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HP "makes things right" for early adopters with extra $50 discount [UPDATE] 404

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 28 Jun 2011 5:08 pm EDT

On February 9th, after HP announced that there would not be a guaranteed upgrade path for legacy devices (the Pre, Pixi and their Plus varieties) to webOS 2.x and beyond, the community was justifiably outraged. In response, HP promised to "make things right" for the legacy owners. Since then, we've heard nothing specific about how that would happen. Until today.

This afternoon, on the official Palm blog, Jon Zilber announced that legacy devices owners who want a 32 GB TouchPad can enjoy an extra $50 loyalty rebate. As Jon puts it:

When the first webOS phone came out, a lot of you took a chance on our new platform. We appreciate your support -- as customers, as champions, and even occasionally as our most thoughtful critics -- and we’d like to make it just a little easier for you to experience the latest version of the power of HP webOS.

 Through July 31, you can get a $50 rebate on the purchase of a new 32GB TouchPad. Proof of ownership of a Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, or Pixi Plus (initially in the US or Canada) will be required. This mail-in rebate is good wherever you buy your TouchPad, including preorders and reservations. (Watch your email inbox for details.)

We agree that this is not as much as some would want, but it is a promise kept, and the $50 discount, on top of any other sales or discounts you may find, is a nice perk for being a patient and early adopter. So dig through those e-mail archives and shoeboxes for your receipts, and as Jon says, watch your inbox (probably the one you use for your legacy device's Palm Profile, we'd imagine) for details.

UPDATE: After we posted the above, a number of users received e-mails with additional details, and we also got the below directly from Jon Zilber (and have updated the text of the blog reproduced above):

Don't panic -- you don't need to dig up your old receipt for your original webOS phone purchase. All you'll need will be information (like your serial number) that is readily available from your phone. And there will soon be a website available to help you submit your rebate if you run into any snags.

Jon Z




I don't think I have my receipt for my Sprint Pre minus? I bought it on launch day. Wonder if I can find a copy on Sprint's website?

Also, I believe I sent in the receipt to Sprint for the rebate when I first bought my Pre minus? This makes it a bit more complicated.....

UPDATE: So I chatted with Sprint and they told me that if I didn't buy it online at Sprint.com, they don't have a copy of it in their system. They told me to go to the actual Sprint store that I originally purchased it but the problem is that I bought it while on vacation in Austin at a random store that I found in Austin. This doesn't help my issue..... Still trying to find a resolution.

I would hope Sprint keeps records of purchase. Anyways, doesn't matter to me unless I can use this on the 7 incher...

(apparently I need to clarify, I am not complaining I just have no plans to buy a 10 inch 32 gig tablet, I do think HP has done more than they needed to)

Just saw this posted at bottom of comments, no source though.

"You won't need the receipt for your Pre, but for the TouchPad.

What you’ll need:
1. Serial number of your eligible webOS smartphone*
2. Receipt from your 32GB TouchPad purchase
3. UPC code from your TouchPad package

* Eligible smartphones are Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi, and Palm Pixi Plus. "

Just had to add, I know there are a lot of angry Sprint owners, but this is a deal that ALL legacy users can use, not just Sprint customers. Many legacy users are still under contract (even a lot of Sprint users are still under contract).

Sorry but this isn't something that's of value to ALL of us. I'm not saying that I don't appreciate the offer but I am NOT in the market for a tablet device, I don't need one at all based on my lifestyle.

I bought a Palm smartphone cause that's what I really need and use. Offering me a rebate on something that I am not in the market for is useless.

Again, I appreciate the offer but a "makes thing right" deal for me would have been a phone discount.

That's from an e-mail that was sent out a few minutes ago. I got one, which is how I learned about it.

Yeah my profile is set to hotmail, so I won't see the e-mail until gmail pulls it.

edit: Just got mine too.

Your serial number from your Pre will suffice, according to the email I just received from HP.


Same Here

Man thats the stuff. I love it. I had my pre- in a bag of parts just about ready to blow it up. I only kept in so a frankenpre brother might come along. Now that i know its no hassle just a serial number.. and people on here are still crying.. man unbelievable.

This sweetens the already sweet deal of the 50gb of boxnet. I think thats worth more than the 50 they are gonna give us back.

A mail in rebate? With all the cloud assets, genius programmers, brilliant marketers, high tech hardware, wireless connectivity, electronic commerce....HP's answer is for you to spend $600 and do a bunch of paperwork!

ATTENTION POTENTIAL ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS, THIS IS hp IN ACTION. YOUR FUTURE BUSINESS COULD DEPEND ON INNOVATIVE HIGH TECH SOLUTIONS LIKE THIS ONE FOR hp's VALUED LOYAL CUSTOMERS. So line up and buy those touchpads, and pick up a bunch of envelopes and stamps in case the TP comes up short too.

Pretty underwhelming. $50? I couldn't wait for HP any longer, went out and bought 3 Samsung Focus WP7 phones and switched from Sprint to ATT. After 2 days I have to say that my Pre pales in comparison. And MAngo hasn't even been released yet. Will I use $50 toward a touchpad? Probably not as $500 (less 50) is alot of money for a large phone with no phone capability. Just like the iPad, it just doesn't make $ and sense at that price. A cheap laptop will give you alot more bang for the buck. Now if the price drops $100 and I can still use the $50 discount I may think about it but I don't see that happening soon. Good luck webOS. You were pretty cool 2 years ago but times are changin quickly.

Okay Too Little Too Late - I have my Obsolete Sprint Pre Minus - And I am getting the feeling that I will be left out in the cold when the Pre 3 comes out.
I don't Need an tablet I do need a Phone. And Why would I get the Touchpad when I have Nothing to touch it with?

Come On HP/Palm Sprint - Lets get the Pre 3 on Sprint - and I'll take the rebate then!!!!

Because this is the fastest thing that HP can do for now, as there is no phone coming out on EACH and EVERY carrier.

So the only way to offer something to everybody is by offering discounts on Touchpads. I was expecting something like this...

I suppose that makes sense but as the post above says, I kind of had my heart set on a new phone (and I have since gotten an EVO 3D) and I'm not particularly interested in a tablet. Frankly I'd be more tempted to actually take HP up on it if they offered a $100 discount. That might seem petty but $100 rebates are fairly common in this price range (the original Pre Minus sold with a $100 rebate on Sprint), so it might seem like a price that HP with its deep pockets might be willing to absorb.

Yeah, $100 would have been much more convincing to me.

Yes, $100 makes sense. But isn't that 1/2 the cost of a Pre at launch? And didn't some of the folks who will get this $50 credit pay $50 or less for their handset either after it was discounted or on ebay, etc? No, the offer is not perfect but there's no way to be 100% sure that folks who ask for the rebate are the people who deserve the rebate and need things 'made right'.

The thing that's telling about this is HP is looking to make things right. When is Sprint going to make things right or are they going to keep their loyal customers hanging?

The pre was $300 at launch, with a $100 mail in rebate. A phone, supported for 8 months, officially abandoned 12 empty months later, then a 4.5 month wait to find out HP integrity is worth $50 after you spend $600 more.

I'm not very important, but my attention is worth more than $50 and having HP bend my fingers back for $600 of my lunch money.

What would Apple have done? People did better than this for their Gen 1 buyers when Apple released the 3G, and Apple had not done anything wrong!

Apple, instead of fixing their dropped call problem, offered a case so your fingers wouldn't interfere w/the antennae. It was worth less than $50. My iPhone friends were buying the phone regardless of proven dropped calls.

My feeling is for those that say $100 is the perfect number--if HP offered $100, they would be saying $150 is the perfect number. I am an original Sprint Pre owner who was waiting for 3G tablet as well as a new phone, but am happy HP offered this much. They are to be applauded.

No, you don't understand. $100 off the 32GB Touchpad would price it the same as the 16GB Touchpad. THEN I would buy 32GB.

They are not to be applauded. This is "meh" worthy, at most.

Mike5, it was an effective solution that won wide spread approval. Why are you supporting my side of the argument? That's annoying.

Why can't HP give us the 2.0 update they gave Germany? Why cant HP give us a 1.5 update? Why can't HP give us a "make good" that doesn't cost me three times the money of the faulty device?

I don't like Apple, but they satisfy their customers and are still 3x's as profitable as HP. HP is one of those companies that see Customer Service as pure expense, rather than a quasi-investment.

You're right but it's not going enough for some unfortunately. Totally expected and reasonable.

What I'm wondering is if this was "it"--as in the one and only thing. They didn't want to announce this until now. Suppose, when the Pre³ launches, that they have a similar deal on it? (I have no idea whether or not they will.) My point is they might well wait until the Pre³ is ready to launch to announce that. After all, as much as they want current users to get both a webOS phone and TouchPad, they know that that doesn't make sense for everyone; still, phone users replacing their phones is a no-brainer.

It took 4.5 months for them to do this. Safe to say, that for US/Canada, this is "it". Besides, can you afford spend any more money than this to make things right? How much can you afford to pay HP to forgive them?

Exactly, they just did the fastest thing. Good looking out HP. Now, I feel like that forgotten middle child, whose parents forgot to buy something cool for my birthday, and they're putting a bandaid on it by giving me a $50 gift card.

yeaaaaaaa, im still not buyin a touchpad without a pre3... or a new phone.

$50 is $50 more than what I was expecting for HP to make things right. so for me this is a win :)

And it only cost you $100 more than you have to spend on a Touchpad to get it...

But the 32GB version is so expensive! I was hoping for an early upgrade for the Pre3...

Wow. That does absolutely nothing to address the issue they 'were going to make right'. H/Palm FAIL. BTW, who the F would have a receipt from 2 years ago. The IRS barely requires that.

Somebody who cares about warranty?

Actually I never kept my receipt and got my minus replaced twice.

Yeah your ONE year warranty.

I do.


Or grown ups that keep track of major purchases. I am sure I have ours somewhere, I am just not nearly as organized in my home office as I would like to be.

Many probably wouldn't consider a cellphone to be a major purchase. I'm no where near as organized as I'd like to be.

I dunno if I spend over $100 on it (let alone $500+ on 2 phones) I keep my receipt. Especially when that purchase is accompanied by a 2 year contract that I am locked into @ $130ish a month.

I probably do excessively keep receipts, but a rebate purchase with 2 year contract, warranty, and insurance is enough reason for me to shove it in a file cabinet (or somewhere on my desk in my office). Like I said, wouldn't find it quickly or easily, but I know it's there.

Maybe this comes from my distrust of cellular providers and their customer service folks (well most customer service folks even if they aren't a cellular provider).

Get off your damn high horse. This is $50 more than they have to do. You're a customer of theirs, not their god. Grow up.

The email some of us have received confirms that one only needs the serial number, not the receipt. But I gave you a +1 because your point was valid and your critics went too far.

Went too far? Do you think is HP's employees are your disciples too?

"Went too far? Do you think is HP's employees are your disciples too?"


I have mine....


You don't need your Pre's receipt, just its serial number which is imprinted on the inside under the battery.

The only receipt you'll need is the one proving you bought the Touchpad.

Still have my receipt. Keep all of them for my electronics. Have a Pre2 now, but still have the receipt for the Pre Plus I had before that and that my friends is worth:$FIFTY BUCKS$


That ain't right. FAIL.

It's certainly a lot less than what they could've (or should've) done.

I don't think a $50 discount on a Touchpad makes things right at all. I don't want or need a Touchpad. I just want to be able to purchase a new webOS phone on Sprint.

I just wanted my phone finished. I didn't care about the phone's performance, it was never snappy to begin with. I just wanted to see HP execute the stuff they talked about, to reassure me I should sign on for two more years and know they could continue to develop the software like they promised. FAIL.


Thanks for keeping the promise. $50 is better than $0. However, I'd like to use my $50 towards the purchase of Pre 3. Will that be possible?

For some odd reason, I kept my original receipt and Pre box from 2009. Now I know why.

I'd like to use the discount on EITHER a Pre 3 or on the "Opal". I'd much prefer a 7" tablet myself...

Yep. I'm waiting for the Opal and that won't be before July 31. Bummer.

I think that HP can do this much easier on their Tablets as they are sold directly to you, the customer.

At least in the states their customer for their phones is not you, but Sprint, VZW and AT&T and it only happens that in the end you buy that phone. So I'am not sure how HP could offer such a rebate surpassing the carrier.

in the form of a mail in rebate like they are doing with the touchpad

Yeah, the very least they can do is expand the discount to ANY future webOS product.

Thanks HP even though I felt nothing was owed to me but I will definetly cash the rebate check towards the the 32 GB TouchPad that I preorderd. IMO, no matter what HP offered it would have never been good enough for some people in here so its time to move forward and look towards the future. BTW, how much did the Apple iphone1 users get when Apple came out with the iphone2, a much better phone for half of the price of the iphone1?

Apple didn't promise iPhone users anything other than to ream them as soon as the next model was available. HP promised to "make things right" for its users after it broke a promise to make webOS 2 available to users of the Pre and Pixi. That's the difference.

Apple supported the original iPhone for 3 years after it was released.

Apple btw gave early adopters of the iPhone $100 back when they dropped the price. Also, they actually gave software updates to the next iOS versions for several years, unlike HP ending software updates at 1 year.

Wow! Are they for real? You get 50 dollars off a tablet that is overpriced by $100?!?!

Sad part is the last post made me want a touchpad again, then BOOM, HP kicked me in the face again.

Maybe $50 off a 16 gb would be nice. Or better yet, webOS 2.1 on my pre-!

I am guessing your cup is always half empty

Honestly, I tend to agree this time. The half empty cup in this case belongs to HP. They make modest discount available for the more expensive Touchpad model but not for the cheaper one? It feels like something thrown together at the last minute by a company which isn't really sure what it's doing.

Yeah. That's one of my gripes.

Not offering this for the 16GB model kinda smells.

Yep, I was never going to buy 32GB ($100 extra for only 16GB? Come on...), this doesn't change my mind.

Uh, you know you CAN'T (that can not) get a 32GB iPad for $549....



Maybe look at this from the other direction: for $50, you can upgrade to the bigger device?

2.x does not run properly on old hardware

I did the 2.1 upgrade on my Pre- (thanks to the webOS internals group!), and while I find it acceptable and love it, it certainly would not be smooth enough for someone who just wants their phone to work.

I can guarantee you that if 2.1 came out for the pre-'s, the complaints would be that it wasn't polished enough.

Ed Zachary, and thank you!

Ha! "Ed Zachary"

But runs well enough that it was pushed to some carriers.

Carriers with Pre+ (double the RAM).

Wasn't that 1 carrier and only as a Dr.? I thought it was only 02 Germany that signed off on 2.x and as RafRol said only on Pre+

How would you know if a version was never released. Do yo blindly believe everything you are told?

Because it is possible to install it on a Pre- due to the tool available by WebOSInternals and others.

With the amount of time you spend posting on the front page I would assume you have caught at least one of the articles about upgrading any device to 2.x.

GlennBeck, you are such a crybaby! god, you remind me of a kid I used to beat up all the time just to get him to leave me and my friends alone! And I'm not a bully, never was, just couldn't take the whining anymore. My favoreite definition of all time: Whining; Anger escaping from a small hole!

Wade, I like you, I thing you are a swell person!

I'm guessing that means no Spring Pre 3 since that would be the most logical device to offer a rebate towards.

This is a good gesture by HP. You'll never satisfy some ppl, unless you give them a touchpad for say $300.

Nope then it'd still be:

I don't need a touchpad
I need a new phone on Sprint to buy a TP
$300 is still too much for TP, that should be it's MSRP


Hmmmmm... :)

$300 for a thick (compared to the iPad) app-less tablet is still over priced

You must have dainty hands if one inch makes that much of a difference.

still, $500 and no useful apps on a tablet is just a keyboard-less laptop.

For slightly more than the rebate, you can add a keyboard. Not you have a... Hinge-less laptop?

One inch can mean a world of difference to some guys. I'm just saying...



C+ for effort HP. But I don't need/want a tablet. I want a webos phone, on the network I want it on. My launch day pre- lasted till January. My used Ebay purchased pre- is already falling apart. I'm trying my best to be loyal, but my contract is up and the EVO 3D is looking quite nice. I was holding out thinking "making it right" might have been a Sprint phone. But this just deflates all hope.

I'm totally with you. I am picking up an EVO 3D this friday. Looking forward for the change.

Check out wave launcher in the android market.

for those that don't agree - don't use. This is the world we live in, where people expect things from others. Wow - wouldn't it be great if we could all define our own rules, own product specs, own price we're willing to pay. I mean, what the heck are companies thinking running their own marketing campaigns, release schedules, specs, etc... how dare them.

Nothing is ever good enough for most.

You've gotta love a comment that does little more than discourage people from venting in a public forum about a relevant topic.

Feel free to disagree with them but telling them/us not to buy it if ee don't like it is just one of those backhanded, passive-aggressive ways of telling people to shut up because their opinion differed from yours.

Break down our reasoning all day long. No problems there. The rest you can keep.

Your opinion differs from mine. Shut up. :)

(Not really serious about it. Just trying to fill in the gap.)

You guys have been venting since the pre plus came out. (A year and a half?). Even us Sprint Pre users have heard enough. Move on.

I am a Sprint Pre user, smart guy.

Again, you're whining about whining. You're no better.

Address the issues and we have something to talk about.

agree - love it. now go warm your milk.

Too late - already bought one of the last clearance replacement Pre- from Sprint and a kickass ASUS netbook to do all the things the first Pre- was supposed to do in the first place.

Note I *didn't* buy an HP dm1z netbook, which would have been comparable in price and performance.

And now, I *definitely* can't afford to buy an HP TouchPad, even with a $50 rebate.

When the next webOS phone comes to Sprint, I'll take that rebate, thank you very much!

Hows the netbook? From what I have read the DM1z is supposed to have budget laptop performance.

I've never seen a bigger bunch of WHINERS than the people who post in this website...YOU ARE A JOKE! If HP had done nothing, we would be hearing all about it from you, if they give you $50, it is not right. I have a felling that if HP had given you a free Touchpad you would still be complaining.

I get it, I'm also a Aug '09 PRE- owner, but you guys are just ridiculous. Take your **** elsewhere or go to Android or IOS and LEAVE US ALONE!

+1000, no other company would have made such a thing like this. Com on, HP is giving away millions of dollars and you are still complaining? What do you want? A free TouchPad for a phone you bought 2 years ago?! I think some people here are lacking some neurons.

No True, Apple gave early adopters $100 toward ANY product of their choice. But Fanboys only see things in Fanboy vision.

Concur! If HP gave away free TP to "make things right" some will still whine about not getting a free webOS phone in addition.

Nothing HP does will be good enough for some in/around here.

Agree seriously,
you know how many millions (not thousands) of android owners that got beat as soon as they got their samsung moment or the original galaxy devices?

I don't see google stepping up to the plate saying sorry for fragmentation and not being able to use netflix on your brand new phone.

Kind of agree with you but that is why I went with a Nexus S so I get updates right from Google and don't have to worry about not getting the latest OS version :)

I've never seen so many people WHINE about WHINERS on a website. If you don't like reading about peoples complaints...I don't know?...maybe don't read them?!

My goodness. Thank you for saying it so that I didn't have to.


Totally agree with you, and the TouchPad really sucks I never even thought about buying one.

Why would I pay $500 to toss useless cards away or stack them on top of each other?

Wouldn't it just be easier to say if you bought a webOS device of any kind before now (or basically have a palm profile), then you're automatically eligible?

The goal is not only to make things right but to sell Touchpads. I know i don't have proof of purchase anymore for my Pre minus. Well, i take that back..i could send them the Pre minus..doubt its worth 50 dollars with a broken kb

You can create unlimited Palm Profiles though.

A device can only be registered on one profile at a time.

-- Rod

Ohh I got you Rod, just saying some folks by now may have created multiple profiles. Johnathan did make a point down below though that I hadn't thought of.

"Given that HP likely has records of every Palm Profile creation date, and device on which it was created"

Duh..didn't think of serial number.

Werd, I haven't gotten my HP e-mail yet, but more than a few people are confirming that.

How hard is it to set up a website, enter your Pre SSN, enter your TPad SSN, check comes in the mail two weeks later?

Yep, Sprint will only pay you $5 for trading in a Palm Pre.

Sprint will not waste another dollar on WebOS devices, therefore I dont expect another WebOS phone to come out on Sprint.

I was also not expecting to buy another one after going through 8 or 9 replacent phones.

Finally, someone calls it as it is. This is NOT making things right. This is just selling Touchpads. Sams Club is giving you a $20 discount to sell Touchpads. HP's $50 is not much more.

well buy from sams and get the $50.. Thts $70 off.... just sayin

Why does it only apply to the 32GB at $100 more, it should be $50 off any touchpad.

Yep, I agree with you, GlennBeck.

Or a Pre3 when they come out

I could not agree with you more. But HP cannot satisfy everyone with just $50.

But for me personally the only way HP can "makes things right" is to give me a full refund of the $200 I wasted on the worst smartphone I have ever owned! (you guessed right, the palm pre)

HP....get me that refund and I will stop talking trash about WebOS for the rest of my life! You have my word on that! You will lose more money if you don't! Otherwise I will make sure no one I know buys your sucky devices.

I am pretty sure the $50 rebate was not what Jon Rubinstein was thinking about doing for the big time gamblers who bought the pre... but who cares they are a bunch of liars. They will never see another one of my hard earned dollars.

If you are still brainwashed by HP go ahead and click the "dislike" button on this post or reply something negative about my own personal view.

I hope this isn't the make it right... first of all... it's 50 off of the version that is 100 more than i planned on spending... secondly who has a sales reciept from over 2 years ago? Soooo frustrating.

Your carrier? I would imagine that they could give you something.

You don't need yur sales reciept, just your serial number from your legacy device.

That rebate is too heavy. I bet the receipt for the TouchPad gets lots of fingerprints on it. Do they have a rebate app? Doubt it.

Whether $50 is making things 'right' or not, is subjective.

It is, as mentioned in the article, a promise kept; and something is better than nothing.

But alas, people will still be clamoring HP to make things 'right'. Truly subjective.

Yeah, but it's a cheap promise. It's like saying technically, you took out the trash, when all you did was get it out of the house and outside the door.

To you it's a cheap promise, to others it's $50 dollars off a device they were going to get anyways. As I said, it's subjective.

Yeah, they were going to get anyway. But, most people don't have the money to shell out $100 more. These people, myself included, were not going to buy the 32GB anyway, they were going to buy the 16GB. HP misses the boat on most people. Ergo, this is a cheap promise.

@ RafRol

"a promise kept; "

"WebOS 2 and Flash FOR NO CASH."

No, this is not a promise kept.

They made a mistake. During the development of 2.0 they found out that the original Pre's hardware couldn't handle it. They recognize that mistake after there announcement. It was because of that that HP is giving out $50 rebates. They're manning up. They admitted they done wrong.

You'll have to blame Adobe as much as Palm for Flash not working on the original Pre.

Check the forums, you'll see that Sprint Pres with 2.1 aren't running well even overclocked. It can't handle it.

Take what you can get and move on.

You know what other manufacturers do then? They optimize the software for the hardware. Instead, HP chose to drop support cold turkey.

This offer isn't manning up, this offer is tapping out...

Really? They worked on it, two corporations, HP and Palm for six months and made bold promises. Then, a couple weeks later, decided they could offer NO REVISIONS AT ALL just eight months after the launch the phone was maxed out? No new functions, no new API's. The little plastic pellet can't even record a voice note! And HP didn't include this realization in their Feb 9 WebOSpalooza?

Yet, they did release the same promised software in Germany and if you believe half of what Vito says, works just fine!

I don't like KoolAid, you can have mine, and my $50.

Haha, yes! All these webOS fanboys need to get off the koolaid.

Uhm, excuse me but... I don't drink KoolAid... I drink Tang...

So HP what about us early adopters in Europe???????

It's written "initially" only for the USA and Canada. But the fact that they write "initially" means that it will be extended to Europe as well.

As the EU prices are so much higher than in the US, they won't find a lot buyers for such a small rebate.

That is said under the assumption that they would give a 50 Euro rebate. But it's likely that even that gets cut down to 25 Euros. ;-/

I'm already getting a 32GB Touchpad so this deal sounds great to me!

I was going to get the 16 gig but for only 50 more and tax I'll upgrade.

My $600 this summer will be spent on a sweet new set of Adams irons. I wonder if HP will let me spend the $50 on that, instead! :0

I agree with the others, above: no matter WHAT HP did, it wouldn't have satisfied everyone, especially those who inhabit precentral.net. The fact is, they did more than they had to.

Might as well have given me a 50 dollar gift card to JC Pennies....

We want UPDATES!

like others, i dont need a touchpad, $50 off of something that is already $500 is kinda insulting but whatever as soon as my contract is up i think ill try an android (maybe then i can get the latest OS with out hacking up my phone) thanks but no thanks HP

actually its $50 off $600, they only offer this for 32GB touchpad buyers.

Even better!

Even better that they only limit to the 32GB?

Even better would have been if they offered the discount for both Touchpad versions.