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HP looking to hire an Enyo engineering summer intern 5

by arthurthornton Wed, 25 Apr 2012 8:27 am EDT

HP looking to hire an Enyo engineering intern

HP posted a job listing on LinkedIn earlier this month for an Enyo team engineering intern, asking for a university student who has finished their third year and is close to graduation. In the job listing they mention their plans to release Ares 2 during the Spring, which we know is scheduled to be released by the end of this month along with Enyo 2.1.

The role requires "experience and interest" with common web technologies we know to be near and dear to the Enyo framework; technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. HP is also looking for the applicant to have experience with the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and/or webOS SDKs and they prefer the applicant to have deployed at least one application to one of the mobile app stores.

If you enjoy developing with Enyo and want to jump a bit more into the code and perhaps get some experience working with a fast-paced development team while also padding your resume with some pretty major open source contributions, this could very well be a job for you during your semester off of school. This would likely involve working out of HP's San Francisco office where the Enyo team is based, although the listing does specify Sunnyvale as the job location. Could a member of the webOS Nation community snag this internship? Why not - there are a lot of talented developers in webOS land, some young enough that they've got that summer break available. If you're thinking of applying, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

We're happy to see HP hiring more people for the Enyo team, even if it is just a short-term intern role. Whoever is brought on, we're looking forward to their contributions to Enyo - HP needs everything they can add to compete with the other frameworks in the mobile arena.

Update: Look, we've spotted more intern positions! How feels like being a UX Design Intern or Product Management Intern?



Do they mean 'hire' in the true sense of the word in that they will pay you or do they want actually want free labour? The advert doesn't make it clear.

The nice thing about engineering, most (can't really say "all", but it's pretty dang close) engineering internships are paid, and usually pay pretty well.

[generic comment about the worth of certain college educations]

Yep, internships within the webOS unit are pretty nice. I interned with the developer relations team last summer (and my last day was 13 days before HP announced the hardware cancellation) and can say that at the very least their old internship program was really well thought out and put together.

They paid for intern housing and did everything they could think of to ensure the interns were comfortable in the area. The pay was also very nice.

as an intern the experience & having HP on your resume would be worth a lot

Yes and one of the homebrew devs is meant to be doing a paid internship with HP. HP you know where to look for internships....