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HP acquires Melodeo / nuTsie music streaming service 64

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 23 Jun 2010 2:24 pm EDT

HP has just spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million to snap up Melodeo, according to TechCrunch. Melodeo offers a service to stream your music from the cloud - much like Grooveshark.

You can check them out now on their nuTsie service (get the joke there?). You can give nuTsie access to see your iTunes library and they will automatically make all the songs on their servers that match your library available for mobile streaming. TechCrunch claims that the next version will allow you to actually upload your songs to the cloud for streaming anywhere. Remember when HP said they loved the cloud and hinted that it was an integral part of their webOS strategy? Not fooling around.

Palm may have had to give up on direct iTunes sync, but it looks like HP is planning on doing them one better by purchasing a service that will let you get your entire iTunes (or whatever) library into the cloud and streamed to your webOS device. Sounds like a good trade to us - we can't wait to see what comes of this buyout.

Source: TechCrunch



All those "I must have Itunes" jumpers. Oh the humanity! :(

maybe they will purchase Sprint next so they will have their own network?

wow, they're on a buying spree. taking advantage of the tough times i see. all i want though is a new webos device!!!

They appear to be building a service framework. Device will follow.

THANK YOU! I was about to schmack that guy upside the head and say "get a hold of yourself!!!!" LOL

I am so beyond out of space on the Pre, it's sad. I've just gotten four new albums this week and now I have to go find four old albums to delete. :(

You might benefit from the BrightHarbour Music app.

Yeah, I'd have to give up NaNplayer though. Not happening! But it would be cool if we could find a better way to integrate files that are online and files that are on your device.

Where did you download NaNplayer at?

Umm... delete? Really? Ever heard of drag 'n' drop????

Yes, I'll drag n drop the new ones in there after I delete the old ones. Kind of hard to drag and drop files on your Pre when you don't have space to do so.

What good does dragging and dropping do if the flash memory is full? It doesn't matter how you try to put the data there if it simply won't fit.

I wonder what the chances we will see a WebOS app for this... 140%?

umm, and if I have no service to access the cloud? I still have my older version of iTunes so syncing my Pre is a cinch.
Sucks that I can't update iTunes, but I doubt I'm missing much there.
Streaming my music sounds like a bigger battery drain than using my collection already stored in the phone...

Yeah, I have the older version as well. I've since realized updating iTunes was pointless.

You're not getting the heavier, more invasive, further intensified ad delivery version. Steve Jobs is crying a tear or two for you now.

HP's shopping spree gives me hope that WebOS is going to kick ass in the near future. I can't wait till this acquisition is over so that Palm start openly talking about WebOS again.

But my device is so old. :(

something big is on the horizon for WebOS.... Need it be tablet and/or new device.. HP is buying up stuff left and right that when ypu think about it is new toys for it's soon to be adopted child WebOS...

Linux instant start and now this streaming service? They are spending alot of money here on services they normally wouldn't of givin a second glance to because their computer division and printers are mainly microsoft OS geared.

makes me sit back and wonder what is HP and Palm up to during this quiet time besides waiting for the buy out to be official.. They are working on something secretively.. Judging by these 2 aquisitions it looks like they are putting the final touches on something.. Some last minute tweaks....

I can't wait til after July and see what these madmen have been up to while no one in the industry is paying attention because Palm/HP being quiet is out of sight out of mind... And everyone is distracted by HTC and Android... And Iphone4... Perfect time to pounce would be end of july when the EVO hype and iphone Hype is dying down... Hmmmmm

think about this for a moment.. HP is busy with something but not making a big deal about it.. Just a bunch of quiet aquisitions and mouse game comments when confronted.. Hmmmm this looks like it's gonna be good.

what did i tell you..doing snoopy dance!

teckiegirl I think we are the minority that's been saying somethings up... So only a few of us if we want to be douche bags can run around when the new device is announced in the next 2 months and yell out "i told you so"..... Good thing I'm a douche.. Hahahaha just kidding.... Or am I? Hmmmm

All the news leaking out of HP and Palm indicate that future services (and devices) will be amazing.

We know that Android HTC devices are essentially disposable, with new models being released every few weeks and Apple's direction clearly set, it should not be hard for HPalm to respond with a system that can compete. Once the self imposed gag order is released in a month or so I hope my faith will be rewarded with somehting that makes Steve Jobs mutter under his breath: "Damn!"

Till then, keep the faith Baby!

They are going to be mum on a new device until, I'd say. it's about a month away from release. They don't want a repeat of what happened with the Pre. I'd say they are going to release in holiday season. Well, at least I hope they do since it's smart business practice to do so. That way, all of the hype of the iPhone and EVO will die down. A lot of things are happening this holiday season though, so they will need to have a huge marketing campaign going.

woooooow! Seems like hp is buyin up everything they can get their hands on I wonder what's next?





I can wait.

Don't forget to add...


...to the list based on their recently announced partnership with Vidyo corporation.

Awesome can't wait for next webos device...

I can see it now.. Come get the hottest phone on the market literally, with the most battery drain per hour due to everything being streamed 100% of the time... The competition has 32gb of storage we know but you have unlimited with cloud based storage all included with your new webos phone.

Stream your music collection 24 hours a day with the included new battery backpack, that's right folks battery backpack.. This slick new backpack has the battery capacity of two full size car batteries with all the weight to boot. Get a work out while using the phone!

So come on buy this hot new device capable of frying eggs why you stream your itunes library. all for the low price of we'll pay you to clean out our inventory.

Freaking HILARIOUS!!! But seriously, can't wait for the next generation of HPALM!!!

Awe you missed the quite suttle PR on the battery manuf. That HP acquired... They have this solved for phones,slate, & laptops...

What subtle public relations release are you referring to? I Googled it a few different ways but couldn't find any references to HP acquiring a battery manufacturing company.

Wow. Would you really stream music 24 hours a day through your... PHONE???

so the going to start there own itunes because if there not this is wack

hmm how bout a game of unscramble the word?

nuTsie = iTunes


HP/Palm is working on something huge. After July and into August we will be able to really tell what's going to happen. But it seems like they are getting the groundwork ready for the revised version of WebOS and the new smartphones that are soon to come out. It's kind of exciting because they are trying to keep hush hush about it.

HP/Palm is working on something huge. After July and into August we will be able to really tell what's going to happen. But it seems like they are getting the groundwork ready for the revised version of WebOS and the new smartphones that are soon to come out. It's kind of exciting because they are trying to keep hush hush about it.

HP/Palm is working on something huge. After July and into August we will be able to really tell what's going to happen. But it seems like they are getting the groundwork ready for the revised version of WebOS and the new smartphones that are soon to come out. It's kind of exciting because they are trying to keep hush hush about it.

Hm, as exciting, full of potential, and suggestive as all these acquisitions are, I think it's important to keep in mind, for those of us who are in the "new device NOW or I'm outta here" crowd and the otherwise instant gratification crowd ("Gimme WebOS 2.0 NOW" without regard to the content of 2.0), that, when you acquire something, it's definitely not usually the case that you can instantaneously plug it into your current workstream/product and get the benefits of that new technology/service/whatever right away/without impact to the release schedule.

So...I'd be really really really surprised to see any of the instant on-ness or the iTunes library streaming or the previously reported video-calling partnership technology in any new device or WebOS version coming out in the next 6 months...

...in fact, I'd be stunned, but *pleasantly* stunned...


I'm rooting for them, but trying to manage my expectations so as not to be cruelly disappointed...

...as for buying Palm...um...the most you're gonna get in return assuming the HP deal goes through as things stand is $5.70 per share...in cash...not HP stock equivalents...

yes there would be a delay on hardware updates from acquiring hardware companies.. However these are a lot of software companies they are getting here. It doesn't take much to integrate these software acquistions into the new WebOS seeing as WebOS is a Linux operating system. Especially the instant start software seeing that is actually Linux instant start specifically. The streaming music.. Ya that's just a simple app to make seeing as it's not built into the phone it's in the cloud so that's just looking to a developer and saying hey can you tweak our music player to add an option to access OUR cloud service?

and as with the video calling partnership once again that's just a simple app there too seeing if the new WebOS device has a front facing camera already and video conferencing is done over the internet soooooo..

I just don't see a delay on introducing these new acquisitions to WebOS as a difficult task.. Seeing as most of these acquistions you just need to basically make apps for. The only slow up I could forsee is the Linux instant start added to the WebOS code... However what says they hadn't already were in the process to see if it would even work wit WebOS before they sunk money into buying that company? I know they will need it also for their new printers that would print from the cloud but still... So I don't see too many problems here.

don't get me wrong I'm not saying there won't be or that your wrong... There could be problems and you could be right... Guess we will all have to wait and see.

I think this is wonderful that means my whole catalog can go on my device now. keep the little tidbits coming.

Based on what they've purchased here's the ecosystem I see:

1. Smartphones running WebOS
2. Printers running WebOS
3. Instant-on tablets running WebOS
4. Instant-on tablets/convertibles/laptops/desktops running Windows7 with virtualized WebOS
5. Set top boxes running WebOS

You'll have seamless access to all your applications from the cloud, music, video, pictures, printing, etc.,. from anywhere with local copies of what you choose to keep with you that can be synced to the cloud when desired. The key will be data portability and enabling the technological nomad. EDS data centers and WebOS are the two key technologies in an always on ultra-mobile HP strategy.

you left out memory Spot chips. This is an HP invention. A Smartphone becomes the reader & now you have a high enterprise & consumer application across millions of new devices enabled by Memory Spot chips from HP.

Oooh RFID on steroids!

While I welcome any technology that will bring webOS to the masses that use itunes (because obviously more consumers bring more developers), this news does not particularly excite me because I already use Ampache Mobile.

I love this idea, as I have an iPad (I know - but it's the only player in town at the mo'), so I cant sync my Pre with iTunes anymore and Double twist sucks on a Mac.

HP are doing great things here, but streaming has its drawbacks. The limited data plans (which started in the States) are in Europe now, so I still like having the data on my device to avoid data roaming. Plus you need a decent 3G signal to make it useable, again not everywhere. ( I would assume not even in the States).

We need a desktop solution as well, an iTunes clone if needs be, but something with at least a plugin for video, tv progs, podcasts etc.

why are people so lazy when it comes to uploading music? Apple has a lot of people to reliant on hitting a button that says sync and everything is done for you...

ask me how many times I have synced my pre to I tunes... NONE.. Why? Because I actually open my window on my computer showing my pre flash drive.. I next open the window showing my music file... I then drag the files one by one or album by album and drop it in the Pre....done.... But if I want to sync and am in a hurry... Media monkey is an awesome progra to have on your computer.. It has a sync button and I have my sync set up to only sync selected files.... I just go through pick all the music I want and tap my sync button in Media Monkey.. Done deal yay... See itunes isn't the only program that syncs. People make it sound like it is though.....

Cut the embilicle cord already people... Apple makes good crap...really good crap... However there's a world of developers out there that also make things comparable to what an itunes can do too... Media Monkey is a very good example of that.

as for running out of space on your flash drive for music files.. You just have to go through and find files you don't listen to and just delete them off.. Not like you can't go back to your computer and put them back on in the future..

as for people that live or travel through an area with lousy 3G area.. That's why I have music files in my library on the phone.. It's a selected list but it's from the same list of music you would be listening too from the cloud of your desk top library anyways so does it reaally matter? Lol

Well, until they allow me to upload my own music, I guess I will have to pass on this. iTunes is not allowed on my devices.

This is not as great as it first sounds:

1. I doubt they'll give you more than 5GB of space for free. Probably a pay/premium service.
2. This will kill the battery that much sooner. Streaming media eats up a ton more than reading it locally.
3. Of course will only work when you are in a serviceable area.

I stream music and podcasts alll day long 5days a week at work.. Ok first I have not even come close to my 5Gb cap at Sprint yet..... Even with all the porn I may look at through the month too... Second if your streaming music there's a very very high percentage says your in your car phone synced with the car stereo like I do or working in which case your body isn't moving and there is an outlet or car charger there.. Use it.. I have my phone plugged into the car charger all day streaming everything over the car stereo.. Yes battery life is an issue... However it's not that difficult to plug your device in.. Not like the phone doesn't warn you at 20%..

I'm just saying society just makes me cringe anymore because no one knows how to think for themselves anymore.. Alot of people rely on others to tell them how to do something... Come on people think outside the box.... If no one has an answer it doesn't mean there is no answer.. Just means we have to use ourr brains and figure on out on our own..... Battery life issues yes they could be better on all smart devices across the board but is it so hard to plug something into a car lighter whenever you get in your car? I hear of people complaining they use te last of their battery on the commute home from work.... Think about it.... Is there an outlet in their car probally 6in from their device... More then likely... Common sense people..

maybe they will purchase Sprint to have their own network?

to be honest since I have palm pandora abd slacker I only stream music no need for alot of storage only for music know I can use my extra space for vids and other stuff.. A deviece with a huge storage is so behind the moon....that and this truth takes a huge amount of storage... Palm does know what they are doing they taking there time to build a classic... And till then I'll enjoy my evo and then it's grind time with the new webos deviece

know I just have to know how to meet the hpalm team to share my idea about future gadgets and then hp has done it for the first time right

Why do people use iTunes? Seriously, I don't get it. Do people like letting Apple think for them? Do they enjoy limited options and poorly written software? *sigh*

i use it. i like it. apple doesn't think for me. i tell it what folder it loads the songs into my directory. Pretty much any software out their does that. that's all itunes does. i'm the one playing music not apple. And i don't have any issue with Apple. its a phenomenal company and they make great, if expensive products. Poorly written? well probably. it's got bloat i don't like. i'll admit that. But honestly unless it affects how i use itunes i don't care about how well software is written. i'm not coder. But i'm sure in many cases it will have an effect. Itunes does what i want and with ease.

i have a large library. it works well. it has a great 1 click interface for podcasts that pretty much everyone uses. It looks nice, clean, and streamlined and not ugly as sin and all utilitarian like most of the others. even stuff like foobar. that stuffs for tech geeks and tinkerers and such. i'm not into that. I 've used winamp and media monkey and they are ok but not as slick. i used winamp before i used itunes. They are probably my best other options. And vlc is actually my default audio player simply because i browse in explorer often, click on an song and it loads fast. so i do recognize that itunes is not lightweight.

gapless playback. i have dj mixes cut into individual tracks so they need to playback gapless.

decent audiobook, with bookmark support although most of mine are in mp3 form so it's not a big issue.

Speaking of lightweight almost all the other player use the same if not more resources so my search to replace it proved futile.

and it works best with my ipod which is far and away my most indispensable gadget.

truth is i've tried tons of others. but i've always come back to itunes. i wish it would monitor folders and be lighter weight but the three column set up is perfect for me. And it does enough right to make me tolerate the wrong.

I know I don't like itune either I hope hp buy a music store like Itunes, just make it better I mean there biggest pc, laptop, printer seller in the world they can make it happen with that kind of that mindshare

Wait, I don't get the joke in the name....?

if you mix the letters up it spells unTies

Don't feel bad, neither did I.

Then I read the source link which revealed that nuTsie is just a scrambling of the word 'iTunes'!

In hindsight it seems so obvious...doh!

kinda like ANDROID...Mix up the letters and you get the true name.. HEMROID....

I would rather have a Rhapsody app thank you.

Bump to this, I guess we hate to let go of old school DRM music!

I just realized that this melodeo company has a webOS app already...Top 100 on iTunes. I would never get it because I hate top 100, but it looks decent for people who like pop music...

I hope the new device comes out right after windows phone 7 or whatever they are calling it. Hpalm willl need to take the hype away from microsoft just like droid did to the verizon pre.

I hope the new device comes out right after windows phone 7 or whatever they are calling it. Hpalm willl need to take the hype away from microsoft just like droid did to the verizon pre.