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HP: New webOS phones coming "early next year" 223

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 Oct 2010 8:27 am EDT


Hold on to your hats kids, ‘cause this ride isn’t about done being all wild and bumpy. Following up on rumors and leaks and tips of new devices, it’s looking like HP and Palm are taking their time in getting new smartphones to market. Said HP Senior Vice President Eric Cador (Personal Systems Group, Europe) at a tech industry in Barcelona: “You will see us coming early next year with new phones.”

While early next year will be disappointing to some, we can appreciate that Palm needs to take the time to do this right. There’s debate as to whether Palm should release new products quickly that are slightly better than what’s already out, or that they should wait to release something more impressive that will make a splash. We’re not going to get into that debate here (we went on at length during last week’s PalmCast), but suffice to say we are pleased to hear the phones, as in plural of phone, line coming out of the camp. Does that mean multiple form factors and price points? We certainly hope so.

We can also expect to see more non-phone devices out of Palm and HP, as they’ve so often states. While HP did get Palm’s carrier relationships and device development in the purchase, Cador did note, “More importantly we acquired webOS,” saying that Palm's intellectual property was “extremely fundamental” in the purchase. That echoes what we’ve been hearing for some time now, though it’s still nice to hear the praise of dollar signs.

Source: Reuters; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!



early next year... expected that, didnt want to hear it though

Kinda surprised myself with all the who ha going on with rumors and such.

Either way, I'd rather it come out after Christmas and be something worth buying then some of these half-backed products HTC and Motorola call phones running any number of Android OS.

Also love the headline, Phones, ya baby everyone loves choice and the More the Merrier. More devices, more options, and on every carriers. Common HP show show some muscle!

Actually, what's even more interesting is all the people on P|C saying their not waiting anymore? If your not waiting anymore, what are you still doing here??? I guess Android is not quite as good as everyone says it is.

I'm ecstatic! I want my 50" webOS TV...hmm! Sorli...

Actually, what's even more interesting is all the people on P|C saying their not waiting anymore? If your not waiting anymore, what are you still doing here??? I guess Android is not quite as good as everyone says it is.

I'm not waiting anymore. I got an Evo quite some time ago. However, I still come here because I see so much potential from webOS and really want to see it go somewhere. I truly hope Palm/HP can get something compelling out there soon. I liked my Pre, but in the end the size and speed got to me. About the only thing I like about the Evo/Android is the size of the phone (though I miss the keyboard) and the number of free apps available. Pretty much everything else about Android sucks.

Enough rambling for now.

And I love the size of the Pre and can't imagine lugging an Evo around.

To each their own.

Ditto here. To me, big screens are for notebooks, not something I carry on my person 24/7. Which hopefully is why Eric Cador used the plural "phones". Different people need different formats.

OK, but if I have to wait 6 months to get the next palm device, I might as well get an Evo or Epic now. Then when the next palm comes out, I'll only have to wait 6 mos to get another upgrade, while getting to enjoy the faster device for 6 mos.

And that assumes that Sprint will get the "mansion" at some reasonable time after it's released. If the rumors of Palm going w/a Verizon exclusive are true, then it could be 9mos before Sprint gets it.

I see no point in waiting 6-9 mos for a new Palm phone when I could upgrade now to something faster, evaluate if the new Palm phone is any good, and if so, only have to wait 3-6 mos for the upgrade.

Yeah, HPalm, I gotta say, this just made my decision for me. I could have waited 3 mos for a new Palm. But if you're going to make me wait this long, I might as well take advantage of my upgrade ASAP, so that my next one is available *IF* your next phone is good.

I could have waited 3 mos for a new Palm.

umm... It's October. 10+3 (-12) = 1 (January) = early next year.

Quit whining.

Umm, except in Palm speak "first part of the year" could mean June 6, 2009. Remember the ski mask guy: "PAAALM, give us a release date for the PREEEEE!"

"Early 2010" is not going to be January. That's wishful thinking. Late March at the earliest. My guess of 6 months is, I think pretty conservative. I predict they'll announce at CES and not release until late March.

And I'm not whining. I'm explaining the rationale for the decision that I'm (very likely) going to make.

There is a difference between EARLY NEXT YEAR (new palm phone) and FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR (palm pre).

Don't forget we are no longer dealing with "Palm speak". HP is a company that deals with a large product line. Laptops, PCs, Printers, digital cameras, etc. They know how to create and release a product within a reasonable time span.

BTW, what about putting a tailored version of webOS on a digital camera? The possibilities are endless.

I agree with mu7efcer. We will SEE the new phones at CES but we will not be able to own them until way later. I think a little whinning is acceptable in most cases for the people that own launch day Pre's, which I am one of. It's not whinning, it's frustration cause we are trying everything we can to keep our phones from falling appart. Every month there is an issue with hardware that we have to rectify ourselves. Thanks to the patches and the great people that code them, my Pre is still a joy to own as it is a pain. Make no mistake about it, it IS a pain to own. It's my love for the operating system that keeps me from going to another platform. The only thing this news has done is shine a light, glimmer mostly, at the end of a long tunnel and has also motivated me to look for a Verizon Pre and plus-ify my old Sprint Pre.

Ok. If stating, "This is the option I'm going for" is whining, then I'm guilty. I don't think it's whining. I'm just picking the best option for me.

I simply don't buy the logic of loyally trusting that Palm will:

a) get a phone out faster than there's any evidence for, and
b) that phone will be competitive

As Jayne Cobb says, "I smell a lot of 'if' comin' off this plan."

Now that said, maybe Palm hits one out of the park. In 12 mos when Sprint gives me my next upgrade, I come back.

I don't understand what about this is whining.


same ... Early could be as late as june

Me too! I think the wait will be painful but I strongly BELIEVE it will be worth the wait for the Super Device!!!

I'll come back to webOS when I see the SUPER PHONE.

OMG-S... So I guess an IPad/PalmPad w/Internet Service, all my apps & more + a Magic Jack for $20. & free calling.. , My Fax service, Youmail, & On a BlueTooth Headset/mic & I'm good to go till HPPalm SPhones arrive & are tried and true by this forum.

Just because he said new phoneS next year doesn't mean they won't at least release one phone this year.

LOL! Keeping hope alive.


boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is worst than lebron going to the heat ..haha...why couldnt they confirm this at aquisition? had us wait until early october? i guess they were hoping their fans will last until than

Confirm at acquisition?! Are you serious? The only things that are announced at acquisition are why they bought the company and what their intentions were when they bought them. Two things they they have expressed very strongly. Now that HP's got its head on a lil straighter they can talk the long and short-term goals. If they did say something like this at acquisition it would have been an empty promise that would have only let down more people.

Already jumped ship. They took way too long, and yes the aquisition of Palm prob delayed things, but they had a very loyal, albiet small, fanbase who a good amount are sporting Epics and Evos now because they are tired of waiting. I just don't have alot of faith in HP.

No faith in HP? Yet somehow you had faith in Palm? The company that would have been Bankrupt by early next year had they not been bought by HP (the other reported buysers were after patents, not WebOS)? They didn't have the money to do a major new product launch. HP on the other hand is the largest tech company on the planet. Like everyone else I would prefer new hardware sooner rather than later, but it's JUST a phone, it's not that big a deal. Be glad HP is taking the time to do things right and quit crying like 5 yr old girls with skinned knees.

"We're taking the time to do things right" sounds so much better than "We're very late to market" even though it means the exact same thing.

Actually it doesn't. But thanks for playing.

Funny how when Apple says that (read: Copy and Paste) it's OK and everyone else gets grilled when they say it.

It's easier to give someone a pass on a late feature when they're actually shipping product.

Wow man, switch to decaff or something. The market was very differant when the pre came out. With good attractive hardware to go along it would have made had a share of it, not the 0% it has now. So what has HP done in the cell phone market? They are the largest tech company and I guess that is going to help them put a dent in a market dominated by iphones and droids. You say its just a phone and to quit crying, but you are on a website about phones vocalizing your nerd rage.

if you check the numbers actually apple is the largest tech company. The size of a company is determined by it's market capitalization. Apple has a market cap of 262.87Billion dollars. HP has a market cap of only 91Billion dollars. I know precentral people love to parrot that but it's not actually factual.


Just an honest question, why are you using market cap as the guide? Market cap is nothing more than the stock price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares. Market cap fluctuates daily and doesn't take into account debt and other factors. But as far as market cap, yes Apple is number 1, followed by Microsoft and I think IBM. HP is number one in terms of revenue, also the first (tech company) to exceed $100 Billion a few years back. If I remember correctly Apple had about $40 Billion in revenue for FY2009. I'm not trying to talk crap, I am just pointing out some facts. By the way I own stock in Apple and not HP.

deleted double post

If you jumped ship, that makes current fan base even more loyal, because there aren't as many wishy washy unbelievers like you.

"We're becoming much more exclusive, lately" vs. "Our numbers are dwindling significantly"

darnit. i suppose i'll be a part of that "exclusive" crowd then, even though we're not sure when "early next year" or which carrier will get it first "exclusively". :( darn. time to hit up craigslist and turn this banged up sprint pre to a plus. the community is what keeps me here. it sure in the hell isn't hp/palm (otherwise i would have left a couple of weeks ago).

On the possitive side, webos 2.0 will be available and should work with the current Pre Plus. I really love my Pre Plus and don't have a problem with the hardware. I would really like to see an improvment in some of the OS functions however. I think the Sprint users would be happy to wait if they were to receive the current Pre Plus hardware. I don't even find it advantageous to overclock this newer hardware!

It would be really nice if we got 2.0 soon and the new phones had an even better 3.0 :)

That might be a positive if I HAD a Pre+. I have a Launch Day Sprint Pre. Will webOS 2.0 work on MY phone?

Hear hear! Just bought a Pixi and love it. Will not consider any other phone. I see some parallels between Palm's loyal user base to Mac people in the 1990s, when times were very dark for them. I really think in 10 years' time Palm will dominate again. I just hope Palm users don't become as smug and condescending as Apple fanatics heh

A lot of those former webOS users now with an Evo or Epic will probably be able to upgrade again 4 months or so after the new Palm phones are out and many will come back. I don't think it hurts them too much.

Overall I am fine with it, the next few months will probably go by fast for me anyways. I just love the guys who insist webOS is dead if they wait 3-6 months to put stuff out, and they feel they should be taken serious when they say it. Give me your full resume, then I may ( just may, still probably not) take you as someone who knows anything about what is best for Palm/webOS.

Actally, it will be 18 months after the Pre was released and 24 months since it was announced. That IS a long time in the current market.

Now I don't feel too bad about giving my wife my upgrade for this year. I can wait a little while longer.

HP, since you're making us wait, it better be worth it! KILLER hardware AND exceptional battery life, (remember, they are pushing for business acceptance)

FASTER BOOT TIMES! It should not take my phone longer to boot than my PC! That is the biggest letdown that Palm gave me in a long time. A phone (Remember, these are PHONES, right?) should be ready to make a call within 15 seconds of hitting the power switch.

Don't make our old Touchstones obsolete! They are a little pricey and I'd prefer not to have to rebuy the 3 of them that I own.

I got my touchstones new through Amazon for $20 a pop. That's not pricey.

$14.95 at Verizon

It is for a paperweight...
Besides, I love the darn things and would honestly like all phones to go to this model of charging.

and that's why most people who had an upgrade available (on sprint) chose not to wait and went to android. maybe next june/july the kinks will be worked out and people will come back to it when the next upgrade is available.

-sent from my evo 4g


umm *clears throat* woohoo

So CES 2011 it is. Was really hoping it would be before Christmas, but I guess I can hold out for three more months. Better make it worth my time, HP. Thank God for the F105 kernel and all the various patches that make my Pre not just bearable but actually fun to use these days.

I concur, sir!


Consumer mindshare is as malleable as a well-funded ad campaign. A year ago a droid was something you weren't looking for and Android was still pretty small potatoes in the Smartphone world, no real threat to Apple. Hell the UI is still ugly and clunky and yet people buy them. Marketing and money are everything.

"Consumer mindshare is as malleable as a well-funded ad campaign."

Respectfully, you are absolutely wrong. If this were the case we would all be carrying Microsoft Kins and Knight and Day would be the summer blockbuster success of 2010.

Android is a completely different story. That platform success was backed by the technology pundit machine out of silcon valley - read free marketing worth untold hundreds of millions Palm did not have leftover to compete with come last fall. What story is better: Google vs. Apple or Apple vs. last breath Palm?

Further Android is licensed to how many handset makers?

I love WebOS too, but there is a pitfall to being a blind follower of anything. Marketing and money count, but they are simply not everything.

I'd say the statement should be "Consumer mindshare is as malleable as a well-executed ad campaign.... or brute force"

Spending lots of money is a side effect of a well executed plan (usually). But spending lots of money doesn't always mean you'll get any headway.

And android is a little of both. Verizon pumped a lot into "iPhone, pft, welcome to DROID" and google managed to spread it to everyone, hence brute force.

Palm did none, they relied on the elegant look and complete "wtf, where did that come from!?" and few ppl really care about what OS they use. Their ad campaign was terrible. They could only launch on Sprint. Too many things went wrong with what limited things they could do.

With that said, I will continue to hold out as long as my Pre holds.

Need specs before first week in November to keep me around, the Droid Pro looks very tempting...

I am sticking with my Pre Plus until the contract runs out or the phone does! Let's hope they do it right this time - With good hardware and a formidable webOS.

I think they (Palm

I sure hope we get a taste of 2.0 - I have been holding out for a long time (original Sprint pre user bought on release date). I have seen these "early next years," "within a few months" statements before - please see any article related to flash, docs to go, etc.......

Good chance i will be jumping ship soon if I don't hear something sound soon.

Empty promises suck.

Ditto. We better be waiting for some real baaad processors to be in full production. Personally I also am hoping for a beautiful screen (at least as nice as iphone 4) and some swype action for my virtual only keyboard. Basically, I want all of the iphone and android fun gadgets with WebOS. Demanding.

I have to agree with you on that. The Droid Pro is the first Android device that makes me consider switching. Beautiful device. I hope Palm has something to match it.

Droid pro... Seriously? Sure it has a 1GHz processor and the keyboard (might) be better. But the pre's screen is bigger and since you're on precentral, I'm sure you'll agree that webos is way better than android. I will admit though, it kills me to officially hear what we've all known yet didn't want to believe. I too hoped for a device this year but I can wait a little longer. Webos 2.0 should help with that. Especially with the new API's coming with it. The apps will be great. I do find it funny how some of the same people who were complaining about the supposed "mansion" device being lackluster. Don't want to wait for something superior. Don't worry about market share.. This is HP were talking about people. They're business partners run as deep as microsoft's.

The Droid Pro and Pre both have 3.1 inch screens with 320x480 resolutions (http://developer.motorola.com/products/droidpro/). I agree that webOS is better than Android, but I just wanted to clarify that the Pre doesn't have an advantage in terms of its screen. Hardware-wise, the Pre is completely inferior to the Droid Pro, which is to be expected since it was released last year.

I really think that's a good thing.
What this means is that they scrapped Palm's planned hardware. Thank goodness for that!
Hopefully they will come up with some sexy looking business class device.
It's yet another rebirth for Palm. Hopefully this time it's the real one. Something tells me we are in for a treat guys.

No firm date and no detailed specs by December means no WebOS for me. Come on HP!!

As long as it's not 'wait till early next year' PLUS 'release something that's just slightly better than what's out there now'

Palm, really, really needs a halo device - something that just blows the market away, even if they never sell a single one of them. Just something that really grabs your attention and focuses it on Palm and WebOS devices.

Oh, and wpavlik2 - don't forget that HP bought the 'Splashtop' instant-on Linux from Phoenix a while back - I'll be very, very disappointed if that technology isn't incorporated into the next WebOS platform (I know I love having it on my HP Mini - I probably only boot up Windows about 50% of the time now...)


I'm in no rush anymore, but I'm not waiting either. If I see a more interesting phone, I'm out. Sorry Palm.

I'm sorry I can't wait no longer, my upgrade is Nov 1st. Guess I'll be jumping to the next big thing for Sprint.

glad I got out in July with the EVO. Now my upgrade will be ready by time a new Palm is must-have. Unless the UI improves dramatically on Android or Palm isn't able to grab some of the must-have apps that I have on Android then I guess I'd stick with Google.

My body of my launch day Pre may not last until then but I'll continue to use rubber bands and crazy glue until she crumbles

I'm in the same boat. If HP doesn't have a new phone out by the time mine stops working I'm going to have to go Android.

You gus should have gotten equipment protection - I am on my fourth Pre. I was having the headphone/no sound issue on all of them before. I would have been screwed without equipment protection.

I've never had TEP and always had my smart phones last fine in the past. By the time this phone dies, not paying for TEP will pay for my next phone.

I sure hope this isn't another CES announcement followed by an actual release 6 months later!

that's exactly what I was thinking, but with HP, I'm guessing about a March timeline.

And to those asking why some waited so long to jump ship when we kept saying we were done waiting: this announcement was exactly what we were waiting for. Cell networks require contracts to get subsidized phones. We need to time our purchase right. For instance, I can now go get an Evo since my full upgrade has arrived in Oct. and in six months I can get a half upgrade deal, should the new Palm phone be out by then.

As they keep saying: 'it's just a phone. Why keep teasing like we're leaving Palm?' Because it's more than just a phone, douchefags, it's an investment. I can't just shell out $250 bucks on a new phone and accessories like those faithful probably can. I have a budget to think about, so it kind of pisses me off that they probably knew that they weren't coming out with anything new until after CES, but they still strung along the Palm Faithful, something I am proud to call myself.

So don't knock the frustrated Palm fans. We love the platform or we wouldn't be making the frustrated comments we make.



I don't think they are that stupid launching with the new Iphone and possibly a new Evo.

Next year HPalm? Really? How many new Android phones launch every week? Not that I'd want all of those android phones, but I am just saying. I would have loved to see the look on Rubies puss when he heard that bit of news.

Early next year had better mean January, and not June 30th. See Samsung for how to do a proper multi-carrier launch.

And why let this news out at an industry conference in Europe when US consumers have been loudly clamoring for a new device forever? Seems like a corporate behemoth blind spot that is not a good omen for sensitivity to the user base from HP. Disappointed.

there are some european palm owner also, you know? We are waiting also. Besides: this is the age of the internet. It doesn't matter at which place on earth you make an announcement as long as it got a web connection.

No offense, obviously there are loyal and excited European Palm owners. But let's be honest, if you want to excite the lions share of your user base, that wasn't a well thought out strategy for getting the word out, internet or not.

question is: will they come to Canada, and what service will they be on?

No doubt it will. With now I suspect it will be on both Bell and Rogers networks. There is no need for exclusives any more with HP behind them.

Not to mention the fact that they're both running GSM networks now (effectively, anyway)

Agreed...HP is not going to do an exclusive. They will push that phone out in every channel just like their PC's and printers.

the market is still growing. It's not too late for HP. It's actually not that important if a small poweruser fanbase already switched to android devices or not. HP isn't doing this for a small minority that seems to buy new phones every 3 month ;)

I seriously doubt my launch day Pre will make it to 'early next year', in fact I doubt it will make it to the end of this year. I'm not going to get a crappy interim phone when the Pre dies so looks like I'll be jumping ship too. Very dissapointing.

I'm with you. My body is shakey and it contstantly wants to switch to headphone mode in the middle of a call, even though i don't have a headphone in it.

If i'm going to pay the $50 replacement fee, i'm gonna just add $150 to that for the Epic 4G... :(

they shouldn't charge you for a defective device take it in and they will usually sub it out - last time i was without a phone for a few days. They should be charging you if lose it or get it wet. I have replaced 3 Pres now and I haven't been charged once for a replacement because it is a defective device.

The fix for the headphone jack problem is WD-40. My Pre (only my second!) was doing it constantly, even, as you say, on occasions when I hadn't put in any headphones. Take your headphone plug, cover it with WD-40, and insert and remove it until you get back to normal mode (might have to do that frantic stabbing action the first time). Once it works, you should be good to go for several months. If it sticks again (I'm on 3 months and no sticking) just repeat. This has worked on four separate Pres now; I have not encountered a device where this wasn't the problem.

I can't believe wd-40 and "fix the pre" are words being used together.

this just proves how sad and desperate the palm user base has become.

get ready for "duct tape" to be used shortly.

Already used to fix the ill-fitting battery

right with you my second one is developing a crack around the usb cover the same thing that took my first one out. Once that starts affecting operation I'll be forced to get a new phone. I've been with sprint for a long time and like them, so I'll stick with them, but if I was forced to get a phone right now it certainly wouldn't be an original pre.

Early next year is way to late! Most of the people who bought a launch day pre is due for a upgrade now and are ready for a new phone! If they don't stop dragging there feet they are just going to become more and more and more irreverent!

I love my palm pre and fans like me will wait, but regular consumers like my girlfriend will jump ship if they haven't already! We need MORE LEAKS MORE EXCITEMENT OR NO ONE WILL BE IN THE MARKET FOR A NEW PALM DEVICE!!!

"become more and more and more irreverent!"

Although that may be true, I am more concerned they will become irrelevant.

My upgrade is due next april, so i am not bothered in a way i am glad they are releasing something next year, i doubt releasing somthing now would of made a splash considering spec wise you can only go up to a 1ghz, even then soon as 2011 hits that phone would be old.

I am so hoping palm gets a first on the dual core cpu. Say what you want about Iphone iOS, you have to admit it is one lag free smartphones OS and i doubt the iphone 4 is 1ghz. I am more looking forward to webos 2.0 this year, ironing out all the kinks adding more features, making it smooth as butter etc etc who knows when next year hits we will be seeing 2.5 or 3.0.

Now that PALM has the billions, they have no excuse to come out with somthing really impressive and take on the big boyz..

I'm itching for a new phone as much as anyone else. The thing is I've been spoiled, I can't even imagine using a phone without webOS. As much as I want new hardware I would rather use my Pre held together by screen protectors than go without webOS.

im going to wait. i've used iphone, blackberry, and android and WebOS is the best OS. The multi-tasking is so necessary, i can't imagine using any other OS and there sad excuse for multi-tasking. Iphone has the best apps by far but thanks to MHS on my Pre i can use my ipod touch for all the cool apps.

the only bummer is my phone is stuck in headset mode, tried all the fixes but it just keeps reverting back to headset mode after 1 call. Too inconvenient to go to the store and deal with the repair people, so i guess only being able to talk on speaker phone isnt that much on in inconvenience.

I just hope whatever they come otu with has a physical keyboard. Multi-tasking, physical keyboard, MHS are my deal breakers

did you try webOS doctor?

Mine isn't stuck yet, but it will switch from Bluetooth to headset mode in the middle of a call. Tried the simple fix of sticking it in and out of the hole and that worked for a very short while, but it's inconsistent and REALLY annoying...

Have you done any of the interactive tests? One is for audio....WebOS Doctor maybe? if these fail take it to the store on a monday you will have new phone later in the week. I know it sucks, but it sucks way less than not having a functional phone

I am on my fourth Pre and all of them had issues with the headset/no sound. Take it in and get it replaced.

Re-post from above: The fix for the headphone jack problem is WD-40. My Pre (only my second!) was doing it constantly, even, as you say, on occasions when I hadn't put in any headphones. Take your headphone plug, cover it with WD-40, and insert and remove it until you get back to normal mode (might have to do that frantic stabbing action the first time). Once it works, you should be good to go for several months. If it sticks again (I'm on 3 months and no sticking) just repeat. This has worked on four separate Pres now; I have not encountered a device where this wasn't the problem.

I read that Flash will come to the Pre early next year also!!!

Oh wait, that was an old article... :/

My thoughts exactly - I heard the same for Docs to Go as well.

(I know Docs to Go has given up on the WebOS community - I like to be sarcastic based on all of the empty promises we have been told.)

Maybe this next one will sync with Itunes too - hahahahahaha

As a Sprint Pre Minus user, nothing has made me want to switch to Evo more than this announcement right here. Though disappointed, I'd be satisfied with a Pre Plus on Sprint, if they had it. Now I have at least another quarter-year wait until can upgrade.

To compound the situation, my family wants to switch from Verizon to Sprint to save on phone bills. I've been telling them to hold off until October for a new phone announcement. Now I'll have to consider telling them to just go ahead and get the Evo, but that means the Evo for me as well, as I'm effectively tech support. I could just pick up a Pre Plus and hack it for Sprint, but my family would still be up a creek.

PAAAAALM! I'm getting tired of waiting on you. Seriously, release SOMETHING!

maybe new device in europe is early next year and in the US the end of this year.... I can dream can't I?

This thought had crossed my mind also since reports have shown new model numbers coming to Verizon this month. It's quite possible they can be releasing just another memory upgrade, but I haven't seen any advertisements coming yet, so it's also possible they've pulled it.

Another issue Palm may be facing is that this month or next month Windows Mobile 7 is going to be released. So they've held off when iphone 4 came out to not get drowned in that media coverage, and they're probably thinking the same thing about wm7.

Unfortunately for Palm though, they've been missing the boat alot lately and it will reflect poorly on them. Many customers still hanging on their Pre's from Sprint just aren't going to keep holding out with legacy hardware. Another unfortunate mishap is their designing of a smaller res screen than the iphone. Unfortunately whether or not this will make a difference in viewing, HPalm should know that the media will compare spec for spec. So holding a phone with a higher res will always win in the consumer eye (on paper and in the news). This will hurt palm if they keep this res and release it next year. Apple will have the upper hand for over 6 months, even after they decide to revamp the design. That won't look good for HPalm.

What is a "tech industry in Barcelona"? A conference? Since he is a VP in Europe he could be referring to a Europe release. The whole thing is quite vague.

Alright, I'm just glad to get a time frame. Now I can stop checking Pre Central every day hoping for an announcement. I am actually still quite happy with my Pre, and can wait a while.

At this point, I am not sold on getting another Palm phone. They will really have to put out something great to be a contender, and I would rather them wait and do it right. If they wait and put out something subpar (or even on par) I will get something else. I love palm, but I hate getting apps a year behind everyone else, or in most cases, not at all. Palm needs market share for devs and they need ground-breaking phones for market-share. Do it right palm, and I'll hang in there with you.

Pre Central, Woot and Dilbert... My daily dose.

I'm not going to stop checking here though, there's always good information to be found.

That's perfect for me, as I'm eligible for an upgrade in February. They'd better still have a model with a physical keyboard, though. I'm fine with models without them, but please Palm, don't take away the option all together.

I dont get these folks who claim they cant hold out....lol. If you cant wait, then flee.

If you are apart of PreCentral there shouldnt be much of a complaint to wait until HP gets it right rather than rushing to market to please an extreamly few (note webOS doesnt have many users per data compared to other OS).

I now can see why they have been on a buying frenzie, and I think we will see it all come together starting with the releases in 2011, then it will be game on to compete with the BIG boys.

I got a day 1 Pre (on my 2nd) and couldnt be happier with it b/c homebrew has been a lifeline. I think HP will give us the best of all worlds with mutiple form-factors (droids), but all running the latest webOS (unlike Apple)....of course the flagship will allow for better perks b/c of hardware.

Be patient, keep the faith and onward to enjoying the beauty of the greatest OS known to mankind and awesome hardware!

PS: for the fragile and weak who cant wait, toodaloo and enjoy your new droid, iphone or whatever.



Thanks for that. :)

Some thoughts:

P|C has maybe 5000 users give or take and lets assume a HIGH number of "Palm Defectors" (PD's) at 2500 which is 50% of the P|C community. That's 2500 gone.

We added 200,000 users last quarter with no ads and the same 'ol WebOS phones to hold 4.9% of the market. Using another grossly exaggerated figure and assume 100,000 Pre\Pixi owners left for Android\iPhone , that's still a net 50% gain in users.

2.6 million users isn't huge, but it's not small either. If 10% of those users buy a $2.99 app, that's over 3/4 of a million in revenue right there. I doubt all those devs out there are saying "Bah, I don't want 3/4 of a million in income, that's chump change." *rolleyes*

There's MORE webOS phones in the wild now than ever not less, and more devs are jumping on board everyday.

So don't wait, leave, be happy. We'll be fine. :)

Sigh...I guess I'll be loyal and keep waiting.
I have the original pre. The pixi is a step backwards and the pre plus is not worth it for me thanks to the Govnah app.

What sucks is that I have many friends that are ready for a new phone within the next month. I've convinced them webos is awesome but it's tough to compete with the hardware that's out there TODAY. the HTC EVO and the Iphone 4 continues to take potential HPalm customers.

Do you really have to take this much time to do it right? I mean the iphone 4 had the antenna issues yet (i believe) more iphone 4 devices have been sold than Pre and Pixi devices.

This is good news! HP said to hell with your initial hardware, our ideas are better. Plus we have a definite timeframe now. No more precentral spam on when is the phone coming?.

It really doesn't matter to me anymore. I've waited more than a year, what's another couple months? At least there's something of wow, to look forward to.

Face it folks, we had an inkling down in our guts that we didn't want to admit it. It only means HP is reqlly in it to win it. Big splash at CES. I can't wait.

I'm actually anticipating them announcing, at CES, at least one phone to be released immediately and an entire suite of WebOs phones, pads, printers, players, prostitutes.... (err, sorry, got carried away with the p's)... etc. All working seamlessly with your HP laptops and desktops.

Come PREpared or Go Home!

"No more precentral spam" LOL love it

LOL. Only on "Hope"-Central would "early next year" be referred to as a definite time-frame!

Waiting to get the hardware right is a good thing. In the meantime, Palm should continue to hone WebOS to make it more usable on the current hardware. If it runs fast on what we have now, it will scream on newer hardware.

For starters, how about using the GPU in the UI, and not just for full screen PDK/Game apps?

People scream for new hardware, yet WebOS isn't even taking advantage of the hardware we already have yet.

Too bad. I really thought it would be this year. My pre is limping along with a growing crack near the US port and a ringer switch that is erattic. Maybe it can make it till early next year.

My speculation on the Palm product cycle.

Most companies work on their next gen phones even before they release the current model because it takes 18 mo or so from start to production. Palm probably already had plans in the works on the next gen phone when they released the original. Often the next gen is modest improvements; higher res cam; more memory; os upgrade; maybe different screen size; etc. That way they can keep 9 mo to 1 year upgrade cycles.

Problem with Palm is the first gen hardware was so poorly recieved that late summer/early fall 2009, I am speculating here, Palm had to reboot their next gen phone and start over from scratch. 18 mo from say Sept 2009 is Feb 2011. Even if Palm may have been ready late this year, the HP aquisition probably added some changes to the design...

Just my thoughts.

my upgrade is not until december,pre is in like new shape,,once I am eligible I won't have to wait long.

We don't have to worry about switchers defecting to android and iOS anymore. HP is not trying to keep it's loyals, it's trying to do it right and bring in everybody who doesn't know about webOS with a big show at CES.

As an early adoptor in the UK my 18 month contract in not up until early next year anyway so as long as they have a new device out by then I dont mind.

some people it seams are never happy, the moment the iPhone 4 came out they started specilating what the iphone 5 would be like!. For me the Pre it still a pleasure to use so i am happy so use a little patience to see what they come up with.

Here's the part that intrigues me -- the Pre Plus for Verizon was announced at CES 2010. I wonder if that means HP was targeting upgrade eligibility for Verizon owners rather than Sprint owners? I still think they are most likely to do a multi-carrier launch though.

As noted in the Rumours article, early next year is what my very trusted source said. My upgrade was last month, but my Pre- is holding up just fine and I love webOS. What with OC'ing and patches, my Pre is just how I want it. I can wait.

I just hope the phone(s) are cool enough (which I know I'll think so) to bring new people to WebOS and Palm

duplicate post

It's about time they said something! At least we won't be expecting something before the end of the year. Sounds like another CES debut to me. That's cool. I can ride with the Pre for a bit longer.



Now I need to Super Clock my Pre to maintain. And push in a memory card. :(

The next Web OS device annouced at CES better be made of gold, have 128Gb of memory, super 10MP camera, shot blue ray video, boots up before you press the power button, can stop a bullet at close range, 7 inch eye ball retina screen, made of gorilla glue, have a talk/ data time of 3 wks, can cook me breakfast, and drive me to work,......

not Gorilla Glue, Graphene! It should have a Graphene Screen!!!


Gorilla Glass?

I can wait and hope it's really eary in 2011. It would help if we get webOS 2.0 soon and it works on original Sprint Pre.

I agree. A more robust, more efficient, and better supported webOS 2.0 running on a Sprint Pre would go a long way to keep the original adopters from jumping ship.

I agree with them. Remember when the Pre came out and it got lackluster reviews because it was incomplete. Over a few months, it got the fixes it needed. Imagine if it came out with video recording at launch and the email worked. Imagine if it came out at the same time as the Pixi on multiple carriers. This market is not a "get your foot in the door" market. We want to see a splash. I'm sure WebOS 2.0 will be able to hold us off till Feb/March.

I'll wait ... if my Pre survives that long.

(I noticed the first tiny hint of Oreo-effect yesterday. The phone's well over a year old, so some physical breakdown isn't upsetting, but it does set the clock ticking ... )

Knew my Pre diction was right when I said Palm will come out with a new phone after CES and by the time it comes out I could buy an Evo and a year later palm will have a new phone...glad I didn't wait in Jun.

Anyway while everyones waits Motorola just made a Pre of its own called the Spice after showing its version of the Pixi the Droid pro for Android.

Wow, those phones are such Palm rip offs. haha. Looks like crap though.

i'm with the above posters. This was a conference in Europe, a statement by a Euro exec. This may be just the Euro release time frame?

Here's to hoping this announcement is for Europe, and US is still this year.

(no flaming from across the pond. This would be the same release pattern as the Pre's)

Two years to release another flagship device? You must be fucking joking.

Palm will be so forgotten by the time this comes out that they would release a monster and still get nowhere. That's just too long when a consumer can upgrade every 6 months.

Thats ridiculous, they said the iPhone model was pushing it, and it is, but its the single most popular phone in the world. They aren't trying to catch up. Palm's "ready to go" hardware map was either non-existent or total shite. I think the former, ad they have been stringing us along nicely. I feel more than disappointed, I'm angry.

well, think about how long it took motorola to come up with a successful replacement for the RAZR...

I wish they would've just come out at said this sooner. I've been eligible for an upgrade for a while now, but i've holding off for a new webOS device thinking one would be nearby. Now I learn I could have gotten an EVO and switched back to WebOS fairly painlessly. Feels like a slap in the face...

someone mentioned that jumping ship is fragile and weak... What's really fragile and weak is the Pre's build. I wouldn't have a problem waiting if my USB door wasn't cracked, my power button stuck, my slider wobbling, and my headphone jack being erratic.

I don't think it's 'weak' to leave...
but I made it this far, might as well keep truckin.

Re-post from above: The fix for the headphone jack problem is WD-40. My Pre (only my second!) was doing it constantly, even, as you say, on occasions when I hadn't put in any headphones. Take your headphone plug, cover it with WD-40, and insert and remove it until you get back to normal mode (might have to do that frantic stabbing action the first time). Once it works, you should be good to go for several months. If it sticks again (I'm on 3 months and no sticking) just repeat. This has worked on four separate Pres now; I have not encountered a device where this wasn't the problem.

+1 I could of got an evo also but I been waitting and waiting. How long are we suppose to wait?

Ok so i'll wait to see what's up...still loving my Pre...Sprint upgrade is in December anyway! :]]

1.5 GHz multi-core processor, 4G (WiMax 2 & LTE),3.5 - 4 inch hi-res display, physical portrait KB, front-facing camera, 5+ MP camera with zoom & flash, FM transmitter, 802.11 B/G/N, HDMI, plenty of memory, removable storage, battery life, the list goes on...

Add BlueTooth 4.0 and you've got it.

"FM transmitter"???

Did you mean FM receiver for FM radio?

I think he means both.

The EVO supposedly has an FM transmitter inside, but there weren't active drivers for it last I'd heard.

First phone to have a functional FM transmitter will be pretty enticing for me. To be able to listen to your music on any speakers with an FM receiver attached, and to be able to stop that music and pick up an incoming call, like ya do.... that would be uber sweet.

While I want a new phone as much as anyone, I wonder if it's the best thing for HP to release a phone s their first WebOS device.

With all the buzz about tablets these days, I wonder if it would be better to get a tablet out. Make it wireless capable and get it out to all the carriers & retail outlets. People are looking @ tablets right now. If they could see a WebOS tablet sitting beside an iPad, Tab, etc, I think people would be more likely to play with and enjoy that easier than trying to unearth a phone buried in the corner with salespeople trying to usher you to their big display in the middle of the store with something, bigger, "better", faster.

I think it might be easier to get NEW customers in the tablet, rather than phone, market.

They've already announced the PalmPad, my hope is they'll Release the PalmPad and a cutting edge PalmPost phone at CES and they'll announce a Slate (:^)) of other WebOs products to be released in the first half of the year.

Really think it is going to be multiple phone form factors (with and without keyboard) and the PalmPad all released at the same time... if they are going to make a splash with HP webOS... make it big. Hell they may in pre-view the a webOS printer as well...