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HP PalmPad leak hints at webOS features to come: Call forwarding (to slate?), app sharing 67

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 18 Jan 2011 3:27 pm EST

Engadget's PalmPad leak has brought to light some tantalizing possibilities for the future of webOS that have us "thinking beyond." In addition to the new Just Search button in the gesture area that Derek mentioned, we have hints of future features in the slide detailing release dates for the Opal.

Specifically, there's a bullet point that appears to say this:

forward calls and text messages while your phone charges, seamlessly move app and content experiences from phone or PC to slate

We're seeing two features here. First, it sounds as if when your phone is charging (presumably on a Touchstone), you can just get your calls and texts directly on the slate. Snazzy.

Second, "seamlessly move app and content experiences" seems to imply that HP and Palm intend to use the cloud to allow you to do away with syncing and be able to start work (or a game) on one device and finish it on another. They could just be pointing out that you can get the same experience on multiple devices - but the hints in that netbook-name-dropping training video have us thinking there's something more ambitious planned. Think beyond, indeed.

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If this is true this could be fun

it also will be expensive. cloud usage involves data to store info on and data cost money. someone's got to pay - expect your bills to go up, if anything. consumers beware, the start of a new era EAAS (Everything As A Service) will flush your bank accounts empty. you'll own nothing but pay for service to use anything. what a way for companies to just collect "taxes" from everyone.

come back in a year and re-read this post before you start flaming it. when you can no longer own anything and will pay to "rent" everything you'll regret what the companies have done to technology, but it will be too late.

Makes sense, the phone knows when its on the touchstone. So it can be set to forward calls and text when it is. Plus the content part is probably a new cloud service that HP offer.

Probably an Exhibition feature to have calls and text forwarded to the tablet.
All I have to say is they better have the Topaz arriving before June or I honestly do not see much hope regardless of how innovative they are.
You need to pull people away before they "re-up" on another device (i.e. iPhone 5, Atrix or LG Optimus 2X)

I noticed that Sprint isn't mentioned as a carrier.

I noticed the same thing. F8ck!

Maybe not for tablets but still hope new webOS phones will be on Sprint. Plus I would only get a wifi tablet anyway.

yea i would get the wifi tablet and tether it to my palm pre or to whatever new webos phone sprint might get

Sorry, but not if it is to be the "integrated experience" mentioned in the article. Sprint and Palm's marriage which was rumored to be rocky is officially head for divorce court.

Yeah, I don't like that. I wanted to see Sprint on there.

I don't buy it.. The "leaked" docs say Fiscal Year 2012, yet HP's fiscal years start in November, not September.

Darn, there's that Sept. 2011 date again, but it's only for the Opal. I really hope the Topaz has a much earlier release date. I also like that they're releasing wi-fi and 3G models. At this point, I'd probably buy a wi-fi model to avoid the monthly payment for 3G.

I agree about WiFi. I would only buy the wifi model. There's enough around and with my Mobile HotSpot, I can make up for where it isn't.

I love the ideal. But if they dont release this before sept. they would have lost in the eyes on the consumer. They need to release this asap too have a first mover advantage and have any traction in the market place

once again i dont feel good about this. What about the Sprint network? where is anything to show that it will be on the sprint network?

i am pretty sure sprint does not want webOS, or they would have said something of use back with the uproar.

It's Sprint's loss...


With the additional $10 for smartphones announced earlier, it won't be as difficult to choose between webOS or Sprint anymore. Still...I like Sprint's free any mobile to any mobile.

Wasn't the Pre Sprint have the best launch day ever with the Pre as opposed to any other phone? You would think Sprint would show some loyalty. And I think they will.

but the pre also had a large return rate at sprint

"a island" not "an island", looks fishy. And 500,000 - one million units is hardly worth ordering for a company like HP.

noooo it's not, 'an island' is proper grammar

Read the image in the article.. It says "A ISLAND" which is what PreDogs was saying.

Agree - looks a little suspect to me too.

wouldnt be the first typo in an internal document...

Look at the inconsistent presentations of hyphens, different sizes, attached to words sometimes, others not. And EMEA has two lines, but getting the same line data rather than combined. No spell-out of the type of 3G being provided. And first world nations included in EMEA? Are UK, Germany, France and IT really "emerging markets?" If this is a faux leak by HP, do we really trust that they grip modern business with this level of attention to detail?

how about people hold their horses for a few weeks and get official word? i do not understand why people are getting so worked up over something that could possibly be fraudulent, or incorrect. the event is literally 3 weeks and 1 day away. chill.

We're still holding our horses over Flash coming last february and WebOS coming by end of last year for Pre1. Its comical, everybody wants a good laugh, HP is funny, Palm is funny. A half to one million pieces spread over US, Canada, China and other countries sounds like they expect it to sell like Crystal Pepsi! Even if it's bogus, HP might be even more rudderless than this! That's funny.

i completely agree, which is why i don't understand people who get worked up. they know palm's history and that it hasn't much improved with hp, so why they let it get to them confuses me. like you said, it's comical, so just laugh. people. *shakes head*

I'll let them know how much they owe you.

You got horses?! What version? You are lucky!! My Sprint store wouldn't even throw in a free auto charger with my third replacement Pre1!!

Exactly. This is almost definitely fake.

September is too far out.

Im just loving how Sprint is nowhere to be found on that list.

Before you flame me, i realize that Topaz is not shown on the list. I suppose Sprint may be getting the Topaz in June. Or, at least i hope.

Not that im buying it as soon as it comes out anyway, but it'd be nice to have it come out soon so i can at least play with it.

Ahh, i love leaks. Just leak the Topaz info next please!

Sprint is so over. The last thing Sprint said about Palm was in June, and it was damning. Rubi named every 4G format for future devices, all except the one Sprint uses. Sprint skipped the Plus, Sprint skipped the 2.

That's where the bridge ended.

Nah, the bridge ended shortly after the Pixi was released and Sprint realized they were losing money and subscribers by people dissatisfied with the Pre and Pixi.

App Sharing, here's a thought. I'm not really sure how it would be technically possible (device to device over wifi, or cloud to device) BUT currently if you are in card view and long hold a card it goes into the super minimized view (heard this is gone in 2.0?). Imagine if the long hold brought up the option 'send to' and you can choose any of your other devices and BAM! the exact app with the exact content is open and waiting for you.

Typing an email on your Pre when you realized the larger keyboard would be more helpful? No reason to save as draft, just long hold and continue on your tab.

That would be CRAZY. You're on the go playing a quick game of Angry Birds, but you get to the office/home right in the middle of figuring out how to beat that tough level you've been trying to beat for days. You want to play it on your tablet, so you pull it out, send Angry Birds to the tablet, and pick up right where you left off, defeating those dirty pigs in 7" (or 9") of screen.

I would love it so much.

Just ONE thing...

WHERE... IS... THE... REST... OF... THE... WORLD??????

Best Regards... B)

If it's delayed til June or later, this may be the reason why:


Software integration will have something to do with this, of course, but we can't disregard the above...

So Bell's on the carrier list...

Which is good because that means they haven't given up on webOS, I'm still waiting for the 2.0 update.

Wtf why not Worldwide :@ HP has enough money to pull that off. if they want to get serious in the Market you have to do it worldwide, else people will buy Ipads or Android Tablets.....

In the Netherlands we have no WebOS device or something... and everything is done by importing the things... and that SUCKS.

Bring it out Worldwide!


I'm calling this a hoax. If I remember correctly, Palm themselves mentioned there might be some leaks before the feb 9th announcement in the 'Twis the Day After X-Mas' poem.

no they said:

[b]But for now I'll exclaim that unless something leaks,
"Happy newness to all...in the forthcoming weeks."[/b]

if there poem foreshadowed leaks, how does this make it more likely to be a hoax?

By hoax I meant that this IS an intentional leak, but this isn't the final product. And foreshadowing was the word I was looking for, Thank you sir! I just had to put my 2 cents when I was at work. It was a busy day, and this happened. I couldn't think straight.

I dont think Palm has the relevence for a PR stunt to cause any buzz. Even here in PC, a story like this used to create 300+ responses. Now? Pocket lint. Palm has worked hard to remove the passion from their loyalists. Three weeks of teasing and taunting, is not going to bring it back. Most of their customers have equaled their Palm's own apathy through mid-December. A lot of people set CES as the deadline and it's gotten awfully quiet quickly.

no they said:

[b]But for now I'll exclaim that unless something leaks,
"Happy newness to all...in the forthcoming weeks."[/b]

The screen shot clearly only discusses Opal and of course lists only Wi-Fi or 3G versions - still only 3G in September 2011? Possibily Topaz coming out to Sprint 4G? One can hope right?

September???? REALLY?

Hey Palm, I got a great device that is the size of my finger nail that has a flexible display and only runs on 1 watt of power THE ENTIRE DAY at full load! It also has the ability to place calls and manage my stock portfolio, giving me great options based on market trends.

Oh, did I also mention that the device automatically syncs with my vehicle and can drive my vehicle to me when I leave work and automatically drive me home in that same vehicle! Since it knows the mood I'm in, it will put on music based on how my day went also! When I start driving home, it programs my house to warm up and turns on all the lights. As I approach my house, my door opens automatically and my food is already cooked on the table! As I walk into my living room, it tells the TV to turn on and switch to my favorite show until I doze off at night. Then at 10pm, it wakes me up by sending an electronic pulse into my hand so I can go to bed. Once I go into bed, it will automatically program my alarm to wake me up based on the stress levels I've had throughout the day and the amount of sleep I've had all week.

This little device is so awesome and I have all the patents for it! That's right, and for just $1 billion it can be yours! "But wait! In the coming years" I'll have it all ready to hand over to you. Probably in 2043. So just hang tight ok?

Dieter and guys Remember the phones are coming first http://blog.palm.com/palm/2011/01/twas-the-week-after-christmas.html
Announcements Feb 9

september? for real?

by then rim will he suing hp for copying them.

Does not Sprint already have a 7 inch Tablet? Seems to me that getting the Topaz would make better sense for them to have.

Aww man I hope september isn't the release date. 9-inches hmmm? I guess we now have an iPad killer in the looks of this. That is, I bet the iPad 2 will be just the same as the original.

It is still a rumor...I calm myself down...Photoshop is your friend. And I hope that Leo Apotheker will be retired soon...

if hp palm really wants this to work they should give some of these things to current owners of webos phones. That way we can show other platform owners how the phone and tablet work together. If not I don't think other platform owners especially (android) would never buy one. Ps I have an abdroid tablet but would get webos one in a heartbeat.

Is pretty damn happy so far I am sure this is just a bit of what we will get. I don't care if sprit gets it, in fact I don't want or need a larger bill. Wifi only and tether with my Evo, this may make me dust my pre off

No worldwide launch :(...
why cant hp-palm release it in Japan and other asian countries on carriers like docomo and softbank (along with other asian carriers) so I along with others can get it...most if not all of smartphones I see are android and iphones... many I know have just the flip phones :P

Also where's the Topaz slab and Sprint on this list...since I in the US half the time :(...

Sprint makes me sad. I am however locked into my contract for another 22 months so unless they do some more changing of terms so I can get out without ETF, it looks like I may not be webOS bound anymore...

Well hopefully Sprint and HP will kiss and make up and will allow the slade and new phones to be sold. I like my carrier and my Palm product. I am hoping to see them soon. Rubinstein should have his head examined since Sprint users have been loyal to webOS. Will be really unhappy if I have to go to Lloyd the Droid and his unfriendly Android OS.

the devices will be coming to europe first

September is a little late, even if it is a 2nd device. I'd really really like to see Topaz out far earlier, practically instantly if possible!

I also notice EMEA shows as 'PSG Consumer Retail' for WiFi models. Not exactly a specific place, i'd hope that HP pushes them out everywhere they've got a presence to get the coverage. Having it in just one or two stores or chains just won't cut it I reckon.

the screen grab above also includes:

better battery than a notebook PC - given current performance that's something I really want to see!

That and being available outside the US - but given HP's global nature I doubt that's going to be a problem....

Is this the Foleo done right?

No Effing Sprint!?