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HP looking to hire more webOS team members 16

by arthurthornton Tue, 08 May 2012 5:55 pm EDT

HP looking to hire more webOS team members

HP is looking for several new webOS team members ranging from software engineers to visual designers to user experience experts according to job listings on HP's Taleo job site. While we are hesitant to take this as signs of things drastically changing for the better on the inside we can't help but feel good knowing that HP is looking to hire some people into the organization after all of the drastic staff cuts in recent months. The job openings come after a hiring freeze was put in place in August immediately following the decision to stop the manufacturing of webOS hardware.

HP has exactly twelve job postings live at this time. Four of them are internships, one for the Enyo team, one product management internship, and two user experience design internships. There are also eight other job openings that include two senior interaction designers, two senior visual designers, one network engineer, one senior product manager, one in quality assurance, and one senior cloud services architecture role. A couple of these openings appear to be for the Enyo team, specifically the interaction designers, as they are based out of the San Francisco office where the fine Enyo folks work.

We hope the listings continue to expand, especially given the vast number of employees who were laid off. The more employees they have on the team the faster they should be able to get Open webOS out, and the better it should be when it becomes available in September. We do know one of those listings will be coming down fairly soon given that the Enyo team has already hired one of the smartest minds in webOS homebrew, Jason Robitaille, as an intern, unless the Enyo team is actually hiring multiple interns which could certainly help the framework grow to be even bigger and better.

Source: HP; via Enda McGrath (twitter)



Really because they just fired all of them

Amazing, that those STUPID PEOPLE FROM HP came to the realization that much more teams are needed for WebOS. I'm been saying that for centuries, that only 250 people at WebOS teams were not enough to handle all of the open-sourcing of this OS. It was very stupid of HP to fire a bunch of people from WebOS, while other companies(competitors) continues to hire people more people to work for them to improve their Mobile operating systems.

Let's hope like Thornton mentioned, that HP continues to open more positions for the WebOS team to hire more employees. That way, not only we could see a faster release of the open-source project of WebOS but also see a possible upgrade of WebOS 4.0

Sounds like good news so I'll take it!

GRREEEEAAAT NEWS! It's so nice coming to this site and hear *HIRING* and not, "mr blah is moving on

same thought

Good things.

Hopefully this is a signal.

It's a Bat Signal. They need help something fierce.

Either this is a glimpse of things to come (webOS back in the game), or HP just following through with their PR (that openwebOS will be here).

Then when that's out, they can just fire them all again.

would hope for signs of extended useful life for my pre3 & touchpad as well as some updates needed for fixes awaited anxiously...

Great news. Can't wait for the Pre3 on Sprint.

LOL. This comment brings me back

yeah, just you wait for that queue of best men in the industry to form in front of HP's door!

The only ones they will be able to hire, will be developers who are currently on foodstamps (if they are lucky, that is)

How does one apply for these positions?

Check the source link where it says "Source: HP"

WebOS related jobs can be found and applied for here