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HP France outs white 64GB TouchPad with 1.5GHz processor [Update: shipping in 1-2 weeks, official statement from HP] 99

by Derek Kessler Wed, 17 Aug 2011 7:01 pm EDT

The 64GB HP TouchPad has been a bit of a unicorn as of late, but true to HP form, they’ve up an unceremoniously revealed it in Europe. A small footnote of a button has been added to HP France’s TouchPad landing page, advertising the “The all new HP TouchPad white lacquer 64GB, available soon.” Clicking on that button opens an overlay (seen above, and available bigger after the break) with the following, translated from French courtesy of Google Translate:

HP TouchPad 64GB

A new color and more power.

Stand out with the new HP TouchPad lacquered white! 64GB of internal memory allows you to carry twice as much music, movies or books. Its performance has also been boosted with a super fast 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor. Perfect for work, communication and making the most of all your digital entertainment. HP TouchPad. The next generation tablet.

Standard Features:

- White lacquered finish
- 64GB internal storage
- 802.11a/g/n Wi-Fi with WPA, WPA2, WEP, 802.1X

- Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1.5 GHz dual-core APQ8060
 -1.3 MP camera on the front and digital Microphone

- Multi-touch LED backlit 246mm diagonal screen

So this miracle unicorn of a webOS tablet, could it really come to be? HP France seems to think so, and if there’s anybody we trust to know what’s going on with HP, it’s HP (maybe). So we have a Wi-Fi-only TouchPad here, but with the 1.5GHz chip from the TouchPad 4G, a “lacquered” (i.e. glossy) white case with a black glass front, and double the storage of the current top-end TouchPad. Strangely, the image of the white-backed TouchPad is named "4gTouchPad.png", but we wouldn't read too much into that when we've got the complete specs listed in plain text. Oh, and pricing? According to the little button on the landing page: €599 (which would be right in line with the recently reduced TouchPad pricing)

And yes, this is exactly what was on that roadmap we posted last month, and it matches up with the model numbers and descriptions PreCentral forum member Syndil posted just a few days ago. So if the 7-inch Opal tablet is the TouchPad Go, can we assume that this high-powered 10-inch webOS tablet is the TouchPad Pro?

UPDATE: HP France now has the 64GB TouchPad available for purchase (see store link below), asking €599 for the tablet and giving a shipping timeframe of 1-2 weeks. HP, seriously, this launch makes the Pre3 look like a masterwork of coordination.

UPDATE x2: And after asking yet again, "what's up with that?" HP has responded with an official statement:

"This week, we have started introducing Pre3 in EMEA, and will also be debuting our 64GB TouchPad in the region. With more memory, a faster processor and available in gloss white, HP is excited to add this product to our TouchPad line and will announce regions and pricing closer to availability."

So there you have it, folks, it's officail. The 64GB TouchPad really exists, it's coming, and it's only in Europe for now.

Source: HP France (Landing Page, Store); Thanks to Gab for the tips!



"So there you have it, folks, it's officail. The 64GB TouchPad really exists, it's coming, and it's only in Europe for now."

...and who the f..k cares, even HP doesn't

This will help with those people who loved their TouchPad but wanted it in the ever sought after color of white. Remember when people freaked over the white iPhone4? Unfortunately, nobody wants a touchpad, black or white. They need to stop playing the race card and just make a yellow or brown one.

... ya know, I really like mine. Your question of who really wants one is a little insulting.

Yellow and brown tablets are still the minority in the U.S. In a couple of decades, things will be different.

Thank god HP is smart enough to keep the bezel black. The white bezel is is extremely distracting and an awful design choice.

Isn't that kinda stupid?

If I want a white device , I expect it to be fully white , not just the back.

Black is better anyway.

Your brain "removes" black easier than other colors, esp bright white. From a user perspective, the experience is much better with a black frame.

This isn't entirely true. I've got a white iPad and my brain "removes" the bezel easily when reading books/PDFs/e-mails on it because the white backgrounds blend in with the bezel.

I agree, but i see a lot of white ipads around. If people are buying them, companies will make and sell em. Should of made the whole thing white.

i want to see them try to sell that in Best-Buy...spcs sound really good, but unfortunately at this point no one is looking at specs

I'd like to see *Best Buy* actually to *try* to sell a TouchPad every now and again. {Jonathan}

I'd like to see Best Buy actually sell non-iPads.

Best Buy sold me my orginal Galaxy Tab on June 1st.

"the reason for the success of a new venture isn’t technology–it’s marketing"
Source: Entrepreneurial Marketing: Lessons from Wharton's Pioneering MBA Course

"The first rule of marketing is to have good products. The second rule of marketing is never to forget the first rule." -- Victor Kiam, Remington Products

is this the same kiam that bought benrus, makers of "good" watches, in a time when the market was obviously clamoring for quartz and cheap timex watches? didn't benrus eventually file chapter 11...i don't know...doesn't seem marketing has anything to do with the product being good after all.

i should know, i worked for digital equipment...makers of, at the time, the best processor chips in the market! but our marketing sucks...and intel eventually bought us.

Thank you sir, you prove the quote I wrote above...
let us take another example, Apple, those guys don't have cutting edge technology, but they make you feel like their products are premium, so everybody wants one, even my uncle who has nothing to do with technology, his wife, my aunt...my whole family!

Vertu is another example.

Stop this stupidity, Apple isn't winning solely because of marketing. The (original) iPhone was hilariously ahead of every other product of its time.

The iPad was the same, Windows tablets didn't sell because of bad marketing, it was only because those were **** (Windows 8, on the other hand, looks promising).

Innovative yes, but poor call quality of the original iPhone was a problem. I had friends (2 of them...;) ) that just had to have the new iPhone. They switched carriers to get it. When I would talk with them on their phones I would have to be more careful than usual to hear them. But things improve. It just goes to show you, the first iteration of a product will likely be improved in the second and following iterations. Wow...such wisdom coming from my mouth (as if it was my idea). It must be the end of the world or something for that to happen!

You may find whilst Apple does not have ALL the latest and greatest technology, it does actually lead or is in equal lead in quite a few technology areas. the iPad was mentioned here, so let's just consider the following:

- Unibody construction (and cheap enough for Apple to make high margins) meaning stiff yet light weight and thin (now if HP had listed to Rahul Sood)
- Largest silicon area dedicated to GPU meaning faster graphics and best screen refresh
- Largest choice of apps (OK, not high tech, but not pure marketing either)
- Largest battery life
- By far the smoothest and most refined OS around. It may not have some of the cool features of WebOS or Android, but what it does have works like a dream.

But on the other hand, their marketing message is very consistent and is about the product itself not about individual technical specs. The technical specs just help prove the marketing message.

i don't think anybody will deny that apple has a good device on their hands. what's being discussed is how marketing can affect sales as much as product quality. that sometimes, you can have a good product and not sell, or a bad product and sell a lot (just ask madoff).

"- By far the smoothest and most refined OS around. It may not have some of the cool features of WebOS or Android, but what it does have works like a dream."

Of the 5 items you mentioned, this one is the only one that is pure opinion. Some consider things like multi-taking (true multi-tasking, not this app-docking stuff Apple does) as something more than "cool features", but maybe that's just me. And while I grant you it is damn smooth on iOS, given the UI accelerations they can do on-device. "Refined, on the other hadn is clearly an opinon and not a statement of fact. My "opinion" is that webOS is more "refined". But that is just me.

Your other 4 points are clearly factual and quite relevant in the discussion, but let's refrain from hoisting opinions into fact.

i'm assuming that wink is referring to the compaq sale? actually, the facility that i worked in WAS bought by intel. fyi, this was the time when digital was making 500MHz alpha chips. Intel was making 60MHz pentiums. then suddenly Intel started making 200-300MHz chip. the jump was big enough that people started talking about possible infringement. so digital sued Intel. next thing you know, we find out that Intel was buying our fab. they had no interest in the chip design, just the manufacturing process. the design team was relocated, then digital was bought my compaq, then hp after that.

I'd like to see Jonathan actually buy a webOS device :P

I purchased my Pre Plus for Verizon, and am all set to purchase the Pre3 when it hits, so there. :) (I also purchased the Pilot 1000, Palm III, Palm IIIxe, Tungsten C, LifeDrive (ick!), and T|X back in the day.)

To paraphrase the old commercial, "Don't hate me because I've been lucky and gotten free stuff." {Jonathan}

Just kidding with you. You've probably more than earned it.

Hey it's old school PalmOS devices! I started with a Palm IIIe, then graduated to the wonderful (for it's time) HandERA 330. It had a CF and an SD card slot and the first virtual Graffiti area I think. I loved that device.

The next one for me was a Tapwave Zodiac 2 (132MB). Another dual card (this time two SDs) device that was innovative. I keep going for the wacky, out there, engineered devices that never catch on! :D

It's hard to sell it when people come in asking where the ipads are.

If you want to see what a deer in the headlights looks like, go to Best Buy and ask one of their "experts" to see the HP TouchPad. Blankness, then ... "Uh, a what?" or "Dont you mean the ipad?, man."

really frustrating...

I agree the white bezel is distracting, I am glad they kept that part black. So are we assuming this 64gb White wifi only touchpad will be $599.

yes, I don't think I'd like the bezel to be white (but then again we have no picture of such a model).

Yes, the 1.5ghz 64GB White WiFi touchpad and the 1.5ghz 32GB Black 4G touchpad are both priced at $599

I still think HP's pricing is a little off on these. The delta between the 16GB and 32GB is too much. I think this would be much more reasonable:

1.2ghz 16gb: $349
1.2ghz 32gb: $399
1.5ghz 64gb: $499
1.5ghz 32gb/4G: $499

This way the extra 16GB is only $50, and then $100 more after that gets you the faster CPU and either a 4G modem or another 32GB of RAM and the premium white finish.

Help me here. Why is the 4G $100 more? Are 4G radio's that expensive? And ATT isn't subsidizing device cost in exchange for a lucrative contract for data service?

Yes, radios are expensive. Perhaps not $100 expensive, but there's this little thing called "profit."

No, these are not carrier subsidized.

$100 reflects the processor bump AND the 4G radio.

Isn't it just the same processor, just different clocking? Profit is all good and nice, but I think its just a matter of time before the carriers discover they're willing to take less on device cost, to get more bodies into contracts for data. I think it's been done before; PC's, sattelite radios, cell phones, netbooks, Direct TV, air cards...

For the iPad anyway, the data was a month-to-month plan on AT&T. No contract.

i've been telling y'all for over a week that a major international distributor (you know, where computer dealers and retail stores get their products to sell) has a part number for the 64GB white hp touchpad, and shows many 100's on order. they don't even put in a part number for something until they get official communication from the manufacturer that it's coming, and they sure as heck don't show 100's of units on order unless they really are. ETA's do slip of course; originally they were showing eta last week, now it's been updated to next week. even that's a good sign... if for some reason it was delayed for a long time, the ETA would probably just sit at whatever it was; the fact that it's been updated means the buyer is communicating with HP and getting revised information.

Nice but no reason this will sell better than regular TP. It's not the color of current TP which limits sales. HP needs: 1) further optimization/speeding up of webOS 3.x, 2) big name apps- threaten, cajole, bribe developers to do so e.g. netflix, epocrates, 3) improve a good browser and make it great so we don't feel App-deprived, 4) release real competitive phones so consumer can actually see webOS in action! More memory is not important with streaming video, music players. The 7" tab hopefully will crack the webOS market open a bit more.

1) If people are demoing this and it has 3.0.2 (or later) installed it should be pretty good with the 1.5Ghz processor. Further speed and optimization is always welcome, but I don't think it will get laggey reviews.

2) Agree.

3) I don't think people aren't buying because of the browser. I'm not sure if a better browser sells more unit as the browser is pretty good already.

4) Agree. It seems like getting carriers on board might be the bigger problem.

More memory is any easy fix for HP. They just drop in a couple of different chips from their partners. It's low-lying fruit. Getting streaming video and music catalogs, etc. takes a lot more effort. You'll get the easy stuff first.

I hope you're right but I overclock to 1.5 ghz on a 3.02 version and things still lag sometimes. I just got a too many cards error with 3 cards (no video) until I rebooted. I guess memory leak. Stuff like that is deadly. I think the browser is good but since we don't have 30,000 apps, the browser has to be great. I still hit sites that don't run fully on TP. (I tried advanced browser- some new features but appears slower than stock browser) So the answer to the guy who says webOS has no apps can say, hey all web sites work perfectly like a desktop browser. I like varied TP forms but there clearly isn't a high end non-ipad tablet market yet.

Why hasn't HP hired you people yet?

Probably because no one would want to work there. Yep, let's go join the webOS team. Not exactly a long-term prospect.

Well, since you people know so much how HP should handle webOS, you should be the ones there.

ah, the change from the inside approach. but that sounds a lot like work. it's more fun on the sidelines.

I would take that challenge if offered, I really doubt I could do much worse.

Why's that? I'm not looking to downgrade.

Train wrecks are way better from afar. The view form the locomotive isn't all that great.

Actually, they are probably only a half-hour from where I live. I've thought about applying.

The problem is that they are they are looking for every specific skill sets, though I would qualify for more than a few. I personally would need to have more control of the ecosystem rather than say having a say in a small part of the clock application. That's not going to impact anything.

Sorry if your question was meant to be rhetorical :-/.

lol @rsanchez1


It's like watching a rapid descent into madness with all this terrible WebOS news hitting in 24 hours.

Nice to know I have a few... Fans...

I'm relieved to see HP is actually making statements about their products, FINALLY!!! Hopefully they'll make a statement regarding the HP Pre 3 for the US soon... stating the price, date, and carriers! My hope is.. no more then $100, before the end of August no later then the 23rd of September, and at least AT&T... Sprint would be awesome considering the true unlimited everything, but AT&T has the HSPA+ Which compared to Sprint & Verizon 3G is way faster. So I'll be happy with AT&T. :)


All that memory and speed and still no document editing :-(

Seriously. Only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger. You have to think that they are dumping money into this considering they are developing the PC version of WebOS. A legit RDP app would be icing on the cake.

RDP on WebOS?

I would need RDP on any tablet I bought.

I don't think there is much to the PC WebOS. It doesn't support PDK apps, it doesn't run outside of Windows, so it is really just a javascript/web widget engine, all of which already exists on Windows.

Why doesn't HP do the press release first, and THEN put up pages for us to find??

Because that would be too "traditional".

Because this is drawing more press.

And confounding the press. At least it's not TabCo.

What's with HP and these super secret "soft" launches. If it wasn't for PreCentral and the awesome community members that stalk sites around the clock for webOS news, no one would even know that the Pre 3 & 64GB TouchPad are available.

HP subscribes to the theory that if you launch a product in the woods, nobody can see it fail.

hahahahahahzhahahzhahahaa. Nice.

Comment winner!

I can see the potential benefits behind pursuing the international market more aggressively than the domestic one. Competition (Apple) and somewhat shoddy reputation (Palm) have thus far been keeping webOS from gaining mindshare. Unfortunately, if the 64GB TP and the Pre3 were both released in the US tomorrow the masses probably wouldn't feel even a fraction of the excitement we would in the webOS community.

It serves as an opportunity to get somewhat of a fresh start, without the constant criticism of the belief that these products should have come out months ago (international releases are typically delayed).

Hoepfully we'll see these products in the US soon and have them make as big a splash as we'd like them to... until then, it's good to see webOS have an opportunity to grow and realize its potential.

"I can see the potential benefits behind pursuing the international market more aggressively than the domestic one."

In the first week of August, the Touchpad sold around 800 units in the EMEA (see The Register for figures) - there is no advantage here. EMEA is as cut-throat as anywhere and the message seems to be pretty clear, the consumer wants an ipad or they want nothing.

if someone's interested in how it would look with white bezel, I did a (very quick) edit:

Don't click on "close window"! (see answer below)

That actually looks really awesome. I wish they had made the bezel white.

EDIT!!:: Don't click on "close window", it opens a link to live cams, you know for what. NSFW

sorry didn't know that close window thing. Just was looking for a free image hoster! Thanks for the hint!

haha No problem

So, we should click on close window than!


I am a newbie to the worlds of tablets and webOS.
I got a 32 GB TP at Staples on the big sale weekend for $349 plus tax - a $250 discount as I got an extra $50 off because it was an open box.
I am just starting to learn how to use it.
Should I take it back and wait for one of these newer models?
I am still within the return window.

I appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

Seriously, keep yours! There is not that much difference between the white one and your model. It would only make sense, if you're interested in getting the 4G version, but even then, there are other ways (see Mifis).
And if you haven't already got the OTA update to webOS 3.0.2 I'm sure it will reach you pretty soon.

Remember in June of 2010 when us Sprint Pre Launch owners got fed up with the non activity and dropped the Pre to move onto the EVO, with the thought that we'd check out the EVO for a year and see what was up with Palm in that span of time to see if they would come out of rehab and blow our socks off. Many loyalists said we would be sorry because we would be stuck for a year and be dealing with HTC trash and we'd be sorry....


Eh, I just got a Motorola Triumph on Virgin Mobile because I could get in for the $25/mo. data plan. It's almost identical to my wife's Evo in every way.

Which device do you think I grab on my way out the door? The Pre minus.


Great - HP asking for some positive attention.

Wonder if they are having more success in France than in the English speaking world, they will have a phone and a unique touchpad out.


I'm a bit surprised they didn't go for the matte "eggshell" material on the Veer, but it's still pretty cool.

I would guess this will debut in the US in 1-2 years, after stores have cleared out their inventory of 32gb Touchpads.

I don't think Best Buy will want it though. They'll probably still be clearing out their inventory in 2014, and like Sprint, may not be too excited for any more WebOS devices.

Ok PreCentral, can you clarify here, is this actually the same processor that is running 1.2 Ghz in the other Touchpads? Or is it actually a faster chip?

Curious whether I could overclock the 1.2 Ghz chip and get the same performance, or if it actually makes a difference.

As it has the same name (APQ8060) but a higher frequency than what was recommended by Qualcomm for this model in their original specs, I'ld say it's some kind of new revision.
Maybe they could refine their production so that now all produced chips can take the higher frequency, while in the first revision you might have a 50:50 chance of getting errors (or freeze) when overclocking.

HP, you're not selling well on the 16GB TPs, neither are you on the 32GB TPs, now you go make a 64GB????? U boys at HP really efed up bad with your gameplans with WebOS. I swear a highschool graduate could have come up with a better plan and better marketing strategies.
Who cares if its 0.3Ghz faster than the 16gb and the 32gb except major geeks? WOW, but for heaven's sake, release the PRE3.

yay! I win :-)

I'm not sure if it has been announced yet, but the 64gb touchpad is also soon to be on sale in Australia according to Harvey Norman (the exclusive Australian distributor)

It's on their website and their staff are confirming it.

It's so funny to see how the tunes have changed.

Once upon a time, Palm was failing because they weren't offering enough devices with too little variation and they were too expensive.

Now HP is failing because they're offering too many devices in too many variations and they're too cheap too soon.

Simply delicious.

Even the fact that the TouchPad is the second-most sought-after tablet after the iPad a mere month after its launch isn't considered good news by our resident trolls.

You guys are starting to amuse me more than you're annoying me :)

Actually, HP is failing with the Palm acquisition due to slow execution, uninspired marketing and lack of compelling products. There are other reasons to choose from but those are the main culprits.

add botched launches to the list.

"Even the fact that the TouchPad is the second-most sought-after tablet"

If buy 'sought-after' you mean "piled high covered in dust in the back of Best-buy, I guess you have a point.

"Even the fact that the TouchPad is the second-most sought-after tablet after the iPad a mere month after its launch isn't considered good news by our resident trolls."

Do yourself a favor. Go back to the forums. There aren't any "trolls" here (unless troll = non Pre Faithful).

That statement is so far removed from the truth that it doesn't need to be discussed. Anyone who isn't blinded by irrational product faith can see through it.

No pre 3 and 64 gb touchpad in the us at Launch? That's what happens if you're not AAA ;-)

I think they made the French Version white so they could wave their touchpad in surrender in case of WW3.

Any troops that want to invade France today can simply do what the Germans did back in WWII. France was easily invaded because the Germans marched in backwards, causing the French to believe they were leaving.

HEY HP! Make the MSRP of the 64GB version only 1,564,742.99 Euro!!!

THEN, in 4 short weeks, drop it by 1,564,342.99 and provide the early adopters a credit of 50 Euro!!!!!!!

P.S. Loving my refurbed Nook Color ($169) running CM7/Gingerbread...

Someone needs to update this post since it make no sense after HP's announcement it's dumping webOS devices.

I received my 64gig white touhpad today. I only paid 350 us dollars (10 added for shipping) I just need to figure out how to overclock it and learn all the in and outs.. its a pretty nice little unit..