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HP announces it will be making tablets again, but not webOS tablets 50

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Fri, 11 May 2012 3:43 pm EDT

Windows 8 on an HP TouchPad

At its Global Influencer Summit this week in Shanghai, China, HP's executives were questioned by several reporters about the company's plans for tablets, a market it has essentially been out of since it cancelled the TouchPad and all other webOS devices last year. In response, CEO Meg Whitman and EVP for Printing and Personal Systems Todd Bradley announced that HP was resuming production of consumer tablets...running Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system with "cloud-based technology" for shared content across devices. (Given how recent articles have put the blame on the TouchPad's failure on its hardware rather than webOS, we don't expect the upcoming tablets to look like the above.)

Sadly (if not surprisingly) for our community, there were no reported mentioned by Whitman, Bradley or anyone else from HP about the role (if any) HP's Open webOS initiative might play in the revived tablet product line, or otherwise on HP's hardware. We can only hope that, whether by design or through the efforts of our wonderful homebrew/webOS hacker community, we will be able to run Open webOS on new tablets and other devices at some point in the near future.

Source: Chicago Tribune


Let's think it positively. Hopefully the new tablet will have a backdoor to load webOS.

If the tablets are x86, then yes, but reportedly Windows 8 tablets on ARM processors will be locked to Windows 8, so you won't be able to dual boot Linux or any other OS, such as Open webOS.

While not the final nail in the coffin, there aren't very many nail holes left to fill. If HP cannot place enough importance on its own software platform, how in the world would they expect anyone else to?

what made you think they ever seriously did? Certainly today, they don't expect anybody to pay any serious attention. This whole "Open webOS" affair is nothing more than PR damage control, and controlled exit.

Really? This must be geared towards business users. Tablet market is dominated by Apple with barely enough room for whomever else is trying with Android and their terrible tablets (Samsung, etc). I'm no fan of Apple but the numbers are what they are. I will miss WebOS when I have to move over to an iPad/iPhone as I'm still flying with my TPad and my Pre minus. *sigh*

I saw the 1st part of heading, my heart went yeah! Final part What tha?

Dick heads.

+1 Thumbs Up (I really miss those buttons)

No native hardware, therefore, no future.

As much as I love that WebOS will be living on as open source, I'm really confused as to what HP plans to do with it. I can't imagine that they would be putting it into open source out of the goodness of their hearts. There must be some plan to make money on it in the future. I'm still holding out hope that they're waiting until closer to the open WebOS release to announce a hardware partner.

I think they just decided to open source to save face and not have their webOS experiment end in complete failure.

This is my thinking too. There haven't been any hardware partners rumored or announced since the decision to open source webOS. Also, I've never been able to figure out how HP was going to make money from it.

There is simply no way they're hiring and investing masses of cash into Open webOS to not make money, can you see share holders saying "yeah, just give away your 3-4billion dollar investment for free, don't worry about us".

Before the announcement was made about webOS, Meg clearly said it would be a multi-year plan for webOS if they kept it. HP exists to make money and cut its loses where necessary.

This was the plan from the beginning, from the time that Microsoft announced that it will put Windows 8 on tablets. Who knows, HP might even have been pressured to give up webOS tablets...
No doubt we'll be able to run Open webOS on Windows 8 tablets... if HP finishes Open webOS.

Yep. I, too, have said it before in the forums. This was destined to be the revised roadmap. And now it's official. Together, the two once great champs shall join hands in this last (or at least latest) hoorah at gaining a tablet/mobile foothold. Skipping down the yellow brick road.

Granted the Lumia ('don't call me Chevy Lumina') is nice n'all, but the metro UI is just bleh & meh. Picture a 7'' & 10" version. Double-meh....

Here's to the open webOS efforts elsewhere!!

And maybe you forgot... HP can produce Windows Phone smartphone (Rumor)...

It's just baseless speculation, trying to twist around the words of Todd Bradley.

I would really like to see how many Win 8 tablets will be sold.

I would ONLY buy it if it was not stupidly priced and I could run webOS or Open webOS on it !!!

Better info (not necessarily good news) from CRN, an industry newspaper.


Short takes:

Bradley: "I'm very comfortable with where we're going in tablets" and "Our stated tablet strategy is around Microsoft and bringing Windows 8 tablets to market"

Jim Zafarana, when asked about plans to integrate webOS on HP's touch-enabled PC's: "I would say the answer, at this point, would be no".

Sigh... As my Sprint Pre reaches 3-years old and my $599 -> $499 -> $399 -> $149 TP gracefully ages, I'm test-driving a Samsung GT7 2.0 w/ICS and thoroughly miss the card & gesture experience.

Good luck HP. I won't be buying one, at least not anytime in the near future. With what's left to offer, I can see myself heading to the iCamp whenever my TouchPad decides to pack it in, unless of course there's a viable Open webOS solution. Metro just doesn't do it for me in its current state.

From a practical standpoint, going with Windows is the best option for HP. I think when the dust settles, the Windows tablets will grab a foothold and be the strong alternative to iPad -- although a distant 2nd.

But who knows in this game! My kids and I love our webOS TouchPads and will get plenty of life out of them. I did port Android on to my TP, it use it about 25% of the time. Nothing beats the simplicity and beauty of webOS.

I wouldn't be surprised if WebOS ends up running on the new tablet. But not publicly. You'd be surprised to see what WebOS was ported to when HP was trying to sell WebOS. A tablet designed internally shouldn't be too hard.

considering they announced they were making windows 8 tablets in 2012 like 6 months ago this should be exactly what is expected.

one would think.

I have windows 8 on my laptop. Its ok, but looks like something for kids

Meg said it in January: HP will produce a Windows Tablet. This is all old news. There are Cloud Services and User Design at webOS and not only developer to open source webOS. Would HP need those if they only plan to throw it over the (open source) fence?

Exactly! Seems people here have short memory. Same old statments: Yes we're releasing new tablet(s) this year. They will be running Windows 8, not webOS. We MAY release a new webOS tablet but not in the near future. We will probably not release new webOS phones.
Nothing new!

The failure was on the software not the hardware. The hardware is a bit bulky and on the heavy side but it wasn't bad. Anyone expecting another webOS device sometime in the future is not going to be happy because I don't see it ever happening.

Let's be realistic here.

It was impatience that got HP and webOS into the mess that it got into; impatience of "we gotta have something NOW NOW NOW!!!" instead of taking its time. So if webOS is going to be done right, it needs patience and time. (And don't you dare say "we've given it enough patience!"; consider how long the iPhone took to get where it is today... I expect it's gonna take that long for webOS.)

Now the upside is that webOS is not going anywhere any time soon. I don't mean that in the bad "that's it, webOS is old hat, the end" but in the more "hey, at least it's not old hat the end". As such, If HP is going to do webOS right, they need practice, seeing as HP is so obviously out of shape. They need to learn how to market a product right and learn what is required to sell it properly and sell it well. And what better way than to build hardware for Windows 8, something that will give HP the sales figures to know what customers like or not (as in, if it flunks, at least no one can say "webOS failed a THIRD time").

An HP Windows 8 tablet and smartphone, in my opinion, is NOT "the end" for webOS but simply the beginning. HP is still in the business to make money, and so they're using this as their opportunity to learn how to do a mobile system correctly while still being able to make money from their efforts with a guaranteed sale. In essence, an HP Windows 8 mobile device--tablet and/or smartphone--is their dummy system to play around with... and once they've finally got the right plan and system, you can bet your buttons they're gonna switch to webOS.

At present, yes, we all want webOS hardware. But unfortunately, it ain't gonna happen now. I'm sure it will in the future, especially now that Apple's golden goose has stopped laying eggs (look at how well Apple did WITHOUT Jobs between 1985 and 1997 despite their runaway successes with the Apple II). As such, it won't matter that the iPhone and Android are TOPS now, because in this game today's winner's may be tomorrow's losers (and vice versa).

The fact that we're not getting new webOS hardware is a GOOD thing. Let HP practice on Windows 8, let it be their "training wheels". Once they're ready, THEN we'll see our webOS mobile devices. Again, it took Apple years to get to where they are today, we can wait just as long. Well, at least I can.

You're absolutely correct! See, what a lot of people don't realize, is that every move HP makes as a corporation is part of the secret webOS plan. PC's, printers, tablets... All mere prototypes. HP will stick with Windows 8 for now, just to perfect their manufacturing capabilities and to lure Microsoft, Google and Apple into a false sense of security. Once they have millions of Windows 8 tablets in the hands of consumers, BAM, they drop the hammer and get everyone to switch to their open source OS, as perfected by hobbyists in their spare time. We should be looking at no later than 2015-2016 before they're ready to introduce their new tablet, and it'll be good... I'm talking dual core, Angry Birds Space pre-loaded, the works. Also, it'll be the first tablet with an integrated physical keyboard!

To specific sir, 2016 with DUAL-CORE! Wow, just wow. The guy before you however was on the money.

blah blah nail coffin blah blah pity party

build a bridge and get over it.

on a side note, what can you expect reading the comments section on these articles.

This seems to be the majority opinion: coffin nails and becoming irrelevant. If you're tired of reading it, they why are you here?

That stick MS wedged up HP must be up there pretty far!!

Here is the deal:

HP is clearly betting on Windows for the foreseeable future. I'm guessing that the one of the only reasons why WebOS hasn't been killed yet is as a hedge just in case Windows-based HP tablets are not successful (enough).

We can only hope that at some point someone (or some people) in upper management has enough faith in our beloved OS to make some hardware (or at least hardware "options"). Because even as great as OpenwebOS might be, risking even a small hardware line on a so-far-unproven/unprofitable OS is a bit much to risk for any major manufacturers.

We know HP was working on windows tablets around the time they bought webOS so it should be no surprise that they probably were still working on that all this time figuring on using the newer windows OS instead of the outdated one that would have been used had they gone forward with that at or prior to the release of the touchpad. And HP won't and would be crazy of us to expect them to release webOS devices until the open webOS version is completed. As sour has to be the OS on the device(s).

The thing that tends to be forgotten here is that the majority of HP's business is corporate, and whether we like or not, windows is the dominant OS in this space. Therefore, offering a windows based tablet which fits into the corporate IT structure of these companies is a bit of a no brainer for HP. It also presents an opportunity to beat apple - rather than forcing corporate IT departments to build a support network for the Ipad (because users are bringing them and using them for work) it gives them the option to offer a windows based device in that environment, and maybe HP is betting on this as a way obtain some of that tablet market share?

As for openwebos, how long because the android project started, before the first nexus device, and then before HTC and Samsung started picking it up? As someone else has already stated, patience is needed. we were NEVER going to see an openwebos tablet or phone in 2012 - if anyone actually thought that was realistic, then they are/were living in dreamland.

HP had been planning windows 8 based tablets (and there is a windows 7 based one out in the market now) so this is hardly news. It seems some people just look for any opportunity to put the boot into HP. And before you jump on me as some sort of apologist, i am 100% in agreeement that there are numerous reasons to criticise them, i just don't think this is one of them

Really I hate those bloody tiles how-to go backwards with your software microsoft, webOS is more advanced than windows and works great. Hp will never get any more money from me until they release hardware..... With webOS on it. I can almost see the production at the webOS factory..... Tumbleweed tumbleweed ooops flying pig more tumbleweed. Don't you get it Hp who wants rubbish coloured tiles not me, I want a proper os.

signed. Dismayed

To announce hardware now that will run open webOS would be stupid to do right now from any company... especially HP. We first need open webOS 1.0 released so that companies can review specs and determine the feasibility of offering hardware products. Even HP said to wait and see in 2013... not 2012. HP wants to get back into the tablet market as fast as possible. Open webOS isn't ready yet, so they need an OS they can use now to market. Let's see what they announce next year before giving up hope.

As unhappy as I am that webOS is, for the most part gone, I hope the new tablets have the touchstone charger and some of the other webOS accessories. Those were/are cool!!

i think HP will wait to see what the community can do with open webOS [[[ ], and once it got better then release it on webOS tablets... or once it's open source, other companies may want to create tablets... i mean... there are a lot of android tablets... so any company, may create an open webOS tablet, it may even use the same hardware, and then install the OpenMobile ACL to get a lot of apps!!! or something like that....


First off, I want to make it clear, I am an unashamed WebOS fanboy, and you'll have to pry my Touchpad and my Pre 3 from my cold dead hands.

That being said. HP has turned it's back on WebOS. Don't look for any new hardware. It's not happening. WebOS is dead. Long Live WebOS.

And my biggest fear is that Open WebOS will be buggy, and incomplete, and HP won't care.

I love WebOS for many reasons. The biggest is multitasking. It's the best. Period. Next is notifications. Third is Just Type. Fourth my Pre 3 tethers with my Touchpad effortlessly. I'm not moving to any other platform any time soon. And the temptation is great. But as my Galaxy S2 has proven to me. I can have a smartphone with better specs, better speed, better screen, etc, but when it comes to day to day getting things done, (ie email, messaging, tasks, etc) I always come back to WebOS. My GS2 collects dust until I need the camera. And that isn't too often.

I really do hope that HP doesn't screw up Open WebOS, but I'm not optimistic.

I don't know how others feel, but I think W8 is really goofy-looking. I thought it was cool when I first saw it, but it doesn't wear well visually IMHO--would get very boring very fast. No like.

The handwriting on the wall reads no Pre3 on Sprint. 8-(

I think the handwriting on the wall for any webOS Smartphone was clear when Meg said in December that they're out of the smartphone business completely.

Whether open webOS will work on handsets or not is yet to be seen. Even if it is, the Pre line is effectively dead and most hobbyist efforts will be to try to get owO installed on other newer hardware (Android, WinPhone, etc.)

But I hear you. I bought a second Pre 2 in case mine dies (going on Year #2, month-to-month on VZW. They can pry it from my cold dead hands!)

HP sucks. I truly hope they eat dust.

And on that note webOS/open webOS will slowly die a cruel painful death. It's only a matter of time before HP gives up the whole open source project completely. People willl lose interest because there is no new hardware coming from anyone. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves. This is the beginning of the end. So very frustrating and maddening. I'm just sad right now. I will never buy anything HP again.

Android needs to buy Web OS and combine it with Android. 

ducky hi