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HP and Palm promise the next generation of webOS devices 61

by Derek Kessler Mon, 05 Jul 2010 3:52 pm EDT

HP and Palm promise new generation of webOS devices

Promising bigger and better things for the future, Palm’s email to customers about the HP purchase (or is it HP’s email to customers about the purchase of Palm? We can’t tell anymore...) indicated that there is indeed a new generation of Palm webOS products brewing (emphasis ours):

Great news. Palm is now part of the HP family. And that means bigger and better things for customers like you. With the power of HP behind us, the excitement created by the first Palm® webOS™ phones will grow even stronger as we introduce a new generation of devices. At the same time, you’ll still receive the same outstanding support that you’ve come to expect from Palm.

Of course, that’s little surprise, and the folks at Palm, Inc., a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard, is being their characteristic tight-lipped selves. New smartphones? A tablet or two? Sure, maybe.

But what else does HP make that could benefit from a dose of webOS goodness? A lot, it would seem. A quick perusal of HP’s product catalog reveals a veritable cornucopia of devices ripe for some newness. Apart from the printers that HP keeps crowing about, and the tablets they keep hinting at, several other devices fit the bill. How about a webOS-powered netbook? Or a TouchSmart desktop PC running super-sized webOS? What of the webOS digital photo frame that passively brings seamless multi-tasking to your desk? Or maybe we could see the resurrection of the PDA, this time running the awesomeness that is webOS? Okay, maybe that last one's a bit far-fetched.

The possibilities for the future of webOS on HP devices are pretty much wide open. Only time will tell where webOS is going to end up, but we wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few HP devices outside of the Palm division are running webOS this time next year.

Source: Palm


I know nothing is probably imminent, but it is good to actually hear this kind of talk from Palm (and HP) and not just rumors. I think it is safe to say we are ready to see what the next generation of webOS devices will be like.

Anyone think that this fall (after the big webOS update) sounds like a great time to put out a new webOS phone?

I completely agree. This summer is already completely saturated with high end smartphones, so it would make sense to wait until the hype is over. The Droid launched in the fall and sold TONS!

There is no need for H/Palm to wait. The Droid X is on its way and the Droid 2 will follow, and that is just Verizon.

No hurry palm. I got an EVO to help me cross the desert.

do you feel stupid now that the droid x is out? more so all the great news from palm???

I second that. Why people feel the need to have slightly better hardware and drop their wallets for what amounts to an extremely dorky status symbol every 6 months is beyond me. I'm sticking with my year old Pre until Sprint lets me upgrade to a new one for free, instead of filling up the landfills with perfectly functional cellphones. The only thing that matters to me is the usability and robustness of the OS, if the hardware works, I can deal with the glitchiness. webOS is considerably better than iOS and Android, hands down.

or the samsung epic 4g coming soon to sprint... Better than EVO. Serves you right for abandoning ship, have your super phone outdated in 3 months...

Evo fell off the radar faster than the Hero. But if you're happy with that slab, that's all that matters. I'd have waited for a Froyo device if I were gonna go droid. If the replacement is already out, why by the outdated? Do you really trust HTC and Google to give you an upgrade you to a current o/s with only Sprint customers funding development?

think it's time to go over to hp and do some real talk and share my vison of future smartphones....so they and I can make trillions what my idea is truly worth

Waiting (im)patiently. :)

Palm's e-mail to customers? Haven't seen one.

mrdavis55: Evo's a great phone but would be a lot better with webOs. Enjoy.

Ice hardware, ugly OS. And stil too damn big.

Wait...nice hardware AND too big? If it's too big, then the hardware needs to be a lot smaller and compact...and that usually comes at the expense of...the hardware.

Seriously, though, I don't need that much screen on a phone. Those things are about the size I'd expect in a small tablet or e-reader. I'm not friggin blind, I can use the Pre's screen just fine. No squinting or anything. And I have a nasty bad prescription for my contact lenses, and I still use the Pre without my contacts in sometimes. The only thing a big screen is good for is gaming, and then you run into the problem that the Evo AND Droid X run Android, which is still fairly lame for gaming despite having Flash.

check ur spam folder?o.0 i think everyone with a palm profile got theres in the last two days or so.

well i haven't gotten one either. besides a palm profile i'm also a developer. no email either way.

jonya did you opt in to email news updates from Palm and get on their Mailing list? I did and I get emails from Palm as soon as news drops. Got my email from them July 1st.

Someone should remove Android from an EVO and put WebOS on it. That would be very cool.

the evo is garbage now that the droid x is out... the evo had so much hype.. and it lasted about a month.. lol -

And the Pre's making record sales for Palm? Is that what you're saying? Or is it perhaps your saying that the pre's hardware is lightyears ahead. As an average user i've been through 2 pre's. Too many cards error messages etc. Oh wait easily fixable right? Just install Govnah right? Puulleeaasse!!

didnt say anything about the pre! I was only talking about the evo and the droid x!

The fact that Pre's critics still show up here on a regular basis, validates that the Gen1 WebOS devices are still a potent power within the industry, despite its obvious shortcomings.

I'd love to look over the shoulders of these "5 replacements" and "TMC errors" people. I have a week1 device and have done only the mild and Palm endorsed homebrew patches. I'm no genius, but I'm also no victim.

I am on a first gen palm pre... The only way you get the TMC on a pre is if you using a program that's eating up memory.. Some graphic intense games wil do that.. But more importantly 3rd party apps that run in the background will also bog down your device just like on any piece of technology out there except the iphone because it doesn't let it programs run in the background. They just started letting "select" apps to do that.

also any app that likes to cache stuff such as podcatchers, slacker radio, pandora, and various other streaming apps out there.

once you realize "oh hey if I run this kind of stuff at the same time it slows my home pc down it must be using up RAM" then you know what you shouldn't be running when you are multitasking on a smaller device such as a smartphone seeing it's smaller then a home PC. Try running a graphic intense program and do other things on a lap top and see how slooooow your lap top runs.. Now imagine what doing the same on a smaller device such as a smartphone must be doing. Is it so hard to pause your stream close your app wait 30-60sec for the app to clear the cache and completely close before you do some intensive multitasking like you would do on your media player on your home computer?

it's absolutely amazing when you get the dreaded TMC message you minimize your card view look at what's all running realize you have an app going that's continusly running close that app.. Wait a few seconds then try and open the app you tried to open when you got the TMC and just like magic it opens with noooo problem... Wow...

sorry WebOS isn't like Android or Apple where even a caveman can use them because they believe their consumers are dumb... Palm at least gives us credit that we have a brain and would multitask and when we run into a problem like TMC we could take a look and say "oh hey that's why.... I'll just temporary close this app for a few minutes take care of what I was doing then open it back up"

I'm just saying.....

oh and Johnnydigital dude are you still trying to have Androids babies in the Palm Pre threads? Not our fault you were dumb enough to go with a service provider that locked you in for a more then 2 year contract and now your stuck... Us folks at Sprint have a 1year upgrade plan sorry the majority of us don't feel your pain.. We are here to talk about our Palm Pre's.. I talk about Android once in awhile but that usually is reference to the article. If you want to continuosly talk Android go to the Android site and talk there while dreaming you can have one and let it have your babies because you didn't shop around for a carrier that had a decent upgrade plan and lock you in for a loooong time on one device... Sorry dude

yoshiaka13 -- you are funny!!!

What is the **ONE** feature that everyone trumpets from the mountains when saying webOS is better than Android, iOS, etc.? What? Multi-tasking, that's what.

Yet here you are telling people that in order to stop getting TMC errors all you have to do is close down all your apps, wait 30 seconds, then start the app you want to run. How in the hell is this multitasking? This is exactly the opposite!!

And your comment on running multiple things on a laptop slowing things down? You're absolutely right, it can slow things down -- but I've never seen and out of memory error on a regular app on my laptop. It slows down, but keeps on running...

You want to look over my shoulder and see how I get TMC errors even with no other apps running, be my guest.

I got my email from Palm on july 1st... When you set up your account you have to opt in to email from Palm.

actually if I'm not mistaken you can go to Palms web site and register for Palm news updates to be emailed to you... They don't email you just because you own a Palm device.. You have to get on their mailing list.

It would be nice if they'd leak out the plans for something specific. I know a lot of people who are looking at the Evo - it's hard to make a case for webOS on the current hardware available. We keep hearing generics like, "Devices are coming soon", but that's not enough.

I don't mind the idea of a PDA-like device, if it hits the right price point. That's all an iPod Touch is anyway, right? It sounds like good business if they are going to build in a SIP stack for a softphone (Skype, Google Voice via Gizmo5, maybe?). Then any place with wifi turns your PDA into a phone. That would mean a good amount to me as a Sprint customer who travels out of the country to places with free wifi for a week or two a year.

For me the big advantage to all these types of devices would be get their data syncing up to the cloud. For instance, I want to send a command from my cellphone to print web pages. Also, I'd really like to see a Microsoft Surface type piece of furniture running and syncing webOS.

In the end, I want to see a huge push behind the platform. I don't want to go to my bank and just see options of downloading the iPhone or Android application.

I agree with most of this, but fortunately my bank already has a webos app (wells for the win). I am tired though of seeing "download for your smartphone (iphone and adroid only)" type of messages.

+1. I can't recommend the current Sprint Palm offerings to the average user due to hardware deficiencies (they are not going to patch their phones) and none of them is going to wait on webOS if it takes forever...they are going to jump on Android with the Moment/Evo/new flavor of the week.

HP NaPalm would be a nice name for a phone :-)

The touchstone in that picture makes me happy.

I know nothing is probably imminent, but it is good to actually hear this kind of talk from Palm (and HP) and not just rumors. I think it is safe to say we are ready to see what the next generation of webOS devices will be like.

Anyone think that this fall (after the big webOS update) sounds like a great time to put out a new webOS phone?

I know nothing is probably imminent, but it is good to actually hear this kind of talk from Palm (and HP) and not just rumors. I think it is safe to say we are ready to see what the next generation of webOS devices will be like.

Anyone think that this fall (after the big webOS update) sounds like a great time to put out a new webOS phone?

just incase nobody read ur post the first time OR the second... I posted it again for you :)

As much as I'd love to know what is coming I think HP/Palm would definitely be acting in their best interests to not announce a new phone until they are 1 month or at most 2 months away from releasing it. Although many of us I'm sure were still hyped and excited about WebOS 6 months (for Sprint), 8 months (me with Bell in Canada), XX months (for Europe) and 12/13 months (for Verizon) between announcement and availability. With the fast paced releases for Android's OS & phones it's important to have a quick announce & availability period.

I'll probably be quite unpopular for suggesting this but it is probably in their best interests to not announce/release new hardware until the fall WebOS update hits. New hardware with more processing power & screen size would help current WebOS but to really have an impact with the tech press it would help to have a lot of new features to go along with the hardware.

As an Engadget reader it pains me to read about some of their HP Palm bashing at times but I couldn't argue that there has been much to impress them lately either.

Something I'm really quite interested to see is how HP/Palm decide to release new hardware, will they have carrier exclusivity or not? I think they should at least launch with several national carriers (i.e. Sprint or AT&T in the USA, 1 of any of the Canadian carriers, at least 1 carrier in each of their European markets). Since AT&Ts launch was better than Verizon's I wonder if Palm would launch on both Sprint & AT&T, it'd be interesting.

I agree. The wait for the Pre was way too painfully long. It also allowed the iphone & android plenty of time to catch up and even make a case for being first. Ugh! 1-2 months would be right to allow the media machines to hype it up.

new hardware is coming really soon is my best guess just by looking at all the evidence.. And it will be a Sprint 4G sorry everybody else.. Shortly after the 4G version is out HP/Palm will change the radio in the phones to the radios all the other carriers use so the next Palm will have the same specs across the board with the exception of the Sprint one having a 4G radio..

Palm is not dumb.. They probally already have the device tested and ready to go and were just waiting for the buyout to go through and tell the factory "we got the money now.. So start producing"

it would not surprise me if around July 12th at that conference the new hardware is shown, announced and briefly demo'd.. Just look at the line up of speakers there.. The ceo of HP.. Uh that's not normal for him to be a speaker at an event like this.. Let alone one of the main speakers. Then 2 different Sprint higher ups are going to be speaking also... One being from he 4G division of Sprint.. And that list goes on..

not to mention the guy from the Voodoo division of HP is all super excited about WebOS and stated he can't wait to see the Palm labs? That there is anotther guy that almost never speaks since HP bought Voodoo. That's uber rare also... And yet Jon Rubinstein has yet to make any of his Steve Job like press releases or interviews... Nothing... Something big is going down...

and I got top dollar they are going to announce this Apple style... At a conference and a week or 2 later release date.. Swift and aggressive... Something I have seen HP do once in awhile.. They have the money to do this kind of aggressive approach. And HP knows in order to make this whole acquisition legit to the world they have to release NOW.. This month is their window... And with a conference around the corner...

I hear the Jaws theme song slowly playing while HP/Palm is slowly circling below Apple and Google (Android) playing in the water... It's going to be a swift approach and the device is gonna be released to the public faster then google and steve jobs knows what the hell is going on...

it's going to be awesome if executed juuuuust right cause Steve Jobs is on the urge of one of his Epic meltdowns that got him booted from Apple before... I think this would be what tips him over tha line again and have another epic meltdown.... It's going to be a fun late summer early fall..

Looking at the Agenda of that conference and when speakers are listed it doesn't look all that promising, the Sprint 4G guy is there to speak about 4G along with someone from Verizon, it isn't all. Samsung has a speaker there too and they're launching their 4G phone with Sprint so there is just as much of a connection between the two as 4G and Palm.

As great as 4G might be to consumers with Sprint or in the US a WiMax Palm device doesn't have a big market anywhere else, I don't think it really makes enough sense for a company with 2 current devices to launch a 4G phone with such a small market. The current 4G devices are from HTC and Samsung, they make a lot of phones compared to Palm's 2.

An Apple style launch is definitely the way to go though, I definitely agree there.

I wouldn't read too much into the Voodoo CTO, he doesn't seem to be doing too much at HP since being bought out.

I doubt the iPhone 4 is going to be a big melt down for Steve Jobs . . . .

oh I know the guy from verizon will be there and samsung. However Palm is always released first on Sprint and it would make absolutely no sense not to offer a Palm device without the 4G radio that can also work on 3G frequencies just like the EVO...

and the CTO making comments is a big thing for the reason you just said "he doesn't seem to be doing much at HP since the buyout" EXACTLY!!! He has been quiet and not making his appearance known at all.. Hell I bet we all forgot he still worked for HP because he keeps to himself... Then for him to come out of no where and talk about WebOS? Something big is going on to wake him up out of his office to talk publicly again seeing he hasn't done that in FOR-EV-ER.. Lol

and to tap on the Sprint 4G not being a big market.. No crap.. However it would be technology retarded to not make it 4G if they release the first of new devices on Sprint... If they didn't make it 4G HP/Palm would be the laughing stock of tech blogs and podcasts everywhere for not utilizing wimax when they have that option.... Bad enough certain tech podcasts already don't take WebOS serious anymore.. That would solidify them never taking it serious..

and as for Steve Jobs soon to come meltdown.. Have you been reading and listening to other tech blogs/podcasts since a month before iphone4 release? Between AT&T, anttena issues and various other snags going on like HTCs barage of devices like the EVO he is slowly melting down... Come on they can't confirm the one email was legit yet from him but this sounds like a legit Steve Jobs thing to say right before his last melt down.. When asked about the antenna issue he simply responded back " well then don't hold it that way" lmao classic Steve Jobs melt down response... I'm enjoying it because he went from cool when he came back to Apple to this totaletarian dictator a-hole. He lost my respect..... And Rubenstein gained it from me at least.

As above.. was also going to add the comment of a webOS standalone multi-media device without the phone ala the ipod touch. I still carry my ipod touch around with my palm pre. I don't see why the reverse wouldn't be true for others wanting to tap the awesome power of webOS without the commitment of a contract.

+1, zune, ipod touch, WeBos can play in that pool if they develop a more robust music player (desktop and mobile) and method of grabbing up some media.

webOS on Evo hardware? Nice idea but Android is just fine.

I feel bad for all the sorry saps who went out and bought an Evo and now lol the Droid X is out.. the Evo is garbage when compared to that phone, in almost every way!!

What on the Droid X makes the Evo 4g garbage? I switched from webOS to the Android and the Evo and don't regret it one bit. I love webOS (obviously I'm still trolling precentral), but the hardware was just poor. It would not have lasted another year.

youtube benchmarks test and video rendering between the 2! better cam front and rear, bigger screen, better battery, Motorola ve htc = Motorola ftw, and others

You heard it here first, folks. The Droid X is superior to the Evo because "Motorola FTW."

Why were people buying Evo when Froyo was already on the street. "Yes, I'd like to buy a new Porsche, do you have any 2008's on the lot?"

The Droid X doesn't have a front camera, and they are cameras on a phone. Neither will replace an actual camera. As far as benchmarks, I'm sure the 30fps will be fixed just like battery life was fixed last week with an OTA update. The screen has 54 more pixels, really doesn't mean a whole lot. And, honestly "Motorola ftw" enough said.

Slates? Yes. Netbooks? Hmm... A netbook based on webOS would be a bit weird since webOS is *so* touch-oriented.

please just hurry up and show us some new hardware. My launch day pre can not hold anylonger

a new webOS device coming out after that disaster apple calls an iphone4 and the dozen androids that have come out this month give HP+Palm a chance to do what those phones do even better and then some. More memory, better hardware, improved battey life, expand on the Touchstone line, throw in some video chat, and whatever else it take to one up these other guys.

this is 4 day old news.. I got that email july 1st. Lol

Yeah, notice it says "devices" and not necessarily smartphone(s). And no mention of carriers.

And those couple of comments on the Droid X vs. EVO? You have to remember they are on different carriers.

Please HPalm, announce SOMETHING on Sprint!

They really need to get the next gen devices out asap, imo... I love WebOS but the current hardware SUCKS! I've keep my Pre since launch and got the Evo when it came out to replace my Hero...but with the constant freezing, restarting due too low memory...too many cards errors, etc... I decided to go with the Evo and the Hero as my two phones...but then I lost my Hero, so I swapped back to my Pre..and less than 24 hours later the same that forced me to swap in the first place happened again... I don't want to have to restart my phone to be able to upload a video to youtube that I just recorded from the phone and then say play a game. Plus on top of it all my battery SUCKED big time, so it was more of a hassle keeping my Pre considering I'd only be using it occasionally. I swapped to a BB Tour which I find very primitive but at least battery life is excellent compared to the Pre. I wish WebOS could run on the new Sprint Bold as well as the Evo too, like the a new Pixi and mini tablet

And to those who say the Evo its trash compared to the Droid X, why? Why feel stupid? B/C it has 854*400 pixels instead of 800*400? I mean really, they are both great devices.. However only one is 4G capable...you may say, so what 4g isn't available in most places, but it's not even an option on ANY OTHER CARRIER and when it does become available then people who bought the Droid X, will have to get yet another device that's capable

Palm may release the new phone within a week of the release of WebOS 2.0. This is very similar to what Apple does with their big OS releases. Just a thought. I just hope they keep the screen size no larger than 3.5 to 3.7 inches.

exactly dawizel... And what company was Rubenstein the vice president for before Palm??? APPLE! He was Jobs right hand man... He is so taking a page out of Apples marketing strategy this time around... Seeing as last time he had no say so in how the Palm Pre was released... At that time he was just the guy help re-design the whole phone because Palm initially was going to use the old fashioned touch screen...

Rubenstein came in and said no you want to go capacitive touch screen and he reshaped the phone and brought software people from Apple with him to put the finishing touches on WebOS... It wasn't until AFTER the Palm Pre was released did they make him CEO of Palm Inc.

so this time around he has pull and say so on how and when the device is released.... So expect something very similar to how Apple does things because he used to do that and he knows whatever Apple does actually works. For some weird markting reason it just is a good working model of how to release devices.

At this rate thats mean January for 2.0! Who cares about Droid X because if it ain't on Sprint i'll never owned it! and i'm not sorry I got the Evo!

For those who are complaining about Evo/Droid X Screen being too big, you are gonna be in for a rude awakening because the future of smartphone are bigger screens, so if Palm expects to compete they'll need a bigger screen.

Iphone owners are now complaining because they thought that they would have gotten at least a bigger screen for Iphone4.

Amen to the above. None of us are getting younger. Small screens were good wjen we actually had good vision. Be honest how many of us had to squint when reading anything on the pre? If the next WebOs smartpjome isn't anywhere north of a 3.5 inch screen. Fuhgettaboudit!!

I don't squint.. It's all your imagination... Heres a nice tid bit of useless information... The iphone, iphone3G and iphone 3GS may look like bigger screens but when you look at the actuall useable screen area on the iphone it's the same size space as the Pre.... I'm just saying.. And yes there have been reports of that. If I was at home on my computer I'd post the links to those findings..

but as for squinting.. Nope I don't do that.. As George would say from the Beatles "Yellow Submarine" movie... "its all in your mind".. Lol

Too little, too late. I've wait, and waited, and waited, and even waited for a new device and it hasn't materialized. And frankly I'm ready to drop kick my G1 into a wall at this point because the hardware just does NOT want to do what I'm trying to get out of it.
Unless hPalm releases details on when (And not this 2nd half of the year crap.) by the 2-3nd week of August I'm going EVO. I really want WebOS and a real keyboard, but the hardware is stupidly out of date at this point. I'm not going from T Mobile to Sprint on a two year contract, with a handset that is over a year old and should have had a serious refresh in early Spring at the latest. Android is accelerating in its market share and diversity of handsets. By this fall they will most likely be on Android 3.0 with snazzy new stuff. (Heck the min specs they are saying that will be required to run 3.0 looks like they jive with what is in the Evo.)

I'll be honest, my overall interest in WebOS is starting to rapidly wane. HP or no HP and their cash infusion. With the reorg they are doing you are probably looking at months for the dust to settle and something to really come out of this merger if not by the end of the year at this point. Unless Palm had something ready to go NOW its probably nowhere on the horizon, and even if they did unless it jives with HP's vision they could just as easily pull an HP Windows 7 tablet with it. (Read: it just goes poof and never is released.)
*sighs* So much potential wasted at the hands of retarded management. But that has always been Palm's fatal flaw.

ok have fun finding an evo unless your in an area that didn't sell that well..

Look at the Samsung Epic coming out on Sprint. It has a hard Keyboard and a Super AMOLED screen. The screen is 4" which I see as a positive. The only things better on the EVO are 8MP Camera instead of 5 on the Epic. 1.3 front camera vs VGA on the Epic. Some might say HTC Sense UI is better, but I don't know Android very well. I find myself looking more at Android every day, but still waiting on Palm. My 12 month upgrade was available June 6th. Come on HPalm, I'm looking for new hardware and LOVE Web OS.

I hope the next generation webOS devices include phones and aren't just printers.

I also hope they use better hardware (I am on my 6th palm pre warranty replacement in the past year). Love the webOS software, but what a junky phone.