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HP to deliver flexible display prototypes to army this year 15

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 17 Jan 2011 1:06 pm EST

We've seen HP CTO Phil McKinney bring out his flexible display prototype a few times now - hinting at a future where surfaces as disparate as your wrist and your wall will be festooned with the magical tech. Thin, lightweight, and lower power, the technology has been in HP's labs for several years now. Well, as Mercury News reports, HP is finally set to ship a product with the display on board - albeit it in prototype form and to the US Army:

Later this year, Hewlett-Packard researchers say, they expect to deliver to the U.S. Army a working prototype of what they're calling a "Dick Tracy wristwatch" — a lightweight, wearable device that soldiers in the field can use to view digital maps and other data on a flexible plastic screen that won't shatter or crack like glass.

While the display is flexible, the rest of the technology certainly isn't. However, HP's director of advanced display research, Carl Taussig, did hint that we could see the tech on smartphones and tablets (presumably webOS-based):

Long before those hit the market, however, flexible plastic displays will provide tablets, smartphones and other portable computers with big screens that weigh less and are far more durable than today's models

We still aren't expecting the tech on consumer products anytime soon - although if you're feeling like dreaming, we will note that in the invitation to HP's event on February 9th they exhorted us to Think Small and HP's Todd Bradley did tell his employees to expect the "smallest smartphone ever." Us, we'll be dreaming of a flexible-display, webOS-based watch to go along with our phones, slates, netbooks, printers, and toasters.



I could actually see myself wearing a webos watch. That would be ridiculously cool.... or just ridiculous.

Calling Dick Tracy, Calling Dick Tracy.

The nano phone should be called the Trace.

Should also have bluetooth headsets and mike.

So do these smartphone watches come with free lasek surgery to give the buyer 20/20 vision so they can see stuff on the tiny screen?

They will come with a "retina" display.

The US Army already gives out free lasik to all it's soldiers. Just sayin.

OH so now I must join the military to use the product they are gonna sell to the public brilliant.

I want a Dick Tracey watch, for sure!!! Just think..being able to check all that "glancable information" that Keith wants....on your wrist, without taking your phone out of your pocket would be SICK!!!

Finally the materials recovered from the legendary "1947 Roswell UFO crash site" will be integrated into WebOS devices in the coming months.

So Dieter, is this OLED technology, or something else?

All available in the first half of the coming next few years. With flash support to follow in second half of upcoming next few years.

This is awesome! Much of our current technology is tested by the Army first. Sad thing is that sometimes it takes about a decade or more before that technology hits the public.

flexible display jeans please lol

I would love to see a webOS watch with some flexible display. Icould really see this taking off with the military too.

Step aside Michael Jackson Bright Red Leather Jacket.... I got me a Flexible Display Blazer!!


This is awesome. So excited for that could mean for our little OS. Come on HP can't wait to hear what more is in store for this year and 'beyond'.