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HP CEO: TouchPad Launches in June, webOS on PC beta at end of year 48

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 14 Mar 2011 5:19 pm EDT

HP CEO Leo Apotheker just answered at question at the HP Summit and happened to mention a couple tidbits:

  • The TouchPad will launch in June
  • HP will deliver a beta of webOS running on Windows "on a browser" by the end of the year and will launch it on new HP PCs soon thereafter.

The TouchPad will come out in June and from that date onwards there will be wave after wave of technology coming out to support the webOS platform. There will be a beta version for webOS running on a browser on PCs available at the end of the year and you'll see us putting webOS on that technolgoy on PCs, on Windows PCs I should add, starting from that point onwards and we hope to read 100 million devices a year. We'll put the same technology on our printers, we'll put them on PCs, we'll put them on TouchPads, we'll put them on smartphones, so you'll see this become a very massive, very broad platform.

That explains a bit about how we'll see webOS on those 100 million PCs - it won't be a dual-boot mess but instead run as an app inside Windows. Whether it will be further integrated later on remains to be seen, but it's fitting that webOS ' first PC beta will happen in a browser, innit? In any case, how exactly it will work is a question that has been vexing us, so we're glad to have more color on that.

Oh, and the TouchPad launching in June - can't help but note we nailed that.

Update: Apotheker adds that "webOS technology is seamless when it comes to working with Windows" and also notes that HP isn't counting out shipping Windows-based tablets again in the future alongside webOS tablets, "we just need the right version of Windows to do that." Ouch.



Kinda helps with ENYO being the framework. Especially cause it's designed to work right off Google Chrome. Question is: Will it work on IE8/9 or a built in browser?

I'd assume it would be a custom browser on HP PCs at first, but eventually it could be available to all computers through a site, like jolicloud.

Building a custom browser isn't hard to believe since you have Firefox or Chrome source code freely available. But I think running WebOS in Firefox or Chrome is much better since millions already have those browsers and don't have to go out and find a new browser.

I'm pretty excited about this man!!

All I want for Christmas this June is a Pre3 and a Touchpad!!

I'll believe it when I see it. I'm usually pretty optimistic when it comes to webOS, but Leo has said a lot of things that sounds AWESOME! but never come to fruition ("HP will never announce something that isn't ready to be released immediately," paraphrased).

But if it doesn't come out until after June, no big deal. It's just a tablet. I want it, and I want it right now, but if they say June and it ends up being August, no biggie. I'll wait.

Let's hope they use the time between now and June to slip in a few more features to differentiate it a bit in an increasingly 'me too' market.

Sweet. Hopefully the Pre3 will be out around the same time.

I hope the Veer and Pre3 will be released sooner than June. Since they only rely on webOS 2.2, there *should* be less to rewrite than waiting on webOS 3.0. But, who knows...

uh. Huh sure.

good news on the touch pad but I want the pre 3 sooner

so is there no chance for a mac-based WebOS app, even in chrome?

Might be a homebrew thing. WebOS Internals does magic.

Now about that Pre 3... June please, coming to Sprint please!

Awesome, that means, by June I'll have best of both worlds: iPad2 and TouchPad :)

Mr. Money Bags ^

June is exciting! I'm wondering what the accessories will cost, Touchstone, keyboard, (is there anything else?).

I'm putting away some money little by little so when it is available I'll be ready for:

Pre 3
TouchPad and Touchstone + keyboard.

All very exciting!

i would say around $900... 500 for the TP, about 250 for the pre3 on contract, like 80 for the kb and then add taxes... i think i remember reading somewhere that the TB comes with the touchstone dock, as it should. i hope the pre3 does as well

Did they say Pre 3 in June? I need a new phone fast, my Pre minus is falling apart.

Same here. I'm afraid that if the Pre3 is delayed until August or later I'll end up joining the Android legions.

I recently bought an Android phone off-contract from eBay. I did NOT renew my contract, but I can play with Android (and use the apps currently unavailable on webOS - especially webOS 1.x) and later sell the Android device on eBay when I get my new webOS device. (At least, that is the plan.)

I did this last October. I ended up selling the Android device in February and buying another Pre on eBay. I'm really hoping this Pre lasts until the Pre 3 is out.


If "launching within a few weeks of announcing a product" = June... then I'm guessing June = December.

Looking for a TouchPad + Pre3 bundle...

Also, I had a vision:
All the press went into Woah! mode...

Hit it out of the park:
TouchPad (version 1) is released at $399 + Pre3 thru carriers at various upgrade prices...

a Double:
TouchPad (version 1) is released standalone at $499 (includes a $25 credit to the AppCat)

If they give an AppCat credit and say conservatively sell 200,000 of them - The Devs will jump over each other trying to get that $5M...

correct me if I'm wrong BUT he did say launch in June not ship in June. Words do matter especially given HP's rack record of not delivering on COMITMENTS.

I want a TouchPad now though, especially after seeing that video they just showed at the presentation!

To late for me unfortunately (for the TouchPad). Last week I ordered the iPad (v1) for $350 from Apple. Couldn't pass it up. So now I'll have an iPad (iOS), Droid 2 (Android, my phone), and Palm Pixi Plus (WebOS, Wife's Phone). I need to get a Windows Phone 7 device and I'll be set.

Interface wise I like WebOS the best, but when it comes to Apps (which is more important in my mind), iOS and Android blow WebOS (and Win Phone 7) away. I'm still rooting for WebOS though.


I am not sure why you would want too, but will it be possible to run WebOS through the browser on an ipad or android tablet?

It would be pretty cool if I could get my text messages on my PC via WebOS running on my PC. That would kick some major butt and would wow my iPhone friends.

so, anyone want my iPad 2? Suddenly I hate it more than ever.

More than ever? you mean more than in the last three days since you've owned it?

I'll take it.

quit being a **** i love my ipad2! I'm sure I would love a WebOS but meh its taking to long to arrive. They don't even have an official price. so i will stick with this until they wake up and come with something better (maybe).

cant wait for the touchpad

Sign me up for the WebOS beta for PC. As for Touchpad, well, it's too late, as the company will get me an iPad2 before then. Any word on the Pre 3?

man i had it in my head allll day yesterday that they were going to announce the release date and carriers for the pre3... sighhhh

Cool. Touchpad is out in June. As much as I want one, though, it's gonna have to wait. I want more details on release date and carriers of the Pre3. THAT'S what I need.

Too little Too late once again..This thing needs a back camera.

"Apotheker also said that HP will eventually sell Windows tablets, according to Business Insider the company is waiting for the right version of Windows. Presumably these Windows tablets will also run WebOS, just like the desktop PCs."

Dual booting PC with Windows and WebOS we all agree would be horrible, since (most) PC's lack touch screens..

HOWEVER, a dual booting Tablet, WebOS with Windows = Win for consumers and business who need the versatility of both.

That could be the break out device that could catch on like wildfire... Windows just needs to finish/fix their windows 7 tablet version.

HP "DuoPad" anyone? :)

yeah it would b siiick if windows 7 was just one of the cards in the interface... would b very RAM demanding though

Just so you know HP, my birthday is June 1st.

Mine is June 2nd. Plus it is a Thursday - Everyone knows HP releases products on Thursdays...

I have money now hp!!!

Hopefully either HP will be nice and give us Mac webOS integration (unlikely), or someone will put together a nice package for it.

Doesn't seem too far fetched that someone might manage to build an app for Mac to integrate with webOS, does it?

Since there are several virtual machines available out there, I could see HP doing a VM for WebOS on every computer.

If you have any experience with Windows 7, you may know that Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate come with a full license for Windows XP that runs in a virtual machine and can be set up like a "super compatibility mode" for applications. If this idea is used for WebOS, that could really make for some interesting stuff, moving from a WebOS virtual machine for some apps.

So, at the end of the day you will have to have an emulator/virtual machine running on your WINDOWS machine to utilize webOS on a PC -- this is a far cry from what he said only a week ago. How in the world can anyone, especially tech savvy investors, have any confidence in this man or company?

He doesn't know what he is talking about and is just spewing lines given to him. He appears to have no concept of the technology.

Anyone else notice he is already planning on the webOS tablet failure with his comments on Windows tablets? Again, this seems like he loves to strike forward with statements, then he back peddles and changes his mind.

Do you think Leo actually checked with anyone at HP before making all his claims or is he talking out of his **** again?

Has anyone stopped to think about how you would interact with WebOS on a regular 'ol PC? Left-click-drag-up slow to minimize, left-click-drag-up fast to close.....doesn't this sort of defeat the beauty of a touch oriented interface? Or do they think everyone will have a touch-capable PC by then? Also, would all your WebOS apps live in the HP cloud? I wonder what app load times would be like then? Clearly they are working on this and must have some idea it could work commercially, it's just they've been a bit thin on details so far.