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HP "not walking away from webOS," say execs at all-hands webOS GBU meeting 137

by Derek Kessler Thu, 18 Aug 2011 6:18 pm EDT

As you might imagine, today’s news out of HP came as a shock to almost everybody working in the webOS Global Business Unit (formerly known as Palm, Inc.). According to details give to This Is My Next, an all-hands meeting was called, chaired by webOS GBU VP Stephen DeWitt, who made it clear that HP will continue work on webOS, with the likely end goal of licensing the OS. He was reportedly “adamant,” saying that “We are not walking away from webOS,” with the goal of having the platform’s future outlined by within two weeks. HP VP, Personal Systems Group, pointed out that HP could license webOS, since it’s designed to work on popular Qualcomm chips.

If you ask us, this sounds like a gaggle of executives caught off guard by their bosses, trying desperately to spin something positive to their employees. It’s not pretty, and the fact that they’re admitting that “they don’t have all the answers today” tells us that even executives as high as Bradley didn’t know what was happening. Both Bradley and DeWitt reportedly stated that the reason webOS wasn’t succeeding was because of the lackluster hardware (agreed) and that they need to stop “trying to force non-competitive products into the market.”

Our read: HP has little interest in webOS anymore. They don’t want to walk away, because they’ve likely spent at least a few billion dollars on it, and walking away would be tantamount to treason at a company that values shareholder value over all else. So they have to find a way to get money out of what they spent, which means continuing development on webOS until they can find somebody who’s willing to license it, or buy it. Can this community handle another change of ownership? We don’t know, but at least webOS would still be alive. If HP can’t find a buyer or licensees, webOS is as good as dead.

Source: This is my next


"Our read: HP has little interest in webOS anymore. They don’t want to walk away, because they’ve likely spent at least a few billion dollars on it, and walking away would be tantamount to treason at a company that values shareholder value over all else. So they have to find a way to get money out of what they spent, which means continuing development on webOS until they can find somebody who’s willing to license it, or buy it."

I agree. And frankly, WebOS has failed 2 times. Its highly unlikely that someone will license it for a 3rd round, not in this economy. No need to risk manufacturing costs and advertising for a platform that's 0-2.

I guess its time to pack up my Pre Plus.

We won't walk away from it == we'll keep the backup safe in our datacenter.

We will look to maximize value == we don't know what to do with it, but hopefully it will come in handy someday.

It's going into that big warehouse in Raiders of the Lost arc where the government stores stuff!

"We have top men working on webOS right now"

Time to go to Sprint and see what types of phones they have. Android is the choice most likely. Make note that there may be a rush at Sprint to make sure that all data which is replicated to the cloud is preserved and converted over to the next smart phone.
HP really screwed up on this.
Let's **** our customers, let's **** our employees, management had no clue.

This is my last entry on this website... Sad to say. I spent $500 on a Touchpad tht has now been rendered useless! I an past the return window Screwed!!! With no Vacilene. I will never even by another produt with the name HP on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No developer is going to write App's anymore! So it's really going to be dead,

my Palmas is not useless. I do worry that the OS will do no further development, like doing html5 better. It does do today what it did yesterday tho.

Palmas=PalmPad. Freaking spellchecker

Everybody Off!

How the **** is Leo still CEO? The Board will look at the stock tomorrow and I hope Leo gets kicked out.

He couldn't even explain to his investors why HP is "transforming"

Is this their idea of Makin it right????? WTF?

Looking at his background, I would guess it's the other way around. This is happening BECAUSE Apotheker is CEO.


Yep. I pretty much think this is why they got him. to stop them from burning money. They bought webos before he was appointed. and i they had declining pc sales so i think this in fact is the effort to right the ship they wanted. I think it probably just still hurts and is still a shock.

If they brought him in to stop the bleeding, then he should have cut the device development off at the knees before they spent all that money on hardware and developer relations.

Let's face it, Leo is an F'n class A moron! If you get to the point where this stuff isn't moving as well as you like, price it to sell so that you minimize your losses and have a chance to actually get an uptick in share, which could lead to the platform actually coming back. Now, they are going to be out millions due to this PR disaster. I mean, they didn't even have all of their execs up to speed on what was happening! How f'n clueless can a CEO be? The man failed at SAP, and HP to a shot and blew their was all over he place with this guy. If the board had any brains left, they would 1) immediately fire Leo and his whole support staff, 2) announce that everything with regards to the PC sell off and the stopping of webOS devices is now null and void, and 3) get someone in there that knows how to sell hardware, and understands that you can sell all of this stuff for a small loss per unit, as opposed to writing it all off!

I just can't believe what an idiot Leo turned out to be. I suspected as much from earlier reports, now this confirms it. Put Bradley in charge. Then, maybe, HP's stock might stop tanking.

"get someone in there that knows how to sell hardware, and understands that you can sell all of this stuff for a small loss per unit, as opposed to writing it all off!"

...like, they can hire ME? that is what I was repeating all along, they should have been breaking even/taking a small hit by every TouchPad/Veer/Pre 3 sold, and building users/developers base in the process. Like, say, $300-$350 for 16GB version, +$50-$75 for 32 GB version, $150-200 Veer unlocked, $300-350 Pre 3 unlocked.

At the end of the year, there wold be solid sale results, possibility to license the OS, webOS would get a lifeline. Possibly, if Pre 3 get supported properly by carriers, it could get VERY VERY good sales, and reasonable return.

Couldda, shouldda, wouldda....

Stock at close is down 6%, about the same as many of the high tech stocks; however, the stock is down about 40% in the last 5 months.

What this highlights is the poor leadership of HP:

1) They should have known the financial investment prior to the purchase (R&D, Carrier, Development costs, etc.). They paid $1.2B, but should have known this was an investment and would cost much, much more. If they didn't, very naive leadership.

2) Obvious lack of communication--even through the upper levels of the corporation. Think of how badly the new employees must feel who were brought on to support webOS as it was the future.

3) It is such a big company, the financial headlines & highlights of the articles written about HP don't even mention webOS. All about their new acquisition.

Love webOS but glad I dumped the HPQ stock months ago.

This whole PR disaster reeks of stupidity at the helm. I have a feeling that we might have seen devices like the Pre 3 out much earlier if it wasn't for Leo. I think he wanted to turn HP into a software company from the start, and making this ship look like a **** with the hardware unit attached helps him achieve that goal. If the board was smart, they'd whack his **** right now before the stock tanks even further tomorrow.

Come on HTC and Samsung! Please get webOS away from these idiots.

Who would want to license or buy WebOS after they just told the world how unprofitable of a platform it is?

It was handled so poorly by HP and Palm. I'll bet that HTC & Samsung often looked at the development and just shook their heads. One of them will grab the patents and make webOS successful.

It's nice to have hope. Maybe Samsung Think Beyond 2013 will be the big turnaround for WebOS.

The absolute best hope for WebOS at this point is that someone leaks the source code so at least the diehard fans have something to keep them going for a couple years.

In other news: 2012 will be the year of Linux on the desktop.

You're living in lala land..

In other words "Just wait..."

Story of webOS.



Return your TouchPad ASAP before it is too late! Get your money back now!

Do not allow yourselves to be robbed by HP. They only dropped the price because the TP's will not be worth much tomorrow.

If you thought you saved $100, think again, you are actually losing much more than that.


LMAO, waiting for it to hit 200 before I grab one

In a month, TP16 $125 TP32 $150

And for all the people that trash talked Sprint and got all smug about their Veers,....have a good time in that two year contract and that $350 ETF. :)

Man! Best Buy is gonna be PISSED!!!!!

LOL, that was my first thought when I heard they pulled the plug on WebOS.

The PC spinoff news broke at 11:45 and I wasn't sure where the GBU fell in the structure, but I knew ENVY was in the PC group.

HP may have signed their own death warrant. Who could trust them now?

I was in Best Buy today and saw someone about to purchase 4 TPs. I told him HP just canceled the Touchpad and they'd soon be worthless.

Oh, I don't know, maybe companies like HTC that are about to lose the ability to import Android headsets into the US because Android violates Apple patents (even if the patents are stupid, it's been ruled as such). Android is in serious jeopardy as a platform. Google's move to buy Moto Mobility is a desperate move to try and shore up patents, using patents that haven't even been winning court cases lately.

Quite frankly, I wouldn't be shocked if Android is either banned in the US, or requires $50-100 in license fees for each unit be paid to MS and Apple by the end of this year. webOS, on the other hand, is protected by the Palm portfolio which includes patents on smartphones. Apple wouldn't even try to touch the platform in court for fear of having to pay out the nose themselves.

Samsung is in the same boat as HTC, but it would obviously be better if the platform was licensed to multiple makers, as then it would have a chance.

In my opinion, even if this was true, they seriously shot themselves in the foot by making the announcement before something was arranged.

This could have be a great selling point for, say, HTC. Give them exclusive rights to produce WebOS phones and negotiate that HP will not compete. But now? Now not only do people believe the OS is dead, but HP is going to let that idea permeate for another couple of weeks before they get their asses in gear enough to try and come up with a plan.

I really want WebOS to survive, but after that press release it needs a plan announced RIGHT NOW. It may already be too late.

HP S U C K S!!!

lol. this morning you'd be called a troll.

im no trll. i bought a touchpad at $500... im mad as **** .. shouuld went wth ipad.. hate apple but their stuff just works..

This evening, he's a victim.

How do you reconcile the top two stories currently on the site?

We're not walking away, but we don't want to own this or spend money on it anymore either?

Sounds like the worst kind of absentee parent.

If not walking away from webOS is anything like taking care of their "legacy device" owners, then webOS is beyond screwed.

As opposed to the companies not obsessed with share price? Commitment to excellent products first, is one of the things even haters can like about the big fruit.

Credit where do, at least SJ never lies and always delivers... for the most part.

I dont get it who invests $1.2+ BILLION and doesnt find every way in the world to make it work and be successful!! Not to mention that WebOS is by far the best, easiest, and most intuitive mobile OS out there!! I have used all of them iOS, Android, all of them except mango and WebOS just is SO MUCH better I dont get why its not successful!! HP should have licensed it out from day one. So disappointed!!

A company you don't want to buy shares in - that's who.


I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON MY FAVORITE PLATFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO MATTER HOW LONG OR HOW MUCH IT TAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can almost cry, when hearing all this............

they could've handled this much smarter, as mentioned earlier.....

i am so disappointed with HP, all that big speech on the think beyond event, on how big HP is and the scale of HP, all **** I have been rocking my pre- since it first came out in the UK. i said to myself i will only switch OS if webos ended up like the way it did today, Stuff this!!! going to give IOs a try.

not going to lie. I feel pretty burned right now. HP has lost me as a customer for any future products but they don't care cause they are getting rid of their entire consumer line anyways. I've been a pretty loyal HP customer over the years buying laptops and such but this is just not how you should do business.

They are getting out of that business to.

I said that. I said they don't care cause their getting rid of their consumer line. Thanks for reading my comment .......

HP fucq you

Well, glad I didn't jump ship to get the Veer on AT&T. The biggest question is is anyone willing to wait the 6 to 12 months it will take for another manufacture to develop new WebOS devices? Maybe they can drag out old Jon and have him repeat "Coming soon." over and over.

I'm sure the bottom line is that HP gained a lot of patents that they can use to tie up their competition over the next 10 years. Were they ever really committed to WebOS at all? The signs were there when they announced that they wouldn't be supporting older devices. A lot of this has to do with the leadership changes that seemed to happen right after they took over Palm. Different CEO with different vision.

"another manufacturer to develop new WebOS devices?" Are you effing serious?

That is just not gonna happen now, sorry to burst your bubble.

as rep. joe wilson infamously yelled at president obama:

"You Lie!"

I don't plan on buying anything from HP again. I am boycotting them.

They do not deserve any more of my money. they just lost a customer FOREVER. again fucq you HP. go hang out with your douche friends at the fruit bench.

Again, today's events are a far worse indictment of HP as opposed to webOS.

If I were a HPQ shareholder (I am not - phew) I would be livid about how this whole acquisition and rollout was handled. I agree that heads should roll because of it.

If I were an HTC shareholder, I would want my board to seriously consider picking up the Palm division at what would likely be a bargain basement price.

Agreed, we need HTC to get WebOS and make those slab phones sparkle with it.

htc just bought beats, i doubt they will licence webos

Actually they bought the controlling interest in beats IIRC.

"We're not walking away" is usually only said by people who are figuring out how they are going to walk away.


Licensing opportunities was the rally cry when Palm insisted they were not going to sellout.

I guess Layho dream of being as cool as Apple isn't going to happen.

He gave it a couple of months. Good effort Layho.

Jesus Fornicating Christ!!! Is there one straight man in the whole company?! Every one of these bums are selling snake oil with the intent on lieing even when caught red handed! ( I know I spelled Lie wrong but I refuse to use anything else)

I hope HP sells WebOS to Google or to Apple to improve their smartphones. I'm going to start looking very soon to buy something else. Too bad for HP. Pre3 was just too late.

No emergency podcast today? This is probably the biggest news that we ever could get in this community.

Ditto, there should be a podcast today.

this train wreck has come to and end

The wreck is over, but the fire is just starting. Tomorrow, the tanker cars explode with price cuts as each retailer scrambles to rid themselves of dead product.

Palm Pre died at 8 months.
Pre Plus died at 2 months
Veer died at 4 months.
Touchpad died at one month and a day.

I just don't get it, I have used the Iphone, owned the Nexus One (android) and many nokias (Symbian) and even though they all are great phones in their own particular ways, webos in my own humble opinion, beats them all overall. Yes they all have thousands of apps, but when it gets down to usability, there is no point of comparison. I own a Pre 2 GSM and i really love it! Yes, it could use some extra apps like an skype client, decent navigation software and a few others but I don't use these apps enough to really miss them.
Anyway, it is sad to hear all this. I really wanted to buy the Pre 3... and perhaps I will anyway if I can find it that is.

Regardless of how things end up, thank you precentral, homebrew... you guys have made this great OS close to perfect!!

Regardless of how things end up, thank you precentral, homebrew... you guys have made this great OS close to perfect!!


The problem is they haven't built webOS around hardware that gets people excited. Not enough wow factor.

Remember that with Android they got you excited with the hardware and a lot of "push" from the carriers.

Another move will likely be strike 3 - Let's call the game now and move on.
Maybe RIM will buy WebOS and keep their excellent email back-end, but even they are to far behind now.

Thank for everything PreCentral!

Google just purchased Motorola for 12 billion to get their patents. They should pony up and purchase Palm from HP for one tenth the cost to get their patents as well. It won't keep WebOS alive except to incorporate aspects of it into Android. But, that is really that best we can hope for at this point.

Maybe I'm taking it too personally, but I am really hurt by this news. I believed them when they said they were in it "for the long haul" and it being a marathon not a sprint. I believed them when they told me to be patient, big things are coming, but they lied. I told all my friends about how much cooler my Pre+ was when I got it... Then I told them about how much cooler my TouchPad was... Now I'm stuck with $700 worth of abandonware (I got my TouchPad opening weekend, before the firesale prices). Oh wait I have that $50 to spend on the apps that won't be supported or updated. This one cuts deep HP, I truly believed the things you told me.

Why on earth would you believe that a highly competitive market like the one HP is in is a "marathon?"

Well if you think about it, lately the American style of "business" hasn't been about the "long haul".

I think Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon, are in it for the long haul...

It's about making investors and stockholders happy.

Just sell to Google already (at least the patents). Give them all the patents so they can at least incorporate the card system, and maybe the "synergy"-integrated chat system into Android. And that'd give them enough ammo against Darth Jobs in the patent war.

Frankly, I don't care what OS I'm using, as long as it's simple like webOS, with the support and developer size of Android/Apple....and as long as it isn't an iPhone.

Whatever you do, don't let Apple buy you. For the love of God, I hate Steve Jobs and this damn patent war that he's started.

You can't blame Steve Jobs for the patent wars. It was Google who decided to not play by the rules...

dang... I'd prefer Windows or IOS to have the card system than Android.

If android got rid of their ridiculous 4 buttons on their phones, added gestures and implemented card view... I would love them long time!

webOS is dead! long live webOS! And i just bought a touchpad last week :/

Return it now!!! Do it before it's too late

So, what the **** are we supposed to touch to share with now? I was an early adopter and spent the full $600 on a 32gb touchpad and now I own a brick which no developer will spend time building apps for. So much for document editing of word docs. I want my money back. This was a total **** job!!!

me too man; me too:(

What the heck was the appeal about tapping to share URL's with your phone & touchpad anyways? Just curious..

well you see you could ... and then when you are going out with your tablet ...and also...touch to share ftmfw

oh and just in case they didn't read it before. fucq you HP.

There will be a podcast on WOR http://www.webosroundup.com/2011/08/special-edition-of-webosradio-live-t...

I hope for HTC webOS with BEATs ...

Bye WebOS. If you got a Touchpad, turn it back now. Most retailers have a 30-day return policy. Don't forget to wipe your data via your HPWebOS.com profile


Who's left holding an empty OS bag?
HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericcson.... any big players willing to step up?

SE is not doing well enough to risk it, LG is struggling worse the Motorola was, Samsung has bada but has the money too,HTC doesn't know wtf it is doing

SE might have the background to do it with it's media content and electronics background to provide a good starter ecosystem.

My big question is how long will HP continue to run the Palm/HPwebOS.com profile servers. Once those go offline, the only way to activate your phones, should something happen to them, is the activation bypass hacks.

"We're committed to WebOS, just not the things it operates."

So what good is an Operating System that doesn't have a system to operate?

Last year, I hoped for Apple to purchase Palm. I know the egos of most of this community could not handle that, but I knew that Apple would pick the few things that their phones COULDN'T do well and incorporate them. (PS- I don't care if Apple doesn't have an "open" system; when you have EVERY freaking developer on the planet making apps for your phone, it doesn't matter!) I was completely worried that someone who didn't have a clue would end up with webOS. Sadly, I (as most of us) didn't have a clue that HP didn't have a clue.

"I repeat. There are NO U.S. troop on Iraqi soil!"

bought my TP at Best Buy, return period has passed. Have an original Pre from Sprint, bought the TP to pair with my coming PRE 3.

What do I do now HP?

my next printer will be a Kodak, my next laptop a Dell my next technology company will not **** me the way you did, HP you owe your customers something and not free app credits either.

I remember being nervous when they said that HP was buying Palm. I worried that they would get swallowed up in such a big company and then forgotten. Then I convinced myself to let my worries go and buy into HP. What a mistake!! I'm sitting here trying to grasp what just happened. I bought a Touchpad on July 1. Now I find out that I own an overpriced paperweight. I can't return it and now I know there won't be any support for it nor any new apps. I hope someone out there is a lawyer and is willing to file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of us TouchPad owners that just got screwed by HP. I will never buy a HP product ever again!!!

“trying to force non-competitive products into the market.” - the Pre3 isn't even out yet. Did they expect to blow everybody's minds with the veer? Or become number one plus with the Touchpad?

Those marketing guys are fools, aren't they?

I echo most of the sentiments. SAD. MADDENING ACTUALLY. HP TOTALLY FAILED AND DROPPED THE BALL. I too will NEVER buy an HP product.

Along with Sony Betamax another excellent product bites the dust! Tragic!

Regardless of how things end up, thank you precentral, homebrew... you guys have made this great OS close to perfect!! I got so much milage out of Pre Plus because of you guys.

I'll use my TouchPad and remember how much potential it had in addition to the really cool device it is today.

Everybody Off...last one turn the lights out.

It is a sad day to see what was and still is a very elegant and advanced operating system being effectively killed by a large corporate, however it doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows how historically Hp operate. It was always going to be a big ask for any webOS product to gain traction in the market, and ultimately Hp was never going to be the right partner to achieve this.

Unfortunately, the chances of another vendor such as HTC or Samsung picking up webOS and porting it to their own devices is nil. These guys are selling Android handsets as quickly as they can make them, and there is no benefit in picking up a platform with little market share. Samsung have already been there with Bada, and seen limited success.

Currently there are people trying to put a spin on the Google/Motorola deal in that this will cause upheaval and nervousness with the Android OEM's, however the reality is far from this. Google are purchasing Motorola as an insurance policy for Android. Google understand that success is measured by market penetration, and they want to "own" the user and not the hardware. They will not jeopardise the existing relationships they have in place with existing manufacturers. The Google/Moto deal won't result in seeing webOS on a Galaxy S2, however much this might be everyone's perfect wet dream

Ultimately the best thing that could happen for webOS is for it to be purchased by Google, and to see some of the finest bits of it folded into the Android OS. webOS needs a company that is fully committed to software R&D. Hp have proved they don't have the stomach for this, and with the exception of Bada, Samsung and HTC wouldn't be prepared to take on the commitment and cost that webOS would need to keep it viable

no need to panic
WebOS is an open system & is about to get even more open
HTC or Motorola hardware doesn't really matter, though I had hopes that HP could parlay its own excellence in building first rate small devices along with the infusion from Compaq & Palm into a superior tool for business & life
I am still considering getting the recently announced 64 GB TP with the hopped up processor to compliment my 32 GB TP
HP would be foolishly short sighted if they sell off this division, IMHO, but if it does, the superiority of an open source system will prevail, particularly for any Internet based system




Sooooo should I stop waiting for what they are gonna do for us original pre owners! Scum. I like how this comes out someone at HP says in the next couple weeks they will figure out where webos is going, sound familiar? I felt it coming and as much I loved webos I am so glad I jumped ship well before it hit the ice burg today.

I once said HP ran a marathon like they were intent on crossing the finish line last, while losing control of their boules. Now there's a need for a correction, HP **** the bed and missed the race.

Not only is this the day that WebOS died, this is the day that HP died. They just announced they can't manage their way out of an open paper bag.

Massive Company, Massive layoff's coming, followed by Massive Bonuses for the Executives followed by their departure and the bankruptcy procedings.

Is Obama's brother running HP?

no kidding - we've heard this before....

I returned my $300 Touchpad at Staples early afternoon, came home, read an email from my friend that webOS just got killed by HP. Happy that I returned the Touchpad, I like it, but only for the software. But lets face it, while webOS was pretty, it was slooooooooow. I loved everything about it (I'm still using a 6/6/09 Pre) it was a slow OS. Even with 1GB of RAM and two Cores running at 1.2GHz, this OS is sluggish. In a weird kind of way, I'm glad this happened, now I can move on from webOS without regrets.

HP think about this, webOS root problem was lacking those popular apps. If you just spend $500M more to developers, let say $1M each for super famous apps and $500K for famous apps. WebOS will get at least 800 attractive apps and will be back on the game.

Lack of apps was but ONE of the root problems. Fixing that alone is not enough.

Change pre central back to green!


I think the Google/Moto deal sealed this, in addition to lackluster sales. I know HPalm has patents and those seem to be as valuable as anything right now. I bet HP takes a close look at all it's IP and sells what it doesn't need to GoogleMoto/Apple/M$ft/HTC/Samsung/RIM or a playa to be named later.

And will this site be renamed postcentral, since it's no longer pre.

Unbelievable. You spend 1.2 Bill on getting it, slow to market, release yet another piece of garbage hardware platform which was the exact same reason the Pre failed.

Look the software is significantly ahead of everyone else! Notification system is better, multi-tasking is better, Web Experience is better, Interface is more intuitive, Account integration is better, built in apps are better ie: Facebook, email, browser, IM, calendar, charging is revolutionary, onscreen keyboard is better the list goes on....and this list is comparing iOS and Honeycomb to the WebOS

I have now extensively tested all the many tablets (Minus the PlayBook) and my first hand experience draws me to the conclusion that even without all the apps the touchpad is a better device. It is more stable then Android, more intuitive then iOS. I cant believe these guys blew it!!! I have a broken heart!!

Now the pipe dream flip side is this. The mobile industry will grow, maybe it is early but it will grow. I see the huge potential here in the right hands. Currently the arena has changed which offers some directions that were not obvious a day ago. First there is the Google Moto deal. Which leaves HTC, LG, Sammy, and Sony wondering that they are going to do. Nokia has pretty much signed a deal with the devil...aka MS. Which their platforms have never been successful in the mobile marketplace. Apple and Sammy hate each other, HTC and Apple are feuding which leave a very good option for one of them to use their excellent hardware manufacturing capabilities to produce for once a good webos hardware platform to match its excellent software platform. HP was late to market with a bad design that was too much like the iPad1! So HTC, Sammy or LG could and should look at this as either a fire sale opportunity and grab it up...for their android ties are in somewhat a state of unknown destiny!

I hope it pulls thru for it would be said to see it lost! Its core functions far exceed the competition. I have used all and can say first hand it does. Sure it doesnt have the app support but it has only been out for 6 weeks...hp and its "C" level brass need to wake up. Your stock deserves to go down and certainly merit the removal of Leo the cowardly lion who lacked vision and speed in providing a competitive product. And fire your hardware development staff..for this is now the second time this wonderful OS became the victim of an inferior piece of hardware. This is like putting a chainsaw motor under the hood of a Ferrari...shame on you guys! You blew it...and I hope you dont get the luxury of parachuting out of the company with Millions for your lack of leadership, vision, and direction that was there to make this product a success! Give me the G*D D**N keys...I can put money on it that I would do better!

Ok I am stepping off my soapbox for now

All Google care about is activating another 500,000 handsets each day. Who makes them is irrelevant. They certainly wouldn't be doing this if it was just down to Motorola.

HTC, LG, Sammy, and Sony et al can sleep safely in their beds

The actual **** is wrong with HP?! You've killed as any sort of viable platform already.

When i heard the news today then thought about I really thought that the next thing we was going to here was a new model made by someone else.

But no, we need to come up with a plan...

Words can't describe what a stupid idea it was to buy a company, then basically run it into the ground further.

I replied to a few of today's post this afternoon how sad this day is, but now that I've had a chance to think about it, I would love to be a guest at HPs next board meeting so I can scream "HP YOU FOOL!" to them.

In today's economy the only industry consistently making profits is the technology industry, not pcs and printers but phones and tablets. Phones and tablets seem to be unaffected by the financial crisis going on in the world. HP had their hands on webOS with consumers still loyal to palm and now webOS which is more than half the battle. I still amaze people with my treo (memory card, removable battery, and believe it or not the volume of the sound) and when I pull out my pre they think twice about their phone which is not quite fitting in their pockets. When webOS came out there was so much talk about this being a 10 year plan and HP knew this. All they needed to do was invest in hardware, why was that such a hard conclusion to come to for them?

If I was a board member my first question would be-1) why such crappy hardware?, 2) technology is making money how come we're not being successful?, 3) why weren't the people (homebrew) who know webOS best hired to work for HP?

Once they do some digging for the answers the same answer for all three of their questions-someone at HP wasted a $ billion+ by deciding not to invest in hardware and the people who had the passion and know the OS best.

Too bad, our homebrew community wasn't given the chance to shine under HP. Maybe there is a tech grant out there for them so they could show HP how it's done.

I think HTC should really license WebOS.
They're popular, they make killer hardware, and would really be able to drive it.
When they first announced HTC as a potential buyer of Palm at first I was so excited. I knew HP would be a let down when they bought it.

I just purchased my HP touchpad 13 days ago, and my only concern is software updates regarding Flash and the Browser. Will Adobe continue to send flash updates for HP touchpad users? Will HP continue to update their browser and patch vulnerabilities?

My issue is within 6 months there may be several flash updates issued out, and new software that websites will use. This being the reality we may soon be stuck with a tablet that can no longer run youtube, or other videos effectively..

I hate to say it, but i'm going return my touchpad through Amazon, and just get a refund. And by a Galaxy tab 10.1

well, all good things must come to a end. I hate to see end like this but it's nobodys fault but hp. Something had to give. Unfurtionatly it was webos.......

man to put the brakes on it the way they did must mean that the report about best buy wanting them to take back 200000 units must have been correct. I wonder what will they do with all this worthless stock now that it's dead?

I just returned my touchpad today (JUST within walmart's 15-day period). Very sad day indeed. I was and forever will be a fan of WebOS, but I can't go on with a dead system.

WebSOS anyone???

Is there a way to return mine after the 15 day window?

I don't think walmart will accept any tablets after the 15 day period. Your best bet is to 1) sell it on ebay/another similar site or 2) enjoy an awesome mobile OS on a sweet tablet that just couldn't get the support that it deserved.

I feel like my best friend has just found out he was dying and there is no cure. I love webOS and was so looking forward to getting the Pre 3. I'll never buy another HP computer in my life. I have three and will replace them with Dell's. QVC will probably be getting a return package. Sorry.

WebOS is dead....wait, not really...WTF is HP doing??? This is an insane way to communicate with consumers! Wake up and smell the coffee people, it's over.

This was halfassed. It seems to have occurred with no forethought or planning as to how it would impact them in the near-term. Now, all those TouchPad sales (which weren't that great to begin with) are going to be negated as people start flocking to return them. Instead of an announcement of "Hey, we are going to sell off our PC division, but we are keeping webOS and will be licensing it to manufacturers X, Y and Z who are already on board - there will be no significant change to current webOS users other than you will have more choices the next time you buy a webOS based product." .... something affirmative like that. Instead of doing that they basically just threw up their hands and ran around the room.

The only good part of this is that now I can probably get a TouchPad for cheap. :)

Is there any way I can return my unit past the 15 days? This is ridiculous. I actually love my touchpad but what's the point of keeping it if it will not be supported. HP lost my respect today. And yes, I'm a palm pre plus user too. Sigh.

Anyone that can't return their TP but doesn't want to put anymore effort into it, and wants to switch to something else and still minimize their losses, let me know. I will give you $150 US for it.

What is really sad and pathetic is it seems like people on here think way more logical than the idiots over at HP. Why don't we all join together and by webos? We can then do what we want and we know what we need to help it thrive.

Whatcha all say??? :-)

But serious, I would rather have someone on this site not no much about business and take webos than let HP kick it around anymore.

I say **** HP **** webos I am pissed off about this webos was hands down the best damn os I used for mobile just the way every thing flowed and worked o damn well all my hp stuff is going on eBay tonight... **** ..

Sounds like they want to continue development, and from everything else I heard from before yesterday and after, it seems like they have people in mind to license to. I think they decided they can't pump out enough hardware and found out carriers don't have faith in HP to make relevant devices. And considering they didn't want to be on Sprint shows HP does not know what they are doing, and it's poor management. Hopefully, when another OEM makes WebOS devices they sell it to all carriers and let the fans enjoy. Thats all we ask for!

I have to applauded HP for being big enough to admit it when they fail. They are too big, too slow, too inflexible to bring consumer electronics, especially mobile phones, to the market quickly enough to be competitive. It’s just too bad that we, the webos lovers, have to pay the price for their inability to succeed.