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HP: All-in with webOS, dropping Android? 36

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 29 Apr 2010 2:24 pm EDT

HP's Chief Strategy Officer / Chief Technology Officer, Shane Robison, sat down with CNN to chat about HP's plans with the new Palm acquisition.

It's clear that HP intends a "change in [their] business model," and will be going all-in with webOS, which Robison calls "a modern, very capable operating system." In the beginning, at least, HP has no intentions on licensing webOS to other manufacturers.

More interestingly, Robison didn't rebuff a question that HP would be dumping Android entirely - pointing to the fact that with Palm there's a "tightly integrated approach" between software and hardware. They'll be "sorting out" their strategy for Windows Phone 7 over the coming months, but they're "very, very serious partners with Microsoft," so it doesn't look likely that HP will be dropping off the list of launch partners for the OS.

HP is also "anxious" to keep all the key employees at Palm - a sentiment we're fully behind. Read the entire interview here.


[makes fun of typo so embarrasing that Dieter had to edit this comment] haha I love it, Dieter! :)

Big LOL!!

fixed. Sigh.

Yeah, fixed it so fast that Google cache didn't even get it yet. And I could have used the laugh.

Damnit!... What was it guys?!

It just keeps coming. I'm happy I stuck with my pre and look forward to a tablet.

Just get me some new hardware this summer. Bigger and better quality vertical slider and dump tons of money into matketing WebOS so people can actually see how much better it is than the alternatives.


Um it already is happening.

It is gonna be fun to see where all of this goes.

I'm still hoping for the holy grail.

1) Walk into Sprint (insert service provider]
2) Find the hardware configuration you like (side slider, no slider, long ways slider, gamepad slider, etc)
3) Select the OS you want on the hardware (WebOS, WinMo 7, Android)
4) Sign the contract and have the exact phone you wanted.

I hope this merger can bring this (even if it's a few years down the road).

No, it probably can't. It would effectively mean one of two things: Every other hardware vendor gives up on the mobile space and all providers go to the same shop (not happening), or every mobile device available suddenly gets REAL similar to each other intrinsically and only end up with superficial differences (which most of these companies still will want to compete with each other on more bases than whether they have side sliding keyboards or vertical sliding keyboards...so, probably not happening).

Your holy grail could be provided by one company, though, provided their buy-in to one OS is minimal and they can license them all. HTC is probably the only player that could pull that off...but that would be whenever the OS's get licensed and freed.

As a big Palm and WebOS fan this interview is about the best that you could expect. This could just be the key to WebOS exploding on the market in a big way...like it deserves.

Money pouring into WebOS is delicious, but most importantly to me, and probably many others, is that we retain the PALM brand.

A WebOS device just isn't the same without "palm". Drop an "HP" logo on the back of my Pre? Not a chance. Sure, it's just branding at this point, but I've got a sentimental connection here! lol

Maybe they'll just do something like "Palm by HP"...

I'd wager that this is the most likely scenario.

They kept a lot of the Compaq branding for a very long time, even though Compaq was supposedly "totally consumed" by HP. That was, in part, due to HP's previous CEO running her company's reputation into the ground and making what used to be a value vendor (Compaq) end up with a better reputation than what was once one of the most established and trusted brands (HP). Not to mention, HP's people aren't stupid, they've done their research. They know that they, at the very least, don't want to kill off the pretty hardcore devoted Palm fanbase.

I couldn't care less if it's got HP or Palm on the casing, as long as the creative force behind the phone is Palm, I'm happy.

Heck, did you have the same problem with Handspring? I'd wager not.

It's so obvious. If you move HP and Palm close enough together you get HPalm.

I very much doubt that HP will keep the Palm brand. In every segment that the company has acquired another at the end of the tunnel was a rebranding. EDS became HP Enterprise Services. 3Com is now HP Networking. Compaq is a low end PC line but under the HP brand. Tandem and Digital Equipment both got merged into HP and lost their legacy names.

Let's face facts, beyond the fanatical who out there is lining up for a Palm device. And beyond the US, which brand is better known - Palm or HP?

Look for Palm to lose out to HP. And if I were making the decisions the Palm brand means less than webOS which is what the differentiation is between the Palm/HP devices and the competition (Android/Apple/other). So I'd find away to market webOS like Intel does with Intel Inside.

I guess HP could rename the mobile division (formerly Palm) but use the Palm name in the product name (Palm Pre, Palm Pixi)?

I hope new palm pre comes in a size that can be easily scalable to a tablet. Plus I hope the new palm pre comes out in two flavors: one with physical keyboard, one without (keeping everything else the same). And people can choose what they want.

Got my Palm Pre Plus with VZW three weeks ago. So glad I went with the PPP instead of going with the Droid Brick or waiting for Incredible. I am so pumped that I went with PPP, especially now with the HP mearger/purchase. Excited for more apps. I loved the PPP hardware. Will wait and see re: tablet.

I would like to know what new tools can hp provide palm to change or improve webos. What new features we can expect? What ip and or patents can palm use exclusively that apple can't. Also can we see so sort of desktop syncing in the near future( itunes like)? Maybe printing feature. And also would palms staff grow fast after the deal is done? Would we get better webos upgrades faster? I'm not too concerned about a new webos device coming out right away_ I think improving webos and the app catalog should be a big first todo, at least till the fall or so. What you guys think?

The most interesting take-away from the Engadget article (IMO) was this:

"We plan to invest in carrier relationships heavily -- HP supplies the infrastructure for 8 of the top 10 carriers in the world. We plan to focus on big carriers."

Seems to me like HP ought to be able to leverage those existing relationships to their advantage. That being said, it seems like the iPaq has been singularly underwhelming. Of course that probably has a lot to do with the fact that it's exclusive to arguably the worst US carrier, it's WinMo OS, resistive touchscreen, etc. So... It'll be interesting to see what HP can do with a truly excellent OS and Palm's IP stockpile.

Did you notice he commented on the value of the "app community"? I am hoping that means the pre-central community and all the homebrew/patches and is a good sign. What else could he mean? Who else has an "app community"?


NICE !! THE H.PRE !! haha

Let's hope they can get web OS to function as it should. I'm sick and tired of having to put everything for my calendar into my Centro or outlook and then syncing to the pre just to have an alarm go off without waiting a week for the damn calendar to load. Burned out on the need for daily reboots and oh joy, I now get 14 hours of stand by time! I can leave the Centro without charging for the better part of a week and it's over 2 years old.... Most of the Palm development team needs to be sacked.

what the poo is going on? Between 430 and 445pm I heard 7 palm ads for verizon on 5 stations flipping through the radio! Is the exclusivity over now and they are trying not to loose people to att???

Anyone else think the one Palm Exec left, because he knew of the impending merger, and maybe had some bad blood with HP Management?

On a side note, do you think you would need a big touchstone to charge a Tablet?


I'm not necessarily partial to any OS, just the one that gets the job done. That being said, I believe that given the fuel (Read Money), webOS has the potential to overcome the available Operating Systems as not only a viable alternative, but a versatile, straightforward, and easy to use OS. I hope webOS Sticks around retail-wise for a long time.

I'm going to go on the record as saying, PreCentral is next on the hostile takeover list.

D! Don't do it! Don't go corperste on us!!

PHALM (with PH colored in blue.) C40= Corporate 4g phone by PHALM.... :)