?

Ive used Preware successfully for a few months now and its Amazing.

However, I had to Doctor my pre after the lastest update, and after updating everything and reinstalling Preware, everytime I launch it i get:

" Failure during 'getConfigs' operation "

I noticed a few other similar complaints recently, is there a an easy fix? Im about to doctor it again.. i cant live much longer without Preware!! haha
help pleaase
thanx, I'll post if I find a solution

i was wondering, can you install multiple themes on your phone? like if i want the iphone chat bubbles and the blackout can i install both?

I'm kinda new to preware but I have successfully installed and used it before. However, I downloaded a theme and decided to change it so I read up on how to remove a theme and read that using webOSdoctor was the best way to revert back to the original theme. When I did that it erased preware so I reinstalled it following the instructions above to the t and I get an error message that reads: "The package manager service is not running. Did you remember to install it? If you did, first try restarting preware, then try rebooting your phone and not launching preware until you have a stable network connection available."

I have done all that the error message says and still nothing. I even erased preware and reinstalled it and nothing. Can someone help shed some light as to what may be the problem???

I love the preware! THANKYOU!!

I installed all the softeare but when I open the program my phone is not recognized. Can someone help me please I have gone thru the steps three times I must not be soing something right.

I've installed everything up to the Luna manager and it's all good except it still doesn't let me revert to default because it says I don't have a theme installed but when I try to install a new one it says I have to erase the one I have set but as I just explained it doesn't let me. What can I do? Please help!

I click on blue Arrow button and nothing. I have used this before but can't figure out what the problem is.

wen i go to webOS quick install ..i dont even see preware or package manager service!

I don't see the packages either?

I found Preware under "webos internals feed (Pre)" but not package manager.

Same here - neither package is available under WobOS-Internals Feed (all. Preware is available under WebOS-Internals Feed (Pre). Where do I find these?

vibram five fingers and FiveFingers Classic are first choice for the fivefingeres Moc. To get one to show your love for the coming of Father's Day.

No preware or package manager service under webos internals feed (all). I downloaded Quick Install just yesterday and have version 3.12. Are there updated instructions?

they have updated the process of installing preware.
in WebOS quick install. click the blue arrow. then click on WebOS-Internal feeds (Pre) and click on Preware and install. you dont need package manager service anymore. its all in one once you click on preware. thats it.

I have tryed to install a hello kitty theme for my wife in wosqi and preware but both are failing. preware shows themes in main menu but it is dimmed out with zero available.. and the wosqi has a "not available" popup so that i cant install zip// you click on the creator web site and it looks as if the page site was not renewed and it is in a wab parking adpage.. what to do..??

by the way.. in wosqi themer i get error reading package list. then when i close that i get can not connect to package feed. the a url displays for

by the way.. in wosqi themer i get error reading package list. then when i close that i get can not connect to package feed. the a url displays for

The installation instructions in this article are incorrect.

Please see for the correct installation instructions.

-- Rod

I have the WebOS Quick Install up but on the Ipkg Repository Viewer WEBOS internals feed (ALL) I can not find the Packer manager services nor the preware to download.

Any suggestions?

Me too! i don't know whats up... Can't even download themes.. thats why i got preware!!!! grrrrrrrrrr!

Watch this vid i made... Hoped it helped!

I don't have the "themes" button on preware. I only have this:

hey dude you have to go to the top ... Hit preware ... go to manage feeds ... then turn on the the theme feed ... i just had to do it too ... hope this helps

In the install guide where it shows to open the "WebOS-Internal Feeds (all)", it should be changed to "WebOS-Internal Feeds (Pre)." I'm still working through all the installation, but everything's great so far!

same thing happened to me. it was because my internet wasnt connected

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. In WebOS Quick Install I clicked the blue down arrow and I'm trying to get to the Web-OS Internal Feed for Pre and it gives me the error "Cannot connect to package feed, then error invalid url feed.
I'm new to all of this. Please help.

Ever since the WebOS update, I am having problems installing some a my favorite patches. One being the SMS tones for each contacts. There is a new patch (app launcher) that I tried installing today, just like old patches, I was unable to. This error message appeared:

% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 0
100 19454 100 19454 0 0 15590 0 0:00:01 0:00:01 --:--:-- 32315
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, {"returnValue":true , "ticket":3, "subscribed":true}
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":3 , "status":"STARTING" }
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":3 , "status":"CREATE_TMP" }
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":3 , "status":"VERIFYING" }
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":3 , "status":"IPKG_INSTALL" }
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":3 , "status":"SUCCESS" }
Nothing Interesting.
Nothing Interesting.
-1: Unable to run command: IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT=/media/cryptofs/apps /bin/sh /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/ 2>&1
2 out of 4 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/app/controllers/reorder-controller.js.rej
Removing package from root...
(offline root mode: not running
Nothing Interesting.
Nothing Interesting.
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- 0:00:01 --:--:-- 0
6 19454 6 1182 0 0 656 0 0:00:29 0:00:01 0:00:28 3301
100 19454 100 19454 0 0 9037 0 0:00:02 0:00:02 --:--:-- 27438
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, {"returnValue":true , "ticket":4, "subscribed":true}
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":4 , "status":"STARTING" }
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":4 , "status":"CREATE_TMP" }
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":4 , "status":"VERIFYING" }
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":4 , "status":"IPKG_INSTALL" }
** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, { "ticket":4 , "status":"SUCCESS" }
Nothing Interesting.
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-1: Unable to run command: IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT=/media/cryptofs/apps /bin/sh /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/ 2>&1
2 out of 4 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/app/controllers/reorder-controller.js.rej
Removing package from root...
(offline root mode: not running
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What do I need to delete or install to correct teh IPKG error messages?

Please advise
Princess L.

I cannot get my quick install to work properly it wont see my pre and i click on file options and nothing happens so i can try and reinstall novacom... Please help me!!!

I cant find preware under the WebOS-Internals Feed (all)!!!! where is it?

im having the same problem someone help plz


so the preware isnt in the drop down list 'webos internal feeds (all)' was it moved or something i looked in all of them, and cant find it anywere?

so the preware isnt in the drop down list 'webos internal feeds (all)' was it moved or something i looked in all of them, and cant find it anywere?

I found it under the webOS-Internals Feed (Emulator) drop-down menu.

My problem is that when I try to install Preware, I get an error message that says my device isn't connected. When it clearly is.

Any ideas? Do I need to re-install my WebOS quick install program to my PC?

I need some of help on the step right after you select Just Charge from the menu on my Pre. For some reason, when I go to WebOS Quick Install, and click on the Blue Arrow Pointing Downward (the highlighted one in your screen shot) nothing happens!!!


I am having the same problem. Can someone explain why Preware isn't appearing in the proper feed?

I can't explain why exactly its not appearing in the feed the instructions states it is in and where it used to be located but if you look in 'WebOS-Internals Feed (Pre)' and/or 'WebOS-Internals Feed (Pixi)' instead of '(All)', Preware is in there. It worked when I installed it from that feed. Hope this helps.

i can see it in the emulator section but get an error when trying to install. something about cannot find package? any ideas


same problem here i found it in the proper place then tired to download it. it wouldnt a warning came up now when i it wont show up anywhere in the quick launcher. also the v keyboard wont load it says could not load kb_config.json i just started this homebrew stuff but i feeel like the the new update(that i havent got yet) and these two problem s are all related

why wont my device be found when its already plugged-in

You probably haven't switched on the developer mode.

Same here. Found it under the emulator feed but had error downloading it. Compatibility with the new version or something wrong with the app?

I can find the preware ok however after i connect to USB the phone and computer wont connect. I cant imagine what I am doing wrong.

I have been through the forums and it doesnt seem like anybody else has this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can someone please help, I just got a new replacement pre today, and I have the latest webos 1.4.5 installed. I downloaded the preware app, but when i try to open it, keeps saying no service found, try restarting preware, or rebooting phone and then restart preware. This has never happened before and I am in serious need of patches for this pre can someone please help me out!!!!

Scroll down to find the list of troubleshooting.

I'm pretty sure u just need to "unlock" your phone. Type "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbsastart" (without quotes of course) and go into the thing that pops up (only after you type out the whole thing) and then turn it on. Mine did the same thing and I downloaded all these programs to fix the webos thing when, in reality, it just needed unlocked.

What is the url code to preware I installed it then uninstalled it by accident now I can't get it back...

Any updates to the above process with the release of webos 1.4.5?

I only have 13 themes avialiable... help?

I finally installed preware after owning my palm pre for a year...i figured if i love it now w/o preware, just imagine how much ima love it when i install preware....and all i can say is...I LOVE PRECENTRAL!!!!!!!!

Both Preware and WebOS Quick Install advise against using Preware to uninstall themes/patches installed with WebOS.Q.I. (and vice versa). The WebOS Q I intro page says each handles files differently.

So what are the risks of using one to uninstall patches/themes installed with the other? Is that how to get stuck patches/themes? I'm guessing WebOS Doctor and/or Emergency Patch Recovery will fix and reset, correct?

And are there any flags or signals that show which installer was used for which patch/theme?

Other than those lurking concerns.. Im loving it.

hi, i downloaded webos, but when i try and download some things to my phone it keeps on saying no device found, please connect device. But my phone is already connected to my computer. I dont know what to do please help me. Thanks

There is no orange button on the pre plus. What is the corresponding button? OR are these instructions not for use with the plus models?

I have downloaded web os, web os doctor, and bought the homebrew app. found a theme i love but it will not let me install preware on my palm pre plus. I click the blue button and It will get all the way to the repository viewer thing and will attempt to load and then say error: package feed. Help, I have put several hours into this! I just want a theme!!!!

i've been trying to download preload but i dont get it, can someone please tell me how to do it? i downloaded it and i'm trying to open it,it just doesnt or how do i transferit to my palm pre?? i hope somebody can help me i'd appreciate it thanks

Can someone please tell me how to submit a request for a patch?


So confusing... I have had my pre for a while and have been wanting to sign up for homebrew, preware etc. and finally decided to do so today... what a mistake .. none of the directions from the website were the same as what actually happened during the installation process. I am trying to install all the preware stuff and... First of all it says click the third button down the arrow key. and there IS NO ARROW KEY !!! my webos quick launch has a "world" symbol on the third button down. THEN it says.... "At the top of the next screen click the drop down arrow, select WebOS-Internals Feed (all), check Preware (highlighted in yellow below), click Download (highlighted in green), and then click Close (highlighted in light blue). Package Service Manger is now included in Preware." and ther is NO DROP DOWN ARROW !!!!!! so confusing. I cant believe they cant get simple instructions right !!! any help?

i've been nervous for so long to preware my phone...but now i'm in word WOW!!!!!

Going to Donate NOW!!!

It says Error:Device is not found . . . & i did everything right help please ?