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HP CEO Apotheker: "the [new webOS] hardware is ready" 179

by Mark Jensen Tue, 01 Feb 2011 7:14 am EST

HP CEO Leo Apotheker, continuing his “HP is cool” tour, spoke to some 4,500 employees at HP Bangalore offices in India where he told employees to “watch out for new products from the US on Feb. 9th.

Apotheker seems to be making good on his earlier pledge to up HP’s mindshare and value by telling a better story.  During his interaction with Bangalore employees Apotheker asked, “Those who think Apple is cool, raise your hands.”  With a majority of the 4,500 employees raising their hands, Apotheker replied, “Get ready to get rid of your iPhones and iPads.”  He then added that there would be real, near-term introductions, “as the hardware is ready.”

"... get rid of your iPhones and iPads."  Did he just say that?  He did.  And to that we say:  Finally!  We finally appear to have a metaphorical team-leading QB who looks like he may actually know how to throw the ball often and long.  You know, run an exciting offense, with a team that not only wants to win but expects to win.  In just four months as HP CEO Apotheker has actually used/held a webOS device, called it cool, correctly said it is the only true multitasking smartphone and called out Apple when it comes to cool.  Needless to say this is a departure from former CEO Mark Hurd’s approach when talking about the future of webOS and devices.   

Bangalore is the first stop of Apothaker’s three day “listening tour” which will also include stops in Mumbai and Delhi where the chief executive is reportedly there to interact with HP employees and hear them out on various issues.  The visit marks the first in ten years from an HP senior manager to India.  

The February 9th, Think Beyond event is shaping up to be quite the day for webOS and gadget fans alike.   The hardware is apparently not only “cool” but also ready and so are we.

Source: Business Standard; BBC MobileThanks: Akitayo


I truly hope he is not leading us on and truly has hardware available within 48 hours of the event on the 9th.

Did he say they were ready within 48hrs?

No he didn't he just said the "the hardware is ready". So I figure if it's truly ready as he is saying then it wouldn't be too much to ask for them to be available to ship within 48 hours of announcement.

“Get ready to get rid of your iPhones and iPads.” He then added that there would be real, near-term introductions, “as the hardware is ready” is the quote above.

Does that "as" mean "since the hardware is ready now," or "as the hardware becomes available" in the near term?

LOL We are literally hanging off every single word this guy is saying... If he said JUMP! We'd be like "OMG is that a new feature in webOS?!?!"

LMAO. this stuff cracks me up. so if it's ready to ship two weeks after the announcement, that's a fail in your book, right? because it didn't ship 48 hours after the announcement?

On the other hand, I'm sure you think it's a fail that he doesn't announce RIGHT NOW? and that the "coming months" stance has been a fail from the get-go?

I'm saying that if an individual, whoever they may be (CEO or not), says "as the hardware is ready" and doesn't release it at that moment then it truly wasn't ready.

I believe that when somebody says something knowing its not true then their credibility should be revoked. This has nothing to do with waiting for webOS or new hardware or anything.

My comment was more of a plea towards Apotheker keeping his word and not towards the actual date of release. If he says it'll be released the last week of Q2 then whatever we'll deal with it... But don't knowingly lie to us, lead us on, and say "the hardware is ready".

that's a complete leap. He didn't say it anything about a released. could be ready for production, shipping, ready for the press conference. people are putting words in his mouth.

Being introduced by someone such us Bono who is a legendary icon in the music industry is such amazing moment for a fellow artist can get.
usb safe

O man BRING IT ON! I'm so glad I didn't jump ship until the announcement of all this coolness.

“Those who think HP is cool, raise your hands.”

i thought he said:

“Those who think APPLE is cool, raise your hands.”

Good on you! Just edited... Thanks!

BRING IT!!! Finally someone says something about phones!

I know i thought they lost focus for a second!


Bring it! My wallet is ready and waiting.

NOW we are Talkin real GAME HERE!

Countdown to someone saying "Pre 2 and Pixi 2 :rolleyes:" in three, two, ...

And that, my friend, is what i am afraid of

Why be afraid? From all I have seen the Pre 2 is rock solid hardware and I personally think the Pre form factor is perfect. The 1000 mHz processor and 16 Mb of RAM with a glass screen on a slider running HP webOS 2 sound good to me if we can just get it form every carrier in the states.

"The 1000 mHz processor and 16 Mb of RAM with a glass screen"

x486 running at 1Hz with a CRT monitor? :D

(m = milli, M = Mega, 1000mHz = 1000/1000 Hz)

16M Mb of RAM? What do you actually expect it to run? A game of snake? Cuz thats about it...

Try 512 MB...

Because something "weak" like the Pre 2 doesn't compete with powerhouses like the EVO. I personally want a slab.

Hahaha, gotta love that.

Something weak like the Pre2's 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM cannot compete with the EVO's powerhouse 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM.

It was just an example. There are lots better phones coming like the HTC thunderbolt, motorola artix, motorola bionic(and some of those have a gigabyte and over of RAM). If you follow anything android you know the types of standards that are being set. Does the pre 2 have: dual core, 4G, A front facing camera, a 8 or more megapixel camera, a screen size that is actually see-able, more than 16GB of memory available, A camera with auto focus and tap to focus with a ton more camera related features, 1080p HD video recording, HDMI? Those are just a few and heck, there is even a real fingerprint scanner on the motorola atrix. I know some people don't need all that, but a lot do want it and these are some of the new standards being set. The Pre 2 is another Pre plus. Its what the pre plus should have been a year ago. You must be of the few people that think the pre 2 is worthy of competing. Because everyone else I see on here, says they are not impressed by the pre 2, think it's what the plus should have been and think it should be skipped for the new upcoming things.

Yeah, all those phones and features are *coming*. As in, not out yet. As in, not out yet for months like the Pre 2 has been.

And all of those dual-core android phones with HDMI and stuff will actually ship in the coming weeks and months, i.e. in HP's timeline for the next smartphones to be announced on February 9 and beyond :)

True. Here is to hoping that they will have something better to show than the Pre 2!

You guys are kidding right? You think HP could actually walk out and introduce anything like a "Pre2"??? all this build up and you guys are still talking about Pre2 stuff??? These comments sound totally out of place now! its not Nov2010 anymore. have you heard anything HP been saying for the last couple of months?

I completely agree. I upgraded to the EVO last June of 2010, from the Palm Pre. Three weeks ago I turned my Pre back on, making it my main phone, while the EVO acts like a mini pad when I’m within wifi range. I went back to the Pre because I missed the physical keyboard, and WebOs is a better operating system for me.

But with that said, EVO’s hardware does kick ass, whether it’s the screen size (which I so desperately miss), the front facing camera because I used Tango heavily with my girl friend in Japan who was able to use her iphone 4 with the cross product app, and just an overall better looking screen. I put the 1gig over clock on my pre, but it still doesn’t move as smooth as the EVO. Palm can suck it with that Pre 2 crap; a small ass screen, and a device that should had been the ORIGINAL PRE!

I only hope for a sliding physical keyboard, a 4 inch screen (or larger), front facing camera, a 5mp camera, a removable storage, and something equivalent to a Super AMOLED screen (with gorilla glass). Of course the dual core, and all the goodies under the hood, but as far as something tangible in my hand, these things will make me very happy. Because I love WebOs, hands down, but I hate the physical build of my Palm Pre, compared to the powerhouse, EVO.

not to burst your bubble, but the original pre was flagship specs when it was released. there really wasn't anything faster available at launch... I'm not saying we shouldn't have had a major upgrade 9 months ago, just that we shouldn't distort history to fit our own views.

It was Flagship for all of 30 seconds. Then the new Iphone came out and smoked it. Then the Evo did that just worse. Last year I was hoping that Palm would have gotten it together and come out with the Pre2. What we get CRICKETS THAT ALL. So with broken down Pre in hand I jumped to the Evo. Has it been perfect heck no. Do I still drool over WebOS YES! I was going to see what HPalm was going to be giving and jump at my year mark. Now that Sprint has gotten cute with that i'll bide my time. But if they get it right this time next year i'll be all over it.

Sounds like you want boring android hardware with WebOS slapped on it. You know WebOS won't survive unless it stands out from the android pack. Something different that you haven't thought of before. And there is nothing "cool" about copying HTC. We gotta think different that's never been done. That would be the only thing that would make it cool in my mind. We also have to get off of the CPU specs craze. More power usually means less batteries. As long as the GUI is smooth and responsive, people will be happy (sorry Pre.)

people have big screen envy. if they double the rez to 720x480 on the pre-sized screen id b a happy camper. i luv me some high rezz. not that the pre's screen is bad i just like to read a lot on my phone and having ultra high rez makes it much easier to see.

sweet can't wait!!!!

Anyone else see Sean Connery when they see this guy. Also switched back to the Pre after a 6 month adventure with the Evo. I'm happy again.

No, Sam Zell

I think... 'Coneheads'

I think a chubby, bearded Jean-Luc Picard.

Yep, I see Jean-Luc too.

In that vein..."Make it so!"

Of course, Leo probably doesn't sound any more like Patrick Stewart than my uncle does (US Midwestern accent) even though they do both look like him!

Oh, and before anyone gets started, my username is not a reference to *that* Q...

I was thinking Patrick Stewart

For those who think old guys can't be cool, I have just 3 words (and one is a repeat)...

"Bond, James Bond"

If Leo is our Connery, then Hp=cool!

Dude definitely reminds me of Connery!

How come we never see a pic with his mouth closed? Just saying...

lol! its because hes busy telling everyone about the new hardware and webOS news!!!! :P

not remotely. I see Alan Greenspan.

Man I've only had this EVO for a month. Looks like I will be selling my first item on eBay. Let's see, if I can get $300 for it, and the new webOS "phone" is priced "right", I should be able to drop $200 to pickup the newness off contract. Right?

Lets wait and see if the new devices come to sprint first....

this guy needs to lose the suits and go with something more casual. he looks like a politician haha

black roll top sweaters maybe? ;)

the funniest thing about apotheker is his name... as "apotheker" is the german word for "pharmacist". he sould probably wear a white lab coat, get a bunch of new devices in his hands and ask "which drug shall it be today?"

:D awesome

Apotheker could become the mad scientist to Jobs' aging hipster.

Maybe he should start practicing Walter Bishop's mannerisms...

"A little injection of HP Heroin maybe? That's our new smartphone if you didn't know, and it's very hard to put down indeed. Oh, and, by the way, we have renamed HP Labs into HP LSD. You will find the stuff we're researching now to be much more... colorful than before."

i could kiss this man....well maybe not..but i will buy his products :)

I'm ecstatic to hear that new hardware (which I will DEFINITELY be buying) is on it's way, but how cool is the company that has to tell you it's ''cool''...?

i was thinking the same thing... u are cool when u convince me u r cool not when u tell me u are

well, he was speaking to HP employees. Certainly they need to get the company on board to work on making their image more "cool".

I hope there is a simultaneous worldwide launch of the new gadgets!

Taking on Apple is a tall task, if not impossible task. They have an enormous mind-less base of followers that blindly follow them. Unless he is going to open up HP's wallet BIG TIME to fund a HUGE marketing campaign directly aimed at Apple with stable, sleek hardware to back him up, and more importantly APP SUPPORT equal to iPhone/iPad (and I'm only talking the good apps), then he might as well keep his mouth shut because he'll be setting HP up for major failure.

I hope he decides to open up HP's wallet...

How big does your wallet have to be to hold billions?

HP Big! Either that or just have big pants with ALOT of pockets! lol

I believe they already have opened up the wallet big time. I know they are a big company, and acquisitions on a large scale are common, but c'mon, they bought Palm for 1.2 bil, bought three or 4 other cloud, music, tech companies, ALL for around the same amount or MORE than what they paid for palm. They didn't settle for a booth at CES, but instead rented out some fancy hall to make a mega announcement. I think ish is about to hit the fan, and coming from someone who stood in line on june 6th 2009 to get my pre, I can't wait to be RIGHT when it comes to having waited this long for a new device amid the android zombie nation.

I'll be opening my wallet big time when they release a product... I'll wait as long as necessary too. Because the rest of these devices are flashes in the pan.

I disagree on the "Apple-targeted" ads-- at least in the sense that MS targets Apple or Apple targets MS. Just sell us on how awesome the experience is-- they don't need to compare themselves to anyone. People will make the comparisons themselves, they just need something to get their attention.

i'm not cool, but i is ready.


Respek for da Ali G reference.

Me loves techmology.

How about a phone leak! I am anxious to know whats going on in HP world!

i hear there is gunna b a phone leak in 8 days. i could b wrong

Finally. It was incredibly hard to resist the $99 EVO at Christmas, but I really like webOS so I stuck it out.

Please do better than the Pre 2 next week, and PLEASE get it out by month end (on ALL carriers). My constantly freezing Sprint Pre is driving me nuts.

I still have a Speint Pre and it runs like a gem. Really! The screen was cracked and the battery door broke and the touchstone bavk was even cracked in half. It's been dropped more times than I care to share. It's been patched and overclocked. And, it's been repaired by Sprint and looks like new. No oreo,no lag... It's a road worrior and will last just fine until I swap it out. This phone was worth the wait. I've tried Android and just hated it. WEBOS is that shit and if HP is truly pushing cool, then we are finally about to get what we deserve. All I've been saying all along is give us cool stuff and now that the top dawg is saying they are brining back COOL, I HAVE A LOT TO SMILE ABOUT! Woot Woot...HP!

yeah I have a Sprint Hero (love the Hero form factor for some reason) for less than a month and Im tired of Android already. My Pixi was killing me so I had to move on temporarily. Android reminds me of WM 6.5 and thats not a good thing.

All I got is HELLS YEA ! !

Hmmm... maybe now he also realises the mistake of not supplying the phone in Asia. I'm guessing this also means that the new WebOS phone will be available in India, and other asian countries.. Otherwise, why tell them to throw away their iphones and ipads.

Imagine this guy walking out on stage on the 9th in a turtle-neck and jeans and saying "today we are going to reinvent the smartphone" :p

He'd also need to lose about 100 lbs, then the look would be complete.

Nah, our guy is going to wear a white turtleneck, cause he's the "good" guy ;)

Until Webos can get some applications I am not impressed. If I switch back to Webos I'll be losing access to too many needed software.

What apps specifically would you need to switch back? Just curious?

I use Mint, Docs to GO (Webos has no documuent and spreadsheet editors), Chase Banking,Trillian, Twitter (better than paid Webos apps), Napster, Barcode Scanner, ESPN,Adobe PDF (best pdf app))and a ton of web apps like Newegg, UPS etc. I would have thought that Webos would at least get web apps. Maybe if Palm didn't waste so much money on those ridiculous contests.

yeah they gave a million big ones out for that contest and they only gained like 1000 during the time it was going on. hardly worth it. devs will develope for webos like crazy once they see people actually buying phones for the platform. why would they develope for a platform if no one is even selling phones that run it? im sure it will change soon. also im sure with the launch of 2.x we will see a nice amount of apps to come with it, including doc editting.

How many of them were useful? That's the question. The majority of Webos apps are from a hobby developers.

i only downloaded two apps all of 2010. facebook was one.

A million bucks for hobby developers that produced a ton of worthless apps. That's surely worth a million. You know I have been hearing the same sad statement since I bought the Palm Pre on launch day almost 2 years ago. Applications will come..guess what? They never came and you still cannot edit a simple document. I don't know about you but almost 2 years of waiting is ridiculous.

yeah the problem. they don't need hobbyists the need companies to make apps. that little million prize isn't what get's regular companies to make apps.

Please don't come back because we don't even need you.

they barely have marketshare. you need all you can get.

agreed. for me it's less about hardware more about function and features. apps provide features. i need a fidelity app, i want several others, like google finance, espn sportscenter and lots more. the music player needs to perform with the ease and slickness of an ipod. i need to beable to recored hd, take pictures and be able to adjust the white balance, preferably exposures, etc. But without apps, for me it won't matter what they release.

Alright, I have to ask this....If I were playing the odds in Vegas, what is the percentage we will see new webOS hardware on Sprint? The Sprint managers I've talked to in a couple of different stores were absolutely clueless. I then tried the 800 customer service number inquiring about breaking my conrtact before June. When he asked me why, I told him that it was because Sprint was probably gonna pass on new webOS hardware. His remark: "Wha...what is webOS?" Palm phones you dumbass!!! I hung up on him in disgust! Percentages anyone??

IF HP goes the route that you only need sprint to setup service and HP will do customer service... they may NOT know anything about it

Okay, lets not go with percentages, because there are too many factors.

Lets go with logical assumptions:
Sprint is dumb = they aren't following the tech world

Sprint is smart = they know that Palm had no money. They know HP has money.

If Sprint is dumb, they will stick to their android formula and continue to going backwards: Evo shift --> Samsung querty candybar

If Sprint is smart, then there is a good chance they will buy the new hardware from Palm.

very exciting!!

my guess is a keyboard-less slate to go head-to-head with the iphone (which can be released anywhere because it's easier to change a software keyboard for non-european languages than a physical one), and the tablet of course that we all know is coming. i prefer a keybaord myself but i think an iphone-like phone is what the masses want, especially if they're going for "cool".

btw please spare us non-americans the sports analogies in articles :) i know you guys are excited at this time of year though!

Thanks! I didn't figure out was QB meant before you mentioned sports analogies.. :)


you're upset cause he used a "sports analogy" or because he used one from an American sport? Because they way use phrased it it appears your issue with all sports analogies.

So it's ready. We better get one of thos devices by the end of Febuary.

If they decide to pass on any new phones (Sprint) I'm gonna have to get something non Palm. Sucks, but we've been with Sprint too long and like their service too much to jump to a lesser carrier.

I know. Sprint has the best unlimited family plan in my area and the service is fantastic here. I could be in a predicament. I might have to leave Sprint!

Couldn't he just flash his demo device up there a second or two for us?

I will remain reserved until I see something announced on Sprint...if I am forced to pair my webOs tablet with an android phone because I can't replace the 7th replacement of the 3rd webOs phone sold in the south suburb of Chicago on June6th of 2009, there will be consequences and reprocussions!!! ( or atl least angry wishful thinking and rampant jealosy)....

I'm not sure I can trust a 57-year-old's definition of "cool". Let's wait and see...

lol, but he does have a cool look to him... for an old guy


It's a sophisticated cool! It says... "I am in tune with my age. I aim to be classy, not bohemian."

i will remember that when i get that age lol

Yes, every generation invents $ex, drugs, rock and roll, and cool.

If they have all of this new "stuff" ready, doesn't the whole Pre2 thing just seem plain weird? Can't wait to see the devices!

how funny would it b if the entire phone launch was the pre2 on all carriers. id luvvv to see the explosion on this site hahaha. im sure that isnt the case and i, as well as many of us here, am waiting for them to drop the hotness on us. feb 9th is my christmas this year :)

I think with all the new smart phones that will get announced, the Pre2 is going to take the Pre-/Pixi lead to be marketed for moms and aliens.

More importantly...is the software ready?

HPWebOS still needs a lot of cooking in terms of features and polish that Android and iOS have and set them ahead at this point in time.

Here's hoping that along with great hardware that's been in production, that they have been coding the $?#! Out of the OS and it's advancing.

This is exactly what i've been thinking. WebOS is missing a lot of key features the others have.

Remember HP has 47,000 .Engineers on hand so how many working on webOS & how many on Hardware? Plus Mckinney I think said all engineering staff working on Apps.. So on Feb 9th along with HW & SW announcment should we expect Tens of thousands of apps by HP Engineering & employees??? I think so.


+1 on the pigskin references! :)

@everyone else....YESSSSSS!! HP is bringin the rain!

Palmobots! Prepare to battle the Appleicons. ROLL OUT!! :)

When I had my pre working I had the transformer conversion for a ringer. Was great.

COME ON HP/PALM, let us have some Sprint love! PLEASE?!?!

Oh, and I can't agree more with the poster(s) advocating global launch and specifically India - HUGE untapped populace who if they grab onto WebOS could provide enormous momentum...

I really hope that means there's some awesome hardware coming to sprint soon. I've been looking for a reason to actually pay my phone bill... Now if only I wasn't a month behind on rent I could get a Topaz too.

its just a month... what's more important... where you gonna live or what your gonna play with tomorrow?

Herr Apotheker: please authorize a "leak" to be sent to your friendly local webOS community backbone.

Mister Jayzien: WHY? You've waited this long, you can wait a week longer.

The impact of any announcement is multiplied by a thousand if the stuff being announced is actually *new* to people.

I just read the Business Standard article about this (linked at the end of the article above). The Business Standard article ended like this:

"Executives in India remained tight-lipped about HP’s upcoming event on February 9 in San Francisco, where it is expected to unveil its webOS platform and related tablet PCs."

Unveil webOS? Hasn't it been unveiled for a couple of years now? Good journalism there, eh?

I think in India they even not know nothing about the before Pres and Pixis. Reason why Leo is visiting all the HP worldwide branches.

"... get rid of your iPhones and iPads"

Boy, HP better have some fantastic phones and pads with awesome hardware that will out perform more than what is coming out soon from the competition.

HP cool? I guess Dr. Dre and Gwen Stefani phones are coming...

does the Dr. Dre phone blow weed smoke in your face? i sure hope so, well as long as im not at work. im sure there will b a timing function for that

It's really interesting to see how HP's message has changed from just a few months ago. Read that link to Mark Hurd's speech and you'll have a real appreciation for where we are today... and where we're going next week!

I know it's been said, but just for the record I want a phone too.

How about some love for those people that skipped work and waited in line for the first Pre?

It would be awesome if they started giving trade-in specials/discounts for the first few days of launch if you hand over your Pre or Pixi for the newest phone!

That would indeed be awesome.

But just like the other dream... you know, the one where all men except you turn into young, attractive, scantily clad girls? Just like that dream, it won't ever come true. Things are sad like that.

This is Make or Break for HP. Although I am a big fan, what if the fruit company pushed their iturd slate a few days ealrier for example the 8th? Will the press still be interested in the HP releases?

Auf geht's, Herr Apotheker!

HP should have had this event this week, and been advertising in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

yeah i was hoping they would have some kinda commercial that didnt show off anything but just got u anticipating announcement

It's finally coming weeks.

Frankly I've never been one of the "malcontents" -- I still love my Sprint Pre Minus (overclocked and running Preware, of course) and could be happy with it for years to come, but now I am really starting to get excited about what new hardware we'll see. Please don't disappoint us, Leo!

I'm feeling exactly the same Samizdat. Phone patch backing up/Doctoring day for WebOS 2.1 is coming sooner than you think!

Obviously you are not a fan.

Logically, 2.0 will probably be announced during Feb 9th. Why would they lessen their impact by releasing it to a small group of unknown fanatics?

Hi all,

My Centro is so ready to retire...it sounds great to me!

Take care, Jay

I would really appreciate the 2.0 update on my Pre(-). (Show some commitment to the original WebOS fan base) I'm really excited about this event Feb 9th I hope all the negativity for WebOS can be turned around.



Hp is being silent just like Apple, no leaks of any kind they want to make sure of this. And as for Sprint they also are keeping tight lip, for the reps they have no idea until it actually comes out. Right now there is no FCC filings cause it is sealed till the day of the announcement. Hp is following in Apple way of tight lips, and not the Android way with tons of leaks that can sink huge ships. I was a EVO user and went back to the Pre and I am not looking back, hope to see slate with 4-4.3" screen size. webOS should look awesome on that and if 9" pad comes out i get that to. I just hope Sprint is going to get both pads and phones. Otherwise I will go where HP goes to use webOS. And as for apps HP should work tightly with lot of different developers and give more of incentive to developers to develop great apps and games this will push webOS to vast majority of the people and please better commercials. Feb 9th cant come fast enough!!!!!

I, personally, think this guy is bright enough to realize that the Pre/Pre2 are not cool. When he says cool, he doesnt mean us that are already obsessed with the software, he means those same morons that will buy anything that apple tells them to buy.

I think this guy realizes that cool hardware, not just specs, are going to start to attract people. Paired with WebOS and i think they hit it out of the park, with improvements to the OS, and app catalog. this guy realizes that adding great apps and hardware will bring sales, and this is what he seems to be aiming for.

i think that Feb 9th is round 1, he is gonna then see the response from others and come back even stronger in say november/december!

All I can say if Sprint passes on HP then I am out of Sprint no matter how cheap they are, they just keep shooting themselves in the foot.

what do you guys expect from appke they've had all the stuff their releaseing now for years and slowly reasling stuff now their running out and hpalm has a sure chance if they had something like apples black labs

precentral staff:
it's spelled mumbai, and delhi.

It was about 3 a.m. when posting:) Thanks for noting. Fixed.

I just read here on my Android Sprint Epic 4G that WebOS needs a lot of polish compared to Android. LOL!

The sprint Epic 4G "superphone" has been out since August, without a SINGLE OS Upgrade to fix the random GPS. drops, bluetooth drops, monochrome prefs, having to use diff email progs and search progs for each provider, and, oh btw, as I type this, the text window keeps popping off the screen. On that topic, many apps don't even rotate their window when phone does.

Oh - try and find Epic users satisfied with video phone calls. Don't appear to be many on Android Central!

My Pre is far easier andx nicer to use and patch. I got the epic for Epocrates. But it is such a pain to use, and with an upcoming job change possibly, I will gladly dump the Epic and get a Palm with a bigger screen for work use, and linked Pad for couch use.

The gvrass may be taller and fancier on the AndroHemorrhoid side of the fence, but is a pain in the a#s to wade through!

i think people's definition of "polish" is different. i get where the are coming from. Example: the camera app. the webos one has few features. it takes pictures and has a flash. the android one you can adjust picture quality, white balance, save format, i think exposure, edit, sepia, crop. That is polish.

i think you look at the music player in webos and it's pretty basic. compare it to an iphone and the ipod is a very integrated solution,with audiobooks, podcasts, gapless playback, playlists all integrated, equalizer etc. i think that's a level of polish not in webos.

i think android voice commands are a level of polish i dont' see in other platforms. so regarding webos i think stuff like that is where i think webos has a lot of room for improvement.

My friend's Epic has 2 worn lines on the keyboard from the slider... so those keys are unreadable. The polish is literally gone.

Who is going to announce the new products? Ruby or Dr Evil? This guy seems to have some balls.

More examples of cool old guys...




You young whippersnappers (is that word uncool?) don't have it all. Some of your elders were cool before you were even outta your old man's loins!

nice article this is exciting!! Can't wait to buy touchpad!! Btw there is a typo the city name is mumbai not mubai... It's my hometown hate to see it spelled wrong ;)

Samsung has always had problems releasing updates, after my wife had the Samsung Moment and they never did any updates to i said never again am i getting another samsung phone, they lack in the update department. HTC is good with its updates. How is HP going to update it software, what i mean is how often? Are they going to go the Apple route with once a year with major releases and small patches or are going to go with Android way with every 6 months something new. I prefer the Apple way, what do you guys think?