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HP announces AT&T TouchPad 4G with 1.5GHz processor 161

by Derek Kessler Tue, 12 Jul 2011 12:30 pm EDT

Have you been holding out on that new HP TouchPad, with the feeling that something new might be just around the bend? Well, here’s what you’ve been holding for: the TouchPad 4G on AT&T’s HSPA+ network.

Officially branded as the HP TouchPad 4G this morning, the new TouchPad will be available at an undisclosed price at an undisclosed date sometime in the future on AT&T’s network. The webOS tablet will come with 32GB of storage (no mention of 16GB or 64GB) and a faster 1.5GHz processor (presumably an uprated version of the 1.2GHz Qualcomm APQ8060 currently found in the TouchPad).

As mentioned, pricing and release date aren’t yet available, but we expect (with no evidence, just intuition) that the price to fall right in line with the iPad 2, so right at or around $729.00. Availability was announced back in early June as "later this summer" and the latest leaked roadmap was looking at next month for a release.

So, who wants a TouchPad 4G?

Source: HP



Actions speak louder than words not the other way around.

"Time for the minuses"

Edit: Why was I expecting this....?

I'm just not interested in another data plan. I'd like a faster Touch Pad but the one I have now is fine, I just wish it had GPS. Plus, the price (assumed) seems a little high to me.

do not fret, my good fellow, you have 99% chances I'd say that your current TP's processor is just as capable running @1.5GHz, as the "new" one in ATT "4G" version. Just you wait till OC kernels pop up out there.

I can bet my arse on it, that it is exactly same processor, just clocked differently. So ?I can hardly believe homebrewers will not do it's justice in a short timespan.

I am with you, thinking it could even be attributed to a newer software version. Can't imagine the hardware is much different or different at all.

Did he mean faster processor or faster data speeds?

Yes, but if running @1.5GHz is only achievable via homebrew then the official speed being only @1.2GHz could make for another perfect excuse by HP to not provide OS updates for the original TouchPad as it's too slow for such updates.

yes the current touchpad may have the ability to be overclocked to 1.5..actually, maybe even to 2.0- i read an article on android central saying that the evo 3d has the same processor as the touchpad and may have been successfully overclocked to 2.0. BUT i do not believe the touchpad 4g has the same exact processor because, from what i have read, the current touchpad's processor isnt gsm/cdma capable, so they had to put in a cellular chip-ready processor, the 1.5...

i was a little annoyed that a processor bumped touchpad is being released a month or two after the orig, but 300 mghz (600 w/ dual) doesnt really bother me. just as long as they optimize everything, ill be a happy camper.

Those cellular ready chips are spec identical other than listing a clock time of 1.2-1.5. So there really isn't any reason to believe that other than the cell radios the rest of the tech is the same.

From Qualcomm on the chip inside the TP

Features MSM8x60 and APQ8060 (AP only)
Package 976 NSP 14x14x1.4mm (0.4mm pitch)
Processor Dual Scorpion – up to 1.5GHz
Modem MSM8260 – UMTS / Single Mode
MSM8660 – CDMA / Multimode
APQ8060 - No WWAN Modem
1700MHz (KPCS), 1900MHz (PCS+Block G),
1700MHz/2100MHz(AWS), 2100MHz (IMT)
UMTS: 800/850/900/1700/1900/2100/AWS
GSM: QB 850/900/1800/1900

Yes it should have the same CPU cores, GPU, etc but the new SoC in the 4G version will have the HSPA radio built in as well. The SoC in the touchpad comes in 3 different flavors if I remember right...1 with no radios and only wifi (in TP now), and the other 2 have cell radios with various different techs (HSPA+, CDMA). All 3 version are labeled as 1.5ghz parts and should be able to hit that speed.

Why the original TP was only set at 1.2ghz could be heat, battery, or remote possibility that HP got a better deal for slower binned chips that could not all hit 1.5ghz. Only way to know will be when OC kernals show up.

all true,

The iPad has a pay-as-you-go data plan-- you only have to pay when you use the 3G.

I'd have to think that they'd do the same thing with the Touchpad, for exactly the reasons stated throughout the comments-- people don't want to have another bill.

hmmm, a good point here... So why on earth would they buy it, in the first place, is beyond me - instead of tether it to their smartphones on these rare occasions they need truly mobile data access?

Especially, if our beloved "biggest IT company in the world", the enclave of visionary thinking and innovation, would provide them with "touch to share" INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING, using Bluetooth (so even less power consuming, than WiFi tethering)

I am visiting US the next week. I am buying Nook Color while over there, and am happy camper. It has right size, right price, high quality components & build, and is brain dead simple to fully unlock as an full Android tablet. For its price, I can live with it's shortcomings (pretty similiar to TP's, BTW - no GPS, no cameras. Only costs less than half the price AND have a memory card slot built-in, AND is build as a tank, AND is half the size AND is third the weight).

Opal might have been that device, that I would buy instead. Sorry HP, if I needed a pavement-slab size slab to lug around to do some internet browsing & reading on the go, and have to sell my kidney to afford one - I'd go down the beaten track, have sold my kidney, and have bought iPad 2!

And I don't give 2 **** about any network provider trying to impose some artificial "tethering" charges on me. Honestly, a data is data, it costs exactly the same to transfer, regardless to what device it is trasferred to. I think that consumer rights agency (if there's such a thing in US?) should've kick in and have their say about this artificial levy. What is the next step - droid users wil be paying more or less for data, than iPhone users? Or maybe they will start charging differently for data, depending on device's screen size? That is outrageous.

Well you would need another data plan, if you are in the USA. In my case I have a carrier that without extra-costs would provide me a second SIM-card and let me use BOTH SIM-cards at the same time using the same data-plan.

So for me that Tablet could be interesting, the only thing that's holding me back is the price ;)

For everyone talking about releasing a "new" device. Remember this device was announced back when the TP was. My guess is the processor speed has to do with a kernel tweak and not an *actual* spec bump.

Recent studies show that these tablets that come with data plans simply do not sell very well. Most people don't want to pay for another data plan. Carriers are eager to try to sell them, though. They won't be successful.

I agree, especially when HP is trying to sell this as a "leave your Pre/Veer on the Touchstone and use your Touchpad while you're home". There really is no need for a tablet to have a data plan, WiFi is more than enough because when you're out, you should be using the phone and the table when you're home.

It boggles the mind how so many people can make so many assumptions about so many other people.

"I don't need it so neither do you."

actually, reread his post. He stated "studies show... do not sell very well" and "most people". He didn't say "all" or "not one sold"

Our business has been buying iPad2's with 3G so that remote sales people can write business real-time. I'm talking hundreds of them.

This is a perfect platform for business use.

...seriously, a "perfect" device for typing emails is the one with no physical keyboard? The one that you could only type very awkwardly on, using one hand, and balancing it on the other hand?

I'd prefer netbook that costs half that money, has a keyboard to type on, and possibly even a mainstream operating system, AND possibly even a hard drive, any day of the week. Or indeed, a good smartphone with Swype keyboard installed, it beats any other touchscreen text input solution and I am ready to challenge you in typing speeds agains your iPad/Touchpad/Whateverpad, despite using it only for about 3-4 weeks.

But good luck with your business. I am sure there's plenty of stupid people who buy into this "increased productivity" hype.

Maybe you should reread.

"There really is no need for a tablet to have a data plan, WiFi is more than enough because when you're out, you should be using the phone and the table when you're home."

Or maybe you misunderstood the reply indentation. Anyway,the above quote is full of assumption.

i have the wifi version of both the touchpad and pad2, my next tablet will have a broadband plan even though i could always tether it to my phone.

Holy **** Now some genius has down-voted a poster simply for sharing his/her purchase history and purchase plans.

Now he's back to even. ;)

What about data share plans?

good call!

No thanks! I'm not interested in paying for my data twice.

"Recent studies show that these tablets that come with data plans simply do not sell very wel"
...and that is EXACTLY why they are putting this device out! HPalm has a secret plan to go against all odds and tides, just to "surprise" their competition when they finally write off webOS after 12 months more struggle from now.

Spell it with me


spell with me:
i-r-r-e-l-e-v-a-n-t ones
c-o-s-t-l-y ones
n-o-t --- n-e-e-d-e-d --- n-o-r --- w-a-n-t-e-d --- b-y ---v-a-s-t --- m-a-j-o-r-i-t-y ones

and finally:
stupid launch priorities, stupid pricing, following blindly Apple's models, even the failed ones. The story of webOS.
I am bored, put the dashes in yourself, if you wish so.

this is silly. obviously some people do want a tablet with a data plan, even if it isn't most people. if you want a tablet with a data plan, then a tablet without a data plan will not meet your needs.

...indeed "some people" do want it, as in: Rubinstein, his mommy, his daddy, and twenty seven other people. I did my market research and my numbers show, that is anticipated adoption of TP "4G"

Not exactly the numbers webOS needs to survive, let alone to "become number one plus".

But I appreciate HPalm's willingness to chase after "statistical error" market share and negligible or exotic use cases, while woefully neglecting mainstream scenarios, or the ones that have potential to became huge hit and differentiator ("Touch to Share" Internet Connection Sharing, anyone? Using bluetooth to save phone's battery, undetectable by these greedy b*stards operators, so you could use your phone's data plan at will? Oh no, we have "4G" TouchPad instead. Hmmm, too bad!).

And I appreciate your blind support you show them, in their efforts to sink webOS by doing exactly the opposite to what would bring their efforts into some fruition.

Night, night sleep tight!

my father isn't very tech savy but he had to get a 3g ipad2 for work because he's on the go. i know many people in this same situation, if your not always near an wifi hotspot then u need portable data service. just because u dont need it doesn't mean there isn't a market for it.

I returned my wifi version for a 3G one. Yep, i could and did use my phone to tether but it's just another step and a battery drainer. 3G ipad is more instant on. Besides, AT&T already charges for tethering.

what no white one?

only one color needed: Cardinal Red!

good for them:

get them out into the hands of consumers

get that update out that fixes the lags and bugs

get the movie store and kindle app working and bring netflix asap

not necessarily in that order

Doesent netflix already work on Touchpad via Flash?

no, netflix does not use flash (and never did).

Who is returning their TouchPad on the last day of the month?

or... who wants to sell me their touchpad on the last day of the month?

"the new TouchPad will be available at an undisclosed price at an undisclosed date sometime in the future on AT&T’s network"

No Price or release date? Shocking. This must be Ruby's last PR Release.

No release date, but the Palm blog says: "available in time for back to school"

That means that it's around September 1st at the latest, right?

Who is buying their kid a TouchPad for school?!?!

Nobody. And the sales will prove it, by the way, where's those Veer numbers so people can scream about how they always said it was a niche product and their 'relative/friend' loves theirs.

I like the quick turn around on new products... but no 4G for me until I hear about
1-battery life with 4G
2-availability on sprint

As with other 4G devices battery life when using 4G will be SUCKTACULAR!

Sprint doesn't have any specifics regarding new webOS devices on it's roadmap but will be glad to sign you up for Sprint Insider and let you know as soon as new devices become available ;)

My gf's Veer is wayyyyy better battery than her Pixi+ ever was. I assume that this will be the same fake 4G that is HSPA+.

Not exactly. The Veers HSPA+ was up to 14,4 Mbit/s while the Touchpads HSPA+ uses more of the HSPA+ specification and can reach up to 21 Mbit/s.

According to Sprints own numbers, their WiMax is averaging around 5 to 6 Mbit/s in download speed. So in general this COULD be much faster (the theoretical 21 Mbit/s should translate to around 12 Mbit/s average real speed) IF, and this is the most important part, AT&T has enough developed posts that actually support HSPA+ and are capable of delivering the speeds.

Please everybody stop talking about "4G", "fake 4G" or whatever. 4G is a marketing term, so that each technology, at least on such a site like PC, should call it as it is, with it's real specs (like 14,4 Mbit/s HSPA+, 21 Mbit/s HSPA+, 22 Mbit/s LTE or 44 Mbit/s LTE and so forth...).

You're being too generous to ATT. Real speeds will probably be more like 3-7MB/s.

Read up on what actually constitutes 4G, because it's not out yet. 100MB/s is the requirement.

As the 4G is HSPA+, it wouldn't work on Sprint. They would have to get a new radio for WiMax.

If I were HP, I don't know that I'd even consider it, as all the other carriers are committed to LTE.

Isn't Sprint dumping WiMax for LTE soon, too?

Not soon, but they are going to do it, yes.

So get a wifi model and a Sprint mobile hot spot. That solves both problems for you.

It shouldn't be too hard to estimate battery life.

4G phones may not do that well with battery, but the tablet does have a 6000+ Mah battery... about 3-4 times more than phones.

You also have the option of shutting off the data connection, in which case it would get the same life as a typical tablet or Touchpad.

Except that the largest battery drain comes from using the screen, which is much larger on the TouchPad than on a Pre.

Which actually proves his point.

If the screen is the main factor, than the cellular radio won't reduce the battery significantly.

The real question is whether these new data caps will make 4G self-defeating.

I mean, if I have a water hose that works but a cap on how much water I can use, do I really want it coming out that much faster?

Only if I'm using that data much more intelligently and efficiently.

Then cut down on the **** :)

Battery life will be roughly the same, Att's fake 4G doesn't require a seperate radio like Verizon's so the battery life difference is nominal.

It's not "fake", stop spreading bullshit. LTE isn't true 4G either.

I've heard outrage from those with ipad 2's thinking a new ipad 3 will come out so soon. But an upgraded processor just weeks after the Touchpad's initial release?

just wait until a few more weeks after that, when they release one with a camera.

Few more weeks after that and they will announce that the original TouchPad's hardware will not be able to handle the next update to webOS but a better TouchPad will be out shortly and it will be "perfect" when it is released!

...and it will cost $1299, but there will be an option for $50 mail-in rebate to make things right for the TP early adopters that CALL NOW, and choose "extended memory" model (16GB of flash more, available for $1399)

And the touchpad 2 will run windows 8.

An upgraded processor is an extremely minor change compared to the differences between a generation of Apple products.

Also, the Touchpad is wifi, this is 4G. The products are designed for fairly different audiences.

Doesn't matter about slight bump in cpu if software update fixes the lag in current TP. (When they did a teardown of TP, the cpu was

HP frequently releases new models of many computers. Do you think the TP will really be any different? Or, does everyone expect HP to follow Apple's release plan?

A 4G TouchPad is very nice, but I'm sure everyone is more concerned with a Pre 3 announcement at this point.

I have to admit that I finally priced out a family plan on ATT and Verizon in anticipation of the Pre3 release. I am running a FrankenPre2 on Sprint and it is sweet, but I just can't continue to hack phones to keep my Sprint account alive.

didnt i read some where that the current touchpad can do 1.5, but its throttle to 1.2 for battery life.

I have seen that too. I believe it means if battery life was the only concern for the under-clock (not heat or anything else), that a software update good give current TouchPad owners a speed increase.

correct. That "4G" version is by all chances the very same processor, just clocked differently, and not so conservative (different kernel).

It just doesn't make any rational sense to have two different assembly lines for such similar H/W, nobody is doing this for three reasons: costs, costs, costs.

"a faster 1.5GHz processor"

mmmmm, the reviewers say the TouchPad has lag but we say it doesn't, let's throw more horsepower at the problem.......

You say "let's throw more horsepower at the problem" like its a bad thing.... It is the american way you damn commie!!!!!

Horsepower is a band-aid, why they just can't clean the code up is beyond me.

It's not the code. The device does a lot of things in the background. Even on my two-year old Pre- I notice that if I refresh all email accounts, the device will lag quite a bit. Why? Because it is doing multiple things at once.

The solution to the lag is either give up multitasking or give it more horsepower. I vote more horsepower. Moore's Law will make it snappy even without code updates.

I'm not buying it. I can run Ubuntu on much lesser hardware than the touchpad and have a very smooth experience with more tasks than WebOS has to handle at the same time.

This is a fallacy, the processor in the touchpad could probably run Honeycomb like a champ. HP/Palm didn't make sound design decisions and now their inability to improve performance is the price they're paying. I'll gladly eat my words if this 'BIG PERFORMANCE UPDATE' actually does that, but I bet it will just make one or two apps startup faster.

The spec bump to 1.5 is simply another differentiator for the TouchPad and AT&T. If it's the same processor the rest of us will be able to overclock anyway.

give me Pre3 first!

I just don't understand why they can't do same spec for same model. It totally sucks.

Is this the FAKE 4g? awesome so a 3G tablet with no option to even get the 16gb?

Oh and faster than the regular one? can you say returns considering how laggy the current one is. yikes.

All 4G on the market right now are fake.

Really? So when my VZW LTE phone gets 27 mbps and averages somewhere in the 17~20 MBPS range thats fake 4G? Explain.

Yes actually. 100 MB/s is the requirement for true 4G.

please continue to educate the unwashed masses

I'm not tying a major piece of hardware (major to me, anyway) to a carrier - *any* carrier. Phone tethering and/or MiFi-style tethering and/or WiFi-only for me. Like UntidyGuy, above, I'm not paying for multiple dataplans and I want to be free to switch to a cheaper plan without having to buy another tablet. I wouldn't have bought an AOL-only computer in the 90s so why would I pay for an AT&T-only computer or tablet today?

I can understand that some people need that type of connectivity, but I'm with you. No way I'm spending "my" money to tie a tablet to a carrier. I'll tether to my phone, use whatever wifi is available or do without. The price for those table plans are "wow" worthy.

...you guys post way too much sense. You do not belong here. Please post on some Apple fanboy site. And you are clearly against the awesomeness of webOS, now you showed your true colors, and dare to question HP, the biggest IT company in the world, and it's sense and sanity.

(sarcasm mode off)

Yes, dear. :-P /sarcasm

If you aren't wearing rose tinted glasses hear, you are considered a troll.

I don't want or need a tablet but at least it shows quicker responsiveness from HP. Unless they take another 5 months to get it to market that is...

But without a halo device which does "zero-60 under 4 seconds" etc, HP is not creating enough buzz for webOS, which means not enough devs / apps, which means not enough market and mindshare, which means... platform on lifesupport?

I've been a Sprint Pre user for long time now, and webOS is still the best platform for mobile, but without any foreseeable Sprint devices - ever, with miniscule mindshare, product releases which are still banking on future apps / OTA updates at some indeterminate time, c'mon. Enough waiting game.

Oct 1 I'm due for Sprint upgrade. Motorola XPRT, anyone?

I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a patent lawyer who sub-contracts for various government agencies as new things are being developed or lawsuits are coming up (ie: Apple against everyone--he says he has an open-ended contract for that right now) He actually mentioned that there is already some indication of a "touchpad 2" within the year.

I doubt you

Even if, it won't be released until "the coming months" which is a date on the calendar accg. to HP in case you didn't know. It's right after the 42 of Premember

...and it will be discussed at lengths without the shred of actual evidence at Comedycentral.net

this reminds me of the whole pre/pre+ situation. just more of the same mistakes from HP.

"It's like deja vu all over again"

I don't need FauxG for my TouchPad... I have freeTether on my Pre 2. Case closed.

...wait, what, you trying to say, you don't want to spend another $200-some more for an initial purchase and than $40-ish every month for the next 24 months (...erm, additional $960 in total), just to achieve exactly the same that you can with your current smartphone data plan & WiFi tethering? You are such irrational person, you! You are questioning "biggest IT company in the world" corporate wisdom, so you MUST be wrong, you!

(sarcasm mode off)

Figures don't lie, but liars figure. - Samuel Clemens (alias Mark Twain)

In truth, nobody who purchases a 3G Ipad 2 on AT&T and subsequently signs up for 3G service is obligated to keep the service for "every month for the next 24 months." You can activate your service on a monthly basis and cancel whenever you no longer need or want it. Unless AT&T wants to simply drive customers away, common sense says more than likely the Touchpad will follow this model.
Furthermore, the minimum monthly 3G sevice is $15 and $20 each month on AT&T and Verizon respectively, significantly less than the "$40-ish" quoted above.

It's all about options you can afford, isn't it?

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit", an aphorism often attributed to Oscar Wilde (even though he may never have actually used the phrase).

well, I am sorry, I didn't do my homework properly - I was guessing the prices of mobile broadband access in US. My bad, but I didn't lie on a purpose. So let's assume these "minimum costs" you mention are open plans, and are all that you need to pay on ongoing basis ON TOP OF YOUR CURRENT mobile bill, to enjoy fully your "4G" freedom.

Now, going back to actual argumentation:
-I still don't know why I would pay $200-ish more over base model, to get 16GB more of flash and functionality that I already can achieve by phone tethering, and not having to pay A SINGLE CENT more, on an ongoing basis
-regarding on/off activation, on a monthly basis - well I didn't know that you can cancel any month you want, that's good. But wait, if you cancel your service, than why the feck would you buy more expensive hardware, to not use it's functionality? Hmm... Right, that makes sense, in kinda HP-ish way of sensibility.

don't doubt the "scale" of HP

Still waiting for the Pre3 on either Verizon or Sprint! What I want:

1. An update to overclock my Touchpad to 1.5Ghz. directly from HP if possible BUT if it's Govnah from Web Internals (Home brew) then I'd do it.
2. Fix the video buffering or controls.
3. I want my SMS to work on my old Pre.
4. More apps.
5. Ability to take photos and videos with the front camera.
6. Optimized scripts and power delegation distribution to improve battery life.

HERE IS AGREAT IDEA: a Portable adjustable Camera that connects to the Touchpad's micro USB! That will surely crunch the woes of not having a rear camera!

That's ALL! And I'm a happy camper, and the Touchpad will truely dominate any tablet out there.

HERE IS AGREAT IDEA: a Portable adjustable Camera that connects to the Touchpad's micro USB! That will surely crunch the woes of not having a rear camera!

People say it's crazy to use a tablet with a rear camera. I can't imagine what they'll say about a tablet with a protruding USB camera in place of a rear cam. Yikes!

if webos was really open you could do it. but its only partially open. I doubt you could do this without official help from HP

They might as well should call it "Touchpad Plus"

hey how about an announcement for the Pre 3?

that makes all 4 of us

Does anyone know if it absolutely requires a second data plan or is there a way to piggy back on ones existing smart-phone data plan? (don't say tether!).

...and why exactly you do not want to say "tether", are you allergic to specific words, or what?

Let me put it plain: almost EVERY TP user will have a smartphone. Almost EVERY one of them should be able to configure WiFi tethering on them two devices.

HP, you stupid arseholes, instead of trying to force-feed your dwindling customer base with even more expensive options, that achieve NOTHING over what they can do with their existing hardware, please give us "touch to share" WiFi tethering solution, that would be stealth and undetectable by these other stupid arseholes, carriers (for whom, apparently, 1GB worth of data transferred is worth MORE, if transferred to your tethered devices, than if transferred directly to your smartphone. Funny, you wouldn't thought data might get priced differently, depending what device it is send to, would you?)

Stop fighting your customers, you fecking idiots, and start supporting them! Success will come by itself, it is as simple as that.

PS: It's tech, there's always the next model, the next release, etc...

except its not less than a month after the first ones released and had a crappy launch to begin with :)

Remember that the iPad data plan was exclusively negotiated with AT&T by Apple who had a lot of leverage about the terms. For example, you can sign up for the iPad on monthly basis depending on whether you are going to use it or not. That will not likely be the case with a wannabe pad.

does anyone out there ever whatever think that USA will ever be like Europe whatever, where you go and buy whatever device and activate it on whatever carrier, whatever?

why or why not?

The GSM carriers have different bands, but you can get an unlocked GSM phone with multiple bands and get a SIM.

However, the CDMA networks do not use a SIM and will not activate a phone that is not approved.

So, unlikely in the medium term.

I am a Brit living in the US.

that wasn't the question Brit, but thanks! why are the cdma phones all exclusive one to another network, each married to a carrier.....

in europe it's all GSM sim cards so there you are, any phone to any carrier?

As I said...

With GSM, as I said, you can get a unlocked GSM phone with multiple bands, ergo you can use it on any network once you have a SIM card.

CDMA doesnt use SIM cards and is a different technology to GSM... Google CDMA and you'll understand that I answered your question.

Once the switch to LTE is complete, all carriers in the US will most likely have SIM cards, too. It is at that point that I hope to see the scenario you have described unfold. Or whatever ;)

LTE is based on CDMA, so not sure about that, and Verizon doesnt have SIM cards even though they use LTE.

The HTC Thunderbolt that uses Verizon LTE requires a SIM card to make use of the 4G capability. It is backwards compatible with 3G and 2G, though, so it's not a pure LTE device. I don't think it even does voice over 4G.

LTE is based on UMTS.

This is the reason for the Pre3 specs being removed from the HP page. What you're seeing is the new Pre3. That's a HUGE new screen and a slab at that. "Simply Amazing."

the Pre3 specs being removed is likely an indicator of an upgrade from the original specs released on Feb 9.

...no, it is likely an indicator they have realised they canot sell it on specifications, so they are (hopefully!) retooling their marketing campaign, to sell it on UserExperience, integration, system's "potential", or whatever.

Otherwise, I just could not imagine how stupid one need to be, to create all the negative hype for half a year ("Pre 3 is underspecced, DOA, to late to the party, boooo!"), only to "quietly" work in the background to update these specs.

It just doesn't add up, sorry folks for busting the dreams about Pre 3 being specs-nerd's wet dream, it is not and it will not be.

And frankly, I do believe it wouldn't harm it too much, certainly not in Enterprise sector, and probably not in Consumer sector, if fecking delivered YESTERDAY, or indeed two months ago (instead of the idiotic Veer), if the build quality is astonishing, if THE PRICE IS LOW ENOUGH to attract MAINSTREAM, and NOT high-end buyers, if the marketing is delivered with havyweight punch and done RIGHT.

I strongly believe that this hardware is more than capable to do justice to webOS as a robust, astonishing piece of an OS - with perfectly balanced screen size, resolution, powerful enough SOC.

But... not if they keep delaying it indefinitely. Pre 3 SHOULD HAVE BEEN RELEASED SHORTLY after Feb 9th, certainly before stupid Veer, and maybe more adequate, but certainly not even nearly as important TP.

Autumn - my gosh, they will need to compete with systems that will be TWO GENERATIONS ahead (iP 5, droid "ICS", whatever monnnnnster phones are cooking there for WP7 "Mango")... this just ain't going to fly, again...

the pre3 is setting up to be demolished by the competition. It's like a "game over" before putting your money in the arcade machine.

I got a mail from the Palm Eurostore today telling me my Pre 3 order would ship soon. I already have my touchpad since last Wednesday:

Dear Customer

Thank you for your recent Touch Pad / Pre 3 order.

We really appreciate your business.

We are working closely with HP supply chain to secure the first batch of
products. We will dispatch your order as soon as it is received.

We will provide expected ship dates in the next few days.


Palm Store Europe

$729! They will sell very few if they actually try to sell it at that price.

They'll sell 3 times as many as the veer.

If I could afford a ATT Data plan then this TP 4G would make since. I'm like most people struggling to hold on to Sprint since moving elsewhere is just too expensive. I think ATT is charging about $30 per months to have the convenience of 4G Data all the time that for me doesn't make since.

I'd love GPS on my TouchPad, but I can also live without this since everything comes at a price. I think ATT charges extra for GPS Software?

Either way, any news and updates from HP is great news! OTA for webOS would also be great! Sorli...

In terms of pricing, the Tablet market is analogous to the PC market; Apple can get away with charging more because their userbase consists of the wealthy class, yuppies, and the trend following, groupie bandwagon, who don't mind paying an arm and a leg for whatever is in style.

Hence, the Touchpad will never be profitable because the only way people will buy it is if it is priced around 30-50% less than the Ipad, and actually offers a useful experience to the non-Apple user.

As of right now, the Touchpad is anything but useful, it offers nothing to the targeted business executives, and nothing worthwhile to the rest of us. Sorry, but an extra 300 MHz isn't going to change my opinion.

Apple can get away with charging more because their userbase consists of the wealthy class, yuppies, and the trend following, groupie bandwagon, who don't mind paying an arm and a leg for whatever is in style.


haha, it's the undeniable truth.

...and that's what HP is apparently deluded about, that they can attract the same herd to them. Just by pricing themselves high and having "global reach, blahblahblah"

Ain't going to happen.

Well you are wrong because with scale hp scale, and thats why scale. Did i forget to say scale?

I'm not interested (wifi only tablets are fine) but more Touchpad and webOS announcements is a good thing. The more carriers that have webOS devices is a good thing.

PreCentral because we're always in the Prequel of something great! Soon, soon!

Gettin' tired of this forum.

You are welcome to leave at any time.

Don't need 4g. Happy with wifi only. Would have liked the gps chip :/

assuming one has a TP along with a phone that serves as a mobile hotspot, why would one need a cellular connection on their TP? I guees to save the phone battery? can't think of another reason but maybe that's good enough.

Non-GSM users would need it if they need to talk while using data in a non-wifi area.

Another tablet, another soft launch.

I want it on 4g ATT. I know a lot of people are screaming sprint and mobile hotspot... guess what. That mobile hotspot kills your battery in about 5 seconds and yes im talking new devices like the HP Veer. I got a veer and the battery life is amazing, i go 2 days on a single touchstone charge. I Recently went camping with the veer and touchpad (i know roughing it right? lol)

but when tethered my veer died in about 2 hours.
Now you can always say "plug it in" but that defeats the whole point.

The cool think about the ipad is that you can be in the woods in a trenchcoat wanking it and you only need that device.

If HP could figure out how to just change the touchpad to your actual phone data plan, id probably just own the touchpad and a little bluetooth ear crab thingie.

And that fake 4g is fast enough trust me.

"I Recently went camping with the veer and touchpad (i know roughing it right? lol)

but when tethered my veer died in about 2 hours. "

I am not saying that tethering doesn't have an impact on phone's battery, but I daresay that in your case signal strength "in the woods" has much more to do with your shorter than usual battery life, than tethering.

Besides, two hours of mobile browsing - I'd say that's pretty good use case scenario.

Additionally, if they have provided "touch to share" BLUETOOTH tethering - that would save much more energy over WiFi tethering.

Is it lame that I have Sprint? FML

Nah, lots of us have Sprint. Sprint is lame for not carrying WebOS anymore.

Apparently, dropping WebOS didn't keep Sprint from carrying junk such as that Kyocera dual-screen. Sad times bro.

"So, who wants a TouchPad 4G?"

I would like one........ on a real 4G network with 3G coverage larger than my fingerprint.......

Sign me up for a Verizon LTE touchpad.

Also, what the **** is it with HPalm and AT&T? The veer, the pre 3 (most likely) and now the touchpad? They are acting like pre-2011 apple.

maybe AT&T is the only one that's not dragging its feet when committing to sell the devices.

And likely AT&T will be the first to make the Pre3 available (if ever).

So, who wants a TouchPad 4G?

Not for $729. I'll keep continuing to wait for the pre3 to come out and IF it does come out on sprint then I'll just end up forking over $500 for the 16GB touchpad.