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HP’s eStation AiO: Yahoo-skinned Android-power tablet-printer combo 48

by Derek Kessler Tue, 21 Sep 2010 4:27 pm EDT

HP Photosmart eStation AiO

Prior to snapping up Palm, HP was very intently studying the tablet space. It was obvious that a Windows 7 tablet was in the cards (Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed one off at CES), but whether they were working on something else wasn’t clear. Rumors and leaks and blurry cam photos soon surfaced of an Android-powered tablet and printer combo code-named the Zeus (or Zeen (or c510)).

HP’s finally gotten around to announcing this fantastical mystery device, and it’s called the HP Photosmart eStation AiO. AiO stands for all-in-one (as in printer/fax/scanner/copier), but the tablet is obviously the interesting part of this combination: it runs Android 2.1, but it’s nowhere near the typical Android experience. Instead this sucker’s been heavily skinned and locked down with the help of Yahoo (yes, Yahoo tinkering with Google’s OS on HP’s printer), leaving users with a host of Yahoo widgets and a handful of HP ePrint apps, plus email and browser and a Nook eReader app.

This ain’t no Google experience, but signs right now indicate that it’s not what we should expect from webOS and Palm under HP. Despite its Android roots, the eStation AiO is a dedicated device. It’s not a tablet computer by any means: it’s more a super-advanced control interface for a printer with some on-the-go on the side. Which is kind of, uh, interesting? Let’s just hope that this isn’t what HP has in mind for their webOS printer idea too.

Source: Engadget; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


I'm not really clear on the concept (not the first time!): why would I want WebOS on my printer/fax/scanner machine?

Because putting an operating system for a phone on everything but a phone is the "in" thing right now apparently.

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Well, sorry for doing that.

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stupid poll. why in gods name would you put the EVO vs the IPhone 4 in the first round. that's like March Madness having the all the number 1 seeds playing each other in the first game. Makes no sense.

LOL, so which of these is a number one seed? The top-selling device that always exits these contests in the first round because their owners are low-tech lemmings? Or the droid-of-the-week from five rounds ago that is only on the #3 network and surcharging for 4G service that most of their moops dont have?

You really like the sound of the voice when you're whining dont you.

It would be really nice at hotels. Printing directions, or your boarding pass for the airport, for example. Some things just work better on paper, sorry.

On the controlling the printer itself aspect, being able to control jobs, sizing, number of copies, duplexing, etc on the fly by moving and merging cards (each a print job) would be quite nice too.

You wouldn't. That's the problem.

Personally... I bet HP gimped this already-in-production-so-didn't-want-to-scrap-it-completely device so that it doesn't draw attention away from whatever the webOS Printer will be. I'm am almost certain the webOS printer will not be a pull off Tablet, but more or a webOS experience on a 4"-6" screen. Plus there probably will be a app for other devices (Tablet & Smartphone) to control future high-end HP printers...

what HP fails to mention is that the replacement ink cartridges cost more than the printer...

Who designed this product? Homer Simpson?

haha, good one!


The same guys that are designing your beloved Pre2. You think this is butt ugly, wait until the first HP webOS phone comes out.

it will be ipaqalicious

Seems like putting more effort into BlueTooth or WIFI printing would make more sense. I'm just guessing, but I think they are trying to get tapped into people printing their "on-the-go" content. If that's the case, forget trying to offer the printer and the mobile device in a tied together package. Just make it super easy to use your mobile device to print directly (and wirelessly) to your branded printer.

Sorta like how easy it was to print wirelessly via infrared port from a HP WinCE device to a compatible printer. I could even print basic things using the IR port from my old Palms (IIIc and Treo 650).

pretty cool I want it

Dont spend your money yet. Next in line is a toaster that has a doc for a pager!

Beep me again.....

Kind of off topic, but HP should buy Yahoo! This will give them a consumer Web brand. They'll get a full online PIM suite, the absolute best news and sports sites on the Web, the world's most popular email (albeit falling a little behind on the tech side, but still quite nice), a top messaging platform, etc.

And my guess is, Yahoo! can be had for "cheap" after the MS debacle, and I believe is actually worth more on paper than their market cap, making them a steal!


Also, go here now: http://tinyurl.com/39puglm

this was made by doctor Emmit Smith with help from Marty Mcfly

Emmit Smith the football player? hahaha. I think you meant Emmet Brown.

hahaha LMAO you know what i meant

Does it need 1.21 jigawatts to power it??? I could not resist!

I think this might be more useless than an ipad. Why do you need so much functionality on a printer? I mean an all in one printer with wifi and bluetooth connectivity would be plenty for me. Specially if it's compatible with my webos device.

I bought an HP c309 printer simply because of the DLNA logo on the box. I love DLNA (Digital Living Network) devices. I have a WD dlna media server & WD TV Live, which I use to play all my media (music, video, photos) from my server, plus Flickr, Live365 & utube on my TV.

So I expected HP's DLNA printer would let me search .through the photos on my media server & print them just like I can when I put an SD chip from my camera in the printer.

That doesn't work. Instead, the dlna device classes have been extended & now 'dlna printer' is a new device class along with the original classes: server, player, controller & renderer.

So I have a printer that should print from any dlna compible photo viewer.

i'm hoping HP will build DLNA support into WecOS 2.0. If they did, I could browse the pics on my media server & print them in the WebOS photo viewer. I could play the music & watch the videos stored on my media server with the WebOS music & video apps.

If they built WebOS into a touchscreen on some future model printer, then you could stand in front of the printer & print anything from a media server or the web. Since Windows 7 has full dlna support, & about 500 companies are adding to the 8000 devices that already support dlna, why wouldn't HP expand dlna support by building it into WebOS.

Totally agree. This stuff is unnecessary.

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Good Lord, what a hideously designed printer and tablet.

I'm almost starting wish Apple would've bought Palm instead of HP. Say what you want about Apple, but they do design beautiful hardware with great UI. HP is fairly utilitarian with their hardware....let's just hope the new Palm phone, whenever it may come out, doesn't follow HP's hardware design standards.

I don't know, the Envy line of laptops are pretty badass.


just voted Pre baby!

I don't understand HP.

I tend to be a fairly big tech geek an even I see this as pointless.. Why do I need this? Bluetooth, wifi and a mobile app would be perfect. Then I could print a doc from my phone, or print pictures from my phone likewise I have someone scan a picture or copy a file and send it to my phone and it can recognize the text as doc. Now that works. Serfing the web on my phone or pc and printing from that works... But giving it a crippled tablet?.. Not so much. stablets even in full dunctional forms still have a way to go before they are considered productive which will all come down to the Cloud. In order for tablets to be productive big apps, and movies and such need to be easily accesable via a cloud. With no optical drives, there is no other wa to get movies. Streaming still has a way to go. The itunes way of things is ok, but still needs more cloud integration and the type of support itunes actually has for digital ontent (ie digital copies)

ai.. what happened to the podcast?

this a complete waste of time but i guess if you were workin on it before hand y waste the RD, with there scale they'll still sell a shit load. its cool tho next year its webos on everything full blast smartphones tablets netbook printer wrist watch fully scaled. next year is the year guys you'll see this year they'll just give us a phones to hold us off next year is goin to be real interesting

my guess is Q1 2011 for phone hardware, with ARM coming out with the dual core CPUs, if they get somthing out now, it will be out dated in 4-5 months time anyway.. however it will be nice to see some pic's of what sort of form factors they are working on.

any word on when the toaster comes out? Mr. Blurry Cam should be releasing pics any time now.

Just remember folks, the people that designed this printer are the same folks that are designing the next webOS phone. That's right, remember all those people who left Palm prior to the acquisition? Those are the people who had their hands deeply into the Pre and webOS.

Get ready, the next webOS phone is coming.

Sorry, but this is a nonsense comment all around.

any word on when the toaster comes out? Mr. Blurry Cam should be releasing pics any time now.

Slow to market in smartphones and tablets, so I guess they've chosen to innovate in and dominate the printer market. Hooray.

I just cancelled VZNavigator for my Palm Pre+. Feel free to join me.

Perhaps this product is to get folks that WOULDN'T think of buying a tablet by itself to buy a cool printer with one attached to ease them into the idea of using a tablet device.
Remember, sometimes R&D does weird things that turn out OK by the time they hit the market.

to those who have said this printer is designed by the same people that are designing the next WebOS device... are you kidding me? this is an HP PRINTER not a PALM PHONE! correct me if im wrong but HP has an entire printer division complete with its own opperating manager, whom might i add was actually considered for HP's next CEO. i wouldnt base your future visions of the next PALM phone based on what you see here... completely unrelated.

to me this is more of a "concept" design that has come to production. i cant possibly imagine HP selling many of these. i mean come on... you guys have said it. all you need is a smart phone with the proper apps to run this thing and you have exactly what this printer offers on your phone and it will cost much less. the idea is nice and can definetly be expanded on. i work in a business with an office with copiers and printers and all that jazz. i cant imagine my boss (who is tech savy) buying one of these for the office. this would b strickly for home use and seems a bit to extravagant for that. i suppose if u had money to blow and wanted to b a show off you would get one of these. i mean its nice... just unneccesary.

I would feel better about it if it wasn't skinned with Yahoo junk. I have a yahoo account but I don't really use it for much of anything. If it's android powered it might as well of been Google powered. But whatever, Heck if they're still going with a Windows Slate they could make a version of this Printer skinned with Bing, that would make a little more sense.