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HP Discover 2011 in Las Vegas: preview and possibilities 31

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sun, 27 Mar 2011 10:14 am EDT

After this week's HP Americas Partner Conference 2011 (for which there's also a new webOS app), the next major event for the company is the HP Discover 2011 conference in Las Vegas from June 6-10, 2011 (there's also going to be a European version in Vienna at the end of November). HP Discover is the company's own conference, specifically focused on its enterprise customers rather than the consumer market. We've mentioned HP Discover before, but now that its agenda has been published, it appears especially noteworthy for the webOS community for a few reasons.

First is the timing of the event. Not only does it take place in June, the start of summer and the month when the TouchPad and Pre 3 are expected to become availalble, but the opening keynote by HP CEO Leo Apotheker is actually on June 6, two years exactly since the launch of the first Pre on Sprint. While the conference schedule was likely influenced by any number of factors, we can't help but wonder (and hope) that, whether or not the date was coincidental, Apotheker will make use of it to officially launch the devices as part of his keynote.

There are a number of conference sessions specifically focused on webOS itself. Session 3294, entitled "HP webOS: Build Your First App," is being taught as a hands-on workshop by Christopher Carn of HP's PSG. Steve Butsch, Director of Systems Engineering at HP, is explaining "Why HP webOS in the corporate environment" in session 2682, and HP's CTO Wireless & Mobility, Mamoun Abu-Samaha, is discussing "Wireless & mobility technologies, strategies and trends: the potential of webOS" in session 3164. Beyond those specific sessions, others may well include webOS in their content (as, for example, this one is almost certain to do).

We should also expect that webOS will be everywhere throughout the event, on HP PCs, on devices in the hands of HP staff, and on collateral material. This is going to be the one of the first times that HP will be able to show webOS in action to such a large number of its channel partners, and we would be surprised (and disappointed) if HP did not make the most of the opportunity.

Finally, on a pure coolness level, HP is leveraging its ongoing business relationship with Sir Paul McCartney (for whom it is building a private digital cloud of his music library) to have the legendary former Beatle perform a private concert for HP Discover attendees. If there is a webOS angle to Sir Paul's performance, it might well be via some announcement regarding the "Music Synergy" product hinted about by Jon Rubinstein and Steven McArthur in February.

For those of you who might wish to attend in person, you can use promo code CONTENT when you register to receive a discounted price of $1495 (below the $1595 early bird pricing expiring on March 31st, and substantially less than the $1795 advance or $1995 on-site you'll pay after that). For everyone else, stay tuned to PreCentral for updates and coverage of HP Discover.

Editor's note: Jonathan will be heading to and speaking at the conference. Bully to him!


The only way I'm paying $1500 for that is if Macca sits in my lap while he plays Blackbird.

My at&t contract is up in June, this will get me to decide if i stick with webOS and they release some new hardware and form factors, or if i jump to android and try again next year

Dang that's pricey. FAIL! Developers are already a not that interested in webOS, doesn't HP want to attract devs by making this event cheap? At least a third of that price. Well I hope they announce the Pre 3 on Sprint and a couple more devices for the 4 quarter of 2011. I probably won't get the Pre 3 but it would be good for Sprint and HP/webOS.

Bring on the 4.5 inch slabs!! HAHA

This isn't for developers specifically. It's for their channel partners and is supposed to be focused on the enterprise side of things. So for the most part it would be companies paying to send their employees there.

Now if a new Pre 3 was included in that price, then it would be a steal! :-)

u never know...there will probably be some kind of grab bag thing

Exactly! I already send an email to my boss to ask him if I may participate on that Vienna-Event.

Maybe we can convince HP to give us some free-tickets (saves money to the company and my boss doesn't have to justify the costs^^), as we are one of their biggest customers in Europe this might be possible :)

1500 is for the whole 4 days...and you have to attend all day for four days thats why its so much. i thought it was like a hands on walk around type deal that you could attend at anytime and leave but i called to see what the price was gonna be if your already in vegas just to stop in and she told me all that

If it's too expensive for you, you're not the audience HP wants for this conference. This conference is focused on enterprise customers, not Joe Somebody who has Android envy.

Just a note that this is not a developers' event, but rather one for enterprise customers. Different demographic, different set of needs, different price structure. {Jonathan}

This is clearly not a developer event, but i don't think its just a coincidence that this lines up perfectly with Apple WWDC, where they well most likely announce there new iPhone...I personally hope they officially release the Pre 3 for sprint on that day

"After this week's HP Americas Partner Conference 2011 (for which there's also a new webOS app), the next major event for the company is the HP Discover 2011 conference ..."

Maybe they should have fewer events and focus more on actually building stuff.

"There are a number of conference sessions specifically focused on webOS itself. Session 3294, entitled "HP webOS: Build Your First App,.."

Yea, that about sums it up. People aren't building apps. And 3 months from now HP will show you a powerpoint presentation about how to build your first app. Houston, we have a problem. A BIG problem. Ugh.

"Finally, on a pure coolness level ..."

No comment here, the words speak for themselves.

You sound very informed about what HP should do next, I think you should apply to be their CEO with your overly-decorated resume and boisterous personality.

You do know HP does much, much more than just webOS, right?

yeah, but isn't that focus of this website?...

i have to question the wisdom of doing it that day. Not that it will matter. but my guess is if they announce/release the Pre 3 anywhere near the iphone 5 nobody will notice the Pre 3. Just cause the iphone news tends to drown out others.

maybe HP did this date first, then Apple scheduled it the same day. HP then announced it after Apple and that's why you think that.

apple wwdc same day pre 3 and touch announced same day as iphone 5 i mean idk if this is good idea

There are rumors iPhone 5 won't launch until later this year or even next year.

i saw that too. those rumors aren't based on much though... i cant see Apple being slow to release new hardware to market with the speed at which new hardware is coming out made by their competitors... a bit off topic: i always thought it would be awesome if Apple made an IOS flip-phone, somewhat Moto Razor-like. the os is simple and would work well on a smaller screen. it wouldnt ever happen but it would b nice

Jonathan, what are you speaking on?

My session info is linked above ("this one"), but here it is:

Session ID: 3454
Session Title: Managing the risks of a fully mobile workforce
Session Abstract: Mobile technologies are helping organizations maximize efficiency and productivity. However, with the benefits of mobile technology come risks. Issues, and some cases specific laws, concerning data privacy and protection, network stability and security, reputational damage and compliance requirement are influencing many organizations' policies around portable devices, information management and communication. This session will help you understand how these risks arise, and what best practices exist to help your organization manage them and reap the benefits of mobile technologies. You will also learn about resources to help craft your mobile risk management policies and procedures.
Content Level: Business
Session Type: Breakout Session
Primary Customer Speaker:
Jonathan Ezor
Assistant Professor of Law
Touro Law Center
Customer Challenges Business Continuity, Business Insight, Complexity, Compliance, Cost of Operations, Data Protection, Faster time to market/service, Increase agility, Information Explosion, Limited Technology Resources, Mission Critical availability, Mobile Workforce, Physical and Virtual Sprawl, Productivity, Resilience, Security Threats

Way to set up expectations again, PreCentral. Now, people here are eventually going to expect that HP will launch devices on that day, and then they're gonna be even more disappointed/angry when nothing happens (again).

they got nothing else to report on haha... alll we got these days is a new app here and there and the occasional article on what webos internals is working on

Now that Steve has opened the door (Apple-Beatles Music on Apple-Itunes), Maybe Sir Paul can announce Beatles Music coming also to Amazon Mp3 Store, or to a new Music Service HP may be bringing to us??? Why should the i-people have all the Bealtles Classics?

the rumor has it that iphone 5 is on hold for september looks like we'll have the shine this summer as long as the marketing is on point. on a side note i feel like theres goin to be a slab phone this fall near christmas

Yea, I can year it now.

Introducing the same stuff they showed you in February and a brand new price tag. But wait for it, it'll Be available... REALLY SOON!!!

Get you pre-orders in while we try to close deals with carriers and you. Don't wait, only while supplies last and it's going to be a HiP party.

But seriously though, I really do hope coming June, that a release of products will be mature, snappy and is ready for the enterprise. I hate devices and software that are buggy and we're paying to be beta testers at a high price.

I do wish WebOS and HP a big success as I really do like what they got and hopefully products to work with.

Apple is holding the WWDC the same week!

The WWDC is a developer event and this is an Enterprise Event. This is for a totally different demographic.

At WWDC they are going to ask for APIs... here they are going to ask for Sharepoint, Exchange and Citrix-Integration and the possibility to lower your costs bei developing your Enterprise-Applications only once (in Enyo) and then just creating different views for PC, Tablet and Phone-Displays (and maybe even more, if you for example want to throw it onto a big video wall or something).

WWDC != Discover 2011

I also am not sure if this has ANYTHING to do with the release of any phone. The best thing that I do expect is maybe some sort of announcement like "Next week you can preorder our new devices and in two weeks they get shipped".

Does a hotel come with registration?

If there is an announcement on June 6, it will get overshadowed. Again.

'Apple to launch iPhone 5 on 6 June?

Read more: http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/apple-to-launch-iphone-5-on-6-june-50003318/#ixzz1HzJFkz00'