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HP CEO: 'We didn't buy Palm to be in the smartphone business' 358

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 02 Jun 2010 7:39 pm EDT

HP's CEO Mark Hurd spoke today at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Technology conference and his words may bode ill for those hoping HP will help catapult Palm and webOS back into the thick of the smartphone battle.

Hurd reportedly said that HP isn't going to 'spend billions of dollars trying to get into the smartphone business; that doesn't in any way make any sense.'

To add insult to smartphone injury, Hurd continued 'We didn't buy Palm to be in the smartphone business. And I tell people that, but it doesn't seem to resonate well.' 

We assume that by 'not resonating well' Hurd simply means that the message he's trying to get across isn't being heard. That message: HP seems most interested in using webOS on 'tens of millions of HP small form factor web-connnected devices.' That confirmed what we already knew, that HP is thinking 'bigger' about what kinds of devices they want to use webOS on. We are also confident that HP's love affair with the idea of putting webOS on a tablet will happen. But this sudden disdain for smartphones gives us some serious pause - 'cause smartphones are what we love and giving that market short-shrift hardly seems like doubling-down on webOS.

No need to panic just yet, webOS-faithful, but it's starting to look like HP doesn't share our conviction that a decent foothold in the smartphone space is a prerequisite for building the developer and platform ecosystem necessary to make any mobile OS a success.

Maybe the reason Hurd's message isn't 'resonating' is because the idea of HP abandoning webOS smartphones is so off-key that people don't want to hear it?

Source: Between the Lines on ZDNet, thanks to Bob for the tip!


That quote is from an earlier article.

I wanted to try to mitigate what Hurd said as much as possible, but the fact is from everything I could find he was as blunt as in the article above. I honestly think it was just him poorly stating things, but I can't pretend he said something he didn't.

Of course, I don't really think that HP intends to abandon the smartphone market, but at a certain point you have to just report what the CEO said, not try to fix up the statements.

People might not want to hear it, but you did the right thing, Dieter. Let's hope Hurd clarifies things once he gets word of just how bad a reaction it created.

Boycott HP,
boycott Hp,

See, to me, it just seems like he misspoke, though maybe this is wishful thinking.

I would bet that he means "We didn't buy Palm JUST to be in the smartphone business."

Look at what he's saying after it: "Now imagine that being a web-connected environment where now you can get a common look and feel and a common set of services laid against that environment."

If he's doesn't mean that one of those devices in a 'web-connected environment' where you'd want a common look and feel is a smartphone, I'd be very surprised.

Again, I love my Pre, so I might be biased, but I pretty clearly see this as just being a reiteration of previous statements. webOS is what they were after in the first place, not only because of smartphones but because they want to put it on everything. That doesn't necessarily mean that at least one of those products won't be a smartphone though.

Yeah, that's what I was trying to get at in my first comment above.

i would completely agree if hurd had not stated that it didnt resonate when he told people they bought it for webos and not phones. everyone should know that the value is palm webos os. anywho i hope they comment on the hurds comments

I sure hope you're right. I just don't think we'll get as much viral traction out of a guy in a ski-mask hollering "HPeeeeeeeee. Release the Pre Twooooooo!"

I would love to hear what everyone at Palm is saying to this...

I believe the general talk around the cooler at Palm goes something like this
*mass rioting and screaming as someone breaks a window, a chair is thrown through a plate glass window in an office, and a monitor is thrown over a cubical wall.*

This comment made wading through all these tragic comments totally worth it!

They aren't saying anything. They are all sleeping peacefully, unaware of what the fan will be slapping them with. Talk about an over reaction... this is it.

Unless the sky really is falling. Quick, can someone run out side and check?

Damn... I would get an Evo 4G it looks pretty sick but I just can't stand Android... Please make a better phone for webOS HP/Palm... Soon... I'm on my 4th pre and getting kinda tired of it but I love webOS...

Lets all chill out until after the merger is complete. If HP can do a trifecta (Computer, printer, mobile phone) that works seamlessly together webOS will be at its core.

I hope this happens. HP has done the smartphone thing and failed at it. Hopefully, Palm becomes the smartphone division. I just got my Pre Plus and it's the best phone and OS I have had to date. It meets that middle ground of the snazzieness (sp) of the iPhone OS, with the freedom of the Android OS. There is still room for webOS to grow in all three directions. HP would be crazy not to go at it hard.

I agree. The HP/WebOS smartphone is not a myth created by enthusiasts...

"...Palm possesses significant IP assets and has a highly skilled team. The smartphone market is large, profitable and rapidly growing, and companies that can provide an integrated device and experience command a higher share. Advances in mobility are offering significant opportunities, and HP intends to be a leader in this market.Ԡ

-Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Personal Systems Group, HP.

I predict that HP will allow Palm to release whatever phone it has in the pipeline and then will focus all hands and minds on the development of WebOS and a tablet by summer 2011. After which they will allow the Palm brand to die and the failure of WebOS as a smartphone platform to fade from the minds of consumers. After the buzz has swelled and the critical acclaim comes in regarding the WebOS Tablet they will re-enter the smartphone market around Dec of 2011 w/ a competitive cutting edge HP WebOS smartphone.

It actually makes alot of sense. This year belongs to Android but by the end of 2011 the Android juggernaut will begin to slow down. The market will be ready for the next big thing...enter a fully baked WebOS smartphone.

By allowing the Tablet to gather the mindshare of consumers and attention of developers, HP will almost be working Apple's infamous "Halo effect" in reverse.

Doesn't make much sense to totally blow off the mobile market.
Double the exposure for webos app developers, great way to tick off loyal Palm buyers, best way to keep talent happy with main stream products to work on, Palm doesn't make the phones so there is no production line to invest in.

Let's not forget, HP is already a mobile phone marketer, without really being a player in the industry. Mobile phones will be great products to link to cutting edge printers and why not link webos to webos?

I think the statement means, they'll dabble, we'll see the Peralta come out. If phones is a money loser, it's not gonna get support. But if webos phones can perpetuate their own motion, they'll let it fly. But most likely, they're not gonna bankroll and apple or droid challenge thrust. It will be up to webos to earn its own way.

Correction to my earlier comment and the quote from Mark Hurd. It was from the May earnings call, not this interview.

I wanna kick this guy right in the nuts.

While you are at it, be sure to go for the face while he's down on the ground in a fetal position groaning.

hello, HP...
If you are in abandoning smartphone development, you will see me jumping off the wagon...
No Pre, no further developments, and I will do no more business with HP anymore...
No printers, monitors and computers...and you earned a lot out of my purse, I can tell!

Palm goes from bad management to bad management. I was gone regardless but i feel bad for them. First they shoot themselves in the foot. Then their new bosses will shoot them again.


well it's true. it's not a giant mystery. you can have good products but you need good sound managment. Apple has it. Google has it. it's why they can survive an a bad product here and their. Warren Buffet says he's not buying a company he's buying the managment. and Palm has always always had suspect management with an itchy trigger finger and 9MM shoved in their pants ready to go off.

I can see it now.... My HP toaster gets a too many apps error & burns my toast.... Or fails to flush the toilet.. Or the overclocked cpu freezes everything in the Fridge...... & Then Mr. H.. Announces they are leaving the Smart-home appliance business to make SmartPhones....


There's something obscure in this deal.

Free Palm!

Long live webOS!

Yeah, people need to calm down. Yes, they bought the company for the IP and the OS, not the hardware. That doesn't mean they're ditching the phones, it means they aren't limiting themselves to just having webOS on a phone. That's been the mantra, and nothing he's said today changes that.

If he'd said that they were going to EOL the Pre and Pixi hardware, then you'd have an excuse to worry. But I don't see that happening until a viable alternative is available for the existing user and developer population.

In 2 days I would've forgot who palm was . because my 5th pre is going in the trash.....elevation partners burn...

Ruby can still get out of this deal of death.

anyone know where there is an HP blog similar to this one? We need to go show our support for STUPID CEO Comments....
especially an investor blog...

Long live WebOS

I say it before that Palm is dead, right !

I say it before that Palm is dead, right !

I'm halting all webOS development, until this is clarified if I understood this IDIOT, no more apps from me or updates.

Someone start playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes because the ship IS sinking.

07:40 PM

Translation: We bought Palm to be in the extort-people-for-patent-royalties business. GIZMODO

So they are planning a tablet then? maybe we shouldn't believe everything we read on the internet.... maybe we just shouldn't trust the CEO of HP when he says things.

never liked HP..never will if they drop the Palm phones and turn webOS into an appliance.

what a joke. I'll sport my Pre Plus til the wheels fall off. Then I may just hafta go phone-less....

I'm sorry, I've been all love for WebOS and Palm and even believed that HP take-over might be a good thing, but if they decide to abandon the smartphone business, then I'm abandoning my phone and getting an Android! We'll just have to wait and see! *sigh*

Got the Story...
Everytime the Hurd is with investors or other VIPs.. They all want to know about the HP SmartPhone Business Strategy. The Hurd is absolutely upset with all the attention on Palm/WebOS cuz....... No one asking about 3COM buy or PCs or Servers... Just SmartPhones.. This is frustration from The Hurd..
He may live long enough @HP to have to eat his words :)
reason for investor interest is SmartPhone market set to hit 150 billion. Could get HP to twice its size very quickly.
So all that hard work by the Hurd on the 5 yr plan... Is going out the HP Window along with MicroSoft Windows...

if anybody wants to know the future of Palm just take a look at HP's other, larger acquisions...

Anyone see a Compaq around here.

Actually, I do still see Compaq products. Besides that, with Compaq, HP bought a competitor. With Palm they bought something that they didn't have any equivalent to.

The problem is that this tard doesn't realize that if you don't have a robust smarphone plan, apps will not follow on things such as the tablet. Android and JesusPhone OS have a huge app base because the smartphone is such a huge business. If they drop smartphone development no one is going to bother to continue to develop for WebOS and as such all those other devices they have planned will do little more then access the internet. And frankly I'm not interested in buying a tablet that just does internet and some multimedia features.
Once again another CEO is a moron when it comes to "seeing" how the market works.

And some programmer at Adobe stopped typing keystrokes while trying to finalize Flash for Palm once this was announced.

well well im a WEBOS DIEHARD but with the Evo coming out n other competition if i dont see another WEBOS device soon....im jumping ship

Then you aren't a webOS diehard.

Um, Mister Mark? You didn't need to spend 1.2 billion to get a "web-connected environment where now you can get a common look and feel". You could have "forked" the open source Android platform for free!

My money's on "this guy doesn't get it". I believe the value in WebOS is the attention to detail relating to the specific problems that accrue to the COMMON workflows of MOBILE users, specifically those users MULTITASKING with small devices while managing attention to notifications.

WebOS on a toaster (or printer) creates no benefit. You like tablets? EVERYONE will have a smartphone, but only SOME will have tablets. EVEN MORE will want those tablets if they can leverage their familiarity with their smartphones.

There is one mobile phone for every 2 people on earth, and 10 mobile phones are made for every baby that's born each day. Why is that not where you want to be? I recommend you let Palm do what Palm does, while you make "pinch to zoom web-connected toasters & printers", hopefully tablets.


This is just crazy, Hurd is crazy, the best smartphone OS with tons! of potential and you're just going flush it down the drain like that! The sale isn't even final and you are saying you will no pursue the smartphone industry!!! I'm officially boycotting all HP products FOREVER! I will only buy them if you somehow get your head out of the ground and continue to help Palm grow as a part of HP and a smartphone developer! Nuff said!


f**k HP if this is true!! without the smartphone Eco system for apps, why would people want WebOS over other OS!@!

When the quote says "We currently have no plans to continue developing webOS smartphones", I will believe the days of webOS are over. I just think smartphones will not be the main focus of WebOS development for HP. That doesn't mean they won't be designing and producing some nice phones since I assume the operating system will be the basis of HP world outside of PC's. The smartphone is one of many products that can be part of that ecosystem. That's my feeling or else he would have just said we aren't making phones which he didn't . I think he was just saying we have bigger plans foe webOS betond just smartphones.

I am a Palm shareholder - really not sure if I have a vote - (not that it would mean anything anyway) - but No WebOS Smartphone - No HP!!!!

I KNEW it!!! Someone should explain to Keith that "Double Down" does not always equal putting twice the amount of money into something.

The reason the Ipad is doing so well is because of the Iphone. No webos phone no webos tablet for me.

Exactly right.

Interesting comment. If HP has no plans to continue with new webOS phones, then screw 'em! I won't purchase any of their products, webOS related or not.

Perhaps the reason the message doesn't resonate well is because people had the impression that HPs management wouldn't be stupider than Palms.

He basically said, "we didn't by a smartphone company to get into the smart phone business". how ridiculous is that?

now if he means they didn't buy palm to ONLY get into the smartphone business, i'd understand. But to ignore that market all together (especially when competitors have already proven that that infrastructure can drive sales in other markets) is just plain dumb.

I call for a unfollow of HP and a boycott

If Palm or HP doesn't have another WebOS phone out buy the time I can upgrade on Sprint I'm jumping ship and going with Android. They have until November for me and I think October for my wife, and I don't know about my daughter's phone. This is very disappointing.

Well guess what? There are THOUSANDS of Sprint Premiere customers that waited many months for the Pre to finally be released. They have been using the Pre for a year now, waiting for it to finally become robust and they are ready *NOW* for new hardware.

There is nothing to upgrade to. Sprint doesn't even often the "+" model!

So it should be no surprise that there is so much noise about the Evo right now.

All you have to do is look at Apple's revenue curve before and after the iPhone. All you have to do is look at that curve and if you knew nothing else, you'd know when they released the iPhone. And they're still a relatively small player as far as phone market share goes.

HP could get some huge growth by jumping into this market with both feet.

Relatively small and STILL surpassed Microsoft in market capitalization

Saw this at webosroundup. Now I'm really scared seeing that HP bought Palm for the IP. This is not boding well. Unless Palm/HP releases a statement soon I can't imagine them selling ANY more phones. Poop!

I'm not giving up hope tho!


And this is were I say: I TOLD YOU SO!

I didn't like the news of this the first I heard of it.
Now I don't feel bad one bit going to the android camp.

The terrible thing is that my wife will now have to switch from this dead phone platform. It took a lot of work to get her into a WebOS device from WinMo.

Well no wonder it doesn't resonate. Why would HP pay 1.2b to license an OS to make "web connected devices" assuming they are generic things like printers. There are dozens of embedded OS's that can do that. This makes no sense whatsoever.

This is such an awful mistake on the part of a CEO that should know better. He's buying the company and alienating the customer base at the same time? I wonder who else is bidding on Palm at this point that he is trying to scare off?

Either that, or he is stupid. I'll make the point simply: webOS must succeed on smartphones or else it will _never_ amount to anything in any other market segment. Furthermore, webOS' success on other platforms will be proportional to and dependent upon it's success in the smartphone market.

If so, he is alienating a customer base that wasn't big enough to keep Palm in business independently.

Well.. this makes my decision easier. I swore I would never buy another HP product after all the money the HP foundation threw at banning recreational fishing off the California coast this year (MLPA)- I catch and release anyway. When they bought Palm I was trying to justify buying a Palm. So my head and soul are now clear as what to do when I have to upgrade...

DON'T PANIC? Seriously! Typical CEO speak for "don't think HP, a multi-mutli-billion dollar powerhouse is going to think of itself as Nokia."

Not the same as "We're canning smartphones altogether." Maybe this is wishful thinking but HP must see some value in having a smartphone presence. Hell, they just put out two windows phones! I think he's only saying "HP is the Titanic and Palm is like a couple of our deck chairs..."

Damn! Bad analogy!

What two WM phones? The only phones I've seen look like the same iPaq Compaq sold 10 years ago!

I've been panicking. You wanna tell my wife she has to switch phones because she won't get any new apps, EVER!

I see devs really dropping out now.

I was thinking the worst but hoping for the best. This actually killed any hope I had for a new device.

HP Ipaq Glisten for one! The other? I'll get back on that.

DON'T PANIC! I'll bet Palm and/or HP clarify this position in short order... I'll bet the farm Palm has new devices under HP's ownership!

This SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also do not have the full text of the speech. Many of the Doom and Gloom of no more webOS phone is being based on a snippet of the speech.

In the words of Goldman Sachs: boy that HP buyout of palm was one "shitty deal."


Windows 7 Phone or Android.... Aw man. :.(

damn you HP...


Leave it there and click submit hard. I did.

HP CEO: "We didn't buy Palm to be in the smartphone business"

Referencing the quotes in Mark Hurd's speech at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch tech conference:

Mr. Hurd,
Of course it doesn't resonate well, when I and other users (current and aspiring) realize the genius of WebOS as a platform for all kinds of web connected devices but most of all those in the mobile category, namely SMARTPHONES. Judging from current activity developers also seem to click positively with the idea behind the framework. Sure there may be hardware issues and they are first generation devices but yet the people who use them seem to enjoy doing so. I look forward to the evolution of it across as many hardware platforms any like-minded visionary can imagine. If you and your peers don't see a good investment in that and intend to exclude the mobile device category then you're imagination is surprisingly and severely limited.

I am a proud owner of a Pre Plus on Verizon and have been anticipating the next great WebOS idea for some months now. You are the largest technology company in the world yet shockingly short sighted on this matter and also insulting to millions of users by suggesting that their positive, every day experiences with the current platform and their visions of the great potential of WebOS on mobile devices is nonsensical. It's a device they hold in their hands, utilize and trust each day and you've simply smite them with your C-level banter.


I'm sure Hurd gets a *ton* of email and it will probably take a week before he gets to yours. And when he does, he'll probably whip out his EVO and call his buddy saying, "Get a load of this psychobabble!", and forward your email to him. HAHAHAHAHA

Typical troll with nothing to do.

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2 years 26 weeks


Especially when HP is at 14 overall, and Apple is the largest tech company .. To tell you the truth, you will probably only find one CEO personally answering email now .... Steve Jobs.



PLEASE everyone who cares post something to the page TeamKillerJKFFL posted:


Be polite but make your feelings known. HP needs constructive feedback on what this means and direct feedback from users holds meaning.

Did he just say that they plan on making a webOS toilet just to flush a c40 down?

I hope the buyout doesn't go through. Ughhh. This sucks for consumers. Sorry but I'm moving onto the EVO. I wish Palm could have juts remained independent. :(

Whelp, that's the final nail in the coffin, goin to android!

Yes, I'm still excited for a possible slate or tablet device with WebOS, but I've been eye balling the Moment for a while. The Pre only got my buy initially because I liked the talk of true multitasking and the power of the OS.

I guess smartphones aren't small form factor web connected devices somehow?

Is HP crazy?
Wasting so much money just to let WebOS running on their slate?
The moblie device market is a big thing,you need to have all kinds of device to succeed.Apple is doing this--iPhone,iPod touch,iPad.
What do you get if you ignore the smartphones,HP?

Seriously HP? Seriously? You are going to kill WebOS and just put it on printers and maybe a tablet that no one wants to write apps for because there is no smartphone pushing it? You're scared of the smartphone wars or what?

I guess smartphones aren't small form factor web connected devices somehow?

Well, whether he meant what he said or not, the effect will be bad. Developers will stop looking at the platform and sales, what ever they are, will slow to the point that it can't be measured. Hey, good news is that returns will slow also!

I am bad luck. First beta, then the Atari St/TT computer, Intellivision, my first wife, all they way up to the Pre. I just can't pick 'em!


[I am bad luck. First beta, then the Atari St/TT computer, Intellivision, my first wife, all they way up to the Pre. I just can't pick 'em!]

LMFAO!!! +100!! :D

How do you think I feel??

Magnavox Odyssey, Colecovision, BetaMax, Sega MasterSystem\SegaCD\Genesis\32X\Saturn\Dreamcast, TurboGrafx16, Atari Lynx, Sony MiniDisc, etc.


DUDE! I want to have a drink with you! I would instantly feel better about myself.

Sorry. double post. My streak conitinues!

Use the link below to send The Hurd an email.

I invited him to come read this blog & to respond to this user/developer community.
We need to do this in large #'s of requests to The Hurd.
Here's the webpage you want to use: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/execteam/email/hurd/index.html

I don't understand why webOS is needed on a printer - can someone explain this to me? Why is Hurd making this a big point?

I'm not going to make a phone call with my printer. I'm not going to look up any contacts on a printer. I'm not going to look up my schedule on a printer. What apps am I going to purchase for a printer??

If my printer's on my home wifi, I can print to it from my PC. That's all I need it to do.

Tablets I get - but like someone wrote above, tablets will be small compared to the smartphone market. I'd prefer to have a tablet OS match my smartphone OS (Apple or Android). Not sure I'd go for a webOS tablet if I owned an Android one, and for sure not if I owned an iPhone.

Bad news ... :(

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ...................
I'm sooo ANGRY! Why in the hell would someone buy a company with the best smartphone OS ever made and NOT WANT TO USE IT TO you know.... MAKE SMART PHONES!!!!! I am soooooo pissed off....... HP. I will NEVER buy your products, I will NEVER tell anyone to buy your products and I will do everything in my power to MAKE SURE no-one I know ever buys your products!!! You guys are the scum of the earth with no integrity and no foresight!!! What a bunch of Dumbasses!!

WebOS is the best smart phone OS HANDS BLOODY DOWN!! I don't know if there is any way to speak directly to the share holders but on June 25th then need to Vote NO and Shove it up your ASS!! This is such a huge betrayal. there is NO WAY I can go to any other phone OS and feel good about it after owning a WebOS Phone!!!

Why not just allow palm to run itself as the smartphone division and borrow the OS... WebOS is the only smartphone OS to cut through the bullshit with the Android crap and the iPhone sewage... I better hear about a redressing of that comment by sunrise or I'm going to do something crazy here!!!

+1_ +1_ etc....

Couldn't agree more!

people please pay attention to the mobile space... the trends are all there! the next big winner in software will be the company that creates the best connected OS. Period.

Android, iphone OS, RIM, Meego, webOS, etc... are all mobile OS that are trying to grow their user base. But not only are the OS doing in through the smartphone area, they are now moving on to tv, tablets, and yes printers.

Look at apple developing their iphone OS to now work on the Ipad, and are now thinking or rather moving to ITV. Look at android and how is moving from smartphones to, add, tv's - tablets.

I think I understand when the CEO of HP says that webOS is to be develop into everything that is connected - sounds like the Internet. Telecommunication is the Internet - no longer just mobile towers. And webOS is perfectly engineer to take advantage of that from its birth - a mobile OS base on Internet standards.

Internet means to be connected and so HP - the biggest electronics company in the world - will harness the webOS not only for smartphones, but go deeper than apple and google. And make it into an everyday consumer product from printers, home security systems, refrigerators, photo frames, tv's, tablets. You name it.

Why stop at what RIM, NOKIA have done for the past years. The mobile OS is the future of computing. So which ever company grows their customer base the biggest in the most mobile areas wins. APPLE is getting there, and so is android. But, HP, being an electronics company has a huge R & D advantage that APPLE and GOOGLE can't compete with.

WebOS will be in future smartphones, truth me on it. The question one must ask is whether one wants to be connected at all times with all sorts of electronics at once? Because that is what HP intends to do.

webOS will be on more electronics than APPLE and Android combine.

Pease... and see the big pictures - not your pixi or pre screen. lol

Everything you say is true EXCEPT the Hurd said (we read) no smartphone focus. He wants to leapfrog smartphones and do the other devices..... So he loses something he doesn't yet have... A large SmartPhone future base of users & developers.
Sad day for the connected device Industry !

I really really want a webOS tablet, but if there is no future webOS phone, I have no use for one. HP loses any future phone purchase and tablet purchase me. I have a feeling this really isn't the case, but it is disheartening to hear this. HP has a way of screwing up really good stuff.

Also, I'll be suspending any future webOS development if true. I completely expect some sort of clarification or update from HP on this based on the coverage this one statement has already gotten.

Business 101:

Things that CEO's should NEVER say. We did not buy Palm to expand our business and try and make our sharholders more money..

What the HECK!!!

I'm with the "don't panic" crowd.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see HP and/or Palm clarify this position stat. I'll bet the farm that Palm has new smartphone devices on the way under HP's ownership. The blogosphere feeds on the hyper-speculation, mixed in with the daily news we already know. It's the hyper-speculation that keeps us all coming back. This will boil over and I'll be using my c40 by this fall!

using your C40-T for toaster..its now toast...

Bloody assho**e.

I'm the type of customer who buys the phone off ebay, hacks them, and then uses them in Mexican carrier Iusacell (superior data plans & speed compared to Telcel).

I don't get nice upgrades to Android after a year. I get to stick with my platform of choice for 3-4 years while I save for the newest toy. I had just ditched BlackBerry for Palm, getting two Sprint Pres, one for my mother and one for me.

HP just backstabbed me. Their unreliable computers (it died in 2 years, wow) made me switch to Apple. And I guess I'll stick with webOS until it's as crap as the Palm OS and then I'll just go to something with multitouch & real 3D games that's not iPhone.

My Palm Pre is suddenly looks like an old and worthless device. Wow.

:-O I figured HP would shift focus away from smartphones a bit, but I didn't see this one coming!!! This can't be good for developer relations at all! Good thing I pre-ordered my Evo via The Shack a couple of weeks ago. Well, Palm, the last 11 years with you has been fun! Off to Android Central now...

Why do we do this to ourselves? I haven't seen an on-line community generate more self-inflicted pain in my life. This over-reaction in all the "sky-is-falling" posting is the best advertising Android could ever ask for.

Add the word "just" or "only" in front of the statement, especially in the context of other quotes... He is painting phones as one part of a larger mobile and connected ecosystem.

I'm amazed to see all of the on the front page... We might as well say "attention all potential pre owners... run!!!"

Seriously. Chillax please.

Why? Do you really think it is just solely this one comment he made that is causing the intense reaction? Or do you think it is just fanning the underlying flames and frustrations of people having used WebOS for a year and patiently waiting through update after update to fix issues, then see that no new hardware will be coming any time soon, and THEN see such a comment?

Ok, I love Palm Pre, I have 3 on my family plan! I was looking forward to the next gen. I have to say this article left me cold and feeling out. I do not normally by things with HP on it I was looking forward to the web os tablet. If hp does not come out with a next gen phone then I guess I move on to android, and have to forget the tablet. I really did not expect HP to change the company's course, but I did expect them to continue a palm phone with web os. I gues if not I have to disappointingly move one to other phones. I do hope HP will speak more on this soon.

I hope your family doesn't say that about you if your next promotion takes longer than they hoped. Lions, and tigers, and bears, OH MY!

We're off to see the Wizard! Follow the yellow brick road! I am waiting to see what happens, just saying I would be disappointed. I would love to see a next gen phone. Besides I can not upgrade until march of 2011. You know how things can change on a dime in this business. I will hope for something positive to happen. I will just click my heals 3 times, there is nothing like a Palm Pre, there is nothing like a Palm Pre, there is nothing like a Palm Pre....

They better mean HP doesnt want smartphones as HP, but Palm stays as is like other stated.

I cant win...

NBC Show Kings = Canceled
Tonight Show w Conan = Canceled
ABC Show Lost = Over
HP/Palm = ?

Sure glad I picked up some more touchstones lately, maybe I'll be able to wirelessly charge my new HP toaster.

LMAO THAT was awesome.

I'm trying to remain optimistic about this quote because I do adore my Pre and webOS but this doesn't sound like good news at all. Though Palm is a small company they have done a lot of things right with their platform and I hope they continue to progress but this kind of news is hard to swallow as Android continues to grow and if you're like me with an upgrade due this month, it's a little hard to find reason to hold on to what might be a dying breed. I'm hanging in for as long as I can though but things need to get moving quick for Palm and webOS to hold on to current users and have a shot at gaining new ones.

Does not like sound like he wants to compete much at all if at all in the smart phone market. If that is not the case, he really needs to filter his stupid comments before they hit the biz media in a blink of an eye. I mean, talk about shooting your market in the foot. If you wanna be excited about hpads and toasters, fine, but if you do plan to compete at some level in the phone biz, howzabout not $hitting on yourself?!?

well I'm buying another Pre+ before they disappear!

Well, you are obviously not on Sprint. We are still stuck with the non "+" and have no upgrade path at all with WebOS. THAT is why the fervor about the Evo.

NOW is the time for hardware upgrades for THOUSANDS of Sprint Premiere Pre customers...

Come on, we set ourselves up for this by constantly waiting for that one big thing that will turn everything around despite all evidence -- from the abysmal sales figures to the plunging stock prices to the lack of developer support -- telling us otherwise. Think about the stuff we desperately hoped would turn things around...

Like the next firmware update.
The Pixi.
The Pre Plus.
Getting on networks other than Sprint (all of which -- from VZW to Bell to O2 -- Palm has bombed on)
3D games.
The PDK.
The C40 (which MUST be the magical device that will undo all the momentum everyone but Palm has gained in the market).
Acquisition by a company with enough resources to compete against Android and iPhone OS.

In the end, WebOS was pretty neat but it just wasn't compelling enough to compete against the other platforms out there. I just hope HP manages to get WebOS out on tablets before Android and iPhone OS gain too much marketshare the way they have in the smartphone arena.

This is really shaking my enthusiasm for the HP buyout. I would like to see some ray of hope from a Palm or HP rep to balance the gloom.

WebOS tablet with no WebOS smartphone is a no go for me. I'd rather be an Apple f-a-n-b-o-y.

LOL Noooooo don't do it! Be an Android f-a-n-b-o-y first!

Dont panic yet. HP has had smartphones for sale for the last decade, Ive owned 2 of them. In fact they came from one of their previous purchases, compaq. Thats where the paq in ipaq came from. Dont freak out yet.

Looks like I'll be buying a Android phone this summer.

I really see no reason to purchase HP products. I love WebOS and would love to see another WebOS phone, but clearly HP does not care about the mobile platform.

Great news to followup the news that HP is going to layoff 9,000 employees in America and give their jobs to people overseas.

Screw HP.

Yes but they are giving the 9000 layoffeees a Palm Pre to clean out inventory.

Till death do us part.. You guys couldn't even wait until they pronounce the pre/plus death. Some are ready to jump to the evo,others a new device. My question is.. What did the CEO stated.

Well Mr. Hurd has met the Enemy. & it is Him!

Say Goodnight HP & Goodby Palm/Pre.

Come on all you APP designers, if this don't convince you to make better/more apps, what will?......we are doomed !

This is all the reason we need to stop developing for webos. he just shot the whole platform in the foot.

So i guess I shouldn't hold my breath for any more big updates for my Pre Plus I just bought on AT&T. I may be returning it as the battery is poor and I don't think will see much support from HP.

Hey Dieter, any chance you could post the link to his talk? I'd like to read the whole thing. This quote 'We didn't buy Palm to be in the smartphone business. And I tell people that, but it doesn't seem to resonate well' really doesn't sound well at all. In fact, it can even be interpreted as "if palm dies out in the phone business, who cares, we're planning to use webOS on other devices"

It'd be really nice to read the whole thing.

HP would be foolish to let the phone portion die. Part of what apple did to put themselves in a dominant position was to create a niche market (ipad touch), then move to iphone. once they captured a large portion of the market, people started buying mac books. now they have a larger segment of the market, all because of the ipad touch. to make matters even better for them, they linked their portable devices to their OS and made a software that locked in the consumer to their product. If HP is smart, and I don't know if they are, they would want to replicate what apple did. don't let the phone die out, create the tablet with webos that integrates well with the phone and then move it to a desktop OS (UI) that integrates seamlessly with all their devices. Again, apple is going in this direction. anyone else who does not challenge them this way will lose.

link on pg1 of this post & near the top 1/3 comments..

So now I know why it is called the Pre......Prehistoric....as in the dinosaurs ! Bye bye

Hurd reportedly said that HP isn't going to 'spend billions of dollars trying to get into the smartphone business; that doesn't in any way make any sense.'

-- Mark "Hurd" wrong. People want to see a bigger/better Palm device for webOS.

Oh snap!! Remember this guy??

I bet he know wishes he had painted his car instead...

Dieter, why would you post something like this? This site is supposed to welcome people, not scare the crap out of them.

With that headline, you have contributed to a great deal of panic that is dominating the forums. Wouldn't it have been in everyone's best interest to wait until you could get a quote from HP or Palm?

I'm sorry, but this was very harmful the the credibility of PreCentral, and isn't going to help the homebrew cause in the eyes of HP Execs.

By the time HP and Palm wake up to see what went on all night over here... the damage will have already been done.

I don't intend to be mean, but this is not one of PC's best days.

If this isn't newsworthy, I'm Donald Trump. What's your threshold for a newsworthy item? Nuclear war? Get real. Dieter *had* to post this! (By the way, PalmInfoCenter.com actually posted on this first - props to them...)

Yes, this is newsworthy. And its sloppy journalism. That headline is ridiculous. Let's stop trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, and let's stop running off cliffs like a bunch of lemmings.

Sloppy journalism is making unsubstantiated (or worse, fabricated) comments. Dieter didn't do that. Putting the story out there is forcing HP's hand. It's unlikely they would have responded if *someone* hadn't set off this firestorm. And it's safe to say that better than 95% of the people reading these comments are stuck in long-term contracts and can't make the switch right away anyway, so that gives HP time to clarify the situation. To quote the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, "Don't Panic!"...

Do you have such a difficult time facing reality with everything or just when it comes to Palm?

Thanks for nothing HP. I put my deposit down on the EVO at the shack. My hope was to use it until HP came out w/ their new webOS devices.....looks like I'll be jumping to android permanently. Man this sucks - I LOVE my Pre and webOS

I've located more of the quote here:


(emphasis added)

"We didn

This blows! I don't even use the screen on my printer. Who gives a shit about that?? I'm still okay managing my print jobs from my pc. I want phones damnit! HP, don't even think about reducing our beautiful OS into some crappy printer/toaster/widget device add on! Don't do it!

I guess Mark wanted to be "hurd" err... heard. If you google "We didn

This has been said before in this long list of comments, but let me also say that I think everyone is taking Mr. Hurd's comments both too literally and too absolutely. Everyone is reacting as if he said "We bought Palm just for WebOS and the IP, we're going to drop the smartphone business". This is not at all what he said, nor is it what he means.

What I believe he means is "Our billions of $ invested in Palm is about more than smartphones... we didn't spend billions just to get into the smartphone business, that wouldn't make sense"

i.e. yes, WebOS runs on smartphones TODAY. HP sees WebOS running on lots of things TOMORROW, and that's why they bought it. Smartphones will continue to be a core part of that ecosystem.

You all are missing the underlying point: "...we [HP] did not purchase Palm to enter the smartphone arena."

HP wants to focus on netbooks, slates, and whatever. Palm will continue to focus on smartphones. HP will have webOS to do as it sees fit. Palm will have HPs financial resources to use webOS as it sees fit. Two different approaches - Two different names - but under one entity...HP. So as you can see everyone wins.

Palm - gets $$ to evolve webOS in general but focusing on smartphones.

HP - gets to use scaled versions of webOS across various platforms (i.e. Netbooks, slates, etc.) to compete against it's competitors Apple, Dell, etc...expanding it's reach in the IT world.

win/win situation =)

...we'll see a new webOS smartphone before 2010 is over - guaranteed!!!

ps: I can't say that about Flash 10.1 on webOS lol. Damn Adobe.

This whole Palm Pre fiasco is going to be a great business case study from start to finish.

1. Put the Porsche engine in a Miata (for the gender issue people).
2. Claim its going to be the "Ferrari buster".
3. Sell it in an Smart Car dealership.
4. Sell the Miata for parts to GM.
5. Have the CEO disown the Miata and state publicly that they will put the Porsche engine into toasters....

Hi all,

ALL THIS MEANS, IS WE ARE NOT ONLY GOING TO MAKE SMART PHONES!!! So sorry to YELL, but I had to get your attention! It was for your own good.

IT DOESN'T SAY WERE ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE ANY MORE SMART PHONES! Once again I had to shout this to all of you, take care, Jay

OUCH! Check out this:

"Going further, Hurd said that theory that HP was going to throw money into developing new smartphones featuring webOS

You got me and to be honest how did someone who speaks without clarity take charge at HP. Either way, I plan to wait and see. Sorli...

If there isn't a clarification tomorrow, I'm going to start looking for a new platform. What kind of BONEHEADED statement is that? In an environment where a smartphone platform depends on its ability to court developers, you don't make an announcement that seems to amount to an abandonment of the smartphone market. There isn't much incentive for a developer to devote resources to port their apps to a platform that has been announced abandoned by the CEO of the company.

bingo! and to make matters worse, unless Palm does release a new phone this year, no matter what efforts Mark Hurd goes through, he won't convince anyone otherwise.

If someone at Palm doesn't reitterate the Palm will continue its game plan, Palms going to be hurting over this. Whens the vote?