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HP moving to Android for tablets and smartphones 49

by Derek Kessler Wed, 13 Feb 2013 4:03 pm EST

HP moving to Android for tablets and smartphones

Less than eighteen months after abandoning the HP TouchPad tablet and webOS smartphone lines, HP is jumping back into the mobile computing game with Android. ReadWrite is reporting that their sources at HP say that not only are they going the Android route for their upcoming tablet, they might even be announcing said tablet 'soon'. It's reportedly powered by a Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, something significantly more powerful than the two-year-old Qualcomm silicon found in the TouchPad (which itself originally was designed to run Android). The tablet's reportedly been in development "since before Thanksgiving".

The move by HP to Android is disappointing, but not exactly a surprise. It was nearly a year and a half ago that HP cancelled hardware development of for webOS devices, effectively killing the operating system and leaving it to be resuscitated in the open source community. That all came to fruition at the end of September with the full release of the open sourced Open webOS 1.0. By virtue of the Linux Standard Kernel 3.3 at its heart, Open webOS is fully capable of running on hardware such as the rumored Tegra 4 HP tablet, which we're sure the webOS homebrew community will make happen purely out of spite.

A little over a year ago, after HP's decision to open source webOS, CEO Meg Whitman said that HP would "use webOS in new hardware", specifically tablets. We haven't heard much of anything along that line since then, and the revelation that HP is actively working on their own Android tablet (plus the year of silence since that statement) is leading us to conclude that any HP hardware powered by webOS ever coming out would be something of a miracle.

Aside from an Android-powered tablet, ReadWrite is also reporting that HP is exploring the possibility of launching an Android smartphone. Late last year Whitman went on the record saying that HP was actively looking at reentering the smartphone space, citing the burgeoning market for smartphones in the developing world, but that a new HP smartphone wasn't likely to be released in 2012. Though we have to say, if HP launches a Pre4 powered by Android, we might just flip several tables in fits of rage.

As usual, we're going to point the eyeballs around the conference tables in Palo Alto to that little multi-billion investment they’ve made in Sunnyvale on a mobile operating system that's overflowing with promise and finally has hardware around capable of adequately supporting it. Yes, webOS. We're more than a little biased here about this issue, and it's eternally frustrating to watch HP squander such resources again and again.

But HP's spinning of the webOS Global Business Unit as Gram and they've got plans for what they can do with Open webOS to make money. HP bringeth scale and HP taketh away. Perhaps webOS will be better without HP's megabucks.

Via: The Verge; Source: ReadWrite



I cannot help but see this as the nail in the coffin for the idea of manufacturers using Open webOS. After all, if HP, who released it, won't use it in their hardware, why would anyone else?

Unfortunately, I think that nail has been in the coffin since day 1.

I loved webOS at the time (hell, I even felt personally hurt at the time they cancelled the Touchpad, for reasons I can't get into), and appreciate all of the people keeping the dream alive, but it seemed pretty obvious even then that it was a hail mary that was almost definitely not amounting to anything but a community project.
I do feel bad though; it does always suck to see your last bit of hope torn away.

This will be interesting to watch. HP is even worse off than a rookie trying to enter the space. While they have great resources, great experience, great people in the trenches; the leadership knows only one style. Make it, make it cheap, sell millions, hit the ground running. They don't know how to grow, how to learn, how to evolve. And, God, are they late to the party. While people love to debate whether WebOS is dead (it is as a commercial entity), one could question whether HP is already the walking dead, with no future, just waiting for the corpse to hit the ground for one final thud.

Thanks HP, for killing WebOS so mercifully quick, so the rest of the world that found Apple inadequate, could galvanize behind Samsung and Android.

I want to personally thank HP for destroying webOS. You suck HP.

I seriously don't know what I will do when my Pre 3 eventually dies (hopefully faaaaar in the future). I really don't want to move on to some other platform! But some days it seems like every shred of hope has been shredded to tinier shreds, stomped on, and pulverized into a fine powder of microscopic hope fragments. I am eternally grateful to Gram, webosInternals, WebOS Ports, and everyone else who is even remotely involved in assembling those microscopic hope fragments into something we can all use and enjoy!

Buy a Galaxy Nexus and port OpenwebOS

I thought that was still in alpha stage, and still a long way from being practical for day-to-day phone use.

It certainly is.

No worries. There are plenty of replacement units on Ebay and Amazon. I have 3 webos accounts and if I need a replacement I can get it in a few days and then just activate a replacement webos phone!!!!

I'm waiting for my second Pre- from Ebay to arrive next week. Wish I could switch carriers and get a Pre2 or Pre3, but I'm on a family plan, and the other three Androids in my house would rebel. My spouse just finished taunting me about HP going with Android. :(

Well that's the dirt being thrown onto the casket. Stupid HP, what a bunch of idiots.

:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

just bought a TouchPad running webOS ;-)
nough said.

Mine is less than a month old. Still getting used to it. I really miss the gesture area. Having to touch a "back" button makes it feel a little too Androidy. Even with that though, navigating it is MUCH easier than on my spouse's Galaxy Tablet. I need to load Preware so I can get some of the functionality that should have come with the Touchpad when it was released.

Who the F would want an HP Android device? The only downside to webOS was the hardware. I loved the form factor of the vertical slider but original Pre was cheaply built. The Pre3 was/is a huge improvement but was never given a chance. I can't wait for the day HP cancels all Android smartphones and tablets. HP your strategy in the mobile market is ridiculous and you are destined to fail. You had the most elegant mobile OS and you killed it.

There was a bit more wrong with it than just the hardware: the app catalog. That was as big a killer as anything else.

Unless they are selling a webOS device at some point in the future I will not be spending any of my money on HP products. Before today I wouldn't have said that but this is just insulting.

I completely agree. I would never buy any HP product (and I mean anything) unless they made it using webOS. HP is completely running their company into the ground (even if you minus the whole webOS fiasco they created). It's sad to see such a great company continue to drive itself into the ground.

Carly started the downward slide and they booted the one CEO that could have made the company some $$$

I'll support that, cbosdell!

If they make an android phone and tablet, atleast allow us to order it with webos on it please hp

Well, thanks for nothing, HP. Looks like I have to find a new love - this hurts.

Is anyone making any money selling Android tablets? Samsung, perhaps? HP will release a boring "me too" product and waste even more money.

Sadly I suspect that you will be correct. HP has produced nothing really innovative recently and need to learn that simply telling people something is innovative doesn't make it so.

Meg Whitman has complained about market trends being partly responsible for HP's woes; what about SETTING market trends instead of following them?

Getting lost in an overcrowded field is NOT the strategy that HP should be looking at.

Their Chromebook is overpriced at $330. Chromebook's saving grace is that it can be a real bargain, but HP missed the point there.

They missed out with their RT tablet as well by falling short of the screen resolution needed for Snap functionality.

Look for a hugely over priced Android tablet with at least one gen back for OS version and lackluster sales. Then the same for a smartphone next year (2014) quickly followed by the realization that no one cares they are offering Android which is freely available from way too many sources already.

You can NOT lead from behind HP. That only works for Pierson's Puppeteers... :p

"They missed out with their RT tablet as well by falling short of the screen resolution needed for Snap functionality."
HP doesn't have a Windows RT tablet, the device you're refrerring to is a Windows 8 tablet running on Clover Trail / Intel Atom hardware.

Right you are... the x86 Win 8 tablet...

But that does remind me they pitched a fit and pulled out of RT just after the Surface was announced. Wasted R&D $$$ there.

Guess that's another negative?

As much as I hate to say this, I can't see a resurrected WebOS standing a chance in the current market unless they modify it so I can run Android apps on it. They're just too far behind at this point to catch up just on the strength of a better UX.

After being burned on the Touchpad, I will never buy another HP device. I'll get my Android phones from Samsung, thankyouverymuch!

Go to hell with your Android HPI I would rather use my Palm Pre and palm Pixi for the rest of my life than use that piece of crap Android or worse use Apple.

The only system I would ever consider is Ubuntu phones and I could easily port webOS on them

Now more than ever we need to find a way to easily download webOS on the tablet, PC, or phone of our choice.

PLEASE TAKE A HINT FROM UBUNTU. You get on the website and you can download the OS to any PC or tablet!!!!!

Dual boot! Just kidding. It's a ridiculous idea but someone always says it at times like this.

Derek - You must go to CES 2014 if only to record a followup of your 2013 video. What could be worse than going to CES and not finding HP there? Finding HP and seeing their new Android tablets and smartphones on display.

At some point in the next couple of years there will just be two guys on this forum chatting about how they are still holding out and then one guy will say his finally broke and that will be it.

Come to think of it, PalmInfocenter still exists with an article about 6 months ago and comments up until a couple of days ago so I guess webOS Nation will live on. Kind of.

I guess I just can't understand why HP thinks they can make any money in the already crowded android space. What could they possibly offer that Samsung, HTC, Googlrola, LG, Kyocera and a bunch of others don't already have well covered?

LMFAO. All-in with Android, huh? And just in time! Oh wait,...it's 2013. Still using the 2009-10 roadmap I see. Good luck with that. Clearly the 'being-a-follower and stifling innovation has paid tremendous dividends before, no? No???

I've long wished that once they dumped webOS and open sourced it, that we the community, would put as much distance between HP and the community as possible. As for Gram (land shark candy gram), those moderate high-hopes are waning to a mere 'I-hope-they-just-stop-embarrassing-themselves' for their own sake.

Derek, maybe we can lift the moratorium on 'trying to be nice' to the badly listing ship that is HP. Barring the rumored break-up or scuttling of the ship, they'll be tripping on themselves in perpetual survival mode for the foreseeable future.

Ever forward and stay the course, friends! The plan is to still porting our fave OS to the GNex first and Nexus 7 eventually. Also, see what our PIC peeps have in store and the the progress of the webOS android app.

Good riddance, HP. Good luck to all our friends who continue to toil on the once mighty rudderless ship.

If HP (after completely stuffing up their previous attempt) want to get into the mobile area, it makes perfect sense for them to use Android.  Open webOS is not ready, so even if they intended to ultimately use it, Android provides a working OS for their devices now.  And there's more than a bit of 'deja vu' in that.

Ah, so they're pulling a Commodore - attempting to undercut the competition at their own game by diverting resources from their unique and innovative product line and steering them towards a wholly unremarkable clone system. Nice. Let's see how that works out for you in the long run (hint: success is unlikely).

Not surprising that HP choose android. Cheap, no significant license to pay to MS (windows 8 hasn't taken off). They probably will put minimal effort into it- might as well as pay HTC to make it since HTC has been getting killed in android wars and has some design skill. MS has put in hundreds of millions in supporting Dell so HP can't even claim to be MS's favorite. At least this strategy can allow HP to say they aren't completely giving up on mobile.
If HP has any guts then it will make it easy to put open webos on their generic tablets. HP tablets won't excite the world but they could sell to enterprise in decent amounts. HP has all but ceded consumer market to Apple and Samsung.

HP will fail with Android , they are completely Lost

HP Suck

Ok! Can someone point me out where can I get my new webOS powered 4G HP TOUCHPAD? (just got my newest HP Pre³ today.

'nuff said!!!

P.S.: Looking forward on buying a Nexus with OpenwebOS on it! ;-)

Plenty of them on Ebay and Amazon

Hi i will not purchase HP products after they gave up on webOS, hopefully this site will continue, and have stocked up on Touchpads and pre 2/3 phones, all bought new and for
little money as not wanted by most people as its not I phone/ Android, webOS works for me
and will use until they fail, HP will give up on Android once they realise to much competition,
keep up the good work webOS nation a great site.

I agree with you 100%! I have two Touchpads, 2 pre and a Pixi on Sprint. I have several spare units that I bought on Ebay and I will continue to use webOS only. As far as I am concerned Android and Apple both suck and are a complete joke. It sure shows how many stupid and ignorant sheep are out there that the only thing they see are two overhyped piece of crap systems

As much as I would have liked a new tablet with webOS, we all knew it was not going to happen! I would have been (happily) surprised otherwise
What would have been an interesting move for HP would've been to put W8 on the tablets... that would be a smart and bold move by HP, which does not characterize lately for "smart" moves...

As the owner of a launch day Pre- and launch day Touchpad, not to mention an HP HDX, I can say I will never buy an HP phone/tablet/computer again after this debacle. They really could not have handled the situation any worse.

I've since moved on to a Galaxy Nexus, and the ICS and now Jellybean OS has taken many of the nice features of webOS and incorporated them into Android. It doesn't have the sleek simplicity that we all love so much, but I just can't see webOS making a true comeback beyond being a hobby for enthusiasts.

So, are you rooting for HP as a company or for webOS. If you are rooting for HP then you must understand that whether HP prospers or not has very little to do with tablets. If you a rooting for webOS then you might as well accept that HP has left webOS behind.

i will only buy an HP Tablet that can have open webOS ported to it, wich seems to be the newer one, but thay might need to donate some to webOS ports for that...

i use android on my touchpads but just for gaming, but i really hate it.... my wife says it sucks, and i only see that it is good because of so much apps, must of it crap, but i hate ads, and as halfhalo said: android multitasking is like sticking your fingers into a blender... so is Windows Phone's haha, but right now i think Windows phone for my future... but i have to see the HP android phone and Tablet and see what the webOS ports team can do with them... again i have to say HP SHOULD and MUST give them a couple of tablets to port open webOS... i think they will, because i don't think they want to leave the super server they gave them to be used mostly with other brands hahaha...

the only things that webOS was lacking is for a better browser and more iOS ported games hahahaha....

i think HP didn't go with Windows phone because of the tricky deal that Microsoft make with them... but that's why i also think is why HP made webOS open source and decided to go with andoid... that way GRAM can sell us the Open webOS PE license for our new HP hardware, and i'll be happy to pay for it, but i wish that i could run Andoid apps on it... i don't think its impossible... and if not, i still can dual boot my new phone....

welll this are my toughts.... but if none of this happens i'll go to Windows Phone, and multitask in a webOS like way, but without the gestures, and fast response... and i also think widnows phone lacks of many games... my wife already uses Windows phone and she's happy, but she misses webOS ease of use a lot... specially the cards multitasking... like in the browser, when trying to open more than one email at the time(copying info from one and putting in other without closing the other) and mostly the same thing in messaging, and.... the just type features.... my Pre3 still rocks!!!! and i love it... hope we'll see open webOS in action...


open webOS [[[ ]

I can see why they would. Being in as dumbass of a position as they are they think they need to play it safe. It's ok, obviously they can't really handle making software anyway. Now they can join all the other Android same-ness and lame-ness. That said, they're Envy X2 is a beautiful piece of hardware, thankfully it runs Windows 8.

It will be a cold day in hell before I buy another HP product. They don't deserve any more of my hard-earned money.

HP is hopeless! I took great pleasure in throwing my HP printer (bought it used from a friend) in the trash the other day!