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HP sending TouchPads to select developers 38

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 17 May 2011 10:33 am EDT

What do you do when you have an impending tablet launch and a core group of ridiculously passionate users waiting for it and you have a platform which seems to be well-liked but suffers from a serious dearth of apps? Well, first you start hosting developer sessions at your HQ as well as abroad, then you get those TouchPads in the hands of key developers. So tweets iOS developer Mark Gurman, who writes "HP has started giving TouchPads to app developers ahead of launch." No word on whether the units are loaners or not.

We're still expecting that launch will happen next month thanks to the words of CEO Leo Apotheker and various HP reps. Real TouchPad units in the hands of developers bolsters the hope for a June launch and also bolsters hope that we'll see some great apps for the TouchPad. Both should help ease any heartburn webOS fans may have after hearing about HP's quarterly financial woes.

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This is good. It feels like something's imminent...

This is good news.
I would love to get more into webos development, but it's tough to find the time when you already work a 50+ hours a week job, have a family and a house to take care of.

I need to go on "Vacation" where i lock myself in a hotel for a week and do nothing but webos development.

Just send wife and kids on vacation, and start learning :)

Haha that would be hilarious...
Hey if you need a week, and I get something out of that time, I can always invest in the expense... of your "Vacation"

I'm curious as to why they "just started" this one month before the supposed launch date. Shouldn't you be seeding developers as early as possible even with Preview builds?

You saw yourself state of WebOS for tablet. I'm guessing it was not good enough for any real usage.

It was for whoever developed Armageddon Squadron. And it's not like THAT is going to sell TouchPads....

Just imagine another Squadron. Its better this way.

Well, presumably they've been working on Touchpad apps for a while through the early access program, and I think they'll probably use the developer Touchpads to do some final testing and tweaking of their apps on an actual device.

Devs could develop Apps using the SDK. The real hardware is just needed for final testing / QA.

It's unreleased hardware so it does not surprise me that HP did not send them out as soon, but as late as possible.

Good approach HP! Send some goodies on the other side. Developing for iOS is lucrative for some, but it's not for all good devs. There are lots of warez repos offering tons of the best iOS apps cracked.

Anyone who's installing cracked webOS apps should have a Veer jammed up their urethra.


Rather a TouchPad or at least a Pre3..

Android is far worse. There is app on android that makes pirating stupid easy too.

I'm sure this is for big name developers (EA and such), which is really great. get some big names on board.

Related: I develop webOS apps and do not currently have a TouchPad. Just putting it out there.

Yes HP...get Zhephree a Touchpad plz...so he can start making more apps more bigger!

i like "more bigger" ..it makes me smile/chuckle

Yes HP, "more bigger" is "more better"!!

Some smaller devs have gotten them too. I think it all depends on the app you are creating and whether or not the emulator can do what you are trying to accomplish.

Or just key apps that they think would be popular... or about the apps with the most downloads?

You're probably already planning on doing this, Zhephree, but if you still don't have one when it drops, put the call on the forums, I would definitely throw in for you and Rod/wOSI.

Well HP did say there was another promotion happing soon (I was a little late for the Pre 2 promotion), so maybe this is it?

This makes it sound like there are already some developers out there with a Touchpad. If it was another promotion, everyone would have known about it, instead of a select group of developers.

There was a promotion for free Pre 2s for developers that started a few months ago. I wrote an app hoping to qualify, but when I wrote an e-mail to Palm asking if I qualified, they said that the promotion was ended, but that there might be another promotion soon. That's why I'm wondering if this is it...

Wish they would have gotten back to me if i was accepted or not to the dev program...

i guess by default i wasn't

What do you mean? Do you mean early access program instead of dev program??

Yes, they're loaners.

Sorry no Free/Loaner Touchpad for all you Phart apps Devs.

Both should help ease any heartburn webOS fans may have after hearing about HP's quarterly financial woes.

What woes. The quarter was above guidance. Guidance was down for the full year but the company will remain profitable.

I seriously doubt that HP would distribute the touchpads out as freely as they did for the Pre2 and pretty certain it's only a strategic deployment. So not all registered devs are going to get the memo.

At this point, I would pay to get an early model for you can only go so far with the emulator.

Hi all,

I think this is great news...I hope to see well know apps hitting the download section of this site shortly for the TouchPad.

take care,


Progress! Good... Now that we are working on apps being in place for launch how about some carrier announcements?? Thank you HP!

tell us about it.........

I've been getting a lot of emails from HP about the TouchPad as well. I guess I registered as a business user interested in the TouchPad, so I'm on a mailing list. But I'm definitely getting excited. This just came in my email today, in fact: http://bit.ly/koveIT

Hopefully all of this communication means something is getting close...

Hopefully one of the chosen choose to take on an epic development quest... make an Audible app.

Hmm - first I've heard of this ...

-- Rod

It's all moot when you think that Google just gave away 5000 free Samsung Galaxy Tabs to attendees of it's Google IO event. A $2.5m dollar investment in the community right there (I know the attendees paid to get in, and some have stuck their free Tab on eBay, but still).

This is the kind of splash that HP *need* to be making. Okay, you're not going to get 5000 folks turning up at a webOS event but that should actually make it easier to get them into the right folks hands eh?!

I'm pretty confused as to HPs strategy here - does it want a success or doesn't it? They should be buttering up every major dev house in the land with free kit. Call it a marketing expense!