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HP 48GX Emulator 9

by droggen Mon, 09 Jan 2012 6:40 pm EST
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HP 48GX emulator

Based on x48 revision 0.6.4

It might happen that the HP48 doesn't turn on: in this case press repeatedly the ON key, or close and relaunch the program. This is an issue of x48.

Currently there is no way to load a program from the emulator. However the data of the emulator is stored in a directory 'hp48' on the USB drive. You can also place there your own 'ram', 'port1' or 'port2' files to load some programs. For instance set-up your emulator on your PC then transfer the 'port1'. If needed you can also erase these files to clear the HP48 memory.

The state of the emulator is saved when closing the app.

Suitable for: Pre-, Pre+, Pre2, Pre3, Pixi, Veer, Touchpad

** v0.9.0 26.01.2012 **
- Layout optimized for small screens

** v0.8.0 09.01.2012 **
- First release

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Nice job. It works nicely on my Pre- though I look forward to an optimized version that's easier to use with the smaller screen. Still very usable...thanks for making it available.

Causes Touchpad to reboot when I turn on the 48gx. I am still on webOS 3.0.2.

Ups interesting. I don't have the physical device but assumed that as a PDK app it should run on the TP too. Can you confirm it's only when pressing the ON button that this occurs? If you press other keys, you should get vibrotactile and visual feedback of the key press. Can you confirm if this works?


I tried it on 3.0.5 and it didn't work. It didn't crash my Touchpad but when I pushed the On button, all I saw was a larger graphic of the On button to the right. The calculator didn't respond.

Hope you can figure it out because this would be real nice to have.

The x48 emulator on which this app is based has some issues turning on the 1st time: try to repeatedly press on, and/or close and relaunch the app. In parallel I'll see if I can troubleshoot with the emulator.

Starts up on my Touchpad running 3.0.5 but has some screen redraw issues, with buttons redrawing in peculiar places. Also when putting the app in card view mode while holding tablet in portrait orientation, suddenly tablet screen shows all cards in landscape orientation as if I was holding tablet in landscape fashion. Strange behavior but since things immediately switch back, its not a real problem.

This are great news! Finally a good HP Calculator on a HP Device! I have been waiting so long for this :-)

Some remarks for future enhancements:
- Key mapping for numbers is a bit strange at the moment. I would prefer to be able to enter the numbers with the hardware keys too.

- Size: because of the sceensize, typing on the display is difficult, even on the pre3. I could imagine a zoomed-in skin by dismissing the space above and below the calc display? Real look is nice, but good usability is even better.

Please keep on working on this!

For the numbers: alt + numbers work (but agreed, pressing alt is not that convenient)

Better screen layout: a new version is out, it enlarges a bit the keys. Maybe in the future they could be more spaced to still improve the screen use.