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HP files for 'PALMPAD' Trademark 138

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 19 Jul 2010 1:32 pm EDT


Looks like we have a possible name for the upcoming webOS Slate previously known as Hurricane: PALMPAD. This from a USPTO Trademark application filed on July 9th by HP. The trademake is listed in a fairly comprehensive list of possible categories:

Computers, computer hardware, computer software, computer peripherals, portable computers, handheld and mobile computers, PDAs, electronic notepads, mobile digital electronic devices

While that rumored Q3 launch window still feels a little early, we're wondering if maybe, just maybe, we might see a 2010 launch.

What do you think of the name? It's definitely in the range of iPad, but we're liking that 'Pad' can be a a way to clarify it's a tablet yet not let it get confused with Slate or Tablet or any of the other names that might get applied to a Windows 7-based slate device.

Source: USPTO; via myHPmini



First! And now to get flamed...

Flamed you

You know, I kinda like it. It could be better, but alright.

Nah... Frostbolt instead.

I wonder if Apple will complain about the 'Pad' portion...all in all, GREAT to finally hear some progress in motion!

They weren't the first to use "Pad". I'm happy actually because it keeps iPad as potentially just another Pad device particularly if HP gets this right, I damn well hope they do.

Amazing how even here we have those who think that if Apples doing it. They must have been first...

There were Thinkpad more than a decade before Apple even had an iPod, let alone, an iPad.

Even Compaq (Now HP) iPaq circa Apr 2000 preceded the iPod.

Neither pads nor "i life" are Apple's brainchildren.

i'm SURE Apple will find something to sue about but that's their MO since the unveiling of the iPhone.

As far as patenting the name PALMPAD, i bet that's just HP's way of trying to start a bar fight because they know they can win it. As a female I personally hate the name iPad and jokingly tell people with the iPhone that they should rename is as iPon since its a smaller more discreet version of the iPad anyway..... :)

But come one Pre-ple.....we all KNEW the tablet with web os was just bursting at the seams of the HP compound. Its just gonna be here sooner by the looks of things since they already named it.


Then new phones can be called palmphone? as in "palm" = "i"?

if you have to explain the joke, you blew it :p

yeah :(. A case of the mondays.

I'm with you, it sounds shoddy.

awesome! Palm "coolness" w/ the brute force of all that is HP! I likey! ;-)

I want one!

PalmPhone, PalmPad, PalmToaster.... wait? what?

don't forget palmPrinter

SOOOOO good to see this! Movement in the right direction! New HARDWARE! (Even if it isn't new WebOS smartphone news..Come on Palm, give us a little leak) :D

I'm not a big fan of the Pad moniker. I hope this is just the first in a list of possible trademarks and names.

Hmm...Palm had to give up the "Palm Pilot" because of a trademark infringement on a Pilot pen. Does anyone think that Palmpad won't infringe on the iPad?

only if the name has an "i" in it. "Pad" has to be "open" I mean, Maxi-Pad, Touch Pad, Landing/Launching Pad. What/, is Apple gonna sue everybody?

Yes, but an iPad is also slate-form computer like the PalmPad. You can have a name that sounds similar but it's much more of a problem if it's the same kind of product. There's no way that HP is going to get away with calling their tablet computer a "PalmPad"

See below.

Unlikely, other touchscreen "Pads":
WePad(now WeTab)
Asus EeePad
Lenovo IdeaPad
Lenovo ThinkPad
MSI WindPad
Crunch Pad
MSI WindPad
iiView Vpad
I'm not massive fan of "Pad" but it works and its succinct.

Not to mention that Apple stole the "i" prefix from Compaq. Compaq used the prefix in the mid to late 90's (I got my iPaq desktop pc in 1996) for a series of desktop computers called the iPaq's, and then used the name again in 2000 when they released the iPaq PDA. How come Apple can steal trademark names but nobody else can? Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the first Apple "i" anything the iPod? If that is accurate then Apple started using the "i" prefix in October 2001.

iMac, in about 1998.

Just to add to this. They had to buy the iphone name to cisco, then the ipad name to fujitsu then the iOS name to cisco again.

It's buy 'from', not buy 'to'. Just sayin'.

Ah no. IBM's ThinkPad line has been around b4 Jobs ever had a wet dream about "i" anything.

ok soooo I am happy to see WebOS grow but come on now... forget the stupid pad and bring on better phone hardware!!

Can I get an Amen?!

I'll bet we'll hear something soon.... man webOS on a TouchPad computer and Phones? ....screw PalmDesktop - they'll be "clones" of each other. Break your Pre - wireless sync between the PalmPad and the new hardware, and done, new phone = old phone...

I'm gonna like HP even more when they kick Apples smug butt! ;-) then we'll see some innovation! nothing like a 3 or 4 way battle for users to move the tech forward. fast.


I don't care what it is, and what it does. I want an HP Palmpad! :) {Jonathan}

me too!

I love competition.

Gotta be consistent. I chastised Apple when they unveiled the "Pad" name, so I have to do the same for Palm/HP.

Come on guys! You can do better than Apple's lowest common denominator.

A big part of the mocking of the iPad moniker is the MaxiPad resemblance. I'm not a fan of tablets, but I have no major issue with the Palmpad label.

Typical HP (in a good way). They kept the Compaq and Presario names around to highlight their budget laptop and desktop computers in homage to Compaq. In the future, when the Palm brand name is sunset it will still live on and describe mobile computing devices.

I love my new Compaq ($300), budget laptop. ...can't wait for a dual-booting webOS laptop next year.

HP HATES windows, my old HP DV1000 laptop had a quick boot feature to listen to music or watch a movie in 10-15 seconds, never booting XP at all. They LOVE the idea of having an in-house OS...

This could be very interesting.

yeah but, WebOS probably boots slower than windows :(

HP just bought a company that rapid loads Linux code from ROM. Should be just what the Pre needs for starting WebOS quickly.

Where do I sign up! Want! Now!!

very well then, i'll take two!


I actually like that. Short and to the point.

HP PalmPad is a mouthfull

What makes you think "HP" will be in the name? Palm is a business unit of HP and if they go with PalmPad then it seems it will be in their branding not the broader HP branding.

So it could be the "PalmPad" two syllables that include the brand and the product, I say, brilliant(2 less than Apples "Apple iPad").

What, its going to be the Palm PalmPad?

I reckon just PalmPad. No need for saying Palm twice. Like Mazda6 you don't say Mazda Mazda6

or PalmPad powered by HP
(similar to the "by google" on some early android phones)

Sure beats pPad.

Ha Ha Ha Ha... pPad.

HPad works for me. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue smoothly but considering H precedes i, there's a subtle "Pre" reference in the name.

Not sure I love the name, PalmPad. But I love the concept!

I'm also not a big fan of the "pad" name, but this is still an interesting development. For one thing it sort of answers how HP was going to handle the dual branding of their webOS slate... Instead of it being billed as the "HP Slate with Palm webOS" which is a real mouthful we might end up getting the HP PalmPad, which is certainly better sounding.

It's also very reminiscent of the Palm Pilot, something that I think will unconsciously register with people and lead to greater recognition.

Also its nice to see the HP isn't totally ditching the Palm name for its devices.

I liked the "Slate" name...

So did I! Much cooler than anything with "Pad" in it.

Palm Pirate...

That just sounds like someone trying to say Palm Pilot but has trouble pronouncing their L's.

Try saying 'Palm Pilot' while holding your tongue with your fingers and you'll see what I mean.

Then try saying "I was born on a pirate ship" while still holding your tongue. :P

PalmPad...i like! i can imagine it being as ubiquitous as PalmPilot was back then (eventually at least). Hmm... Palm IS a good name, glad they're keeping it and at least so far, using it well.

I'm not saying Apple owns the 'Pad' surname or anything but you know how they like to take credit for everything..besides, even if Apple stays out of it, PalmPad reminds most of us to the iPad. If we had a better name, people would know we're competition rather than seeming like we're in Apple's shadow (as far as 'Pads' are concerned).

That is, unless we blow them out of the water.

how about PalmTab as in tablet ?

I don't care what they call it if I can get one for xmas.

how about PalmTab as in tablet ?

My vote is still Palm PilotHD

going totally retro would be awesome!! just wish they could work treo into the name, i loved that name... miss it...

sorry, double post. >_

I wonder is "pad" will be used to define a new class of devices like palmtop, laptop, notebook, tablet, eyc.

The app ecosystem is too weak to support a high-end tablet device. Releasing it now, without the apps to back it up would be a mistake.

You are correct right now. However, I have a feeling HP is throwing its weigh around to get major support for new apps. Just look at the aquisitions and the new partnerships they are developing. As long as you can read books, play some games, and surf the net, it will be as good as the iPad.

Unless, maybe, hopefully they've got some ridiculously cool way of scaling the current stuff up.

But really, I don't think anyone can really escape this issue, they just need to get it out and rolling.

As far as avoiding the iPad's problem of having to "zoom in" on non-iPad apps, I believe webOS has this covered (for the most part), since it's all done in Javascript, HTML, and languages that allow for resizing. Just look at the difference between the Pre and Pixi as far as screen size - not really much of an issue, as long as the developer has the screen size checking code in place.

So unless I'm mistaken, most standard apps in the catalog (aside from games, apps with specific graphics, etc.) should display nicely as they currently are on a larger screen. Sure there'll be some stuff to change for adapting to a larger screen, but I believe even if such changes are made, most apps should be "Pad-ready"!


Can't help but feel sorry for you, bad day?

I'm now changing my vote to Palm PilotHD. Tablets are the new palm pilot. Ultra mobile non-phone personal organization device.


When I hear "Palm Pilot" it makes me think "Did I fall asleep and wake up back in the late 90's?" Not something a technology company wants to put out there. That would me like if Apple had called the iPad the "NewtonHD"

The difference though is that the Palm Pilot was a huge success, and the Newton was a failure. Everyone knows what a palm pilot is and called other PalmOS PDAs palm pilots even if they weren't. Only techies know about the Newton and those who actually care to look back at Apple's history.

Completely agree! I have had 6 palm devices/phones and i STILL often refer to the Pre as my Palm Pilot, and everybody knows what i am talking about.

I'm with you. Palm pilots (PDA's) have all but disappeared. But As I remembered, Palm Pilots were were a generic term for PDA's, so revisiting an old favorite and bringing back some nostalgia will get the interest juices flowing. As stated though, hp may have to buy back the name, but would be worth it from a marketing standpoint. I can just see the commercials with a vintage Palm Pilot morphing into the Palm PilotHD.

And I also agree, apps need to make a leap. I'm surprised not more of the old PalmOs stuff has made the jump to Webos, like Grafitti and other such apps.

Lastly, I have a tablet PC and its pretty amazing how accurate the handwriting recognition is. With that said, the Palm PilotHD needs to bring back the Stylus. It only makes sense to me.

The Palm Pilot resurrection should be reserved for the equivalent of the iPod Touch I reckon, ultimately a PDA and then some(or wifi only phone etc). PalmPad is succinct and not confusing Palm PilotHD isn't bad but it's not succinct.


ok... Not to be a downer... Cuz I'm really excited for the PalmPad but honestly. It's gonna get abreviated some time and it's gonna be the P-Pad. My dog uses those to wee on when I'm not home. I really hope they come up w/ a better name. Either way I can't wait. I'm sooooo excited for it! :-D

Think that'd be rare, Palm is one syllable.

exactly. My wife referred to my Palm Pilot as my "PP". :(

I think 3Q is a bit early. I can see October, them releasing a new phone, Printer and PalmPad at the same time. Advertizing how they work together using cloud services. Your never without your information. It would rock.

ok... Not to be a downer... Cuz I'm really excited for the PalmPad but honestly. It's gonna get abreviated some time and it's gonna be the P-Pad. My dog uses those to wee on when I'm not home. I really hope they come up w/ a better name. Either way I can't wait. I'm sooooo excited for it! :-D

They're filing for it, doesn't mean they'll use it. I liked the "slate" moniker better.

i still only know one person with a tablet and he has an ipad and loves all things apple. And i've never heard of anyone mention, "oh boy i can't wait to get a tablet." My other concern is the selling point of the ipad is all the apps. WebOS isn't close to having the quality or the quantity of good apps so what's the selling point.

Tablet mobility is a massive factor, hence why they haven't sold before as fat-n-heavy gadgets with desktop OSes. Desktops will eventually become only needed by professionals etc.

Think about when the iPod came out there were heaps of people who didn't listen to music, didn't need it need an MP3 player.

don't understand your point. and i'm not sure how it's responsive to mine. but anyways a laptop is more powerful and just as mobile. So not sure how massive mobility is. Not to mention again nobody i know has said, "I so need a tablet computer." The only people i hear screaming about tablets are people on these tech blogs. Not only that the only one i've heard anybody that i know buy is the ipad and that was because of all the apps ipad provides. They didn't buy it to do regular work on.

as for ipods. people had walkman's and portable audio for like 18 years before ipods came out and mp3 players where already all over. Mobile music was not new. IT was a concept already there. Not to mention Apple offered a brand new option, "take your entire music collection with you." That was compelling. they weren't the first but they were the best. what is a tablet's compelling selling point? Ipods just added massive storage and the best user interface that regular people could use all in a package that could get music, one into a desktop, thru itunes, and two, from the desktop to the player, again thru itunes. it was a large cohesive media solution. That's not what a tablet is. Now ipad can do it cause, again, it's got apps. The issue is what apps does webos offer that will make the average consumer, not the webos or palm fanboy or the tech geek buy it. cause most consumers are neither. And knowing that most people don't have some deep hate for apple what is the selling point of a webos or any other tablet over an ipad? That is what i'm struggling to see. And again this is a person that's not buying either either way because again i don't have any remote interest in a tablet.

Open Thine Eyes.. Every starbucks,library,bookstore & on & on have more & more people carrying & using an IPad... For What? Who cares as it is now a Hi-$$ industry... Remember CEO of DEC called the PC a fad... Hp now owns all that was left of that $14 billion mini computer company.. No vision...

You make some good points though, compare the iPad's form factor to the full blown tablet computer we've come to know. Surely you can't disagree the difference is significant. I'm just saying that's not an insignificant factor.

As for the iPod, the reality is that its convenience brought music back into the lives of people like previous mobile music could only dream of.

In Aus, I've seen a 3 of these with people I know. The uses were:
1 - Showing photos of a trip / web
2 - Data entry / web
3 - Music apps / web
I'm stating this as a scientific same, I just think times are changing (but not instantly). The way we communicate and connect to the web is changing. It's brilliant for sharing photos around at a party, for example.

Competition will drive both the iPad and the PalmPad to great lengths, increasing their appeal and familiarty with consumers. And well some people like an alternative not just to Apple. There is a lot of potential here I believe.

Apps are a huge and need to be sorted out but they aren't everything. With any new device it will be hard of the mark but there's not a whole lot that can be done about that.

Lets get ready for war folks. HP/Palm vs. Apple. HP/Palm wins!!!

you'll find out tommorrow. Apple will report it's earnings and it's sales figures for ipads. That would be the number palm needs to beat in the same time period.

Don't care for the name. Sounds too much like an "also ran" or a "me too" product.

I would love to have this "PALMPAD" with QuickOffice. Imagine being able to open, edit and save word and excell documents on the fly to the device. No need to carry around paper. Especially good for those of us in healthcare or academics. Come on H/Palm!!

I really prefer new hardware to replace my sprint "Early adopter" Palm Pre but I would buy the PALMPAD too.

I cringe at the use of the word "pad", but it's hard to argue with the alliteration in PalmPad.


Where's the naming contest? Here's my entry: PalmPortal - Your entrance to the universe of tablet connectivity! c. 2010

2nd choice: the Palm-what-the-Lifedrive-should've-been-half-a-decade-ago-only-bigger

I know, it's a little wordy...

PalmPortal works well, but I think it'd be better used in another context.

Yes it's pad but not as bad as (max)iPad. It's succinct and it works, please get this right HP!

From the comments on Engadget they point to the already existing (1990?) PalmPAD:


They say Jeff Hawkins was actually related to the project in some way?

Not that HP cant do an Apple and buy the license to use the name as they did with iPad and iOS...

if not lets call it the iPaq...

i think pre PAD would of been better

Please not PalmPad! Just like my Palm Pilot, my wife will always abbreviate it to "PP". Plus, do we really want to appear to be just another "iPad" device? Come up with something better. Palm Slate is a perfect name. And the abbreviate "PS" is good! :)

Agreed... I don't want to give my wife the opportunity to say, "All you do is sit there and play with your PP."

meh @ PalmPad, it will be known as a pPad. I've said in forums in the past... it would be awesome to brand as HP NaPalm.

I like that!

yuk...another 'pad'. They should have gone with a 'webOS' name to get the software in people's heads. 'Web-olution'?? Elmer Fudd would have loved that...LOL

and 'Slate' just reminds me too much of the Flintstones....

That's better than being reminded of a feminine hygiene product....

Since WebOS is so elegant that should have called it the:

Palm CleanSlate

ohh...love that name! There's my vote!

well the pad does make sense in the name.. You have desktop, laptop, TABLET, netbook and now PADs, then smartphones/pda..

so ya using the word pad makes sense.. Because can't use the Slate because that was supposed to be somewhere between a "pad" and tablet.. And you don't want it confused with the HP tablet line that actually runs a full desktop OS..

also highly doubt Apple will say boo.. About it.. Palm has alot of intellectual property... Or should I say HP has alot of intelecual property dealing with patents.. And this time it would be an even match of money and lawyers fightin eachother.. Apples smart and knows it's not worth picking a fight with HP... It's not a company that just deals in mobility products and only has a fraction of the money that Apple does.... This time Apple would be picking on a company that's just as big as them and deals with a similar full product line and is almost equally matched financially

As an homage to the iPad, Apple would be crazy to contest it.

It just reinforces in the consumers' minds that they (Apple) created a category that people are now fighting to dethrone them in.

agreed. not to mention with their nice head start i'm not sure it's even worth it to even draw any attention to this. Largely cause i think few people outside of precentral care at all about webos tablets or non ipads.

actually blackmagic you might want to listen to some of the tech podcasts.... Engadget, Cnet, gdget weekly and twit to just name a few are excited to see WebOS on a pad/tablet form... They think it's the only mobile OS that will give the ipad a run for it's money.

when they talk WebOS the first words out of their mouths is "we want to see this on a pad or tablet" so yeah there's more people out there besides here that are wanting this.


Don't mind PalmPad as a brand name, but for a model name, Hurricane still sounds better.

Could be worse, they could follow Apple's naming scheme completely and end up calling it "WebPad".

Surprised nobody has said it. I personally like "tab" better that "pad". I think Palm Tab or something of that sort would sound much better.

don't care what they call because as soon as I get it it will be called "MYPAD"... Hehehe..

hey try selling WEBOS in a Latin American country... Anyone guess what it means when you say "webos"? Was my nickname in HighSchooll..guess we can say Palm has some big ones!

Maybe they should license the name from IBM/Lenovo and call it the Workpad. Hmmm.... where have I heard that before?

They can name it anything they want as long as they get it to market muy pronto.

I'm going crazy with alleration!
I think the next set of Palm hardware should be:

Palm Pro: updated phone- Blackberry like Professional Integration with larger screen etc. For the Power Users (what everyone wants)

Palm Prime: Something like the EVO- an entertainment based WebOS solution. Like Primetime. Big screen, media master etc.

For the tablet: Palm Panel. It gives the same flat idea as a tablet or slate or pad, but it implies something clean, like glass.

I originally liked Palm Pane, but it can sound like Pain when you say it. Looks great, sounds bad.

For Apps: Palm Press, Palm Prism, Palm Proof, Palm Prose (book app), Palm Peak

Palm Prune: for old people. Very simple phone my grandma can use (joking!)

Got to reserve Palm Panel so they could do TVs down the track BUT it'll be interesting to see how HP implements the Palm brand name, it would seem they wouldn't use it in all cases webOS eg. printers.

Napalm (naphthenic and palmitic acids) is a thickening/gelling agent generally mixed with gasoline or a similar fuel for use in military operations. The term napalm is a combination of the names of its derivatives (coprecipitated aluminum salts of naphthenic and palmitic acids).

[1] Colloquially, napalm is used as a generic reference to several flammable liquids used in warfare, often jellied gasoline......

Introducing the NAPALM.... because we are at WAR!!

WebOS = Web, Oh Yes!

I think it is pretty smart to have the pad name in it. People will automatically know what it is (as was mentioned before) which is more important than what it sounds like. Its great to have a "funny commercial" on TV but how often have you laughed at a commercial and you don't know what it was about. When someone asks us what it is we have, we will say "oh it is the PalmPad". They will know instantly what it is. After they say "Oh like the iPad?"

We will say....... kinda.....but

-It can multitask
-We can tether it with our phone so we dont have to pay a separate monthly fee
-It is not locked to AT&T
-It has USB and expandable memory
-Front facing camera
-We can edit documents and print them straight from the device
-No restrictions on software installations
-Replaceable battery
-HDMI port
-Palm wont nickle and dime me for every bit of content out there

But other than that it is just like the iPad yes.


+1 on the post but even if the PalmPad has all that and more, the iSheep will just say...

"I don't care."


the only thing I have seen an iPad used for yet is to do medical literature searches and email during a medical class I took a couple weeks. it was seriously slick for this, way nicer than just the phone!

So I hope that HPalm brings one out, too. At work it could easily replace my Pre, due to more screen to work with. For hospital, nursing home, and home visits, I could probably make do with the phone alone, still.

I'm just excited to see "Palm" in the name! It looks like HP will hold onto the brand which is all good by me!

Frist, before I rip into it I'd like to say like so many others, I have dreaming of a device like this.

Ok now on with this name S@#t. I mean do you want another mindless corporate named device. Come on PalmPad is about as exciting a Steve Jobs Wardrobe. Most of the names above sound as if the were brained stormed by the original pre marketing group. You know the saying whats in a name? Well, a name if it is the right name is some thing that makes dudes 18 to 34 forget about chicks, work, and Modern Warfare 2. A name is something that when your at the bar your buddy says "hey did you here about blah blah blah" This device needs something to set itself apart. Not something that is just following the skinny jean wearing, Pabst Blue Ribbion drinking iNerds. Thoughs guys at HTC had it right "INCREDIBLE" Now thats dope. So til you snap people out of their trance they'll keep stairing at the shiny iDevices. Even if the don't work there shiny.

Call it the HPalm-Silver Surfer!!

But I agree... lets get Jiggy, with the name. Not to bring back any negative vibes about previous wars... but HP should be coming out with some serious jingles, like: "We're ready to go to war with Apple, and will be dropping "HPALM" on the competition.... introducing the new...

NOOO....please dont put the Pad in there.....need i tell you why.....besides apple fanboys will finally get something to pick us on...

still not as bad as Max[iPad]

I'm in for one, but only if they call it the Palm Wonderslab!

I originally used the term "PalmPad" in a tweet back on May 7. I'm just sayin. :)

Cannot wait to get a WebOS powered tablet. I will NEVER own an Apple product.