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HP laptop + TouchPad bundle extended to Wal-Mart, makes us wonder about that whole "out of stock" thing 69

by Derek Kessler Sat, 05 Nov 2011 9:59 am EDT

Last week ended with a new promotion from Best Buy, allowing you to get a $149 32GB HP TouchPad with the purchase of any HP computing system, followed shortly thereafter with the news that HP was out of the final-run TouchPads despite having never directly sold any of that last batch. The natural assumption would have been to assume that we’re not likely to see many more TouchPads become available after that.

Wrong. TigerDirect got a limited stockpile, as did the webOS Developer Program (meh on the first, happy about the second). Today we’re finding out about a new promotion from Wal-Mart that seems pretty similar to what Best Buy is doing: Buy one of eleven HP laptops and get a 32GB TouchPad for $149.99 more! Unsurprisngly, similar deals are also available at Sam's Club (owned by Wal-Mart).

We can see the light bulbs of anger and disappointment going off over your heads too. We would have called Best Buy a fluke – they love bundles in the big blue box. But the fact that practically the same thing is happening now at Wal-Mart raises red flags. Specifically, the “Wait just a gosh darn minute” red flag. Last week we were told that HP was out of stock of TouchPads, despite having never managed to sell any of the fire sale tablets through normal channels. If you want a TouchPad now you have to buy an HP computer. Our favorite also-ran tablet is being used as a tool to push crappy low-end HP laptops. We can hear the plan from the HP boardroom: “No need to make it available to customers, we’ve already taken the loss on our books, let’s use them as ‘value add-ons’ *snicker* to sell more laptops!” “Brilliant!”

What a dignified way to go.

Source: Wal-Mart, Sam's Club; Thanks to elk68 for the tip!


No Wonder - Just damage control - HP Shot it's self in the foot in terms of it's Computer business.

Who's going to buy a product when the Manufacturer is going out of business.

Dell was smiling all the way to the bank with the proposed shut down of the PSG.

Now with HP's reversal, HP needs to do something to get back the business it sent away.

So they give away what they don't want anyway.

Again, less then encouraging for us webOS fans.

Dead on. PCs are a commodity business. Company A makes a product. Company B makes the same old product, but lack credibility. Advantage Company B.

Never another penny HP. Who's down for an Occupy Silicone Valley rally?

HP never said anything about shutting down the PC business.

Tell that to all the customers FLEEING from HP, or to Dell and the other guys that are snatching up their customers left and right.

shares numbers show HP gained.

Shhhh....we don't like pesky facts around here.

I, for one, would be happy to occupy a Silcone Valley.

*sees himself out... again*

lol.... smooth

This is just weird. I have a TouchPad or two, I certainly don't need a laptop. But I couldn't see myself buying a laptop AND tablet - I'd get one or the other. Knowing what I know now, I'd go for the tablet.

I don't see the logic here - obviously logic is a foreign concept to HP.

Tablets and computers are used for different things. Yes you CAN do the same basic things on both but they are optimized for different things. Computers are generally used for productivity while tablets are media consumption devices. I like to have both. But that's just me.

I completely agree. I think this bundle would work better with desktops... Then you've got two unique use cases.

Also, I don't get why pc is having a go at HP here, this is exactly what HP should have been doing at the start.

Yes.... if an HP Laptop series had the Touchpad package option near the beginning, I think the combo could've been popular.

Add an enhanced synergy package, a webOS update (found after a soft launch - 30 to 60 days), an amazing price point (now $99/$149), and I think it might've surprised some webOS fans. The more people try out webOS, the more they'll convert. With enough "familiarity" and fondness for webOS, the greater chance a phone part returns.

Even a Touchpad Laptop package at $199/$249 would've garnered some good attention. Just in time for Christmas.

In this latest endeavour, HP could be testing the waters. The Walmart price with Laptop & Touchpad - plus some perfect accessories (leather case, Touchpad case, and touchstone charger) is a pretty decent price. If Christmas sales are strong, who knows where HP goes with this. I like the combination, and since Tablets are cutting into Laptop sales, this combo could be a perfect fit.

In regards to webOS - and the phone component - I think it will see its' lifeline through tablets. With HP keeping its' hardware division, they will eventually realize that the future is through tablets. They've said as much - but then again they said lots of things. As for the Windows HP tablet pushing webOS away, I can't see why 2 OS's can't survive under the HP banner. Other makers have Windows & Android. With HP being the biggest hardware maker, they should be able to handle both - now that Leo is gone.

Hopefully in time - with more developers - HP could get back some of its' investment in webOS, by licensing it for the smartphone market.

It's a way to try and get a tablet with a great, different OS into the hands of consumers.

I don't understand the reaction and overall tone of this post: shouldn't we be happy that HP has seemingly found an outlet for webOS hardware while they recoup from Apotheker's **** ups?

This isn't HP extorting their die hard webOS customers; they already have their webOS hardware...

Well, they had their signup, they were going to tell you when you could get on the Firesale Express as being a loyal WebOS supporter.

Sounded good. Like Flash on your one year old Pre. Stacks on your 1.5 year old Pre. Touch to Share. Thousands of WebOS apps from all those HP engineers. Commercial apps that HP was going to make and sell/give to the commercial entities that couldn't/wouldn't make them on their own. PDK that would make thousands of apps faster than water could boil. Exciting hardware options. Enterprise focused and capable products. Coming soon. This is a marathon. Make things right. When this releases, this will be right. Products in weeks, not months. HP scale. HP Invent. WebOS printers. WebOS Laptops. Our price was too high (now its back to 600?).

So, they took names, they took addresses. Then, they sold your units to employees. Then they sent your units Best Buy. Then they sent them everywhere else except to loyal WebOS. All these other places have firesale prices as long as you send them a month of rent as well.

To be fair, HP doesn't always lie to WebOS users. There are only two times that they are lying. When the sun is out and when it is dark.

You summed it up perfectly...I don't fault HP for doing what they feel is in the best interest of their business, but they need to be straight with their customers about it

WOW! You summed it up perfectly PreDogs. What a retrospective.

I think you forgot:
How do you know if HP's lying?
Their lips are moving..
(Not sure why it's HP tho, multiple of the things you mentioned are palm-era!)

Multiple, I'm seeing two, so you are correct.

PDK was Palm and somewhat of a bust early on.

However, Flash, while a Palm promise, was affirmed by HP multiple times for "no cash".

And...in the end, when you guy a company, you own the history, good or bad.

Great post! I was on "the list", and monitored the site and comments daily...only to be screwed over in the end. Very well written.

I completely agree, it is not Fair for loyal WebOS users, TP must be must be available in the common channels.

On the bright side you can get a TouchPad and a laptop for around $600. My wife easily got the TouchPad yesterday so I will deal with the bundle. At least this way not so many TouchPad will be bought just to be sold on ebay.

they should have prioritized long-standing webOS users rather than just trying to pad their PC business. I feel obligated to buy a HP printer so i can get ePrint to use w/ my Touchpad, but will NEVER buy ink or any other item from them ever after that!
Cartridge world, i love thee!

HP long abandoned long-standing webOS users in their misguided lust for enterprise users. Worked out well for them.

Gotta think marketing.


Maybe if HP hired Monster Trucks to handle there advertising, they could sell superior products for a profit.

Just a thought.

Just a quick comment about the "crappy" low-end laptops that HP sells, I have a Pavilion g4 and love it. I had to format it and reinstall a fresh install of Windows 7.. But since then.. Haven't had one problem. Thanks!

I had a firesale Tablet on order through CostCentral and just had my order cancelled. The Wizards of Smart at HP promised them a shipment to them and then renigged.

I think I'll go buy a POS laptop so I can get a Tablet. Sigh.

It's 'reneg' as in re-negociated. Moron.

It's renegotiated. I guess it does take one to know one.

Actually it's renege. And the word has no relation to renegotiated.
To renege is to go back on your word, which is quite different from renegotiate.

Not sure why you needed to call someone a moron for a typo.

You could always try selling the laptop. If you can get 400+ for it, then good deal.

At last we see the vaunted HP marketing muscle at work. Too bad it's a day late and a dollar short for webos. Not to mention the fact that they left all those loyalists who signed up for a firesale TP out in the cold.

Totally Agree, I am hoping they do a 180 and start making improvised Touchpads.

And yet another reason I am forever done with HP. I've had great luck with my Canon printers, my Toshiba laptop, my HTC phone. I don't need HP anymore.

I am so embarrassed by HP and their treatment of loyal customers. I had to purchase my touchpad from Ebay. I am glad I have a Pre 2 so it does not have the HP name. I changed all my email signatures so they have the Palm name. I wish I could get rid of the HP name at log in. Let's face it we have loyalty to Palm, not HP.

You can get rid of the hp name at log in

Isn't this bundling like everyone wanted? They are bundling the TP with HP's most popular devices.


The headline reeks of Entitlement, like anyone who signed up for the notification (including me) had to be given 1St priority to get a TP at firesale prices, no strings attached.


IF you got a TP (or two) like I did at firewall prices, no strings attached, consider yourself LUCKLY.

If you didn't, you still have the choice of getting one with a "bundle" at slightly higher, but still very good, pricing.

yes, it is very interesting that these are bundles with not just any laptop or computer, but specifically HP laptops or computers. If it was just the retailer doing the bundling trying to increase profits they'd say "$149 TouchPad with ANY laptop or desktop over **** .

If it was just one retailer, I might have just said 'well, that's just how they decided to market their bundle'. But to see this showing up at Walmart too, with the same basic rules, tells me this is being done at HP's direction.

Curse you HP!

how funny... the characters the forum software replaced with **** were "$", "x", "x", and "x" meaning a price with 3 digits in it. I wonder why that was auto-replaced? 3 x's in a row? a dollar sign followed by other than numbers? weird.

I don't get why anybody thinks they/we are entitled to get anything more at the original firesale price.

That was stupidly cheap.

They could have easily sold all those TP and Pre3 at 50-100% more and sold out in a few days instead a few hours.

I know this for a fact because all those devices do sell at such prices on ebay. And people pay less on ebay than they would diretly from HP or retailer - because there is more risk and less service guarantee on ebay.

If HP wised up and look for ways to waste less money - good for them. They had more than enough crazy stupid for this year.

The basic rules are very simple - they can sell any way and at any price they want. We then can decide whether we want it at that price - or not.

I would agree though that their marketing contains a lot of fail. That began when they decided to not upgrade old devices to 2.x - but had no marketing play ready when they announced it ("yes, we originally said we would upgrade - but old hardware can't run the cool new stuff - to compensate here is our super-cool trade-up offer - details follow ..."). Saying we'll make things right somehow at some later date was failsauce.
And they repeated this kind of silliness again
and again. Being unclear about their firesale updates also make then look confused and without solid plans.

Looking forward to the crazy theater in 2012 when they try to convince customers that their new HP tablets with the unproven and risky W8 (doesn't look like any windows you ever used and doesn't run any of your old software either).

HP slogan 2012: "We won't cancel our new tablet line shortly after release - promised".

I'll get my popcorn ready.

HP's scale and reach is all that is needed to make W8 a huge success!

Oh wait...


I can see the final slap in the face to all customers.

Meg Whitman "Execute order 66"

New firmware gets released...Overclocking and bricking every WebOS Device...(except the original Pre and Pixi who of course never get upgrades)

I had great dreams when I signed onto this site with my new Pre I stood in line to get....a short line, to be sure, but greatness isn't always recognized when it shows it's head....I knew this operating system would change everything...and it has, though not nearly the way we thought....never thought I would wind up pulling for windows phone but joining the ranks of android for fear of being let down again...we know these are only cellphones and tablets, but somehow they become expressions of identity...now that HP has brought me back to earth, I look forward to buying more merchandise from them, as long as its from ebay, amazon, or if I am truly fortunate, going out of business firesales....

When HP is going to learn how to make "The right thing"?, at least for the loyal costumer. Im a 21 year Apple user in love with WebOS. I saw HP as a wise buisness contender to Apple, I guess not. Too many errors in a row.

Are they goin to do the same with the "short run of Pre 3?", time will say.

You hit on the head Derek and what an ugly head it is. HP are a bunch of FRAKS!! Out of inventory....

But they sort of kept their promise. They did say the next batch would still be sold at fire sale prices and the 32 GB are still being sold at $149.99. They kept they word but just added the PC requirement. BASTICH FRAKS they are!!

Are this guys at HP used to work on music running a Record company?

WebOS to Windows 8? Nice change to success, Microsoft ZUNE, Tablet, Windows Mobile, next flop TouchPads W8.

make it a white 64GB with 4g and I'd buy the craptop,opps,*laptop.

It's a magical company! There's no other way to explain it.
This is your last, last last, last, last, last chance, (again), to buy one.

As long as HP is satisfied with a way to monetize webOS, who cares if the hardware is relegated to value add-ons?

The only people pissed about this are those who wanted their fourth or fifth TouchPad to scalp.

(PS: Picked up my Best Buy HP Laptop + TouchPad the first day of availability. Couldn't be happier.)

I'm pretty pissed and I have no touchpad...because Ive been unlucky since day one and HP refused promised stock to costcentral. So now I'm apparently forced to buy a **** laptop

No you are not forced to anything.

You have 3 other alternatives:
1) Buy a TP on EBay (costs more - but still cheap - my GF did and is very satisfied with it)
2) Find somebody who wanted to buy the laptop but is not interested in the tablet - split the bundle.
3) Don't get a TP.

Option 3 is not an option

I could see how that would be frustrating, but blame dirt bag scalpers, not HP (granted they could have implemented a purchase limit).

I purchased a sealed 32GB TouchPad for $230 off of Capitalist and it was totally worth it (ended up selling it for $190 and my laptop a few weeks later-- so the value add-on deal seemed like the waters parting).

I think that 80 - 100 over firesale price is still a good deal.

Another good illustration of the right hand did not know the left hand got chopped off.

First step for HP should be to work on their communication skills.

They need to simply come clean and management needs to stop spinning because they're just digging a bigger hole in shafting everyone but themselves.

Actually they shafted themselves pretty good too. Have you seen their stock price lately?

Or they're just testing the market for webOS.....

So where is the link to walmart page?

I found this but when I click add to cart the price doesn't stay the same, even when I go to check out?

I found the link after I logged into my precentral account. But still having the same issue of the price not readjusting. And to make things more complicated, the sale item says it wont be available till Nov 18???


- Pick up starting Fri., Nov 18



Select HP Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium & Add on A HP Touchpad Tablet for $149 Bundle

* HP Black 15.6" Pavilion dv6-6119wm Laptop PC with AMD Quad-Core A6-3400M Accelerated Processor and Windows 7 Home Premium
* HP TouchPad Wifi 32GB



I feel for you folks that signed up and waited patiently only to get f'd. But HP has gotta do what they gotta do even if it pisses off a few people....ok, a lot of people :-)

HP liers!!! We are done with it , no more lies to WebOS loyalist, you have not respect to costumers.

The worst thing about the whole lying a** thing was following the Bryna wacko on twitter...

worked out great for me. Bought a 399$ tower pc for my daughter and the 149$ touchpad for my gf . Christmas shopping Is done !

if they are getting more i wonder what would prevent me from going in and asking for an exchange.
im really am quite sick of sending it in for repairs only to have it come back with different problems.

I don't see that HP is lying. Meg said they wanted to find the best way to extract value from webOS. I have a sinking feeling that once Best Buy, Wally World, and the various other retailers have sold out of the last TouchPads, HP will announce that they have extracted all of the value they can, and are pulling the plug on webOS' life support. I hope I'm wrong, but with HP's recent decisions, I'm not holding my breath.

I had a feeling something like this was going on. They basically decided to bypass direct to consumer sales and try to sell some computers. I don't really blame them but they have done such a half a***d job from start to finish. I've lost the urge for one so I'm happy about that.

I AM A CONSUMER DAMMET! I cant believe that after everything HP has done to us the WebOS community there is stil people who pitty them I am just not buying another HP product again unless they make up for it its that simple

Welcome to the world of capitalism - or do you think America is run by hippies for the greater good? HP are a business and will do what they need to do to recoup their costs.

Seems like a pretty logical move - why give them away at a firesale price when you can get the same price by using them as an enticement to buy something else.

If it doesn't work they can always just do another firesale. So what's to lose?

Btw I hate HP the same as all here, so just sayin.