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HP hosting Enyo hackathon in Sunnyvale on August 4th 8

by Ryan St. Andrie Thu, 12 Jul 2012 10:15 pm EDT

HP hosting Enyo hackathon in Sunnyvale on August 4th

Way back in March we reported on a virtual Enyo hackathon that took place both online and in person at one of the many webOS meetups across the country. Apparently it was such a hit that HP has decided to host an Enyo hackathon of their own at the Palm Campus in Sunnyvale, California, on August 4th. This event looks to be quite the geek extravaganza and one could expect to soak up a bit of knowledge from the Developer Relations team and even a couple awesome interns like Arthur Thornton (formerly of webOS Nation fame). 

All experience levels are welcome, although it would be beneficial if you have a background in Javascript or are already familiar with the Enyo framework. HP will be providing food and refreshments as well as prizes. So ultimately all you have to bring is yourself, a laptop, a mobile device for development, and some enthusiasm to get your hack on! Event details are as follows.

As with other hackathons, the idea is to work on your own or together to whip together a functional something, or at least the start of one, by the end of the hackathon. And then present it to everybody there, no pressure. The Developer Relations Team putting on this hackathon is open to all sorts of contributions, ranging from apps and sample code to improvements to Enyo developer documentation. The event is planned from 9:30 in the morning to 8 pm on August 4th, with presentations by notable webOS developers like Hal Saville and Ryan Rix. And, of course, food (pizza!), prizes, and drinks - we know that's what you're really looking forward to. That's the kind of stuff we look forward to as well, though the sure-to-be-awesome things whipped up by the attendees are also registering on our anticipation radar.

A blow-by-blow schedule and registration info are at the source link below. Get ready to hack!



times like these i regret being born on the east coast

but i still feel bad for the west coast. must be horrible having to live life with all those terrible sports teams.

go boston

Wish I could crash this. Yeah, we need a SoCal hackathon! Where the sports teams are FAR from terrible lol

Having lived in the Boston suburbs for 80% of my life, I found it surprisingly easily to adapt to Silicon Valley.

You get to watch the Patriots at 10 AM here ;-).

What a shame.I could not to attend,are there any video put online?

No, because it hasn't happened yet.


Hmm...I really hope that somewhere deep in the bowels of HP they have a team of people working on plans for events to promote open webOS as well.

Great. Find a way to hack the bluetooth audio so I can stream to more than one speaker at a time.

Who wants to meet up after and have a webOS bay area meetup?