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HP begins TouchPad liquidation; 16GB cut to $99, 32GB $149 332

by Derek Kessler Fri, 19 Aug 2011 7:34 pm EDT

We were wondering how exactly HP was going to handle the glut of TouchPads in the market now that they’ve decided they’re done making hardware for webOS. Now we have our answer: fire sale!

In a memo sent to HP affiliates, the company issued the declaration to begin liquidating TouchPad inventories, with a price cut of $300 or more:

HP will be lowering the price of the TouchPad beginning Saturday 8/20/11. This is the lowest price ever for the TouchPad so please post it as soon as it goes live.

16GB TouchPad- $99; 32GB TouchPad - $149

The pricing may be set to go live tomorrow, but that hasn’t stopped some retailers. Best Buy Canada and Future Shop have already implemented the new pricing, and we expect others will follow through shortly. It seems HP’s finally looking to get those lofty unit sales numbers they wanted, though they can throw profit margin out the window. Unknown: if, when, or how much HP will cut the price of the sort-of-launched 64GB TouchPad.

Source: Best Buy Canada, Future Shop; Thanks to Dan and Kyle for the tips!


wow, i'm so glad i spent 500 bucks on mine!

I spent ~$760
32GB on July 1
Plus the Black Tie Protection Plan from Best Buy! NOW WTF HP!?

daammmnnn cuzzo you got double stuffed

They should give you guys those 64 white models for free. All 10 of u

grab your ankles.

good thing you have that 60 day return policy now!

500 bucks plus tax on day one.

I'm so BLISTERINGLY pissed about this ... never .. NEVER will I buy anything HP again.

Additionally, I plan to dedicate my life to trash talking the company all my corporate friends.

I spent 12 years at Time Warner and 7 Years at News Corp.

I'm now about to be hired at Sony and you better bet your **** there's no way in **** I'm letting HP have the slightest enterprise opportunity there.

Un Believable

What you mean is, you'll never buy anything WebOS again.

Seems like it was just days ago that people were saying not to fret about the price cut. That's just standard operating procedure for HP. They're constantly discounting. I even remember an editorial about it on the front page.

Yeah that's what I'm wondering too. How long until someone figures out how to put Android on these via means of custom Rom similar to a lot of the windows phones? Dual Boot WebOS and Android anyone?

It's been done on the Pre.

$600 here, pre-ordered on June 19th.

Also, my CIO was burned by this, and they've terminated about $6 million of HP contracts by dequalifying HP as a vendor. Enjoy the bloodbath, HP!

So let me get this straight. Your "CIO" cancels the support lifeline for your existing HP PCs, and is not going to be buying PCs from a company that is getting out of the PC biz anyway. Your "CIO" sounds like a real Einstein. He would do well working for HP.

Proof or it did not happen. If in fact your CIO had a contract in place to purchase anything I am sure there is no clause in there that states anything that would allow them an out for stopping production of a crappy consumer product.

Clearly you are pissed, I would be to, but I am not because I was not stupid enough to by anything from HP, but making up stories makes no sense or adds nothing.

Carry on

My original comment was a little extreme. But I sure do hate a certain CEO!

Damn and just yesterday i went to best buy for the first time to play with a touchpad, i did like it but knew webos had a long way to go before i could throw down that kind of money on it. maybe now it might be worth it, as long as the homebrew community stays active.

It will, I will still continue to develop my app for it. Hoping this is just the death of the hardware, not what we value most, the software...only time will tell.

I will also buy one for app development.


I suddenly feel like a pirate...

with this fire sale of TP, there will probably be a pretty good market for apps

I am developing for WebOs too. Was planning to roll out the game by the end of september on phones only. But i guess ill be making a touchpad version as it seems, after this, tablet hardware is all thats left (that is if WebOs can make it to the end of next month)

better port to iOS and make some $$$

Ye, i am actually targeting ios (using cross platform Shiva3d engine). Was planning to use webos as a guinea pig, as the developer program is free


So what about those who paid full retail price on July 1st? Do we get to eat the costs or do we get some sort of refund here?

Derek, I know you are out there. Would you be kind enough to be our 'early adopter ambassador' and ask HP what they will be doing for those who bought their device on/around launch? Thanks!

don't be absurd. this is what happens to early adopters who didn't listen to me that this firesale was coming.

Someone's feeling self-important.

I think Derek made sure today that he wouldn't be doing ambassador work for HP anytime soon.

I think HP has made it pretty clear they don't care for WebOS customers. Period.

HP will surely make it right. they always do. Just ask Pre- owners who are happy with their Web OS 2.2 update

lmao ya HP dont give a F**k about webos fans.. they wont do **** to "make it right"

they are special, no?

wow, I want one... I live in Spain, but I might be traveling to US next month, will there be any left?

I'd bet the Touchpads I'll get tomorrow there won't be. They'll sell like hotcakes.

That's a nice price on an online capable picture frame (just need to setup a photobucket account and you'll never even need to touch it after setting it up).

Put it on exhibition mode. No doubt the Touchstone will also be cheap.

wow **** my life!!!!!!!

that makes me want one...

was hesitant to jump on after reading most the reviews but is it worth it now?

Marketshare in tablets for webOS triples overnight?

Grows 1000%.

increases to .04%

at that price i'm going to buy two.

I actually will probably pick a couple up myself-- I already wanted to get a second one for work, and at that price, there's no excuse not to. Then I'll grab another as a backup for when one of them dies...

Since they don't care about profit, how about sending us early adopters a refund check to "make things right".

I wholeheartedly agree...

Everyone that bought want got to feel like kingfor a day, short lived gratification not unlike a trip to disneyland...

When its over, its over.

They don't want to make things right.

why would they "make things right" they wont be selling u hardware in the future so why should they care? their not looking to retain u as a customer anymore.

That would be nice, but I can't even get a $50 App Catalog promo code out of HP yet and I bought on 7/1!! Have contacted HP reps three different times and "they are still working on it".

They are going to give you $400 off the launch price of a Touchpad to make it right.

same here man, can you believe they want me to fax in proof of purchase... jump through hoops for them, when it's something they promised, and now THIS!

Yep, I faxed them two days ago EVERYTHING they wanted for my proof of purchase. The Live Chat guy today even said they have "updated my account" with the proof of purchase.


So, the guy tells me "I request you to be patience and wait for more couple days."


Maybe they'll send you a dozen Touchpads to make it right.

With the way they've executed this, and the backlash they've gotten, every person who's bought one in the last 2 weeks will probably have returned theirs. They're going to have to pay people to get these off their hands...

My wife is pissed I spent $860 on launch day but oh well... such is the price you pay to be an early adopter. :/

If anyone is on the fence this should push them over the edge. Hopefully they will move these units and release the numbers... maybe devs will still do a little work on the platform.

Well, what would you have done with 4 more TPs for the same amount of money, anyway?

shiiiiiiiiit... I woulda gone all Oprah!

YOU get a TouchPad! YOU get a TouchPad! You get a TouchPad!



Never bought one but at this price its attractive as a work tool... I'm a sales rep and could use it for demos. The then again you can't edit office docs can you? That and I migrated from web os to android makes it questionable even for 100 I just don't know how much utility I would get out of it.

I use one at work. You can use Typewriter Beta to make text files that plop right into Word. You can also use TapNote. This device is an absurd steal at $100 even if webOS just holds serve for the next couple of years.

Of course, then there's the whole "should I be giving money to HP while Leo "THE Moron" Apotheker is still in charge" thing. I think I will get one myself because of the value it would have too me, and the fact it would be helping to support the parts of HP that actually did try to get things going.

HP has to be losing money selling the hardware at $99 a pop that probably costs more than that to build, so it's not like you're giving them any profit.

Damn, Damn ..........Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmnnnnn!

All those that paid 500 for this thing must feel like idiots right now. Did you really expect this product to be successful?

Yaknow, you don't need to be suchadick! Yes, I did think it would be successful or I wouldn't have bought one. Rubbing salt in my wound is uncalled for, didn't your mother teach you any manners?

Yeah, I did actually. I must be an idiot.

I feel like you are an idiot

I may actually buy one now.

This absolutely pisses me offfffff!...ugggghhh...I don't care if they ever bring it back now...once this clonks out , I'm done with web OS....love it but I gotta leave it now......

not even worth it at that price. C'mon guys think about it!

Definitely worth it for that price. Look up the prices of a decent digital photo frame. Look up what a 3.0.2 Touchpad is capable of doing.

how can you tell?... if you can see the future, share it with us with detail

It has an Amazon Kindle app -- makes the touchpad one of the cheapest versions of the Kindle available on the market.

With iFix teardown pricing the hardware for the 16GB touchPad worth $250 it is entirely worth it. I would not be surprised if at some point someone figures out how to run Android on this thing. Since it will be a lot cheaper to buy one these and load up Android vs buying a more expensive stock Android running tablet.

I think I'm going to do it. I can use it to go on the web and to stream music.
Angry Birds too.

Wow. They are really wanting to kill this webOS hardware thing and forget it ever happened.

This is like a stocking stuffer.

I'm just curious what they will do for us that paid full price on launch day.

My suspicion is: laugh heartily.

I think everyone needs to change their mentality about what HP is going to do for us. The better question is what are we going to be doing for webOS. Yes, the interviews are vague, but the gist of them is the fact that they are dropping hardware and have said they plan to develop the operating system. If they blow through the entire inventory of TouchPads at these prices and increase the marketshare and somehow have a licensing deal in their back pocket that they will be announcing in the next two weeks -- just do your job as an early adopter. Tell people how great the operating system is, the advantages it has over iOS and Android tablets. Tell people what is good about it, what is bad about it, and for crying out loud buy some applications to support the developers so they keep building quality applications.

Yep, ask not what HP can do for you, but what you can do for HP.


if people actually jump on this, it might actually help webos's development. that is if HP sticks by what they say...

QVC doesn't even have the touchpad listed anymore...

damn! Imagine the price on Black Friday, probably $19.99.

There will be an entire semester dedicated to this mess in business schools all over the world... Seriously, this failure has reached epic.

Product Execution 101: HP - Fails Like Nothing Else

yup and brought down the us market when it went down 20% lol crazy right? i bet my professors will bring this up next month

if i was a professor i wouldnt even let my students study this **** ..

So far, it's only Best Buy Canada to have done this. That's not the price on the US site:



And, no, Best Buy Canada won't ship to the US.

Sorry, updated to reflect. Wasn't paying attention to URL... #bleary

I just went to the Best Buy website, and for both varieties of the TouchPad were listed as "not available." Oh well.

SSSWWWEEEEETTTTT!!!!! Hope Costco lowers it so I can get a price adjustment or just refund it. At this price I may buy an extra 16GB model for my 7 year old daughter :D

I have my receipt in hand, but I am over the 14 day return policy to BB... but at least I got that $50.00 app credit! That should make me feel good, right?

Are there even enough Touchpad optimized apps on the App Catalog to spend the 50$?

You can't return it but I'm 100% sure you can get a price adjustment, so you get $300 back to your credit card or if you paid cash they'll send you a check within 2-3 weeks.

Everywhere I look it is still $399/$499...

Anyone find this deal?

doesnt it say saturday?

Does anybody know when HP posted the 64GB white model on their website? Was it prior to the quarterly announcements or after? I believe it was posted on the HP France website prior to the announcement, but I am unsure on the US website.

You are correct. France was live yesterday, US was live today -- after the earnings call.

HP Home & Home Office store refunded difference! They accept returns up to 21 days after delivery. I paid $477.99 for my 32GB TP which was delivered on August 2nd. I called their returns and exchanges line, gave them my order # and said that although I like my TP, I wanted to return it unless they were willing to refund the difference. Once they verified the new pricing, they were very happy to issue a credit for $328 and thanked me for keeping my TP.

Just called the local Best Buy in Central Texas and they haven't heard a thing about this, and are still charging the prices they were yesterday. That said, I put one on hold to be sure if it does go on sale tomorrow (they have more than 30 in stock), I'll be able to get one. Thanks for letting us know about this. It's a bright spot on a cloudy day.

i hope there is a deep psychology behind all of this..

Wow. Just... wow.

They weren't able to move very quickly when they acquired WebOS but they sure can do so now that they've decided to dump it.

It's tempting but... when you give it some objective thought it's better to put the money you would spend on this towards something like one of those sweet Acer tablets.

On one hand I do feel bad for those who bought when these came out but on the other I am SO happy I didn't bite at the time....

Geez...sure hope HP does the same for the Pre3 and all other webOS phones.

I could buy 3 of these for the credit I got at Staples last night for my return.

At this price, its the best e-book reader and web browser out there.

Why buy a $129 Pandigital e-reader at Bed Bath & Beyond when you could pick up one of these? Or a color Nook at $249?

No wonder its sold out at Best Buy already.

>At this price, its the best e-book reader and web browser out there.

True, but it won't have anywhere near the battery life or lightness of one of the small e-ink readers.

@99.99/149.99 I'll pick one up

THIS IS IN CANADA. bestbuy usa wont pricematch it because their american site doesn't show this price.

I hope they sell the phones this way too, wifi only. They'd make nice mp3 players at $49.

Wow. I just returned the Touchpad I bought for my wife one Month ago. I think I might go pick one or 2 up for that price.

Those are both Canadian web sites (www.bestbuy.ca) and I assume they are shown in Canadian dollars. The 32GB TouchPad on the US site is still listed at $499 USD.

If this hits the UK i'd be tempted, kind of worth it for basic touchpad really, with home brew support and potential in the future for a decent app or two would be worth it.

Does anyone know off-hand if Best Buy has a 30-day low price garantee? I don't want to return it, but I wouldn't mind getting some money back.

Checked - they have a 60-day Price Match period:

Link: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Help-Topics/Bestbuy.com-Price-Match-Guarante...

The 60 days is only for "Perfect Match Promise" products which are deinfed as (from your link)

What are Perfect Match Promise products?
Products that are defined as Perfect Match Promise products include TV's $899 and up purchased on or after August 7, 2011.


"Does the HP TouchPad tablet qualify for the Price Match policy?
No. The HP TouchPad is on clearance and we will no longer be selling the units so we will not offer any price matches. We do offer a 60-day return/exchange policy for this product. "

Wonder how much the accessories will go down...

At this price, Paying 80% of the touchpad to buy a touchstone seems somewhat steep!

wow, that's nearly as shocking as the initial announcement thursday :-O i was holding out for the 7", but at this price i'll gladly take a full-size one off their hands. not finding the price available yet (Fri night), so will check again tomorrow morning, maybe my local Best Buy.

That is so F ing Wrong!!!!

on second thought, if they do this for the pre3 I will buy one, even if its from europe... I don't have a sprint upgrade for another year, but I can easily keep this as a second phone and hop to att on a cheapo plan.

it's still up there, don't worry ^^

it's still up there, don't worry ^^

Knows what I am getting tomorrow.

My wishlist is a White 64GB TP to match my wife's Veer and a GSM SIM and a Pre³ for $200!!! I don't have a problem buying unsupported hardware. Done it for years and at the end of the day, most consumers get crappy support from OEMs anyway. We are missing core apps for sure but I plan to hook my TPs up with some Ubuntu luv!!!

Has anyone official said what's going to happen to our Palm Profiles and the App Catalog?

$99 Canadian equals how many $$ American?

I think I'll buy 2 at $100 a piece.

going to best buy two buy 2 right now. already checked online and it says they are out of stock.
if nothing else they will be the best cheapest e-readers there is right now.

i called this firesale months ago.

Isn't funny how all of these things seem to be hitting now?

Yesterday WebOS was killed. I honestly didn't expect the ecosystem to collapse this fast.

word is, early adopters will get an additional $25 to the app catalog to make it right.


I honestly, wasn't planning to re-buy after returning yesterday. But at $99, I would have to seriously think about jumping back in.

At the verrry least, it would make a nice living room Kindle / email device and hopefully with enough of the units floating around a home brew cottage industry might be kept alive..

Bought mine from hp a few weeks ago, i contacted them and they are giving me the difference from what i payed. So contact hp and let them know.

I would use my $50 hp giftcard I received for the Sprint Pre I purchased last year. Would make it $49....

I called up HP and they gave me the discount. Purchased on 7/31

I just did this as well. They charged me 499 for the 32Gig, but said that I would see a $350 refund as soon as the device ships. I opted for 2 day shipping.

why not the US..damn only in canada!

Come on HP release one last update to free up the bluetooth to link with all other devices. Also if it's not to much for you enable GPU. Dang what a bad week!!

if they do this to the Pre 3 in UK, I'm so getting one. (as well as the touchpad)

secure erasing my device right now so i can return for 325 and rebuy like 4 tomorrow.

edit: LOL just tried searching amazon, and got no results.

I'm ordering mine tomorrow. Seriously, I can live with 3.0.2 and few apps for $100

Where's the Pre 2 liquidation? I'd love it unlocked.

£99 Pre and Touch in the UK please..

64GB please! LOL

I guess I can't ebay my TP unless I sell it for $1 and a pack of cigarettes. I guess my TP does still work just as well as the day before HP dropped the ax but it is so disheartening. I thought HP was Palm's savior and turns out to be incompetent, dishonorable, delusional and plain stupid. And they've abruptly euthanized a very talented developer pool and passionate fan base. I will have to wean myself off the blogs.

"I guess I can't ebay my TP unless I sell it for $1 and a pack of cigarettes"

I'm laughing so hard right now.

HAHA Right with ya!

3K people.. doesn't actually constitute a fan base. But I see your point.

Hey everybody! I just got off the phone with Future Shop. I ask if I can have the difference because of the price drop of the TouchPad. I've buy it on July 15th.

He said that they just got the new about the silly decision of HP to drop WebOS. He said that usually you have 14 days if the price drop but the boss at Future Shop is currently in talking about what they do about it.

He ask me to call back tomorrow and they will have an answer.

Honeslty, I have the feeling they will give me my 300$ back.

I suggest to call your store and ask. The guy say that since 2 hours all the lines was about the TouchPad...

HP is accepting orders tonight at the $399 price... then in 3-5 business days they will refund the difference. I purchased the 16gig at $424.99 (tax included, free shipping)used my $50 HP giftcard (received that when I ordered my second Sprint Pre from HP) Total was 374.99... then will receive refund of $318.75 in 3-5 business days. For $56.24 total I am going for it.

Who in their right mind would believe that HP is going to honor this deal?

Just like every other news that's come out in the last six months, I call BS.