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HP to open source chunks of webOS 3.0.5 as a "Community Edition" 29

by Derek Kessler Wed, 14 Mar 2012 6:23 pm EDT

Open Source

In a new posting to the HP webOS Developer Blog, webOS CTO Sam Greenblatt announced that HP intends to publish additional components from the already-released webOS 3.0.5 to open source, branding the components as "the Community Edition." The work will be hosted at opensource.palm.com and is expect to take through June, and is not directly related to the Open webOS project. The idea behind open sourcing parts of the legacy code is to allow the homebrew community to do even more with devices currently running webOS 3.0.5 - that is, the HP TouchPad. Greenblatt wrote that the hope is "that this additional release will help [the homebrew community] better understand the platform and create a constructive environment for moving forward as Open webOS itself is released."

What exactly we can expect to see from this release is still up in the air, and being a side-project like this is, we wouldn't expect to see a roadmap like we did for Open webOS. The name "Community Edition" doesn't refer to the entirety of webOS 3.0.5 (since it contains plenty of proprietary third-party bits that HP can't open source), but do the portions that HP will be open sourcing. It's a thank you to the homebrew community that helped webOS keep on keeping on.

Greenblatt also laid out some housekeeping notes for March's Open webOS release commitments. Delays in the final release of the Linux Standard Kernel 3.3 have pushed that back to the end of the month, while we can expect to see the Nyx abstraction layer and components released in the next few days ahead of the kernel.


Long live the webOS!!!


Hoping the Facebook app is in this code drop. It needs work.

We already have the source for the Facebook app. It's on everyone's TouchPad ;)


I guess this kinda confirms that Open webOS will be geared toward tablets. I mean, I plan on getting the KDE Spark and multibooting Open webOS on it as soon as I'm able, but I'd still like to see some love for the phones.

webOS's pulse is getting stronger!

@carldc ikr lol :) Finally webOS might be revived after all it's been through ! Lets hope the 3rd time is lucky !

More indications from HP of a commitment to webOS.
Thank you HP.

3.0.5 CE is good, but Ares 2 will be even better in April, allowing to take advantage of all the webOS goodness!

@Derek Kessler

What about Synergy? You once discussed in a podcast the idea that it may have to be removed from open source as it was someone else's.

Will Synergy be removed?
Who owns they synergy technology or code?

I don't think that Synergy will be a problem

There COULD be a problem with SOME of the connectors, but as long as they created the code themselves for a public API I don't see the problem

I see. (sort of i'm not a coder lol so apis and connectors are a bit greek to me).

the podcast discussion i was referring to starts 21:50 of the "Open Source" podcast episode 152 i think the synergy discussion starts around 23:00 or so. I relistened to it. Derek kinda seems to be saying it won't be a problem. I don't think i really understood it the first time. I think he's saying the api's aren't open source but the way webos is the "connectors" are part of webos and people can just do something to make the apis like a facebook api, connect without having to distribute the api's as part of open source.

I need to stop thinking of this stuff. i'm gonna go back to just rolling my eyes and tuning my brain out when this heavy tech jargon and discussion comes out. It hurts my head. I'll go back to plain old user land where i belong.

Anyone else reading between the lines here and suspecting this is the result of the last round of layoffs and subsequent cancelling of all work not related to Open 1.0? I think we were supposed to get more TP 3.0.x updates over the next few months prior to the latest massacre. I'm guessing that this unplanned gesture is compensation for them no longer having the resources to continue updating 3.0... But I could be wrong.

i read it like "we aren't making more webos hardware so you hardware guys are all moving to different departments or your fired."

was the Tablet released with webOS 3.0? or 2.x? It was 3.0, right?

They have really added some new and serious functionality since release, being they are now at 3.0.5 - I mean, this software is really still in beta at this rate.

HP could care less about webOS. Meg just delayed a headache for awhile and she probably hopes this thing will die a quiet death while HP are focused on Win8 and possibly Android tablets.

Version numbers without a context don't mean anything

Meg had all the ugly work already done.
If we are hearing about Open Web OS is because she cares...

I thought Open WebOS would be kind of 'Android 4 putting it all together'-thing, so it would include phone functions. My only worry is that the focus will be on 'just touch' phones. I like the slider design of the pre3, the gesture area and the keyboard. I think these and the touchstone technology are tings we all gonna miss in the future.

Because honestly? IPhone with jailbreak and cardswitcher app is exactly the same experience like webos (I mean the using experience, not the functions ;) no option for me, I hate apple).

Considering Meg said it was not going to make phones again i think your greater concern should be that there is NO phone version or WebOS. Especially given that they felt phones were such a lost cause that they cancelled the release of the Pre 3. They have left the door open to tablets however and they are going to release windows 8 tablets in 2012 so i'm pretty sure the focus will be on the tablet version of the OS. But phones i'd guess will be far far from their focus and even then, slab phones sell, they'd be foolish to not push that hard. I understand you like the slider design, not disparaging that, but honestly, when i saw the Pre 2 was still a slider i kinda bailed on all Palm devices (that and i was on Sprint and no webos phones were on the way). But when i saw the pre i kinda decided if they weren't gonna make a slab i was gonna wait my contract out and get an iphone. I did but that became all the clearer a choice when they announced the veer and pre 3, again, same form factor. Nothing wrong with that form factor if people like it but speaking only for myself, that very form factor was one of several reason i was never gonna get a new webos phone. It wasn't the only reason, apps and dissatisfaction with certain parts of the OS were others but the form factor was an issue at least for me.

If webos fans are lucky they'll release a phone and tablet version and the hackers will be able to expand the phone to their heart's content. Now whether they can add things other phones have like a version of voice commands or icloud features may be another thing.

I got an iphone 4S. I have no apple hate. multitasking is not something that is important to me so when judging a phone it's not a plus or a minus. It's a non-issue. But you're right it's not much different on ios plus you can jailbreak a cards thing onto it. But yeah the cards is a bit cleaner. But I'll be honest the satisfaction level is night and day. with cloud and voice commands, visual voicemail, and just much more to do with all the apps. I'm so it's ridiculous. It's everything i wanted my Pre to be. An open webos for my needs would have to not just match but exceed the feature set and function.

but you see, that's the point. Old
palm (pre webos) was about
physical keyboards. And those of
us still around still want that form
factor :(

no offense but if they want to sell devices they need to stop listening to you guys cause that's what got them making phones like Pre 3 and veers and pixi that only people here will buy but not the masses. There are still people that want a cd player. the people buying most of the music don't. That's the problem you have. You're the guys hoping they don't discontinue cd players.

I think there are a lot more people like me that want a slab. even if you have a physical keyboard at least make it horizontal so you have room for keys. And make the keys have some click and travel if they are physical. regardless, they said they aren't making phones so my guess is still

FYI: one big reason i bought the original pre was cause i had to have a physical keyboard. After endless problems with the keys having no travel, not registering clicks, and then all out breaking my Pre was 100% the reason i'll never buy a physical keyboard phone again. My keyboard became annoying when letters v b n e and space bar stopped working. Man that just made texting horrible. Pre sent me full circle.

but your point wasn't about selling
devices. It was about open webos.
we want to be able to put it on
other good sliders if there are there.

you have me misunderstood. my point is always about HP selling. the part about best case scenario is hackers can use it is my belief but that' snot why HP is spending money.

But I don't own a slider. i'm never buying a slider again. I have no interest in hacking anything on a device. I was upset i had to use preware to get the pre marginally usable. i'd do it but it was bad that i had to do it. My iphone 4S is extremely to my liking without a jailbreak. I finally only jailbroke because i somehow deleted 45 gbs of music and figured well screw it the phone is darn near blank now. Good a time as any to try it. amazingly i've found almost nothing tweakwise that i need or really want.

But i was talking about selling the phone. For webos to have been big, to sell, it needed to appeal to the masses. And i'm unlikely to just put it on a new device without a lot more apps, plus as i said i got a keyboardless phone and i'm not going back.

But the point was that, my belief, is part of the reason HP and Palm fail is they listen to the zealots and the people that told them stuff like the veer would sell but more importantly, like Ruby, that was fixated on a keyboard. That kinda crap is why Jobs ran him out. The masses didn't want that. And down the road if open webos is to be used as more then a hacker tool i just think they have to make it for the masses not the people that just want a Treo.

So, does this mean I could finally be able to upload files in the browser, then? Being able to upload photos to G+ or ODT files to Google Docs would be awesome.