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How the webOS Facebook app made Jobs yell at Zuckerberg 45

by Derek Kessler Sun, 02 Oct 2011 5:32 pm EDT

Facebook is an interesting company. The rate at which they’re gaining more and more data on their users every daiy, and how they managed to practically annex the entire internet with Open Graph is simply astounding. But Facebook has always had an interesting relationship with mobile, ranging from basic mobile sites to full-blown platform specific apps. To date, Facebook has yet to release an app for any tablet platform.

But that hasn’t stopped various tablet makers, notably RIM and HP, from taking advantage of Facebook’s APIs to make their own Facebook tablet apps. RIM did it for the PlayBook, and frankly nobody noticed. But when HP did so for the TouchPad, it stirred up a bit of controversy between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The two companies have had a bit of the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” vibe going with regards to Google, but Facebook’s always seemed like the more hesitant of the pair. When Apple launched their Ping quasi-social music network thing, their use of the Facebook API was irking enough to Facebook that they pulled access. Things eventually were smoothed over, but the relationship’s been rocky ever since (note the lack of Facebook integration in iOS 5 and the presence of Twitter).

Things got especially tense this summer, as noted by Mashable, with Jobs personally visiting Facebook and Zuckerberg to discuss the development of a Facebook app for the iPad. Facebook has released official apps for iOS and Android, but only the phones, whereas the PlayBook and TouchPad’s Facebook apps were made by the manufacturers, perhaps with a little bit of Facebook’s help.

The TouchPad likely irritated Jobs to some degree just by existing (though at this point having not yet launched), and when he learned during his visit that Facebook was going to launch on the TouchPad before the iPad, he was, in a word, livid. To placate Jobs, Zuckerberg apparently vowed to get the app pulled, but then webOS Global Business Unit chief Jon Rubinstein refused. So, in a move so juvenile and predictable we could only expect it to come from Facebook (we kid because we love (and fear)), the social network restricted HP’s access to the APIs.

So if you’re wondering why the Facebook app for the TouchPad isn’t awesome, there you go. In this case, it’s actually reasonable to blame Apple, but we’d be more likely to blame Facebook. HP was working with Facebook to make the app for the TouchPad – they knew exactly what was going on the TouchPad and only yanked access to make Steve Jobs happy. Not that it really matters anymore.

Source: Mashable; Via: TiPb


A little light on detail, no?

Check the Mashable source link for more info.

I have a TouchPad coming from a friend of mine at HP this week. He got it from the Sept. 28th employee sale. He has no relation with any of the webOS stuff so I couldn't get any useful info from him.

sucks big time!


That does suck, but it seems par for the course for Facebook (and seriously Apple/Jobs? Stop f**king whining and build your own damn FB tablet client if it's that important to you).

Of course, I actually think that Touchpad Facebook app is pretty good and covers like 80% of what I want to do on the site. The lack of groups stuff is the only major weakness that it has in my opinion (and if it could launch FB games in their own card or something like that, that would be icing on the cake).

No wonder HP bailed the mobile sector. They got into it with these great plans and then saw all of the political maneuvering they would have to do with Apple and others and decided it wasn't worth it.

"Let Microsoft deal with those type of headaches and let's get back to making just hardware."

Amazon buying webOS would probably be the best bet for the platform. Amazon could throw their weight around a little more than HP could.

....No they said they were going to stop making hardware.

"Let Microsoft deal with those type of headaches and let's get *the **** out of* making hardware."

This is a telling scenario and makes me dislike Apple even more depite its success and abilities in mobile market. Kicking down the perpetual underdog Palm in the face as it was starting to launch its first tablet isn't exactly classy. Facebook caved too which irritates me. What are they worried about- apple banning facebook on all apple devices? I would LOVE to see that! And in spite of these barriers, facebook for TP is considered best of breed.


And why not, that's what apple did to us several times when they wouldn't itunes sync with palm devices any more. That would be cool to see, apple getting some of its own medicine.

honestly, ever since i got the touchpad i thought the app wasn't as good in comparison to is seen on other platforms. its slow, choppy and doesn't have the chat feature. the design of the app itself isnt bad, it just isn't very polished... to be frank, i am looking forward to the Android build that is coming to the TP. WebOS was fun while it lasted.

Fun while it lasted.. because of the Facebook app?! /facepalm

It's **** like this that REEEALLY pisses me off. What the **** is it apples business when another platform gets an app completely unrelated to them. This is where all my hatred of apple comes from. They become the number one company in mobile and then what do they do? Do they bring on new people to innovate further? No they wait for other platforms like webos to innovate and then steal the ideas. Do they come out with new exclusive things with other big name companies(like maybe beats or even get the first tablet version of facebook)? No they **** **** and **** and sue and use their number 1 spot in the **** sketchiest way possible, by stopping the innovation of another company. It should honestly be against the law to actively go to another company and make them stop doing something. It disgusts me and should be banned under some sort of anti monopoly laws. This is the reason I will never own an apple product.

This article reminds me of this wallpaper I got off of wallbase a few years back:

Sorry for the double post. I thought the comment didn't go through or something, and it won't let me delete either of these...


1. First of all you are talking about two people that have egos the size of Texas...ooppss not big enough ...they each have ego's the size of China!

2. If this is true, (& I did say if), it only further proves what I've said for years...Jobs carried on for years over what MS became his mind an unfair bully who used size to get their way....and yet Apple has done the same time and a again.....Apple and Jobs became worse than what he lashed out against.

3. I'll never understand the GOD like trance that iFans go into over Apple products...they are products not the child GOD!

4. Plus they are made in the image of what Steve Jobs' wanted but never what the consumer might also want...he didn't want a keyboard so no one else "needs" one....when a battery fails you actually have to send the product back to him/them to replace a battery, (or crack it open and risk **** up your guarantee...of course they charge for the largess of changing a battery, (at a cost far higher than if you changed the battery yourself as in other smart or cell phones)!

After a few years he finally came up with an excuse...the switches of keyboards go the past 12 years I have had 4 Palm phones...they keyboard NEVER failed on any of them...

In fact going all the way back to my days with my Commodore 64 way back almost 30 years ago...all the way to now...I've never had a keyboard key fail...

Now that Jobs mostly gone from Apple...I wonder if perhaps the needs of people other than Jobs will ever be considered....

5. I didn't go after Zuckerberg as much as Jobs b/c he is still the new(ish) kid on the block...

6. I would think it will be harder for either firm to get their way as much as they used to...I already posted on the forums that newspapers and magazines have been fuming about the 70/30 split that Apple DEMANDS...the Financial Times is a test to see if they can go it alone without Apple...teh music industry has been screaming for years over the 60/40 cut with Apple....

Amazon has changed the game...newspapers are already trying to play Amazon against Apple for a better cut...I expect that to contiue...thus making a sizable dent in Apple's revenue stream...

As for facebook....Zuckerberg foolishly dragged his feet on this fast as they are growing...they could have gotten a chuck of pipe-stream money but they have yet to act on that one.

As far as Jobs & Zuckerberg it's the Clash of the Titans times two....

1. the vast size of each of their firms!
2. the vast size of both of their egos!

Take care,


How do you manage to pontificate so much on things you seem to know so little about?

possibly because he knows more than most of us here

i mean, he IS the 'news hound...'

"After a few years he finally came up with an excuse...the switches of keyboards go the past 12 years I have had 4 Palm phones...they keyboard NEVER failed on any of them..."

What is this guy talking about? Does he even know what he's saying? I know several iPhone/Apple device owners and they dont even come close to the comical representation slurred out by this post.

Have you you ever used anything other than a WebOS device before?

Actually, he's never used a WebOS device either and I'm sure he'll be happy to tell you the story behind that.

what's wrong with a physical keyboard, is iPhone is your first mobile phone ?

I'm so glad I have my Pre 3, because I have a functioning space bar again...

A G R E E 100%.

Inside every genius, there is an egomaniac.
Speaking of the keyboards, I am with you, the keyboards on the old blackberries and Treos still function. I wish Apple makes a blackberry style phone.

"The TouchPad likely irritated Jobs to some degree just by existing"

LOL WUT? Steve Jobs was irritated by the Touchpad? I HIGHLY doubt it. Now the Kindle Fire, yea, I am sure that will irritate the **** out of him because it will be the first real challenge to Apple in the tablet space. The Touchpad, not so much.

Actually, yeah, it probably did. The article describes Jobs as reacting poorly to the announcement that the TouchPad would have, at launch, a Facebook app. The TouchPad had not even launched yet, while the iPad was on its second iteration.

What this does make me wonder is if this kind of thing happened with other developers.

I'll bet that the fire sale drove him crazy, haha.

This kind of behavior by Apple and Facebook - if true - is illegal. It's called anti-competitive behavior.

You can report this to US Dept. Of Justice, like I did - see this thread:

Hopefully the more people that complain, the more seriously it will be taken.

The thing that I don't understand is Facebook's bi-polar attitude towards Apple. One day they are at war with Apple and the next they want to work with them. Specifically, they give Apple "the finger" on Ping and an iPad app, but seem concerned with Apple's feelings enough to scuttle HP's app, who hasn't done anything harmful to Facebook. I don't blame Ruby a bit for being pissed off and refusing to pull the app....

New iPhone coming within two weeks on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. For most of the folks on this site, your long webOS nightmare can be over.

... and traded for an iOS jail cell where you can be treated like a 7 year old? Oh hallelujah.

So... to sum the article up: Zuckerberg and Jobs are **** .. yes?

Maybe $teve Job$ is still annoyed from when Palm kept finding ways to sync the Pre to iTunes. He isn't one for burying hatchets.

maybe Steve Jobs was just annoyed that HP with palm patents where the only people he couldnt/dare sue for anything :-)

so with Jobs leaving does this mean our Fb app may get an update thats gonna make it even better with that API stuff?

Ehh, I don't know about this. I'm not sure I believe their "multiple sources".

It's quite pathetic how insecure Steve jobs is.

While is not in the grave, Jobs is trying to sabotage the other companies... :-/

Best Regards... B)

Why does anyone here care? All I ever read around here is how apps are unnecessary because we have a "real" browser with Flash and blah blah blah. Shouldn't everyone just go the real website instead of using an app dependent on third party APIs anyway?

So are we now going to see Youtube videos like the Hitler ones.. "Steve Jobs finds out the Touchpad will have a better Facebook app", "Steve Jobs finds out Zuckerberg has a bigger bathroom".

I would love to see that. Chip-chop-chip!

The TouchPad app is a little quirky to try and work with, but at least it doesn't crash constantly like the iPhone app.

Seriously, I have had 3 updates to my Facebook app on the iPhone (since work provided me with one in February) and each update said that it had fixes for bugs that would cause the app to occasionally crash, but it crashes all the time and I have to go back to the beginning of the feeds! Drives me crazy.

I don't know how this is so difficult to fix. The Facebook app on my Pre has been working flawlessly since day one!

This article is a non story and is practically all speculation. No facts at all.

True but one must admit.... Given who it deals with it isn't all that far fetched

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