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HP webOS Think Beyond Liveblog! 210

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 08 Feb 2011 1:01 pm EST

The day has come. We are here live at HP's Think Beyond event in San Francisco. There will be liveblogging on this very post you're looking at now, starting at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST. There will be hands-on. There will be new webOS products. The hint is now "Think Big, Think Small, Think Ahead, Think Beyond." We're thinking tablets, a tiny smartphone, and perhaps two more surprises including a new version of webOS optimized for tablets. Possibly more.

So join us here in this very post (again, 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST). We'll be all up in Palm's business like you wouldn't believe, so keep it locked tight to PreCentral as we blow this thing out.

And while you're waiting, check out our ThinkBeyond page, where we've handily listed all the relevant stories so you can be all caught up by tomorrow - from out gigantic, exclusive leak of the 10" Topaz specs to our analysis of that mysterious 8 second video Palm dropped.



Dear HPalm: Please make this worth the wait in a hundred different ways. It is my love for you that prolongs my patience, but it is now wearing thin.

You know who

No, actually, they don't know who.

They might announce WebOS 2.0 and Flash capability for Pre1's, available someday, meh.

They might announce Pre2 and it's available on VZ (someday). meh.

They'll showcase a slate that's technically better than Ipad, but maybe not superior to Ipad2, available someday. meh.

They probably wont have news on a new Sprint phone. meh.

They probably wont have news on a new WebOS phone beyond Pre2. meh.

They will announce coming services that are cloud based as all the carriers are starting to tax data usage, available someday. meh.

At this point, a toaster might be an innovative surprise. We'll see.

You are a meh.

Listed all the worst-case scenarios. The first two, are for sure, but (someday) has turned into (soon) Apotheker said: “HP will stop making announcements for stuff it doesn’t have. When HP makes announcements, it will be getting ready to ship.” & "The new hardware is ready"

Nope. Someday was it.

Meh, indeed.

Look at the story below this one - they seem to be announcing two new phones beyond the Pre 2...

As far as ipad goes, the specs seem superior in some ways to ipad 1, and as you say, no one knows about ipad2 yet. Even if they don't beat every ipad2 spec, they may beat some (flash, not sure if ipad has compass, inductive charger, tap, etc.)


David Blaine, is that you? Get out of that silly Sprint tank.




I'm like a kid in a candy store! Can't wait.

(kid in a candy store) I feel like a geek at a robot convention!

Ha, I feel like a wrestler at a folding chair factory!

It's like I'm standing naked atop the Sphynx and a hundred Bali dancers are in a circle below tossing pickles at me.

This comment both amuses and disturbs me in ways I can't fully quantify.

Well done sir, well done.

It's tragic when baby-geeks don't recognize a rip-off of Real Genius:
"Mitch: You know, um, something strange happened to me this morning...
Chris Knight: Was it a dream where you see yourself standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?
Mitch: No...
Chris Knight: Why am I the only one who has that dream? "

Think of it as a tribute rather than a rip-off. Baby-geeks see that way. Good googling.

Google wasn't involved. I recognized the reference immediately and only went to IMDB to get the exact quote. No baby-geek myself.

Did you mean to say "Belly" Dancers or "Ballet" Dancers or dancers from the city of Bali in Indonesia?

Bali is an island in Indonesia whose largest city is Denpassar. Let's hope HP decides to release these new devices in Indonesia so the Balinese can dance.

Dill or bread and butter pickles?

I'm like a mermaid at a swim meet!

its like im a kid in a candy store, but the candy is hidden. SHOW ME THE CANDY!

I'll be at work so thanks in advance for keeping me in the loop.

I am really looking forward to seeing what you all have in store for us; MAKE IT WORTH IT!!!!

My anticipation has grown like everyone elses, but PLEASE tell me there will be at least 1 more phone other than "a tiny smartphone." I will wait to reserve judgment, but if "tiny" is all we get, it better be a SUPER smartphone.

Okay - another Sprint Store story;

Had my Pre replaced today, was chatting with the employees about the rumor of a docking phone+tab. Guy I was talking to said "that'd be pretty awesome". Then another guy across the store said "and two new sliders, one Pre sized and another Evo sized".

Obviously grain of salt, and all. Just wanted to put it out there in case he proves to be right tomorrow!

P|C why do you think there will only be a "tiny" phone??

If they dont have a slab or a pre like phone with a bigger (3.5"+) screen, then they F**kin fail!..

You need a solid smart phone base to sell alot of tablets..

HP... please dont let us down.. we want a new super phone! not a "teen" phone!


I hope that if any new smatphones being unveiled tomorrow makes it's way to sprint. Had my pre minus for a long time and I'm ready to retire it with a new webos product. Plus sprint didn't annoucee anything interesting at all yesterday, lets hope that hp does tomorrow.

Umm, looks like you've got the time wrong! Above in the liveblog it says:

Date: Wednesday February 9, 2011
Time: 11:00AM PST

But that's an HOUR after it starts! Just look at the image here: http://www.precentral.net/countdown_thinkbeyond

It starts at 10am PST (that's 11am MST, 12noon CST, 1pm EST).

I hope the reminder's wont go out an hour later than people expect!

So this is kicking off at 10am for those basking in the Californian sunshine? In gloomy England I'll be tuning in at 18.00.

The countdown clock at the moment shows just over 20 hours remaning at a few minutes before 15:00 PST, which would have things kick off at 11:00, not 10:00. I think some settings are off.

And why is the official countdown 2 hours late?

Doesn't it start at 10am pst?

So happy I have the day from work.. Go to they gym early in the morning. Then get some COD BlackOps. Then check out Precentral.net for all the new WebOs goodness!!!

I want to be excited about the HPalm event, I really do, but I've been disappointed too many times in the past to really expect much. Especially after Sprint's worst presentation ever. If THAT was all that sprint could come up with as their flagship phone, then I'm convinced that new devices aren't going to sprint, so I'm stuck.

Don't you think, if any webOS devices are headed to Sprint, that HP would have told Sprint, "Don't even acknowledge you know anything about us, let us handle that on Wednesday"?

I think the marketing/big show is 10am PST, and then later in the afternoon is the dev demo/technical details.

lets do this! I have the day off. I'm going to order myself some energy drinks, food, balloons and confetti.

Where do you live that you can get all that delivered? Impressed...

Is it me, or is Precentral trying to dial down expectations for a decent phone annopuncement tomorrow? Tablets, tiny phone, new webOS, and the pre2 as the "flagship" phone. Do they know something we don't?

They do know something we don't (NDA), but let's hope their just muddying the waters @ no real large display phone. I'll be sick.

I am getting the same sinking feeling...why does Precentral keep talking about a tiny phone and express no hope or anticipation of a real competitive sized super device?

I thing they are doing their best to let us down gently :(

HP bought Palm less than 9 months ago, right. Apple is spending at least a yr engineering it's phones. Personally, I find it hard to believe that HP has had time to R&D a phone that truly can leapfrog it, WebOS notwithstanding.
Apple has done a great job of refining hardware and giving attention to detail and especially refinement. Nobody else seems to have the dedication (willingness) to go so far.

Palm may have had a killer device on the roadmap, and HP has since tweaked and improved it? But after years of let downs, I'm just jaded.

Make me look like a fool HP. Pleeeease!

Folks - this is silly. It's less than a day from now.
All this doom & gloom talk and wild speculation is no use at all.
Whatever the plans are - disapointing, awesome or so-so - we'll know either way soon enough.

How much more freakin tiny can you get? I love my day 1 Pre, but shizazzzz, my fingers barely fit on the keyboard. I have a feeling if HP doesn't shake the ground tomorrow, a lot of people are going to be looking elsewhere. My Pre is dying and I can't wait much longer.

Maybe because the earnings report mentioned the tiniest phone? Come on guys. That has been the only thing we have heard involving phones. So it's only natural to mention it here because that is the only lead.

Don't read too much into it. Just let the event happen.

for the sake of novelty. One of the last things i wrote on this site........ back in June of 2009.......


UPDATE: CAN I HAZ _____ NOW????????

The official Palm countdown at www.palm.com/us/company/events shows the timer set for 9am PST. Not sure why all the different times are floating around

Maybe the Super Bowl style pre-game show with talking heads and everything?

Worst case scenario is my Pre minus is still running fine. If I have to wait 6 months for the goodies to arrive I'll be ok with it, but would prefer to start picking up WebOS gizmos 'within weeks' of tomorrow.

Let's hope HP/Palm amaze us the way they did when they introduced the Pre in January of '09.

Does anyone know why all the Event Countdowns have a different time....or is it just me. The one on PreCentral is an hour slower than the app I downloaded to my Pre and is an hour faster than the countdown on the Palm website.

I wonder if hp Palm will start pumping out ads on tv? Sorta flood the consumer with the new stuff that will be coming out. Tired of apple, android and blackberry showing off there stuff. It's our turn hp!

Can someone tell me what time this starts in UK (gmt) time. I'm getting confused! Thanks! :D

People are saying 10am Pacific ... so 6pm for UK. Perhaps best to visit at 5pm? I will be working tomorrow evening so I will be hitting refresh on the Pixi!

Is it a sad comment of my life that this event is so big to me?

I mean I am thinking of calling in sick tomorrow so I can watch at home instead of pretending to do work.

It is sad for the both of us...

I drive a truck for a living and I'm making sure I'm pulled in a parking lot with my laptop connected to my launch day Pre via freetether and watching the live-blog instead of driving and making money.

Well worth it..... hopefully

hardcore :-)

Been going back and forth working on a document and refreshing precentral the whole day. I don't think it's a sad comment of life, but more anxious and hopeful. I certainly hope there's more tomorrow that what will be available for the next few weeks. I want a roadmap for the next couple of months to a year.

No, because we've waited months for something compelling.

I'm at work and refreshing Precentral almost every hour or so on my Sprint Pre. We are all on the same Air Craft Carrier and not boat. We all want to see webOS take off and leave the rest in the water. haha

I am waiting, hoping to see a big rabbit out of HP's hat.

Wow... super pumped!

Please give me a new phone (NOT THE PRE 2!) on Sprint. My Pre minus is in really really bad shape. Give me something competitive with the Iphone or HTC EVO hardware!

I'm looking forward to WebOS tablets, but if all they show are tablets, I think that will be a fail and I will be pissed off.

If the Pre 2 is all we get on Sprint, I'll take it.

Agree. I would take a Pre 2 on Sprint, knowing it has a better chance of getting the latest webOS version to get the new features.


Maybe the Palm Veld will finally come to light? Or Cobalt could be making a comeback. :-o

This should be really good - excited

Ok Dieter, you willing to go further out on a limb? How about a 3.7 inch or larger screen smartphone? Are you not predicting that but instead think it would be a surprise?? I'd be shocked - shocked - if Palm/HP didn't produce a phone that matches the industries best smartphone sellers over the past year - Droid, Droid X, Galaxy S, iPhone, EVO - all of which have larger screens. I can't fathom that they haven't seen the way the market has moved overwhelmingly to larger screen devices and won't move to match it. Do you not expect this??
Other items that interest me for tomorrow: Will HP announce a 7 inch tablet if it is not ready until September given the CEO's new proclamation of no more paper launches? Also, I'm curious from a technical standpoint to see what chipset from what vendor is going into the tablet and phones. I know Precentral leaked the Qualcomm spec but some other insiders have rumored Ti OMAP4, so we will see. Also want to see what tap to share is all about - my guess is that the rumored "bump" or physical touching is wrong, but rather it is via the internet.

this hella sucks on my invation stood it starts at 7pm and goes to 9:30pm
doors open at 6pm.
we prepared but not for the whole day ... So this means we can't attend in the mornig wau that hella sucks

Firstly, spell and grammar check. Also, the morning event is for PRESS ONLY! Night is for developers. So simma.

Will this be accessible on my Pre+? I will be at work tomorrow, but I don't want to miss a thing! :-)

Hope its less craptastic than sprint yesterday

Tomorrow I'm calling-in sick. I wanna be relax at home, blown away by the new devices. I even have the fireworks ready.
I hope it's worth it!

Tell me you have real fireworks ? That would be awesome and funny at the same time. Hope they don't disappoint :)

If HP says "WebOS 2.0 will be made available for all devices....in the coming months!" I will start punching everything....

I think people would really commit suicide if they mention "in the coming months" I can see it on the news: "People committing suicide in droves after lackluster HP announcement."



I am so excited as well. But I still believe that HPalm will come up with a phone for all big 4 US Providers. To think beyond, you will have a single phone that would have a radio slot (ala sim card) that would support all carriers frequency. It's just going to be a matter of buying the card itself and if you choose to use GSM, then the card you would have to purchase has a SIM Slot on it. Obviously, this is all guess but that's where I would put my money on.

That would be pretty darned neat.

Or simply, a "world phone" supporting CDMA and GSM.

The only problem I see with this is how to get carrier crapware / bloatware on the device. Without that already on the phone, how would we survive?

I had an inside source tell me this "one phone to rule them all" was on the roadmap, but that was about 8 months ago.

It would be great to see if it actually happens.

I'll believe it when i see it, but i'm anticipating good stuff HPalm

So the invitation says 10 AM. The PreCentral countdown timer indicates it starts at 11 AM. But the Palm countdown makes it look to begin at noon. All times Pacific.

Can you guys please post a story with clarification on the start time? All sorts of confuzzled.

Invitation says 10am and the even is in Cali. So I'm going with 10am PST.

for all the people wondering if Sprint is getting any of these...the answer is yes. My brother works at Sprint and two nights ago his boss gave him the heads up that they were getting two new Palm devices. A smartphone and a tablet. That was all he said, no details or anything just that they were getting them. They will probably be training on them in the next two weeks.

If we get another Pre wana be "small smartphone" I will go nuts. I have been loyal and evoted to Palm for as long as I can remember, all of us have. And its time that HPalm pay us back for it. Im sick of seeing HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, etc. whip us around. I still have the pre on sprint and am dieing for a new super smartphone. I hope they mean small in the sense that it will make all other smartphones look small in comparison.

hope your truthful and right... and not just spewing vapor.. :/

I sure hope HP is holding some great cards in their Palm.

Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck. See what I did there?

Seriously though, is anyone going to have live video from the event?

It was corny, but me still likes. I give you a thumbs up vote!

Can't wait! I'm ready to be blown away by whatever they got to show! Maybe that slate device I've been waiting for? Hell maybe something no ones done before!

If there really is only a "small" smartphone then it better be something incredible. But still, hopefully there will be some large device made of pure awesome. Cuz unless the small phone is made of something crazy I don't imagine people are going to want to throw away their iPhones for it like Leo was suggesting.

Guess we'll wait and see though.

What's going to be different about Think Beyond and the Palm Developer thing at 7pm?

Dev thing surely focuses on a new Tablet version of the OS etc. That has to be announced with tablets. Palm is waaaay behind Apple in the tablet ecosystem.

Dear HP,

Please release more than one smart-phone (not just a tiny smart-phone).

That is all,

I hope it will be something that an enterprise to SMB can build their sales/remote and IT staff around. I'd love to move my company's mobile units toward a unified ecosystem around WebOS + XenDesktop. Really hope it's not the Palm Pre 2 "Plus" ...(eek)and the Topaz would be very nice. Just hope it's not sluggish and comes with a 2 hour battery that gives you only 45 minutes of juice.

That Kyocera Echo from Sprint looks pretty cool, great idea. We all know its gonna suck since its lAmedroid. I got a Sprint Pre off ebay last month for $50, is like brand new! Should last for a while... hope tomorrow's news brings a new Sprint webOs!

That Kyocera Echo puts the frag in fragmentation.

Android is fragmented enough as it is without their developers now having to write device specific code to take advantage of an extra screen. Good luck with that Kyocera.

After what Sprint did yesterday, HP needs to only not urinate on themselves and it will be a win.

I loled in class while reading this.

I have no idea why precentral keeps saying "tiny phone"... There is no evidence of a "tiny phone".

I highly doubt HPalm has let precentral in with some insider knowledge of a tiny phone to let us down lightly... They wouldn't risk a leak.

The phone tomorrow is going to be robust, powerful, and the next big thing. Take it from somebody who has insider knowledge.

Under promise, over deliver. PreCentral knows what they are doing. They are looking out for HP.

Where could we find such a person? :-)

I hope that one of the things announced tomorrow is the release of webOS 2.0 to all current gen phones for all carriers "for immediate availability."

HP - You spent $1.2 billion to acquire Palm and the #1 mobile OS bar none.

You spent several billion more on a string of acquisitions that lay the foundation for mobile computing greatness.

You're the largest technology company on the planet with global reach and a history of innovation.

So I only have one thing to say to you about tomorrow's Think Beyond event:

Bring It.

All great points. The only thing I'd add is that it takes more than a few months to effectively integrate all these new acquisitions into a cohesive package, design new hardware to frame it, manufacture it, and get it out there. I think their size and reach gives them a leg up, but I think this event will be a small taste of the future of HP and webOS. This won't be the last event HP will ever put on for their mobile ecosystem, so I'm thinking that the vision of a complete ecosystem with killer hardware and software will take a bit longer. I see tomorrow's offerings more as a stepping stone until they can completely integrate everything they've acquired in the last few months.

I am predicting a large phone - possibly a 5" inch smartphone. We have seen rumors of this before. Here is a link from the past.



Is there going to be a live stream?

I'm so excited for tomorrow, It seems likes its been forever, but the wait if finally over. Hoping HP comes out with some amazing products!
iPhone sized WebOS device please?!

4 inch or bigger screen, front (2.0 mp) and back (5-8 mp) cameras, a potrait-slider keyboard, dual-core 1.2 gig processor, and a sleeker UI. That will make me very happy.

and a micro-sd card 32 gig capability or better.

Hmm, I sure hope we get more than Pixi2 tomorrow.

I'm no JavaScript hero, but looking at PreCentral's countdown page: http://www.precentral.net/countdown_thinkbeyond

I see this:

$(document).ready(function () {
$.countdown.UTCDate(-7, 2011, 1, 9, 12, 0, 0, 0)});

The "-7" in the UTCDate() call is the timezone offset from UTC (a.k.a. GMT). Pacific time, where San Francisco is located and where the HPalm event will be held, is 8 hours behind UTC, or "-8".

I believe the PreCentral countdown is targeting Noon Mountain Time - which is not where or when the event will occur.

Maybe UTCDate(-8, 2011, 1, 9, 10, 0, 0, 0) would work better.

Eck... I'm in Hong Kong right now, so when the event runs it's 2AM here...

HP is a really big company, so we should all be expecting amazing things to be announced tomorrow, such as a phone that is at least up to spec with the iPhone, a smaller slider type phone, and a tablet to be released in the next quarter. If this doesn't happen, I think we should all set ourselves on fire in protest. I say we do it at noon PST. What better way to send a message to HP that we as a community deserve better from them?

I think HP has to announce something better than the current iPhone and iPad, since the next versions of both are likely to come in a few months. If they cannot do much better on hardware, at least make sure there are great new webOS features that are hard to duplicate.

I really really hope they announce a slab or vertical slider type phone. I love WebOS but left for android because I could not stand the hardware issues with the Pre. Keeping my fingers crossed they announce a different style (or Styles) of phone

4" or smaller slab or venue pro clone. Pleasssse

The tablets are cool, but I think it's obvious we all want a super phone. Not a teen phone, not 4 versions of a tablet, but a competitive smart phone that can at least go toe to toe with the other smart phones currently on the market. If they don't show a webOS phone with a larger screen and a front facing camera, I'm out.

Damn I love all the comments, we are all like crack heads that are going through withdrawal, lol I need my crack! Venue Pro like form factor would be sweet.

I wish I could threaten HP that they better come out with a killer-super-ultra-phone or I'd abandon sHiP... but truth be told. I couldn't go to lAmdroid or any other Mobile OS-- They bore me. They Suck. It's like being in love. No matter how much she messes with you, you stay.

How sad. How sickening. How pathetic. But, how true. That is hillarious!

And you stay with her when she gets old even when you get offers from a hot blonde/ brunette/ redhead (EVO, iPhone, etc...). Let's hope we at least get a facelift & boob job outta HP today.

yeah at the end of dec i made the mistake of getting an htc evo...i hate it and still use my palm pre more (other than calling ppl)

I did the same and I think the EVO is a much better phone than the slow pre. I just hope that Palm can get the app selection up with the Android and Apple. I still use my old Pre also as I love the OS.

It's it a bad thing that I'm here refreshing this page even though I KNOW the event doesn't start for a few more hours?? :? lol.

(p.s. if this is a 4.3" monstrosity and the Pre2 sized device doesn't come to sprint, I will be pissed 'beyond' all belief.)

I actually had a dream last night where there was no new Sprint hardware. I woke up very sad. :,(

Ugh. Depressing indeed. I can't wait to see what they show off, thank god I'm working from home today.

sounds like a nightmare

I had a nightmare that the phone released was a Pre2. I hope HP shows us some awesome hardware today. Put that tax return money to good use.

That's not a dream, that's a nightmare!

Oh crap, my work blocks the live stream!!!


This Websense category is filtered: Streaming Media.


http://www.coveritlive.com/index2.php/option=com_altcaster/task=viewaltc... ast_code=71e5c84ee8/height=750/width=550

You've got time to quickly tether your computer to your phone... :)

The only way I'll be disappointed, is if they show a TINY talky device and that's it for phones. I can't imagine that will be the case, but I am a bit worried. We see corporations missing the mark on what they think people want way too often... SPRINT-

...pre 2 is already a sufficient "small factor phone...i wanna see a big slab phone, a kick-butt tab, and webOS desktop/peripheral integration...backed by major advertising (the masters, daytona 500, march madness)...

HP-Shopping page: webOS. Now in S, M, and L! Intorducing HP Veer, Pre^3 and TouchPad http://twitpic.com/3y0uq7
I gues we've got the confirmation of the names for the devices to be introduced today.



I gues the HP Veer is an iPod-touch like device, http://www.iphone-könig.de/plant-hp-einen-ipod-konkurrenten/7408.html
and the rest is clear

No way!! I've been stalking that site for the last 15 minutes and cannot find those images...

I took the day off today for this, it better be good as I am retired and my boss (wife) will be PO'd at me for taking my netbook to Starbucks and aquiring a table for the rest of the day.... I had to promise her a new Palm phone as we both have upgrades waiting from Sprint for sooooooo... long now I cant remember when!
If this is a good day at HP, dont forget to go outside to listen for the screams and fireworks. if not a good day at HP, then I reccomend you stay inside and avoid all the crazy Palm fanatics that will be roaming the streets of your city.....
just MHO....

Why is time going so slowly?

Live feed is blocked at my work. Any way to see live blog from Pre?

Tether your phone to your computer and use that to connect to the internet not your work LAN.

The new phone should be at least on par with the EVO. With Swype who needs a physical key board anymore.

I need a physical keyboard. I have sausage fingers.

Is there any live video or audio of the event?
Blog is great... but I wouldn't mind hearing it directly.

Haven't seen any feed info. Perhaps they'll post a vid after it's over. (of course that assumes that Dieter doesn't attack the stage and grab the prototype).