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HP Germany lists Pre3 for €349, expected in 1-2 weeks 58

by Derek Kessler Mon, 15 Aug 2011 12:11 pm EDT

Europe seems to be getting all sorts of excited for the HP Pre3, as they should, since it looks like they’ll actually be getting the flagship webOS phone at some point. Even HP in Europe is excited, with HP Germany joining the release date and pricing fray. The online store for HP Germany is now listing the unlocked QWERTZ-keyed Pre3 at the price of €349 (US$504) with shipping expected to happen in one-to-two weeks.

HP Germany also correctly lists the Pre3’s specifications – there’s no 1.2GHz dual-core processor, even if Orange UK’s support page also bungled the copying. There’s really not much new here apart from the price and shipment timeframe, but if it’s anything like the umpteen dozen previous postings of release date and pricing, we won’t put too much faith in it until we see it in a press release. Sadly, we can at least say that the Pre3 is not coming to O2 Germany, which we sure smarts for many a Germany webOS fan.

Source: HP Germany, O2de (Twitter); Thanks to and Rene on Twitter and StephanP for the tips!





like your comment.

Good job typing three letters you've seen on the internet a lot :) Haha, good thing nobody listens to you.

Ahh, I had a feeling you were 6 years old. Thank you for confirming it.

Mabey O2 should buy Sprint so we can all be sad together.

DOA in the USA

You "DOA" guys crack me up. Y'all are always caught up on processor specs. Who cares as long as it works properly?

Let's break it down:

Front facing camera: check
Autofocus camera: check
Slideout physical full qwerty keyboard: check
3.6" 800x480 screen: check
Smooth, rounded, beautiful hardware design: check
Inductive charging: check
Touch to Share (TM) capable: check
Synergy: check
True multi tasking: check
Snappy, fluid performance: check
webOS: check

I don't see a downside here. The specs seem great to me.

And there's no reason not to get caught up in processor specs for this device. The 1.4 GHz Snapdragon is the fastest single-core chip out there right now.

Nice! Although I'd very much welcomed €300 price range, it seems like they have finally came to their senses with pricing in HP HQ!

A very welcomed change!

Also, it should be noted, that using just currency converters is very much nonsense, to get any indication about pricing in US. We used to laugh that take price of electronics in dollars on your side of Atlantic (US), convert it 1:1 into British Pounds, and then convert GBP into Euro using official currency exchange rates, and you will get very good estimated expected price in Euros. Sad but true (sad for us EU citizens).

I'd say €350 is a good, solid, mainstream smartphone price to pay, nothing high-end (ie. high-end Droids are selling north of €600 here, unlocked, off the contract. Don't even bother to convert it into USD, that is sick price to pay). So it is a good sign.

Now, I cannot see it taking off seriously without carriers support, so please give us some details on that, HP, and give it away FREE on contracts, please, give us some REAL marketing push behind webOS, and we might see it catching on. This phone should be more than capable of kicking webOS 2.x performance into a top gear.

hmmm, now that I see the price range, I am really torn between the PRE3 and the Nokia N9, even though the Pre3 sounds more promising with HP backing WebOS, unlike Nokia, who is willing to give up Meego any moment for WP7

BTW, the N9 is 4 bucks cheaper, and the hardware is> the Pre3, but after all, OS optimization to hardware is what really matters, should I wait? should I go ahead? I am confused as ****

So near but yet so far.


Alive On Delivery


Maybe, but it will be a short, unhappy life. RIP - Pre3.

They need to rename this phone to "Molasses" ;)

Get this thing to the U.S. stat!

I love when people say DOA. Why? No dual cores...blah blah blah. Lets wait and see how it performs.

Are not people... are "whateverothersystems"Fanboys...

Best Regards... B)

The price is good if it is this price.

The HTC Sensation (for example) is 450 euros cheapest here in The Netherlands (for a phone with the same Processor)

hmm, the Sensation is sporting a dual core, not single.

If, and only if it comes to a carrier that I am interested in - I will wait until the eventual and expected huge price drop or 2 for 1 pricing in a couple of months.

Double the price of the veer. Will it be double the phone?

BTW: 8GB only, Single core preocessor (1.4 GHz)

...given that Veer is a zero-interesting phone for the mainstream, and Pre 3 would be mighty interesting (if if if if.... we will see how HP deals with it's soft/hard/appropriate launch), I'd say it is easily double the phone :)

Palm Pre3 PLUS

Get used to that name because that's what the US version will be called. Hp first had the specs on their site and they removed them. The plus will have 1.5 GHz as they originaly listed. Att will have it by last week of September or first week of October. Is all stupid marketing from Hp. Is one thing having money to spend and another not knowing how to use it. I can't wait for this phone although it should have landed by April.

Pre2 Plus!

I will settle for a Plus version of the Pre 2 that has the same specs as the Pre 3 or Veer but is the same size and form factor as my launch day Pre Plus. I love my Pre Plus and the size is just perfect for me.

For good measure.... Sprint?

germans are getting some love from HP,i wonder what the rest of Europe has done for being heavily neglected but i'll settle for Orange having the Pre 3 this month.

"i wonder what the rest of Europe has done for being heavily neglected"

They didn't buy WebOS phones - in the UK, the sales of WebOS devices were horrific.

Some online stores in Germany list the Pre3 for around 310€. I love the the price. I ordered one today.

The Pre3 is far away from DOA, forget the specs - it's all about the experience.

Y U No offer 16 GB?

Frig it, I'm gonna get it anyway.

Seriously though, why does the brand spanking new model using my favorite OS have less memory than my Pre Plus?

Quoting Shatner: "I can't get behind that."

Doesn't it come in two flavors, 8 and 16GB?

You give me hope, young Jedi. Does it really? Or are you just being cruel. I've only seen 8GB, so far. Would love to be proven wrong.

Play.com in the UK shows the Pre3 16GB for £349 :D pre-ordered!

It is bizarre to me how obsessed I am with the pre 3 launch....years and years of palm i suppose. I still use a Centro (LOL).....my friends laugh at me all the time. I sure hope it hurries up though becuase my last centro died and thankfully, i had an old one that lost its ability to ring aloud and to use speakerphone, that I could use while i wait and wait and wait for the Pre 3. I will have to do the conversion thing to move all of my palm stuff to the cloud. i sure hope that works well. I run much of my business from it and can't lose all of that data!

Exactly what I did years ago before getting Pre- for my wife and I and replacing our older Treo 650 and 700. Actually, for me it was easy since I've already migrated all my Domain to Google Apps and Gmail and this is perfect for interfacing with webOS. WebOS Rocks (Synergy, Calendar, etc) and only syncing of data is a HUGE win for communication and business integration.

When it comes to Pre 3...I've waited this long...I think I can survive a few more months. :) Sorli...

I'm right there with you, my friend. Like a spoiled child, I was... No, wait, thats not quite it... Like a crack addict, I was... Hang on, thats not it, either. Like a woman in love, I was... Oh **** it.

I have always had a philosophy that says "as long as something works, why change it!"
I salute you for adopting this philosophy
Practicality> whatever

Heck, I wouldn't mind soldering the memory chips in there myself, I did so on my ZX Spectrum. Piggybacking them and routing the extra address line directly to the CPU. Just lately my eyes are getting worthless and my hands are shaking if haven't had my breakfast Whiskey. So please HP, have mercy on me. 0.5 mm pitch is a bit much.

I did that in the way-back time on my Atari 520ST. It's amazing how much I had to pay for 512MB of memory chips back then (well over $100).

Somehow I suspect doing that to a smartphone would be just a wee bit tougher!

Best comments ever! +1000000000

someone in the forums also just posted that the touchpad is coming to germany around the same timeframe:


looks like our friends from germany will experience touch-to-share love before we do here in the US.

The touchpad is available in Germany for quite a while now. Maybe you read about the 64GB or the 4G version?

I see a lot of people saying how their Pre's have died and they are using backups and things like that. My original Pre minus (on Sprint) became ill a couple of times, and was stolen once, and all I had to do was take it to Sprint. The first time they had one in stock so they traded right then and there (30 minute total from arrival to leaving). The stolen one, I sent in to insurance and received one in 2 days (used my backup 855p) until then. The last one, just 2 weeks ago, I took it in with a crackle in the earpiece after I dropped it, and they sent me a new one (refurbished) but new looking in one day with no questions asked.

I will be in great shape until the Pre3 makes it to Sprint, or at least until it has been on another carrier long enough for me to possibly Franken Pre3 one, after I am convinced it will never make it to Sprint. If you have insurance on Sprint ($7) a month, it is well worth the being able to take your phone in with no hassles on another one. Dont even have to sign another contract to get it.

Would this be able to be used on any U.S. carrier?

900/1900/2100 UMTS 3G, check.

But with only one high frequency reception is probably going to suck.

Just ordered my new phone.....yeah....can't wait to get it. Lets see what the confirmation mail states as planned delivery date....last time that was correct.

Am I the only one who thinks this phone is not much of an upgrade from the Pre2 in the first instance and worse we're only getting sim free prices with only one slightly confirmed carrier.

Sounds like its doomed to fail b4 it has even arrived. Cliché but looking to be true.

it's a major upgrade from the Pre2, in almost every respect. It's the Pre2 that wasn't much of an upgrade from the Pre+ (particularly if you assume the Pre+ is upgraded to WebOS 2.1).

I wouldn't be surprised if no U.S. carriers picked up the Pre3 and we have to wait for the Pre3+ :/

I just used my launch day Pre- to tether two iPads (1xiPad, 1xiPad2) together to play multiplayer Inifinity Blade...I can wait.

I can't see any need for carrier support by O2 or any other ala it is unlocked.
I bought almost all of my phones at amazon.de in a unbranded version.
Why is everyone demanding HP to deliver their phones via carriers?

In the US they are used to carriers locked phones and buy such phones only. Unlocked phones are very seldom.

That's also why some phones are percieved there as having the same value though the carrier "discount" differs a lot.
Also why Nokia always performed so badly there, they never found a carrier that would carry decently their phones (Nokia USA always refused carriers to tweak the UI of the phones)

I'm french, living in Germany, I change sim cards everytime I cross the border, so I also buy my phones unlocked.

does your phone have a little pop-up white flag too?

oh, that was bad. I'm sorry. bad.

This is pretty straight forward - although within the EU, more people buy their phones unlocked and without carrier discount (you'd think it was a lot more reading tech sites like this), it's a small percentage of the overall total buying phones.

If a phone is not offered by carriers, then it doesn't exist for the vast majority of consumers and the chances of people adopting that OS are slim to zero.

"If a phone is not offered by carriers, then it doesn't exist for the vast majority of consumers and the chances of people adopting that OS are slim to zero."
that's exactly true, that's why it is very important for Pre 3 being supported (and FULLY supported at that, not like:

customer: I'd like to see Pre 3
salesperson: you don't want to buy that one!

They are not only listing the Pre3 but also a 64GB touchpad (599€):


Thanks to "whiskyfire" on preforum.de

Wow! At this price, even i who recently bought a Pre2 is interested!

HP really has got the pricing right with this one and the Veer (179euro)

Just received my confirmation mail from HP Germany. Pre3 is in production and available at my desk on August 22. See if this will be earlier, as my touchpad also arrived 4 days prio to the official launch in US.

Have just ordered the Pre3 and received a delivery date of August, 23rd, at Hamburg :-)