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HP announces new HP Slate 7 tablet; the damn thing runs Android 44

by Derek Kessler Sun, 24 Feb 2013 7:51 pm EST

HP announces new HP Slate 7 tablet; the damn thing runs Android

We knew it was coming, but it still stings. HP today announced and unveiled at MWC in Barcelona their reentry into the tablet market with the HP Slate 7 tablet. The seven-inch tablet has a 1024x600 screen, a 1.6GHz Cortex A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, and a meager 8GB of onboard storage (though it may be augmented by an included microSD slot). And, in typical HP fashion, it also includes Beats Audio integration and an HP ePrint application.

The kicker: it runs Android. And not even the latest version of Android, no, it runs Android 4.1.1, and almost entirely unmodified from stock - the ePrint integration is an app - not the newer Android 4.2 that's been in the public since November 2012 (4.1.1 landed two months earlier than that). The Slate 7 also has no integrated GPS, no NFC, and no cellular radios to speak of. It's also around 11mm thick. The marquee feature of this low-end, moderately chunky (for 2013) disappointment of a tablet? The price: a surprising $169.

The Slate 7 compares most closely with the Asus Nexus 7, and though the Nexus 7 is $30 more expensive, it has a much better processor, is thinner, has a better screen, and doesn't depend on HP for updates. The Slate 7 also compares well to the unreleased TouchPad Go tablet, though it had a better rear camera. And a better screen. And wireless charging. And an option for cellular integration. And webOS. Though in the TouchPad Go's defense, it was supposed to come out 18 months ago.

If you're wondering if this new Slate 7 might be a tempting target for Open webOS porting, we have but one question to ask you: "With such pathetic specs, why bother?" There's a reason the Slate 7 will retail for $169, and that's because it's not that appealing of a tablet. It's likely the Slate 7 will be plenty open, if HP hasn't gone out of their way to lock it down, so putting Open webOS on it might not be that big of a leap (depending on the manufacturer of the processor and their receptiveness towards open source, that is). But as the WebOS Internals Twitter account pointed out today following the announcement, "With such 2010 specs, why would you bother?" Why, indeed.

Our dear friend Phil from Android Central went hands-on with the Slate 7 at MWC, and while he found the specifications and screen of the tablet in person as underwhelming as we have from a distance, he was at least impressed by the industrial design, even if it is a bit on the chunky side (see: price). The Slate 7 is perhaps a look into where HP's industrial design would have taken webOS tablets had HP followed through on their commitment to webOS after purchasing Palm instead of canceling the hardware program in a fit of stupidity.

And with that, we're not going to bother discussing the Slate 7 at any more length unless it for some reason is found to be running webOS. The tablet is due on shelves at US retail stores in April, which means we should expect it to be canceled around June anyway.



Couldn't they just put Android on the Go?

Unless this turns into the HD2 of tablets, count me out on this one.

They did for internal testing back when HP still had the means to build the Touchpad Go. That ship has sailed, however, and they no longer have access to the same supply of parts.

Note, for example, that this is basically using the same 1024x600 screen in the Lenovo A2107 tablet.

Loving the angst Derek, it's like you took the words right out of my mouth.



I love how justifiably bitter this news post is.

"The tablet is due on shelves at US retail stores in April, which means we should expect it to be canceled around June anyway."


+10 :-)



BAZINGA!! Well played Mr. Kessler. :-)

Ha ha +1 . . Love that show btw.

Yes. Super Like.

Note to Calendar: Fire sale in June.

I'll buy one for $50 :)

Shouldn't HP be trying to differentiate themselves in this market? Regardless of the obvious slap in GRAM's face, this move seems more like "grasping for straws" to me. We already have plenty of cheap low-end Android tablets out there for people to buy, not use, and fill land-fills with. Good grief.

Thanks for the hilarious update Derek!

Sad isn't it? But I'll take 2 of them when they go on Fire-sale.

I had used touchpadgo 7" with andriod os already. Had two devices on my hand.
1. Touchpadgo 16G Wifi+Gps Andriod 2.3.3 Qualcomm MSM 8660 CPU development in Jun 2011.
2. Touchpadgo 16G Wifi+3G Andriod 2.2.1 Qualcomm MSM 8660 CPU development in Apr 2011.

Hope to get this new one and compare it.

You have a Go and you put android on it? Not to be mean but WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!

Dude, it shipped with Android. They were internal testing models. Haven't you been reading the forums?

Yes. those are testing models in 2011.

Skip the retailing, HP, and go right to the fire sale. $50 seems about right. {Jonathan}

I'm not as negative as others here. I guess I made peace with HPs direction and necessity of embracing android. I fully expect open webos will be able to be shoe-horned on to these devices. But not sure why HP choose these specs. If it runs briskly then thats good to be a brandname stock android tablet which is cheaper than competitors. But if it's laggy then they should turn these into coasters. Probably HP should have benchmarked the nexus 7. I would be more interested in higher end tablets which can have openwebOS put on them.


*insert before boovish's post*


It's so sad for HP. Not that i'm going to give them any sympathy at all. This device just exemplifies what is soo wrong with HP. A mediocre device with an outdated OS lacking many useful pieces. Makes you wonder what RIM could have done with WebOS. At this point , anything greater than this POS.

So now we have HP who didn't want to make a Win8 tab now making an awful Android tablet. One hope is that if they truly Crash and Burn with this OpenWebOS might get a real shot. Ok back to reality land.

HP had developed different andriods into touchpad and touchpadgo in 2011. But they killed them .....I had two kind touchpads running andriod os on my hand too.
1.Touchpad 32G Wifi only Andriod 2.2.1Development in Jan 2011.
2. Touchpad 32G Wifi+3G Andriod 2.3.4 Development in Sep 2011.


Please allow a rewrite of your last sentence in this post:

The tablet is due on shelves at US retail stores IN THE COMING MONTHS, which means we should expect it to be canceled around June anyway.

Is that the same logo than the one on the Pre 3? I guess they might have a few left over...

I'll wait for the firesale in june or july... since the 16GB touchpad was sold-off for 1/5 of it's launch price, presumably that means I'll be able to pick up a Slate 7 for $35.

Well Done Derek, the best post so far,

Made me laugh a lot:

The tablet is due on shelves at US retail stores IN THE COMING MONTHS, which means we should expect it to be canceled around June anyway.

HP Sucks , On the other hand with that poor design thanks God this horrible Tablet does not run WebOS.

Indeed! That would have been worse.

haha "the damn thing" perfect lol, stupid HP!

Awesome post! Love the bitterness.

Even if HP builds a more compelling tablet I'd refuse to buy it after HP's continual callous disregard for their customers. It's often hard enough getting Android OS updates I can't imagine HP spending much time and money to support this disposable tablet for disposable customers. This is just another HP attempt at a customer hit and run with no thought to build a brand image and brand loyalty. If one really wants a cheap, good quality and regularly updated Android tablet just get a Nexus 7.

This is not the tablet you're looking for...

Sometimes I get this completely insane idea the Hp has some big, grandious plan up their sleeves; but then I remember I'm talking about Hp. I mean Hp will likely never surprise me with an innovative product again. Also, I would never buy another Hp product (unless it came shipped with webOS; and then I'd have to think long and hard before I did). WebOS on the otherhand will get loaded on some new device of mine in the future (if I can help it).

I can see some interest for this tablet. Many would buy this HP branded low cost tablet than over some no name tablet. But, re entering ultra mobile market with this device is same stupidity as reviving webOS with Veer.

People might buy it if the N7 didn't exist.
But it does.
To have a chance that somebody chooses this over a N7 it would have to cost 149 or so.

Also by the time this is released a successor to the N7 might be announced and/or the N7 could be available for 149.

This will flop.

i only buy HP Touchpads and pre3 for webOS, no way would i buy any other HP product,
and Android tablets i have one, never use it after i bought first Touchpad,
would not want this new tablet as a gift let alone pay money for one,

Runs on Android, because HP did it again: They sold webOS to LG... That's it... It's sad because it's true... according to Engadget...

What are you talking about? Nothing you just said even made sense.

Who cares about new mobile products from HP anymore. I'm watching LG for now on! They perfect their leading edge products. I'm hoping for a surprise from LG in a year or so that's not just a TV. (I didn't say expecting). If Derek and others are still carrying on with this fantastic site once LG starts using WebOS, we may see links to LG's news and such instead of to Meg.

the hp logo on the back looks like the one on the HP Pre3... hope this one does not drop the middle part of the P... hjahahhaah

or the whole logo, as my dad's HP Pre3... hahahhah


Actually, it'll probably be a bestseller at Wal-Mart...

I was thinking the same thing.

Don't whop up this time.

Hah if they haven't learned anything I'll wait for their next fire sale.

Agreed...It does look underperformed