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HP looking into TouchPads supposedly shipped with Android, has no explanation for how it happened 48

by Derek Kessler Fri, 07 Oct 2011 7:06 pm EDT

You might recall several weeks back when at least one HP TouchPad was shipped to a customer running a Qualcomm-derived build of Android instead of the expected webOS 3.0. HP’s remained mum on the matter, and we’ve been more than a little confused by it. Responding to a request for the Android source code to be released (a reasonable request, given the open source nature of Android (at its core)), HP admitted that they don’t know how that happened, and are looking into it:

As for the Touchpad units that have been allegedly purchased with a version of Android on them, we have begun an internal investigation on this within HP.  We have confirmed that HP never authorized the distribution of any version of Android on the HP Touchpad.  In addition, from a review of our manufacturing process, we believe that all Touchpad units have been shipped out of manufacturing with the webOS operating system only, and that no Touchpad units were shipped with Android, even by mistake.  Hence, we presently believe that some person or persons unknown may have facilitated the delivery of these Android-based units strictly against the policy and authorization of HP.

So if the TouchPad didn’t come from the factory with Android on it, what happened? Our guess is that HP was likely testing Android on the TouchPad internally (where else would a TouchPad-enabled Android build have come from?) and a device loaded with Android was somehow returned to the customer-destined inventory. The question we have to ask then is what was HP doing with Android on a TouchPad in the first place?

Source: cmtouchpad; Via: Engadget


My guess is that they were testing the hardware against official Android tablets.

Probably would have sold better with Android on it.


double dumb **** ..

Yet true

Yea, because Android tablets are flying off shelves, right?

That was my first thought, too. About 10 of my colleagues at work have Tablets. 5 are happy with their iPads, I'm among the 4 quite happy Touchpad Owners, and there's only 1 guy with a motorola xoom and he's trying to sell it.

and i bet you all got it at the 99$ price point. If it was android with those specs and 250$ it would prob sell better with those specs with webos @ 250$ it is sad but true...

People can hate and all but it doesnt make it less true. The 200$ android tablet from amazon will sell better.

Android tablets make up around 10-20 percent of the tablet market selling at 80-100 percent of MSRP.

The Touchpad makes up around FOUR percent of the tablet market only because it sold at TWENTY PERCENT of MSRP. Prior to that, Best Buy had over 200,000 sitting in boxes gathering dust that NO ONE wanted.

You tell me which product is "flying off shelves" in any sort of legitimate manner.

Every major Android tablet manufacturer is still in the tablet business. HP is not, and RIM isn't far behind.

"RIM is not far behind" ---> Looking forward to the cheap Playbook (Playdroid) then. I always really wanted a 7" tablet.


I don't think it's too much of a stretch to believe that the people in China building touchpad also build android devices. It also wouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe that the manufacturer used android to test deployment of the hardware.
now how they got in the production line? Humor?

Personally I think it's bullshit. No tablets came off the assembly line with Android installed.

i think it's definitely possible. i've seen production lines pump out 100,000 red dwarves a day, and once a month there's always this damn green dwarf that pops up. nobody knows where or how, we just come to accept it as fact =|

I agree - LIARS!!!

Even the hardware is jumping ship.


Thats what happens when you piss off all your engineers...i bet this is how they got back at em

Qualcomm is responsible for that Android build on the TP. They admitted it when sent a request for the kernel source to be released (as they are legally responsibly to do if they distributed it) They said HP had been the ones who distributed it, so it's not up to them to release the source.

Its BS all they did was buy a crappy android clone off the 1000 direct from china sites and stick it in the HP box. China sells clones of any other device why not the touchpad?

i saw a show on chinese electronic clones. And they literally took the real devices apart and saw the parts then bought the exact same parts from whomever and then just put them together. In some cases they were so good that the clone was indistinguishable from the original. It was crazy. It wasn't some cheap knockoff. Like they had iphones that were 100% perfectly working and accurate. Just not actually made at an apple related plant.

If thats the case then bill of materials would be similar, thus eroding the cost and ultimate price advantages. Or maybe they just settle for way lower margins?

Jobs is rolling over right now.

isn't it hard to put android on a touchpad? From the threads in the forums i didn't get the impression that it was some simple task. and does it even work on the touchpads they are installed on?

Don't forget that HP has a Photosmart printer whit a 7" removable tablet running android 2.2 :-P

According to Cypress, the touchscreen manufacturer, HP was using Android to load WebOS.

"The Cypress rep indicates that ALL touchpads were initially loaded with Android prior to being imaged with webOS."


I just want a real working port of Android on mine NOW

So why do you keep your device?

If you were lucky to get the refund or grab one from Firesale, just drop it in the bay and probably end with your money doubled.

So maybe one of us who really wants a webOS device gets the chance to buy one and you take the money and buy one of those Android devices.

The WebOS faithful holier than thou act is tired. Trying to blame people who want Android on their Touchpad aren't the devil.

"Trying to blame people who want Android on their Touchpad aren't the devil."

That doesn't make any sense, but I know what you mean. metaphor_set has a point, though. One can double their ROI buy selling their TouchPad on Ebay and that money can be put towards a decent tablet built specifically for the Android platform.

I remember reading a while back that HP ported WebOS to the iPad and it ran twice as fast on the Apple hardware. It wouldn't surprise me if they were testing Android as well.

I'm more inclined to believe this was some kind of prank, though.

Yeah I think it was a prank. I don't think that HP could build enough bottlenecks in the system to make webos run 50% slower on hardware clocked 20% faster (read TouchPad). The ipad2 has apple A5 dual core is based on the ARM Cortex A9, while the Touchpad Snapdragon dual core is based on the ARM Cortex A15.

I don't think that statement was true, now if they claimed an app based on the Enyo framework worked twice as fast on an iPad 2 I could believe that. I think webos-internals also had some benchmarks of the TouchPad browser vs Chromium-in-Ubuntu-on-TouchPad and that was faster so obviously webOS' webkit + V8 aren't performance kings.

A lot could have been gained from the webOS engineers profiling and improving webkit performance (I believe Dion or Ben, formerly of the DevRel team, had suggested this too). Unfortunately I think the webOS teams have always been stretched too thin and in too many directions at once.

I just want a damn touch pad. Dont make me buy a damn iPad. Its crazy none of these other tabs have realized what HP and now amazon have. Price point....

Got to love that Hp quality control. This is why I've never seen a TouchPad on display that actually finished the boot sequence. But, it didn't stop me from ordering one during the fire sale. Got me 2wk ship letter. Woot!

Why does HP care about such a small issue or are they just doing it for the sake of lip service. This gaffe occurred before but roughly in the same time period they sued themselves in the Touchpad refund fiasco. At this point HP doesn't know whether it's coming or going. They haven't made up their minds about the p.c division let alone webOS. They just churn out sincere press reports that conflict each other, Apple on the other hand is always right ,never wrong and always superior even though they are not. I love my Touchpad and webOS. It beats the hardware and software of my iPad 2 ,which is under -spec'ed and simplistic in comparison . If Apple had the "Android bug",they would say it never happened and wait for it to go away.Remember iTunes infogate scandal of last spring ? All those who are lining up for the iPhone 4S have. Why is HP shooting themselves in the foot over Android Touchpad, when they have more important things to deal with.

That should be our logo here at PC.
Meaning that Meg = the HP Corperate mind and ME = the minds of the people who love WebOS. And with us in WebOs would drive on as the strongest OS ever! Giving the customers what they want.


HP is clueless about an issue? Insert joke here.

you know everyday i come on precentral hoping for hp to drop a rumor saying there goin to bring back hardware for webos for next year that are faster slimmer and more reliable than the competion. i didnt think to see this

The pity is that they can, if they don't fire them first. Does it really take a megalomaniac to drop a gadget (incidentally whose idea was stolen from Archos)in a fishtank, to get something done ? I read a smug and cloying essay about Apple and auteur theory vs the committee approach-Android, last spring .l think it was written by David Pogue. HP would be fine if they left their engineers and designers alone and let them work. HP has the resources to do incredible things. Bill Hewlett was an early mentor to Steve Jobs before he met Steve Wozniak

what are those three squares on the screen? I also see them on the cyanogen videos.

In android each square represents a page. So it's on the middle page.

That's the plastic screen cover that comes on the touchpad labeling the button that takes you home-back to your cards. The rectangles represent cards.

Those 3 squares are on the protective screen cover that comes on the touchpad. I think they just mean that when you press the center button, it switches to card view (showing 3 cards on the desktop).

But is it fully functional?

I just hope WebOS becomes open source one day so I'll (hopefully) be able to dual boot it with android.

I've been in their factory (IEC bldg5 Pudong).

The manufacturer of the touchpad uses Android as part of their development.

How it got shipped with Android instead of WebOS is still under investigation.