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HP CEO Mark Hurd Resigns after sexual harassment investigation 159

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 06 Aug 2010 7:15 pm EDT


HP's CEO, Mark Hurd, is resigning in the midst of a sexual harassment investigation. Fortunately, HP has an interim CEO lined up:

The Board has appointed CFO Cathie Lesjak, 51, as CEO on an interim basis. Lesjak is a 24-year veteran of the company who has served as HP’s CFO and as a member of the company’s Executive Council since January 2007. She oversees all company financial matters and will retain her CFO responsibilities during the interim period.

HP notes that "there was no violation of HP's sexual harassment policy, but did find violations of HP's Standards of Business Conduct." On a conference call, HP said that Hurd submitted inaccurate expense reports to cover up his relationship with a contractor.  

There's a search committee that has been put together and they're conducting a search process "as quickly as they can to find the right individual for the position."

Nilay Patel of Engadget asks if Jon Rubinstein will be included in the search. HP replies that they'll look internally and externally, but won't comment on specific individuals.

Source: HP call, PR Newswire; via Engadget



That's completely insane.

Palm seems happy though... The Palm Twitter account Tweeted the following a few mins ago:

@palm: Fantastic!

that's not true, but it would be really cool if it was!

I won't miss him either.

what's not true? ....he did resign, and Palm did tweet: Fantastic!

LOL, I actually asked palm about it:

craigwann: @palm what's fantastic?

DM: Palm: Sorry, that was a DM that went astray...

...so, it IS true! ;-) they just didn't want it to be a public tweet - ....even better. lol

I'm sure they'll say it was just a "Fantastic!" for something else but we know the truth...

You will not exist until Palm announces new hardware!!!!!


Touchy, feely the ladies... Which Palm was he using?

Oh I see a cheesy game being released soon. lol

How do we know it was a lady? All I read was it was a "contractor". Would really be steamy if he dabbled in some same-sex relations, like Randy Quaid in "Far From Heaven".

Stop making up silly rumors. Several news reports have stated that contractor was a woman. What difference would it make anyways?

Ouch! Well we won't have to worry about anymore of his crazy soundbytes now.

Wow!! That's why we can't get a new device, fuckin asshole couldn't keep his Dick in his pants..lol

Like i said in a previous forum post........

"the higher up the ladder an executive climbs, the less oxygen he/she gets to the brain. Common sense, and often, ethics dont apply anymore."

Dieter -- you are just sooooo fast...

"That's what she said ... DOH!" - Mark Hurd

HAHAHA Nice one untidyguy I just visualized Mark Hurd being like Michael Scott.

You're welcome for being your straight guy...

DOH!!! (I did it again...)


NEW name for phone... the faceplam

Looks like foot in mouth was not his only issue!

looks like he had something else in his mouth, WHOA!

Nice one. +2

Maybe he should have focused more on his Palm.

Well he was not the hands on guy his should have been - so to speak!

I nominate Rahul Sood for the job, and Jason to be his replacement as CTO...

HP conference call about to start!

Jon Rubinstein should go for it.

That'd be an Apple "de ja vu" moment right there. Apple buys Next, gets Jobb's (back) as CEO. HP buys Palm, gets Rubinstein.

I hate to be the guy who corrects people, but actually Steve Jobs had never been CEO of Apple until they bought NeXT and he convinced the board to fire Gill Amelio, who was CEO of Apple back then, and then Steve Jobs became interim CEO (yes, he was the iCEO) and soon full time CEO. Back in the 70s and 80s he held a powerful position at Apple and had a lot of say- I think he was leading the Macintosh team- but he was never a CEO. Maybe I read it wrong and you meant they got Jobs back at Apple and then he became the CEO- that's pretty likely really.
But I totally agree with you- that would be a lot like what happened with Apple- the only difference is Ruby wasn't a founder of HP (well, HP was founded a quarter century or so before Ruby was born) but Ruby did get his start working at HP. That and the lack of a boardroom coup, but that's about it- it's quite a striking similarity. Good job pointing that out.

Sidenote: In a great bit of irony Gil Amelio, who almost destroyed Apple and was fired by the board thanks to Steve Jobs, is on the board of director for AT&T. Yes, the same AT&T who carries the iPhone. I'm not kidding. Oh to have been a fly on the wall during those meetings...

> I hate to be the guy who corrects people

You forgot to change my "Next" to "NeXT".

You need to work harder if you want to be "that guy". ;)

apparently it wasn't for sexual harassment, but violating their code of conduct.

Loosely translated that means it was consensual, but not allowed on the table in the HP boardroom.

Definitely not a touchsmart.

good one!

Palm cant catch a break. I know its not a Palm exec, but it still doesnt look good. Focus and execute on new webOS devices!

this is actually a great thing. He was there to make the acquisition happen, and now he gets out of the way so Rahul Sood and Phil McKinney can make things great!

He has been there 5 years

Can't say I'm disappointed. This guy never showed any love for WebOS smartphones. :)

conf call just started...

how the heck did Andreesen get on their board? He's an idiot.


Several weeks ago there was a claim.. Personal and professional behavior compromised his ability to lead HP.

Close and personal relationship with a contractor hired by his office without disclosing the relationship. A profound lack of judgement... wow.

The only quote I remember from this guy was "we didn't buy palm to be in the smartphone business." I hope smartphones are at the forefront of webos development, and not just a side project.

I wonder if Carly Fiorina wants the job...

I really hope she doesn't. That's a frightening idea.

Is Dubrinski or Hawkins available?

Rodger or Ruby?... nevermind!

anyone know if he is/was married? sounds like this would be a feeding frenzy for divorce lawyers...

they just raised their quarterly and full-year guidance... more money to spend on Palm development and advertising...

Haha, good riddance, I couldn't stand this idiot and he fouled up every interview he had anytime Palm webOS came up.. Hopefully they can get someone with more of a brain who doesn't piss off entire communitys with every interview.

wow, this guy hired his girlfriend, and hid the relationship including payments funneled to her and how things showed up on his expense reports... he must have had a fight with her and she retaliated by exposing his transgressions to pay him back.

...hell hath no furry as a woman's corns. Words to live by.

Yep, gotta watch out for woman's corns. lolz :-D

urg you mean hell hath no furry like a woman scorned... right?

ok that's it! Go to the penalty box and think about what you just said.

analyst now is suggesting that if he was dishonest on his expense reports, does it indicate he cheated on HP financials in a way that would cause them to worry about having to restate past earnings. kachow! that's an insightful zinger...

CFO's prepare the financial statements, Board approves them. Hurd just signed them.

I know that. It was an indirect way for the analyst to question the integrity of the CFO that the question was directed to...

Then he's speculating, not analyzing. And it's good to avoid his work and his employer's publications going forward because that would be a very naive thing to say, and unethical thing to do, as a professional. Analysts face similar challenges as weathermen, except, if they try harder and do some work, they can remove most doubt.

Ha-Ha! I was just about to Tip them about the news. It was found on MSN news. Here is the link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38597967/ns/business-us_business

just pray that Andreesen isn't a candidate for CEO... he's a jerk.

Whoa..Crazy stuff! Maybe there will be more concentration on tech in those meetings, instead of other stuff..

HP hasn't taken Hurd off of their website yet...

HPSmartphone = DUMB-CEO

WTF! People are crazy when they make buttlodes of cash!

hahaha funny I like the one about he should have used the palm hahahah the canadian robi for ceo

what a smuck I guess he couldn't afford paying for hotels aout his own pocket after all the millions that he was making wasn't enogh

did you mean schmuck, or are you calling him a brand of jelly?

yes english professor I meant schmuck like u

English professor? Are you kidding me? You do realize that "schmuck" is Yiddish, right? Fucking moron.

your a thogh guy on here eh i wonder how togh are you in real life ,would love to find out then we would see who the moron is mf

Seems like a "thogh" challenge to crown a moron, but you've been brilliantly instrumental in clearing the air about it.

you cant immagine how much id love to be one on one with you for five minutes thats how long it would take to shut you up asshole

LOL, I didn't say who the moron was. You set a standard that you didn't live up to. And it wouldn't take you five minutes to shut me up. Probably less than five seconds. After emptying the chamber, I'd not have much to say and I'd walk away. Actually, make that ten seconds, I'd probably apologize for spilling your Thunderbird.

It's important to have problem solving skills, especially if you're the problem."

Glad to have U around...
Just to be notifyed...


reminds me of when the CFO at Savvis spent $150,000 at a New York strip club and then expensed it... why do leaders let power go to their heads like that?

The problem is when the power goes to their wrong head.

Really! Most I could spend @ Scores was $2000 a night & expense it....

this has nothing to do with Palm the Pre or the fact that the US has not been updated to 1.45

Yes it does. The contractor was hired to shepherd webOS 1.45 through the US carrier approval system. This explain so much! ;)

+1 great minds think alike!

Nothing to do with Palm.... Except for the guy in charge of the company that owns Palm being fired... Small connection.

now we know what is holding up 1.4.5

His girlfriend's company must have a hand in it, and they are reviewing the code for sleeper code that activates if he gets fired...

Man, who cares. Slow news lately...

Go take a sandwich to the unpopular angry old man that lives on your block that has a hostile opinion about stuff that doesn't concern him. If you cant find him, eat the sandwich.

That was brilliant! I should remember that one.

You sir are brilliant. I really want to steal that one. Pure awesome.

ROTFLMAO......which I do believe was the cause of my slight attack of incontinence. :p

The Palm curse contines...

Tweet of the day:

"If hardware questions were girls, Rahul would be Justin Bieber.

Here's hoping that Todd Bradley takes over as CEO.

How much did they pay him to leave? I'll bet it was big bucks

This effects my Pre Plus how? Oh, wait, it doesn't.

I'm glad, he seemed to be the only person at HP who hated Palm.

I nominate myself for the position if it has not yet been filled.

HP - Just give me some time to put my resume together. Should I submit a cover letter as well?

I heard last straw for the woman was when he kept saying

"It's coming soon, it's coming soon..."

Sadly though it just never came.....


Well, he did purchase WebOS and said it would be "integrated" into all "platforms"


Well, he did purchase WebOS and said it would be "integrated" into all "platforms"

Ok. He made some bad mistakes, but HP did raise their projected earnings, so he couldn't have been all bad. Just sayin'. Go HP Palm!

Or as they called him in college: "Herd"

Who lives in the east near the willow tree...
Sexual Harassment Panda!
Who explains sexual harassment to you and me?
Sexual Harassment Panda!
Don't say that, don't touch there
Don't be nasty says the silly bear.
He's come to tell you what's right and wrong...
Sexual Harassment Panda!

hp stock down 10% today. good buying opportunity.

exactly. earnings report in a couple of weeks should send the stock higher than its current price

What the hell? Shouldn't it be up? They lost a moron. Cheers all around. Why would this be anything but good news? The stock market never has any relationship with reality.

Let's see, he has been the CEO for the past 5 years. During that time, they reorganized the corporation, regained the title from Dell as the LARGEST seller of PCs & gained the title from IBM as LARGEST tech company by revenues. He oversaw the expansion & buyouts/mergers of companies like EDS, Mercury Interactive, Palm, etc. They went from a company w/revenues of $80B to $114B & from 150,000 employees to over 300,000. The value of HPQ stock had gone up about 135% in his 5 years as CEO. For the next qtr, they just projected both profits & revenues ABOVE expectations

You really don't think losing this guy would spook investors on Wall St? It spooked me & I am a small time investor. Did he do something stupid--certainly. One insider says it may have been about $20k in expenses over two years.

Hopefully, HPQ will find someone young, & innovative, yet can still keep costs under control.

I told you guys HP hardware sucked...


... Wow ... What an idiot.

he's entitled to 53 million if he has to resign. it's like he got paid to have sex

Sexual harassment? I'll say, he screwed Palm, or should I say us Palm users...

I don't know what's funnier.. That he used is Palms to get fired or that he didn't us his Palms to not get fired.. Lol

But hey it's like they said.. He was the guy behind the wheel.. His Palms were to occupied to hold it lmaooo

now we know what was going on under the desk while he was being interviewed and saying stupid things.

next scoop is for some reporter to find out who 'she' is, and publish her picture.

these are the best comments i've ever read!

Thank goodness really. This idiot was going to do more harm to Palm than anyone else. I say BYE BYE MORON!

next scoop is for some reporter to find out who 'she' is, and publish her picture.

Damn, dude got caught out there!

Thats funny...everybody is having big fun with this news...
Mr. Hurd has disestablished Mr. Hurd...
one stumbling stone out of the way for webOS and its succeeding...

next scoop is for some reporter to find out who 'she' is, and publish her picture.

oh, to be fair, would somebody please change the "Harassment"-thing.
At last, even if noone likes him, we should stay objective and use right facts.

just read that he got a 40mil severance pay wow,talk about the american dream ,have a fling charge it to your company and they give you a ton of money ,what a joke and then when these corporations go broke the taxpayers step in and save them mean while people have no jobs what a nice system hurrai hurrai he's laughing all the way to the bank disgusting .

"We didn't buy Palm to get into the smartphone business but I did buy this vendor's service to get into her pants Huzzah! I tell people that, but it doesn't seem to resonate well."

next scoop is for some reporter to find out who 'she' is, and publish her picture.

WOW...did i miss some news. what a slut. he should have went right after that stupid remark after they bought palm. the wife will be getting the severance. I hope she takes it all.

"It is in the judgement of the State of California that a dissolution of this marrige be executed and we award the plaintiff, Mrs. Hurd, all rights and privileges of Compaq Computer, and a sustanance allowance of ten free premium WebOS applications per month." Mr. Hurd is allowed to retain his toaster, but Mrs. Hurd is granted visitation on the 2nd and 4th weekends of each month, and every third Federal holiday."

Apparently Tiger sent him a text today:
"Dude, just one girl?"


Phil McKinney for CEO FTW

"We also support the homebrew guys. You hear about all the guys hacking phones and unlocking the phones, we actually encourage that. You can go out to PreCentral or any of the sites that support the Palm homebrew guys. they'll tell you how to unlock your phone and how you can download the homebrew sites. The homebrew guys have just done some phenomenal work from the standpoint of really unlocking the true power of webOS."

+1 I remember reading this. This statement is by far one of the best statements I have ever heard from a large company or any company for that matter.

+! Phil McKinney would be fantastic as a CEO- he knows how to manage people and unlike Mark Hurd, he actually is smart and passionate about Palm. If it's not gonna be Phil McKinney, I don't know who else it could be. Except Steve Jobs- say what you will about him, but you've gotta admit he knows how to get a company back on it's feet. I wouldn't want Ruby as the HP CEO though- he's the CEO of Palm, and that's what he's good at. Phil McKinney not only gets mobility and clearly he gets Palm and their corporate culture, but he gets business in general- he'd be an awesome CEO. Phil McKinney FTW!

Todd Bradley for CTO! He is heading up their PC unit which is now the largest and he used to run PALM! Perfect! You saw it hear first.

Thanks guys, this has been real good reading ;-))

This proves that nothing stirs up the PC crowd like a good sex scandal. Fellas, if Palm doesn't announce some new hardware soon I'm afraid somebody's going to have to leak some compromising photos of @thekeithnewman just to keep the site going.

LOL sadly for US Pre's this is the closest we have gotten to anything that can be considered progress in several months.

Yay for Palm! With him out of the way there's a chance that some Palm execs will be pulled up in the power vacuum.

(steps up on the mic)

His name should now be Fark Her .

He spent too much time filling in positions and then laying off


At least with all that money he won't have to worry about applying for any new positions, he's already done them all :)

Just awesome.

Here is why he is getting money

"Hurd will be well compensated as he departs HP. An SEC filing examined by CNBC indicated that Hurd is contractually entitled to $52.9 million in the event of a resignation.

The filing, dated 2009, says that total is composed of $11.6 million in cash, with the remainder in stock options and restricted stock."from CNBC

At the same time, HP could require that Hurd pays back all of that money that was expensed for his "girlfriend", if that has not already happened. His other expense reports dating back for the past five years could also be checked to make sure everything was appropriate.

Basically, delay giving him the millions until all of these things can be done.

Lawyers for woman say no affair or intimate sexual relationship. Just good old fashioned sexual harassment:


the dirtbag has gwo kids.

as ivana trump said, "dont get even, get everything"

AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA...LMAO...Good riddance. What a douche bag!

He's already a millionaire, he can live the rest of his life on a yacht if he wanted to. I don't feel sorry for him.

This weekend would be a great time for HP to make a major WebOs/SmartPhone announcement. It would distract the media from Turd and focus positive attention on HP. *hint hint* *hoping HP is reading this*