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HP Apps hit webOS via Melodeo acquisition 32

by Robert Knight Tue, 28 Sep 2010 12:36 pm EDT

Hewlett-Packard music apps We've confirmed with Palm that HP now has 'official' HP apps in the webOS App Catalog, though they come via a different route than you might expect. These weren’t apps from that internal develop-for-webOS contest, but instead apps from Melodeo, a service HP purchased back in June before while they were busy assimilating Palm. 

These apps, five of them at publishing time, are “Top 100” music apps, and as you might expect from Melodeo they’re of the delightfully streaming type.

Each app retails for $1.99, and plays their respective genre/grouping of songs shuffled and commercial-free over Wi-Fi or cellular data. Of course, since this is streaming music you don’t own the tunes, though they will give you the option to purchase each song individually via a purchase button for each entry in the playlists. Currently available “Top 100” apps from Hewlett-Packard/Melodeo include Top 100 Reggae Songs, Top 100 Rock Songs of All Time, Top 100 90s Songs, Top 100 Love Songs, and Top 100 Country Songs of All Time.

Melodeo designed the Top 100 for each genre to change over time based upon a proprietary recommendation engine that looks at other users playlists and what they’re listening to. The service also learns much like Pandora, and introduces you to new music in the genre. Melodeo’s website and service - nuTsie.com (an anagram of iTunes) is very flexible allowing the user to build their own playlist from the music available on the service. It also introduces a bit of social sharing, giving the user the ability to listen to friends’ playlists and add those songs to your own playlists should the fancy strike you. If that doesn't warm your heart to the apps, well, how about this: nuTsie / Melodeo currently employes Dave Dederer for Business development, a founding member of The Presidents of the United States of America who still manages the band.

Strike up the band HP is brewing up some competition. Imagine the Melodeo nuTsie service being matched with Beats Audio on a webOS superphone. Sounds good right?

via: WebOS World


nice app, but I can't imagine paying for the app so I can buy the song from them...

very odd.

doesn't look like they've had more than a few downloads yet...

To me it is along the lines of those apps that are like 2 dollars how to start a campfire and how to take our your contact lenses. not worth it

Why? Why pay two dollars for it? There are so many streaming music applications (and online radio stations) that are free!

dude, relax.

It's two bucks. I bought Top 90's songs because if I'm feeling nostalgic, now it's one tap for some tunes from college and high school, rather than starting another app (pandora, accuradio, slacker) and swipe tap swipe tap type to get to that channel. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But others may feel different.

Besides 30 percent goes to Palm and I'm happy to support them, and other 70 goes to a decent company acquired by our HP overlords and fuels competition with The Fruit and iTunes. Maybe a new hobby or some other stress reduction would help... Like a Top 100 music app?

err... wouldn't that be 100% of the money is going to HP, given both companies are owned by them? Ok, 97%... 3% goes to the CC processing.

These need to be free apps. Slackers music is separated by genre already and is condensed into one app.

wow, about 65 total downloads across all 5 apps. seems like most people son't want to pay for a chance to pay some more...

What if I want to listen to music other than the one a genre/grouping of songs that is listed. For example Salsa? what then?

The download totals will go up as people figure out what this is. It took me a second look (thanks to this article), but now I'm fairly interested in getting one of these. Just have to decide between 90s and rock.

I can vouch the 90's app is cool

You're missing the point. As one of the purchasers of this app, I'm stoked because I know that one of the songs that will play is one of the top 100. If you look at the list, it's a pretty awesome list (any guesses on the #1 song?). I am a subscriber to Slacker, but ANY song could show up on my custom stations. Not here. If I dig 90% of a given 100 songs, I am going to be listening to great music that I want when I want it, not filler crap that Slacker and Pandora sometimes slip in.


Thats why there is the thumbs up and down on Pandora. I still cant see why I'd leally wanna pay for it.

Wheres this beats audio thing come from?

Also I think they would be much better off releasing one app that can be released to all webos phones for a one off, even if it doesnt allow downloading of songs, it could allow the saving of favorites to allow quick access

Actually, there are already licensing services that charge $10 a month. The difference is assuming they update the app to work with future webOS versions, this is a one time deal. Usually when you stop paying for a subscription service your music stops working, this it would seem works forever.

This is $2, and it is commercial free with unlimited skips.

True, you can just open up Pandora for free, but this doesn't look like an expensive app for what it is.

BTW, everyone is short sighted. This isn't about the 6 apps, it's about the fact that HP now has a streaming music service + a music sales service + I believe this also does cloud sync of your existing music (could be wrong, but I feel like I read that somewhere).

You're short sighted if you care one way or another about these apps, it's about the long term fact that HP is clearly committing itself to webOS, to hardware, software, and an ecosystem that rivals that of both Apple and Google.

Lets face it, Palm was great a making software, and I hope Palm still is controlling most of the software decisions, but HP has size and scale to take webOS places Palm never could have.

HP has spent BILLIONS in the months since it bought Palm on further aquisitions. Not all are probably webOS related but a lot can be somehow tied into webOS possibilities.

Palm at best could have done 5-10% market share on it's own if the Verizon launch went as expected (as in Droid didn't launch first and Verizon actually tried to sell the Pre Plus), however, it never would have been able to build out a necessary ecosystem for the webOS, it would have had to rely on 3rd party integration. This isn't a bad thing always, but it's usually better to own your own problems and solutions. They are easier to fix. Case in point, Google hasn't exactly rolled out the red carpet for webOS integration with Google services. We (the community) have had to workaround to get latitude, and docs, better maps, and other support.

This is good news, perhaps buy the app to say thank you HP for saving webOS from indefinite obscurity!


HP (or an HP subsidiary) releasing apps, tagging them as HP applications, then selling the apps on their own "mobile" operating system/platform is a flawed strategy both short-term, mid-term and long-term, and has hues of an uncertain strategy.

That the apps provide subscription-free, genre-specific streaming music "service" with an option to purchase is even more evidence of mis-aligned (and possibly non-existent) organizational goals.

I could write a thesis on this, but I have my hands full working on another one.

$2 dollars people.

I wouldn't pay for it. I don't even buy music anymore. But i got a huge collection already.


This was reported in the P|C forums before it hit webOS World.

Think of it as one of those TimeLife Music infomercials on late at night. They are hits in their respective genres, so if you pick one to buy, you bound to hit a great song even YOU forgot was around. Plus you can listen to your friends playlists and add songs they like as well. If you don't want to buy a TimeLife CD, DON'T! No ones forcing you... Same deal with these specific genre apps. Top 100 Love songs sounds interesting to me... "Love Ballad's of the 70ls" "Rock Ballad's" *Wonders if Tony Orlando, Or Cuba Gooding Sr. Are around somewhere*

I really, really, wish they would make a TOP 100 FRANK SINATRA songs. I would pay for that!

Not only are the loyal/faithful mad, but apparently we want everything for free! Hard for companies to stay in business that way.

don't forget Accuradio as another alternative for free streaming music by genre.

I hope something more comes out of millions of dollars spent on nuTsie.com than 5 two dollar apps

this feels like Spam to me...they're going to come out with top 100 of every single genre and wash the app catalog with cheesy music apps.

So what? Don't buy one. I bought one & really like it/it meets part of my needs. I still prefer Pandora, but I love having every song being a hit in a genre I like.

I'd instantly snap up a Top 100 Songs of the 80s app.

Anyone know if the purchased songs are DRMed?

is this what Mckinney got back from all those top developers when he challenged them to make apps for webOS..IF so THAT IS SAD

did you not read it? It said this is not the apps from that competition

Well its down to .99 cents already.