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HP to build additional limited run of TouchPads to satisfy demand 190

by Derek Kessler Tue, 30 Aug 2011 2:28 pm EDT

We’ve seen the massive demand for the fire sale-priced HP TouchPad, and like many we’ve wondered if the fights that have nearly broken out over the $100 tablets have been over a desire for a webOS tablet, or simply the desire for a good deal.

Seeking to stop the fighting (and maybe build some consumer goodwill after all but trashing the webOS userbase), HP has decided to reverse their decision to stop producing webOS hardwareat least for a little while. On HP’s The Next Bench blog, the company announced plans to produce a “one last run of TouchPads to meet unfulfilled demand.” Still unclear are how many TouchPads will be produced and when they’ll end up in consumer’s hands, but if the email recently send to prospective TouchPad customers on HP’s waiting list is any indication, it will be at least a few weeks. That tells us that production was completely shut down and HP didn’t anticipate the need to build any more TouchPads.

The company that wanted out of webOS hardware has to build more due to customer demand. Funny how that works.

Source: The Next Bench (pummelled by traffic), HP Email




FANTASTIC. I can't wait to get the word that they're available for this run. I sure as heck will be getting one!!!! WEB OS FONDLE SLAB!!!!!

I'd rather have them to build more Pre3's than Touchpads. I've been waiting so long for that phone (my Pre- is 2 years old and on his last breath).


Totally agree! I finally decided this week to pick up a Pre2 to replace my Pre- just in case...

FINALLY got through to HP after a few days trying. On hold for 45 minutes today.

The rep confirmed that my online order was in on time, and that my touchpad will be shipped in 6-8 weeks. I'm assuming this is because we have to wait on this production run?

I was a bit frightened, because I saw my CC Auth'd, then the charge disappeared entirely. Thought I'd been cancelled.

YAY! I'm getting a touchpad!

Now to find a Verizon pre2 so I can get my sprint pre- up to date :-(

Confirmed, same story, only I talked to them on Monday, they're supposed to be meeting ALL orders up till 22nd at 4am. 6-8 weeks was also the figure I was given.

How to check your SMB order status:


Informative article, from the source (come on precentral, wtf wasn't this in the article?):


Well atleast HP is doing something right out of all of this.

What, build more tablets to give away at 99 because there's demand for them at that price? Makes sense..

**** HP

Maybe I can grab one this time.

It is only to satisfy the orders that they couldn't fill the first time around. Most likely wont show any stock on their site.

boo gloomy gus!

I found this article:


HP hasn't confirmed though that new batch that they're going to make will be sold at the same discounted price as before or may be sold at a higher price.

Honestly do you have any idea what you are talking about? You could not be more off base, the orders HP could not fulfill were cancelled by HP thru email stating that we are sorry but your order could not be fulfilled due to lack of inventory, I know cause I got the email a few days after I ordered it. They are making more and will be putting the, on their website to sell! Come on now!

Nope. I got my online order in through the small business site. If you call that number, the recorded message will tell you if you didn't get your order in prior to August 21, that your order is cancelled. This run is to fulfill the demand for those who got their orders in before that time. I'm one of them, and was told today that I'll have my touchpad in 6-8 weeks. Sorry.

Demand is still higher than it should be because of the douchers buying up as many as they can and putting them on Ebay.

On a related note, this has got to be one of the craziest stories in Tech History. Relish the moment guys, you are watching history being made.

It is supply and demand, free market. If people weren't paying the ebay prices they would be selling for less. Saw a big close today on a 16 gig at $250 with like 27 bids on it.

If people don't buy the ebay ones, the sellers will be forced to sell at lower prices.

The douches on Ebay is why capitalism has a bad name around the world. Comes down to Greed. They did not have to sell for such outrageous prices. Yes, people will buy them but that is just taking advantage of a desperate situation. Like the people that pray on the old and weak.

Actually, $100 is really the outrageous price. What it looks like to me is that people are willing to buy a good tablet for $250. $600, not so much.

I think it's swell of them to pray for the old and weak. :)

They oughta avoid preying, though.

Capitalism works. Markets clear. Some folks are just mad because someone came up with a way to make a profit before they did. If you want to blame Best Buy or HP for not handling things differently, then that's part of capitalism, too.

The people who try to give capitalism a bad name a) do not understand it, b) want rewards for not producing, and/or c) want to limit the rights of other people to act in their own best interests. Moreover, what many people think of as capitalism is a mixed-bag, interventionist, semi-socialist, mercantilist mess which is not really capitalism at all, but that's a conversation for another day.

Not that it applies here, but do you really think that capitalism works well without intervention? You forget that for capitalism to work well, you must prevent things like monopolies, trusts and price fixing.

If it wasn't for anti-monopoly intervention, Apple would no longer exist. Microsoft wouldn't have bailed them out and ported MS Word to the Mac.

In a *true* free market economy, monopolies, trusts, and price fixing won't exist, at least not for long. The barriers to entry in a true free market are smaller than our highly regulated market as we know today. We do not currently have pure capitalism or a truly free market, for the reasons you listed many are brainwashed to think like you, that we need these regulations. There is no proof that the market would not regulate itself, because we don't let it. In a truly free market with no regulations and no business taxing, there is ALWAYS going to be competition, as it is easy for a competitor to spring up in any industry to address a market demand.
As far as Apple not existing, do you really think that a company that was that innovative would not have survived if Microsoft didn't "bail them out"? If anything, this starved innovation on Apple's part, because they wasted time trying to get the Feds to make Microsoft share. If those brilliant minds were instead focusing only on new technologies to compete with Microsoft, Apple could possibly be even further ahead in the market than they are. Look at what happened when they stopped trying so hard to compete in the desktop PC market - they changed the paradigm. That is what we want to encourage in a free market, innovation, not what some other company "owes you" because they came up with something before you did.

Read the shock doctrine. A true free market is a horrible, horrible thing.

I just read a synopsis of the shock doctrine. The book is based on how GOVERNMENT abuses capitalism. That is the point, get government out and capitalism works. With any gov't intervention and/or collusion, it becomes NOT capitalism.

In that case, capitalism does not exist. There is no capitalism without basic laws of contract and enforcement. And where there is law, there is a lawmaker, and interested parties vying to influence the laws. Government seeks to use capitalism for its own ends and capitalists in turn seek to use government for their own ends. CEOs are legally bound to act in the financial interests of their shareholders. Therefore, companies will favor a free market when it benefits them, and oppose a free market when it does not. Even capitalists, then, in practice do not always favor a free market. How is this not obvious?

Excellent post. Capitalism is as rife with corruption of forces who want free markets everywhere, except where they market. Take a good look at the alternatives that this world has produced recently. Ugggggly.

There is no such thing as a "free market;" all markets are regulated--the question is "by whom and for whose benefit?!"

And history quite clearly answers that, of course: the rich, the powerful, and the ruthless.

The rich, the powerful, and the ruthless use government to achieve their ends--all the while getting you to believe it's for your own benefit. Remember, the greatest trick the Devil ever played was getting you to believe he doesn't exist :-)

Most of the fraud, manipulation, and malfeasance would not be possible without continuous inflation by the FED (and central banks and fiat money creators throughout history). Keynes himself said that inflation was an invisible tax that steals from the populace in ways that "not one man in a million is able to detect." The periods where the lot of the people has improved the most have coincided with honest money and the greatest limitations on government.

Umm...everyone who bought one on eBay agreed to the price that they paid. I am so tired of this stupid, spineless, complaining about "price gouging," which just doesn't exist.

Correct. Most of the items on eBay are getting bid up by people, often starting from $1 initial prices. They are reflective of the price that the market is willing to pay, not of gouging. I suspect much of the griping on here is based on "why didn't I think to buy up 10 and sell them at a profit?"

No, because not everyone is a greedy b*s*a*d.

I really wanted to buy 10 and give them without any profit to my friends, family and colleges just to spread webOS and to help them.

But I know, most people think that all the other people on the world must have the same intentions as one-self.

Good idea. Now, get to the front of the line for the new HP run (btw, they're probably lying again) and beat the re-sellers. Everyone has an equal shot and thank God it's not manipulated by an utterly corrupt government agency.

That's nice and all but perhaps those people should just buy their own? Forcing stuff on family and friends doesn't work too well. Plus they'll bug you for support.

Yep, but there's no point trying discuss basic rational economics around here.

Everyone who currently wants or "needs" a Touchpad so badly and wants to just give them to friends out of the goodness of their own heart had weeks to do so. Stacks of them sat around gathering dust at various retailers.

It simply wasn't worth it. It's worth bargain basement prices, hence there being pervasive demand NOW that they're around. Even the $250 that some eBay or Craigslist ones fetch is FAR below Android tablets of comparable specs, much less the iPad.

Now we know the perceived value of WebOS from its newest influx of fans - far below that of the competition.

There is a common issue, which is that the majority of the people out there will only buy products that are popular or well hyped. So, you could have the best product out there, but it may not sell well if there is not enough marketing hype behind it to push sales.

WebOS...we had the original Pre on Sprint, and it had build quality issues. WebOS itself was still new and needed some work, but the build quality issues really hurt it, and WebOS didn't do all that well as a result.

By the time the Pre Plus showed up on Verizon and then AT&T, over eight months had passed, and the only improvement in terms of the technical specs was more RAM. Better build quality helped, but for that difference in time, the Pre Plus was already only competitive with the phones from "last year". WebOS was better, but it was outdated compared to the top end devices running at 1GHz stock speeds.

The problem has NEVER been as much about WebOS, which many people really love after using it for more than a few minutes, the problem has been about technical specs that don't draw the enthusiast crowd(which hypes products beyond the advertising).

So, the Touchpad...at $400, it might have done ok, but without the Pre 3 for Touch to Share and getting the people who buy the phones, love them but now want a tablet, the Touchpad really stood alone. Remember, people care about the size of the screen, and the WebOS phones that sold to the public were seen as under-sized.

HP screwed up in how they tried to sell WebOS devices as a whole, and the Touchpad suffered as a result.

Around here, people have their sense of entitlement stating they want to develop or they've been webOS users since day one.

Nevermind the "devs" who were selling their "free" or reduced priced devices in the past. These guys aren't greedy right? Why couldn't they just sell at cost?

How about the donations we're hit up for every other week for webOS internals? Is this greedy? Why not charge for Preware and be done with it?

Nope, the ones buying TP's to sell are bad. We'll just forget the fact that HP caused the whole thing to happen. In fact, HP wants you to believe they had no idea people would go ape sh&T for 99.00 Touchpads. They've said it more than once. Just one more story to add to the pile.

Thank you.

Do these people never go to the shopping mall? The profit margins in the anchors make these guys pale in comparison. Nobody is selling generators or bottled water in the hurricane zone. It's a freakin' tablet computer that NOBODY actually NEEDS.

Get over it. It's a free market and thank God for it.

So what exactly do you think price-gouging is? Look up a definition. It's precisely when sellers take advantage of a short-term situation to raise prices above what they would otherwise be. Of course price-gouging is a natural function of the market. Of course people are paying the price of their own free will. Price-gouging does not require putting a gun to someone's head. It's part of the reason why totally free markets lead to monopolies and higher prices (per Adam Smith), and hence why every advanced nation regulates markets and has competition watchdogs.

You can certainly argue that there's nothing wrong with price-gouging (which seems to be where you're going), but you can't deny that it exists without changing its definition.

You have your priorities out of whack. This is not a desperate situation. Nobody is going to get hurt, die or loose their job if they don't get a touchpad.

For real! I've never seen anything like this. Even BF doesn't cause this much buzz.

I just hope my order (hp.com) from the 22nd isn't part of what they're trying to satisfy.

I agree but the really interesting thing is that on ebay the 16 gb are consistently going for $150-$225 and the 32 gb's are going for $250-$325. I would have expected them to go cheaper. That shows that there really is a demand for this product and not just a bunch of deal seekers.

isn't it ironic, don't you think? I hope the manufacturing costs go way up as well, so they suffer an even larger loss, because they can't go back up on the price now.

I understand what youre saying. It wont happen tho. The older a product gets the cheaper the parts become.

You guys don't actually BELIEVE HP again do you. These liars aren't getting all emotional about people's response and making one final run to satisfy everyone. They are losing $200 a pop on every unit!
HP most likely has already paid for this production run or they can't stop what's being made etc. They have lied at very step of this pitiful process, and I fully expect them to continue.

I am glad H.P. is doing this but I am still pissed about their decision to abandon WebOs hardware.
What they should do is keep selling the Touchpads but raise the price a bit to...16 gig for $249.99 and the 32gig for $279.99 and even though it would still be a loss for them, it would get a lot more people into WebOs and change the course.

C'mon baby. I know we've broken up, but lets do it just one more time. And no, I won't call you in the morning after this one either.

Just like I wouldn't blame that guy for "trying", I'm not gonna blame HP for trying to get one more hit. If people fall for it, it's their fault. I'm betting it won't be at $99 this time around.

HP, if you pull this off... +1 to ya.

With Quickoffice document editting hitting the streets today, this is good news. Maybe it was all just a long nightmare and we've all just been awakened.

I hope with all this WebOS interest and buzz, someone, beit Samsung or HTC for instance, will take notice and buy WebOS from HP!! That's really what needs to happen in order for WebOS to survive and subsequently have any chance of flourishing.

what they should do is make the pre3 and release on all carriers..

then start shping it to another comapny.. bottom line is, you need hardware (smartphones) in the market, so all the people with webos hardware can buy the pre3 and that will tide them over until a new webos owner can then release new hardware a year from now, or how ever long it takes to make the hardware, get approved, etc..

Samsung or someone please buy webos.. it deserves a good home with a company who knows what to do with it and is willing to double down!!!

I would make an unlocked version for both CDMA and GSM. This would 1) open the opportunity to anyone to buy on any carrier, 2) give CDMA carriers more customers that they would not have to service as much as a subscription/subsidized phone buyer, 3) give HP a leg up in the battle against iphone dominance by providing a cheap but high value unlocked WebOS phone on ANY carrier.

Maybe Im thinking too far ahead for a company like HP tho.

Note that the FAQ update mentions that these will be produced in their FY 4Q, which ends October 31st. So any newly produced stock will be produced within the next ~8 weeks at most.

*produced* They could be finished on Oct 31 in China and then shipped by barge over the Pacific...

I'm with you Derek, I think the minimum few weeks also has to do with the matter of transport. If they had units to ship today, those containers aren't going to be ready to be sold by Friday.

I can't see them being sold before Halloween.

HP still sucks. If I can manage to get my hands on one, the TouchPad will be my first & last product I purchase from HP.

I'm glad my Pre 2 says Palm on the back & not HP.

webOSOS is working!

do you think there is a chance they change the price at all?

Now if we can only get them to release the Pre3's



Somebody, somewhere, has just found their killer MBA case-study theses..

lol, so true!

Give me two years and indeed this shall be me :)

And it's title shall be: "BAT **** CRAZY!"

They should at least make sure that people who currently have an active Palm profile account can get one to keep us in the WebOS camp until the final resolution becomes clear. I haven't purchased an app for many months, waiting to see if I could get viable hardware.

The chances are that HP is contractually obliged to buy components and use the factories. They probably also have shipments of components that were just delayed because of all the hoohaa, but they have already paid for. So instead of just paying damages and throwing the unwanted components into a landfill, just as well get the stuff made.

Still, good corporate communication spin by HP. For once they seem to be doing something right (their corp comms that is).

I think that was all covered in their "winding down device operations" quote. This seems like a limited unwinding of the winding.

I want the TouchPad that's preinstalled with Leo's head. Probably will have endless puzzle apps that's not solvable.

well I hope I can get one I did send them an email asking that they allow current palm profile holders first dibs and some other things got the email back this morning pretty much ignoring everything I said and just said they were out of stock or I could buy a laptop or netbook instead lol sure let me do that. It's doubtful many will be made I'm sure they are just finishing up production on the ones they can with the already made and bought parts they have lying around in stock wherever they are produced in china or something.

They probably need a specific number of sold units given by someone else before any deal can be made.

Don't know how many are sold already, but HP can easily know how many sold, and how many were activated. And most likely a third party won't invest in WebOS unless HP can meet the minimum of Userbase. That's the only reason why HP willing to resume limited production at a loss.

That email, as I read it, says:

"You might be able to buy a TouchPad in the future, maybe, at an unspecified price, if you can find one.

"So between now and TOMORROW, be sure to give us some more money for other stuff we couldn't move at its original price."

In other words, yet another attempt to string everyone along.

Please, please, please, someone rescue webOS from HP. I desperately don't want to do business with them ever again.

My email didn't come with any of those quotes.

Great so more slickdeals/fatwallet dudes go snag them up the minute they are available and sell them for twice the price on ebay.

They said they'd be implementing a limit 1/customer thing, so that might happen a little less this time around. I got my 32 at original pricing and am clinging to it because I can't find any more of them, but I'd really love to get a 16g for my girlfriend; hopefully I'll be able to.

Yeah, they said that about the first fire sale too...

hopefully ebay prices go down with this news

I've said this from the start....'This is nothing but a sales stunt!! The only way for WebOS to catch on is to get it in customers hands and they would fall in love.' This is how HP is spinning it. Now WebOS is on peoples minds and some are curious on what this WebOS is and are trying it. Shoot for $100-$150 bucks who wouldn't. HP is the new 'drug' dealer on the block. Get them hooked and watch them beat each other down to get a halfed backed hardware tablet. PRICELESS!!!

i've actually been suprised by some of the comments by alot of android fan boys who bought the device to put android on it and it seems that they've all come to like webOS from wat i've seen anyway. They complain about the lack of apps tho which is completely valid but kinda surprised me how many of them were sold on webOS

I think the TouchPad comes with a full back on it...And I believe it is mostly baked too...maybe a little gooey in the center, but I do loves me some moist cake, so...

Sorry, couldn't resist. The thought that a TouchPad was only covered half way on the back...hey, I know there are some TPs with a crack near the speakers, but we don't need to see THAT kind of crack if the back is only half covered...if you know what I mean.

I wonder what the terms of the "out" clause is on their contract with factories making the TPad. Perhaps this decision to make more and sell below cost is a better business decision than to pay the factories for terminating the contracts early. I really doubt HP is doing this out of charity for customers.

But... I'll stop before the whole "Gift Horse" adage comes to mind.

The question, which perhaps PreCentral could try putting to Todd Bradley, is "why"? This move isn't fiscally sound. If HP is getting out of the tablet business because of lost revenues, then why spend more money to make another round of tablets for further loss? They are under no obligation. It's not as if 30,000 more Touchpads flooding the market will change HP's quarterly report for the better or bring back App Developers or Accessory partners to a dead device. Some might point to good will, but there is a long history of companies killing products before maturation - much to the chagrin of customers - and marching on. More likely, HP is honoring those purchases from HP Direct and SMB from the initial Firesale weekend- those whose payment has been processed but are still waiting for delivery- unlike dealers, like Barnes and Noble, who just canceled their over-sold orders. That begs the question, how many devices will truly be left after those fulfillments?

I wonder if HP still has commitments to parts suppliers such as Qualcomm who made the CPU, Beats Audio for the speakers, etc. that they must contractually fulfill. This sounds like an easy way to make consumers happy, build up the webOS userbase some more, and satisfy those supplier commitments, if any.

Lying is their M.O. Why would anyone who knows them, believe otherwise?

Because at this point it's the most cost-effective way to get webOS into the mindshare market out there...more traction, whether decide to keep webOS and license it, or sell it, it (slightly) increases or at least maintains the buzz and therefore value, without having to develop any more new hardware –

That's why :)

Love this news. I didn't do the "Notify Me" thing with HP to have them lemme know when more are coming, and I feel stupid for not doing that. I want to get one more for my folks who aren't very techno savvy. Nice way to get them a tablet to learn on. And this hopefully increases my chances of getting them one. Fingers crossed!

I'm sure your parents would love to learn more about techno using the browser on their desktop. I don't see why they need a tablet.

Computers scares most non tech savvy parents. My parents one of them. Never touched a computer. Have no idea how to go on the internet. I even gave them a laptop and bookmark webpages they would like, but they hardly use it.

Bought them an ipad 1, and now, they're using it as if the internet is a new thing they just discovered. Tablet are just so much simplier to use than a PC for them.

I would give them my Touchpad, but not till I can get an upgrade on my 16gb Touchpad.

So HP is going to make more TouchPads just to lose more money on them? Assuming they are going to be selling them for $99/$149 still.

There has to be something going on behind the scenes that we aren't privy to.

Completely agree.

As do I.

Everyone from resellers to HP employees are under unprecedented pressure right now the with consumer backlash and demand. Taking a loss on new production could be to save face instead of trying to overcome the negative press and/or potential lawsuits.

Flip-flopping between "we're done with webOS hardware" and "ok...maybe we'll do a bit more" will continue to paint HP in a bad light. Especially when that flip-flipping happens in less than 1/3 of a quarter.

Seems the "fun times on wall street" will continue as onlookers watch an out of breath HP stagger in and out of their marathon.

HP does not need to be painted. They have proven how hideously ugly they are without any special lighting.


i was thinkingt he same makes no sense to lose 300-400$ per item and continue to work at that loss.....to make consumers happy that you'll never again sell hardware to anyway? just dont get it but watevs lol I could use another one....my mom keeps stealing mine after she learned how to play angry birds -.-

interestingly the very next sentence after saying they'd make limited number was that they are still stopping webos:

"HP is discontinuing the development of webOS devices and is winding down device operations within our fourth fiscal quarter 2011."

so who knows what is going on behind the scenes. I sure don't see the business logic. Not that hp has been smart in business in the last few years.

"discontinuing the development of webOS devices", key word _devices_, not the OS itself (we can only hope).

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...I am the great and terrible Leo...

Wouldn't Leo be the lion? Confusing!

I have always thought that the whole thing was a publicity stunt to artificially inflate demand for WebOS. Now developers will have an installed base of Touchpad owners to develop apps for and earn from. It's entirely possible that the second wave was already in production and HP will just sit on them "For a few weeks" to inflate demand then release them to us. Don't be too shocked if they change their mind on releasing Tablet's but in the future, price them lower than Apple. It is a given that no one else can duplicate Apple's success by releasing any Tablet at any spec, at the same price. That will never work. So, we wait and we get our Touchpads. I believe they will produce more than enough to meet demand this time around and prevent the type of multiple unit purchases that prevented most of us from buying a Touchpad.

Why make more TP's to lose money?! That seems like a stupid business decision. I'm sure the interest is more in the $100 price tag, than webOS. I mean this "firesale" will get people to buy them, but who is going to invest in a dead end platform?

they may very well already be on the hook for the parts (and maybe even assembly costs per contract) in the pipeline, so it may turn out to be as big of a loss if they just trash the parts they are committed to as it is to have the things build and sold.

yeah i don't get it either. But for a long time i've thought HP was a company run by morons and not cause they cancelled webos but many other decisions. But if it cost $250+ to build and they try to sell it for $99 i don't get the point. If they think they can sell them at $300 and make a tiny profit i'm just not certain.

I signed up for the notification but I never got one!!! Anyone else?

I also wonder how much demand they are actually going to "satisfy". Just make sure I snag a 32gb, hp.

Perhaps they are making more to entice more buyers/licensees. The amount of money lost is certainly not going to do any more damage, I look at it as an investment of sorts as well as buying some time.

I have yet to receive a notification yet! I know I signed up a bit late but still being left of of the loop by HP. Thanks for caughting me up precentral.

Check your spam folders. That's where mine was. Remember, this was a blast email so I'm sure it had a lot of spammy attributes.

Meh.. I didn't receive ANY email at ALL, and I signed up successfully -- at least that was what the web page indicated. And I check my Spam folder (Gmail, or more correctly, Google Apps for Domains email) and found nothing in there, either.

This does NOT give me confidence that I will be notified when they ARE actually available. :( That means, of course, I can definitely expect to NOT be able to order one, as I am pretty sure that they will be gone within minutes of those damn emails being sent out.

Mine was in my bulk folder in gmail. They definitely went out. Got it in gmail and my work email.

I signed up at three e-mail addresses and only received the e-mail on one. Didn't get it in the spam folder on the other two. I'll just check the blog and site daily and pull the trigger as soon as they show up. Of course, that's probably what HP wanted us to do anyway. Watch. Wait. And pounce as soon as they appear.

I signed up under 2 email addresses...not because I'm trying to snag 2 TPs, but because the first time I signed up, it sat there for about an hour with the little 'status ring' spinning. I came back after lunch and it was done. I worried that something might have gone wrong, so I signed up the next day under another email address. That sign up was instantaneous...well, nearly so.

Back to your question, I got a notification email from HP on my first email account, but not on the second one.

They are selling these things at less than half the manufacturing cost. I get that they wanted to get rid of their existing inventory, but why would they make more of them, and thus lose more money? Perhaps to make webOS worth more when licensing or selling it off?

With that said, I think I'd pay $150 or maybe $200 for a 16GB TouchPad, and $50 more for the 32GB version. If they price them any higher, they won't get the same interest.

I hope they do prioritize Pre buyers, but also limit sales to one per transaction. I can't stand people buying them just to resell them, or to load Android on them. I now use an Android phone, and the thought of willingly replacing webOS with Android makes gag.

how about replacing Android with webOS? Did anyone give it try yet?


With you on that. Any higher and they can forget it. I don't think they'll price them higher, but we'll have to wait and see. And I have no interest in putting Android on mine. I'm keeping WebOS on it. I didn't bail on WebOS because of the OS. I bailed on AT&T because they suck and I wasn't downgrading to a Pre Minus when I went to Sprint. Had the Pre 3 been out when I went to Sprint last December, I'd likely have gone with that. I hate typing on a phone screen.

One can only hope that HP will come up with a better strategy than saying to resellers:

"You're gonna sell the TouchPad tomorrow at 75% off. We don't care about your stock levels or any ramifications. No household limits required. Happy selling!"

Maybe retail chains are threatening to no longer carry HP products because of the way this was grossly mishandled by Hewlett Packard.

If HP was another Company with a savvier track record, I'd give more credit to the whole 'New Coke' bait & switch theory, but, I think this is really a case of:
-Mis-management (expectations and the product in general)
-Fiscal impatience / the curse of being beholden to Shareholder quarterly earnings: 'We're in a marathon, not a sprint' actually meant .. as long as the marathon is over before fiscal year-end
-No proper valuation of what they had/have
-No clear vision of how to make money on what they had

In short: HP threw WebOS & the Touchpad in the trash and everything afterwards was by accident. As much as it pains me to say: I wouldn't be surprised if WebOS itself lands in the trash by 2012 unless there's some great news soon. Who knows, I guess anything is possible.

I hope to get one this time around... as for the future... I've owned too many neat gadgets that went by the wayside...

Can't get attached to gadgets nor the companies that produce them.

(Well, apple has served me well - w/ or w/o jobs... we'll see round 2).

I do find it ironic that on EBAY - buyers are buying them for MORE than HP sells them for... I wonder what they think about that (loss $$$?)

Hmmm...should i then return the Touchpad thats on its way to me and get the hopefully cheaper one from HP or should i just deal? decisions decisions

S c r e w you HP. You're so Bipolar.

Now if they'll just push out some more TouchStone chargers (and maybe keyboards too) I'll be all set.

I was a Palm stock owner when they were acquired-- at first, I was kind of upset that they just cashed me out instead of converting it to HP stock. But not recently.

This just backs it up-- you're getting out of the consumer device market, why are you taking a further loss to generate "good will?"

I hope that lots of people get the tablet they missed the first time, but seriously HP, who's making the decisions over there?

For the number of people wondering why make more when losing money, it may very well be that HP is on the hook for a lot of parts already in the pipeline and may have contracts with the company putting them together that have minimums or penalties in the deal such that, give the fact there is a demad for the things, they will lose less money selling them at a loss then they would if they just pulled the plug.

Now once they use up the parts or get past the minimums or penalty issues, very unlikely they would keep making more.

after reading this on other posts i think it's just more of just to fufill the orders they already had.

As for the contracts. Pure speculation. and HP is stupider then i think if they paid far enough out for those parts that it's a major problem. Shipments likely come in lots if they were huge and for more then a year which is unlikely as that's the product life of a typical tablet production run. Also they could likely just pay like a restocking fee. there is also the option of merely reselling parts at a discount as. And with a tablet the biggest expense is the screen which are in massive demand and the memory. So i think those could get moved easily. The chips are individually pretty cheap. I mean like 2 to 15 bucks each range. Even in bulk it's not a ton. so deep down the more i look at it i think they got orders. ran out and decided **** it we got 20k more orders. make em, ship em and be done. I'm sure already having them makes it a cheaper prospect but i don't think it means they will keep making more after this because they merely have parts.

You can't trust HP's notification system. I signed up to "be the first" to know when TouchPads became available. I received the e-mail notification one week after it went on sale.

You can't trust HP's notification system. I signed up to "be the first" to know when TouchPads became available. I received the e-mail notification one week after it went on sale.

This is great news. I wouldn't even mind if they bumped the price a bit. $99 is incredible but $199-$299 is still great and I'd go for that. Might make the scalpers less likely to try and scoop them all up - less profit margin for them to work with. Would probably cause a lot of flak though so I don't see it happening. Limit of 1 per customer will help. I just wish we could get some real-world numbers - how many built/sold, etc.

Does anyone think this might have any bearing on the Pre3? Do you think it would make it more attractive to ATT? HP can tell them they sold 1 million TouchPads and now they all want a Pre3 to go with it. Ok, maybe 10%? Not that HP is pushing it anymore but what number would it have to be for ATT to decide to sell them? Would projection of 100,000 be enough? 250k?

I think they really need to get more Pre³s out there. A lot of people have been waiting for it for more than half a year! I was just about to buy one for € 349 on monday, but then I heard they started the firesale in Germany as well and the hp store servers were down for maybe 12 hours! When I got through I could only get a touchstone and a case... :'(

I thought this new run may have been to make webOS more valuable in a sale to a new company, like Samsung. I had not considered the above comment, that they oversold their inventory on their own website. Talk about not being able to handle the back-end. And HP wants to focus exclusively on servers and services, but they can't even stop their own webpage from selling a product they don't have any more of?

I just want one. I guess after the next round, I'll have to go to eBay, though I loathe that idea.

What is a limited run to satisfy demand? A few million units?

i don't think it's close to a few million. i read yesterday that the first production was estimated to be between 500k - 1 million units total produced for sale by hp. They surely aren't going to double or triple that. From reading the original q and a it looks like it just to satisfy existing orders and the people that made email or twitter requests to be notified when it is available. But all the "it will soon be #2" tablet statements i've seen have been based not on actual sales but the fact that they think there were a million originals and they've sold out making it the first non ipad to a million and by deduction #2. Thus if it's a million i just doubt the current share is near 2 million nor will they be talking about making millions. I think at most were talking about thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands.

Well, this is good news for those that did not score one yet. Another chance, but likely only from HP? I called both of my local BB and they both said that they were not getting any more TouchPads at all, ever, ever, ever. I was lucky enough to get one on Thursday last week at a local BB, and just learned that my other 16gb TP is waiting for me to pick up at my local computer shop (lucked out on that one). So, I will not be competing against all the other folks when the new batch comes out. Good luck folks, these things are well worth the effort to track down.

Our BB had signs on the front door this morning saying they were totally sold out of the Touchpad and would NOT be getting any more.

I have been reading "How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes" by Peter D. Schiff, Andrew J. Schiff... it is really interesting how some of the parallels that exist with HP's Firesale and Chapter 5 (Prosperity loves Company). I think this will make for an increbilbe case study regardless how it eventually turns out!

This is very smart of HP. They will be putting webos into more and more and more homes and businesses.
They should take the same business model as the Xbox and PS3. Sell the hardware at a lost. Make huge profits on the software and accessories.

Leo is an idiot

Hi all,

well we've come full circle haven't we? HP buys webOS..dumps and trashes it and new breaths some life back into it...

take care, Jay

So? Do they come to Germany? Anywhere in Europe? You bet, they don't.

It's still unclear if there is any refunds here, for all of us Germans who bought the Pad for the initial Price of EUR 599,-

I'd really like to buy another Touchpad, maybe 16GB. Because that's enough for going on a short trip to California and whack a certain person with it. Really hard.

That's great - might buy another.
But now if only they would reconsider the Pre 3!

same for me!

HP's playing the dope pusher..."the first ones free"

It doesn't say they will still be $99...but probably will be.

I just got off the phone with HP - SMB and the rep said that my order will be fulfilled once they manufacture additional TouchPads to fulfill current orders. I ordered mine on 8/21/11 just after midnight. I am assuming they are only fulfilling those orders that were placed before 8/22/11 before 4AM - that is not confirmed, but that was the feeling I got from Customer Support.

The rep also stated that it could be 6-8 weeks until I receive my TouchPad. My credit card still has a pending charge, not cleared. It originally included shipping, but it seems they will refund the shipping once the order has left the warehouse.

That's all I know - over and out!

this is what i read too. i don't think they are making them and shipping to stores. i think it's just to cure the order backlog.

I've gotten an email saying it would be cancelled, then I got a confirmation email, then I signed up for the alerts email, and then I never got this e-mail at all.

Now I'm sitting on a box of accessories for touchpads I may or might not be getting. (Thanks to both B&N and HP!)

This whole thing has been a huge e-commerce clusterf***, and should be eye opening for these retailers that they need to get their *** together.

I'm SO glad I was an early adopter and got 32gb at the original full price (rebated to firesale price after the fact), who knows if I'll be able to give the rest of my family some webOS love...

I recall Feb. 2011 HP announcement party, the some time this summer release date, the horse pucky that the HP reps were trying to shove down our throats for the July 1 release (limited stocks to retailers, better buy it through HP!), the unintelligent stares from the slack jawed yokels at Best Buy (3 different locations) when asking to pre-order the TP, the soft launch followed by a semi-hard launch, the leaks about the white 64gb TP and the actual release of the Pre3... Seems like a decade ago. Good thing Leo has finally ironed out all that silly frustrating mis-information and flip-flopping purchasing policy!

I called it.

I'm just happy to see **** ebay scalpers lose.

Predoodle Sketch:

HP to Stockholders - We'll lose a bit on each sale but we'll make it up in volume.

It's HP's brilliant scheme to reinvigorate their PC sales: sell tablets at $99 to poison the well for all other manufacturers hoping to sell tablets for $300 or more.