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HP discontinues webOS live chat support 21

by Derek Kessler Mon, 01 Oct 2012 6:02 pm EDT

HP discontinues webOS live chat support

It's been over a year since HP discontinued sales, development, and production of webOS devices. There's been no indication for nearly that long that HP intends to produce new webOS hardware, and they've gotten to the point where they're spinning off the webOS group as a separate company. So while it's disappointing, it's not surprising to see that HP has shut down customer support live chat for webOS. The service has proven helpful to a good many of our readers (your dear editor even used it once or twice), so we're sad to see it go.

Now anybody visiting the Live Chat page on hpwebos.com is met with a message that "this service has been discontinued" and recommending other ways to get help, including the on-device help app, HP's support forums, and elsewhere on the webOS support website. For visitors to the chat page, the support forums would probably be the best option for getting close to the level of in-depth assistance you could get through chat, but if we're being perfectly honest you should really just come over to the webOS Nation Forums for the best help in all the 'verse. Our tips are a lot more in-depth too. We might be biased, but our community is just more awesome at this.

Source: hpwebos.com; Thanks to Stephen and wMarck90 for the tips



They wouldn't be very good companies if they didn't.

There's a difference between "good" companies and "well managed" companies. A company that only cares about the P&L statement will invariably end up in Chapter 11 or worse. A well managed company is usually not in the top tier of their market segment but enjoy low turnover, insane customer loyalty and healthy balance sheets. These companies also tend to get preferred rates from creditors who realize they're in it for the long haul, not just the quick buck. Despise HP as much as you want (I do), but don't lump them in with solid outfits who don't quite set the NASDAQ on fire.

Hello, how’s it going? Just shared this post with a colleague, we had a good laugh. planning

Totally Agree, but hurts anyway.

Really dude? You need to bring politics in here? Leave that garbage to whining on your Facebook page, m'kay?

Live Chat was not helpful, I only got a couple of new things about them, nothing more than that, this community is one hundred percent better.

I have used the service a few times. 2 out of 3 times they were very helpful.

Didn't know they even had live chat.

I've not used it anyhow

They did help once or twice, when Palm was in charge. When HP took command, not even on the phone they could help! I'm still having trouble not being able to submit credit cards!!! App Catalog always says they could be "fraudulent"!
LOL!!! I remember the first time I use it! God darn it! LOL!!! I felt so ashamed! I'm no techie but...this was just embarrassing. I have had my newly acquired -still functioning by the way- Palm Pre Plus (best smartphone of its era... :-P ). I was so worry/confused/upset. My Pre+ didn't made a sound! Income calls: no sound! Video and music: no sound!! NadadeNada!!! I went to system sounds: volume was at 100%, but still no sound. Finally, I went to the Help App. Got in touch with the Palm Chat Support (what a pleasant surprise since I didn't even know about it at that time!). So the Chat Agent made me some questions and instructed me to do some stuff. After about 8 to 10 minutes of chatting, he says: AGENT: Please look in the upper part of your smartphone. ME: Ok. AGENT: Do you see a red dot out of the "Ringer Switch"? ME: Yes...; AGENT: Please slide it. ME: Ok... did it. AGENT: Please verify if the sound setting are back again. ME: :-O My God!!! So sorry for wasting your time! :-P . AGENT: Glad I could help; Please take some time to fill a form about the service was rendered... Blablabla...
I know, I know!! What the hell?!

The last time I used it was last week due to a non responsive screen. Nothing worked that was suggested.

My wife said enough and that it was time for her to move on (I haven't yet) so now we are a 1 WebOS phone family.

We have a friend who got an iPhone and sold us their 4 month old Photon for an amazing deal and she is very happy with it. I didn't think she would be as she also has an iPod Touch and a Palm user since the VX.

She is still baffled as to why nobody makes an amazing address book, calendar or notes like Palm did for their Palm OS devices but she has been dealing with it for a couple of years now.

...well, they DID have told you, that they will take every step to "maximize shareholder value from webOS assets", haven't they? That's what they do. Chop - chop - chop.

App catalog goes next...

No loss there....any problem I had became a hard reset solution !!!! The UK chat support was rubbish and I always had to connect to the US one anyway.

Erm how about I don't want to hard reset my phone, even though it will eventually resync?

To be honest, I've received better quality help through the WebOSNation forums and WebOS Homebrew community etc, compared to HP's Chat helpline

That and the fact that the WebOS community are making good strides on Open WebOS has inspired me to make another donation to WebOS Internals!

Keep up the good work!!!

yet another sign that webOS is heading to the exit

I just think it's a sign that they have finished chat support for their discontinued hardware products.

...which is obviously the right answer.

webOS heads for the Exit when nobody uses it anymore.

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Thanks for finally writing about > < Loved it!

I had chat sessions with them twice. I cannot say they were clueless or unfriendly but I doubt that they were much of help for me or everyone else. Most of the problems were a result of an unfinished product with lots of odds and ends that never got fixed or tied up in any way by HP.

I'd have given up on the whole webOS thing very soon, after HP ditched the Hardware, but I knew that the great guys from webOS internals would fix most of the annoying errors very soon. Or at least give us some tools so we were able to fix them ourselves.

So, RIP webOS life chat, I won't miss you that much. And - again! - big thanks to Jason and the rest of the webOS internals crew for all your effort and tools. Especially Impostah, which let me fix the double calendar bug with my EAS accounts on my German TouchPad.

How can we check our repair status then? I'm not paying hp money just to talk to a adviser with no technical background. Only if palm never went bankrupt webos might have survived :(

I got better, faster support coming to this website, than I ever did from official "Support".