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HP Kills Windows 7 Slate 92

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 30 Apr 2010 10:50 am EDT

Looks like HP's desire to make a webOS Tablet is deadly-serious. According to a source who has briefed TechCrunch, HP has killed the project and won't be releasing their Windows 7-based Slate.

It's important to note that any webOS-based tablet is likely going to be a long ways off - hardware takes much longer to develop than most people realize and given both Palm and HP's dedication to tightly integrating hardware and software, you can be sure that they're not just going to slap webOS in its current incarnation on a slate device just to get it out the door.

We're optimistic, though. We strongly suspect that Palm has always intended to get webOS on a tablet device - they just needed to make a beachhead in the smartphone space first. When they first unveiled webOS back in January, Palm insisted that this platform would be around for "ten years" and they knew how to grow it. Palm has made the same statement many times since then. For all we know, Palm already has a plan for exactly what they think webOS on a tablet should look like - they just lacked the resources to make good on that vision. With HP in the picture, that's not really a problem anymore.

Source: TechCrunch. Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



Time to really get moving on development of those webOS apps I've been putting off.

Wow....It is nice to hear news like this. WebOS is such a robust system. It is refreshing to see the OS being considered as a viable OS.

I know!
Think if the tablet had built in 4G... Like the mifi thing from Sprint.

Sign me up. As soon as these get announced, I'm going to pitch them to my company for our frequent travellers.

Tech crunch sure as heck didn't "get it"

WOW! This is huge! I expected a webOS tablet but didn't expect them to kill the Slate.

Remember people... this is a LONG way off.. we don't even have a document suite yet.. I'm not sure why they canned Windows7 tablet. Windows7, if scaled down really isn't that bad at all.

Battery life. It sounds like the Intel chips just take too much power to run, which means no Win7 on the Slate.

This doesn't neccessarily mean its a long way off. IF Palm had begun the process for a tablet, then HP could move that process along faster than Palm with HPs current manufacturing.

Thats what I was thinking. What if Palm already has a new phone and tablet in development. Hp may like the device more than their slate and that is the reason for canning the slate with windows 7. If that the case, it may be in production sooner than you think, if not already.

Exactly. Why would HP kill a high-visibility product like that unless Palm already had something far enough along? Given the popularity of the iPad, and the desire by companies like HP to not let Apple to have that market all to themselves... Well, let's just say that you don't kill a product like this, when you KNOW there is a market for them, unless you have a better option. WebOs Tablet = Better Option.

Call me a fan, I can't wait. Here is my $ 500.00, I want it now, right now.
And while you are at it , talk to Adobe about Flash.

this is great news and I do think that hp with the palm engineering behind it are going to come out with great products. Jon rubenstien is by the way the godfather of the ipod. With all the great products he produced for apple, I have a feeling that HP, Palm are going to be one of the top players in the mobile space.

A HS webOS slate is going to run into the same issue that the Pre had difficulty with. - Why would you buy one instead of an iPad? Because it runs webOS? Is that really enough to motivate the average tablet buyer, especially if they don't have to choose based on their carrier?

The question that HP has to answer is "What does the HP Slate do better for you than the iPad?"

The answer would be everything

uhm, all you have to do is have one commercial head to head showing REAL multitasking on the slate with unobtrusive notifications, allow some sort of access (usb, microsd) and people will see the light.

Real multitasking,notifications, open source/community. IMO these outweigh more apps on ipad as the homebrew community can accomplish more then apple's limitations allow.

Plus Microphone, music, and camera api's on the way.

There are lots of things it could do better.....

true multitasking

front facing camera

usb and hdmi ports

incorporation of the gesture area on a large device that could make navigation very interesting

it's no like Apple can be the only player in the tablet market. The sooner HP can deliver a WebOS tablet, the more the market will be interested. Unlike phones, there are very few options in the tablet world

Lets see... multi-task, perhaps run on networks other than ATT (4G?), be the missing link between desktop & mobile operating systems!

Use your HP/palm smart phone to connect to the internet.

Listing features isn't the same thing. The consumer wants to know what the device really will do for them. I don't think too many people buy a slate to multitask, perform gestures, receive notifications, serve as a USB receptacle or to bond with the dev community. This really needs to be answered otherwise the webOS slate will get the same tepid reception that the Pre did.

Well what do people buy tablets for? It's not like this is an old market. Yes the technology has been around but the market is just beginning. I think consumers like choices. Right now the only player with any gumption is Apple. Not everyone wants to go that route. Granted the execution of the tablet is the most important. You can't just slap WebOS on a large screen and release it to the public.

Palm was working with millions of dollars for development. Chump change for all other players. HP is working with billions. It's a much different market than smartphones right now. There is a lot of room out there and there was a lot of interest in the Slate. Apple got away with marketing the ipad as just a device filling a gap between a laptop and a phone. That's not exactly syaing what it could do for a consumer.

I don't think that is true. Because you have to ask yourself what does the iPad do for you???? Nothing special. Just ask apple all you need is good sexy marketing and people think they need the iPad/iPod/iPhone. Not to say that they are not good items, but seriously, the WebOS device can do more for you. Especially when the app start coming in. And guess what the "features" are what they do for you, what else is there. If I am a customer and I am looking for what a product does for me, I AM LOOKING AT THE FEATURES. DUH!

150,000k App Store and easy sync capabilites are the two main features Apple iphone and ipad have that Palm doesn't have right now.
Palm's app store is growing and if they can finish whatever it was that make converting iPhone apps to WebOS, that could change quickly. So could adding flash.
Now with HP we can add some massive marketing and alot more place to sell WebOS stuff at.


Have a commercial of someone playing with it. They check their email, click a link in it to go to the web, play a Flash video on the web, then flick the web and email apps up and switch to a video game and play it like the iPad (HD iPad apps ported over anyone?).

Then after a few seconds of gaming, have a notification pop up on the bottom, requesting a video chat, and switch out of the game (automatically pausing it) to switch to the video chat app (it better have one). Talk for a few seconds, then go back to the game.

Multitasking at its best, along with features the iPad likely won't see till v2 or 3...

Ever see the iPhone multitasking commercials like the one with the baby taking his first steps and the guy doing things on his smartphone while on hold? I'd say the multitasking message has been pretty effectively communicated - by Apple. Before a webOS tablet can hit the stores, iPhone OS 4 will be on the iPad and will be multitasking anyway.

I find it hard to believe that the HP webOS tablet will be stunningly feature rich given that the smartphone features of webOS are still being worked on for the Fall.

People who buy iPad's are going to buy iPads. Just look at the watered down machines flying off the shelves. People who want real production and a device that does more that surfs the web or lets you read a book are waiting for somthing better.

Those that weren't buying the iPad were waiting on the HP Slate (and/or Courier). Now that Slate (and Courier) are canned, they will turn to iPad. I heard from two random folks today that were waiting for the Slate that are now returning to the Apple store to look at the iPad (WiFi + 3G).

I was hoping for some good competition for Apple's iPad soon.

yes and we really have to thank each other, as well as the Palm execs for staying with Palm and Web OS, believing in its ability through thick and thin. I'm happy to be apart of a community like this really. Now the world will finally get to see evolution, and the future of operating systems.

they also need more apps to be made too. Once it has flash ipad will have some serious competition

Adobe Flash is beginning it's spiral. Too many sites have created (or are creating) HTML5 sites for video. First Apple, now Microsoft (IE9) have pledged HTML5. Flash will be relegated to low-rent Ads, cheesy games, gambling and pr0n.

Like Apple, I would love to see Flash work well on a mobile device. I have no idea how Flash on mobile will sense a "finger over" event (vs. a mouse over event). I guess Adobe could create new screen tech that senses when fingers are hovering over, but not touching, the screen. I don't know when they can get to that -- they can't meet their current promises.


With all these new devices coming, PreCentral should consider renaming to webOSCentral. Just like AndroidCentral isn't called DreamCentral.


I think while the Pre is still the face of Palm, it wouldn't make sense for the PreCentral name to go anywhere based on potential new devices. The tablet could very well be called "Pre Tablet", who knows? The next smartphone could be called "Pre" as well.

What I'm sure of, however, is that a site redesign is in order some time in the next year.


Could be because webOSCentral.com and webOSCentral.net are owned and parked (they aren't being used for content, so a purchase could probably be arranged). The .biz, .tv, .org, domains seem to be open.

Now can we have some UK specific apps please

also people I hear all this more apps more apps stuff mark my words, after the aquisition with HP settles down and production starts ramping up we will see applications by the thousands every month. HP has over 123.7billion free cash, has more developers already on board then Google, and Rimm and a low return a debt to credit ratio. What would've taken Palm years to develop apps will take in months by decemeber i expect alone over 10k applications. Also on that note I wounder what this really does to microsofts relationship, because as stated by anyalist that speak to some execs at microsoft they took this merger as a shot to them, and now canceling what was supposed to be microsofts attempt to battle the ipad, dosent look like the Gate will be happy at all.

The Slate was HP's shot against the iPad, was just running Windows 7 on it. Microsoft's Courier thing was their toy/experiment against the iPad. Though, the Courier was confirmed that it's only an experiment and not intended for any production later, Engadget had the story this morning.

I do agree about the apps, I really think we'll see some inflow of better apps. Especially since HP just floated a cool $5 Million their way for the Hot Apps program.

HP did what with $5M? Any proof of that?

I believe the Precentral tweet said "Dream:" before that pumping of 5 million into hot apps.. don't think that actually happened..

Ah, "Dream..." yeah, was still waking up when I read that. Fail.


For HP to kill slate so soon, I get a feeling that Palm is already working on a tablet device. May be I'm wrong but remember Ruby saying that their existing hardware roadmap is untouched. Lets hope we get to see something better than a slate.

hmmm, a linux based system on a slate.. How can that be good? Well for one, once the pdk is released many linux apps could easily be ported as well. Open office I'm sure, vlc media player, tons of stuff! For free! By making this move hp is making computing on this form factor very affordable. Think about it, licensing windows 7 would add what 100 bux to the price? The apple ipad is SO limited in what it can do because it's propeiratary or however you spell it. Webos, open!

as well as I have a ipad and yet it is clean, its missing so much that a web os tablet would def knock it out the park. Web OS advantage over all OS's currently battling Apple is that Web OS is clean and elegant like Apples OS, and now with development money they can harness things like cleaner and more efficent multitasking, more intergrating with notifications (non intrusive), Flash support, etc. Being the only Web based OS on the market too, now with full funding support sky is limit for Web OS. Scaling it onto tablets, onto multiple cell phone types easier and faster (think of every carrier having a slab, and landscape slider, and portrait slide, a treo form factor) be able to release these type of devices at a rate just as fast or faster then google is doing. Now put in perspective that Web OS is clearly a better OS then Android, and having more options then Apple, they will out joust Apples only model on two carriers. Pretty much do what google is doing, but with a better product, more options (phones,tablets, netbooks etc), and on more carriers world wide. I would also hope when HP/palm makes tablets that they fit in what the ipad was missing (3G support for all carriers as a option). Think about a HP/palm web os slade with wifi and a option for 3g/4g through the carrier of your choice be it (tmobile, sprint, verizon, or AT&T) do you know how much more profit they would be by doing so just my thought on it.

Don't forget, WebOS is now HP's baby, now. Any other OS would undermine the reason for acquiring Palm in the first place. Remember when Palm decided to stop production of all other OS's on their smartphones? To make it truly the great OS it has the potential to be, you have to go at it at FULL POWER!

Ahoy--Adobe, DataViz and other assorted slackers. The ship is leaving port and you sure as hell better get aboard. First ones in get the big chairs.

Skip DataViz and go for the cloud! Current team players should continue but those who have been dragging their feet, should be left behind, unless they are important to the future strategy. There are many good Office solutions other than DataViz.

Bingo on the cloud. HP is a big proponent on the cloud and if you think about it a lightweight client relying on the cloud will drive server sales (and remember that HP's definition of server now includes networking). And maybe those cloud services will be hosted by HP too. Sounds like a huge win-win-win for HP.

No no no. Any purely cloud based application is like installing a 60mph limiter on your Ferrari.

I should not have to have an internet connection to work.

Agree -- there are millions of us in just New York City alone who travel underground on the subway with no internet connection. Apps need to work offline as well whenever possible.

I will be one of the first in line to purchase, way cool.

Ahoy--Adobe, DataViz and other assorted slackers. The ship is leaving port and you sure as hell better get aboard. First ones in get the big chairs.

This is great news, except for your assumption that it is a LONG way off. Hopefully, Palm and HP have a plan to move this along quickly. Palm should have already learned a lesson about being late to market!

I would hope that HP/Palm could use some of the phone hardware to base the tablet on then enhance that to support a large screen, card slots, USB, etc.

Having been a former product manager in a major computer company (HP CEO, Mark Hurd's former company), I know this cannot be an overnight deal but I am also aware that a good company can pullout all stops to make this happen quicker than a normal development cycle. HP is a GOOD company and Palm will quickly become a much better one!

Thank god.

This may sound funny but I really think they are planning to push a WebOS table by Q4. HP said several times they had to be sure WebOS could scale (meaning they tested this) and I'm starting to think they care more about the mobile "tablet" market more then the smartphone side. I think they will allow Palm to focus entirely on the phones and HP will push the tablets to connect the experince.

I completely agree. WebOS scales fairly well by it's nature since most apps are web standards based. And HP's already obviously been working on slate hardware for the better part of a year, not to mention their prior experience with convertible tablets (I personally have an HP TC4200 running Windows 7 and it's quite resilient).

I don't think there's any real reason to assume that we won't see something by the holidays, by which point the iPad will begin looking dated and obsolete (development cycles are slowly drifting toward 6 month cycles as opposed to 12, just look at the Droid compared to the Evo now and what a massive difference there is in hardware). A shiny WebOS tablet running WebOS 1.5 with solid camera and mic APIs would be just what the doctor ordered...

Honestly I think they should've released that W7 tablet first to cash in some dough and use the same parts to make the WebOS edition since it seems that it was already made.

According to reviews, the Slate is underwhelming, yet has a lot of connectivity options, making it a nice alternative to current netbooks. Now, the price...

I think it was a good business decision to not release it. Remember this is a first product and the first product has to be the best. Otherwise, people will connect HP + table device = not good, and then ignore the next generation webOS version.

Honestly I think they should've released that W7 tablet first to cash in some dough and use the same parts to make the WebOS edition since it seems that it was already made.

According to reviews, the Slate is underwhelming, yet has a lot of connectivity options, making it a nice alternative to current netbooks. Now, the price...

Yes. But it ran as well as a sick dog with a broken leg. I guess Win7 is a hog on a tablet.

That "10 Years" statement is extremely confusing. Is it in the sense that Windows has been around for 30 years, in one form or another?

So in 2019, they're going to scrap everything and break compatibility with old apps? That would make sense, but the statement is altogether vague.

wow this is shocking news. all that talk about how important MS is to them. I hope this means there's a tablet on the way. I also hope this means more productivity apps that utilize the PDK.... its nice to know that palm will have the $ to really put webOS out there....

microsoft doesn't need hp to stay afloat, they got like what 98 percent of people and companies using their os? And windows 7 aint cheap neither

Palm already working on new phone and tablet...

Take the guts of the C40/pre 2
Add more ram and storage
Slip into the shell of the HP Slate

not much different from the ipad/iphone

Wow, I was thinking about getting an ipad, but this news makes me think a webOS tablet is definitely on the way. I'll be following this closely and holding off now on the ipad until the holiday season at least.

This is fantastic news. I had started work on an app for which webOS is ideal, but I decided a handheld size screen is too small. Now with a tablet in the offing, I want to be ready ASAP after it's available. Wow, many app opportunities I'm thinking of for webOS on a tablet. I'm in.

This is the kind of move I like seeing. It looks like HP is really going to throw their weight behind WebOS. Also, perhaps with HP's added resources in the mix, we might see quicker progression on the DataViz Suite. This is very exciting!

I'll be honest, I still find tablets to be second rate - the iPad didn't have any real redeeming features for me, and I seriously doubt that a WebOS tablet will really have that much of a draw for me either. I still prefer the power and flexibility of a laptop for my everyday needs. However, a WebOS tablet is far more likely to see my hard earned cash spent on it. Every geek needs his pointless toys.

Tablets are such a niche device, but HP making a webOS one should give webOS some good exposure!!!

Find someone with an IPAD and askthem to do what you can do on your PRE. Then pull out your PRE and show them how its done. Its a real eye opener! And shows power of WEBOS.

I think a merger with HP was on the cards already for tablets whem Web OS launched, these guys are mates and they talk all the time, Palm stock went through the roof and Palm was strong ! Then when Palm started taking strain (verizon,sprint) stock dropped and HP saw this as an oppertunity to get the upper hand on Palm which maybe they didn't have earlier on..... all being said Palm is in good hands with HP and I look forward to a long exciting run of products.

Viva la HPalm !

Am I the only one that is disappointed by this??

Don't get me wrong, a WebOS tablet would be AWESOME. But after watching all the videos of the Slate at work (especially the Adobe Air demos), I was really getting stoked for this. I don't think I want the same OS on my tablet as my phone, because with Windows 7 you can do SO MUCH MORE. With WebOS and the iPad, you're limited to the apps that are produced for it. With the Slate, I could've loaded up the mobile hot spot on my Pre and downloaded any program I needed and sync with my home computer over the internet to grab movies, music, file structures, word processing, Flash, etc.

I like the functionality of a PC, which is why I could never see myself owning an iPad. Its a giant iPod Touch. A WebOS tablet would be great for everything I already use my phone for, why do I need that in tablet form?

VERY, very disappointed in HP. The Slate was looking awesome, better than any other tablet PC out there in the form factor similar to the iPad and they squashed my hopes and dreams.

HP/Palm will really have to step it up with this new device in order to convince me to stick with them for a tablet device. Otherwise, I'm going to be looking in to who has the next best Windows tablet device.

Your comments are fair, but I think a WebOS tab will have to be beefier in the RAM and processor department which allows possibly for more installed open source software to run office and other such like apps.... having a big Pre is stupid (your itouch example).... they'll get it right !

Apparently Apple got it right.

"Its a giant iPod Touch"

If we knew the full R&D history of the iPod Touch and the iPad, we may find that the Touch was simply a small iPad. The iPod Touch could have been testing the waters for tablet acceptance.

"For all we know, Palm already has a plan for exactly what they think webOS on a tablet should look like - they just lacked the resources to make good on that vision. With HP in the picture, that's not really a problem anymore."

Wanna bet this is the main reason HP bought Palm? Methinks Palm has something explosively good up their sleeve, but had no money to manufacture it. Enter HP's scale. Sorry, iBad.

I somewhat agree and can see that happen. I certainly wish it is true. But on the other hand, a good idea takes a lot of work to make into reality. If Palm couldn't afford to finish the tablet on their own, that means they still had a lot of work, a lot I mean, to do. I remain hopeful, but I would be happy if we some news by end of year about HP/WebOS tablet and get the device early next year.

My gut tells me that between netbook and mobile OS based tablet, only one segment would survive.

Although this could be accomplished with an add on skin, or case, I think the default surface on the back and edges should be grippy. Ever watch someone use an iPad for more than 10 mins? They seem to find it very hard to hold. If you put it down it will slide off anything.

With a mildly grippy case you could hold it flat against the palm of one hand, and still be able to use your other hand for input. You could lean it against a backsplash, or some books, and it wouldn't slide down flat. You could put your feet up, put the tablet up by your knees, and it wouldn't slide down to your lap.

Big mistake. I would really have liked to seen a dual boot Win 7 / WebOS device. It would be the best of both worlds, allowing your tablet to fit desktop computing needs (and have Windows software) when needed, yet remain as fast and flexible as a phone for the majority of uses you would use a tablet for (i.e. consuming information and web services).

I'm of the thinking Palm already has a tab ready to go, and that's why HP killed theirs. If the deal is done by July, what's it really gonna take if Palm was already to start production?

My bets are on both the tab and 4G phone this year. Heck, it was only a couple weeks ago the specs leaked for the HP Slate and everyone went crazy for it. You know HP can see the excitement for it. So, for HP to have gone and killed something everyone was excited about...they for sure have a WebOS tab ready to go. ...and don't think for a moment that everyone (in the industry) is not pushing as hard and as fast as possible to release a product in the iPad category. I don't think HP would fore go entering the market now (just for WebOS) if it meant they would have to wait more than six more months to release.

I agree, entirely. I firmly believe that Palm already had design docs exactly for a tablet/folio type device, they just didn't have the resources to go after it at this particular time. Its simply too coincidental that as soon after HP bought Palm, they've killed their Slate device - just too coincidental.

The important thing, however, is, how will they market this device? They simply cannot just list a laundry list of features it has over the iPad, they have to show in a "real-world" environment, and how the features would make people lives better or more fun. Essentially, the features has to be "secondary" in the eyes of Joe consumer, and the possibilities of what the device's capabilities can do for them has to be front and center. All HP needs is to show is "one" unique software that utilize webOS's easy and unique multitasking to achieve something iPad or even, no other netbook/laptop cannot currently accomplish. What that is, well, that's the challenge?

We need a robust media player to sync to instead of Itunes that we can get our apps and music from. We need the Pre to fix the annoying fade out when we have to dial a number on the phone when on a call. We need to have a Top Rated Apps have a high rating of 10 or more ratings.

wednsday evening Engadget tan a story about a phone call they had with Ruby, and HPs svp for personal products ( Palms new boss!) they said that HP had already "extensively" tested webos with their tablet hardare to see if it was capable of meeting "scale" (that word again!). I think that HP already has a slate ready to go running webos, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it launched at the big computer show in June!

oooppss! Double post. Sorry folks!

NO NO NO NO I need windows version for work!!! WebOS or iPad just won't cut it... Damnit, already had money ready to drop the day the slate came out. At least make it dual boot or something. I need to run financial software and nothing robust enough exists for iPad or WebOS.

HP axed it because of battery life, I'm almost 100% certain on this. They were saying 5 hours of battery life. Most devices ALWAYS pad these numbers by having WIFI off, brightness to the lowest possible, and letting it sit on a table top.
I'd bet a paycheck that you wouldn't be getting 5 hours on that device. More likely 4 to 4.5 hours max. Windows 7 is not a good choice for a slate unless the OS is highly modified and remove 90% of the features in the OS. Which MS won't do because of needing modify the OS to such a high degree.

hey I think that a web OS slate is great. It has to have all the attributes of what has been discussed but
1.)battery life is one key; can this device get 10 hours? I think it is a must. Then that means it probably has to run on an ARM based system. Battery life can make or break this device.
2.)quality hardware is another issue which Hp will hopefully address. the Pre was not made well at all.
3.)a rich application environment. Can HP work with developers fast to create the needed apps for the consumers who would have bought an Ipad as well as for those who wish to get real work done on this kind of device?
4.) How fast can HP get this to market? we want this now. In 6 months Ipad will be in it's second version and incorporate much of what features we are discussing.

Rev 2 of the iFad won't be out until January or until sales slow. Apple doesn't put out new hardware until sales start slowing.
Gotta agree on the battery and I think its the core reason why the Windows 7 device got axed: 5 hours max is insane. The fact that HP axed it is a testament to them wanting more then 5 hours of battery life.

Mmmm I think the comment in the article about the device being far off may be a bit off base. Suposedly HP was dual developing two slates. The Windows 7 one and an Android one as well


This was back in January as CES. Now hardware that can run Android should be a snap to run WebOS. Yes there will be some tweaking, but this should all be doable by this fall depending on how much money HP is willing to sink into fast tracking this project. Considering how hard HP has been pushing the slate up til now this is a major decision to can it and you can bet your paycheck that HP is fast tracking this. Because every month that goes by that is another month where the iFad has the market to itself.

A couple of years ago I was working in marketing for Palm, back during the Foleo event. When Palm scfappedthe Foleo, they said it wasn't a complete wipe of the concept. The heads decided that they were already developing for PalmOS, WinMo, *and* working on the upcoming mobile operating system (webOS), so introducing a fourth OS into the development pool was a waste of resources, another decade of support to a system the new OS would render obsolete almost immediately. They also went on to tell us that the new OS would be scalable and that it made more semse to wait for it to launch and have both Foleo and the smartphone partnered with it speak the same language, especially since they had problems with PalmOS and Foleo communicating properly. So, yes, I fully agree with the writer that Palm had plans to put webOS on alarger device, if not specifically a tablet. I heard it from Ed Colligan's own mouth.