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HP introduces feature-packed webOS 2.0 36

by Derek Kessler Tue, 19 Oct 2010 9:06 am EDT

webOS 2.0 Stacks

webOS is moving up to version 2.0 and bringing along with it a whole host of new features sure to please even the most jaded of webOS users. There’s the stuff that we’ve already covered: card-grouping Stacks, enhanced and more capable Just Type with search and Quick Actions, Exhibition Touchstone dock modes, and expandable Synergy plug-ins.

That’s a lot, but if you ask us, not quite worthy of bringing the big 2.0. Here’s what else Palm didn’t let slip until today:

webOS finally supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1 (beta), and it comes baked right into webOS 2.0. Flash support is limited to the browser, but by and large it’s a rich and fluid experience, and one that we’re glad we can stop wondering if we’ll ever get.

You can now tag contacts as a “favorite.” Doing so has two consequences. One: the contact will show up under the new Favorites view in the Phone app. Two: contacts tagged as such will appear at the top of searches in Contacts, Email, Messaging, and Phone.

As glimpsed in earlier leaks, webOS 2.0 comes along with Text Assist. The new app and service build upon and greatly expand the auto-correction capabilities of webOS, including general spell checking, dictionary customization, and the ability to set your own macros (custom text strings with a short typed trigger).

Skype Mobile is coming to webOS, so long as you’re on Verizon. This leverages that exclusive Verizon deal, so don’t count on seeing Skype calling on any other webOS devices any time soon.

The new Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite is included from the start, displacing DataViz’s abandoned Documents to Go package. But the only thing you’ll get by default in webOS 2.0 is the Quickoffice viewer, which lets you read Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. There’s no editing just yet (we suspect Quickoffice wants to charge for that, which is reasonable, albeit disappointing), but the included app does sync with online services like Google Docs and Dropbox.

The Facebook app is also getting a bump to 2.0, which brings along support for Facebook Chat in Messaging, through the magic of Synergy. The new Facebook app also leverages the other new webOS tools, like Stacks, Quick Actions, and Exhibition.

And that's just the beginning - explore the world of webOS 2.0 updated features after the break.

The Web browser now supports more HTML5 features, including geolocation, so you can get your online mapping and location-based services action going with ease. Also added in is OpenSearch plug-in support, which will allow you to add your favorite website searches to Just Type search. Visiting an OpenSearch-enabled site (like PreCentral) gives you a notification that you can add this site’s search to Just Type. Easy as pie.

Messaging has picked up Yahoo! IM, leaving Windows Live as the final major chat platform not available to webOS users. The new VPN app allows for connections to all variety of VPN networks (including IPsec and Cisco AnyConnect). The App Catalog has been revamped to make “finding and discovering great apps even easier.” There’s also a new Software Manager to help you, well, manage your software.

As we saw earlier, the launcher has been redesigned to enable users to add, label, and reorder pages. Also changed is the behavior of the dock, with apps added to the dock staying in the launcher, and the dock disappearing when the launcher is brought up. The phone app has been revised to offer access to the above-discussed Favorites, as well as now offering reverse area code look-up. A new Accounts app provides a single location to manage all of your Synergy accounts (finally). Bluetooth support has been expanded to enable both Bluetooth keyboards and Bluetooth SPP peripherals, like barcode scanners and realty lock boxes.

Lastly, there’s been some behind-the-scenes developer support work built in to webOS 2.0. Namely, Node.JS JavaScript services are now an option, and PDK support has been expanded to support hybrid PDK (C/C++) and Mojo (HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS) apps.

And yes, we said HP. The mothership has made the branding official, this is now HP webOS.

An exact release schedule for webOS 2.0 has not yet been released, though we would hope expect it too be available for all webOS devices in the next few months, if not sooner. At the very least, you can get it on your SFR Pre 2 if you’re really hankerin’ for some 2.0 action.

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Very cool, can't wait to check everything out.

And my Pre Minus is supposed to be able to run all that?


Yes. webOS 2.0 provides back-end enhancements (javascript services, etc.), which should at least clear overhead for new features, if not make the whole thing run better. Even Flash was shown on a Pre Minus last year. A lot of this is just adjusting how things are presented and prioritized. For example, Favorite Contacts just changes the indexing, but makes searches seem faster because the contacts you care about come up fast and the ones you use less often come up a tad slower.

Why not?

Which of the features listed sounds like it would tax the Pre? An alpha version of flash was demoed in 2009 (see YouTube).
And even the old Pre(-) has underused capabilities regarding 3D acceleration in webos.

They finally let the cat out of the bag. Ah, what a quest towards this moment...

This hoping that webOS be available for older devices is scaring me.

But on the bright side, FLASH! (ah-ahhhhhh!)

Here's hoping that enhanced HTML 5 support will fix the "load more items" issue in Google Reader.

Also I'm a little disappointed that there is no word on a virtual keyboard. I was really hoping that'd be included in 2.0. I guess that's why Palm was upset with the leak, because then consumers might have expectations that wouldn't be met. =/

if you download preware to your phone following the steps given on this site you can get the virtual keyboard you desire i have it and it works great but if youre useing the pal pre plus youll also have to download the enable landscape in text mode before it will work.

What about access to camera, speakers and microphone? I still would like to get those Shazam and Shopsavvy apps.


This is outstanding! I hope it works on the Sprint Pre, since the Pre 2 has not been announced for Sprint yet. I really need voice dialing. Any idea when that is going to be added? Hopefully soon since it is a feature in a lot of dumb phones that a smart phone should have.

Honestly everyone, name one thing listed up there that you think your current Palm Pre couldnt do. The only thing I am curious about is the Flash Support. Flash in itself can be buggy and slow, but Personally I have a lot of faith in HPalm to give us a good experience.

So no onscreen keyboard?

Does it make my screen and keyboard bigger?

Finally, that whole adobe flash thread can stop annoying me with updates.

Well as I said months ago, my upgrade is due Nov 1st. it is obvious now Sprint webOS users are screwed with our current aging devices and well I hope to try out 2.0. However even if they released the Pre 2 on Sprint, it is still the same exact phone and has the same bulky and (16 month old) ugly design.
webOS and the Pre has treated me good, I am just terribly bored of it and it's tiny 3.1 inch screen.

Good luck with Verizon Palm, I am not going to switch just for a Pre Plus Plus.

I'd rather take an Evo or Epic 4G.

I'm with you buddy. Only thing holding me back is an ichy trigger finger. I can already upgrade, but I'm holding off because I don't have the $200 bucks to put down for a new phone.

plus, Verizon?! I pay $66 bucks right now on Sprint for unlimited everything. Bump that bill to $100 for what would be the equvalent of what I have now. I only have 450 minutes that NEVER get touched cause I have free mobile to mobile. I'm not getting jacked on Verizon. That's for damn sure.

if you want bulky, by all means evo or epic away. personally gonna wait for 2.0 update on my minus and see what hp has in store for 2011. cheers webos friend.

"Messaging has picked up Yahoo! IM" Thats already supported in the current version of webOS.

Yup, but sometimes it's really slow, as in, the person I message gets their notification hours later. So maybe they mean "working Yahoo! IM".

nope Yahoo! IM was not avail in EU releases of webOS

It's been on my Sprint Pre for forever...I feel like at least late last year...might have to go re-skim that Looking back at the Updates article from a few days ago...

I think the Pre 2 just got crammed out on Sprint. Sprint is currently releasing 3 mid-tier Android phones plus the Blackberry Style.

I doubt they want another mid-tier, non-4G phone right now. Perhaps they already have a deal for some actual new hardware from Palm early next year. Pretty please? ugh

bah was hoping for a little more I geuss but overall not bad. Though, quite disappointed there's still no Bluetooth or WiFi syncing built into the device.

bah was hoping for a little more I guess but overall not bad. Though, quite disappointed there's still no Bluetooth or WiFi syncing built into the device.

A pig in a new dress is still a pig.

Okay, might be a bit harsh. At least I didn't say how stupid it was that there was no bluetooth dialing like phones from 2005 have.

In almost 2011, who the hell would spend more than $50.00 for the phone with a contract? At least VZ, unlike Sprint, will realize it is pretty much a giveaway to get people under contract.

It is funny to watch the fanboys rationalize this as 'the man in the sky will grant us something really, really good if we just believe". The Invention of Lying and How A Sucker Is Born Every Minute merge. Maybe a little Soylent Green thrown in for texture.

You're right. This doesn't even come close to the 2.0 I've been dreaming about.

I know I'm not cancelling my Sprint contract for just the Pre2, perhaps a better device by this time next year when my contract is up will keep me with them. And I cannot wait for WebOS 2.0...yeah they are minor upgrades, but surely some things under the hood as well? (Fixing errors and such)

So... You still can't search for text in a webpage??? Sigh...

yes i wish i could do searches within a webpage. i have that wish everyday. i would also love to be able to do bluetooth transfers of files between pc and phone.

Not enough for a bump to 2.0. Sorry.

I found I believe maybee to be with the 2.0 upgrade or not, but on my sprint pre latly, when someone has pic post on face book I open it up and its been opening a new card that looks more like the computer page, then I scroll down to the bottom of the page and sure enough on the bottom right of the page is the friends on line chat box, I open it choose a online friend and start live chatting with them!! My girlfriend has a sprint pre too so I tried it with her and sometimes its slow but still works!, I discoverd it cus I was On my computer and my girlfriend was bitching about how she was trying to send her to a new card and wantedher to sighn in to facebook again, she sighned in and I was like that`s weird it1s claiming your on line, which it never does when on our phones, so I took her phone scrolled down and there it was.... the online friends chat box!!! CHeck it out, But only happens with people that posted new pics on face book and you try to view them and not al the time and it has to open new card!!! what is his and what fun it was live chating from my sprint pre!!???????????????

I've been chatting on facebook on my Pre for quite some time, you don't need to just view a pic or anything like that. You just can't do it from the facebook app or mobile site. you need to go online just not the mobile but the actual full internet site.

the post earlier, this is what was happening, if someone post new pics on home page you go to open them,and it opens a new card and ask you to sighn in,sighn in then scroll down to bottom where the online friend chat box would be on your computer page and its there, open then choose a online friend and bam your chating just like on your computer!

Everything nice but useless if they do not fix the problems first.
First of all they should manage to fix the clock of the pre which (1) drifts away if not synced via the ClockSync app, (2)stops as soon as you switch off the pre. This means the pre does not have an hardware clock at all (or at least it does not work) nor is able to get the time from an external source (by itself without apps) no matter which.

And still is missing a GPS navigator with offline maps: no one would like to pay the fees for browsing into the web if you are "abroad", right?

I just called Palm to ask about voice dialling. After a long wait on hold, I got the tech support guy to admit that they have no actual plans for that. Yes, they know their customers want it, and yes, the engineers are working on it. Is there a specific plan in place to introduce it? Well.....no........