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HP appoints executive search firm in its quest for a new CEO 13

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 19 Aug 2010 12:57 pm EDT


You've undoubtedly been keeping up with the saga that's resulted from the forced resignation of HP's CEO Mark Hurd by the company's board, so you know that the world's largest tech company by revenue is actively seeking to fill the top seat.  To that end, the company has hired executive search firm Spencer Stuart to lead its efforts in considering both internal and external candidates (Jon Rubinstein, anyone?) for the top job, joining the already established search committee that claims board members Marc Andreessen, Laurence Babbio Jr and Joel Hyatt as members.  

Analysts venture that possible candidates include former PalmOne CEO and current HP Personal Systems Chief Todd Bradly (a name that should be familiar  to PreCentral readers), IBM's Steve Mills and Motorola's Greg Brown.  Those same analysts predict that a new chief may already be on board by the time HP holds an analyst meeting in September, which could make this search uncharacteristically short.

The above my have (understandably) caused your eyes to glaze over, but there is relevance to those interested in all things Palm:  whoever steps into the role of CEO has a tremendous amount of  influence in the strategic direction of the company, and it would behoove of them to hire someone who understands the importance of the smartphone market.

Source: HP


This is going to be interesting...

GL finding somebody to increase your stock. Didn't Hurd almost double yours? Just wondering.

Would love to see Ruby take the spot but truthfully he is not ready to go from a CEO of Palm to CEO of HP

is he?

Yes Jon would forsure be able to fill those shoes. But I think he has a lot more work on the inside stuff of webOS to move him so early in the HPpalm Game

i agree. We need someone that understand world marketing for interconnecting devices and especially software like webos. let jon focus his energy on developing the platform to make it all that it can be and more.We need him to focus and we need someone that understand world marketing.

I'll take the job

So what was Todd Bradley like when he ran Palm? Was he the one responsible for all the churning that went on with Palm Source and Handspring? Was he the one who set the foundation for Palm's demise under Colligan?

The reason I ask is that I saw Todd Bradley speak recently and he sounded like an a-hole. A Mark Hurd Jr who was only interested in cost cutting. Without Hurd above him, can Bradley stand on his own feet and provide the vision that HP/Palm needs?

I hear Bill Gates isn't doing anything /jk

Typo "The above my* have" *may.

I hear Bill Gates isn't doing anything :)

Typo "The above my* have" *may.

Carly Fiorina is available. ;)

She is sooo yesterday!

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I'd like to vote for Rahul Sood. He's an HP guy, been there for a while and he really seems to 'get it'.