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HP offers employees 20% discount on TouchPad 104

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Wed, 22 Jun 2011 4:35 pm EDT

As we prepare for the expected and hoped-for marketing blitz for the HP TouchPad, we're seeing good signs that HP is also looking inward to spread the word (and build the webOS user base). Darren Armstrong, whose Twitter profile says he works "in IT sales," apparently for HP, tweeted something interesting:

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I ordered mine today, with a 20% employee discount.

Palm Promise to Legacy Users: What ever happened with this?

Where is the fulfillment of this promise, did I miss the big hoora?

I would sure like to hear an official response from HP. PreCentral should be putting pressure on HP to answer this question. How about out it PreCentral?

it would be nice if they applied a bit of pressure on HPalm to see if they plan on keeping their promise.

we all just want to know if they still plan on "making things right" or if they decided that it's just not worth the trouble, that way everyone can move on and we won't have to keep bringing it up.

Why do you guys ever expect HP or Rubinstein to be held accountable for ANYTHING they ever say? Rubinstein says they'll make it right. Silence. McArthur says there will be "tenS of thousands of apps" at the TouchPad launch. Never repeated again. Apotheker....well, we all know what happened there.

It's best if you forget any promises or statements from the HP executive-ati regarding WebOS as soon as you read or hear them. Just be pleasantly surprised if anything comes to fruition.

Steve Jobs admitted Apple made a mistake with Mobileme. He joked about it. Now those who have invested in it were told that they spent money on a product that will be given away for free in the fall.Does Apple plan to make it right?

Android users wonder if the phone they currently have will work with next iteration of Android. What happens when if it doesn't?

The fact of the matter is that business rarely,if ever acknowledges, mistakes made specifically to their customers.

PreCentral,WebOSRoundup, Engadget, and Joshua Topolosky has always asked about this issue on your behalf in the past. This is how we know about it in the first place. I expect Mr. Rubenstein to re-emerge once the Touchpad hits or shortly before. The questions will be asked. That much I'm completely sure of.

Regarding Apple...those people paid for a year of service. They got that.

Android users are never promised any amount of upgrades with any device. Some manufacturers announce plans to offer an upgrade or two by an unspecified date, and almost all of them deliver.

What HP is doing is repeatedly misleading customers by having one executive make a statement that the others are unaware of and have no plans to substantiate. Yes, Apotheker was asked about it by Walt Mossberg. He gave an evasive answer. Rubinstein and McArthur have either been in hiding or given even more obtuse interviews (e.g. The Engadget Show) to worsen the issue.

HP could say the same about the Pre but they didn't.

Do you really believe that the threats of Android failing has nothing to do with the fragmentation they've pushed? Unspecified? Making it right wasn't specified either was it?

He said this:"I would sure like to hear an official response from HP. PreCentral should be putting pressure on HP to answer this question. How about out it PreCentral?"
Your response just made my point.

HP actually did say they would make things right.

What part of this do you not understand?

HP already acknowledged this specific mistake to their customers and promised to "make things right".

We are only waiting for them to make good on what they said they would do.

Precisely. They came out and clearly stated they screwed up by not doing what they said they would do. It's been months and they have said nothing. My interpretation is that if and when they DO try to make things right as a last ditch effort, none of the original Pre owners will still be around so it will reduce their liability and cost of what ever miniscule promo they throw our way. Good job HP (sarcasm).

It's called business...

Yes... but it's not the sort of business that tends to retain customers.

Unfortunately it does, I don't like it but corporations will focus on a the customer so long as it brings higher return for an investor. Once they have you they forget about you. That is why new customers always receive better deals.

It's possible that I am thinking too much about WebOS these days but I had a weird dream yesterday when I took an afternoon nap that HP gave Sprint users that wanted Pre3,Veer etc $100 for switching to a different carrier that carried new WebOS devices. It would be weird if this came to pass... If this is their plan of "making things right" what do you think about that?


Won't speak on whether that's good enough, but I can confirm that if you are dreaming about HP and webOS, you ARE "thinking too much about webOS these days." :-)

HP still hasn't made things right. Buying a device from an market underdog is risky. I bought the Pre knowing that Palm might go under but I never expected HP/Palm would treat their customers in this way. I will not buy another WebOS device because of the risk of a underdog product with virtually no applications now doubled by the risk of a company that lies to customers with empty promises and is constantly late with desperately needed bug fixes and patches.

Make Things Right

Individuals may communicate with the Board by contacting:

Rosemarie Thomas
Secretary to the Board of Directors
3000 Hanover Street, MS 1050
Palo Alto, CA 94304
e-mail: bod@hp.com


The webOS community is very proud of its perceived "strength" when it comes to polls, BestBuy reviews and Facebook groups. I wonder how many will follow your advice. Show your "strength" where it matters.

Have you looked at Palm's facebook page lately... It's literally crammed with disgruntled customer complaints.

I'm suggesting that those complaints may be better served if they were made to the contact that wmmc2001 has provided.

Sorry, got ya.

They said they will let us know about it "in the coming weeks". That was only 15 weeks ago, HAVE A LITTLE PATIENTS!


If Epocrates was still available for WebOS, the Veer would be perfect for the doctor with "little patients!"


Just forget it already!

Want a reply write to the Board at the email below
ATTN Chairman.
Individuals may communicate with the Board by contacting:

Rosemarie Thomas
Secretary to the Board of Directors
3000 Hanover Street, MS 1050
Palo Alto, CA 94304
e-mail: bod@hp.com

How did you do that? Employees need to wait until the second week of July for the 20% discount.

yeah rub it in why don't you. I've been on a pre minus for almost 2 years now and I have to overpay for the touchpad?
This is why I'm not buying a touchpad on release day. This device should not cost $500. The 16GB version should be $400 and the touchstones should not be $80.

With HP giving 20% off to their employees. Makes you wonder what the discount will be for developers?

what about the discount for the legacy users. These people are the ones doing the real webos marketing and pr.

My company is part of the EPP--Employee Purchase Program--but they are only offering about $9 off. :-(

Waiting for 3/4G myself.

My company is part of the EPP too. I didn't even see the $9 discount. I guess not all EPP benefits are the same.

Not getting an upgrade on your Pre/Pixi to 2.X is worth $100 off a TouchPad. Really? How do you make that extrapolation because I'd love to see the logic and math associated with that.

How about adding in the fact that many wasted their upgrades with Sprint by waiting on lies. If anything, their clear and deliberate violation of the good faith clause should mean something. Hey, maybe they can 'make things right'.

In actuality they have made things right by losing Sprint and giving people more incentive to get real mid-2011 flagship hardware. Sure, webos kicks **** but at some point many people just simply get tired of being treated like **** And, others keep hanging on and asking for more.

What about cutstomers who bought the original pre???? Whatever happend to making things right?????? We were lied too.. No Flash, No 2.0, and crappy hardware. **** You HP/Palm!!!

I can see at least 50% to developers

That would be nice! I preordered mine at Amazon (July 5th delivery, and case is July 12-July 25 eta?). I would definitely order a second one for that type of a discount. It would have been nice to have access to the TouchPad one or two weeks before launch. However, we did see how that helped RIM with the PlayBook ;-)

Jesus effing Christ... 5 years from now you people will STILL be crying for HP to "make things right". Armageddon didn't come, Sedin's promise of a Canucks Cup didn't happen and HP is not going to give a discount or shwag to legacy users. It's not gonna happen, get the h-e double hockey sticks over it.

Starting in August HP I've heard that there will be a $100 rebate available to HP Infolab and hpweboscentral members. You have to work for a qualifying retailer to get the rebate.

I guess they want HP to come knocking on their doors and say: We know you bought the Pre from Palm 2 years ago, here is a new Pre2, Veer, Pre3 and Touchpad, free, just for you, because you chose to buy that Palm phone.
And then they will still find a way to **** No 3G Touchpad? You lied! You still haven't made it right!
Or: But it's not on Sprint! You lied. You haven't made it right.

no. that is not what we want. we just want to know if they plan on keeping their promise or not. why is that so difficult to understand?

Sadly cause everything they do points to just the opposite to making things right. No one believes them and are mad as H3LL about it.

What is sad is all the secrecy about who gets the Pre3. It's obvious that ATT and VZ are getting it from the specs that have been released. If they had been up front about it not coming to Sprint people would have been mad but it would have subsided by now. Instead we hear crickets from Hpalm. People say HP doesn't ow us anything. To a point that is true. It is also true that the bulk of Palms former loyalists are on Sprint. Then the whole debacle with the make it right promise. Has just soured us even more.

At this time we are angry and wounded by all this. We are not just asking kindly. WE ARE DEMANDING something better from them. Otherwise the explosion they were hoping for with the TP. Will instead be a resounding THUD. Meanwhile APPLE will be snickering up their collective sleeves.

Oh because the Great HP giveth and the Great HP taketh away. How can us feeble minions question the sage infallible wisdom the holy trinity of Ruby, Apotheker and Kerris. Instead we must be humble, meek and "walk the extra phone contract", "turn the other pre" no longer "covet thy neighbor's app catalog" and send HP our tithes and trust as HP smites us that it's all for the good of HP.

Comment win!

Then why did they say they were going to do it? That is the issue here. They said they were going to do something. Like usual with WebOS, no one is asking them to do anything they didn't promise.

People are just asking HP if they are going to FINALLY deliver on a promise or if it's just another HP Lie.

And the Canucks fans have a lot more to worry about than hating on HP truthers. How about you don't burn down your city, have some class.

Exactly. I love the hostility here for people who have the "nerve" to read statements from HP executives and expect them to live by them.

Hey, most of these Fanboys would let HP take a Dump directly in their mouths and tell them how it tastes like chocolate ice cream and ask for more. It's amazing to watch really!

welcome to p|c.
I think the dookie smoothie would be asking for the pre3 on sprint

Amen.... no point purchasing a product, no matter how cool, unless you can trust the company to support the product.

Which is why i couldn't recommend webOS to anyone right now.

Once the good faith clause is broken, the relationship becomes either predator/prey or parasite/host. HP is both predator and parasite.

anybody who makes that many references to hockey should not be listened to...just saying lol


Kind of makes you want to get a job with them, doesn't it?

Take care,


Been thinkin my wife should get on with HP =)

Give me a break. It's $100. BFD

cannot wait until it comes to my country

At least some people will buy them.

How many employees does HP have? Is it just for US employees?

About 310,000 employees worldwide. As for if this is for U.S. employees only, I don't know.

That is AWESOME! I was going to get the 16GB version and no accessories, right off the bat, but with the 20% off, I'm getting the 32GB AND the Touchstone. I love working for HP but the discounts for employees over the years (on most stuff) has been very underwhelming. This, though, is exactly what I wanted to see, and is exactly what HP needs to do to get as many of its 300,000+ employees on board with the TouchPad.

Great news to start the morning!

underwhelming? You call 25% off your Sprint contract underwhelming?

For the most part the discounts sucked when I worked there but that one alone is awesome.

If you read what I wrote, you'd have seen I typed "(on most stuff)". You said pretty much the same thing I said, which was that MOST discounts sucked (meaning that not all, just the majority).

That should bring down the ebay price a bit.

How about giving them to employees for free and integrate them in there work. Kind of like "eating your own dog food" type of move.

I know with certain large organizations, mine included we get 20% discounts on all HP products, looking forward to my new Touchpad

Can you order 2 of them? :)

Question is can I order 3? If you are serious though I have coworkers I can use, so let me know.

How to quickly become an HP employee?

1) Work for Palm.
2) Run it into the ground.

I support this, dunno why you got so many thumbs down.

Rubi's decisions killed Palm. Those stupid commercials, exclusive agreement with Sprint... stupid stupid stupid.

Perhaps later you could explain in greater depth how those commercials by Palm or the Sprint exclusive killed Palm.

It's one thing to say he made stupid decisions..he did. But what's it say about you when you can't even identify them?

I actually don't blame Rubi like many do (not suggesting he didn't help finish things off). Palm was dead and irrelevant long before he took the helm. He just happend to be the guard on duty when the final breath was taken.

Again, not saying he didn't make many mistakes. But Palm died from its long soap-opera history

He was the right guy to finish them off.

If you wait 3 months after realease everyone will get a 20% discount when HP drops the price by $100 dollars to try and compete.

Good luck with that, playa.

Ok, Playa!

I expect there will be a bigger discount than that after 3 months. If not from HP, then on eBay for sure.

I know I will. I am looking forward to picking up a generic tablet that works better than android or blackberry tablet.
Honestly if they market this right, it will be the boring Ipad alternative that everyone else has

Just remember that HP is a company, and it owes nothing to you. The purpose of HP and any other company is to get our money, not to "make things right". It would be nice to have that discount but it's not HP's obligation to give it.

Then its good luck getting our money then. Of the people predisposed to getting a new device. Most are so soured over all this. That we would rather go to anything other the HPalm. It didn't have to be this way. So now all those would be sales to bolster WebOS have been squandered by HP's stupidity. It didn't have to be that way. Best example is what the hated fruit APPLE did. When they came out the updated Iphone just less then a year after the first. They gave money to the people who got burned earlier. Then later when new devices came out they worked with ATT to let the people do early upgrades. Guess what it went along way to keepin the faithful. What we have from HP as of now. A DEAF BLIND MUTE. Heck we could get more information from Helen Keller then is company.

The real purpose of a company is to gain customers and inspire loyalty. Making money follows from it.

Any business will ask itself do the benefits outweigh the costs? Giving your small passionate loyal base a few perks might just be savvy marketing as it might give them renewed enthusiasm to convert others.

That "real purpose" dies as soon as a company goes public. The sole purpose after that is to serve shareholders. A happy customer MAY be a side effect to that.

The idea that a good product makes good business does not really exist anymore.

@alvaro_qc Here is a more accurate statement

Just remember that I'm just a customer and I own nothing to HP. The purpose of me and any other customer buying a phone is not to "throw more money at HP". It would be nice if I could trust HP and have a reason to continue purchasing WebOS products but it's not my obligation to buy them.

The obligation comes in public statements. Each one you say pertaining to your company is like writing a check. If they're just out to make money, they should stop saying "X is coming" or "We're going to do Y" when they not only have no intention of doing so, but no idea how to do so if they wanted to.

WRONG... it is HPs obligation to stand by its Committments. If HP makes commitments it will not keep then why would a company spend millions on servers when HP says "dont worry, we will make it work for you"....
"Commit to what you can do and DO IT!"
dont leave your customers guessing...
All we want is a response and follow up, even it it is a big sorry no-can-do~!

Sounds great, but there is nothing posted internally about at 20% discount.

I can now see the 20% off on epp shopping page.

to be quite honest I think most of the people threatening the inanimate are going to purchase HP's wares anyways. The amount of me-too's on this site in respect to buying a TP or pre3 speak to that... Its cathartic to moan but in the end we're programmed to buy.

Individuals may communicate with the Board by contacting:

Rosemarie Thomas
Secretary to the Board of Directors
3000 Hanover Street, MS 1050
Palo Alto, CA 94304
e-mail: bod@hp.com

Hmmm, that is interesting... I would rather expect serious company as HP wants to be seen to eat their own dog food, and just equip their employees with company webOS phones, just like that. From what I know, Microsoft does just that with EVERY new product they are pushing - their own employees are beta-testers, they use their products, and provide user-insight as well. I can hardly imagine company like Microsoft equipping their people with Macs, iPads, iPhones etc. That thing is called COMMITMENT. Something that HP clearly has serious issues with. COMMITENT to their promises, COMMITMENT to their products, COMMITMENT to their deeds, to their faithfull customers, to their developers..

Instead, giving a DISCOUNT on HP-made stuff??? And may I ask, what hardware/software are these folks using as their company phones????


HP laptops and Pre2.

For those waiting on HP to "Make it Right" I wouldn't hold your breath. Logistically, it would be difficult to make whole all the right people appropriately with out spending a lot of money and or resources. I understand some of the frustration (not all of the ridiculous venom though) but I think they just made the best business decision for them. I think everyone is perfectly free make the best decision for themselves and wait or move on. But please stop sounding like your wife/husband cheated on you with your best friend! HP is in business for profit (LIKE EVERY OTHER COMPANY) and doesn't owe us anything!

(btw I'm a first day Sprint Pre user)

If a company makes a public promise with the intent to keep customers, customers are free to complain however they see fit if that promise is not kept. All most have done so far is either moved on or write some unhappy posts on a blog. I haven't seen any official class action lawsuits being filed on this or anything like that. You make it sound like people are burning down buildings or something.

I'd say, relatively speaking, the responses so far (being simply words on a blog) are pretty tame.

BTW, I'm not suggesting a class action, just using it as an example vs words on a blog post.

I would agree that all I have seen is words but the sentiment and since of entitlement is starting to become ridiculous. Others visit this site from abroad and are unfortunately subjected to none stop incessant griping. I'm all for sending an email to Sprint and Hp, clogging their fan pages with complaints and sending out tweets but I don't want to see the complaining here all day anymore than I want to see trolling.

I come here to get the news on WebOS and read peoples thoughts about the technology. I express my frustrations directly to the corporations.

That's all good, but again, customers are free to complain however they see fit.

Some visitors of Sprint's and HP's fan pages may not want to see you clogging those sites with complaints either. But you're still free to complain there, just as people are free to complain here...at least until the admins of either site starts to censor posts like they do in the precentral forums.

Everyone keeps complaining that HP hasnt announced how its going to "Make it Right", but if you stop and think about it. That really applies to the Pre and the fact that they wont get updates. So perhaps we should wait for the announcement of the Pre3 launch before we crucify HP. There has been little news on the release of the Pre3, perhaps they are attempting to work out the details.

I think the community might be a bit tired of yet another "just wait" statement.


Only 20%...wow...you would think it would be like 50% or something.

They should really give each employee a Touchpad if they want employees to be ambassadors.

I hope their employees buy it. It would be pretty embarrassing if employees ignore it despite the discount. They may have to pull a "Coca-Cola" and inform their employees that competitor products are not allowed on campus.

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