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HP Buys Palm 163

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 28 Apr 2010 5:43 pm EDT

  HP + Palm

HP is buying Palm for $5.70 a share, or around $1.2 billion. More to come - conference call at 5pm EST - we'll be liveblogging it for sure. We have HP's Press Release after the break. The whole thing should be done by July 31st.

We're here to report on this breaking story, stay tuned. A quick read of the press release says that Jon Rubinstein will remain with the company - but it's not clear whether Palm as a brand will remain intact just yet - to say nothing of the rest of Palm's team and infrastructure. For webOS fans, the good news is that this isn't just a purchase for talent and patents, HP intends to continue on with webOS.

...keep it locked, folks.

Combination will accelerate HP’s growth within the more than $100 billion connected mobile device market

PALO ALTO and SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 28, 2010


HP and Palm, Inc. (NASDAQ: PALM) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which HP will purchase Palm, a provider of smartphones powered by the Palm webOS mobile operating system, at a price of $5.70 per share of Palm common stock in cash or an enterprise value of approximately $1.2 billion. The transaction has been approved by the HP and Palm boards of directors.

The combination of HP’s global scale and financial strength with Palm’s unparalleled webOS platform will enhance HP’s ability to participate more aggressively in the fast-growing, highly profitable smartphone and connected mobile device markets. Palm’s unique webOS will allow HP to take advantage of features such as true multitasking and always up-to-date information sharing across applications.

“Palm’s innovative operating system provides an ideal platform to expand HP’s mobility strategy and create a unique HP experience spanning multiple mobile connected devices,” said Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Personal Systems Group, HP. “And, Palm possesses significant IP assets and has a highly skilled team. The smartphone market is large, profitable and rapidly growing, and companies that can provide an integrated device and experience command a higher share. Advances in mobility are offering significant opportunities, and HP intends to be a leader in this market.”

“We’re thrilled by HP’s vote of confidence in Palm’s technological leadership, which delivered Palm webOS and iconic products such as the Palm Pre. HP’s longstanding culture of innovation, scale and global operating resources make it the perfect partner to rapidly accelerate the growth of webOS,” said Jon Rubinstein, chairman and chief executive officer, Palm. ”We look forward to working with HP to continue to deliver industry-leading mobile experiences to our customers and business partners.”

Under the terms of the merger agreement, Palm stockholders will receive $5.70 in cash for each share of Palm common stock that they hold at the closing of the merger. The merger consideration takes into account the updated guidance and other financial information being released by Palm this afternoon. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions, including the receipt of domestic and foreign regulatory approvals and the approval of Palm’s stockholders. The transaction is expected to close during HP’s third fiscal quarter ending July 31, 2010.

Palm’s current chairman and CEO, Jon Rubinstein, is expected to remain with the company.





This is of the ones I was hoping for, honestly.

Should be great news, since they obviously have a lot of money, and no current competing platform or products.

WERD! So happy it's not HTC. Massive cash infusion for Palm, can't wait to see the next device and more WebOS updates. I feel confident that we will for sure get to see the next generation of WebOS.

This is awesome news!!!!!

Me too. This is the perfect match up. HP can make a serious play into the smartphone market and dicth WiMo. Also, they can come out with a WebOS version of the Slate and compete more directly with the iPad.

HP also has an S-load of marketing dollars. Wow, I'm excited for what's to come.

HP Slab/Portrait Qwerty Smartphone With webOS = Death Of iPhone.
HP Slate 2 With webOS = Death Of iPad.

HP + Palm(webOS) > Apple

Who's with me Guys?!

I'M with THAT!!! I've got a thread out there somewhere about a WebOS Slate.. Drool....


my thoughts exactly. This is awesome!

That's it!

The HPad.

As long as Palm gets the cash they need and Ruby runs the ship, I think it will be all good.

I hope they keep the palm brand going

For those of us that love PALM because of its independence and the fact it is not Apple, MS or Google should be so happy. Listen to the dorks an Buzz out Loud podcast if you want to hear some pathetic journalism. They think 1,2bil is kinda high, according to their calculations. For all of us HP12c users and treo users. this is going to be awsome.

Glad to hear it! {Jonathan, typing on his HP notebook with his Pre next to it, looking all fraternal}

Lol! I'll one up ya...I've got a HP laptop and a HP desktop!

Yeah, like 90% of the computers I use are HPs... Plus all of my relatives use HP, etc... Typing on an HP now.

About time!

Ah you beat me right as I sent the tip ;)

Oh shit...WebOS tablet on high end HP hardware? Do want!

Holy crap... is this for real???

UPDATE: This is actually great news. Palm remains a US company, and hopefully, with HP's financial and intellectual resources, Palm can really take off. Seeing as how HP's got a massive line up of computing products, it may be possible that we see WebOS be integrated with HP's new Slate tablets. I, for one, am excited for the future of WebOS.


This is great, now webOS will live on indefinitely.......long live webOS!!!! No android for me and with money to develop faster, the competition better stay on their toes.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say, "Holy Crap".

SHADDUP Are you serious?!?!?!?!

Damn. I guess with dell entering the market HP needed something. Hopefully hp's quality won't affect palm too much...

HP has actually been putting out good quality hardware lately. That is something WebOS desperately needs. Something like the HP Slate running WebOS would be awesome. It's already excellent at task switching, browsing, etc. and it runs on some lightweight hardware so they can use high end mobile chipsets instead of Atoms and such.

Going to Android for my next phone but a WebOS Slate would be awesome.

I've been working in an HP call center for a while now and I guess I've got a vendetta against them lol.

Hp has good quality. HP branded item currently in my home: 2 Laptops, Compaq tower, 24" monitor, Hp 10 BII + financial Calculator, and now HP palm pre and pixi.

HP has the worst recall rates among laptops as shown in the link below. So they aren't a great partner when it comes to reliability.


Their home stuff has that issue, but their business lines are rock-solid.

i was hoping a computer company would buy palm and i couldn't think of one better than HP. i usually buy HP products and being that webos is meant to function close to a PC experience, this is only fitting. hopefully this means a lot more to come from the Palm (or now HP) Pre.

WOW, this is great news. Webos will become a force with HP behind it now. I'm thinking a tablet will come too. The deal is going to close quickly as well, they are saying it could be done by the 3rd qtr. Hurray!

to all who wanted to see palm fail,,,,,so sorry. This is awsome.

Finally, some answers to all this speculation. It's nice to see Palm having a real opportunity on their hands. Cannot wait for the months to come... Sorry EVO 4G, I'm sticking with Palm

To echo what Jay Dubya said below. We won't see results of the merger for another year. With Sprint Premier it will be just in time for another upgrade after the Evo 4G. ;)

you will probably see results sooner due to the fact that palm has already been working on new devices and now can use their budgeted money more freely to push them out faster.

Whoa!! This is Huge, their pockets too.. Maybe Palm/HP will have a new unit that I want to buy by the time my EVO 4G is a year old..

That's what she said. Couldn't help it (LOL).

I can see a Slate with WebOS on it!!!

to all who wanted to see palm fail,,,,,so sorry. This is awsome.

I guess Palm will still operate as Palm, right..?

We've been in the market for a touch screen kitchen PC and the ipad looked tempting, but without true multi tasking and no flash support it meant Windows based PC. However, webOS on an HP touch panel would be a great ipad killer and the perfect fit for our kitchen PC.

In addition, I had seen an article earlier 'Cisco Should Buy Palm To Make An iPad For The Enterprise'. There's another thought for HP.

Palm Captain = C40! 4G FTW!

Niiiiice. WebOS on new devices. Can't wait.

In other news, DataViz quickly resumes work on DocsToGo.

Please! :)

This is great. I think Palm will continue to have freedom to develop webOS and will get support for hardware.

A webOS tablet will come quickly.

I think also there will be a lot of pressure from HP to add more features to the OS.

Really excited about this.

...is speechless

Wish it was HTC, but glad it's not lenovo.
So this is a happy medium. Hopefully now they have the resources to put a lot of updates on WebOS and stick it on an evo 4g spec phone.


Palm is not DEAD! long live Palm!

as long as it keeps going how it was i dont care. but if it becomes hpOS that'd suck. haha

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope this works out well for Palm. Hopefully HP's money will help make the near mythical c40 a better product so Palm can have a wildly successful launch.

Now watch the Apps come! Developers will start running to Palm now that HP is behind them.

HP was one of the companies I thought would benefit from an acquistion of PALM because of thier Ipaq product line falling behind badly, but the solid and long standing interest in creating buisness/enterprise phones... and I was VERY suspiciouos as to why they stayed under the radar of the press.

Personally, I think it could be the very best marriage possible:

-PALM's US-born technology stays in the US.
-HUGE pocketbook in HP.
-SImilar background in the market as the IPAQ was a direct competitor for the Treos for years
-HP makes very high quality hardware - its thier mainstay.
-PALM's patent portfolio along with HP's financial strengths puts WebOS into an extremely powerful position, market-wise.
-Explosive potential in so many other hardware products that HP currently and may want to produce, using WebOS's UI and OS.

I believe the greenlight for WebOS progression has just been signaled to the world, and developers will now flock to WebOS, with HP's name behind it.

Most excellent news. Those who were on the fence about PALM's existence before, and didnt buy a Pre or Pixie will certainly have no issues anymore.

HP Previllion! I can't wait for that phone.

Wow! Cool!

Since HP had pretty much let teh iPaq all but die over the last couple years, and HP is into being into everything, it kinda makes sense.

I will be interested see how the merger goes for Palm: how much autonomy they will have; whether they will continue to produce phones; whether webOS gets shelved because this is just a patent shelter.

So, I'm happy for Palm, and yet a little skeptical.

And $5.70 a share! Man, imagine what that would have gone up to in a hostile takeover. To all of you who thought Palm was OVERvalued... :P

Missed the last pp. there. Plans to continue with webOS...got it! Sorry.

I have to agree, I was thinking that I was going to have to switch to a 4G Evo... not anymore... I think this is great... Facebook is having some ney sayers that don't like this matchup, but I think it will work well... thank you, I love my Pre and wanted to stay with it.... YAY!


A giant sigh of relief was just felt throughout the Palm user community! HP, you better engage your loyal Palm community. If you screw us, we'll kill you slowly. Just ask DataViz.

Oh, and yes, please make a Tablet with WebOS on it, after you make a phone that destroys the competition.

This might actually be a good thing, granted I hate my hp laptop but at the rate they produce computers and get things done, its just what palm needs.

awwww man...can't wait to see a tablet running webos. time to start saving up money lol

It's a great thing.. I think.. hopefully webos will gain some serious market share with HP behind.

Generally, I view this as good news. HP has deep pockets, global scope and scale, no presence in mobile to speak of (do we consider those iPaqs HP has been making...?) and a keen interest in expanding into this sector. If Palm can keep their staff and expand on their current business plan (ramp up carrier rollouts, more advertising) and host webOS on more products (HP Tablet! MIDs! TVs...?) this could be a real winner.

However, I am concerned that HP might interfere too much and Palm might lose their small company responsiveness and drive (how will employees be compensated as HP employees? Will Palm be able to retain their Silicon Valley startup feel?) and/or HP might lose interest or have conflicted interests (HP did let their iPaq line rot and they do have a strong partnership with Microsoft so they could sell out webOS in mobile if their PC business interests were at risk).

Either way, one of the better merger possibilities. Will HP keep the Palm name or will that be a victim of the merger? Guess we'll find out more soon.

finally, all the people who wrote off palm can shut there traps now. I just hope they go all out on the next device now that they have BILLIONs to play with....

I love HP products! Not all, but most of them! Hopefully they will be the 'missing' link to Palm's WebOS platform!! They could help them bring in good hardware!! GOOD LUCK PALM!!

But I must confess here... I got really tired of my sad trumbone... and got the HTC Hero... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything I was expecting in the Palm Pre and MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe in the future if Palm is still around and they have succeeded in hardware and fixed bugs in WebOS will I considered them again.

Tah-tah Palm!!!

Bring on the webOS acceleration. I can see things like an HP app that allows wi-fi printing to any connected printer.

I was just wishing the other day I could print from my Pre to my HP wifi printer.

Dude, I'm gettin' a Pre!

Woah. This is *Potentially awesome*

Think of HP Slate 2 With webOS!

wow this came out of nowhere, everyone thought it would be HTC or Lenovo. Pretty cool, I can see it now HP Slate + WebOS = Win!

AWESOME! HP was always my first choice, i didn't think it would happen though. They have $$ and talent and great hardware. They are already in the Tablet arena.

I expect to see a Palm Slate to go along side the Win Slate. And I expect to see some really good phones. HP's been trying to get into the hand held arena strong for years. I had an iPaq when they bought Compaq back in the day. Now I have a Pre and they buy Palm.

Can you tell I'm excited. I'm first in line for the State of the Art, 4G WebOs phone (read, better hardware then EVO or Incredible) and the PalmPad :D

PalmPad, I like it :)...

See if you can get me a blueprint by, say, the end of the day.


Too late. By tomorrows market open the opening price will be at or near the hp offer price.

I will say I was looking at the price recently and kept thinking if it got to $4.50 I was going to buy. Now I'm just kicking myself.

Edit: In fact in after hours trading it is floating around $5.90.

that you need to ask that question makes me think you should buy an index fund.

Somehow I never liked HP so much...they have something to prove in my book. It'll be interesting to say the least. But I would hate to see the plattform being watered down...and good hardware...well apart from some notebooks recently...I haven't seen anything good from HP...the good thing is that it remains in the US...
EDIT: HP Printers and Scanners do not work properly...and feel crappy I know I have had the pleasure. So don't put your expectations to high...

I commented in one of the speculation articles that I'd love to see HP buy Palm. This is awesome. I'm excited!

Those are GREAT news... more devices will come for sure...

Tablet sounds like a wonderful idea, however, with so much development in the Slate, seems like this idea is going to be far off.

This is GREAT though, never really thought about HP buying them up. I was rooting for Lenovo, with them being a computer manufacturer and all, but HP is so much better. They have massive amounts of capital and aren't in the phone market, an area where I'm sure they would LOVE to go head to head with Apple.

Great news, probably going to be a while before we hear any big news relating to hardware, but this certainly progresses it and gives us a possible timeframe of late June before the new iPhone is announced for HP to make their splash.

Can you say Web OS server management consoles. Awesome.

The best part is when all those HP lawyers get a hold of the Palm patents, and then show Apple a little bit of lawyer-lovin!

This is REALLY great news. HP actually knows how to make a TV commercial. And they are big enough for carriers to be confident and keep adopting new Palm hardware.

... soooo happy!


HP must have a boatload of patents as well, from thier Ipaq development days.. thsoe combined with Palms 1600 patents would be an extraordinary combination, and might provide a combined entity that could be very agressive in functionality with out worrying about patent infringement issues, lest the "Apple"-cuser want to deal with counter suits from a most formidable foe with extensive IP and deep pockets, themselves.

Never been a huge HP fan, but don't really have anything bad to say about them either. Given the deep pockets and other benefits others have mentioned, I think it's a great thing.

Then I remembered that Fergie or the Black Eyed Peas were in HP commercials not too long ago. If their music ever "promoted" a WebOS device I'd have to throw away the ATT Pre that I don't even have yet. But maybe that's not likely to be a problem since they've rightfully moved onto promoting CrackBerries, right?

One caution... Let's hope HP doesn't change things so the phones run out of ink all the time, and the cartridges end up costing more than the phone.

...oh, wait

Perhaps, but at least we'll be able to print from them... :D

HP Slate with WebOS!!! HTC, should have jumped on Palm. Now the potential for Apple to take down Android/HTC is huge!!!

With HP there may be more resources to help develop WebOS and that means a more stable platform + money for R & D = New Device sooner than we were hoping!! Go Palm/HP...

Sorry to say this, but I expect webOS to be dead in a year...prove me wrong and I am happy. MS is tight with HP. HP will most likely not release a webOS device that blows MS out of the water...why hasn't anybody smart and richt bought that company...1.2 Billion $ isn't that much is it? For all the patents and R&D it is a joke.

Except that HP already sells a crap load of non-MS devices in the PC/Notebook and server worlds.

I don't think they are going to balk about having both an HP WinSlate and an HP PalmPad. Hell, they will probably only have one Phone though and that's Palm. They will probably position Palm as there non-windows non-notebook Mobile/Portable division as a sister "department" to the windows mobile devices.

And hopefully they'll begin working on a flurry of mobile pads. Their first phone is going to have to knock the socks off of everyone though, but HP has the connections to make it happen.

What's probably true is that Palm already has the kick ass phone spec'd and ready for manufacturing and was waiting for a buyer to brand and personalize it. So now it's HP's Palm C40! And Palm Pad announcement by the end of the summer. Probably to coincide with the 2.0 WebOs release coming this fall.

"Hell, they will probably only have one Phone though and that's Palm."

So they are going to scrap their existing Window Mobile phones like the iPAQ Glisten (on AT&T)?

Wow, a big bull enters the arena. Schmid frowns, Jobs shrieks. Exiting.

gimme kick ass phone hardware before looking at tablets. Finish the work started with the OS and put the iPhone to it's deserved death.

holy crap! That is awesome!

april fools

This could be the perfect storm for Palm! HP really wants to get into the mobile device space.. I'm so amped! GO WEBOS!! :)

They already are in the mobile device space.

Hellz Yeah!!!! WebOS will live on!!!! WOW!!!

hp will now be ablw to compete againt apple by implementing webos on the slate tablet and it will kick apples a**. Plus, hp now will be able to sue n e one who dares infringe on palms portafolio. The webos next harware should be kick a**. Hp can now compete againt dell and can expand webos to new highs.

Can anyone say WebOS Tablet, woohooo, a true Multitaking Tablet will surely come.

If they keep the Pre line & WebOS alive, this could be real good for us. When HP made Pocket PC pdas and phones, they had the best hardware available for the platform. Now if that could only tranlate to Pre hardware, we might have a chance to survive.

Shut the front door!!! YEEESS! I love, love, love HP. So happy its not Lenovo. Can't wait for a freakin' Slate running webOS! OMG!!

Congratulations, Palm! I was thinking I would buy an iPod touch when they upped the memory again in June. But, I think I will save my money to see what HP comes up with. I love webOS, but the Pre Plus has some serious QC issues, I'm on my third phone since January. If HP will put webOS on some decent hardware, they will take my money from Apple in a heart beat.

Jimminy Christmas. This has got me too excited!

Finally HP has the first step to dump buggy M$ Billyware. Go webOS !, hopefully the brand Palm can co-exist with HP! I think this is a good choice!

I expect an exiting future for webOS !!!!!


Great news! HP has the cash and have met their estimates and earnings last 3 quarters. Keeping Rubenstein with Palm, R&D, new devices, and increase consumer's knowledge of WebOS are top priorities.

Surprised there are so many happy people. HP's smartphone history is filled with terrible decisions and bad quality. This is a dark day for Palm fans.

The only risk is if HP dumps all of Palms people. What they need to do is move there Slate people to Sunnydale and make Palm there Mobile Device Implementer. For all things Tablet and Phone. Both Windows and WebOS but with a leaning toward WebOS.

Of course, this makes total sense. Todd Bradley was the CEO of Palm for number of years (he has drunk the kool-aid). He moved on to HP to head up the Personal System Group. Given the blurring of mobile computing that has developed, I could see how he would want WebOS integrated in their devices.

I was kind of hoping Marc Cuban would buy Palm to make life more interesting. Oh well =/

HP Reports earnings before market opens tomorrow.

I just hope HP's first order of business will be to get there awesome marketing department to do a blitz of commercials for Palm. How much mindshare has HP been able to get over the years in the computer market.

FKYEA SEAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Palm isn't dead. This is great news, not only is Palm going to live on but now they have some money and hopefully we can expect some great hardware in the near future.

I gotta be honest..im not that stoked about this..at least about the HP part. I'm glad to see webOS will (hopefully) continue on..but I've had too many bad experiences with HP hardware..both directly & indirectly. If 'Palm' carries on then sweet but if HP takes over the hardware then they have alot to prove to me. But I'm only one man..

Not sure what to think of this. I suppose we'll see in a few months time. Long live WebOS

WOW........HPalm....cool !



I'm like chucky... palm is my friend till the end.

yes!!! a great hardware company, plus a great software company. that's it!!! love it. they will keep jon as well.... I am sure HP's 125 billions dollars in market share will help now we might see beautiful HP tablets running Webos, look out Ipad here we go!!!!

Now with HP's deep pockets, Palm's next strategy should be to buy out ARM. That'll turn the tables on Apple.

BTW, J. Rubenstein....go big red!

Palm remaining an american company makes me extremely happy for Palm and the WebOs. Hopefully HP keeps the Palm brand and the WebOs platform and improve on it. I would love to see WebOs on other products such as eReaders, netbooks and the like. Go Palm!!!! Long Live WebOs!!!!!!!!

Sweet! This is one developer breathing a sigh of relief. I still think an HTC would have been better, but this is good too.

They will probably keep the brand long term as they have with the Compaq brand. This should hopefully translate to better hardware and a WebOS slate.

I also hope they don't screw up their operation, but just help them fund things. They are awesome with updates, etc. Just help them make more phones too! The slate would rock as others said. Hope Jon stays on top too. He's a smart fella.

Good for Palm Long term i think.

Seriously doubt, in the short term, it will make me stay with a Palm phone though.

Ahhh this happen to quickly. I was hoping to see Palm could go it alone through the summer and see how the sales pick up in Verizon and AT&T. I wanted to see Palm do fine alone :(, Oh well. I hope HP lets Palm do its thing and still work on the core OS.



I can see a tablet running a dual boot webos and windows, the webos being for an instant on feature


This is the best news I heard in weeks, months even. I can't wait to see what's up ahead. Now go kick some balls Palm!

Should be an interesting future for WebOS.
HP has always made good products (except Cell Phones)and NOW they can blend ingredients to cook up something unique....hopefully !.....and HP has money AND a good reputation to help out.

Will "Palm" still exist? With the name and all?

As a premature migrant from the HP Ipaq 910 to the pre(I had my Ipaq 910 replaced 10 times under warranty before managing to get a refund--which wouldn't have happened except I knew someone "high up" in HP) --I sure as hell hope that a) Palm is allowed continue its customer support and not have it absorbed into HP's bare into the bones incredibly poor customer support b) that those that complain about palm's hardware will not be further disgusted by HP's hardware quality.
However, knowing what Mark Hurd's priorities are (buy, integrate, cut, cut and more cut), I do not have much confidence.

I'm very liking this buyer. Lots of cash, has to be aggresive since its a re-entering a market, and probably one of the most distinctive PC companies around, product-wise. A very good strategic fit and keeps the OS expertise/software R&D stays within Palm rather than being merged with another mobile phone company's staff (HTC, Lenovo etc...).

Although please for the love of god I don't want to see a HP print driver anywhere on my Palm :D :D

The other day I was finding myself using webOS gestures on the mouse pad of my laptop. It made me think, I would absolutely LOVE webOS on a laptop. With HP buying palm, maybe there is a chance it will happen. I would be just as happy with a webOS tablet.

I once read about how much money HP has invested in R&D and I was floored. They're a HUGE company when it comes to patents and new technology.

I got my phone just in time to feel the impending doom of the company and support -- this acquisition is indeed great news!

I'm actually super excited! Can't wait for a WebOS tablet!

OK. Here's a interesting question: To all the people planning to jump ship to the HTC EVO, how does this news affect your choice? Do you keep your Pre till a new HPalm device is released or do you go ahead with the EVO?

If HP does not announce a Pre II by June I am going to buy the EVO. I could come back in a year though.

I gave Palm till June 6th to announce a new bad ass 4G device (not the Pre Plus for Sprint). My plan was to jump ship to the Evo on that day, which is the day i'm eligible to get a new device on Sprint.

This announcement gives them until August 1st. HP Deal closes in July. Palm should already have a new phone ready for manufacturing (C40?). Their should be announcement between now and then. There should be strong rumors by June.

Palm has to know how many of there Sprint customers are early adopters who want the latest and the greatest and that, this summer, is 4G and 2 cameras and a fast processor and a crapload of memory, and sd cards and large screens and kickstands (really!).

They will lose 70% of the people who bought on Sprint last summer if they don't rock our worlds. We love Palm, but we're more loyal to the tech.

I agree 100%.

Finaly some fuel for Palm. It's the best thing that could happen to Palm and the WebOS. I want to see a tablet WebOS. What about a small PC like the fit-pc (www.fit-pc.com)with WebOS, low power consumption and capable of real games....
Just an idea!

Here's hoping HP doesn't find *too* many redundancies-in Engineering!

HPalm ?

Of all the potential suitors, I'm very happy with HP being the one... and glad that it was not Apple or Google.

Knowing HP, who would always tell me that it was my fully approved (and pricey) WM6.1 applications that were causing my Ipaq problems, I'd be curious to know what HP's warranty policy will be when they fully evaluate the homebrew ecosystem.

And all the webOS community around the world stops and cheers together.... wait, I own stock in Palm what does that mean for me?

Hot damn shit! I'm so freaking excited!

HP must have looked at the phones coming from DELL and said "damn lets do something about this"