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HP has neither balls nor brains 422

by Derek Kessler Fri, 19 Aug 2011 11:36 am EDT

Dear HP:

Seriously? No, really, seriously? You’ve been in the mobile business for a year, threw your big “coming out party” six months ago, and you’re throwing in the towel already because it turns out playing in the mobile space is harder than you imagined? You have no balls, ambition, or brains.

For the past year I’ve tried to put on a happy face and say nice things about HP even as you consistently failed on almost every single execution point of a launch that you possibly could. You released mediocre hardware like the Veer and TouchPad. You released software – webOS 3.0 – before it was ready. Your CEO wasn’t in touch with what was going on in his business, claiming that products would launch within weeks, and instead it took months and months. Your advertising, while miles better than Palm’s still almost consistently missed the mark. Oh, and don’t get me started on your launch of the Pre3 and the 64GB 1.5GHz TouchPad. That was a friggin’ disaster.

And then, out of nowhere, you decide to dump webOS hardware. In a press release. I was a little frustrated the night before last after the debacle that was the surprise appearance of the new TouchPad. Now I’m furious.

I’m not mad because it’s now in question as to whether this site to which I’ve dedicated more than two years of my life will serve a purpose a year from now (PreCentral is not going anywhere, for the record). I’m not mad because my Pre 2 and TouchPad might not be supported in the coming months, though I’m shocked that those are words I have to write today. I’m enraged because you gave up. You just friggin’ gave up without even trying.

HP, you spent $1.2 billion on buying Palm, plus plenty more purchasing other companies to shore up that investment. That’s not to mention the hundreds of millions you spent developing the TouchPad, webOS 3.0, actually building the TouchPad, Veer, and Pre3, and the marketing you attempted to do. Billions of dollars down the drain.

And now you’re just giving up. Why are you giving up? You said in your press call yesterday that you crunched the numbers and decided it would cost too much over a year or two to develop your webOS products into a competitive lineup. Seriously? Did you not crunch those numbers before you made the decision to buy Palm in the first place?

If you thought that this was going to be easy, that you could just execute on Palm’s old and failing business plan and expect everything to be hunky dory, then you’re just plain stupid.

Palm failed before because they didn’t have the money to execute on their original business plan, and had to make adjustments that ultimately sent them into the death spiral from which you plucked up the company. And then you more or less just continued on that same path? That’s idiotic.

You came to the realization that this wasn’t working. Good on you, you know when to step back and reevaluate things. But instead of redoubling your efforts and refocusing in a better direction, you just threw in the towel. A year ago you were preaching how great webOS was and all of the great things you were going to do with it. I know you’ve never really done OS development like this, but that’s why you bought Palm – they had.

Yesterday you demonstrated your lack of ambition, your lack of commitment to long-term success, and your lack of foresight. I may be just one blogger on one site dedicated to a platform whose very future you’ve put into question, but I can guarantee that I’m not alone in these thoughts.

I used to have respect for you. I actually liked the direction that you were shepherding webOS and how it would fit into your grand cloud and services plans. But now, I have zero respect for you. I can’t see myself buying any HP products in the future, though if things go the way you’re planning, the only HP product I as a consumer will be able to buy are printers. Big whoop.

I think what has really sent me over the edge is how you’ve treated everybody from Palm. Yeah, I’m going to start calling it Palm again. They were all moving along like busy bees on the next generation of webOS hardware, getting the App Catalog filled with qualities apps, and iterating the next improvements to webOS. And then you pulled the rug out from under them without any warning. They all – even webOS PR – found out about this move through your press release or sites like this one. Heck, not even executives like Todd Bradley or Stephen DeWitt seemed to know that this was going to happen. Palm was full of good people, trying their best to do good things, and you told them that what they do wasn’t important to HP.

I’ve never, I repeat, never, been so disappointed, frustrated, and angered by a single company. HP, you botched almost everything you could possibly botch with webOS, and now when things didn’t go as well as you would have liked – almost entirely because of your missteps – you give up. That’s the mark of a really classy company right there.

Screw you,



Derek, you are Da Man.

Well said, and I wholeheartedly agree.


Lets say it together now:

Leo must go!!!

+1 for Derek!

Defo a +1... Would also like to add the following lyrics by Mark Wills (thanks wookie), which seem to sum up the feeling quite well:

What hurts the most, was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
Never knowing, what could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do

Slightly overdramatic to some, but please do keep in mind that there are a lot of people (also outside of former Palm) who put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making it work. This community was amongst the best and most dedicated for a long long time. I tip my hat to all of you.

Mark Wills recorded that song first, and Rascal Flatts after him, then Cascada. Not that it really matters...

Never realized... But thank you for educating/correcting me :)


Again ... Thank You.

I'm just ... totally .. shocked at the level of incompetence HP has shown.

But then again ... I remember HP before the Palm acquisition ...

forgettable brand ...

forgettable company.

And now they're right back where they started from.

I think you should start a boycott HP site Derek. I personally plan on finding out anything they are involved in and then boycotting it. They are the single largest group of retarded business people that I have ever even dreamed of seeing. They botched everything from day one. They don't know how to succeed and they will fail royally as a software company. Their printeres are notorious for having the worst drivers and worst backend SOFTWARE. Oh you quitters over at HP, you are not even loveable losers like Palm. You are so much worse! I can't wait to watch your stock tank and your CEO get shamed into resigning.

If you want to hear a song that makes me think of this listen to you'll be in my heart by Phil Collins. There are some parts that are off base but mostly if you look at the webos community as the "parent" then webos as the kid you'll understand were I am coming from.

If you're going to mention Phil Collins, I'd say that the lyrics of "In the Air Tonight" are most appropriate to express the disdain that WebOS fans now feel for HP and its CEO.

Well said.

HP found out you actually have to "run" in a marathon and quit during the warmup. Sad.

I can't imagine why this is a surprise to anyone. Many of us got banned for saying the same things in the forums. HP has been failing at tablets and phones before some of you were born. They didn't botch wOS as much as they did what they have always done.

Palm hasn't made a product desirable to the masses this century. What did you all expect would happen when they got togetehr? iPhone/iPad killer? Really? #2? Really? It was flushed like a #2; that's for sure. The Apple hate on these boards, and the Apple envy at HP has slayed another dinosaur.

HP did accomplish one thing in all this. They made the Kin look like a success.

This century? Decade ill give you, but apparently you weren't paying attention to the previous decade.

Yeah, I'll dispute the century quip. I had to use my Treo 755p this week until a replacement Pre arrived and I must admit that I was impressed again how good a phone and PDA it is. God I wish my Pre had that kind of calendar functionality. And after finally getting all(?) of my patches installed on my replacement Pre, I longed for BackupBuddy.

The only HP product I currently own is an old 27s calculator than is worth more now than when I bought it 20 years ago. It works beautifully.

After this debacle, I vow to never own another HP product again.


amen brother!

tonight i drink... i drink to what could have been, join me and take up your glass to remember the little OS that could!

I allways say "if someone pee's in your cheerios, just get a new bowl"

or in this case... a new phone and a new start!

Leo decided along time ago that webOS and computers must go. Sadly he won.

This....Leo killed it from the very beginning, if he could've, he would've stopped the launch from happening at all in my opinion. But I think at that point, HP already had contracts in place they had to honor. Leo let it ride in case it was a success despite his lack of support for it.

Please everybody read this:


The Leo virus was injected in 2010

Probably by far, one of the best articles ever written on PreCentral. I say that having liked almost all of the articles.

People will hate HP forever for destroying Palm and its legacy. I really doubt HP would succeed in the enterprise market. People will remember what you did and will never trust your products.

Mita, you are exactly right. What corporation would trust their software side to a company that so callously leaves its customers out to dry? If you have a choice between IBM and HP, seriously, who are you going to choose? When IBM got out of PCs, they sold it to Lenovo, and no one got screwed. Lenovo built on it, and the product line is still very good.

These guys have no common sense. Even if webOS wasn't doing well which I think that is BS since a huge flood of apps have been coming through for TouchPad recently they could have had an exit plan all laid out before announcing something like this.

The announcement has got everyone baffled as what the **** is HP thinking about. No corporation is going to trust their business in a company that has absolutely no direction. We can see that in their stocks and how it's crashing by having an idiot in charge.

Amen to that. I was about to buy a new printer to replace my old HP Officejet, but now there is no way in **** I would ever give those **** another cent! I'll be adding a new criteria to my purchasing decisions from now on: ANY brand except HP!

Never, ever, ever. A big component of a corporation's value is trust + reputation = goodwill, and HP has ZERO trust and NEGATIVE goodwill that will last until its ultimate demise, which yesterday's decisions I predict will accelerate at a tragically rapid pace.

Derek, you have said it all so well. I totally agree. Just another example of corporate america with leaders who have no vision, no guts, hire too many accountants and have more interest in short term quarterly financial results than customers and products.

Unfortunately this jerk has done too much damage to the platform to make his head on a plate anything useful for WebOS. I wish he would have let a real competitor buy Palm instead of someone with no stomach for a fight.

You said what I've been thinking since my cousin called me yesterday to laugh at me and offer to sell me his old Evo.

I just vented about this to a co-worker. I'm pissed because HP is quitting after releasing two mediocre products on sub par hardware. If they'd been reading this site they should have known that consumers care about hardware in this space.

Whatever... I hope HTC buys up Palm but I'm going to start getting my data converted over to Google.

Fantastic article! I agree with every word in it.

I have to the following in my native language so Mr. Apotheker can understand this the way I mean it:

Leo, Du hast nach 72 Jahren geschafft, was keiner vor Dir geschafft hat: Du hast die Kunden von HP so verärgert, dass die Firma (hoffentlich) den Bach runter geht.

Ich habe mit Freuden einen Palm Pre- gekauft, liebe ihn bis heute und würde ihn nicht mehr hergeben, wenn er nicht auseinanderfallen würde. Ja, ich werde einen Pre3 zu meinem TouchPad kaufen, aber das wird das LETZTE HP-Produkt sein, das meine Firma und all meine Partnerfirmen kaufen werden.

Danke für einen beschissenen Versuch und dass ihr beim ersten Anzeichen von Problemen gleich den Schwanz einzieht. Ihr hattet das beste mobile Betriebssystem am Markt... und habt's versaut.

Nicht mal Microsoft hat mit dem "Kin" eine so beschissene Performance abgeliefert... und das will was heißen...

Also fickt euch HP,
ein endgültig enttäuschter webOS-User!

You should have written in Polish or Hebrew :)

"Apotheker's parents were Polish Jews who fled to the Russo-Chinese border after the **** invaded Poland at the outbreak of World War II. After the war, they settled in Aachen, Germany, where Léo Apotheker was born on September 18, 1953. He later moved to Antwerp, Belgium.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/blackboard/leo-apotheker#ixzz1VW6FpwVa "

From Forbes:

"Hewlett-Packard shares are down sharply Friday after the company’s flurry of news yesterday, which included an $11 billion deal to buy Autonomy, the decision to spin the PC business, the shut down of the WebOS hardware operations, in-line July quarter results and a dark forecast for the October quarter and beyond.

Today alone, the company has lost more than $12 billion in market value.

To say yesterday’s news has not been well received would be a substantial understatement. At least a half dozen analyst cut their ratings on the stock this morning, and few others had anything nice to say about the near-term prospects for the company.

One of the most depressing aspects of the story this morning is that the market already seems to be souring on the leadership of new CEO Leo Apotheker. The general Street view is that the company is doing too much at once here; that the Autonomy deal is ill-timed and expensive; and that the company should have taken a more decisive action on the PC unit, rather than shopping it around in a process the company expects to take a year or more.

It’s also astonishing (or on second, thought, predictable) that little more than a month after launching the first WebOS tablet and the first phones following the acquisition of Palm, it has already decided to stop selling them. Imagine the dollars they could have saved had they figured out months ago what the world already knew: that their chances of denting either the tablet or smart phone market were somewhere between slim and none.

Is this Leo’s fault? Or Mark Hurd’s fault? Or Carly Fiorina’s fault? It doesn’t matter. What matter is that the once might Hewlett-Packard, the world’s largest PC company, and one of the globe’s most wide-ranging technology companies, is badly leaking, and taking on water. Let’s hope it doesn’t sink."

- HP shoulda gotten a bigger boat.

I was about to say man you are a **** of a writer...then I seen the "From Forbes:" Thanks for the news either way!

Apparently the market agrees with our opinion of HP...as of this minute the stock is down $6 (-20%) to $23.52 and at one point set a new 52 week low at $22.75. So Leo has screwed the stockholders of HP as well.

I also saw a blurb that stated HP's 20% downturn had caused the Dow to drop 38 points. So HP's bad management hurt EVERBODY. Nice.

No, **** that, HP has stung me in the **** more times than just this. I hope they sink and take all hands with it.

+1,000,000 for Derek.

Finally everyone feels as pi$$ed at HP as I have felt since February's "Think Beyond". First HP scr3wed over Pre/Pixi users like myself. And now HP has scr3wed over Touchpad/Veer & Pre2 users.

I couldn't find it in myself to purchase another HP product after my Pre since I worried that HP might, just might, to the same to later products. But I never expected HP to scr3w over Touchpad users so F'in soon.

I've been a Palm fan and customer for over 10 years so despite being pi$$ed as HP I still hoped (despite all evidence) WebOS would someday make a comeback.

Apotheker is a "#1+ A$$"!!!

derek! take my hat to you sir, i have the same sentiments as you, great write up. I think Nvidia should buy it.

It's amazing to me how incredibly poorly this was handled. Even if HP's numbers wizards (who must be terrible, but let's pretend they are competent) could show there was absolutely no way to turn webos around, why announce like this, with zero warning to your partners and developers, without first determining your strategy and looking for possible buyers or a plan to open-source, or anything to soften the blow?

Way to drop your market cap by 12 billion overnight while severely alienating developers, fans, and even non-fans alike. I **** you not that I've seen android and ios fanboys saying "wow, what a **** thing to do, makes me wonder what kind of company hp has turned into."

And aside from making the small but vocal webos fanbase hate your products, don't forget some people (myself included) are also technology workers who have a strong say or budgetary control over very large server/network equipment purchases. Let's just say HP has dropped to the absolute bottom of my companies-i-would-ever-trust-in-any-way list. Again, nice going there Leo. Firing would be too good for you at this point.

**** YOU HP!

I wish they hadn't bought Web OS at this point.


The greatest mobile web os has crashed and burned thanks to **** dumbass' known as HP.


Right on Derek now the real question- what is Meg going to do about the hardware teams and revitalizing and flattening the once cumbersome org into an dynamic creative org THEY NEED TO BECOME!

Finally, good one Derek. I might add, they will have no money soon.

A failed CEO of a beaten company (SAP) charged to run down silicon valley icon.

After his inevitable firing, I wonder what poor company "Leo the Destroyer" wants to put out of business next?


couldn't have said it better myself

I was able to sleep well after I found that we can run these without HP's support.

Thanks to webosinternals.


HP, your stock price is calling you!


Unbelievable. HP has decided to exit an expanding market. Someone forgot to tell them mobile is expanding, not contracting.

Well stated Derek.

It's months late and after the fact for Derek to finally wake up.

I can't help thinking that he and the other webOS "defenders" who lived in lala land deserved this.

It's the proverbial smack in the face by HP. A company you kept cheering on these past months.


pointless and ill-informed comment. Had HP actually put up a fight you MIGHT have a point, but you don't. Palm didn't have the cash and HP didn't have the guts.

Google spends 12 Billion on Motorola / HP bails after spending how much?

Enough said.

Wow, such compassion . . .

I said this last night....

I'm sure Leo knew the Quarterly numbers weren't looking good early on. My feeling is that he pushed up the TouchPad's launch into July in an effort to have something positive. Even if the numbers still weren't good, he could show there was some ray of hope and people wouldn't punish the stock. When things didn't work out, he was all too happy to throw webOS under the bus to appease shareholders and try holding on to his job for a little while longer.

HP stock is dropping faster than anything.

How'd that work out for ya, Leo??

to be fair that's more about spinning off PCs and an uncertain future of reorganization and a drastically lower quarter guidance, not to mention a weak overall market then a reaction tied to webos.

Oh, I understand. My point is that he was quick to throw out ideas in a futile attempt to appease the Board of Directors, analysts and shareholders.

Their stock started setting records for the 52-Week Low last night and continues to set new 52-Week Lows today. At times, it's gone into a steeper dive than John Wayne chasing after a Zero in one of his WW2 movies.

Leo is apparently out of his comfort zone and seems to be struggling to take HP back to *his* comfort zone.

Plus the billions they are going to spend in yet another company that they are going to manage as independent and "look for synergies"... uugghhh Leo is an Idiot!

Everybody since yesterday have been mentioning that HP want to turn like IBM or Oracle. Let's not forget that BOTH of them sell hardware too !!!!

But neither of them sell Personal Systems, since IBM sold theirs off to Lenovo.

HP do plenty of Enterprise-level hardware - servers, storage, etc.

they don't sell personal computers or consumer products though.

Hey anyone want a $900 coffee table conversation piece or paperweight?

That is what my touchpad now is.

49 days old and will let it go for $450. Will even transfer the 2 year bestbuy accidental breakage protection.

Use it for a few months and then oops it broke beyond repair

That is my plan, you must have read my mind. I am waiting until they are completely out of stock first so they won't be able to order a replacement unit though.

You got a really, really, bad deal on your Touchpad.

I bought it on the day of release + $167 breakage protection + case + touchstone + tax

that is what he mean by realy, realy bad deal

They saw you coming..

I'll see your $900 paperweight... and raise you my $1600 "art project" consisting of: (2) Touchpad 32GB, (2) HP cases, (3) Touchstones and (1) HP WebOS keyboard.

This officially marks my LAST purchase of ANY HP product from now until the end of time.

i feel you, sorry.

Oh Derek, dont forget retardedd too. THANK YOU for keeping it real. I still desperately need a Pre 3. Can someone call these retards to state once and for all if the Pre3 is ever gonna get RELEASED here in the U.S or not, and if yes, WHHEEEENNNNN?

Apotheker is a worthless POS and so is Jon R.

i'm sure Jon is hurting as much as we are

Jon found out the same time we did.

At least Ruby had the stomach for a fight and supported Palm. I wager my Palm Pilot against an HP InkJet that Jon could beat "Zero Leo" in a fight.

How is Jon at fault. They got rid of him recently. They gotten rid of him unofficially much earlier when they bought palm. He was kept as a figurehead, then after that think ahead get-together they had no need for him.

Well said. HP will be a footnote a few years from now.

You nailed it
" Seriously? Did you not crunch those numbers before you made the decision to buy Palm in the first place?"

Love that. CFO of a Fortune 500 company did not do homework before for a 1.2 billion dollar investment.

When you watch the Boston Marathon on TV, the pros make it look easy. So easy, you may be tempted to think, "all I need are good running shoes and I can be like them".

Reality sets in after the first quarter mile.

Anybody remember Fast and Furious, when Paul Walker's character (Brian O'connor) had a guy put all the best hardware in his car, super nitrous injection system and what not, because he had to go faster to have a chance to beat Vin Diesel's character (Dominic)? Then they race...Walker is way behind, so he hits the nitrous and passes almost everybody...meanwhile his car is coming apart, rivets popping but he looks like he's doing it. He passes the design safety of the engine, basically ruining it, thinking he will win. After all of that, Vin Diesel hits a little squirt of nitrous and boom he's gone.

They bring their cars back around, Walker has to give up his pink slip and he's smiling at Deisel. "Why are you smiling" Walker says, and even believes "I almost had you, man!"

It was laughable as Diesel's character educated Walker's character on how at no time did he have a chance because he had no idea how to drive. Walker had a choice...suck it up and learn from his stupid bravado and really learn what he needed to know to compete, or just drop his ball (car) and run off somewhere else, hopefully finding someone, somewhere that he could fool into thinking he actually had something to offer. Since the movie wasn't even a quarter of the way through, Walker stuck it out.

What'd HP do? they ran off to another corner of the playground, where nobody knows how foolish they look right now...hoping to find a new place to play. I think I heard someone say Terebinthia or something like that.

After 2 years of a webOS haze, I think I'll spend more time looking up at the clear blue sky (no clouds today) listen to the birds, chat with my family. It's nice to breathe something other than unfulfilled 'promises', veiled 'claims' of big things coming... It's liberating to realize there are idiots who talk big but are hollow inside, and it's ok to just pass by and look at living life in a more meaningful way, I don't have to keep up with webOS anymore! The soap opera story is over. Ahhh, peace!

That 1.2 billion should have been used at homeless shelters, or for tornado victims, or help create new jobs.

i wondered if the google-motorola deal hastened their decision to quit the race. they were already conceding the #1 spot to apple. maybe they thought they were just fighting against the fragmented android manufacturers. but with android/honeycomb in bed with a hardware manufacturer???

I think this was definitely a knee-jerk reaction to appease stockholders. If it were thought-out and planned-for, DeWitt would have known about it (and probably been pissed about his 'promotion') and they would have had a hardware manufacturer lined-up to license it. The headline would have been 'webOS to run on better hardware' with a subtitle of 'HP leaves the hardware business' instead of 'HP kills hardware division and webOS'


Yes, "Zero Leo" conceded the fight. In fact, he never even entered the ring. (Note: he needs a toupee)

The lesson learned for me anyway is NEVER bet on a proprietary hardware software brand name.
That is why ANDROID and WINDOWS are popular not necessarily because they are better but because there are many many choices in hardware out there.
That is why I never got on the apple/BB train.


Thank you so much for writing this article. I, too, have never been so upset over a corporation's mis-steps. Upset is not even the word. I am utterly disgusted in the leaders of HP. I own stock in HP, but I truly hope their finances suffer horribly from this decision that they have made. I would love to see a boycott of this company by the WebOS faithful.

not sure there are enough webOS faithful left in this world to really make a dent :(

Word of mouth.

Also, Wall St. is 'showing their love' to HP's stock.

I predict a time in the near future where pundits will be discussing the fall of HP, and they will point out that they did have a saving grace in webOS, but decided to kill it.

Here's to HP dieing a fast death.

i honestly don't think a lot of people get it. that moment is now. The direction HP has been going for the past 10 years is downhill and the future was looking bad. that's pretty much why they are doing this.

Well...you certainly said it more eloquently then I would have.
Today I have to return my TouchPad even though I loved it for the 13 days I have owned it. I bought my original Pre the day it was released as well as my son's and my daughter's Pixi. Not to mention my relationship with Palm OS all the way back to my original Palm Pilot. I never gave up even as pieces of plastic fell off my Pre. I always realized that it was a superior OS and the hope of new hardware kept me going on. But now the decision has been made for me. No need to wait anymore, I will buy an Android phone that I don't want as well as an Android tablet today and move on.

H.P., I won't forget get this.

f you HP. I've invested over 1000 dollars in webOS and now what?..

I know exactly how you feel.

(2) 32GB Touchpads
(2) HP cases
(3) Touchpad Touchstones
(1) HP WebOS keyboard
(5) Palm Pre's
(10) Pre Touchstones
(4) Car chargers

Plus approximately (400) apps between me and my wife.

Jon Rubinstein said they would "Make it right". HP can make it right by losing a multi-million dollar, class action lawsuit... and giving me some of my damn money back!

oh man!! I'm with you!... I was thinking this morning that TP+Pre+Touchstones+cases+chargers+apps goes to nearly 1000 USD... that's a lot of faith in a company... a class action lawsuit is really on the order!
my take is that Apotheker won't last much more on HP

Amen, brother. And yeah, I'd still buy a Pre3 in the US - any carrier, or unlocked, and send my money to webosinternals to keep it working...and to developers in Preware to keep getting their brilliant software.

I would gladly pay WebOS Internals to help put me together a FrankenPre 3 for sprint. 2 of them. Maybe 3

I would be more than happy to do that also. Count me in for at least 1, maybe 2.

Exactly what I tought... I will still get the pre3 and relly on the amazing team of webOSinternals...

The only thing I regret about getting a pre3 is that I will give my money to HP, but those are the last cents I'll give HP...

I really don't understand the way they did this. I understand the reasons. But not the how.

You want to exit the tablet/phone space? You want to sell or license WebOS? Then why, for heavens sake, do you hurt the value? Why not continue the lie of it being a marathon until you actually sell or spin it out or license it? What possible good thing could happen? Once you do that, the developers stop making apps, the carriers stop selling them, the users stop buying them. The value goes to 0.

Why didn't they make an announcement that they were in negotiations to have others make the hardware? That would be positive news, and the developers would continue developing.

I just don't get it.

or at least they could've waited until the return period was past for maximum screwage.

they didn't do anything else right, why would they do the dropping of WebOS and hardware right?

perhaps they already have licensed it! several weeks ago, the remark was made by an HP exec that they would consider marketing WEBOS to companies who weren't making competing hardware. Suddenly we hear that HTC has the exclusive rights to Beats audio on smartphones, and now HTC is setting up a big media event in 2 weeks that will display the "future". HHHmmmm, makes me wonder if their future isn't WEBOS, and perhaps even that the slab phone we caught a look at a few weeks back, might have been one of their prototypes! keep in mind that with HP exiting the smartphone hardware business, that they would no longer be competing with HTC, and that Palm and HTC had quite a cozy relationship at one time. Its just conjecture on my part, but I don't think this kind of "sudden" announcement on the part of HP came out of thin air. I think that they were having trouble with the development of decent hardware, and went to HTC to build em a phone, and ended up licensing the software instead of having them make the phones for them, then they decided they would just get out of the hardware bizz, and concentrate on software development.

No, Honey. That was a female burgler trying to steal our bedsheets! I was just pinning her until the authorities could arrive!

ahh, one could dream can't they. If this is true, then that means Sprint might carry it also, since they love their HTC phones. WOOHOO!!! there is hope yet. (wake me when it's over though). I will wait until the dust settles, and if by November there is nothing, I will try and attack a black Friday sale.

Yes, exactly, the communications on this is unbelievably bad. If HP had wanted any chance at selling or licensing webOS at a decent price (to recoup the maximum on their investment), they just ruined that possibility. Suddenly, all suitors know that HP is desperate to sell it and, even worse, it increases the chances that they'll be selling a damaged product (developers and users won't have any confidence that the ecosystem will continue).

The announcement that PSG will be likely be sold off is equally strange/inept.

The fact that Palm GBU employees did not appear to have any idea (including Dewitt/Bradley) means terrible internal communications and treatment of HP employees. Why did HP move Dewitt over to Palm GBU so he could be out of a job 4 weeks later?

Leo should be fired/resign. A change in strategy is one thing, but this is a complete u-turn and has been completely mishandled - damaging not only HP stock price, but also employee morale, partner relationships, and PSG (will companies and individuals buy as many HP PCs?) The only way this possibly makes the slightest sense is if HP has a deal with Samsung (or another company) about to be signed for the sale of webOS and PSG. But then, why wouldn't HP have just announced the deal when it was signed...?

As another commenter said on another post, HP for months and months has said they wanted to be Apple (dominate consumer with vertically integrated products with high gross margins); now suddenly, they decide they want to be IBM (sell off all consumer products to focus on enterprise). That's a legitimate change in focus but this is definitely NOT how to go about it.

i think you don't continue the lie because the very second you say, "oh we are going to stop making phone hardware and tablet hardware but we'd like you do that and license our O.S." every person with half a brain cell will scream, "hey why are you stopping if it's so profitable? And if it isn't why they **** would i want to jump into making hardware?"

No investor, reporter, layperson etc is going to not notice that and then there is the reality that they were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars so to continue the lie would as they said in the call would have meant losing double on webos then they lost last quarter. On the call they also said it would take two years of significant investment to make it work and that was very uncertain. So i think when faced with those two realities, lose money next quarter on a lie, or lose money for two years on a lie, both for likely no profit it was simple choice to stop webos. But that financial reality is why it's was bad to buy webos and why it's almost always bad to have a bad business buy another bad business.

Awesome article and I share your feelings. Did you happen to type that on your touchpad?

“If change is happening on the outside faster than on the inside the end is in sight.”
- Jack Welch

I feel like a Brooklyn Dodgers fan in 1957. Leo is Walter O'Malley.

Well, while I appreciate the sentiment, there are a couple of reasons why the comparison falls short. If Leo wasn't releasing the Pre3 because he wanted to release an even bigger and better Pre4 then the the comparison would be closer... Or if he Walter O'Malley had taken Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, Sandy Koufax, etc. out on Empire Ave. and shot them in the head. O'Malley actually wanted to build a new domed stadium on the corner of Empire and Atlantic in Brooklyn, but Robert Moses wouldn't let him, insisting a new stadium be built in the area where Shea stadium was eventually buit. And O'Malley actually made money moving to L.A. I suspect that there are a few people on the site would move to L.A. if that is all it took to get a Pre 3. Or at least fly to L.A., buy it, and move back to wherever they were from and hack it to work there.

While that is all true, the comparison is to that of the fan: the feeling of betrayal, helplessness, and that a community was being robbed of something it had continued to love all through the ups and downs.

Exactly the sentiment I was appreciating. Just saying that as much as people hate Walter O'Malley it is an unwarranted insult to his memory to compare him to Leo.

i think you actually illustrated a very important distinction. The difference between the business decision of those that run a business and fans who just watch. this is a business decision, like going somewhere where you can get a stadium and make a profit. Palm fans are just mad understandably. but it strikes me that the concerns of fans and owners are not the same.

I'm a Boston fan. I compare Leo to Bill Buckner. For Leo, the ball went right through his glove because he thought he could dog it for the win.

I hope the Board at HP fires his ****

Oh, didn't you get the memo? The HP Board is gonna "outsource" Zero-Leo.

Sir Walter had a stomach. And, always fought. "Zero Leo" couldn't fight his way outta paper bag.

Oust Leo!

Not even buy printers from HP. They just rely on that.

At last someone with balls or like I would like to say
Al fin alguien con COJONES

Hey... why does Derek's "S*REW" at the end of his post not get the auto "****". Why is he so special?

I feel bad for Derek. He took a lot of heat while sticking up for HP. Now they bail and sc*ew him #1 Plus style!

Glad I just have an dead phone and not stock!

Thanks. As a dedicated Palm user I finally gave up on June 31st and although my new Moto android is a decent piece of hardware I would love it if it were running WebOS.

HP please don't make things worth holding onto WebOS with a death grip as you jump off the cliff. Leave the BEST mobile OS for another company willing to take it and run with it.

Very Well said! Can't agree more... **** you Leo! **** you HP!

Well said I have an HP Printer I think when it dies thats is for me and HP By the way I also have a pre pre2 & Veer .. Hey HP....... FU !

Thank you for that honest words!

Fire Mr. Apotheker!


While the DOW is down 0.59%, and NASDAQ is down 0.05%, HP is down over 20%.


2 days of sharp decline with HP. HP alone dropped blue chips 45 points. Within a day of the market dropping 490 points, HP is helping lead the way to a crash. (not really).
Dell is up and the headlines read another day of drops in points, LEAD BY HP.
I was happy Palm was purchased but no by HP. Never owned their computers, always issues with printers.

I have an HP laptop that died within a year.


Nice rant! I totally agree. I personally will NEVER purchase an HP product again.

I'm very sad and bummed by HP's terrible handling of a very good WebOS and related hardware. In spite of the known weaknesses, the TouchPad and Pre Phones were great!

Derek, well said sir. Very well said. I commend you on your article. :)

Dear Mr. Apotheker:

What goes around, comes around. I hope the Board does you like you've done webOS's loyal fans.


He'll be fired and get a $20 million "golden parachute" when he leaves. "Come uppins" is something American executives rarely get.

Big WebOS fan, have not looked back since getting my Pre..

I work for HP in enterprise here in the UK and plan to slap this into a mail direct to Leo just to make sure he see's it, though I imagine one of his secretaries who's blowing him off might delete it so he cant see it, then I plan to suggest he go and jump in front of a BUS and do us all a favour, it sickens me how they have behaved and spat all over their customers, Leo is dragging the company in the fiery pits of **** and he needs to be stopped before there is no going back!!!

bump plus 1!

Send it by paper mail, not e-mail. Then it will reach him.

And that's ultimately part of the problem isn't it?

Dispatch Swat Team 6 after Zero Leo. that is the new directive from our President.

ding ding ding!

ladies and gentlemen the gloves are off!

the kid from Ohio comes out swinging!

*jab* *uppercut*

the great ball-less behemoth is down! This is one for the ages!

and the crowd goes wild.

webOS looks on from behind a black veil.

*dust in the wind plays*

/signed, +1'ed, liked and all that stuff.

As a business user, I will take care that my employers don't buy HP products any longer. No servers, no network components, no nothing. That's all I can do for now, and I will do it.

HP is not a person. It's a corporation.

People around here said, all last year, that HP has tons of cash - as if that meant that they would be happy dumping money into webOS for no good reason. Do you not understand how business works?

You don't have to give it more than a month to realize that sales will be horrible. You don't even have to release the device to see that. All you need is a focus group set up like a Best Buy counter and you will quickly find out how competitive your product is.

And, you don't have to look beyond the iPad 2 and TP 1 to see that Palm is not a company that will be able to keep up with either the hardware or software advancements in the tablet space. Not when a company like Apple is laser-focused on mobile while HP is dabbling in it as part of the low-margin PC business.

This is no surprise. It was predicted by plenty.

Maybe we "plenty" who predicted it should've ended our posts with **** You, HP". No, wait...that would have been trolling....when it mattered.

Now that it doesn't and everything's F-ed up....way to go, Derek. Thanks for sticking your head out and having the balls to write this, buddy!

Judging by HPQ's stock price today (down 20% as I write), you are far from alone, Derek.

They lost 12 billion in market share in just 1 day. 12 BILLION!!!!

....could not be happier, really! Stupid f...s got what they deserved

It was a damn short "Marathon", if you ask me. This is what happens when you're beholden to the all mighty shareholder.

Excellent letter Derek, could not agree more. Apotheker is a moron with no strategy for HP (can anyone picture HP as B2B enterprise software company?) and not an entrepreneur (like Jobs) with the balls to compete. Would not be surprised if Leo's HQ guys sabotaged the webOS efforts from the beginning. Nokia should have bought Palm, hopefully Samsung does things right now. I would be sad to be forced to abandon that great thing called webOS.


We aren't going to let HP rot though. WebOS Internals isn't going anywhere, and myself and many other developers fully intend to follow them straight to heck if need be.

Good luck with that..

klasse geschrieben...

schade um palm und webos...und um mein touchpad :(

It doesnt make sense at all. They just spend huge amount of money to kill great platform. Shareholders should be mad.
Im sure Rubinstein is on phone with Topolsky right now and we'll get some insight in coming hours.

I love absolutely everything about this.

Derek -- thanks. Not only for writing what most of us are thinking (you put it much more eloquently), but, adding-in one of your trademark Photoshops! I'll miss that.

I could not have said it better myself. Imagine the shock when I learned of this in bed reading my twitter account and finding out. I was furious! HP, you have lost a customer for life!

How soon can Leo be canned?