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HP Canada and Germany show 64GB TouchPad in the works? 59

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 21 Jun 2011 6:42 pm EDT

On both the HP Germany and HP Canada websites, we have come across a device specification that leads us to believe that more is coming to the TouchPad in the future; Two times more, to be exact. Both websites list a 64GB TouchPad as an option for customers who go to the website for pre-ordering, rather than just the 16GB and 32 GB options that were confirmed by HP to be available on launch day.

This is not necessarily confirmation that a 64GB version of the TouchPad will be available in these countries, nor in any countries, on July 1st, but it could be a note that a 64GB version of the TouchPad will be available sometime in the future. Of course, it could also be that the 64GB was considered by the company to be released, but then later removed, leaving this note as the last remaining mention that such a device would exist (which was later added into these websites by mistake). 

We've discussed this already in last weeks PalmCast, and we've talked about it elsewhere on the site (you've no doubt mentioned it in our forums as well). But let's take another look at what you all think. Would you get a 64GB version of the TouchPad? Or is 32GB large enough with all of the cloud services you can hook into the tablet? Leave your comments below, and we'll keep looking for confirmation that a 64GB version is coming, though we're still not sure it's entirely worth it to buy such a large (and inevitably expensive) device.

Source: HP Germany & HP Canada; Thanks tiemo and mikethegoalie32!



16 is enough for me! Bring on the hCloud ;)

You can never have too much storage particularly at a time when carriers are slapping us with bandwidth limits & tiered pricing.

The way I see things is, if I am going to be spending that much money on a device, why skimp out? I'm already spending an arm and a leg, might as well fork over the extra one fitty or so for the version that I know I'll always be super happy with. I don't plan on spending $600+ every two years, so might as well spend $750 - $850 and not have to worry about upgrading for a while.

I do agree to some extent, however why pay for something if you know you're not going to use it?
It's like people buying huge stationwagons for that one time they go on vacation per year. Financially it would more often than not make more sense to just buy a smaller car for normal usage and then rent a larger one for going on vacation. Keep in mind, I'm talking from a European perspective. The stereotypical image we have of Americans is that they love their big cars ;). Also the analogy doesn't quite hold up for tablets as you're not going to temporarily rent a bigger sized one.

Regardless, this was exactly the train of thought I had when I purchased my iPhone 3GS 32gb 2 years ago. However, during those years I never once went over 22gb used, even with tons of HD podcasts and music and apps. So for me, especially in these times (economic hardship and better cloud capabilities) I'm going to stick with 32gb, once HP decides the Netherlands is worthy for release.

I would use it for transferring photos from my DSLR. Those are big so I would need a big storage on my tablet. As the TouchPad doesn't have expandable storage I'm a bit hesitant to buy the 32 gig version if a 64 gig version comes out soon after...

So HP, clear this up now, is a 64 gig version coming??

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Dag not first!
But I agree... 16GB is more than enough!

I don't know when I'd need more than 8 or 16 gigs. Maybe for a flight or long car drive but I'm usually the one driving anyway. 16 is enough for what 5-6 720p movies?

Too bad any TouchPad is useless to me. #sprintpre3


Yea - I'm also waiting for the #sprintpre3 but WebOS is so useful and synergy is so good...I will be getting a TouchPad. But, really, 16GB is plenty 'cuz - really - EVERYTHING syncs somehow with WebOS. Checkbook is ready...

Maybe they will have a flicker in the lightbulb over their heads and maybe make a splash on Launch day to maybe decide to release the 64GB at $599, maybe push the 32GB down to $499 and maybe make the 16GB one $399 like it should have been in the first place!

Hey HP! There is still time for a WOW!

Then maybe I'll have plenty of cash left over for mucho apps.

Plus it sounds like I'll be in limbo on the phone front for a while, with cash burnin a hole in my 3G... #WantSprintPre3

...just one question: following pricing "logic"; if base model TP is priced at $500, and adding 16gigs of flash on top of it sets you back $100, does it mean that 64gigs model will cost the sorry sucker $800?

...damn, wish I had such money to burn on TABLET...

I imagine they will follow the iPad model of pricing:




...wait: does it mean that according to Apple's/HP's distorted math, equipping 16GB model with another 16GB of flash cost $100 (expensive enough) - same as equipping 32GB model with another 32GB of flash (also $100)???? How it is, that TWICE as much memory costs the same price?

Regardless how you try to read into this, it is a nonsense and ripping off the customers. The starting point (16GB model) is overpriced already. And the paranoia only starts there.

This is also the reason why they haven't included SDHC memory port - because if people can do one thing, it is comparing by numbers/prices.

I would've ordered the 64GB model had it been available but deciding between the 16GB or 32GB, I would've been at a deficit of space for my music anyways, I chose 16GB.

Hi all,

I would think this is a great marketing issue for Enterprise customers...I would think they would mostly be using it on WIFI and for corporate presentations etc...more is good.

Take care,


Enough with the built in mem - I'm a photographer and therefore wan't my SDHC slot! The TouchPad is worthless to me without one.

I'll take SD but Compact Flash would be awesome! Straight from camera to tablet!

I'd settly for a USB cable adaptor and drivers for memory sticks. That way any USB drive or SD adaptor could work and the hardware is already there it would just need the drivers.

For me I always choose the highest capacity I can afford. I had 120G on my laptop and filled it pretty quick so I had to upgrade to 400G. Upgrading a tablet is not an option so better to get as big as possible to start with.

Right now I don't need a tablet, when it can replace my laptop then it is going to need plenty of local storage as the cloud will not be reliable for anything other than syncing for documents, photos, music etc. My laptop currently has 10G of documents and 20G of photos with another 30G of photos on a network drive. The rest is work related files, binaries, videos that are being worked on. I would want a tablet to do all those things so 64G would be tight but it would have to do.

If this takes off, EyeFi might put their app on it. Not the greatest solution in the world, but you'd get to where you want to be.

Would also be nice if you could hook the camera up via the microusb...

"IF this takes off, EyeFi MIGHT put(...)"
...these (emphasis mine) are two conditions, that will not be met, unfortunately.

What would be much nicer, than dragging unnecessary USB cables with you (especially, with such a wonderfully "wireless" thing like TP supposedly is meant to be), would be if that brick of a tablet could perhaps "squeeze" hot-swapable full-size SDHC card slot (or better yet, Compact Flash AND SDHC slots) along it's lengthy and thick edges. At bare minimum, the card could stick out, just be "pluggable" into the thing for data transfer, and not permanent memory expansion (less favorable option, but option nonetheless).

Tablets in their current (mainstream) pricing and functionality are costly gimmicks, without any hard reasons behind purchase decision apart from the convenience of browsing/reading/playing at will, and the consumers want, not need, to have a "cool" device (perfectly good reason, just there is finite number of people wanting to spend $700 just to feel cool for a few days after a purchase, and most of them will feel much "cooler", boasting spanking new iPad 2 for the same price). And they do not have too much real productivity/costs savings use cases. Much less so under-specified and overpriced ones, like TP.

Listen HP, in your wisdom to make it as iPad-like as humanly possible, you have just killed possibly perfectly viable niche use case(s) - "connected" DSLR/camera users:
-snap, snap, snap - remote photo session in progress
-get your memory card off your camera, put it into your tablet's card slot
-review your photos on a bigger screen, faster processor device - conveniently & snappy. Possibly, leave it to your assistant, and put another memory card into your camera, and keep snap, snap, snapping
-upload chosen ones to your editor, via your 3/4G enabled TP, or 3/4G wireless-tethered handset.

...there is number of other tablet-friendly possible use cases, that has been butchered by your decisions to remove any productivity-related features of TP, and leave it as barebone and iPad-like, as possible. Way to go, my Enterprise-loving friends, way to go!

can't you just run a usb cable from you're camera into a touchpad with the card still i the camera? That's what i do with my digital point an shoot camera. It just shows up like another drive.

Then the TP needs to work as a usb host.

...and you need an (unnecessary, otherwise) USB cable
...and you need to stop taking photos, instead of just swapping cards in your camera
...and it is just funny/silly to expect any serious photographer to transfer his photos over USB cable, when normally he weould just keep swapping memory cards between camera and reader, and keep working, instead of waiting till transfer finishes

I came very close to ordering the 16GB version as I believe it would be enough, but I went with the 32GB just to have that extra cushion. 64GB is overkill in my case and I wouldn't have even considered it.

I wouldn't get 64 gb TP esp if the processor, screen, and rest of hardware is exactly same. If everything like video and music is in the cloud, there is even less reason to do so since I won't be storing it all locally. I would be worried 16 gb is too little though. I don't know what size the real apps are like quick office or complex games would be. 32 gb seems like a reasonable compromise and the sweet spot.

I thought only Apple were huge pricks that don't offer SD card slots on their devices.

16 is good 32 would be more than enough. You've gotta be packing a serious media pack rat to to fill up 64, but options are always nice to have.

yeah, not real sure how i feel about this. the 32GB version is already $599, with a 64GB TouchPad we are definitely encroaching on laptop price territory. $699 for a tablet that's, in functionality, in between a mobile phone and a laptop. This will be the case for a couple of years, as tablets need the time to evolve and be more complex beings than they are right now.

I'd like to think that HP is investing more into the cloud they talk so much about. why do you need 64GB if we are utilizing HP's monstrous clout in computing and cloud storage? Or is that still a few years away from now. I would think that they would rather concentrate on making their products better rather than bringing unnecessary products to market. But that's just me.

$599 is already WAY into mainstream laptop price territory.

Silly little HP.

Could this be the trademark "TouchPad Pro" that HP registered for? Would be nice if they to add a camera and a card slot... oh and Sprint.

Camera, card slot and GPS. That would be awesome!

just a guess. And one with zero historical proof but could be another thinner touchpad. Now HP is slow so that's not exactly something they have a history of doing. being fast to market. But Samsung reworked their tablet in a few months, made it thinner and got it to market all before the touchpad (saw it last week at frys and yesterday at best buy) so it could be done. but that's just a thought.

"(...)but could be another thinner touchpad."

Sometimes the cloud just isn't available and that's when I'm most likely to want maps and media- movies, music, audiobooks. I really think memory comes in 2 sizes: finite and infinite (SD). Finite memory always fills up, new technology, higher resolution images.


I'll take the offering with the least memory and store my music/pics/documents in the cloud.

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I know for my CURRENT needs, 32G is enough; however, I have about 5 buds that went w/the iPad & they all went 3G, 64G. Various reasons. One into photography big time, a couple others have to carry all their music for some reason, others just don't want to have to buy again for a couple years so they justify getting the biggest device at the time.

For all of you going "why do I need a 64gb version when I can just stream it through the clouds?" I have 2 words...

Tiered Pricing

With smartphones being designed to allow you to consume more and more on the web, the phone companies are looking 3 years ahead and offering less now and charging more. If you are streaming your music on the go to your touchpad at 3-5 mb per song, how long do you think it will be before you hit your 200mb limit on ATT? They know this and will gladly hit you every mb of overage.

If you are a big media consumer and plan to put Movies and Music on here, you might want to consider what it is worth for you to have your media avaialable on the go.

Exactly, I want my music on my device. How about 128

If a 64GB is available in September, then that's what I'll be ordering. I don't want to ever care about internet connections. I can put all my music on it and forget about it. Plus still have loads of space for whatever else.

I will buy the 32GB, I made up my mind a while ago. When the 2nd generation comes out I will pass the 32GB to my wife and then I will get a 64GB :-)

Definitely 64. I don't know how to justify anything less. I understand the cloud but I want to have all of my music 45g in one place and not have to have a wifi signal to browse my music. Add a few movies, pictures and books and the 64 will go quickly.

**** i could kill twice that on music alone. lol. you want to ad movies then we are well over 1 terabyte.

i'm not saying i need all of it since i'm not buying a tablet but if i was in the market the space would be useful.

64BG makes sense to me as well. Not everybody lives in a place with 24/7 internet access and always has access to data stored in a cloud.
I prefer to have my data with me but for me the 32BG is enough.

(SD card slot would have been a nice thing though...)

that's why i chuckle a bit at people that say they'll just have icloud. i mean fine if that's you're thing but my parents used to live in suburb in south Carolina and been unable to get data. NO 3G from sprint. It's well populated etc but man no data. A week there for xmas and i couldn't use my phone consistently to facebook, twitter. i tried to use navigation, it couldn't consistently find our car. sucked to basically have a dumbphone for a week.

i'd hate to be in that situation and have all my music in the cloud but no data service.

"(...) fine if that's you're thing(...)"
it spells "YOUR thing", "you are" most definitely not a "thing".

Geez, I am not native "language" speaker myself, but c'mon, man, is it too hard to remember?

16GB is enough for me. I don't plan on storing music or movies on my TouchPad except for occasional trips.

What do you guys think about this HP Touchpad commercial? It looks like things are gearing up... http://twitter.com/#!/welegbede

thanks for sharing the video. I love it! I'm so excite for the Touchpad!!! Too bad I can't afford it just yet :(

I wonder what the battery life is on the 64G?

pretty much the same as on the 16GB and 32GB versions

I'm not getting the touchpad but I would like to listen to the music on it while saving battery by turning off the data. NYC subways down't get service and you happen to spend more than enough time down under.

Options are important when trying to gain market share. Would I buy a 64GB Touchpad? Yes. Would someone else probably not. I don't want 16 or 32GB. I was going to pass on the Touchpad and wait for Touchpad 2. I am interested again now.

Cloud services cost money. Though they may be free the data is not. Don't forget restoring a webOS device transmits data. Without more local space more streaming will be done. Pricing will rise in the coming era of tiered data plans. A phone and a Touchpad with data plans of their own is a lot of money. 2GB for tethering and 2GB my phones data. I don't think that will be enough for me. Streaming music only this should be okay. Video and pictures however, are becoming more high quality online. I just streamed a copy of a recent movie to my phone in excellent quality. It was 980MB added to my netstat total. With 5MP, 8MP, or 10MP cameras, video chat, cloud movie services, and more online data transfer at higher speeds people will be tempted to use them. Think Netflix and HP movie rentals. They cost. Look at AT&T and Verizon. I am glad I am on Sprint.

Please make future touchpads thinner and lighter...

I'm not sure about 16 Gb, but pretty sure 32 Gb will be plenty...

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HP Germany sells TouchPad EMEA 32GB Wifi for 827,78 USD, available in 1-2 weeks. Oops. Touchstone goes for $114,36. Bluetooth Keyboard is for $100,08. For another $41,47 I can put the tablet in a cover.

I rather wait to spent $1.113,69.