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HP-approved Fossil Meta Watch bridges the gulf between your wrist and your phone 42

by Derek Kessler Wed, 04 May 2011 7:10 pm EDT

Are you still looking for a way to resolve Phil McKinney’s dream of a world where watches make your wrist disappear into an inky black void? We doubt you are, but you might be interested to know what was behind that black void: a Fossil Meta Watch. Meta Watch is a new watch-based platform with its own SDK and APIs that enable the watch to pair up over Bluetooth with a user’s phone to display alerts and other information right on your wrist. Supporting both full-screen digital and single-line analog formats, Meta Watch uses a ultra-low-power chipset from Texas Instruments to give the wearer a full week of battery life before having to reach for the charger.

HP and Fossil teamed up with Meta Watch to make the first publicly available examples of the new platform, and they look fairly interesting. The Meta Watch system is a departure from the Microsoft SPOT watches and Fossil’s Palm OS-powered AU5005 wrist PDA (it came with a stylus and everything!), in that the watch merely serves as a notification/reader screen – the apps doing all the heavy lifting are on the connected phone or tablet. This enables the watch to be built of a very lower-power system that gets much better battery life than its over-reaching predecessors.

Despite HP’s partnering with Fossil to make the Meta Watch happen, we don’t know if or when support will make its way to webOS. Granted, there’s nothing to stop an enterprising webOS developer from taking the Meta Watch API and integrating it into their own apps, but having system level automatic support to copy all incoming notifications on webOS to the watch on your wrist: that’s gold right there. Well, it could be, when the first Meta Watches hit the market this July, starting at $200.

Source: Meta Watch; Via: Engadget




That sounds like a badass new accessory for the Pre 3. I've been needing a new watch for a while now... July huh?

Damn damn damn damn damn... Fossil here's my money... I really liked my money... But now I have to give it to you...

WOW... if this works with the Pre3/TP I'll be a very happy camper.

Price & date already disclosed? That's just crazy talk!

BTW, I'll take two....

If there's a bluetooth API, no doubt some dev around here will get around to porting it. I'm expecting support, not doubting if we will get it.

Its so fun to see Palm and HP absolutely excel on advanced stuff that we might all want some day, but fail miserably at the basic stuff we all demand every day, over a period of years.

HP is the R&D department for the rest of the industry. HP Imitate.

Comment of the day.

I think @warthogkernel said it best when on March 31st he Tweeted:

Sometimes, I feel like #webOS is like this http://bit.ly/fRpI7K Guys, you have to finish some things before starting the next.


Ok, I can see Palm, but what has HP failed to do for you over a period of years?

OMG, you did not say that, did you? Still not fully PNP compliant on printers. Inkjet cartridges getting smaller every year. HP Update, HP System and HP PhotoEssential continue to fail or function so archaically the interfaces are too dreadful to use, and if you uninstall the bloatware, it creates issues away from those functions. Three minutes to boot up, two minutes to shut down. Batteries still go into fade twice as fast as Dell and Lenovo...oh yeah, HP's been coming up short for years. If they didn't offer power and functionality for dirt, they'd be long gone by now.

WTF?!? Now I have to choose. Buying the small Veer and a Touchpad or buying the bigger Pre 3 and a watch... ^^

Well... I guess I'am going to buy the Touchpad anyway :D

I'd buy one for $200 if it worked with my Pre 2.

Pre 2 has bluetooth, so I'd say it would work.

I don't really use bluetooth much. How do you think this would effect battery life?

this was actually my first thought!

i use a blutooth headset with my phone for most of the day. the touch screen uses more battery than using blutooth.

I've been using the Sony Bluetooth watch (MBW-150) for a few years now, and the battery life is really good both on the watch and the phone even with the bluetooth always on.

I'm thinking that the 96x96 screen will be a bigger drain on the clock battery.

Oh and about the support - Sony didn't release any decent API or specs for their watches, but still the community built programs for it on Maemo, S60, WinMo and Android at least. WebOS didn't get any because it required too low level BT access, but with a decent API you can pretty much count on using this beauty even without official support :)

I hope it will let me know when my WebOS toast is ready!

Should also echo the webOS printer display: "PC Load Letter" ?

Pre3+Watch Combination- Could this be the "We'll make things right" they have been promising us?

What would make you think that?

Its so fun to see Palm and HP absolutely excel on advanced stuff that we might all want some day, My view too, testhope.com tell me "i need it"

a webos toaster is more useful than this.

No it's not.


this is cool. leo would be proud

I like it. I don't $200 like it though. But when the software support is there and the price drops, I could see picking one up.

I hope that compatibility with this watch makes the inPulse easier to support on webOS. (And I also hope that there's a 2nd gen inPulse coming that's closer to this watch in size!) And no, I don't have any inside info--I'm just speculating and keeping my fingers crossed.

Whats the point of something like this? A cell phone is in your pocket or purse. It's always within reach. So why would you read a tiny screen on your wrist?

Pocket or purse is not always within reach. This conveniently allow you to glance on your watch to see if you just received a text or email and decide if it worth digging for your phone or not.

So you can't even read your emails on this watch. The only thing it does is to tell you whether you have a new email(missed call, sms, whatever). Looks like HP has too many resources that it doesn't know what to do with.

I think this would be good for cheating lol. If you could find a way to secretly take pics of the page and send it to a friend who could look up the answers and then text you. Then you read the text on your watch. Do you think this thing displays the message or just notifies you that you have one?

I think it would have been much cooler to have a hybrid of those two watches. One where it had an analog clock that switched off to your messages or emails when one is received, and when it is dismissed go back to just the clock. I don't want as little information as the analog one gives, and I don't need as much clutter as the digital one leaves space for. I guess it's hard to choose.

I bet there will be an option to display an analog clock for the other one because I definitely feel the same way I wouldn't want it to look any different from a regular watch until it was being used for something other than a watch.

do people still wear watches?

This is something I have been waiting for--the first practical foray into wearable technology. Sony gave it a shot with the LiveView, but it looked too much like a clip-on screen (which is exactly what it was) instead of a watch. Also it had very limited phone support. Hopefully this new watch gains WebOS support.

whats the point, why have a watch to tell you that you have an email while the other hand gets your phone out of your pocket to read it. Surely its just replication of the same information thats at arms length. Thankyou fossil, but I'll be keeping my money even if it was a quarter of the price.

Obviously it's not for everyone but don't knock it before its even out. Many people, including myself, use watches as an accessory. A nice looking watch can tell a lot about a person and both of these watches look very nice to me. Having it tell me I have an incoming call or text is just an added bonus. Don't keep such a closed mind because I could really use something like this for when I keep my phone in my backpack and can't feel my phone vibrating whether it is on the train or just charging on my desk where I often have texts sitting for over an hour because I didn't notice it.

At first I thought it wasn't a necessary device, but the more I thought about it, I can see the nice niche for it. The new Pre's and Veer phones do not have the button to use as message alerts and having little alerts and messages on the watch is a very nice way to triage information.

Make it like the watch on Minority Report and I'll buy it!

I need a watch and I don't think my phone is a great replacement. Recharging a wristwatch is unusual to me but promising. How long will their batteries last and will it be easy for users to replace? I will definitely buy the watch if it works with my phone and the price caps at $200... though I might pay a bit more if it has a long lifespan.