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HP (briefly) sells TouchPads at higher prices; feeler for a future market? [UPDATE: It's back!] 113

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Mon, 03 Oct 2011 12:12 pm EDT


Very early this morning, the HP direct sales Web site put up the 32 GB TouchPad for sale for a short time. This was notable for a few reasons. First, it was not announced by HP's @Paul_for_HP or @BrynaAtHP, the two HPers who have said they will let folks know when (and if) the restocked TouchPad firesale begins. Second, it was not at the long-standing $150 firesale price; instead, HP offered (and apparently sold) the 32 GB TouchPad by itself, not in any accessory bundle, for $249.99 (a $100 rise).

While this could have been some kind of glitch in the site, we are wondering whether it was in fact a kind of trial balloon to test the market for a higher-priced TouchPad. Perhaps the new CEO, as part of her effort to "explore options to optimize the value of webOS software," is also exploring whether HP could go back into the webOS hardware business at a pricepoint that, if not hugely profitable, would at least largely cover costs and further grow the market for that valuable webOS software. It could, though, just be a test of whether the 100,000-200,000 new TouchPads being built could be successfully sold at the higher pricepoint.

Either way, we're always in favor of more TouchPads coming to market, especially from HP itself. It can only help boost the effort to save our platform.

UPDATE: The 32GB TouchPad has returned to stock (for how long, we don't know), with the above discussed price tag of $249.99. Go get 'em while they're hot!

Source: HP; Via: PreCentral Forums; Thanks to forum user Sam4U for the screenshot



Don't get the reasoning that this is a trial balloon for them to kinda, maybe, sorta get back into the WebOS hardware business.

Aside from their EXPLICIT confirmation that they are not deviating from Leo's plans, this wouldn't make any sense. This hardware is still being sold at a loss, and an additional 200,000 TouchPad users won't make any difference whatsoever covering the huge losses sustained thus far.

Well, with a loss of (probably) $ 50 per unit they could have produced 4 million Touchpads instead of 1 million. I guess this would guarantee a much better market penetration.

Why would they want to "penetrate" the market further at all if they're interested in either licensing or selling off WebOS to another company?

This would allow for other manufacturers a more peace of mind to know there is a desire for webos.

More users using webos becomes more followers of webos which comes to more talk of webos to buy more webos products.

Doesn't really make sense. Not only are they showing there is a desire for their product only at a cheap price point, but they are also creating a glut of tablets that will compete with anything a potential purchaser of WebOS could put out.

I mean, are there companies who want to spend hundreds of millions to get into the $250-400 tablet business? Seems like they're all there already with Playbook and several Honeycomb tablets.

Amazon might get in at this price point...or lower. As the are doing now.

It could be that HP is trying to demonstrate to Amazon that WebOS can sell tablets at a price higher than $99. Which is kinda retarded as it costs $300 to make the cheapest one.

Meh. So much for HP telling those that signed up, that more were available to purchase.

Amazon also has a model for backend revenue that makes that a sensible proposition. No one else does that doesn't already have a tablet (i.e. Apple and Microsoft).

You just answered your own question: if all HP is interested in is selling off webOS, then it would need to increase its value without spending too much. If it can spend a few million dollars to increase webOS's market penetration, it might be able to sell the webOS assets at a much higher price point.

You shouldn't base 'at a loss' on what that fix it site came up with. HP likely pays much less for parts and services since they buy in bulk.

Being that bulk order competitors like HTC and Visio are selling mass-produced, smaller-screened single-core tablets in the same $250-300 price range AFTER price reduction, I doubt a dual core 9.7 inch with FFC and Beats audio is under the $250 price point despite HP's volume discounts.

I agree...The person posting these news needs to write based on factual interpretations and analyses. While the forum is great, the news feeds have been utterly useless.

*If* it is a trial balloon, then it wouldn't be for HP itself. It would be for any potential partners they are in talks with.

Worst case for HP - they don't loose as much money.

It is all sold out again even for the price of $249 for 32G.

For those who are lucky and able to buy a TouchPad (I think HP didn't sell a lot at this price), once you received it, don't know how long you need to wait though.

You can go to www.TouchPadPlus.com and follow their Step By Step Instructions with SCREENSHOTS to boost up the performance TouchPad..

It is a lot clearer than just the pure TEXT instruction.. You won't get lost.. It simply works.

I can't see any chance that HP will get back into this business. It didn't work for them before, and they've burned all bridges now.

I think the best guess is: (1) as many have speculated, they decided to produce more
TP's to clear out component inventory and/or contractual commitments to suppliers/manufacturers; and (2) they may be considering bumping their fire sale price for that limited final sale inventory since the eBay market shows they can get that much per unit - why let scalpers rake in that money?

At this point I am really praying that Amazon snatches webOS. HP will never be succesful with it. Only Amazon can revive it. A Kindle based on webOS would sell in the millions. Not because of webOS, mind you, but because of the Amazon ecosystem.

People don't buy OSes, they buy experiences. WebOS without an ecosystem is not a compelling expereince, but as part of the Amazon ecosystem, it could reveal it's true potential.

So let's all cross our fingers.

Amazon doesn't want a computing platform. They want a content consumption and shopping platform. WebOS would be mutated and dumbed down into that - which is something I highly doubt anyone here wants - if Amazon ever got their hands on it.

I've wondered this same thing. It's a double edged sword. webOS with Amazon would penetrate millions of homes but we would end up with a product that doesn't look anything like what we have today.

WebOS will definitely live on.. what it looks like when all this is drama is "over" is anyones guess.

I hope that if Amazon assimilates WebOS, then the homebrew community would be able to resurrect the goodies from within the Amazon version. I doubt Amazon would want to market two faces of WebOS (their consumption face vs the face we know and love) but I could see that model working if they embrace homebrew like Palm does and HP did.

My thoughts exactly.

I don't believe that Amazon is interested or in any talks with HP. That's just a (probably baseless) rumor.

And if Amazon would aquire webos it wouldn't help us.

It would still mean no more smartphones and the tablets might not be recognizable as webos anymore.

If anybody buys webos (assuming Samsung is really out) it'll be HTC or Dell.

"Amazon doesn't want a computing platform. They want a content consumption and shopping platform. "

What a razor thin nonsense argument. And what is the difference? Like, you are expecting that someone will transform webOS into fecking server farm backbone, to make it more "computing" for you, or what? Consumer products, if you look closely at the word "consumer", are by definition mostly about "consumption".

And of course Jerrydan, you just KNOW what Amazon wants, right?

But if we are to stay in the realms of reasoning, and NOT the enchantments and firm claims based on nothing more than your super-inflated ego, than your reasoning is as flawed as usual:

IF they only wanted content consumption platform, and not computing platform, then why are they investing millions into & populate their own app store with tens of thousands of apps? Why aren't they going Barnes&Nobles way?

...and don't you think, they might see Google as (potentially, long term) most dangerous competitor, and would quite possibly like to command their own ecosystem, without such a tight dependency/bonds with elGoog's platform/services etc.

...and don't you think, that webOS would be perfectly positioned to leverage ANY web-centric company's strengths to a whole new level, on a mobile devices? Oh - I forgot, in your quite constrained view, "webOS is just a pretty UI", and you quite possibly think that the "web" prefix in it accounts for nothing else but marketing blabber..


We have a proverb in my country: "Wise knows what to say. Stupid say everything they know". I am not quite sure if I can translate all the subtleties to English properly, but you should get the picture. You just talk, talk, talk. Not care too much about making sense or sparing a thought or two, and instead just pushing your agenda.


...I am sorry, I didn't quite get your reply. Do you perhaps have anything to add, regarding my arguments?

...but if you ask me - while I don't get it, I still like your above reply better. Short & idiotic, so at least there's no need to disprove all your usual funny claims.

Your "arguments" consist of:

1) "Waaaah, I don't like what you write"
2) "If Amazon isn't interested in computing, why do they offer apps" - Uh, because they are a product to be sold, and Amazon takes the royalties, not Google as they would if they simply offered the full Android App Market.
3) "Isn't WebOS the perfect remedy for XYZ?" - No. It's failed every company and carrier that supported it.

See? Way less keystrokes. Just as easy to dismiss your nonsense.

ad 1) True. But, your Order, I am not the only one - coz nobody likes you, including your mom/dad/and dog, not just me. So while true, it has nothing to do with Amazon, and their offering being/not being a "computing platform"

ad 2) If something has a CPU, an open OS with API that can be coded against, plethora of third party apps that users can install to their liking - it is a computing platform, regardless how much you want to twist your not exactly thought out arguments. So yes, Amazon IS offering a computing platform with their Kindle Fire tablet (obviously...). What is a "computing platform" in jerrydan's definition, if you don't mind (that might be quite funny reading)?

"Uh, because they are a product to be sold (apps), and Amazon takes the royalties,"
...but, but, jerrydan, according to YOU, there's no real revenue in App Stores out there, even the Apple one (which I think we all agree is the one that provides the biggest income?), so WHY would Amazon invest big bucks in it, according to YOUR OWN LOGIC?
But according to MY logic, if they want to provide a COMPLETE mobile USER EXPERIENCE (and rightly so, because otherwise, they would be doomed, in the long run), it makes a perfect sense, even if being PERMANENTLY "in red" on it's own, as an app store - if they can offer full experience, they will recover it's costs in shopping/paid services.

ad 3) quote, please, would you mind NOT putting stupid phrases into my mouth AGAIN, just stick to your own arguments, or quote mine. If you can't be bothered to understand PROPERLY your adversary's arguments, than why do you reply, that doesn't make any sense (wait... it doesn't make sense, that's why you are doing this, right? To be consistent, right?).

But, but, but... you must keep arguing for the sake of arguing, right? Listen, how about you do us all a favor, just go away and shot yourself, that would be so nice of you?

Finally, just to make things clear to you, because you seem to be laboring under the impression that I am some "unreasonable webOS fanboy", blind to any reasoning:

I would be mighty surprised if it comes to that, Amazon buying webOS, I think it is unlikely, for all the Android investments they've made already. That would be just too much of a 180 deg spin, and that's just HP's specialty. And even if so, that would mean the end of webOS phones (at least in the foreseeable future). They just aren't in that business. Tablets, on the other hand, that would be a totally different story. And regardless what you think about it, webOS, by definition, by design, and by implementation, would offer big, big value as an intrinsically web-integrated mobile operating system, to any web-centric company, willing to get into the mobile hardware business, and offer their own dedicated hardware. It would have it's drawbacks, sure (you know, despite your #3 above, life is not black/white), biggest of which is lack of applications and negative mindshare, but TECHNICALLY, it has it's enormous strong points, too. Please educate yourself about it's web-centric DNA first, before replying that it is "just a nice UI"

Just as usual, you are but accidentally right in this regard, jerrydan, not BECAUSE of your reasoning (as funny as ever), but DESPITE your reasoning.

You know, just like that broken clock - which shows a proper time twice every day.

WAIT! I googled it up in Urban Directory, and I just LOVE the definition, in your context:


Copy here (it is just too funny):
"too long; didn't read."
1. The inability to accept, understand or pay attention to information when not separated by a header.
2. The ability to arbitrarily read 400 small posts but not a long one.
3. A sign of ADD or lack of reading capability.
4. A very cheap response and an indication of lack of wit.
5. 90% of the time: A lie.
6. A desperate attempt at a comeback used by people who just can't think of one.
7. Usually used by people who've been torn apart verbally but want one last attempt at looking witty.
8. Total failure at #7.
7. A sign that, not only is someone too lazy and stupid to read but, clearly, too lazy and stupid to even type out four words indicating such.
9. Collect every "tl,dr" post online, and you'll have a good estimate of the number of lazy idiots on Earth, who currently have Internet access.
10. Should really be:
"Too Lazy, Don't Read."
".....I got nut'n!"

Just can't help but think they know you there at UrbanDictionary, jerrydan!

"Brevity is the soul of wit".

You're welcome.

"too long; didn't read" - it must be the very definition of being witty in your opinion, then?

...but in spite of you APPARENTLY keeping reading & replying to that thread, I especially like the points #2, #4, #5, above (though most of them apply...)

"You're welcome."
Sadly, can't say the same about you.

The wise man knows what to say, while the foolish man says everything he knows.

That sounds a bit better, no? I like your proverb~

do we have any proof that any touchpads were actually sold at that price? reports in the forums say it was indeed just a web monkey glitch, that no touchpads were ever available.

the new prices did have to come from somewhere though, so speculation will be rampant.

HP has absolutely committed to filling all the SMB back-orders at the original firesale prices, so the only touchpads these new prices could apply to is whatever few are left available after that, certainly far less than 100k.

If HP is considering this price point for the final touchpad sale, I'd agree this might be meant to combat the scalpers... if the market will bear $249 for a touchpad, then HP only loses by selling them for $149... the scalpers will buy them up, and the majority of end-users will have to pay $249 anyway.

I too heard that those that placed orders this morning all got cancellation notices. I had one in my cart just to see how far through checkout I would get. Before I could complete the purchase, the website refreshed and threw the item out of the cart. Status went back to OOS.

As a side note, I typed in various coupon codes to see if I could get the price down toward the 32G firesale price. None worked of course (tried SAVE100, SAVE75, SAVE50, etc). Got a "that coupon has expired" notice each try.

Yes, that would be true.

Also remember that when they were selling for $299 and $399, they were the #2 and #7 BEST SELLING TABLETS ON AMAZON. They would have done just fine at those positions if corp leadership weren't complete jackasses.

Regardless, TPad's are over a million now, webOS is the hot commodity. App sales are up 10x and BIG NAME devs are writing and releasing for the platform.

That there is no "next" device means nothing. The platform waited 18 months for the next device all the while devs added apps and the platform grew. The TPad has been out for only 4 months...

"they were selling for $299 and $399,(...)They would have done just fine at those positions if corp leadership weren't complete jackasses."

100% true. I am sure that they would be selling quite good (if not fantastic - when backed with a properly scaled marketing campaign) around the break-even prices, at $350-$400 range, if started at that price point.

Unfortunately, HP decision makers, just like some other "marketing geniuses" here, haven't seen a point in pushing forward A COMPLETELY NEW PLATFORM by aggressive pricing, advertising - and banking on the long-term returns, instead of immediate dollars (with the effects of chasing after "immediate dollar" being quite disastrously opposite - despite few "marketing geniuses" here, HP would be much better off selling TouchPads for "break even" prices, steadily, and continuing pushing webOS in the marketplace, rather than doing this idiotic somersault, and getting the immense hit, and writing off the whole webOS division).

Although we all know (like anyone knows anything about what is going on) that HP is out of the hardware business, I personally think it would be great for them to get back in it. To give it the good old college try. So everyone take out your defibrillator paddles and lets try to shock this thing back to life.
I personally would have payed the 250 price tag had I not gotten one at fire sale pricing. If this will be the new pricing, I will still get one for my wife at this price. I don't refuse to go to the ebayer's, but if I don't get one at new fire sale price, I will buy one.


From what I heard is HP is reconsidering the decision. About 100K touchpads got sold internally for employees in less than 48 hours (only for United States employees).

The internal message boards inside HP are talking about the three things

1.Improve performance
2.Create an improved and better looking device
3.Price it to sell.

I believe it is possible for them to do a 180.

All of those would be cool...let's see if it actually happens though.

Possible? - well - sure.

Likely? - far from it.

I don't see that happening.

not so sure they would do a 180, but they could and get away with it. Meg can say, I'm the new CEO and I after taking the position I feel we can move back into selling webOS and devices with a new focus.

but, i doubt it. I think they sold the tablets at a higher price to prove to the company(ies) who they are in negotiations with that a webOS can sell out fast at a higher price point.

I love webOS and hope it has a long and healthy future.

Shipped with this price to all world, gonna be a sale's champion...

In this conditions, still better than Amazon Kindle Fire. ;)

Well... still waiting for Touchpad Go...

Best Regards... B)

I agree, why on earth HP is not focusing on BRIC countries (Brasil, Russia, India and China )

Looking online just now, the price point seems to be set at $249 (32GB) and $219 (16GB), even though they are OOS.

A $50 loss per unit is sustainable if you have other revenue sources (accessories, apps, music d/ls, etc) and especially if you want to build demand and get a foot in the door. Sadly, the opportunity for such a play is probably gone now that Amazon has put their toy tablet out at a lower price point. Even though it's considerably inferior to a TP, people focus on the $ and not the fact that the screen area's basically 1/2 of the TP, memory is a joke, etc etc.

"A $50 loss per unit is sustainable if you have other revenue sources (accessories, apps, music d/ls, etc) and especially if you want to build demand and get a foot in the door."

How does HP get money from music downloads? Accessories never sold in great volume even when Palm had peaked with WebOS back in 2009. And app revenue? No.

Again, Apple has made just hundreds of millions from app sales over the course of three YEARS. In HP's wildest dreams, they would maybe get a third of that which wouldn't even cover a quarter of the purchase price for Palm, much less the sustained losses of selling Touchpads at a $50 loss.

Plus, you aren't taking into account R&D, labor costs, patent license fees paid out to competitors, etc.

IF that was the case, Wii's would still be way more popular than Kinect.

To get $50 back - HP would have to sell ca $170 worth of apps. And that's before HP or any part of the retail channel makes any money from it.

How much did you spend last year on apps?

How much do you think has been spent on average?
The average is probaly

They also listed the 16gb @ 219.99

I actually was up at 4:30 this morning and happened on this (I've been keeping HP's touchpad page open in my browser for a while). I hesitated for only a moment before I clicked on the add to cart and buy now (I already had an HP user id). I placed the order and got an email immediately from my bank (I Love modern tech, I have an email alert to go off whenever I spend more than $125.).

HOWEVER! I got the "We can't fulfill your order" from the HP web site. Hmmmm... So what does a dedicated WebOs'r do? I placed 3 more orders of course...

Sadly, I got exactly the same results (the last order I added the 3 available accessories to the cart). I quit after that and before I left for work, the add to cart button was gone and it said it was sold out.

By the time I got to work I'd gotten 4 emails from HP listing my unsatisfied, but sequential, order numbers and a number I could call after 10. I called that number at 10:04 and immediately (no wait, hopefully this is my lucky day) got a sales person who said he'd push my final order through, but he hadn't heard that any were available.

So... I'll let you know what happens in 5-7 days.

Wish me luck.

32Giger: 249.99
Case: 19.99
Dock: 49.99
Keyboard: 29.99
GA Tax: 25.62
Shipping: 15.99
391.57 which is, depending on when you're looking, less than what's on EBay.


UPDATE: @ 7:22 pm I got an ORDER RECEIVED email from HP detailing my order.

Touchpad, Case, Charging Dock & Keyboard, taxes & shipping.

I'll let you know if it was $400 well spent or not. If nothing else I have a device I can carry around instead of my 17" notebook.

About $100 more than I might have paid on EBay (and maybe less, the 32GB has been averaging around 310), but I don't have to worry about E-Thieves and user damaged goods or anybody elses fingerprints :).

The money-hungry board at HP won't be happy with just covering costs though. They want really high profit margins or else they'll get rid of it.

sadly, that's true. But I am not sure if it is worth the stock price plunge, they are experiencing, chasing these "quick dollar" pies in the sky...

They could have sold out at these prices during the firesale.

Right now it is a little more challenging, both because it contradicts what they've said and also because the Kindle Fire actually comes in under those price points.

If it were me, I would try pricing the 16Gb at $199 and the 32Gb at $240.

Nope. The 32 GB sells at 250 and more on ebay. Ebay sales are less trusted than retail or directly from HP - meaning people would pay more outside ebay.

So even with webos declared dead I'd expect the 32 GB to easily sell at 299.

HP had no trouble seeling them at 399 during that sales weekend shortly before they droppe the bomb.

I think it would be great for HP to sell them for $200 (16gb) and $250 (32gb). I would have paid that for them. I tried getting them when they were $299 at Staples.

That would be enough to keep webOS alive to give time to get new models out. With the new models they could raise the prices OR have an entry level model and Elite model.

They have dozens of laptop models.. Why not have various tablet models.

now only if they have Touchpad Go for sale, I would grab that in a sec.

folks, HP is done with this stuff. Whitman just received her iPhone as her corporate mobile device.

The question I have is...why are they selling more when those of us that still have an active order and are waiting for ours to ship havent recieved ours yet? Doesnt make sense :( So sad that webos is dying. Such a great os, just no mainstream support. Great homebrew support, but thats relatively it


well, this they are about done with all this. Why would they start to care now?

One of the worst cluster F's in the history of product management.

Hi all,

Not just do I NOT BELIEVE that HP is getting back into the business...there won't be any new apps written other than what was under development when Leo pulled the rug out from under webOS, (I mean privately developed software as well as apps under development by HP or webOS)!...who would believe HP again???

(Parenthetical Good luck to Leo getting a job again...public lying in the era of Youtube is hard to over look)!

The more I think about it...HP also killed off any chance of webOS being licensed out....by lying when they said they would write apps themselves, pay to have apps ported and to supply money and manpower to make it happen...

If this was said by Mark Hurd, it could be dismissed as the old regieme...however Leo himself said it...

Why would any other firm even if licensing webOS, pour major bucks into an OS making HP richer by developing more apps....the only way webOS can survive and thrive is to be sold! Otherwise all that's left is to hold the funeral...

I think a sale of webOS will happen sooner than later and that it will be very reasonably priced...Meg wants this off the table as an issue long before Next March's annual meeting...this way she'll have one less thing to be yelled at by angry stockholders.

take care,


Sold ? To whom ? Nobody wants it. If anything HP needs it for the long term.

HP would have needed it if they where still interested in staying in the consumer product busines.

They can use it on printers etc... - but don't really *need* it for that.

webos will die if HP keeps it.

OTOH HTC or Dell could really use it (and Samsung - but they ruled themselves out).

With the arrogance we've seen, I'm sure Leo and now the rest of HP think WebOS is worth about $2B in a sale, while the market is probably willing to spend about $300-500MM. That's a pretty big gap and I bet HP would rather eat the whole $2.5B+ they've invested, then let it go for $300MM.

Every day that goes buy, it's worth less and less and WebOS falls further behind. Winning!

...and again, fully agree...

...fully agree....

Sell more, more, more.

Never mind

Check and got the message "thank you for your interest BUT NOT AVAILABLE". I wanted a matching set:)

From what I've seen, they were not sold. According to slickdeals.net everyone received a notice stating the order was declined:


I wonder if Amazon buys webOS, that they'll gut the Touchpad, the way they did with the Playbook and use it as a shell for their system. What's going on with the Playbook now that the Kindle Fire has been announced ?

If they set this price at lunch they could rulle the tabet market in about 1 year.

The only point of ruling a market is to make money from it. At those prices they loose money - taking the fun out of ruling anything.

More sales doesn't help (to the contrary) if you loose money on every single sale.

I can put it my cart now, but there isn't anything on the main pages only on the direct link of http://www.shopping.hp.com/store/product/product_detail/FB359UA%2523ABA

I put it in my cart and got to the end to "Submit Order" but then bawked. I'm not sure if it will go down again to $149. If not I may grab it. But $250 is a bit high for an impulse/frivolous purchase. Now $200 seems OK. Not sure why the $50 matters but it does.

Reality check - two opposing arguments:

1. HP has done its best to kill webOS as a viable ecosystem for the foreseeable future. You guys who keep writing that nobody'll touch webOS with a 10-foot pole are on to something.

2. Palm is the Phoenix of the tech world. How many times has it died, been eaten, transformed, re-worked, only to rise again? How many other tech companies/technologies have anything close to that track record?

The columnist I posted a few weeks ago had it right: Leo decided that instead of innovating, resting on patents and using them as weapons was the easiest way to hoover up cash. Most companies avoid innovating, because that's hard, and subject to failure.

webOS as an OS is rarely a target of scorn, to the contrary, it's routinely praised. Yeah, it's another Linux-based system, but it works, has an innovative metaphor, and a passionate fan-base.

Best of luck to HP with at least being SOMEWHAT adventurous in seeing whether the Touchpads can sell at this price-point. They know demand is out there, if they've got some smart folks monitoring metrics, maybe they'll be motivated to re-think Leo's "I hate gadgets and will profile webOS to fail so I can make another SAP".

How would I purchase this with shipping to Canada? Anybody know?

Check out ebay. They have been selling for over $250 for over a month. Actually closer to $275. That is the market.

Saw the Update and went to HP right away to order it. Went through the whole order process that ended with:

"unable to accept your order

Thank you for your recent order with HP Home & Home Office Store. We regret that we are unable to accept this order."

I assume that means whatever allotment was available to sell had already been reached by the time I ordered. For anyone keeping time, it was 3:23pm PST when I reached the final screen.

This whole interweb and e-commerce seems to be a real mystery to HP. IBM has business solutions, ready yesterday, with support today and results tomorrow.

Just had a long live chat with HP agent Marge A. She indicated that new pricing was set at $219.99 for 16gb and $249.99 for 32gb. Limit of one per customer, she did not say household, and I didn't clarify. I couldn't get an answer on whether this was the pricing from here on out or not. She thought checkout would be live soon.

She didn't have any information on whether or not HP would follow through on their earlier intent to email those that signed up when additional stock was available. She said it was first come first serve.

Gradually I came to realize that this was somebody overseas (I'm slow) due to the phrasing of the responses to my questions. I have a transcript.

She could not provide a link to the 16G model said to check their site later tonight.

The 32GB touchpad's currently live at $249...


I also got the "Unable to Process Your Order" message.

So I used PayPal instead of my credit card.

Same message.

I called my credit card. They said BOTH transactions WERE PAID.

Update: it gets better. I called HP, and they tell me the transaction didn't go through, despite PayPal and my bank saying it did! They say they are out and trying to fix the web page to say so.

Moral of the story: Good tablet(s?) but lousy enterprise shopping server!

Hilarious! That means I might have two also, cuz after I entered my earlier post here, I noticed my HP shopping cart still had the TouchPad in it. Went through the order process again and got the same message EXCEPT now you're telling me both might've gone through. Well, I can't check my credit card account from work, I'll do that when I get home. If it turns out I'm getting two and can't cancel the second one and I can't figure out who to give the other one to, I'll offer it here for the same as what I paid.

YES! Continue to build them more!

Good luck! see my update above- who knows what is happening at the HP store. Wish they had Pre3's for Verizon at decent price!

Mine looks like it was fulfilled. I got an order confirmation. But I ordered mine at 5am and called them at 10am.


With so many industry experts, business analysts and armchair CEOs in these comments, I'm surprised HP hasn't read and listened to some of you!

So many know-it-alls, nay sayers, experts, refuters... I'm puzzled: if you're that good and know what you're talking about, why are you wasting time in comment fields of web articles, instead of making all these amazingly simple decisions you talk of and running successful companies? (and no, don't cite what you do; I don't care.)

Seriously, stop embarassing yourselves; surely leave comments based on your own thoughts, wishes and opinions, but stop stating stupid things with some kind of mirage-like authority.

daonei, it's a _news article_. There were facts in it... here's a know-it-all tip for you: their articles occasionally practice some journalistic license; look it up if you don't get what that means.

Like some other smart people here have stated -- this move, if real, is a smart one by HP; just like it is smart to keep developing, keep releasing new updates etc... it's called increasing the value of your product. Key word == VALUE. Something that has value can be sold at a higher price than something with lesser value.

If you somehow magically know that "at price point $x they're losing $y" then surely you get the potential logic behind this latest move.

And in closing my rant, "huge losses sustained thus far" was said -- you know this how? Do you know what profit or losses they've experienced in other lines of business? What do you class a "huge" loss versus a "sensible" one? Do you even GET how a companies' P&L sheet runs? (Again, rhetorical, it's obvious you don't.)

"factual interpretations and analyses" indeed.

i was going to down vote you thinking you were a revived hp fanboy, your argument does hold some water. im not happy about the price bump but if it means bringing webos hardware back to the market then so be it.

Hey, I don't deny I'm a _PALM_ fanboy... that's beside the point and has nothing to do with my rant :)

I'm merely over all the so-called experts saying stupid stuff on article after article here...

Yawn. Fanboy drivel that regurgitates the same "HP is a multibillion dollar company, and I think they know what they're doing more than some Internet troll!" boilerplate defense that was repeated ad infinitum.

Turns out the "trolls" here saw all of this coming way before it happened, but got shouted down for not drinking the Kool-Aid. Also turns out that HP did not and STILL does not know what they're doing in this space.

There's no "magic" to knowing price points, approximate profitability points, and revenues from both devices and app sales. Basic math, research and deductive reasoning pretty much does the trick. Of course you don't rebut that but rather choose ad hominem attacks that just make you look stupid.

Not that you needed the help.

1. Order summary
Order subtotal $249.99

Shipping Standard 5-7 Business Days $15.99

Estimated tax 77071 $21.94

Recycling $0.00
Total $287.92

My HP order total says $287.92 for the 32GB. That is high. I turned around and bought same 32GB, SEALED in manufacturer's box for $242.92.

I bit the other way. Let's compare notes when we get them.

Interestingly your shipping for just the touchpad was the same as my shipping for all 4 products. And my taxes were less than $4 more than yours.

32Giger: 249.99
Case: 19.99
Dock: 49.99
Keyboard: 29.99
GA Tax: 25.62
Shipping: 15.99
391.57 which is, depending on when you're looking, less than what's on EBay.

Out of stock... Please check back soon.

149.00 Good price, 249.00 Too Much for a cheap cracking plastic device with a dead OS.

I think they should pay you 500 for getting one. That's a really fair price.

a better price point might be 149 for 16 gb and 199 for 32 gb.

The 16GB was up for sale also. It has to be a glitch, b/c it's too hard to navigate to the pages to purchase a Touchpad. I think that HP is just setting up the sites to get ready for launch, but someone jumped the gun. Who knows if the prices will stick. http://www.shopping.hp.com/store/product/product_detail/FB355UA%2523ABA/...

I called hp and confirmed it being a glitch. They also said when it does come up for sale again (which she confirmed it will just doesnt know when) then the prices would remain the same. 99 and 149

HP just told me that they WILL NOT be selling TPs to the general public again. At all. Ever. Only HP employees. Period. I have a name and employee number of the supervisor who told me this.

Now, I'm inclined to think it was just the brush off because he couldn't explain away the TP that was sitting in my cart that the rep from earlier added for me, telling me to call back at midnight EST. But, hey. Corporate is getting a call from me tomorrow. I'm up way to late to not be getting a TP.


fabulous day!
looks like HP is getting back in the game
I am holding out for the 64 Panda TP with built in GPS
they need to have a macro lens capable camera if they wants to go enterprise
they can make these in various flavours
in case HP doesn't know it, the path to enterprise is through games, a truth I think Meg Whitman understands

Spoke with HP this evening and was told they did not have any TouchPads in the past several days. It was an error and that they do not know when more would become available. No idea about how many will be available IF any more do become available the future.

How he **** a product appearing as AVAILABLE AND OUT OF STOCK TWICE with a NEVER SEEN PRICING could be an error?

I mean, really a sales rep, or the one inmediately above him could have accurate info about what's happening with the products?

What does this all mean? HP IS A COMPLETELY USELESS COMPANY!!

price point still comes down to one thing, 'WE'have no idea what HP pays for components. if you buy 1 you pay x, you buy 2 million you get z, supply and demand. it could very well be at this new price point that they are making money off them. Before someone goes off about marketing etc etc. all those things are rolled into the actual cost per unit.
Until i see an actual invoice saying it cost them 300 per unit to build and and get to the retailers, our 'GUESSTIMATES" ARE JUST THAT GUESSES.

To this, I offer the following from their CFO:

"Additionally, it quickly became clear that pricing parity would not generate demand and we subsequently lowered TouchPad pricing by $100, which has added incremental near-term cost to our model. Even with the price reduction in Q3, we needed to better align our unit forecast with the sell-through reality in the quarter, and we took a $0.05 charge to EPS in addition to the loss we were already expecting in the business. We would expect an even larger loss for webOS in Q4 if we continue to operate the business in its current form."

Now if you read that and think HP could make money selling Touchpads for $150 LESS than the ALREADY $100 price reduction she notes as "adding incremental near-term cost" to the Touchpad, then there's nothing else to discuss. No facts would affect the dreamworld you live in.

no dream world, projected revenues are just that projected. a best guess. i never said sell them at 150, or any other number. All i said was until i see an actual invoice relating to cost of each unit, everything that is said here regarding cost per unit is pure speculation.
As to their charge of .05, ok, they are doing their book keeping. ummm an old friend who is an account, his fav line, " figures lie, liars figure". You can make damn near any set of books say what ever you want. it just depends on how creative you wish to be. Naaaawww Corps dont do that do they, (pointing to the recent NYSE investigations of several companies for book keeping irregularities). CFO's never lie either right?!? never ever lol.. right

You're getting caught up in figures and missing the point, which is the following:

If they were projecting to sustain "an even larger loss" with "the business in its current form" (i.e. Touchpad sold at $399), how exactly are they going to make money by dropping the price to $250?

WHATEVER HP's actual component cost is and whatever the proposed "WebOS revival" price of the Touchpad from fanboys around here would be - $150,$250,$299 - it is FAR below a level that HP was already losing money on.

your basing that assumption on information that is not substantiated any where.
All guess work. if i wanted to kill off a product, and had to figure a way of doing it, this would be the way. Im not saying the info is wrong, but what better way to get your share holders onside than project a huge loss.
its done on a regular basis. as i posted above, figures lie, liars figure. pretty straight forward.
Will we ever know the truth about this whole thing, highly unlikely. Do we need to know, NO.
Will they bring back the TP, doubtful to the extreme. Do I believe much of what comes out of the talking heads of most corps, Heck NO!!

Wow....just wow.

Anyway, compare the TouchPad to any Android installed tablet, it is way too cheap.. Once people can port the Android OS and dual boot with WebOS in TouchPad, it is still a lot cheaper than any $400+ Motorola, Acer, Toshiba tablet.

Well, compare it with Amazon's price point for the FIRE.. Fire cost $199 but it is only 7" screen with only 8G memory and you can't do skype on Fire.

For now, I would just get a TouchPad and visit www.TouchPadPlus.com to boost up the performance for now.. and then wait for the dual boot of the Android install.

If they are able to sell these on their site, then why the #!@$!$% hasn't my firesale 32GB shipped yet???

I hate you, HP.

And I certainly would have paid $250 for one. Not $500-$600, though. I can get a fully functional laptop that I can run whatever I want on for that price.

Looks like its "Sold Out" again 5:30 pm EDT

Want to see a joke? Right at this moment 6:52PM EST on October 9, HP has the prices set at $549 for the 32GB and $499 for the 16GB! What is going on over at HP????