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HP to hold webOS event on February 9: “Think big. Think small. Think beyond.” 193

by Derek Kessler Tue, 04 Jan 2011 4:16 pm EST

Disappointed that HP and Palm won’t be having much of a showing this week at CES? The good news for you just landed in our inbox; seemingly not wanting to get lost in the madness that is the Consumer Electronics Show extravaganza, HP has opted to hold their own special event in San Francsico on February 9, 2011, for “an exciting webOS announcement.”

The tagline: "Think big. Think small. Think beyond." What can we read from this? The next version of webOS (beyond), the next generation of Palm smartphones (small), and the webOS tablet (big). And we’re totally cool with waiting another month for that.

So mark your calendars people, this just got real.


:) now i cant wait

venue capacity is 3,000 people...


looks like a really nice place!

Herbst Pavilion: Where else would you find a venue with HP in the name?

and to think that last week I came very close to buying an Evo. Let's see what you got HPalm.

should have now wait more they probably wont have anything new out in till may or June

what's wrong with waiting at least until they've made the announcements?! WebOS is worth the wait! Go away android troll!

I don't think he's an Android troll. He's just going off of Palm's history.

Looking forward to this soooooooooo bad. Come HP, impress us (you'll notice that's HP only, Palm's disappeared ! :o)

I was getting sad the last couple of days, reading all the news about android and iphone, then I read this.


sweet. Apple route.

Yeah, because that worked for them so awesomely with the Pre.....

It makes sense this time to stay away from CES. This is not as big as CES 2009 but its pretty close.

It did work for the Pre, its the exclusivity and advertisements that didnt work. They would be dumb to scrap the apple route.

Glad to hear it. A Wednesday. Interesting Choice. I agree HP needed to announce this so the webOS masses don't get upset about little to no CES news, but also worry that planning it a month out gives others time to build around it. (Apple generally is 7-10 days advance notice).

My money would go on confirmation of the Verizon iPhone rumors happening that week. Likely at a special event on 2/8...

Doesnt Apple do there events in Jan?

Actually HP is probably taking this very strategy. Mobile World Congress is Feb 14-17, maybe they're trying to get a jump on what other guys may be announcing there.

PalmPad please!!!!!! :-)

PalmPad AND super phone that work seamlessly together. If fact, how about an app that lets me dial my pocketed cell phone from my PalmPad using either a bluetooth headset or the headphone jack or the speakers/mic of the PalmPad? Let me know where to enter my credit card, I'm ready!

Im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.. Please Please come out with a phone already.. I just saw that Sprint has that EVO Shift on the 9th of this month for only $150 and got highly tempted and now I read this bit of good news.. Oh the agony

Think coming months. We're too inept to really launch a successor to the Pre or Pre plus in 2011. We're too inept to really launch more than 1 update to a quickly aging OS over the last 3 quarters of 2010. We're too inept to bother to make it to CES 2011. That said, we think we might have something interesting to show you in February, 2011, a year after our last substantial announcement and 2 years after our last substantial device. I'm soooooo impressed that HP/Palm can't keep a schedule to save their lives.

I need to know how to give a thumb down on this site, lol. WebOS is worth the wait!

This Lost
Think Late
Think Left behind

Sweet mother of god this is the best news I've gotten all day. I'm glad H/Palm decided to hold their own event...CES will be drowning with tech goodies, so this gives WebOS and all its new hardware (hopefully) a chance to really shine. February can't come soon enough.

At last.. relief.. crying..

Ugh... now that we (supposedly) have something exciting to look forward to with an actual date (Feb 9), the time leading up to it is going to feel ungodly slow...

I hope they blow us out of the water with this announcement. And none of that, wait another 6-12 months crap...

Another month of waiting.... Ugh... All this waiting is annoying. I didn't get excited when I read this, just more frustrated...

Its five weeks to be told "in coming months" you can buy this. Five weeks to find out Sprint is not part of the roadmap.

That's my fear too. While the idea of HP-Palm getting it's own event is cool the fact that it will be a month after CES makes it feel like a delay that comes on top of months of delays. It's very frustrating.

You just described my worst case scenario, that "Sprint is not part of the roadmap".

Best case would be an announcement of new super phones with great price points and immediate availability on Sprint.

This would play into the coincident that my daughter didn't make her grades to get a phone today and we (the wife and I) suggested that if her grades were up my middle of the coming quarter she would get a phone. If new phones are out, she will get my current pre and I will get the new webOS phone. If not then she will get (if still available) a new Sprint pre.

Exactly. It's not like this is a release date. 6 months ago we hoped for a new phone by Christmas, then we expected an announcement by January, now we're expecting an announcement by February. And who knows, maybe even "the coming months" after that. Palm's track record doesn't bode well.

Sprint buys customers with data plans a subsidized phone ever year. If you bought a launch day Pre, what are the chances you could have got an Android last summer, then switched back to a Palm by the time the Pre's successor is ready?

I love Palm, and will probably wait what I hope is only 2-4 more months for a new device. But it's frustrating.

February 9th? THE 9TH??? OF FEBRUARY??? In case you guys didn't notice, CES is NOW. Like, the Evo Shift 4G got announced this morning, and is some hot physical-freakin-keyboard hardware, on Sprint no less, who hasn't had a better WebOS offering than the phone now known as the Pre Minus. I love WebOS, but this getting ridiculous. My contract is up soon, and I'm not sticking with WebOS unless there is some compelling proof that it's going to stick around itself, and that isn't happening without hardware. Ridiculous.

The wait for a webOS Toaster is almost over!!!

WebOS Coffee maker please. The toaster is soooo 20th century! LOL

I thought the Pomegranate NS08 already had the coffee maker. If HP/Palm really wants to grab the coffee making phone market they will need to step up to at least a espresso maker.

It would be funny if they really made a webOS toaster just for laughs since they have been reading about it on the blogs.

Naysayers can "s*ck it" in 5...4...3...


Seriously, I figured as much. If any company can "do Apple", it's HP. If you can get SJP, and Dr. Dre. In your commercials, any exclusive event is cake.

Are you counting down Months or Weeks?


Pass. I'll take a WebOS EVO, please!

that's hilarious dude, good call! I swear I'll have a hernia if that happens

It's all in the delivery. Bloody brilliant. :D

do you guys think there goin to announce all there phones lik windows or spread it out.

announce without leaking full specs.

At least we can guess what they will announce now.
i can finally switch back from android after my pre started bugging out many months ago:)

"Think Big" can mean tablet
"Think Small" can mean smartphone
"Think Beyond"...??

im just happy they announced something though...guess that rumor a couple weeks back about them holding a special event like apple came true haha :D

I'm actually more inclined to think the following:

"Think big." -> A slate-style smartphone with a large screen, somewhere in the 4"-4.3" range, with no physical keyboard.

"Think small." -> A small smartphone, perhaps a successor/replacement for the Pixi line. This tagline is probably in reference to whatever product is currently codenamed "Myte."

"Think beyond." -> Application of webOS "beyond" just the cell phone form factor, i.e. the PalmPad.

Just my thoughts.

whatever they release it better fit on my touchstone :)

beyond is printers/toasters/EVERYthing saved in the cloud so which ever device you pickup you can start where you left off....maybe

I think it's great that HP and Palm finally announced a date that they will release info, but I do think they missed a massive amount of marketing by not doing this at CES. News coverage will speak of all the ipad contenders based on what's shown at CES and HP will not be in it. They lost another great opportunity. Sad

honestly, they would have been lost in a sea of Android tablets. Palm/HP is learning. What were past mistakes, they are learning how to use the news cycle to their favor. A month after CES, all of that news will be getting stale. Perfect timing to grab some headlines.

did they lost one or did they even make themselves a bigger opportunity to show them all what HP is all about?I think its a great tactic if it was actually planned that way. Having nearly nothing at CES leaves everyone thinking what they are up to and than this in February. What could be so important that they can cast the CES aside like that? It has to be impressive.I just hope that they don't screw it up...

it has worked for Apple, it can work for HP too.

If you don't have a home run @ CES you will get lost in the shuffle, even if you reach 3rd base.......

How can I get myself on that listserv?

Get into tech journalism

You mean just start a blog? Time to get on wordpress...

Also need to get yourself taken seriously. ;)

Well, that leaves me out. No one takes mer seriously. Hell, I still believe Frank Drebin was the worlds greatest sleuth!

Frank: It’s the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day.

Jane: Goodyear?

Frank: No, the worst.

Check out Palm's Updated Blog


It jokes around about 4 future device names...Interesting and might be useful for everyone on here trying to match rumors to facts.

I just read that...Sweet!

Wow, great timing. If they didnt announce at CES, I was getting an EVO. glad I waited now! Keep on wowing us HP/Palm.

Mission Accomplished, chump. They bought another couple of months.

Think toast.

I bet that's the day 2.1 comes to Sprint.
I hope there's some other Sprint news.

Many emotional unstable people here, including myself. This makes me feel better :)

Boy am I happy I decided not to go to CES

Think small, Think big, Think beyond... But THINK SOMETHING!

Its about time!

where is the Palm logo? i don't like this or waiting for the coming months... why not CES? Prolly still not ready with there devices and trying to buy more time. lame

It's a webOS announcement, and that is branded as HP webOS now.

When they announced their new line of desktop computers today, they didn't call is a "Pavilion Announcement" because the company is HP.

I knew HP was not going to be showing anything at CES, unless of course all we get to see is a Verizon Pre 2... waiting game again and again and yet again. I just hope webOS 2.0 gets released prior to Feb. 9th

BTW, this looks like a really nice venue. Capacity is 3,000 people. How big is the audience at Apple announcements, since they only let in the friendly reporters?


That's big enough that Derek AND Dieter can both get a seat!


3000 max capacity.

Similar to the adjacent Festival Pavilion, this column free pier is a unique facility easily transformed into imaginative event space. It is perfect for product launches, exhibits, theme parties, festivals, galas, and trade shows. The space may be used with the adjoining Cowell Theater, a 437-seat, fully-equipped theater.

Dimensions: 389’ x 78’
Square Feet: 30,000
Maximum Capacity: up to 3,000

not too shabby. I googled what it looks like and its a really nice place!I guess they're going all out on this one.

Sounds like great news to me and I had to post a reply simply because I hit the Thumbs Down, but mistake. No changing your mind on that notion and either way the event location sounds like great news.

Thanks for the info. Sorli...

Apple holds the WWDC at Moscone West, which is a 380,000sq ft facility, including four ballrooms of 25,000, 43,000, 43,000, and 56,000 square feet, not including secondary meeting rooms which may also be of substantial size.

There's a MAJOR difference in scale here.

What gets announced is pretty irrelevant. The key will be whether HP can get the products into the market quickly while interest is high and get support from carriers and developers. Let us not forget that Palm blew everyone away at CES but I then waited 9 MONTHS for the Pre to be released in the UK. By then it was basically D.O.A. HP simply cannot afford to make the same mistake. Announce then release...


pretty slow to this news but ok. :)

Nice... That is all...

Big = Tablet
Small = Phone(s)
Beyond = Cloud (or printers and other peripherals)

come on wait wait wait enough already just show us some new phones.

I dont like not seeing Palm anywhere on this. :(


Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate William Henry Harrison's 238th birthday. ;-)

I hope they hit a home run here. I would love to upgrade my Pre.


Just switched from sprint pre to verizon Pre plus i got free thanks to palm developer day... now i hope there is a tablet becuz not buying somthing like pre 2

"A day late and a dollar short!"

I'm afraid so. I saw the 9th in the event tag, and was like crap, right outside of the window I was hoping to use...I think I'll get the Optimus S and then get another upgrade in November when the phones are actually available that they announce. Bupkiss...

You'll be back.

I wish they would have had it the middle of this month but I'm cool with that for now.Atleast we finally have a date so people stop whining! I wonder what beyond could mean.I hope they don't make a 5in screen phone.that is too much.Wht do people want a LCD TV that makes calls?! I hope for the future that HPalm redesigns the pre with a slightly bigger screen. I'm still looking forward to CES2011.But now I have another beginning of the month to look forward too.

Maybe not a TV that makes calls, but video conferencing would certainly be innovating and different then everyone else out there going freakish on the 3D craze no one is really happy with.

How bout a flat screen that can interface directly with the web and Lan and do it seamlessly sharing bookmarks with your phone, Mac, PC, or whatever unlike every other attempt at making LCDs useful providing Pandora, Netflix, and basic remote jockey interfacing from every TV manufacture.

I can imagine having more and hopefully so can HP. Sorli...

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omg2plus LOL

ANOTHER MONTH? Seriously? Forget it. I am sick of waiting. Because it's not like any of this stuff is going to be available to buy at the time of the announcement anyway.

A year and a half for new phones, items and OS is too long.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Android is crap, and it's waiting for you on the other side - try not to step in it when you jump the fence. Bon voyage!

I won't be getting anything Android. Android has a lot of work to be done before I bother with it.

You'll be back. I didn't wait, went to Android, it doesn't get close to comparing.

Time to put the Pre+ back on ebay

I want to go, I live only a few hours from SF!!

HP|Palm where is my invite?!?!?

P.S you better give us firm release dates and on what carriers during this event... and Sprint better get a new phone ASAP.. or Sprint users will give up and flock away (many already have)

I can see it now. After the event, the mainstream press will say, "Palm is back!" or "HP fires major salvo" or "Look out Apple!" Now I just need to find another power outlet to charge my new PalmPad... :)

Cue the typical false dichotomy:

I would rather wait for another month than have them announce something that wasn't ready to be announced at CES.

I can see it now: on February 9th, HP announces ... that there will be some exciting changes in the "coming months."

If *that* happens, I'll let you push the chair out from under me...

I'm betting 'THIS' is what will happen.

As much as we may not like it, lets face it: Most people have never heard of webOS, much less be able to recognize it. We make up a tiny majority of the smartphone arena. I say if HP needs 'til February, fine. Come out swinging and capture the media's attention. Get webOS back into the mindshare of the public and the developers.

I think this is HP/Palm's last chance. This is their year. Sink or swim. Let's hope they wow the world with at least two products and reasonable release dates.

iOS is getting old, and its notifications and multitasking still suck. Android is becoming more fragmented than ever, which has caused public outcry from big-name developers. webOS has an amazing opportunity here. It just needs hardware and mindshare.

I think it was great idea to kill Palms past faild business and start all over! Beside us the crazy webos fans, Palms name is dead. So it makes sense to start somethin new n get ppl hyped about it n make em think it's a new OS and it's from a bigger name HP! That's y they didn't want to release anything last yr! Get it? ;)

The thing people forget here is the tremendous success that was the birth of this great OS. Sure Palm ran into trouble/mismanagement but the OS is still critically acclaimed by all the big Tech blogs.

Without the initial reboot, albeit tanked, it would even exist.

Am I the only one that's disappointed with this announcement? I don't want big. And I don't want small. Guess I'll have to hope that "beyond" is a decent mobile phone with killer spec's :/

"join HP for an exciting announcment" hope doesn’t mean a single exciting announcement

Please give us 2.0 while we wait for 2/9

I hope there will be a Pre 3 announced, similar form factor (a bit thinner and a bit bigger screen would be cool), dual core, awesome 5 mp camera and compass. That’s all I need. Oh, and a few hundreds of those iOS best seller apps would be nice too.

One week after my birthday!!! CES might just be all about WebOS 2.X to current hardware, and the release date. I hope WebOS 2.X will make me stay loyal until then. Myself, wife and brother are all on orignal launch day Pre's. All are due for upgrades. That HTC Evo 4G Shift was looking tempting this morning.

I had to jump ship from WebOS to Android for the commercial medical apps I needed. Got those, but overall I do not like Android nearly as much as WebOS. It is a lot more hassle to use due to information and services not integrated like WebOS, and not nearly as fun to tweak, as it is a lot more difficult (flashing ROMS instead of just downloading in PreWare and rebooting). The Android community is good, though, just like WebOS.

So save yourself the angst, and wait for HP to hit it out of the park on Feb 9th, if you can!

I purchased the EVO on release date. Had it for about two weeks, then switched back to my Pre. The Android OS seemed slapped together, just trying to find a setting was a pain. I thought the battery on the Pre was bad, the EVO battery was horrendous. I loved all the apps, the big screen, but it was not worth the upgrade credit at the time. The phone just seems too big. I think Android still needs some time to mature. I rooted my Pre on day one. Love Preware, patches and addicted to my “TOUCHSTONE”. Just hope that Palm learned their lesson and knows that a couple “Flagship” devices need to come out, one for each provider. Then a rock’n Tablet to supplement the phones.

Wow! Now i just hope "Sprint" will be one of the words included in that announcement.

Agree completely...don't want to move back to Verizon and loath ATT which bites almost everywhere in my area. Sorli...

I told people I'd be willing to wait until CES to see what comes out but I guess since I'm not too thrilled about any of the android phones out for sprint right now (mostly because of battery life), I'm willing to wait out the extra month.

Samsung has some neat phones out on Sprint.... BUT the grass is no greener for updating them, in fact it is not as good. I had to get an Android Samsung Epic phone for apps I needed. It has not updated since I got it 2 months ago, and had promised an update by the end of 2010 to enable some features. It turns out Samsung screws up AOS. Battery life no better either on these 4" monsters.

So be careful... you give up the ease of WebOS, and may not get much more back, other than having 90,000 more soundboard and porn apps, lol!

Bring it on.

Too Little Too Late
I have no doubt the next palm phone will be great but palms app presence is being left behind.
No Skype. No major banks. no updated google aps. no MLB.tv. The list goes on.
Unfortunately having a great new phone & tablet that will release this May or June isn't going to change the app situation one bit.
As soon as CES is over I am probably going to get a nexus S and retire my launch day sprint pre. Very sad. This announcement should have come 6 months to a year ago.

umm... skype is supposedly on the palm pre 2, and I have the Bank of America app on my palm pre which is a major bank. I usually use sprint nav or bfg maps which both work better than google apps. I think you should probably just chill but whatever. They needed the OS to be ready for hot hardware because an Evo/g2 like specs running on 1.4.5 would have been a waste. 2.1 is coming soon and will be what's needed on the new hardware. a year ago would have sunk them.

Attention PreCentral Editors: This is the perfect venue for a live/on-location Palmcast!!!

And maybe you can broadcast from the PalmPad w/front-facing camera that I'm sure they will give to everyone that attends...

Better late than never!

If HP can do with Palm what they have done with un-exciting computers, it will be pretty great. I just got a HP B210 ePrint printer, and it is really SWEET. Easy setup, wireless operation, everything works!

Here's hoping they do it with WebOS!

Oh thank God!!! Save me from this inelegant OS known as Android. The app Market is robust with some fantastic apps and the hardware of the Evo is top-notch. But nothing beats webOS, I miss it so. I was hoping for January so I could be inside the 30-day return period but I will be making the switch back to webOS immediately upon the arrival of new hardware.

yeah i gotta at least somewhat agree with this.

android is a good OS especially if you root it but I've been using my deactivated pre more than my actual phone(Sprint HTC Hero which i have a 2.3 rom on)with exception of the phone and radio streaming because of the ease of multitasking. I like how the "card" system works.

Also the android market is filled with many useless apps just like the app catalog available on the pre...and unless you have a more recent android phone some of the apps dont even run :(...
GRR...cant run angry birds on hero smoothly...

I still cannot wait for this event in febuary. Cause if its not webos that I'm switching to in July then its either wp7 cause the OS looks pretty neat or staying on Android with a new phone because I bought many apps already...

Just remember for those thinking of switching to a different OS...while some will end up liking it, others will not.

Always remember the saying "the grass is not always greener on the other side" ;)


I think I'm done drinking the cool-aid. I can't have faith in great hardware announcements that can't be presented in some form at CES. I've never seen a company more hellbent on failing.

You'll be back.

Same here bro. Same here. Even if there are some compelling products announced on Feb 9, I am going to wait until I see eveidence that said devices and OS are supported with apps and carriers. my Pre Plus was fun before it broke, but all I did was flip cards. not a whole lot to use it for. Couldn't even use it for navigation (VZW). Maybe I'll reconsider in 2012. My decision now is to keep Galaxy Tab or get a VZW iPHone.


It will be another 3-4 months before anything tangible likely hits the market...

And then you have a 50/50 chance of it be something tangible AND of worth...

I look through the App market(place) on our Pre's and become depressed. It's pretty pathetic...

But it's about to become epic.

So who's doing the count down app in Home Brew now?

Come On HP.. blow us away...

I'm ready for being blown away. It's been 2 years and I'm very, totally ready!

You guys arent thinking Beyond.

Small - Handheld devices, Phones and possibly a mp3 player, think iPod touch competitor.

Big - Tablet

Beyond - Printers (obviously), and TV's. Everyone is getting into the web-connected TV game and what better platform to do that with than webOS? Control it using your remote with integrated gesture area.

beyond could be a webOS touched based camera(UI) anyone...that would we be kinda cool, not that i've ever used and HP camera or would i think about buying one, but who knows...just a thought

will say, i am happy to hear about this event though..

Big news at CES from Palm, "Coming Soon"
Why is it always coming soon but never happening.

Uhmmm, it will take me about 2hrs to drive there. Now, how do I get them to let me in without a invitation.


Take care, Jay

Pathetic, sad, and misguided. I've owned a Palm since the Vx days, invested heavily in stock and have been totally utterly completely disappointed these last three years. I own a pre "plus", though, it's more like the "blah minus", for the past 8 months, I'm now officially looking to break my contract, spend the hundreds of dollars for a real phone. It' gonna hurt, Android is clunky and cumbersome at best (and that's cause i have to go to that platform, being nice). But the hardware is simply marvelous, making the software seem "smooth" and usable. If they can't get this right, announce SOMETHING at CES, they can go fly a kite. If only i could truly write the things I want to say, Rubinstein, go back to Apple. Disband. You've lost, lost big.

I feel like i'm breaking up with a girl i actually cared about, having to go after a new one because of her total ineptitude of actually doing something worthy to keep her around. Ohhh, they are going to put Webos on printers... wow. Ohh, she can make a salad, with toast. wow.

I realize the the blah minus 2.0 (that's Pre 2.0 to you, Rubinstein) was a "clearing out of the old crap". But you should have done that in August. It took you two years to change the plastic to glass and change the cpu? Seriously.

My last quote for the losers (that's you Palm), you not only just lost one of your most loyal buyers, but you've lost the WANT of your users. How many other companies have a following such as yours. Not even AppleFanBoys give this much creedance to Apple. Heck, they don't have to, Apple produces.

Well, hopefully starting February 9th, HP will produce too. They've done a pretty good job with PCs, printers, faxes et. al., so let's give them the benefit of the doubt. I've had a blast with my "blah minus" (except the Verizon bill), so I can certainly wait another 4 weeks. Really, folks, they've set AN ACTUAL DATE only a month from now (give or take). Do you REALLY have to have an Android phone RIGHT THIS FREAKIN' SECOND? You can't wait another month? It's posts like this that makes me think Apple is doing some reverse astroturfing here. If you're a REAL Palm fan, just chill out and put a few more shrimp on the barbie...

Sorry bro, but I have to do this: "etc." is used to say "and so on" as in a list of things. "Et al." is used for "and others" as in a list of people :)

@Bob this is just another case of ASB (Attention Seeking Behaviour). This person will be back, if they ever left.

I unfortunately aggree with you man. Very disheartneding. After loving and leaving my Sprint Pre (Signal and crappy build) I was excited with the VZW Pre Plus - With a gimped GPS and lack of developer support. It's like ahveing a classic Ford Fairlane 500 but no gas to run it.

I went to the Droid Increbile after it broke on me. Yes, not as nice of a UI, but can be used for what I want. and things I never knew I would like. GPS Nav, Google Sky Maps, Latitude, Bar Code Scanner, DVR programming, etc. etc the list goes on.

I come back to Pre Central to hopefully get suprised. And ... nothing. No news. nothing. just specualtion and promises ... well, I will wait until all these goodies I have come to love to do with my device finally makes it to WebOS, which in all likelyhood is a couple years away. Love WebOS like I love a classic roadster, but give me something to power it!!!

Hopefully whatever they announce is released in short order, weeks to a month. Not June!!!!

Hell, when Microsoft announced the XBox 360 at CES they shipped them that day and they were in stores by the end of the week! Would it be that much harder to release a phone the same way?

Yes. Because if something were going to be in stores and released in very short order like that... Something more would have been leaked by now. AS it stands now you just have the "Palm Pre 2" that is/was being "leaked".

It's simply too hard (in this day) to keep something like that completely under wraps until the day it's available in stores.

I think our loooooong wait is about to be rewarded....nay sayers be damned!

no no no. this is becoming unacceptable. the delay in HP's move to make Palm hardware available is very disappointing and as a shareholder, I am worried. A $1.2 billion acquisition and nothing yet - zip. Now, we won't see much or anything at CES and have another month before announcements; thus further out for product availability.

I guess market share doesn't matter to these folks while Apple, Android and BB dominate. Heck, even Windows Mobile has better market share than HPalm.

what a waste

Clearly you know, eh.. zip about product development cycles and business take over procedures.
HP has been owner for how long? To rehash, refresh and integrate is no quick and easy task. I wasn't expecting an announcement until March or April at least.

think big: like Palm thought when it came up with the Pre and webOS

think small: like the small-time, back of a truck operation that Palm thought like when it tried to market webOS.

think beyond: like beyond webOS, as HP shutters it's horribly miscalculated gamble and morphs into android...

i'm trying to love webOS, not be a hater, but Palm screwed the pooch and is now out of business. It's hard to stay loyaly to the lack of PR, lack of mindshare, lack of market share example of massive fail that this has become.

in all likelihood, Dan Hesse is giving webOS the boot, and T-Mobile may be picking it up.

yeah - the fail is now at HP's doorstep. Amazing they can ignore the space for 9+ months and think all will be grand.

I couldn't agree more on your comments about lack of PR, .... amazing.

Maybe it is not that big a deal to a $120+ billion company like HP. WebOS is a toy for them to play around with - market share, who needs it.

I see WebOS/Palm devices falling into the enterprise space with little to zero consumer presence. And I really don't think HP cares.

Ha. It's a wonder the world is as simple as your thinking.